The Recycling Booths by Karen

The Recycling Booths

Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

In the hills of eastern Tennessee, a mansion stood, a mansion that only catered to the bizarre. This mansion stood all by itself, a product of a Ms. Boldt who had accumulated a fortune from her husband's death, a very discreet death. This mansion was built for only one purpose, to cater to other lesbians with similar tastes in the bizarre.

Twenty eight year old Amy had been invited to this mansion, because through channels it had been learned that she sought out females with this same bizarre habit. Not being able to find such a female, she had accepted this journey to Boldt Mansion.

Once there, Amy was given a large ledger of proposed activities to come. Then she was led to a well-furnished room where she could spend her time looking over the ledger. The ledger was unbelievable! It had exactly what Amy had been looking for all her life and here it was about to come true for her. She could hardly wait for the next evening to be entertained.

The hours crept by slowly for Amy. It was almost as if time was standing still, when finally a scantily clad girl came to her room. The lovely girl took Amy to the viewing room... the viewing booths. Amy noticed, as she went into this room, a large sign hung over the doorway... it said... RECYCLING BOOTHS!

Inside this room she was introduced to five other women in turn, other women who had also received invitations. All of these women, who were no more than thirty years old, were in the nude and the girl that had brought Amy to this room told her to also disrobe, which Amy did immediately. Almost at once the other women gathered around Amy and began to caress her with gentle affection and Amy began to get excited. There she was being made love to by five different women - two women were sucking on her breasts, one was kissing her, another had dropped to her knees and was probing her cunt hole with her tongue, while the fifth was fingering her asshole. It was almost too much for Amy; at no time in her life had she ever been loved by so many women at one time. Just before she reached an orgasm, Ms. Boldt came into the room wearing a black slinky dress.

"Break that up, it's time to view the booths now. Come on over and gather around this window. You'll see it's all black now, but in a few moments I will turn on the lights for you. The girl in this booth is twenty years old," and Ms. Boldt turned the lights on inside. Several of the women gasped at what they saw. Here was a pretty girl all tied down so she was unable to move an inch. She had been tied in a recliner at about a 45 degree angle with her legs widespread. She had a thick, clear tube inserted into her rectum and the other end had been placed in her cunt. Already, shit could be seen in the clear tube and a pile of shit could be seen between her legs, showing that shit had oozed out from her cunt around the tube. She was shitting in her own cunt!

"We fed her real good yesterday. We had to force a lot of it down her throat. She had no idea of what was to come."

The girl saw Ms. Boldt and the women outside the glass. "Please Ms. Boldt, please take this tube out of my pussy. I will get an infection!"

"No way yet, you have to shit in your own cunt at least ten times before we will come in and remove that tube. And we don't mean small amounts either, we mean full, big bowel movements. That girl over in the corner, the one that placed the tube in your cunt... well she's keeping track of how much you shit. You will stay just like that until you do the required ten times. Do you understand?"

Ms. Boldt turned to the women in the booth. "Now, for you ladies that like this, you may come back here as often as you like, but first let's slip over to booth number two. I think some of you will like this one." Ms. Boldt led the way over to the next booth. "In here we have an eighteen year old girl. Her part in our entertainment is about to start, but it won't start without my OK."

Ms. Boldt flipped the switch on. Inside, the eighteen year old girl had her wrists bound behind her back as well as another strap around her arms just above her elbows. Two other girls were holding her, waiting for Ms. Boldt to give the word.

"I call this room my shit pit room. You will notice a pit in the middle of the room - it is only about three foot by three foot. In that pit are turds we have accumulated from the ball game this very afternoon. Each girl that works here has also pissed into that pit and we have added Exlax to that pit, a lot of Exlax. That shit is exactly six feet deep and that girl is only 5'4" in height. In a few minutes those girls in there with her are going to toss her into that shit pit. Notice that we haven't tied her legs together, that's so she can push off the bottom of that pit and get to the surface for a breath of air. The only way she can survive is to start sucking up that foul mess enough so she can breath freely."

"How much would she have to suck up?" one of the ladies asked.

"I would guess about four bushels. She will have to do this for twelve straight hours. Of course, she will also be pissing and shitting and maybe drown in her own excreta; that is, if she doesn't keep up this jumping motion." And with this, Ms. Boldt gave the girls the word and they threw the eighteen year old girl into the shit pit.

The girl slowly sank from sight and it wasn't until almost a minute later than she again came to the surface, completely covered with shit. The girl, new to this form of entertainment, coughed twice before settling back into the slimy pit. Each time she resurfaced, she coughed up shit, thick and runny shit.

"She'll never make it for twelve straight hours," one of the ladies remarked.

"Oh, don't be so sure. Those girls that we throw into the shit pit finally figure out how to survive. I would place a wager with any of you ladies right now that that girl survives. She'll swallow one hell of a lot of shit, but she will learn. They all learn. Of course, what they do swallow, they will pass real fast with all that Exlax in there."

"I'd sure hate to suffer what that girl is going through," one of the ladies said.

"You may come back if you like, to see what a mess she is and how she's doing. But I think it's time we visit our last booth, booth number three. Now this booth will be self-explanatory, all you have to do is look. Ready now?" and Ms. Boldt switched on the lights.

Again, several of the ladies gasped. In here was a fat woman, she weighed at least 300 pounds and was no more than 5'5" in height. She was half reclining in a chair. Attached to her asshole was a big clear inch-thick tube. This tube led down and divided into two smaller tubes which were glued to the mouths of two blond girls. Ms. Boldt had said that they were only fifteen years of age. Sitting in front of this fat woman was a platter of food which she was gobbling down as fast as she could. Already, the tubes were filled as each girl was doing her best to swallow this filth. There was also a small pile of shit between each of the girl's legs, testifying to the fact that the waste had already passed through their bodies.

"How long will those little girls have to keep this up?" one of the ladies asked Ms. Boldt.

"For as long as that lady wants. Every now and then she will eat a bar of Exlax to help move it all through her system. This viewing room stays open till midnight tonight, so my guess is she will stay attached to those two girls all that time."

"That's a lot of shit to eat," the lady next to Amy remarked.

"Yes it is, and from the size of that lady, I imagine she will eat all afternoon."

"Those poor little girls, that fat lady will eat all afternoon, I know she will," a lady stood back.

"Yes, I suppose so. But you can stay right here and watch or go back to any of the booths to watch... or you can go with me to select your own cutie to use. I imagine you all would like a shot at one of our regular girls here. So, the ones that like this, come along with me. I have a whole room of girls just waiting for you, eager to be used." Ms. Boldt started to leave, then turned back to see how many were following her and everyone was, which made her smile. "I see everyone here is ready, so come along then."

Ms. Boldt led the women into a big room which had lots of pretty girls, lying around in various poses and in various states of undress. "Pick one you like out of all these girls. They will be yours for the remainder of the day, or evening I should say. But remember, all these rooms are equipped with floodlights and a two-way speaker. Whoever likes can come along to watch you using this girl. Remember that."

Amy caught the eye of a pretty redhead who could have been no more than fifteen and went over to her. "How long have you been here?"

"About two years now. I came here when I was twelve," the girl said.

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"Yes, I know. But remember, I came here on my own free will." Amy smiled warmly at this answer and took the young redhead by the hand. "Come. Do you have a favorite room?"

"You are the very first woman that asked me that. Come, I'll show you," the little girl said, and led Amy into a vacant room. First, the little girl removed the rest of her clothes and then started removing Amy's. "Would you like for me lick your asshole first before we get to the main act?"

Amy shivered but responded, "I'd love it." Then she noticed another woman that she had been with at the viewing window. This embarrassed her to have another woman watching her. Amy brought this to the girl's attention.

"Oh, don't think about them. Some of the girls like to watch and will encourage the ladies with them to stop and watch." The redhead waved to the couple outside. "Lay on your tummy, Amy, and just pay attention to my tongue rolling around in your shit-hole."

Amy did as she was directed and felt the girl spread her buttocks apart. "Oh, it's beautiful! You have a very pretty asshole," and the girl moved to the side, still holding open her cheeks so the two outside could see for themselves. Then she settled her mouth on Amy's asshole and began to lick it.

"OOOOHHH yes, that's it. Don't stop. It feels sooooo goooood. You are the first girl to ever lick my asshole," Amy screamed.

The little redhead continued to lick Amy's asshole for a long time, and then she began to suck.

"You better not suck too hard, sweetheart."

The redheaded girl pushed her tongue on up into Amy's shit-hole. "I can feel your shit with my tongue! It's right there at your rectum. Are you ready now? Do you want to watch?"

"Yes, I'm ready right now. That asshole tonguing you gave me has me in the mood right now. May I watch it going in your mouth?"

"I wish you would! I love to have a lady watching her shit go right into my mouth. What position would you like?"

"You tell me the best position. I'm new at this. You just tell me the position you like best and then we can start."

"I like for you to squat over my face and lean back with your thighs wide spread. See that mirror on the bottom of the door? You can watch your shit going right into my mouth. Now don't do it all at once. Pinch me off a big mouthful at a time. That way I'll be able to lick your asshole clean before you drop the next part of your load."

The little redhead laid on her back and Amy assumed her position. At once, the girl started licking Amy's asshole.

"Yes, yes! Don't ever quit. My asshole is in love with your tongue," Amy watched the girl's tongue rolling around in her asshole. Amy happened to glance up and see that the viewers at the window had increased.

"Should I start shitting now?"

"Yes, yes. Do it now!!!"

Amy started flexing out her asshole as the little girl continued licking until finally the blunt end of a turd appeared right at the exit of Amy's asshole. The little redhead continued to lick even as the turd continued to come out into her mouth. Amy forgot all about the other girls and women at the window. "Are you really going to eat it?"

The girl answered by munching off a big piece and chewing it. By her munching off this big piece with only her lips, she left a brown gooey mess all around Amy's asshole. Amy watched in fascination as the little girl ate her shit and swallowed it, then stuck her brown-coated tongue back into Amy's shit-hole and began licking it again. When she had licked it completely clean, she opened her mouth wide for another bite. Amy gave it to her and watched with intense excitement as she began to chew it up. This time the viewers broke into applause and began yelling. Amy glanced up a moment, flushed, and then dropped her eyes down to the girl chewing up her nasty shit. Again and again Amy delivered a full mouthful to the little girl until finally her bowels were empty. After another lengthy asshole licking, Amy rolled off the top.

"That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen! How can you do that?"

"It's easy once you get used to the taste and the smell. Now are you ready for mine?

Amy blinked her eyes and, leaning over to the little girl, whispered in her ear, "I can't do that."

The little redhead grabbed Amy and whispered back, "You have to, didn't you read all of your instructions in your invitation?"

"No, I didn't read that part. I thought that you were the only one."

"You have to do it, it's required of you. See those ladies out there? They have all eaten their girl's shit. We are the last ones and they are gathering to watch. If you don't, they'll call Ms. Boldt and she will make you spend three days in the viewing booths, and it's not fun either, I know. I have had to spend several days in there for just minor infractions. So you better do it quick. Those ladies out there like nothing better than to find a woman that doesn't eat shit. They will stuff her with shit."

"Those booths were terrible," Amy grimaced.

"I don't have to tell you that, so get ready. I'll shit here on the pillow and you spend a lot of time just licking it. Try your damndest to not make a face or they will know. Maybe after watching you just lick on it, they will go away."

The little girl turned around and deposited an enormous turd on the pillow, a big fat ten-inch turd! "Now I'll lick your clit for you to help you. Try and forget about the smell and whatever you do, don't make a face. It was understood that you were into eating shit and you came here to get into it with some other girl."

Amy got down on her stomach but the little redhead stopped her, "Not here, take that pillow and put it on the foot of the bed. That way those ladies and other girls out there can see you doing it."

Amy picked up the pillow and placed it on the foot of the bed and then laid back down on her stomach, her face right over the ugly rope of waste. The little redhead crawled onto the bed and, lying face up, began licking at Amy's clit. Amy touched the shit with her tongue, then drew back a moment to look up. All the customers were now standing at the window, as well as Ms. Boldt and Amy again lowered her mouth and her tongue came out to start licking. She licked gingerly at first and then she began to lap at it. Amy, for some reason, was starting to get excited by this project and she took the end into her mouth and bit off a bite.

Amy pushed the little redhead away from her pussy and told her to watch her. The girl slid up to Amy as she took another bite and began to chew it up. "This is very nasty tasting but I love it. Watch me eat all your shit just like I watched you."

The little redhead smiled, "Eat my shit. You are a real shit-eater now!"

The people at the window began to applaud and continued to applaud Amy as she took bite after bite. When the last of the enormous turd had slipped down her throat, Amy took the redhead in her arms. "Thank you for your shit," she said and began to kiss the young girl.

The crowd slowly began to melt away and Amy leaned over into the redhead's ear, "Think you can find some more for me?"

The girl laughed at that remark, "Tell me now, have you ever eaten shit before?"

"No, never," Amy blushed, "but you taught me how to do it and I want to thank you."

"The next thing you'll want will be to go into those viewing booths."

"It has crossed my mind," Amy acknowledged. "But first, see if you can find another girl that will feed me."

"That will be no problem. I'm sure there are many girls not chosen for this round. In fact, you were the first lady to choose me in some time. I was being threatened with being a permanent viewing booth girl if no other woman chose me."

"You don't need to worry about that while I'm here. I will use you every day if only you will use me too. Deal?"

The little redhead hugged Amy and said, "I'll get you another girl. Would you like for me to watch?"

"Yes, watch me eating shit. I enjoyed all those people out there watching me. Find me a girl that will use all kinds of nasty language. That's what really set me off."

The little redhead took Amy by the hand and opened the door. "I know a nice little girl that would be happy to feed you. Her name is Linda. That is, if she hasn't already gotten rid of her sugar."

The little redhead found Linda and propositioned her. "I'm afraid you're too late," Linda said. "I went just a few minutes ago."

"Well, how about Sherry? I know she likes to wait until everyone else has gone."

"Does she talk dirty?" Amy asked.

"Like a mule driver," Linda smiled at Amy.

Amy and the redhead searched out Sherry and again made their proposition and she said yes, she could. After Amy and the little redhead questioned her, Sherry agreed to gathering a crowd to watch. Within minutes the room began to fill, as well as viewers at the window. When Sherry had all she could gather, she just turned around to the viewers and began to shit, slowly. More and more kept coming out. Not only was it long, but it was a full two inches thick. When she finally plopped it out of her sugar hole, it measured something like 14 inches long! Incredible! Amy had already eaten the redhead's shit, and now she was going to eat this!

Sherry turned to Amy and smiled. "There it is, Miss Amy, lots of sweet shit for you to eat. Shit-eater! I can't believe you ladies that come in here and want to eat so much shit!"

"She's already eaten mine," the little redhead said. "And she wants to go through the viewing booths! We've never had a lady want to go through those!"

"Go to it, poop eater. Take all of my delicious poop in your mouth. Eat it! Eat it! POOP EATER! You filthy poop eating cunt. Look at you, you've already got it all around your mouth. Show me the inside of your toilet mouth. Oh, it's incredibly brown and filthy. You filthy, filthy cunt, you. Eating a girl's shit, begging for it. Look how she's stuffing it in her mouth. Eat my shit! Eat it!"

"I want to be taken to the viewing booths. Please allow me that honor," Amy begged.

"Did you ever see such a cunt? Begging to be degraded in the viewing booths. Whatever did you do to her, Sheila, when she picked you, give her a sedative? I bet when she's done with mine she won't want anymore. Smear it on your face, Amy. Smear it all over your face so that Ms. Boldt will know you're a real, deluxe shit-eater! Now eat some more, eat it all now. Eat shit! Eat shit! That came out of my asshole and now you're eating my waste. What a filthy, filthy pervert you are. Eating shit. I have never given a woman this much to eat before, but you wanted it, so keep right on eating!"

Amy continued to eat until she had devoured it all. "Now may I be taken to the viewing booths?"

"Not yet. We have to see Ms. Boldt, and then maybe she can arrange it for you, you filthy pig."

Amy started licking her lips and reached over to take the little redhead's hands in hers. "You taught me so well, thank you so very much!"

Amy and the girls filed out of the room and together they went to Ms. Boldt's office. Ms. Boldt looked up in amazement at this lady with shit smeared all over her face. Then she looked at Sherry for an explanation.

"Amy wants to be allowed to go through the viewing booths. It seems our little Miss Sheila here trained Amy real good for degradation. I'm sure the girls won't mind one little bit either, to have someone take their place in the booths."

"I see," Ms. Boldt said. "Tell me, Amy, what did Sheila do to you to make you want to go through the booths. We've never had a regular lady do this before. I've always furnished my girls for the viewing pleasure of my paying guests."

"She taught me how sweet shit can be."

"Well, it's very unusual. I usually use it to punish one of my slackers, but I guess it can be arranged."

Amy fell to her knees and began kissing Ms. Boldt's feet, "Oh thank you, thank you so very much," and again began kissing Ms. Boldt's feet.

Amy became one of Ms. Boldt's regulars after this. Her trip through the viewing booths wasn't as easy as she had anticipated, but she did make it through the three days... barely...

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