Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Teen Hitchhiker Gets a Horse Ride (Mf, rape, best, oral, anal) By billy69boy Disclaimer: All of my stories, and all the characters, are fictional, and are not meant to resemble any real persons. No underage people have been harmed or otherwise exploited in the creation of this, or any, of my fantasy stories. The crusty old man chewed on the stub of his long ago extinguished cigar butt, as he ambled down the two lane road in his old pickup. He was pulling a horse trailer from Maryland to Kentucky, and he was in no great hurry. He worked by the hour, so what the hell, he thought. He did like his boss, who treated him well, he had to admit. Gus had a way with horses, having worked with them since he was a kid, and he was reliable. He'd been with the X bar X ranch for over 40 years now, and he didn't mind his job as a stud specialist. He especially enjoyed the long rides delivering the horses to other ranches. He'd set out from Maryland before dawn, with two stud horses in tow, and reached his first stop in Virginia in the early morning hours. He dropped off his first delivery, and then headed towards western Kentucky where he was to drop off the other stud horse. It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm, and old Gus couldn't keep from smiling. He was about halfway across Virginia, in the middle of nowhere, when he saw the hitchhiker on the side of the road, thumb sticking out. Odd, he thought, seeing a hitchhiker out here on a lonely back road. He pulled over and stopped. He watched the figure run towards his truck, a baseball cap pulled way down, and a backpack bouncing with each stride. Brazenly, the stranger opened the door and jumped in the pickup truck before saying a word. "Where you headed?" Gus asked. "Outta here! Let's move it!" was the response. With that, Gus stepped on it and they hurtled together down the road for a bit before he finally slowed down some. He was carrying a prize stud horse, after all, and he didn't want to spook him. After driving for a few miles in silence, the scruffy old man spoke: "What's yer name?" he asked. "Jodi," was the reply. "How old are you?" Gus inquired, giving his new companion the once over. "Old enough, I reckon", Jodi shot back. Jodi was on the skinny side, with long legs and a face so angelic, he wondered how a boy could look so...pretty. He wore short-shorts and a t-shirt that looked kind of feminine, if you asked him. It was actually a little disturbing, he thought to himself. "Where'd you say you're going?" Gus continued. "I didn't. But if you must know, I'm goin' to Missouri. Got kinfolk there," Jodi explained. "Looks like you was in a big hurry to get out of here, that's fer sure," the old man offered, "runnin' from somethin' particular?" His question was met with silent contempt, so he didn't pursue it. They had plenty of time for chitchat, after all. "My mama died in the winter, and it was just me an' my no good drunken stepfather after that. He kept getting' worse and worse, until this morning, that was IT!" Jodi exclaimed adamantly, and then grew silent again. "What happened this morning, then?" Gus finally asked. Jodi paused, then explained: "When I woke up, he was lyin' on the floor at the foot of my bed, out cold. His pants were down around his ankles and his empty whiskey bottle was still in his hand. I looked down at myself, and I almost threw up: My nightshirt was up around my neck, and there was his sticky stuff all over my chest." Just then, Jodi pulled off the baseball cap, and her thick head of blonde hair fell down around her face. Gus almost ran off the road when he finally realized that "Jody" was actually "Jodi", and she was quite fetching, indeed. "So, you're a girl!" gushed the old man. "Yeah, what of it, Mister?" she asked. "Oh nothing, dear, I just thought..." his voice trailed off. "Well, I can tell you that I am 100% female, so no need to worry," she said sarcastically. "Hmph!" Gus grunted, "Well, what makes you think you're safe with me?" Jodi looked at the heavily bearded, pot-bellied old fool and smirked: "I ain't afraid of you mister, believe me! There ain't nothing you could come up with that'd surprise me no how. I reckon I've `bout seen it all, and done most of it myself!" The old man stared at her intently. His imagination ran the gamut of all possibilities, some of which were not very nice, and he felt himself blush a little. He could feel his manhood stirring in his khaki shorts. Just the thought of having his way with this slim blonde spitfire was almost more than he could process. He was brought out of his reverie by Jodi's voice: "Why do you only have one horse back there?" she asked. "I dropped the other horse off right before I picked you up." "Where's this one goin' then?" "Champ's going to a stud farm in Western Kentucky." "Champ?" "Well, his real name is Straight Shooter. He was a champion racehorse back in his day. Now we just call him Champ," Gus explained. "Oh good, Missouri's just the next state over, so that'll work. Hmmm, a stud farm, huh? Ha! I wouldn't mind getting "studded" by Champ," Jodi made herself laugh with her bold declaration. She just said it for effect, to see if she could get the old man to veer off the road again. "Be careful what you wish for, young lady," Gus warned, as he leered at the girl shamelessly. "Ha Ha! I ain't worryin' about it none, Mister," she responded bravely, and turned to stare out the truck window. Gus couldn't keep his lustful eyes off the lithe young girl's slender body and her long, bare legs, which seemed to take up the entire passenger side of his truck. It almost seemed like she was challenging him to try something with her. Gus might be old, but he could still think of all kinds of things to do with her. They drove along in silence, each absorbed in thought. As they made their way into the Appalachians, the driving got a little trickier, and Gus had to force himself to concentrate on the road. Jodi seemed to be getting antsier the higher up into the mountains they drove. Gus caught glimpses of Jodi with her hand between her legs. Soon, it was obvious that she was masturbating shamelessly right in front of him. She didn't try to hide what she was doing in the least. "Like what you see, dirty old man?" she asked coyly, "I'll bet this turns you on, watching an innocent young girl fingering her tight pussy, doesn't it? You should be ashamed of yourself, staring at someone who is old enough to be your granddaughter." With that, she slid down lower on the seat, and pulled her legs tight against her chest. He watched as she slowly pulled her shorts to one side, and ran her finger teasingly over her clit and up and down her slick pink slit. He was literally drooling as he watched her exercise complete control over him. Finally, he shook his head as if to awaken himself, gripped the steering tightly with both hands, and rededicated his attention to the road. She thinks she's in control, he thought, but this sassy little gal ain't seen nothin' yet. Lustful, even depraved thoughts ran through his head, as he continued to feast his eyes on the young hitchhiker pleasuring herself vigorously. Just when he thought he could handle the erotic scene, Jodi scooted further down in her seat, and put her sneakers against the dashboard. The old man was about to protest until she tore her daisy dukes clean off in one quick motion. Then, she opened her legs wide, and revealed no panties, or even a tiny thong: just a bald young pussy, wet and glistening in the morning sun. Old Gus swerved a little, but regained his composure quickly enough to avert disaster. He took a few deep breaths as he tried in vain to keep his eyes on the road. Jodi's fingers proved to be quite experienced, using two of them to rub her clit in circles, while two others plunged deeply into her love canal again and again. Jodi barely noticed that Gus had pulled off the main mountain road onto a narrow dirt stretch that was more path than road. The old man drove slowly, as he navigated the bumpy, winding road deep into the woods. All the while, Jodi had her eyes closed as she continued to finger-fuck herself to orgasm after orgasm. She bucked up and down in her seat, oblivious to her surroundings. Old Gus stopped his truck when they came across a small patch of grass next to a fast moving stream. Jodi opened her eyes in time to see the old man jump out of the truck, reach behind the seat for something, and walk briskly around to the passenger side door. "Why'd we stop? Where are we?" she asked, as Gus pulled her out of the truck, grabbed her wrists, and spun her around. "What the hell do you think you're doin' old man?" Jodi asked angrily, as she was forced to her knees, and then pushed face down in the grass, her hands yanked behind her back. "Nobody's ever disrespected my truck with such shameless behavior, young lady," Gus grumbled in response, as he lashed the girl's wrists together with his length of rough, brown rope, "now, you're gonna PAY!" Jodi laughed, "Oh, now I get're fixin' to "punish" me for fingerin' my pussy in front of you! Hah! That's a good one, mister," she shot back tauntingly, as Gus pulled her to her feet, and pushed her along until they came to a low branch on an old oak tree growing next to the stream. All the while, Jodi spoke continuously: "Well, let me tell you, mister, you might try to justify raping me with that `disrespect' line, but I've got news for you: whatever you decide to do with me, it ain't gonna be called `rape'. Rape would mean I don't want your sex, and you would have to force yourself on me, but that ain't the case. I WANT your sex, and I CAN'T WAIT to see what you want to do to me, so there!" she announced defiantly. Gus was silent as he stood her under the thick tree branch. He slung the rope over the branch above her head, and pulled on it until her arms slowly rose up behind her back. She escaped the pain in her shoulders by bending forward at the waist as far as she could go. When she reached her limit, Gus tied the rope off and she could not move. So, she decided to keep on talking: "I hope you don't think you'll be gittin' some fresh virginal pussy, Mister, because you're way too late for that. I've been around the block many times in my short life. Hell, I been suckin' cock since I was five, and fuckin' since I was six, so don't think you're gonna show me anything I ain't already seen or tried," she rattled on. Gus let her talk without interruption. He stood behind her bare ass, and admired his prey: smooth, tight ass, a noticeable curve to her young hips, and long legs like a newborn filly. He reached his calloused hands out and allowed them to explore her soft ass cheeks as she continued: "I've had more cock than you could shake a stick at, mister. Hell, I've had more schlong inside my cunt than a sausage factory has meat!" She was delighted with her analogy, and while she reacted to the old man's manipulation of her ass, she became even more brazen: "Besides, old man, I doubt you can even get it UUPPP!!" she shouted, as she felt his stiff, fat prick invade her slick pussy. "Fucking Christ, mister, you could have warned me at least!" she admonished, as Gus held onto her slim hips, and fucked her well-lubed vagina with all he had. He was determined to teach her who was boss. He reached under the bound girl, and pushed her thin shirt up over her budding tits, and pulled it back over her head. He groped and pinched her swollen nipples until she tried to wriggle away from his rough treatment. He fully expected her to protest, but all she did was moan in ecstasy, and push her ass back towards his cock, as if trying to force more of his girth inside of her wanton cunt. The old man continued to pound his meat into the skinny girl's pussy, as he tried to remember the last time he had sex with anybody but his own hand. His wife had died seven years ago, and they weren't all that amorous since a few years before that. No matter, he thought, as he turned his attention on the spastic feeling in his loins. He knew it wouldn't be long, so he abruptly pulled his cock out of the little vixen's cunt, and walked around in front of her. He grabbed her head in both hands, and dangled his slimy erection inches from her angelic face. "You want me to suck your cock, and swallow your cum, that's fine with me, mister. I love cum. So, don't try getting off thinking you're forcing me to do something against my will, because it's not....MMMMPPPHHH!!" her voice abruptly cut off by a rather large male member pushing into her hot mouth. Gus fucked her mouth with vigor equal to the pussy fucking he gave her. He held her head steady with a hand behind her neck, and he squeezed and pinched her vulnerable tits with his free hand. He was so fed up with her insolence, that he thought it best to teach her a lesson: He gripped her head firmly in both hands, and tried to get his entire length down the young teen's throat. She brags about having done it all, he rationalized; let's see if she can deep throat my formidable manhood. He pushed forward as he held her head steady. She choked initially, not having expected the old man's new tactic. As he plunged deeper, she swallowed at just the right moment, and she felt his rod slide down her gagging throat. Sensing that he was successful in his quest, Gus slowly pulled back, while he held his hand to her throat. He could feel her neck shrink up when his cockhead was just barely inside her mouth. Then, he slowly but steadily pushed his stiff pole past her tonsils, and slide smoothly down her throat. The hand on her neck felt the swelling in her throat, as his intruding prick passed down her gagging throat once again. This time, he didn't pull out right away. He held her head tightly, and pushed even more of his dick further into her throat, as far as it would go. He held it in there, and thrust forward rapidly. He could feel his balls slapping against her chin slick with her saliva. He looked down at the captive girl's face, and noticed that her eyes were watering, and there was constant drool seeping from each side of her desperate mouth. Emboldened, he pulled back out a few inches, then immediately shoved his cock back in to the hilt, causing her eyes to widen. This amused the old man, and he continued to fuck the girl's throat with short, rapid strokes, until he could hold back no longer. He didn't alter his tempo, and he didn't make any noises that would alert the young teen: He just started pumping his sticky jizz down her throat, load after load, until she choked, and he delighted in watching his cum flow out of her nose and the sides of her mouth, as he emptied his sac down her throat to the last drop. "MMMMMM! That felt real good, child," the old man remarked, as he walked toward the horse trailer. "Yeah, well I reckon I've done that about a thousand times before, so it's really no big deal to me, mister. I loved it too, so there!" she jeered at him. "You're gonna have to do better than that to impress me, you nasty old fuck!" she challenged. Her defiance was beginning to wear thin on the old man, and he silently accepted her challenge. "Hey! How `bout untying the rope!" the girl yelled. "Not yet, you're not done, not by no means!" Gus yelled over his shoulder, snickering loud enough for the girl to hear him. After a few minutes in the trailer, Gus emerged with Champ, a riding crop, and a bucketful of various grooming items. They walked towards Jodi, who watched in silence, for a change. Gus put the bucket down by her feet, and proceeded snap the riding crop on her inner thighs, her hips, and her ass cheeks. He stopped long enough to fondle and spread her ass cheeks wide. She could feel Champ's breath on her back. "What the fuck do you think you're doin' now?" she asked, a note of panic in her voice. In response to her foul-mouthed question, he pushed her legs open wider, and slapped her several times, directly on her pussy, with the riding crop. "OUCH! THAT HURTS! WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, MISTER??" she shrieked in agony, her vagina stinging hot. "I thought you liked everything I'm doing to you? Now, spread your legs nice and wide, and tell me how much you like having your tender little cunt whipped!" Gus sneered, as he snapped the riding crop deftly, getting the maximum sting from each stroke. The girl took the remaining lashes silently but defiantly. Gus dropped the whip, and began to smack Jodi's ass cheeks repeatedly with his rough hand, until they were bright pink. He jammed three fingers inside her moist love box, and fucked them back and forth rapidly. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them all over her red bottom. "This'll help him smell yer sex real good," Gus explained. "My what??" Jodi asked suspiciously. "You'll see soon enough," the old man reassured her. With that, the old man picked up two grooming brushes from the bucket, and began brushing the big stallion's hind quarters. The more he brushed, the more the horse edged closer to Jodi's exposed rear. The young teen could feel each exhale of the horse's mouth and nose on her ass now, but she dared not move, not that she could go very far. She looked back at Gus, who was now brushing between Champ's upper legs. The horse seemed to get more excited with each brush stroke. "Watcha doin' that fer?" the girl asked impatiently. "This is what we do when we prepare him for studding. When he gets his hind quarters groomed, he knows it's almost time to perform," The old Stud Master explained. "Studding??" she asked nervously. The old man laughed gleefully. "Surely you've done this sort of thing a thousand times already, right?" he asked mockingly. "Hmph! Well, maybe not a thousand times, but enough!" she shot back. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" She was caught off guard when the horse's velvety tongue came in contact with her drenched pussy for the first time. Champ pulled his head back and whinnied in response to Jodi screaming out, but he immediately went about his business. He licked her reddened pussy fervently, slipping his long tongue deep into her love opening. As Gus continued to brush Champ's inner thighs, he let the brushes gently graze his massive testicles, causing the horse's rear to twitch excitedly. In response, the horse licked the swooning girl's crack, from her brown pucker down to her throbbing clit, and back again. She writhed in ecstasy, and moaned uncontrollably, as that thick, soft horse tongue licked her to orgasm after wonderful orgasm. In the meantime, Champ now sported a full erection, and he anticipated his reward. Instead, Gus dropped the brushes and picked up the riding crop. He used it to direct the horse around to the front of the bound girl. He tapped the horse on the neck and motioned for him to rise up and put his hooves on the overhead branch. Champ and the old horseman had a very close rapport, and he rose up obediently, even though he was confused. As champ rested his front hooves on the branch, his considerably large penis dangled only inches in front of Jodi's face. Her eyes were so wide; the old man couldn't help but laugh out loud. "I reckon you done this here sorta thing at least a hundred times, right?" he teased the frightened girl. "Yeah, probably that many times," she lied. Gus stood behind her, and eased her body forward until her lips touched the head of Champ's shiny cock. "Open up your mouth, or I'll open it up for you!" the old man demanded, "I thought you LIKED this sorta thing!" He yanked the girl's head back by her hair, and put a finger up each of the girl's nostrils, and pulled until she had no choice but to open her mouth. He pushed her head straight forward, until Champ's slimy cock was buried several inches into her gagging mouth. Gus removed his fingers from her nostrils, so she could breathe through her nose. She quickly regained her composure, and Gus continued to push her face forward to accept more of Champ's cock. The horse whinnied in delight, as he received his first blowjob from a young teen girl. Sensing the rhythm that Gus was establishing, Champ began to thrust his hips forward in time with the girl's dripping mouth, and soon he was face-fucking the overwhelmed teen with stroke after stroke of horse meat deep into the back of her throat. Needing no more prodding by Gus, he commenced to "groom" Jodi's tits with the stiff grooming brushes. She winced in discomfort, and tried to shake Gus off, to no avail. "Oh, c'mon, you must like having your tits brushed, don't you?" the old man cajoled. "Better yet, I've got something in this bucket you probably already know plenty about...this here horse liniment ought to do the trick." He opened the bottle and poured some of the heavy liquid in his hand. He rubbed it all over Jodi's sore red tits, and it burned like hell. The poor girl was getting face-fucked by a horse cock, and now her tits were on fire to boot. Gus picked up the brushes, and picked up where he left off. He rubbed her raw tits unmercifully, as she writhed, and gagged on Champ's stiff pole. "I reckon you must really be lovin' this, huh?" Gus offered. But, just then, he saw Champ's balls twitching, and he knew it was time: he dropped the brushes, and held the slim girl's head in a head lock, while he reached over with his other hand and gently squeezed Champ's balls. He rubbed them and kneaded them, and the horse reared his head up and shook it wildly in the air. He whinnied loudly, almost desperately, as he released his first big spurt of hot horse cum into the back of Jodi's mouth, and down her throat. "Swallow it all, you little slut! You know how much you love to swallow cum!" Gus commanded. Jodi was determined to stay one step ahead of the nasty old man, and she did her best to swallow as much as she could. The second wave of horse jizz squirted into her mouth, then the third and the fourth, and she struggled to gulp it all down. Her chin and throat glistened with gooey horse cum, as she struggled to take as much of his cum as she could. As the horse was finishing with his last series of thrusts, Gus wrapped his fingers around her throat and pushed her head forward until the massive bulge of horse cock filled her throat, impaling her head on the horse's cock. She almost passed out from lack of oxygen, as all that hot jizz tried to force itself out of her body through her nostrils and past her stretched mouth. Gus held her head in that position for what seemed like forever, but it was only for a minute or so. When he saw her face turning blue, he pulled her head back slowly until Champ's semi-flaccid cock meat plopped out of her mouth. He motioned for Champ to come down from the branch, and the horse seemed happy to oblige. Next, he untied the rope from the tree, and freed Jodi's hands from behind her back. He rubbed her shoulders to loosen them up, and slowly she brought them around to the front of her prone body. She lay on the grass in a state of semi-consciousness. Gus took advantage of the moment, and tied her wrists together and placed them on her stomach. He led Champ down to the stream for a cool drink. The horse seemed puzzled but contented, as he slaked his thirst. Old Gus led Champ back to the girl who was still lying motionless. Her breathing had returned to normal, but her eyes remained closed. He walked over to the trailer and brought back some extra rope, and two wide leather straps. He motioned for the horse to stand over top of the exhausted girl. He maneuvered each strap under the girl, one underneath her shoulders, and the other one under her hips. He untied her bound hands, and retied them, outstretched, onto the shoulder strap. Her ankles were tied to the hip strap as well. Jodi was still too out of it to protest. But, when Gus slung the two straps over Champ's back and secured them with the big buckles attached, she became aware that she was swinging in the air, dangling from underneath the patient horse. Her arms and legs were thoroughly immobilized, tightly bound, as they were, to the straps. Satisfied, Gus once again began to stimulate Champ's balls and hind quarters with the grooming brushes, causing the horse to buck his head up and down, and emit a few excited whinnies. Jodi seemed to come to when she heard him. She opened her eyes, and took stock of her rather tenuous position. "Hey, what the fuck do you think yer doing, you fucking creep?" she wailed. Gus let out a big guffaw at the sound of her protest. "Well, looky here! She finally woke up, and just in time too! I know you done this a million times before, so I won't bother explainin' it to ya," Gus teased, as he noticed Champ's erection growing to almost its full length. "Well, yer plum crazy if you think that horse is gonna fuck my little pussy, mister!" she shouted in defiance. "Hmmm, I guess we're about to find out, little missy!" Gus shot back with glee. He put down the grooming brushes, and poured some liniment into his weathered hand, and began applying it to Jodi's defenseless cunt. "OW, motherfucker that shit is fuckin' HOT! Are you tryin' to kill me?" the bound girl yelled, as she squirmed around helpless to move out of harm's way. Emboldened by her protest, Gus worked the liniment deep into her young sex, finger fucking her mercilessly; until he was satisfied she was properly lubricated. Grabbing Champ's cock in both hands, he guided it forward until the head came in contact with her shining entrance. "You are one sick sonofabitch, you know that?" Jodi cried out. "Well, darlin' you was the one who bragged about getting studded by Champ, so I'm just giving you what you want!" Gus shot back. With that, he grabbed hold of the hip strap, and pulled Jodi's skinny body back into Champ's loins, and his cock head entered her love canal. Champ caught on quickly when he felt her wet heat, and he thrust forward into her stretched out sex, while she wailed loudly. Back and forth, Gus would push her naked, slung body back, and Champ would push forward at the same time. She was taking more and more of his thick shaft each time, and Gus' eyes bulged out gleefully as he watched her hairless body get impaled again and again by the eager horse. Jodi ceased complaining after 20-30 strokes. After the initial shock and fear wore off, she instinctively got into the rhythm and relaxed enough so that the thick horse meat actually felt kind of good. She felt fuller than she had ever had before, but there was no longer any pain. She just went along for the ride, and before long, she erupted in a fantastic orgasm. The extra lubrication from her girl juices allowed Champ to penetrate her even deeper, and she had another orgasm, then another one right after that, and she finally passed out, more from satisfaction than pain. She hardly was aware when the horse finally exploded, and filled her with his hot fluid. After the commotion subsided, Gus slowly walked Champ back down to the stream, where he untied his exhausted victim and laid her along the stream bank. Champ wandered down to the water for another drink, while Gus busied himself removing all the ropes and straps until Jodi was free. He decided he should clean her up a bit, and he dragged her onto the narrow bank of sand that built up along the stream. As he swished water over her body, he found himself rubbing her tenderly, and he stopped to admire her cute shape and adorable face and long blonde hair. He also became aware that his own erection was pushing against the front of his shorts. He figured he might as well fuck her good and proper while she was still knocked out. He positioned her body doggie style on the beach, with her head facing the stream. Her ass was now fully accessible and quite vulnerable. Why not? He thought, as he dipped two fingers into her well-worn cunt, extracted some slippery liquid from it, and applied it to her tight brown pucker. He went back several times to scoop up more and deposit it into her ass, as he massaged her sphincter muscle, which began to relax more with each stroke of his fingers, first one, then two at a time. He heard a soft moan coming from the girl's awakening body, as he quickly pulled off his shirt and shorts. As he stood straddling her kneeling body, Jodi began to stir under him. He did not hesitate to align his tingling cock with her well lubricated rectum, and push it deep inside her forbidden entrance. She was so tight back there; it made him shake with lust. "Hey! What do you think yer doin' now, you fuckin' creep?" she spewed out, her voice back to normal and fully functioning once again. Gus said nothing, and just kept pounding her ass hard and deep and without mercy. "Mister, you better git the fuck off me right now!" she demanded loudly. Gus just grunted like an animal, and kept fucking her ass. Pure lust welled up inside him, and he slammed his cock to the hilt with every stroke. "I'm tellin' you now, you old fuckin' goat, you better..." her protest ceased abruptly when she found her head suddenly underwater, with the old man's hands wrapped around her throat. He didn't ease up, and his large frame came down hard on her thin shape relentlessly. After several seconds, he pulled her head back out of the water so she could breathe, but she was more interested in complaining, so he plunged her face underwater again, only this time he tightened his grip on her neck...that would teach the smart-mouth girl a lesson, he rationalized. Feeling himself getting ready to unload his cock into her tight ass, he pulled her head out once more, and this time she gasped for air silently, as she felt him pumping her full of his vile jizz. She finally gave up fighting him, and took his hard driving cock until it was empty. After collapsing on top of her bent over body for a few minutes, Gus stood up over her. He easily picked the girl's well used body up and threw her into the stream. "Wash yerself off, little slut," he ordered, as he walked back to the trailer. He returned with a towel, a roll of toilet paper, and a shovel. He dried himself off with the towel, and then tossed it onto the sand in her direction. As he put his clothes back on, he told her to dry off and get dressed. They would be heading out soon, right after he took care of some business. With that, he disappeared into the woods with his shovel and toilet paper in hand. Jodi knew she only had a few minutes to act: once Gus was out of sight, she ran to the trailer and unhitched it from the pickup. She might have been bluffing about all her sexual exploits, but she did grow up on a farm, and she knew all about trucks and trailer hitches. She quietly opened the truck door and climbed in. The keys were still in the ignition, and her clothes and her backpack were on the passenger seat. She closed the door silently, and started the engine. Without hesitation she put it in first gear, floored the pedal, and the truck quickly lurched down the bumpy dirt path and back onto the main mountain road. She didn't look back. She remembered that there was a saddle in the trailer, and smiled because she knew Champ would be alright. She might have despised the old man, but she wasn't really mad at the horse. In fact, she was pretty impressed, thinking how well she managed to ride him...from underneath, that is. The image in her mind made her grin from ear to ear. As she barreled down the two-lane road, she noticed Gus had left his cell phone on the dashboard. She tried to think of someone she might want to call: nope, not really. First, she pulled out the battery and memory card and flipped them out the window and down the mountain. The cell phone followed a few seconds later. Sitting next to her on the bench seat was Gus' wallet. She shook her head, as she picked it careless of him, she thought to herself. She opened it up to see a wad of cash inside. She took the money, and glanced at it. There were several hundred dollar bills in the pile, she noted. Old Gus must have just gotten paid, she thought. She put the wad of bills between her legs for safe keeping, and then threw the wallet out the window, and over the mountain side. She figured she earned that money and then some. And the truck would come in handy too. It was a clear, warm afternoon, and it felt good to be speeding down the road, wearing nothing at all. She vowed to stop and get dressed before the next town came into view, but for right now this felt good: freedom and liberation, and victory over her despicable enemy. She had to chuckle to herself when she thought about how expensive it was for old Gus to decide to take that shit when he did. Life was good, Jodi smiled to herself, and Missouri was getting closer by the minute.