Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Adults only! Puberty, and other things, come early to my niece By Big Bad Uncle "Mom, I think I need a new suit!" my niece shouted from the bathroom. It was the start of the summer, and my sister and her 8-year-old daughter were over to use my backyard pool. I'm not rich, but I do have my own house and an above ground pool, a legacy of my divorce. My ex-wife took my two sons and all our savings with her to California. "Come here and let me see," my sister said. My sister sounded irritated. My niece is a little sweetie, but I could tell that my sister resented her. She'd gotten knocked up at 16 and had surprised us all when her baby was obviously mulatto. We were sitting in plastic beach chairs on the wooden deck that overlooked my backyard pool. My sister had already made herself a goldfish bowl-sized margarita, even though it was only 11 A.M. My niece came out the sliding glass door onto the deck and stood in front of her mother. She was shyly covering her breasts with her hands. The straps of her one piece suit bit into her shoulders and, worse still, she had an extreme case of camel toe. It wasn't just that she'd grown taller and put on flesh, however. Her vulva and entire pubic area had begun to thrust out. Even though she was still only 8, she seemed to have the titties and the pussy of a full-grown woman. "Don't be shy, Brenda. It's just your uncle. You run around the house in just your panties all the time." My little niece blushed and dropped her hands. She is only a little darker than Obama, but she is beautiful color, unlike the President's, whose strange, coppery coloring I don't care for. At 8, she already had a b-cup, and her pointy nipples were pressed hard into the front of her skin tight suit. "Eight fucking years old and her goddamn titties are already bigger than mine. Turn around, show your uncle your fat ass." Brenda turned around. I had noticed her round, aggressively protruding, very sexy butt before, starting when she was only 6 years old. She giggled nervously and turned around again, but she didn't go back to covering up her gorgeous breasts. But I found that my eyes were drawn to her cameltoe. I began to get hard, too, and I was only wearing shorts and a tee shirt, so I put a towel over my lap, hoping that neither my sister or my niece would notice. But my sister glanced over as I did it and shot me a conspiratorial smirk. "Go take that off and put on just your panties. You don't need your bra or a tee-shirt. God knows you run around the house like that, and your uncle's seen you that way." I hadn't seen her that way since she'd been 3 years old. "Mom!" "Don't argue with me, Brenda, I'm not in the mood. I cart you over here all summer long. Do you ever see me swim?" I knew that the only reason that she brings her daughter over to use my pool is because she knows that she can help herself to my booze, and I bet that her daughter knew it too. "You know money's tight. I can't afford a new suit for you, when I have to buy you all new stuff for school so soon. You can swim in your panties all this summer. No one can see you." There was a tall wooden fence around the pool and the back of the house. My niece went back inside to change and soon came back out, this time in just her pale pink panties, which themselves looked too small for her. She was covering her now bare breasts with her hands again. "I told you not be shy around your uncle." She dropped her hands again, uncovering her beautiful, aggressive titties. "The doctor says that nigger girls often develop two or even three years early." My sister thought that having a mulatto daughter somehow gave her license to use the N-word, a freedom that she exercised at every opportunity. My sister took her daughter's little brown wrist and pulled her closer to us. "Tom, go ahead, touch them. You'd think it was just baby fat, but they're real!" Brenda giggled nervously, but she looked me in the eye in a way that I thought that maybe she wouldn't mind at all if I touched her breasts. "Don't be shy Tom, and Brenda, don't tell anyone that your uncle touched you. They might get the wrong idea or something." My sister smirked at me again. I reached out and took her both her breasts into my hand and squeezed them. My niece arched her back toward me and thrust her breasts out. "Go ahead Tom, give her a good feel. God knows she probably loves it. I always loved it when guys mauled my titties when I was only a little older than her. I catch the little slut masturbating all the time." "Mom!" "It's true, sweetie. I sometimes think that you spend half your time at home with your hand in your panties." My sister had told me this before, several times. But she was my baby sister, and I remember our mother saying the same things about her, that she masturbated constantly, when I was in my early twenties, when she had been only 4 or 5 years old. I was pinching my niece's nipples while my sister watched. "One second thought, Brenda, I don't want you getting the car seat wet when we go home, or your uncle's couch if we stay. Take your undies off too. You can skinny dip. We're just family here." My sister smirked at me again as her daughter reached down and skinned her panties down and over her legs as she stood there and stepped out them. This time there was no hesitation, and she managed to stand in place so that her titties never moved away from my groping hands. Instead, she picked up her panties with her the toes of her right foot and sort of flicked them neatly into her mother's lap. "Look at her nasty nigger pussy, Tom. She started to get hair when she was 6 and started masturbating even before that." Brenda bent her knees and spread her legs, although twat protruded enough so that it almost wasn't necessary. A white foam was leaking out of vagina. "Wow, she's wet," I said. "Are you still a virgin, honey? You let any boys do anything to you?" "No momma, never," my niece said in a dreamy voice, as I continued to squeeze her breasts.. "If your uncle checks for me, do you promise not to tell anyone ever?" "I promise." "Climb up on his lap." Brenda climbed up on my lap sideways and opened her legs, showing not the least hesitation. "I just want to be sure that she's still cherry, Tom." I reached down and slipped my index finger into her hot wet little slit. I pushed it in until I felt her hymen. My niece reached over and wrapped her small brown hand around my wrist and held my hand gently in place. "I used to love it when guys fingered me, Brenda," my sister said. Brenda said nothing, but instead she put her head on my chest while holding my hand in place. I didn't pull my finger out, and my niece didn't pull my hand away. "Tom, could she stay for the weekend? Maybe I could borrow $50?" She laughed one of her fake laughs and said, "God knows, I'd drink that up easily, if I stayed, but I want to go out." My sister preferred to do her drinking in bars. She was still easily young and cute enough that men bought her drinks. However, I'd stopped letting her "borrow" money long ago, because she never paid me back. "Sure, sis. Maybe Brenda can stay the whole summer, if she wants." I knew that my sister hated not being able to send Brenda off to school for much the day, now that it was summer. "You'll keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't tart around with boys?" "Mom!" "You promise to stay away from boys and promise to do whatever your uncle says?" "Yes, momma, I promise." "Maybe your uncle can buy you some clothes, too?" She was milking me for everything she could, but I didn't mind. "Sweetie, you know how the sun makes you so dark. Tom, you look tired. Are you getting enough sleep? You two want to go take a nap together while I finish my little drinkeepoo? I'll let myself out, Tom boy. If your uncle doesn't mind, Bren, you two should sleep in his bed all this summer. Then you won't mess up the boys' room." She meant my sons' old room. She was smirking at me again. I slipped my finger out of Brenda and she slid off my lap as I stood up. I picked my niece up and carried her into my room. My sister giggled and shouted, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" I put my niece onto my bed. She watched wide-eyed while I slipped out of my shirt and dropped my Bermudas and my briefs at the same time. She was looking right at my big hard cock. I stepped up to her and took her soft little brown and put it on my cock. She squeezed it lightly. I was very excited and I couldn't wait. "Open your mouth, sweetie. I want you to suck it like a lollipop. Cover your teeth with your lips and don't bite." My cock slid easily into her wet warm mouth. "Suck it easy, Brenda girl. Let it slide in and out of your mouth." I took two big handfuls of her bushy hair and rocked her head back and forth on my cock. I didn't push it in too deep because I didn't want her to gag. I moaned. It was incredible. It had been a while since a woman had sucked my cock. It'd been much longer since I'd been this excited. "Sweetie, I'm going to shoot my cum in your mouth. I want you to swallow it, to swallow all of it." I moaned and shouted, and then shot my load into her mouth as she sucked me hard. I laughed happily and pulled my cock slowly out of my niece's mouth. She giggled. "Did I do it right, uncle Tom?" "Yes, honey, that was spectacular!" "I'm glad, uncle Tom." Just then I heard a stifled laugh from the hall and glanced over and saw my sister watching us. My niece didn't notice. I sat next to my niece on the bed and kissed her on the mouth. She obviously didn't know how to kiss. I pushed her back on the bed and knelt on the floor. I spread her legs and began to lick her, pushing my face into soaked pussy. She came, her whole plump little body shaking. I kept licking her. I sucked her vulva and her clit into my mouth as I licked her. She came again., moaning loudly and thrashing wildly. She reached down and pulled my head and face into her pussy, and she came again. I got hard again. I climbed on top of her, with my feet still on the floor so that my weight wasn't pressing down on her little body. I said, "Honey, this is going to hurt." I jammed my cock into her hard and broke her hymen. She cried out, more in surprise than pain. "It burns, uncle Tom, it burns!" I pushed deeper into her, using some of my weight and the strength of my hips and legs. My cock went all the way into her. "It burns, it burns." She started to cry softly. I was too excited to stop. I fucked her in and out slowly at first and then harder and deeper. She was staring up into my eyes, a surprised look on her face. She started to moan. She reached down and grabbed my hips and started to pull me into her as I fucked her. Her eyes got wild, and she lifted her head and kissed me on the mouth. She came again and I came too, shooting my load into her pussy. We took a shower together. When I came out, my sister was gone. She didn't call or visit all summer. At the end of August, she called, obviously drunk, from Miami, 2000 miles away, to suggest that I enroll my niece in a school near my house. She said that she'd met a man. She cried and said that the man didn't want a woman who had kids. She begged me to take good care of her "precious" daughter and claimed that Brenda had always been the most important thing in this world to her. It was classic my sister. I'm sure that in her drunken state that she actually truly believed that she meant every word of it.