Daughter's Dark Future: Part1
(M+f, inc, size, cons, ir, Mdom, creampie, oral, va)

Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex,
including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with
minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find
this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble
distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ...



by _ Ben Erato _

Adrin Hunt dialled the number that June, his wife had given
him. The call was answered by a deep male voice.

"Hello, this is Jimmy."

"Hi Jimmy, Im Adrian. Do you remember a lady named June from
about five years ago?"

"June? You mean that chick my old man was balling for a while?"

"Yeah that one."

"Sure, how could I forget. Fine piece of ass. Hey! Who is this?
How did you get this number?"

"I'm June's husband. I got your number from her."

"Hey look man, I never layed a finger on her. It was my dad
that got her into that party scene. I was still in college

"it's okay, relax, Jimmy. My wife is her own woman and it's no
secret she likes black dudes. I know all about those parties. I
don't mind. I still love my slut wife, know what I mean?"

"All right, man, I'm getting the picture. You're into it, huh?
Don't blame you. I would do the same. She's a hot bitch, man. I
envy you. I've heard some pretty wild stories."

"Yeah, I know, she tells me everything. June really liked you
Jimmy, she spoke very highly of you and we're hoping you can
help us out with something."

"She did huh? Are you saying what I think you're saying? You
want Jimmy to party with you guys?"

"Uh, well, something like that. There is a girl here that just
turned eighteen who needs a black date. Interested?"

"A date? Look, man, I'm strictly professional now. Sure I'm
available, but it will cost you?"

"Hmmm. Interesting. How much, and when are you available?"

"Five hundred for the night is what I charge the ladies, man.
I'm free tonight."

"Okay, Jimmy. Can you come at seven? 10032, Sunshine Drive,
Pacific Palisades. We'll talk more when you get here."

"All right, I'll be there."

Adrian knocked back his favorite scotch and checked his watch
again. He had to rearrange his straining cock in his jockeys
for the third time, as he waited for Catherine, his
sixteen-year old step-daughter, to model the outfit he had
selected for her.

He always had an erection around the little sex-pot, but tonight
was worse than usual. He felt hornier than he had in months.
The things that he had fantasized about for years were finally
happening. Tonight, if all went as planned, Catherine would
finally have the experience she had been begging for. And
Adrian would be enjoying something he had wanted for years,
fresh black-fucked teenage pussy. Oh God, yes! The little slut
that had been raised like a spoilt princess would finally be
paying back for all the years of pampering.

Looking back over the recent years, Adrian realized how lucky
he had been to run into June. They had met in a drug detox
clinic and developed a deep friendship based on mutual support
without judgement, and decided to get married. Together, they
had cleaned up their lives, discovered their suppressed sexual
yearnings, and found healthier ways to feed their addictive

June's aging Venezuelan step dad Ernesto, a veteran porn film
producer, had the deep pockets that financed Adrian's real
estate business. The powerful bastard had molested June all
through her teen years and still relied on her to keep his
flagging libido afloat with increasingly demanding perversions.
She had been brought up to cater to him and his friends with
her upper class, slutty English mother's implicit blessings,
and it had kept her in high social circles and well padded with
money and favors most of her life.

After her marriage, June had sworn to leave all that behind.
Ernesto tried for a while too, to make a break, but found her
brand of sexuality irreplaceable. His tentative,
just-once-for-old-times-sake propositions got him a foot in the
door, and finding little resistance, he had barged right in.
Soon, the phone sex and day trips became a regular thing,
followed by hard-to-refuse offers of serious money for being
the main attraction at his weekend parties. At first, she said
no but the figure kept going up. When the price was right,
Adrian and June had to have a very, very long talk. Then, a
very heated fuck.

Thrilled at the price she was fetching, June, just turned
thirty-four, returned with embarrassing enthusiasm to being a
very exclusive whore-with-no-limits for an entire circle of
rich old perverts. These were men who were looking for more
than just any porn starlet, they wanted a true non-professional
slut, a live one, a natural exhibitionist, and Ernest had
delivered. They delighted in sitting around in Roman-style
luxury, having her enact their most lurid scenarios. She was
special, they all knew it, and paid handsomely for her depraved

June's back to back bookings would have ruined any marriage,
but Adrian was supportive, even insistent, that she should keep
her priorities straight. In truth, he really didn't mind the
arrangement at all. Between them, they were making bundles of
money, and life was good. They got off with each other on the
phone, talking about her hardcore gang bangs and his permitted
molestations of Catherine, June's daughter from her previous

Adrian loved June's nonstop sexual intensity. He looked forward
to June's shocking stories, and having Catherine all to himself
the rest of the time. It was June who had first hinted a year
ago, that he ought to be a man and take charge of the promising
situation that being the only male in Catherine's life

On her brief trips back home, June strove to bring hubby back
his favorite gift, a just-hours-ago creampie from one of her
engagements, along with detailed accounts of it's depositing.
When sometimes that just wasn't possible, she would cheat and
make a detour on the way home from the airport to get filled
up, usually with one of her old boyfriends, or in a pinch, with
the lucky cabbie. The secret ritual had become their way of
keeping their sex exciting.

June's mother-daughter relationship of honest, tell-all sharing
had meant that Catherine was often allowed to overhear June's
gangbang accounts to her husband, which of course, had the
predictable effect of firing the girl's raging curiosity and
triggering her unconscious decision to emulate her fascinating
mom. June had unwittingly unleashed the imagination and
eagerness of a horny, super-curious teen.

Catherine had been ripe, ready to spoil, and had responded
favorably to her step-dad's take-charge approach. The
ice-breaking disciplinary bare-bottom spankings, and
'accidental' exposure to hardcore porn had yielded swift
rewards. Deep-fucking her lithe teen body had been a revelation
to both his jaded dick and her virgin teen pussy. Within a few
weeks, they had explored all her budding talents and found all
her favorite cum buttons.

The girl was a natural beauty. Her pretty, aquiline features
and unblemished creamy skin, her natural grace, and already
womanly-in-places body, were on the way to their prime. Coupled
with an always ready, always horny, orgasm-seeking brain, the
fifteen-year old was every male's perverted fantasy. Like any
only-child, she was spoilt with all the finer things, adding
that touch of class that was a final gloss to her sensuality.

A year later, Catherine had flowered into a self assured little
slut and having absorbed the sublime values of hardcore porn,
was boldly expressing her newly formulated ambition to be a
nude model and porn star. Faced with this secretly exciting
parental dilemma, mom and step dad had a very, very long talk,
and then a very heated fuck.

Their decision to get out of her way was not without a sense of
awe at the girl's dedication and eagerness. Catherine was
tireless, learning all the deviant terms and techniques from
the collection of porn which Adrian carefully selected for her.
"I bet I can do that!" and "I want to try that!" were regular
outbursts when they watched the nasty stuff together.

Catherine often used her daddy's modest cock and a full length
mirror to practice various fucking positions from her favorite
scenes. She took pride in being able to accommodate most of her
mom's adult sized dildo collection. She started shaving
everywhere and applying makeup and perfume, and wanting slutty
tattoos and jewelery. June, on her trips home, took her
shopping for clothes and shoes, sparing no expense or moral
concern, following with lessons in the cock-teasing arts. The
girl was preparing for a career, and it seemed she had her
mother's full support. But for all that she was still a kid,
precocious but inexperienced.

For Christmas, Catherine wanted bigger tits. "But mom, you got
yours done! Why can't I?" she wailed when her mom ruled it out.

"Darling, with a beautiful pussy like yours you don't need big
tits. Ask daddy, see if he cares."

"Hmmm. Well, I do love your beautiful pussy, but lets just say
I can't wait for your tits to grow big. Every slut should have
big tits" Was Adrian's diplomatic reply.

"Exactly! Why wait for them to grow to apples when I can have
melons now? Oh pleeease, you guys!"

The matter was settled a week later, when Ernesto, after a
lengthy conversation with Catherine during which she had her
hands down the front of her pants, suspiciously intervened on
his favorite grand daughter's behalf. He would pay for a top
notch boob job and see to it that she would get the biggest
implants possible for her slim chest. The parents protested,
then gave in when the offer came with a cash bonus and a
promise to help her get started in the porn movie business.

Catherine was ecstatic, and Adrian openly excited. Why wait
indeed! If Ernesto's conversion of June's oranges to melons
were anything to go by, Catherine was about to become a big-tit
slut overnight. The movie career was still years away, but
surely, in the meanwhile, she could prepare, and Adrian could
enjoy the freakish endowments.

It was inevitable, considering the big black cocks that
predominated the DVD's she watched so religiously that
Catherine's biggest cums were achieved when Adrian whispered
lewd, lengthy promises about getting her fucked by a big, black
stud. Having planted this nasty seed in her fertile
imagination, Adrian had nurtured it regularly during his fuck
sessions by using June's black cock replica dildos to accompany
his narratives.

Suddenly now, with everyone's acceptance of Catherine's future
career as a porn star, Adrian's far fetched fantasy of seeing
his stepdaughter being black fucked seemed wholly achievable,
even logical. During their long talk about their parental
responsibilities, June had protested at first when Adrian had
broached the subject of starting Catherine's training off with
a hung black man.

"She's just too young, honey. I am all for being broad-minded
and letting her have this fantasy of being a porn star, but we
both know that the reality is something she may not be ready
for. She may be a horny little slut, but she's still a kid. You
know how cruel and rough black guys can get."

"June, if Catherine is really going to be in the movies, I
think we should stop beating around the bush. If properly
trained, she really has a shot at being a real star. Just
imagine, an innocent looking teen, with an ability to handle
the hard stuff. And just 'cause she is underage right now,
doesn't mean we can't have some at-home sessions to get her
ready for her career. I'll bet Ernesto and his cronies would
pay well for that stuff. June, I see it as our parental duty to
get Catherine properly slut trained and uninhibited. She is a
natural, and you just know she'll be great with experience."

"Yeah, you're right. But you're not fooling me, honey. I know
the real reason why you're so eager to get her black fucked.
You want your treats from a younger pussy, don't you? Am I
going to have to compete with my own daughter?"

"June darling, no body could ever compete with you. ItŐs not
the pussy that counts, itŐs the sexy cunt that owns it, and God
knows, you're the sexiest cunt alive. it's true I'd love to
enjoy a teen creampie, but it is no match for eating my
beautiful wife's horny, well fucked cunt."

June smiled happily. "That's the right answer, you wily
bastard. Okay, you're right, let the little slut find out what
she's in for. Maybe she'll change her mind about being in the
movies and get a real education."

"Thanks darling, I knew you would agree. Oh boy! Isn't this
exciting? I'm dying to see her lose her inhibitions with a
black stud. I think that would make for a great start, don't

"Mmmm. You nasty man. You know just how to get me hooked. I
must admit, it's an exciting vision. Let our little bitch find
out how good a big black cock feels, and how wonderful it is to
know that someone really appreciates your fucked pussy and
thinks it is sexy and beautiful. I can see it's too late to
worry about my little girl's innocence. I may as well accept
the fact that she's going to be a porn whore, so fuck it, let
her start early, just like her mom. Hell, I can just see us
making a great mother-daughter team one day. Okay, then, lets
go all the way and really train the little slut. You have my
permission; you perverted bastard! I wish I could be there too,
but that can come later, right?"

"Right. In the meanwhile, I'll get her broken in and ready.
Just imagine the fun we can have with her June!"

"Mmmm. I'm thinking about it now. I can just see the little
tart sucking cocks and doing gang fucks." June's cunt was
leaking, picturing her daughter's immature teen pussy being
pounded by big black cocks.

June and Adrian kissed passionately and stroked each others
heated genitals. They whispered to each other, fleshing out
their favorite fantasy again.

"Christ! I'm getting really wet thinking about a big black cock
raping her little pussy." June whispered. Adrian's fingers were
already making wet sounds under her skirt. June had his cock
out and was stroking it.

"Oh God, June, this is so fucking hot. I'm dying to see the
little bitch creaming on her first big dick. I'm going to make
sure it's at least eleven inches. The little slut is going to
fall in love with big cocks, just like her slut mother." Adrian
hissed, plunging four fingers in her dripping cunt. "She is
going to be begging for those big loads everyday."

"Ooh yes, darling! Our little baby, a fuck toy for grown men!
... And so lucky to have a nasty dad around to clean loads from
her pussy after she gets fucked. Ooooh!"

"I'd love to share them with you, honey. Don't tell me you
wouldn't love to swallow some stud cream from your slut
daughter's pussy. it's not as if you haven't done that before,
with those bred bitches in Ernesto's gang. You told me you
loved it."

"Aaaah! Yes. I want to get my face all wet with stud cream from
her little cunt. Oooh, baby, I'm going to cummmm..!" June
shuddered with her climax, and Adrian dove down to drain her
flooded pussy.

Later, mom, dad, and daughter sat down for a serious talk. June
told the excited girl about their decision to help her with her
career. "...So you must promise to do exactly as your dad says,
okay honey?"

Catherine's eyes were wide with excitement. "Thanks mom! You
guys are so cool! Can I really do it with a black man?"

"Darling, if you're going to dream about being a porn star, you
better know what it really means, no offence to your dad, to
get fucked by a real cock, a big, black, pussy pleaser. It will
give your life perspective." June said, profoundly. "And I
think I know just the young man who would be perfect for the

"Will he have a cock like the guy in the 'My Daughter's Fucking
a Nigga' videos mom? that's what I want!"

"Ha, Ha! Slow down, you horny little slut! If you want a big
cock, you've got it. My old boyfriend's son Jimmy is a real
nice kid, and well hung, I can tell you! That boy was making a
show of his bulge, trying to get me interested, right in front
of his own father! Gave me his cell number and all, just in
case I wanted to cheat on his dad! I was tempted; I can tell
you. Of course, that was years ago and for all I know, he's
married now, but a dick like that only gets better with
experience. I'll dig up the number. Unfortunately, since I'll
be gone for a couple of weeks, it's up to your dad to make all
the arrangements."

"No problem." Adrian's head was spinning with the
possibilities. "I'm going to give this Jimmy a call and see if
he remembers his offer to you. Maybe he'll be interested in a
blind date with your daughter instead."

"If I know that kid, he'll be all over it. Drop the right
hints, make sure he gets the picture about what's expected of
him. And if things work out, take pictures, won't you honey, so
I can see if I sized him up right."

_______________(Continued in part 2)________________

© 2007 Ben Erato