Adventures in Big Cock Lust: Part 4

  Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex,
  including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with
  minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find
  this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble
  distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

  If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ...



  by _ Ben Erato _

  ( Mg, cons, pedo, toys, size, rough, creampie)

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  Part 4: A Father's Blessing

  Mike picked up Sheena from the parking lot in his SUV. As soon
  as she got in, the smell of sex wafted off the little girl and
  filled the cabin

  "Hi sweetheart!"

  "Hi daddy, I missed you!" she was up on her knees hugging him
  and kissing him with her pretty, cock breath mouth.

  "I'm very upset, baby, you shouldn't have gone out on your own
  like that. You promised remember?" he said, sliding his hand up
  to her pussy, feeling the sticky ooze there. "And why are you
  dressed like this? Where did you get all this stuff?" He fumed

  "I wasn't on my own daddy, I was with Darin!"

  His suspicions were confirmed now. "Sheena! Did you have sex?
  ... I knew it! Oh boy! Wait till I get my hands on that boy

  "Oh daddy, I have so much to tell you! Please don't be mad at
  me daddy, I did all the stuff you taught me and everyone said I
  was a sexy little girl!"

  "Everyone? Who else was there? Jesus Christ! Here I am, being
  so careful about choosing boyfriends for you, and you go and
  give it all away!" He had his fingers deep inside her, feeling
  for the source of the slime, but there wasn't anything there.
  The taste of cock on her lips was giving him a woody though.

  "Why didn't you call me darling, I am so disappointed. You know
  I always have to be there when you're with men. Now promise me
  you'll never do that again, and then tell me the whole truth
  about what happened. Okay?"

  "Promise, Daddy! Oh, lets get home quick, pleeeaase? I gotta go
  pee! When you see what I have for you, you won't be mad at me
  anymore." She said, showing him the tape.

  He took the mini dv from her and hands shaking with
  anticipation, read the label- "Sheena's Treat for Daddy ". His
  expression silently changed, irritation turning to pure lust,
  and when he kissed his baby girl passionately, it was a
  reconciliation kiss, a thank you kiss.

  On the way home, his hands were busy at her little naked cunt
  the whole way, and his cock was leaking down his trouser leg,
  thinking about what the tape must contain.

  " No don't shower yet!" He told her, after she had her pee and
  started taking her fuck me clothes off. "Come watch the tape
  with me, and tell me all the details." He brought out the new
  dildo he'd bought for Sheena and handed it to her to take out
  of the box.

  "Do you like your new dildo sweetie? Its called Bam. It’s a
  real replica of a real black cock. See how much bigger he is
  than Black Beast? It'll be a long time before your little cunt
  can take this, but you'll have to keep trying, okay?"

  "Oooh! Thanks daddy. Gosh, its huge!" she studied the
  thirteen-inch brown rubber dick with all the detailed veins and
  the realistic pink head. The heavy, springy rod of rubber,
  almost nine inches in circumference, looked obscene in the
  little girl's hands. She posed with the tip in her widely
  stretched mouth for him, giving him a side view, holding it up
  like a trumpet.

  "Shit, that's hot baby! Can you imagine how much cum a cock
  that size would shoot on your pretty little face? Shit!"

  They settled back together in their familiar long-play position
  on the comfy couch, and started watching the tape. His home
  entertainment center was already well set up for his own video
  productions starring Sheena.

  Mike leaned back with his naked eight-year old draped on him,
  and the Bam dildo lying on her belly, stretching from the balls
  nestled between her legs to the head between her little rosebud
  nipples. He lazily rolled the heavy cock on her torso, nibbling
  her ear, and nuzzling her neck. "Who loves this sexy cunt

  Andrea was squirming happily with the familiar arousal. She
  loved her daddy for his loving attention and for teaching her
  to be sexy. She took his hand and put it on her pussy and
  grabbing the remote, started the tape.

  The screen came alive abruptly with animated fucking. "Hey,
  That's Tom!" Wait, who are all these people?" He watched for a
  minute and then, taking the remote from her, paused the tape.

  Sheena began to tell him the whole story, about Darin and his
  friends and about Angela.

  Mike's six-inch penis was leaking precum and twitching as the
  little girl gave her nasty account of the day's developments
  with suppressed excitement.

  "Daddy, Darin's cock felt sooo good! I could take it all the
  way deep, 'cause of practising with Black Beast. Thank you
  daddy, for getting me ready for Darin's big cock!"

  "Did he fuck you good my little cock whore? Did you come on his
  cock like you do on Black Beast?"

  "Oh yeah! He fucked me good daddy. He fucked me hard!" she spat
  out 'fucked' with emphasis like he had taught her, her face
  grimacing. "It hurt, and it made me cum, like with Black

  As they watched the rest of the tape, Mike tried to fit Bam in
  Sheena's pussy, pushing hard into her lubricating spread, but
  the massive head would go no further than just past the crown.
  It was simply too big, and her little cunt looked impossibly
  stretched. He put her on her side so she could still look at
  the TV screen and lifted her leg up high to give better access
  to her pussy. He was able to drive it in another inch or so as
  she whimpered with the pain.

  "Oh daddy it hurts too much! I am already sore from Darin's

  "Shut up, my little fuck whore! Didn't I tell you to never say
  no to cock?" He eased off, letting her adjust.

  The tape had played to the part where Darin's cock was buried
  fully as he drained his load into her, and Mike gave a gasp
  when he noticed the bulge in her belly from his cockhead.

  "Yeah! fucking awesome! He fucked your baby womb good! What a
  clever girl, baby, to have taken that cock so deep."

  He was jerking his cock fast, ready to cum, his left hand
  multitasking to apply pressure again to the dildo plugging her
  incredible little elastic pussy. It went in another inch, and
  there was enough in her now for him to fuck her with it without
  the ridge reappearing.

  "Tell me how it felt to have all that semen in your pussy,
  honey! Did you like it?"

  "Oooh! It felt good daddy! I was wishing you were there to see
  it all and to suck his cum from me like you always do daddy. I
  am such a sexy whore, aren't I daddy? Everyone said I was. I
  felt so proud daddy!"

  "Oh yeah, you're a sexy cunt whore, baby! You can make all the
  men come in your little bitch cunt and fill you up with their
  nasty loads! Your whore pussy was made for fucking, baby, look
  how its swallowing this big black dong that is too big even for
  grown up cunts!"

  Incredibly, the Bam dildo sunk even further as he pushed, He
  pulled to take it out again but ended up dragging her by the
  tightly implanted cock.

  "Ouch! Ouch!" Sheena wailed.

  He repositioned her so that she was on her back with her knees
  doubled back to her ears. The massive dildo stuck out from her
  monstrously, wagging under its weight. He removed it slowly as
  she screwed her eyes in concentration, leaving a wide open well
  of cunt flesh in its absence.

  The screen too showed Sheena's cunt with the cum oozing out. As
  she blew him a kiss and squeezed her pussy lips together to
  send out a thick white blob, Mike gave a strangled cry and
  positioned his furious jacking to fill her gaping hole with

  "Fucking whore! ... I love you, you little fucking whore! ...Oh
  you sexy little cum fucking whore! he cried as his spurts
  jetted out and disappeared into her depths.

  When he had recovered, he immediately set about giving her an
  oral massage and sucking his come out, bit by bit. The little
  slut loved this part and lay back enjoying the sensations, and
  the sexy feeling it always gave her to feed her daddy from her
  pussy. Soon, she was orgasming; adding her juices to the
  genital treat. "Ooooh yesss! Drink it all up daddy, Drink all
  of Darin's big cum from my little whore cunt!"

  When she had recovered, Mike sent her off to the shower to
  clean up, and sat back again to replay the hot tape again.
  "Thank you, thank you!" he said silently to this Ben he had
  never met for catching it all on video.