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Rape, Abduction, Incest, Underage, Snuff


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To be frank, I don't really understand, are these guidelines for stories to be written? If they are meant to be stories themselves, they very much lack emotion. A dry description of events is anything but exciting. A detailed description of what participants feel, love to do, hate to have done, exhibitionism, provocation, fear, feeling humiliated, pain, all kinds of elements that make a story come alive. I'm rather confused by this line-up and to be honest, gave up half way reading them because they all seemed to be written without any "soul" in them. No FUN whatsoever...


I've come to realize that cuntweasels, like the one above, are a waste of my time.


So from now on, if you have something similar to say...ASK ME IF I FUCKING CARE!


Send me a note telling my stories are too short or not enough detail or you cant get a hardon, I'll call you a cuntweasel and press 'delete' faster than you unzip your pants when you get on the internet.


Don't be a CuntWeasel, enjoy or get the fuck out.


 Click the picture to read the story. Each story contains a NEXT link to the following story.

(Note that all pictures found within are of legal age)



 Cumming to Life

(F/m, m/doll, m/m, nc, oral, fan fiction, mast, voy)


 A Walk to Remember

(M+f, nc, gangbang, interracial)


 When You Really, Really Want the Part

(Mf, reluctant, swallow)


 When You Pass Out With A Horny Brother Around

(Mf, nc, Incest, drunk, preg)


The Peril's of Babysitting

 (mmf, nc, bondage, fisting, preg, blackmail)


The Internet is Not a Safe Place

(Mf, NC, creampie, strangulation, snuff)


An Unexpected Snack

(Vore, Snake, teen)


Father Knows Best

(MMMf, Incest, Forced Gangbang)


When School is Always in Session

(MMMf, NC, Sex Slave, Snuff)


Attitude Better Left Unsaid

(Mf, NC, BDSM, Snuff)


There's Always Time for Laundry

(Mf, NC, Snuff, Kidnap)


Breeding Day on the Sex Farm

(MMF, NC, Black Market, BDSM)


The College Hazing They Don't Talk About

(MMMF, NC, Hazing)


Don't Wish for What you Don't Want

(MF, NC, Violence, Submission)


The Dangers of Teens Traveling Abroad

 (MMf, NC, Sex Trafficking, Snuff)


From Nanny to Nothing

 (MFF, NC, kidnap, sex slave, snuff)


A Pawn in a Man's Game

 (MMF, NC, Kidnap, sex slave, gangbang)


An Uncle's Beautiful Obsession

 (MF, NC, Incest, Creampie)


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