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PLEASE NOTE: These stories are COMPLETELY fictional, they were written for the authors own sick indulgence.



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My continuing adventures of aquiring young females, raping and abusing them, and their inevitiable fate.

These are tales of selfish pleasures, pure sexual gratification from the use and abuse of underage teen girls. Because sometimes pretty girls are abducted, raped, beaten, bound, sold, hung, die

      • These are not consensual stories.
      • These are not fun stories (Except for me).
      • These are not real stories. They are fiction. (Some of you need to get that through your heads, although I appreciate the fact that the realism inspires a few of you to write hate mail).
      • You have the choice to not read them.

Chapter 1: A Saturday Morning Teen Capture (M/f, nc, oral, anal, rape, snuff) - Circumstances align, allowing me the chance to abduct a sweet middle school girl and abuse her tender young body for hours until I have no more use for her.


Chapter 2: Christmas Wrappings - Alyssa's Tale (M/f, nc, oral, anal, rape) - A lonely Christmas turns joyous when an unexprected present appears on my front porch in the form of a bound 16 y/o girl.




A divorced dad takes notices for the first time the developing bodies of his daughter's 12 year old friends, Claire, Isabella and Hannah.


Despite their innocence, evil thoughts blur the lines between his fantasies and reality. Each and every moral boundry he sets for himself falls by the wayside as he continues his spiral into deplorable acts.


Chapter 1: Cum Feed Fantasy (M/f+, voy, cumfeed) - Sweet young Hannah unknowingly ends up with his cum in her tummy.


Chapter 2: Sharing the Love (M/f+, voy, cumfeed) - Dad shares his 'love' to all the girls, and then some, throughout the summer. But soon his fantasies escalate and new plans begin to unfold.


Chapter 3: Where No Man has Gone Before (M/f+, rape, drugged, video) - Dad goes through with his plan to drug sweet Hannah. Now he has her tender young body naked on his bed for whatever perverted act he can thnk of.


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