Abusing Tweens

Chapter 2 - Sharing the Love

By baddadluvsteens@yahoo.com

Copyright 2011 


NOTE: This story was written for the authors own indulgence. Encouraging emails are welcome. 


NOTE: This story is COMPLETELY fictional. Any and all references to file sharing videos and websites are fictional and do not exist.



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Iíve officially been dubbed ĎThe Smoothie Kingí. Over the past two months of summer Iíve been telling the girls Iím thinking about starting my own smoothie business and theyíve been more than happy to test all my creations. What these sweet twelve year olds didnít know was that most of time the tasty concoction in their hand contained a load of my cum.


My daughter Jesse has three best friends: Hannah, Isabella and Claire. Theyíve all taken their special place in my recently realized world of pre-teen sexual fantasy. And all three have swallowed my cum at least a half a dozen times. Not that they know it. But what they donít know wonít hurt them


Since my divorce I only get to see Jesse every other weekend and occasionally during the week. And since it was her mother that moved back to her parents, I am the one who stayed here. Here, being close to Jesseís old friends. Hannah, her best friend, is always over, regardless of whether the other two are here. Thatís fine with me since Hannah is my favorite anyways. I only serve her smoothie with fresh cum, blasted from my cock only moments before handing it to her. Itís such an incredible rush to watch her sip away, knowing my dirty little secret. Itís funny that in my years of marriage, my ex never once would swallow, yet now my cum regularly ends up in the tummy of this cute little sixth grader.


Itís not to say that only Hannah gets Ďfedí. During the time Jesse is at my exís, I usually save what I jerk off and store it in the refrigerator. Kinda weird I know, but itís the only way I can spread the love around if you know what I mean. Poor Claire accidently got a triple load last weekend. My hand was shaking (as it always does when it comes to drink time) and I poured the whole container in hers. I watched her close as I wasnít sure if she might notice anything or not, but I guess cum mixes in well with banana smoothie.


Hannah, Isabella and Claire may not be cumdumps in the traditional sense but most every load Iíve Ďdumpedí this summer has ended up in one of their bellies.


I shouldnít say they drank every one. Just the other week, Hannahís mother, a perfect MILF and soccer mom, stopped over to drop off Hannah. Hannahís 8 year old sister Katie wanted to play with the big girls for a bit so Mom hung out for a few. Twenty minutes and two ĎSmoothie King Specialsí later this perky 30something bleach blonde became the first soccer mom to enjoy my treat. Little third grader Katie got my full fresh load. It was meant for Hannah, but I donít think she would have minded sharing. It will be nice to see them in the fall, on the soccer sidelines standing and cheering for Hannah. I can look at her hubby standing next to them and think Ďhey buddy, did you know that your precious wife and both innocent daughters have swallowed loads of my cum?í Iíd probably be dead on the spot.


Itís not to say I didnít screw up, because I did. Well I didnít really screw up as much as things didnít go as planned. As much as I love and protect my daughter Jesse, there wasnít much I could do when somehow the girls mixed up their cups. I just stood in shock when Jesse began to drink. Itís not like I could say anything. So yeah, it was kind of weird to watch my own daughter drink a load of my cum. I still donít know what to think about that, although I will say that event didnít disturb me as much as I would have thought. And it kind of bothers me that it doesnít bother me, if you know what I mean. I should be disgusted and guilt ridden, but, umm, Iím not.


So yeah, my cum feed fantasy will continue for as long as it still excites me. I may find different ways to Ďserveí and certainly any new friends that Jesse has over will be quickly initiated. Soccer momís are also on the list and any other able bodied female that happens to be unfortunate enough to be handed one of my infamous smoothies.


So cum feeding is my step into reality. As Iíve mentioned before, my fantasies run much deeper for each of the girls. And as each day passes the thought of actually going through with one grows.


In truth, and I hate to admit it, but the internet is certainly a factor in my growing needs. Iíve viewed thousands of young teen girl bikini and topless pictures. It just blows my mind just how many girls, most no more than 12, 13, 14 years old post themselves naked on the web. All those perfect little bodies and budding breasts of all sizes would make any man want to fuck the hell out of them. Who knows what they might look like in ten years, but those bodies were meant to be enjoyed, and enjoyed by those who could appreciate them the most. Not some fumbled 15 year old, but someone who could die happy after cumming in one of those little sweeties mouths, or on their tits, or deep inside a tight little pussy.


And Iíve downloaded tons of videos from file sharing networks. Most of it illegal. Stickam video captures of stupid 12 year olds go on live video and showing their tits and doing stripteases. Itís no wonder there are so many predators out there. I mean, they donít visit a house unless you have an underage teen girl inviting them over. Then again, maybe they do. But these girls are morons if they donít think theyíre inviting trouble.


But worst of all, itís the hardcore stuff. Most of it is the real young ones, which I donít care for. Iíd say its sick stuff, but I guess Iím pretty sick myself, so what can I say about a guy who cums in the mouth of an enthusiastic six year old. Granted, I didnít stick my cock in little eight year old Katieís mouth, but my cum sure ended up there. But there were a number of tween videos. Its odd how these girls seem to have been trained to pretty much let the guy do whatever he wanted to her. Again, itís weird how repulsive I find them, knowing these girls are probably going to be screwed up for life, but keep watching, needing to see him cum and thrilled when he fills her mouth or pussy. And how I imagine what it would be like to have Hannah trained like that. To enter her room while she is doing her homework and unzip my pants. She knows what she is to do and takes her place on her knees in front of me. She barely moves, her hands on my knees as I hold her head steady and pump my cock slowly in and out of her mouth until I explode in and she swallows. Then its back to homework. Or my favorite scenario, in the middle of the night, I feel horny. I enter her darkened room, pull off her covers. As she wakes, I slide off her pajama bottoms, pull her knees apart and climb between her little soccer legs. The next few minutes all you can hear are her creaky bed springs as I use her body to get off. I grunt and cum hard into her. Then I leave her, covered with my sweat, her pants still off, legs still spread, pussy leaking cum. How fucking great would that be?


And of course there are the stories. If I donít see a M/f or a M+/f in the subject I skim right past. They have to be non consent though, I mean, what the fuck is up with the 12 year old whore stories? I couldnít picture in my lifetime Claire or Hannah trying to seduce me, itís almost laughable. So that mostly leaves rape stories or ones where they are manipulated into a sexual situation. Noting like a little emotional blackmail from Grampa to have his little granddaughter eventually take his withered penis in her mouth. But better yet, the Grampa who takes the girl out to the hunting cabin and she gets used by all his friends, with or without his consent. Or just plain any time the young girl is kidnapped and used again and again by bikers or old men, even shipped off overseas afterwards. Sometimes they kill them in the end, and as long as they are fucking them when they do it, it somehow doesnít bother me.


At times though, I feel guilty and too perverse for my own good. I took the girls to the mall last weekend and we were in the Limited Too, a cutesy tween clothing store. I thought it might be a turn on to see all the other little sweeties running around, but I was unusually, umm, deflated. The girls were all cute and dressed all purplely and I found nothing sexually noteworthy about them. Perhaps this was a good sign. But then we stopped in Abercrombie. Not the adult Abercrombie, but the tween version store that only sells up to sizes for tweens. The first thing I noticed was the very hot sales girl. I started to think it was time to change plans. Nothing wrong with flirting with a smoking hot 18 year old, even if she looked like she hadnít been fed in a week. Iíd fuck her in a flash. But then things turned once again. As we made our way back further in the store, something caught my eye, or someone. A little girl with the Mom. By her face you could tell she was only like 12 or so, but she dressed like she was fucking twenty. Those little boots with the fur lining around the top, tight as ever jeans, cute top, designer sunglasses pushed back in her hair, ĎCoachí purse, eye liner and a smug ass look on her face. She knew exactly what looking good was all about. Iím not sure what the 12 year old boys think, but I can tell you what us 30something guys think. She had some tits, but Iím sure there was some padding helping her out. In any case she had some things picked out and was heading back to try them on. Luckily Jesse was about to try on something. Being my nonchalant self I picked a spot nearby to stand. Not that I could see in the changing rooms, but I could see underneath. She kicked off her little boots and then I saw her jeans drop and she stepped out of them. I started getting hard at the thought of her standing not ten feet from me in her tiny panties, probably thong panties knowing her type. I looked over at her mom and she at me. I gave her the old ĎI canít wait to get out of hereí look and she smiled. You think sheíd be smiling if she knew how much Iíd like to bust in that dressing room and molest her little girl, groping her tiny ass and tits before forcing her to her knees and jamming my cock between those pursed little lips? You might think sheíd think about changing her dressing habits as she left the mall, still too embarrassed to tell her mother about the man that fondled her in the back room, that her nipples hurt from his pinching and that disgusting taste in her mouth from the stuff that came out of his penis.


Unfortunately I canít see my Isabella fantasy coming true as she is often a participant in the kinky acts we carry out. Unless this developing Italian babe is a closet slut, which Iím pretty damn sure isnít the case, there is no way sheíd consent to the things I want from her. Maybe when sheís 16 and into Ďfucking my best friends dadí but for now I canít see her on her knees licking my shaft while fingering herself. But boy, wouldnít that be nice, eh? I think Iíll go watch Poison Ivy again.


Claire, on the other hand falls into a category that excites me the most, rape. There is a picture of her that the girls took while goofing around. In it, Claire is lying face down on the bed in her bikini. Her hands are grabbing the bed posts and she is laughing. Itís hard to describe, but itís not hard to imagine her hands cuffed to the bedposts. In fact Iíve photoshopped the cuffs on her. Itís like the perfect picture. She would be totally helpless. And it wouldnít be so much the violent rape, but capturing her, gagging her and tying her to the bed. Licking and biting her all over her tender body. Pinching her nipples, hard. Fucking her any way I please. I have cum many times at the thought of the sound she might emit when my cock easily slips past the oiled entrance of her pink puckered asshole.


What really got me going was when she said her Mom would finally be able to go back to work full time because she would be old enough to get off the bus by herself and stay home alone until five. Iíve actually found myself driving around her neighborhood, just for fun, casing the situation. I even made myself a copy of her house key. Not that I would ever use it, but these little steps in reality up the level of my fantasy j/o sessions. Iím sure when school starts in two weeks I may find myself watching her get off the bus, skipping down their long secluded driveway and into her empty house. Just the thought of watching her makes me rock hard. And it doesnít hurt knowing that thereís a roll of duct tape in the trunk of my car.


And that leaves Hannah, who I would never hurt, or want to scar mentally, but I really, really want to fuck her. Itís become so extreme Iíve been looking into ways. And I know how clichť it sounds, but Iím headed the drug induced route. I just want a few hours to strip her naked, touch and taste every part of her precious body. I wonder if her nipples will get hard if I suck on them I wonder if she has much pubic hair and I wonder what she would taste like when I slipped my tongue in her pussy. I think I know her pussy would smell sweet as Iíve smelled her used panties. I think I know when you can tell if a girl has reached puberty or not. If their panties have a musky smell, then yeah I think so. If theyíve been worn all day and still have the scent of baby powder, then no. And could I get her to suck on my cock? I doubt that, but could I position her in a way that it would feel good? Iím sure Iíd have fun trying.


But what I really think about is fucking her. I mean, could I? Just how far, if at all, could I get my cock inside her? I know nothing about hymens, so if I did get my cock in, would I hit it? I shouldnít be a problem if I came in her, case yeah, Iíd have to cum in her.

I was a chemistry major, so I found it quite enjoyable to investigate all the related sleep drugs, including GHB and sleeping pills and such. I wonít tell you my choice drug, nor how I acquired it, but I will say I think it will work perfectly.


How do I know it will work perfectly? Trials and testing. On myself. Weight differences aside I played with doses on myself. Since I lived alone most of the time I could do this. The nice thing about this drug is that it killed your memory, like GHB, for a time even before passing out. The evening I would create a list of things ahead of time that I would watch on TV, or physical activity like shower. I would check them off as the evening went on and in the morning I would cross check how much I could remember. How much did I do while still awake that I didnít remember. I would videotape myself as well. It was truly funny to watch myself in the time just before passing out. It was like I had no clue what I was doing. It was easy to see when I was no longer sentient of my actions. It took me quite a few nights over the weeks to get it perfect, well perfect for a man of my size that is. But was it as easy as cutting the dose in half for a girl who still wore Hannah Montana panties?


Itís amazing the hard on you get, when you work out a detail in order to fulfill a fantasy. I had the drug, and I just worked out the plan. Horseback riding. Taking the girls on a long day of horseback riding. Nothing like a few hours of trotting to make your legs ache and your bottom sore. So even if Hannah woke up sore down there, or even broken, she would assume it was from the riding. But it wouldnít be, would it? Itíd be from the dick that fucked her. My dick.


But I still wasnít sure about the drug, so I did something I felt embarrassed about. I drugged my own daughter. It wasnít like I was going to do anything to her. I just wanted to follow the same procedure that I did and see how she responded and what she remembered.


So I felt sick to my stomach all day up until the moment gave Jesse her spiked soda. It was a Friday that I suggested a movie night for just us two. I had downloaded a copy of camera version of ĎHotel for Dogsí off of Bittorrent for us. Let me tell you that it was the worst movie ever made, but the girl actress was fucking cute as hell. I had to hide my hard on during the times I was imagining what itíd be like to fuck her. So I gave Jesse the drink near the end of the movie and since there was a lot of salty popcorn, the drink was soon gone. Too late to turn back now. By the time the movie ended she was already a bit glassy eyed, and was quick approaching the time of no recall. Of course I prayed that she didnít go into some sort of epileptic fit or something. But she didnít. She followed my course exactly. I tried to do a few things with her that she would remember, like play wrestle and run outside. I only left her for a minute to grab myself a beer when I came back she was almost passed out on the couch. It was then I realized that she hadnít even gotten changed yet for bed. I managed to rouse her enough for her to make it to her room. She closed the door and I could hear her moving around a bit to get changed. A moment later, nothing.


She had barley made it into her pajamas, but hadnít made it to her bed. She was just lying on the floor. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. It was at that moment I thought about how this would be exactly like how I would be carrying a passed out Hannah to my bed. To my bed where I would abuse the hell out of her tiny body. My cock was raging in my pants. I would so have to whack off soon. But this was Jesse, my own cute daughter.


I laid Jesse down on the bed and stared at her. Her body was no less tight than any of the other girls. Did any of the other Dads, or her teachers, or bus driver have evil thoughts of what theyíd want to do with her? What if her soccer coach had a sleep over and drugged the girls, staring lecherously at my Jesse.


I found my cock in my hand stroking, imagining all the scenarios. How could I be fantasizing about another guy drugging and abusing my little girl? I couldnít help reaching down and pulling up her shirt, just to see what they would see. And there they were, her little tits. They were perfect, as I suppose every twelve year olds tits are. Not boobs yet, but titties. And it wasnít me that needed to fondle them, needed to see what those creamy white bumps felt like. It was the soccer coach, or the bus driver getting his perverted rocks off. Yes, he would see her every day getting on the bus, staring at her small chest as she got on, and perfect little ass when she got off. And he did more as he stroked himself. Pedo bus driver lifted the front of her pajama pants and could see the small tufts of soft hair. Oh, the things he was going to do with little Jesse Cancel. He slipped his hands down her pants and cupped her mound.


Thatís when I started cumming. I just shot all over the bed, the wall, and Jesse. What the fuck is wrong with me? Who have I become?


But I pulled it together. I cleaned things up. And by the time I had my next hardon (which wasít long after), all the guilt and shame was gone. No, I wasnít going to touch Jesse anymore, but I would be touching Hannah.


And it will be amazing...



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