Abusing Tweens

Chapter 1 - Cum Feed Fantasy  

By baddadluvsteens@yahoo.com

Copyright 2011 


NOTE: This story was written for the authors own indulgence. Encouraging emails are welcome. 


NOTE: This story is COMPLETELY fictional. Any and all references to file sharing videos and websites are fictional and do not exist.


In the next room is probably the sweetest little twelve year old girl you could ever want to meet. If I peek around the corner I can see Hannah on the couch, eyes half closed from an exhausting day at the beach, her empty smoothie cup on the table in front of her. With sun freckles gently splashed across her nose and cheeks, she is the epitome of cuteness. When she is awake, the petite girlís soft unassuming voice is music to my ears. I would be proud to have her as my own daughter, but she isnít, and therefore it thrills me to no end that she just swallowed probably the hugest load of cum Iíve ever blown in my entire life. The coolest thing is that she has no idea that she did.


What scares me though is that Iíve just taken a first step over the barrier between perverted fantasy and compulsive reality. I shouldnít say first step, because that would insinuate that I might continue to take more risks to indulge my newly acquired pre-teen (or Ďtweensí as they say) obsession.


Itís not that Iím some sort of pedo or anything. Iíve never thought of young girls sexually since I was a young boy myself. The moment I got to college I was consumed with girls my own age. I even married a girl the same age as me. We had a beautiful baby girl and spent eight years together. And even after our amicable split, I would still date women in their thirties. I am now 38 and have shared custody of our lovely daughter Jesse for the last four years. I love my daughter and even with all the screwed up things going on in my head, Jesse has thankfully escaped any dirty thoughts.


Jesse spent her twelfth birthday with her mother last weekend so this weekend was my turn to give her a party. She chose to have me take her and her three best friends to the beach for the day. Since the beach is less than an hour away I didnít really mind. Another reason I didnít mind was something that would have shocked me at the beginning of this summer. I wanted to watch her three twelve year old friends romping on the sand in their tiny bikinis.


It was back on the first hot day of spring, when Jesse pulled out the slip and slide and had her friends Isabella, Claire and Hannah over. The first thing I couldnít help but notice was Isabellaís tits. I mean, she was only twelve but had already developed a healthy pair. Maybe it was her Italian background, I donít know. All I know is that I couldnít keep my eyes off of her. In fact, all the girls had started to develop. Not just tits, but the way their faces changed, and the way their bodies lost their boyish looks. Was it my imagination or did all three of them have amazing little asses. They were totally oblivious to the fact that from behind my sunglasses I was ogling their tiny bodies. They didnít care that I snapped away with my digital camera and in fact later delighted in looking at all the fun shots. They of course didnít see all the shots as I had sorted all my inappropriate zoom shots into another folder. I had kinda shocked myself when I first zoomed in on Isabellaís tits and then snapped.


That night, for the first time I masturbated to the thought of underage sex, grabbing Isabellaís bikini bottom and sliding it down. I leaned her over the bed and slipped my cock in from behind. I fondled her sweet tits as I plunged deep into her very tight, but very wet cunt time and time again, the poor girl moaning in pain and pleasure. I didnít care which. I jammed my cock in as far as it would go, lifting her off the floor when I came. It was probably one of the most satisfying masturbatory orgasms I ever had in my life.


The following week I fought with guilt during the day of this sudden obsession and masturbated like crazy at night. I mostly fucked Isabella as she seemed the first to move to the Ďsexyí stage, but another photo started to change that. It was just a plain photo of the girls sitting at the picnic table. It was a close up of their smiling faces. What I noticed most was their lips. Glistening from just applied lip balm, all three girls sported amazingly pouty lips. The kind of lips that would be perfect to slide my cock between. I would fantasize about the three girls on their knees as I went to each, one by one, and watched my cock disappear into their mouths. I couldnít decide whose mouth to unload in. Whatís funny is the completely different ways I thought about each girl.


Claire, the plain faced blonde is as stupid as they come. I can already tell she will have the best body of the bunch as everything is in perfect proportion. She gets that instant lifeguard tan with sweet tan lines. In a few years guys will be glad to overlook her boring face to get at that body. A funny girl, always laughing and snorting always seemed to have a blank look on her face. I would always imagine fucking her face hard and fast, holding her head still as I rammed my cock down her throat. She would gag and her arms would flail. I would dump my hot load straight down her throat. I donít know why it excites me to be so uncaring towards her, but it would seem the only way to get her full attention.


Isabella, as Iíve said, has already developed. Itís funny how I noticed her tits last summer but it was in an innocent way. The thought of fondling or sucking them never came to mind. Her mother and father are both quite large so I imagine she will head that way too by the time she hits college, but for now her curves are exquisite. Unlike Claire, she has that knowing look on her face, a girl who knows how to use her tongue. And she would use it well, such that even at twelve she would treat my cock like a pro. And when I came, she would smile as she swallowed, and then proceed to work every last drop from me.


Hannah, sweet Hannah. She would be so nervous after watching the other two. She would be scared of my face slamming of Claire and intimidated by Isabellaís expertise. I would tell her not to worry. She only needed to know two things; keep her lips wet and donít use her teeth. My cock would already be leaking pre-cum and I would use that to paint her lips, pulling slightly away to see the long sticky strand that still connected us. I would again place my cock at her lips and slowly push, parting them as I enter her warm mouth. I reassure her that I will not choke her with it. She relaxes. Her eyes look up at me, so innocent and trusting as I slowly pump into her sweet mouth. My orgasm comes quickly as I groan and wave after wave of warm cum dumps into her mouth. When I pull my cock out, I can see the white puddle in her mouth. She begins to lean over, but I stop her. I know she plans to spit it out, but thatís not what I want. I gently lift her chin and she faces me. She shudders as she swallows, my load of cum safely in her tummy.


By this point I had broken up with my latest girlfriend for many reasons. For starters, I was drained from jacking off many times a day and had lost all attraction towards her less than perfect, semi saggy body. I wasnít even sure if I could get it up for her. It didnít bother me though. I had conceded that this summer would be dedicated towards my admittedly unhealthy fascination with these three twelve year old girls. Knowing myself pretty good I knew that my porn additions always changed after a time and I figured by winter this phase would be done and I could move on. Despite that, I was already planning on getting a hot tub, just to see them wearing their tiny bathing suits and exposing so much of their sweet bodies.


My fantasies continued to progress as the summer went on. I found myself checking out teen websites, though most only would show girls eighteen and older. I did find a few good jailbait forums and relished the tons of pictures of young teens in bikinis. I have to say that I was shocked at the number of young girls posting themselves naked on the web. I could tell by their faces and bodies that some of these girls were only like thirteen or fourteen. I wonder what their parents would have thought knowing their eighth grade daughter was showing her tits to the world.


I also found my way to an adult site of kinky fantasy stories. Many of these involved underage sex. Some of the times the young girls initiated the sex, some times it was forced upon them. The stories where the girl seduced I would picture Isabella. Hannah would star in the ones where the male seduced/tricked/drugged her. When the girl was raped (sometime shockingly snuffed) poor Claire would take the brunt of the violent attack. The rape stories would often bring me to my most intense orgasm.


I admit I have a crush on Hannah and would love to just kiss her lips and taste every inch of her body. Her small tits were just making themselves known as I could often see their roundness perfectly under summer tank tops. I already know that she has sweet puffy nipples. While we were at the beach today the girl were building a sand castle. I noticed that when Hannah leaned over the castle, the top of her suit folded open slightly. I figured it was time to help out the girls with their building and placed myself in the perfect position by Hannah. Sunglasses on, I awaited my first glance. Sure enough, the next time Hannah leaned over, her top opened up and her little tit lay in plain sight just for me. Her pink puffy nipple drove me insane. For the next half hour I was in heaven.


In my ĎHannahí fantasy I would make love to her gently, caressing her body, sucking her tits as I took my time working myself into her. I want her to know just how much she pleases me. Isabella was just plain kinky and would enjoy anything I asked her to do, including licking Claireís hairless cunt. For reasons stated above I was hard on Claire, becoming increasing aggressive, my fantasies included bondage and rape. Often sheíd be tied to a bed or chair, helpless to keep her virginity safe. I donít know where in my mind these thoughts came from but I couldnít keep one from playing from my head. I would grab her off her bike as she rode through the woods to her house. I would quickly bind her, taping her mouth closed and her hands behind her back. I would throw her into my imaginary van and drive to safe spot where I would rip off her shorts and panties and force my cock up her tiny white ass. Even sicker, I might imagine strangling her, blowing my load deep in her ass as she struggles and her body jerks on the brink of death. The thought of her young naked body lying discarded somewhere deep in the woods would bring me to a furious orgasm.


But yeah, despite these extensive fantasies, I would never dream of actually touching or harming any one of these wonderful little girls. I mean, IĎve known them all since they were like five, our families all going to Gymboree classes together. Even though Iím a single dad now, their parents trust me implicitly with the safety and welfare of their girls. But for the first time, I am beginning to question if that wasnít the best of decisions. I hope it doesnít turn out to be their worst decision.  


The choice today to step over the line came without warning, the idea coming to me while sitting on the beach and just steamrolled into a plan. The girls had just come back from boogie boarding, dried off and starting oiling themselves up again with lotion. I canít tell you just how incredibly erotic that is to watch. I knew they would lay out again, just a few feet from me. I hoped to catch a loose bikini bottom that might reveal some pubes or even more. But before they laid out, they went for ice cream. Jesse, Claire and Isabella and Hannah came back with smoothies. The girls loved them, and I often whipped up a batch for them at the house. But it was in watching Hannah where my thought came. She kept pulling out the straw and let the creamy thick fluid drip into her mouth. Then sheíd dip the straw in and take a big sip, puffing her cheeks out to get a full mouthful. Again I was entranced, using the magazine I was reading to cover my growing hard-on. Actually my cock had been sporting hardonís all day so far. I needed to cum so bad I was ready to use one of the skuzzy bathroom stalls to jerk off in. Thatís when the thought hit me, of imagining Hannahís smoothie having a load of my cum mixed in. I almost came in my bathing suit as I watched her drain her smoothie. I knew this would be the jerk off fodder I would need when I got two seconds to myself once at home.


It was during the ride home when it dawned on me that I could actually that. I could make the girls smoothies at home and somehow jerk off into one of the cups. Actually the girls would be outside, or in another room so not only was this possible, it was simple. In less than an hour I could actually be watching one of the girls, okay, it would be Hannah, sipping away at a load of my cum. And fuck, this wouldnít be any load, it would be one of those blue ball loads where sperm has been building up in your sack from an entire day of teasing. The closer we got to home, the more certain I was that I was going to do this. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Hannahís pretty face, pretty grey eyes and a touch of sunburn on her cheeks. She looked tired, and thirsty. I thought of her sweet puffy nipples. I was sure now.


The plan went as clockwork. When we got home the girls put Spongebob on TV and crashed on the couches in the family room. When I offered smoothies only my Jesse replied. My heart dropped until I pledged the best blueberry smoothie in the world. Hannah then chirped her approval. I looked at the pretty girl sitting on the couch, her clingy pastel blue tank top hiding nothing of her still mostly boyish figure. But I knew those sweet puffy nipples lie just beneath.


I went back in the kitchen and mixed up a small batch of smoothies. I chose blueberry as it is the tangiest and I was pretty sure that it would disguise any flavor my cum might add. When it was ready, I checked the girls one more time and they were all sunk deep into their seats. When I went back into the kitchen I found my hands were shaking and I almost spilled the whole blender full when I tried to pour it. I managed to fill two cups and knew the moment of truth was at hand. I threw caution to the wind and grabbed one cup and quickly made my way to the bathroom.


I shut and locked the bathroom door, set the cup down and proceeded to jerk off. When the first drop of cloudy pre-cum appeared at the end of my cock I placed it at the top of the straw. The huge drop disappeared down the straw. It would be the first thing that passed her lips into her mouth. My cock was now rock hard.


I closed my eyes and continued stroking. I could feel the achy buildup of a hundred hard-ons today in my nuts. It was coming.


I moved the smoothie filled cup down low and held it with the head of my cock resting on the rim. One last stroke and a huge first blast splashed into the cold blue concoction.  This was followed by at least 5 or 6 more big blasts of cum. Then the slowdown trickle of small clear squirts until I wiped the final few drops on the rim of the cup. I caught my breath and looked into the cup. It was easy to see the huge white cum lake within the blue smoothie ocean.


I zipped up and silently opened the bathroom door. I exited and returned to the kitchen where I could see that the girls hadnít moved from their spots. I set Hannahís cup down next to Jesseís. The white lake was sinking now and I gently stirred. The two cups looked identical now. I added some whipped cream to the top and a bit in the straws. Everything was ready. Now I just had to serve it. It was my last chance to change my mind.


I didnít.


For the next fifteen minutes I tuned out the screeching of an annoying yellow sponge as I watched twelve year old Hannah sip away at her smoothie. I could feel my cock getting hard knowing what was going on. With each sip, more and more of my cum was sliding down her throat into her tummy. Soon it was all gone as evidenced by the unmistakable sound of a straw sucking up the last few drops. When she set the empty cup down on the table I had to leave the room.


I couldnít believe it. That huge load I just blasted was now in Hannahís belly. Not much different if I had blown it right in her mouth. Well, maybe a little different, but the result was still the same, that little girl just swallowed my cum. I might totally regret it later but the sound of her sweet voice thanking me as I handed her the cup.


It just blew me away that she was thanking me for giving her a cum spiked drink.


That night I j/oíd three more times replaying the sites and sounds of the day. I may never be able to fuck them, or stick my cock in their mouths but I already knew that I would use the rest of the summer to make Hannah, Isabella and Claire my own personal cum dumps.


Well, I was pretty sure I wouldnít be able to fuck them, but some of those stories I read certainly made it seem possible. I mean, was there really any way to get my cock inside Hannahís tight little pussy and get away with it?




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