Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Old Friends 06: The Movies Part: Chapter 06 Universe: Old Friends Summary: Shauna wants to watch Aaron's porn with him. At first shocked at how nasty it is, she ends up acting a scene out with him. Keywords: MF, cons, rough, oral, anal, 1st, a2m by Backstory Old Friends - Chapter 06: The Movies (MF cons rough oral anal 1st a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 01: The Movies (MF cons rough oral anal 1st a2m) Shauna got up late in the morning and found Aaron in the kitchen making waffles. They ate breakfast and she flirted with him a lot, but he seemed distracted. She was getting a bit frustrated, but then had an idea. "Hey, let's watch one of your pornos." He seemed surprised. "How do you know I have pornos?" "You're a guy. C'mon, don't insult me." "Okay." He smiled. "You got me." "So go get one. I wanna watch one." She looked over at him mischievously. "If your good, maybe we can act it out." "Yeah, right." "What?" "I can tell you haven't seen my pornos." "Why?" "Well, I mean, they're for guys. It's a little on the nasty side." "What, I've taken your cock up my ass twice, plus I let you do my pussy and my ass at the same time. You don't think I can handle nasty?" "Well, yeah, but..." "Are there any children in the movies?" "Of course not." "Any animals?" He laughed. "Only human ones." "Any dead bodies?" "Ha. Just one, but I can explain!" "Very funny. I want to watch a porno with you." "Okay, fine, I'll go get one, just don't be grossed out." She waved him off and he left the room. He returned a few minutes later with a DVD, but wouldn't show her the title. "Come on, what's it called?" "I don't want you to judge it by the title." "What's it called...?" He sighed. "Backdoor sluts... 27." "Twenty-seven? They actually have twenty-six sequels to a movie called backdoor sluts?" "No. I mean, there's like, over thirty now." "Oh Yeah?" "Well, I guess the plot's pretty similar in all of them." "I'll bet." She walked over and flopped on the couch. "Put the movie one, baby, I want to see if these girls are any better than me." He put the movie and then joined her on the couch. He picked up the remote as the title screen appeared, and selected a chapter." "That seemed pretty automatic. Is this your favorite chapter?" "Yup." The scene opened in an office with a young, cute secretary taking notes for a guy in a suit. The guy was actually pretty hot. The girl ran out of ink in her pen and knocked over her boss's coffee trying to take another from his desk. It wasn't long before the girl convinced him it was okay to take his pants off and not much longer before her mouth was full of his cock, which was about on par with Aaron's. The guy got pretty rough with the girl pretty quickly, slapping her face as she sucked his dick, and calling her a slut. After about five minutes of this, he shoved his dick down her throat and told her he was going to fuck her asshole. She nodded, looking scared and excited. He bent her over the desk and pushed his dick into her ass. Shauna realized that the rough sex was getting her really aroused. She looked over at Aaron to see if he'd noticed. He was looking right at her, smiling slyly. She looked back at the tv quickly, just in time to see the businessman pull his cock out of the secretary's ass and move around to the other side, pushing it into her mouth. "Aw, gross, she just sucked his dick right from her ass! Girl, don't you have any shame?" she looked at Aaron's crotch. "Hey, your bulge is looking pretty big. Are you telling me that turns you on?" "I'm not telling you anything, you're implying it." "No, I'm inferring it." "Whatever." "So do you? Does that really turn you on?" He nodded. "Yeah." "Fuckin' men." She watched in silence for a few minutes as the businessman sodomized his secretary, then desparately begged him to take his cock out of her ass and put it back in her mouth. "What a nasty slut. I can't believe that turns you on. What would you think if I did that?" "I wouldn't complain." She hit him. "You wouldn't complain. I'll bet you wouldn't kiss me either." "No way." The businessman in the movie started to cum in the mouth of the woman he had been fucking, but she moved so that most of it landed on her chin and dripped down onto her breasts. "Aw shit, look at that! She'll suck his dick right from her ass, but she won't swallow? She's got her priorities a little fucked up, don't you think?" She looked at the screen. The girl was rubbing cum into her neck and tits, avoiding her mouth entirely. "She's a pornstar? I'm better than that!" She felt Aaron lean over and kiss her neck, his hand draping down over her breasts. "You sure are." She looked at him, then down at his pants. "I think it's about time we freed that beast." She crawled down and between his knees, pulling his dick out and stroking it. She looked back at the tv, but it was back at the title screen." "Backdoor sluts, huh?" "Yeah." "So you like sluts, then? I know you like the backdoor." He laughed, a little nervously. "Yeah, well, I don't know." "No, it's okay. I can be a slut. Do you want me to be a slut?" He paused then said, "Yeah." "Do you want to call me slut?" He didn't say anything for a minute, then looked at her. "Yeah. Yeah, I do." "Okay. Fuck me like I'm your slut. Like I'm the girl in the movie." "Okay, put my cock in your mouth, slut." She smiled and started sucking his dick. He started getting a little rough with her as she sucked his dick and even slapped her face kind of hard. She found herself getting incredibly turned on by it and shoved a hand down her pants to rub her clit. After a few hard thrusts down her throat, Aaron pulled her off his cock by her hair and slapped her in the face again. It wasn't TOO hard, but it was hard enough. "Okay, slut, I'm gonna shove my dick up your ass now. Get a cushion, get on the floor and wait. I'm gonna go get the lubrication." She stood up and took a cushion off of the couch, throwing it on the floor as he walked from the room. She grabbed the remote and started the scene they had just watched again, then laid down on her stomach, getting herself comfortable. The secretary was just helping her boss remove his pants when Aaron returned and knelt beside her, slapping her ass. She felt two slippery fingers slide up her asshole and moaned, arching her back. "Are you ready?" "Mmm hmm, yeah. Put it in my ass, baby." Aaron climbed on top of her and pushed his dick against her anus. "You're gonna fuck my ass with that big, fat cock of yours, right?" she asked, then gasped as he pushed forward, spreading her asshole with his dickhead. She bit down on her hand, a tear squeezing involuntarily from her eye as he violated her ass. As he started to sodomize her, she looked up to see that the couple in the movie was just now getting to the anal sex. Aaron grabbed her hair, yanking it back as he pushed his giant dick as far and as hard as he could up her butt. She found that she was incredibly horny, and her pussy was throbbing for attention. She was getting the cushion all wet where she ground herself against it. "You like this, bitch?" "Yeah," she said, her voice choked with tears, "fuck me harder, smack my ass." He did fuck her harder. "You fucking slut," he said, smacking her ass hard. She started to cry as he smacked her again. "Yes," she said through her tears as her hand slid to her cunt to bring herself off. She was wetter than she could ever remember being. As she began to cum, her fingers rubbing wildly on her clit, he pulled her head back, twisting it around and slapped her face again. Her orgasm threatened to fade, but she rubbed herself even more enthusiastically. He was pushing up in her harder than ever, and she realized that he hadn't been all the way in yet as she felt him force his way further up her ass. He slapped her face again. "Cum, slut. Cum, you horny bitch." There was no stopping her now. She watched the fucking hot porn guy pull his dick out of the secretary girl's ass and shove it into her mouth just as she reached orgasm. She cried out, and Aaron pushed her face into the floor, holding himself deep in her butt and moving his hips around. Her orgasm felt like it wasn't going to stop. She was still cumming when he pulled her to a standing position, her ass still impaled on his dick. He walked her over to the wall and pressed her up against it. She looked back at him over her shoulder, grinding her ass against him, and feeling his huge cock shift around inside her. "Oh fuck, you make me want it, Aaron. You make me feel like such a dirty slut. God, I love to way you use my ass." He was slowly sliding his dick in and out of her as she stood pressed against the wall. She liked being a dirty slut; it made her horny and felt so fucking good! Her hand wandered to her clit again, this time, slowly stroking it with her fingertips. She heard the backdoor slut on the tv begging her boss to pull his dick out of her ass and let her suck it, and leaned back against her own man. "Do it, Aaron. Make me taste it, baby. Pull that cock out of my asshole and shove it in my fucking mouth." He fucked her for a few more seconds, then stepped back. She felt his dick slip from her butt and his hand grab her hair, forcing her to her knees. Her fingers played over her clit faster as his dick slid into her mouth. She tasted mostly vanilla, probably from the lube, as she began to shake and shudder with orgasm. She stroked his cock with both hands as she sucked it, trying to get him to fill her mouth with his cum, but he pulled away, grabbing her by the throat and forcing her to her feet, her back to the wall. "I'm not done with your ass yet, slut." "I'm sorry," she said, genuinely, "I just wanted your cum." "You'll get it soon." he said and flung her onto the floor. He lifted one of her legs high, rolling her onto her side and slammed his dick back up her asshole, pounding her ass. He fucked her like that for a few minutes, then pulled out and forced her to spin around to suck his dick again. She felt a nasty thrill as she sucked his dick from out of her asshole for the second time. For quite a while, he fucked her like this, pounding her ass unmercifully, then forcing her to take his cock in her mouth. She obliged him each time, each time hoping to feel his cum gush into her mouth. When it didn't, she let him spin her back around and use her ass. When he finally did cum, she was so tired that she didn't realize what was happening and the first two spurts hit her in the chin and neck, dripping down onto her tits. She caught the rest and swallowed it, giggling." "What?" he asked after he had finished cumming and she had swallowed what she had caught. "I didn't really mean to, but I just acted out that porno practically word for word, even the part where I missed your cum. That's fucking hilarious." "I guess it's harder than it looks." She looked at him for a second, then burst out laughing. He laughed, too. "So, did you like that?" she asked, when she'd stopped laughing. "Shauna, that was the best, nastiest fucking I have ever had." "Yeah, me too." She flashed him a smile. She was satisfied, but glad it was over and she could rest. "I'm going to go shower, brush my teeth, and then take a nap, okay?" "Fine with me, football game's on." He flopped onto the couch with the remote and started flipping channels. "Football?" She got up and pointed accusingly at the tv. "Football? What if I wasn't done with you?" He started to get up, grabbing her by her wrist. "You want some more?" She backed away, laughing. "No, no, no! I'm just kidding! Watch the game. I hope your team wins." He tried to smack her ass as he sat back down, but she pulled away, then walked down the hall to take a shower. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2010 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: