Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Delivery Part: Chapter 23 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slave Summary: Though Mei is resigned to submitting herself to Jamal, she is dismayed when he tells her she must pleasure two women he has brought for her. Keywords: BMAFBFWF, interr, sad, toy, piv, oral, anal, a2m, pierce by Backstory Chapter 23: Delivery (BMAFBFWF interr sad toy piv oral anal a2m pierce) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 23: Delivery (BMAFBFWF interr sad toy piv oral anal a2m pierce) Mei pulled into the driveway at the address Jamal had sent her. It was a nice house. She had prepared her asshole for what she knew awaited her inside the house, giving herself an enema and then lubricating. She was dressed in pants and a blouse, with no underwear or bra. As she parked her car and turned off the engine, she took the bag of medication from the seat beside her. More pills to make Jamal a more effective rapist, for her and who knew how many other women. She hated herself for that. He opened the door before she could ring the bell and ushered her in. He was dressed in plain black pants and a white t-shirt. He took the bag from her. "Thanks for coming. Please get yourself undressed." He watched her undress, no doubt confirming her compliance with his prohibitions. After all she had been made to do for and with him, it still mortified her to undress in front of him. She felt herself blushing as she removed her pants and stood before him, clasping her wrists behind her back. "Very good, Mei. Come with me." He led her to a door, then down into a basement. The lighting was dim, but as her eyes adjusted, she could see that there were shelves of sex toys, racks of whips and chains, and several items of furniture with restraints. There were also two women. The women were different from one another in almost every respect. One was tall, skinny, and black-skinned, with dark breasts not much larger than Mei's. The other woman was shorter, and more voluptuous, with large breasts. She had dark hair and very light, white skin. As different as they were, the two women were similarly bound. Both had wrists tied and pulled up above their heads. Both stood with legs held apart with spreader bars. They were both naked, apart from the ball gag that each wore, and both of them had their nipples pierced, with small, silver rings through them. From the nipple ring in the white woman's left nipple, several small weights were hung, pulling her large, lovely breast downwards, and the same was true for the other woman's right nipple ring, though her small breast was not pulled so far down. A short chain was fastened to each woman's remaining nipple by a clamp, which was pulled tight between them, tugging their breasts to the side, toward one another. The women looked at her as she entered, and she felt a fierce embarrassment at her own nakedness, and the prospect that these women were certainly here to watch her service Jamal. "What do you think?" Jamal's tone was casual, but there was danger there. What was she supposed to say? She looked at the two bound women, wondering if they'd been through all the things that she had, with Jamal. She avoided their eyes. "I wish we would be alone." He let out a short laugh. "Do you have a preference?" She looked at him, confused. "A preference for what?" "A preference for Taesha," he indicated the slender black woman, "or Chloe." "I don't..." she shook her head, trying to think what he could be asking her. "You'll taste both their pussies, and more, before your done, today, but I wondered if you had a preference as to which you would like to start with. As this information sunk in, Mei despaired She did not want to put her mouth on another woman's pussy. She sunk to her knees, bowing her head. "Please, Jamal, I'll do whatever you want me to, please, I don't want to do this." He put his hand on her head, stroking her hair. "This IS what I want for you, Mei. If it helps you choose, Taesha is very responsive, and can cum quickly." "Please..." She looked up at him. "This is happening, Mei. I can tie you to the cross," he gestured to an X-shaped wooden cross with restraints at the end of each beam, "and get you warmed up with my cane, or you can be a good slut and get your mouth on a cunt." She looked over at the two women. Their chests moved up and down with each breath, sending the weights tugging on their nipples jiggling. Jamal had said that the black one would cum quickly. "Yes, Sir." she said, and got down onto all fours, turning and crawling to the one he'd called Taesha. When she arrived, she looked up at the woman's pussy, spread wide by the spreader bar fastened to her ankles. She got up onto her knees, putting her hands on the back of Taesha's thighs, and brought her face right up close. She felt Taesha react as she breathed on the woman's sensitive flesh. She hesitated for a moment, then closed her eyes and pressed forward. She was familiar enough with the taste of her own pussy, having licked and sucked Jamal's cock when he pulled it from her cunt. Taesha tasted very much the same. She let her tongue wander along Taesha's lips, then pushed inside. The woman was already very wet, and Mei felt her body shivering and shaking in response to Mei's explorations. Jamal's voice called out, "You may cum whenever you wish, Taesha." There was a muffled thanks from above. Mei licked downward, and as she neared the small area between pussy and asshole, her tongue touched something hard. She licked at it, and realized that it was a plug or other object pushed into Taesha's ass. She moved back upward, licking her way gently towards Taesha's clitoris. There was a surprise here as well, as Mei felt the metal of another ring through Taesha's clit. The black woman reacted immediately and violently when Mei began licking her pierced clit, moaning and thrusting her pussy forward. Mei licked her there as she felt Taesha tense, and knew that she was cumming. Mei felt Taesha's pussy getting wet as she came, and tasted her cum. Despite herself, she felt her own pussy getting wet. She moved her mouth downward when Taesha began to calm, licking up her cum, enjoying the taste of her now. "Very good, Mei. It's Chloe's turn now." Mei pulled back, stretching her sore neck and jaw, and walking the short distance to Chloe on her knees. She saw the protruding plug in Chloe's ass as she moved in, and pressed her mouth against the white woman's cunt, breathing in her scent. Mei wasn't sure why Jamal had picked out Taesha as cumming quickly. He gave Chloe permission to cum, as he had done for Taesha, and the voluptuous woman lasted less than a minute before her body began to convulse violently, her pussy becoming wet as she ground it against Mei's face. When Chloe had cum, Mei sat up straight, turning to look at Jamal. She could taste the two women, and felt their wetness on her face. Her own pussy ached for attention, her inner thighs wet with desire. She hated how her body reacted to Jamal's humiliations, her arousal and shame feeding each other. Her eyes strayed to the bulge in his pants, and she hoped he would fuck her pussy today. Jamal watched her for a moment, expressionless, before he spoke. "What do you say, Mei?" She bowed her head. "Thank you for letting me lick their pussies, Sir." she said. "You're welcome. I'll bet you're nice and wet, aren't you?" Shame made her face burn red, but it would do no good to deny it. If she did, he'd only check for himself and then have her lick the truth from his fingers. "Yes, Sir." she said. He moved to the black woman - Taesha - and began untying her wrists. "Unfasten the cuffs on their ankles, Mei." She did as he said, and by the time she had finished, Jamal had untied both of the women, and removed their ball gags. Each of them had thanked him for their orgasm the moment she could. He removed the nipple clamps next, eliciting gasps and moans of pain, then removed the small weights from their nipple rings. "On your feet, please, Mei." Mei stood, lifting the two spreader bars that she had removed from the women's ankles. Jamal took them from her, hanging them on a peg on the wall, and then led the two women over to the rough, wooden table. He bent them over it, pressing their tits down into the wood. Mei saw that both women had the tattoo "Property of Jamal" on their asses. Mei stood ready, her wrists clasped tight behind her back. As she watched, the one called Chloe seemed to relax, letting her belly rest on the table. Jamal noticed this as well, and slapped her hard across the ass. "Get your ass up. Hands behind your back." Both women did as he said, putting their weight back on their tits. Mei could see the white oval ends of their anal plugs as they pushed their asses into the air. Jamal ran his hands along Chloe's back, down to her ass, which was already red from his blow. He took hold of the plug in her ass by its base and pulled it slowly out. Mei watched the woman's asshole stretch wide to allow the fat part of the toy to slide out of her, thinking that this was what her asshole must look like when Jamal violated her. As the tip of the anal plug slipped from her ass, Chloe turned her head, mouth opening. Mei knew that this was so she could accept the toy into her mouth, but Jamal moved the toy over to her, instead. Mei opened her own mouth, letting Jamal insert the toy from the woman's asshole. She licked it all over as he moved it in and out, twisting it in her mouth. He placed the plug on a nearby, nearly empty shelf, then had her clean Taesha's anal plug. When Mei had licked the second anal plug clean, Jamal retrieved what looked like a medium-sized dildo attached to a mass of leather straps and metal buckles. He plunked it down next to Taesha, then took a second and put that on the table next to Chloe. "Time to get dressed, girls." Both women stirred, slowly standing and taking the thing that Jamal had left for them. She watched, curious, as they straightened and untangled the web of leather straps, neither one of them meeting her eyes, though Chloe gave her several furtive glances, looking quickly away each time. The women stepped through the leather straps and pulled the things up and began to strap them in place, and Mei realized that they were harnesses meant to strap the dildo in place between the women's legs, giving them each a dick to fuck her with. As she began to picture what was about to happen, she found herself getting wet once more. Chloe finished first, and Jamal inspected her work, nodding. The rubber cock that swung between her thighs was a pale green, larger than Mei's husband's, but far shorter and skinnier than Jamal's. As Taesha struggled with her apparatus, Jamal took a length of coarse rope and approached Chloe with it. With a slight gesture of his head, she lifted her arms high over her head. Her large breasts looked lovely as they hung there, the impression of the rough table-top still pressed into soft flesh. Jamal lifted her right breast with one hand and put the rope underneath, then proceeded to loop the rope tightly around the base of it. After a few loops, he moved to her left breast, tightly winding around it as well. As the rope neared its end, he alternated between her breasts, finally tying the end of the rope off as he finished. Mei looked at Jamal's work as he moved to help Taesha with her harness. Chloe's tits ballooned out from the narrow point where they had been bound, already looking rather purple. For once, Mei gave thanks for her tiny tits. Jamal seemed to have sorted Taesha out, and had pulled a thin mattress away from the wall, laying the dark woman down on it. He guided Mei over next, and had her kneel, straddling Taesha. As she sat astride the woman, she took hold of the dildo - the same size and shape as Chloe's, but a light blue, and put it against herself. The thing slid easily into her as she settled down onto Taesha's thighs. She felt a hand on her back, and looked to see Chloe behind her. Gently, the woman bent her forward, and she felt the tip of this rubber cock searching between her cheeks. She let out a long sigh, thankful that she had lubricated herself, as the second dildo found its mark and pushed smoothly up into her ass. The two women held Mei pinned between them like that for a long moment, then began to move themselves experimentally. It quickly became clear to Mei that this activity was new to all three of them, and so she did her best to keep herself in a position that allowed the two women to fuck her without the rubber cocks slipping out of her pussy or ass. It took several minutes, but they did develop a rhythm together, Mei's body moving in a circular sort of way as she was fucked. Jamal watched from the side for a while as he undressed himself, then went to the wall and picked up a leather flogging whip. He circled the trio several times, then moved in front of Mei, his thick cock bobbing toward her face. She opened her mouth for him, and he pushed forward, fucking her mouth with the head of his cock as his other women continued fucking her. She saw him bring the whip back and flinched, but felt nothing, though she heard the sound of leather on flesh. It was Chloe, behind her, who cried out in pain. Mei felt the rubber cock in her ass stop moving, then pop out. She slowed her own movements as the woman fumbled with her strapped-on dildo, searching between Mei's cheeks. As this was happening, Jamal threaded his fingers through her hair and slowly, but forcefully pulled her head toward him. She fought off her gag reflex as his cock pushed its way back and then down her throat. She tilted her head a little bit as her nose was pressed into his belly, her mouth stretched wide around the base of his cock. As she struggled to keep herself motionless and not panic, Chloe finally found her mark and Mei felt her asshole spread open for her dildo. Jamal held himself in her throat for an uncomfortably long time, then pulled quickly out, allowing her several ragged breaths as her body bounced between the two women fucking her with strap-ons. He gave her a few seconds, then pushed his thick cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her throat. Mei closed her eyes, letting her body move however it might, allowing herself to experience the feeling of being penetrated in every hole. She could hear a rhythmic slapping sound and knew that Jamal was whipping Chloe's breasts. She wished that she could see those large breasts bounce, white skin growing redder as Jamal worked them over. Instead, she focused on herself, trying to work herself up to orgasm. They fucked her like that for a long while, but Mei was unable to cum. After how long she didn't know, Jamal shifted them around. He had Mei turn and take Taesha's rubber cock up her ass, and then moved himself between her legs. She felt a thrill of anticipation as his cock head slid up and down along her slit, and then let out a long, pleased groan as he pushed into her. She had never felt so fully penetrated. With Taesha's dildo in her ass, Jamal's cock felt even more massive inside of her cunt. She began make little squealing noises as he fucked her and she got herself to the edge of orgasm. "Chloe, have her clean your strap-on, then get your pussy on her face." Chloe moved next to her and Mei opened her mouth, eagerly sucking the rubber cock, and licking it all over until Chloe took a step back and unbuckled the harness. Once she had removed it to one of the shelves, she moved back in close, stepping over Mei and straddling her face. She cradled Mei's head gently in both hands, and pulled her up. Mei opened her mouth, kissing and licking her pussy as Chloe gently ground it against her face. She came soon after this, struggling to keep licking as her body spasmed. Before she had finished cumming, she felt the leather of Jamal's flog snapping against her tits, and belly, every now and then moving upward to give Chloe's back a turn as well. After a particularly long stretch of Jamal's whipping Chloe, Mei felt the woman getting wetter. "Please, Jamal, may I have something for my asshole and may I cum?" she asked between short breaths. Jamal did not answer. Chloe let out a soft whine, squeezing her thighs together a bit. Mei kept licking her, moving slowly up to lick and suck at her large clit. As she did this, she reached a hand up, sliding her finger into Chloe's pussy, then back, and pushing it up her ass. She could at least help the woman that much. Almost immediately she felt Chloe shuddering, her legs quaking, and then the wetness in her pussy and she knew that Chloe was cumming, though she was trying to hide it. Jamal was not fooled. "Are you cumming, Chloe?" he sounded incredulous. "Oh...God, Jamal... I'm sss... orry... She fingered my asshole..." "And so you think you can cum without my permission, just because you have something in your ass?" Chloe let out a long and desperate groan. "Nnnnooooo... I'm s-s... ...orry Jamal, I couldn't stop it." Jamal stood angrily, his cock slipping from Mei's cunt, and took Chloe by the hair. He pulled her up onto tip-toes and put his other hand to her pussy, roughly rubbing her pussy and clit. She put her hands on his arm, leaning into him as she came. Taesha continue fucking Mei's ass with short, forceful thrusts. When Chloe finished cumming, Jamal rubbed her pussy all over then brought his hand up, wiping her cum on her face, releasing her hair and sending her stumbling back a step. "Did you enjoy that?" Chloe was crying. "No, Jamal, please... I'm so sorry..." He looked at her long and hard. "Go upstairs, and bring down a bottle of hot sauce." Chloe's shoulders drooped. "No, please, Jamal, I just didn't expect it. I lost control... I'm SO sorry." "Do as I said." A single large tear rolled down Chloe's cheek as she shook her head. "Please..." Jamal shook his head sternly. "Chloe, either you do as you're told, or I will take you to have your clit pierced." Chloe closed her eyes tightly and took a deep breath, bowing her head. For a while she did nothing. Mei could see Jamal becoming angry, which would not be good for any of them. "Chloe," he said, her name a warning. Mei hoped the woman would hear and heed it. "I want to have my clit pierced." Chloe said quickly, without looking up. Taesha slowed, then stopped fucking Mei's asshole. Jamal stepped closer to Chloe, who opened her eyes, but kept her head bowed. "You want this?" Chloe nodded her head rapidly, her eyes fixed on her feet.. "What?" "Yes, Sir." she said, softly. Her voice was trembling. "You'll still need to cum for me when I tell you to and ONLY when I tell you to, no matter what happens." "I know. I can cum if I have something for my ass, especially your cock, Sir." He regarded her for a few moments, then put a hand under her chin. "Look at me." She looked up. "If you want this, then you need to ask properly." Chloe nodded, swallowing. "Please, will you pierce my clit, Sir?" Jamal nodded. "I'll make a call. For now go upstairs and get the hot sauce. Mei still needs a punishment for her part in this." Mei cringed at this. She could imagine what he intended to do with hot sauce, and she did not like the idea. Jamal went to his clothes and retrieved a phone. "Taesha, have Mei clean your strap-on and then tie her to the St. Andrews." "Yes, Jamal." Taesha said and pulled out of Mei's ass, standing up from under her. Mei knelt and licked the rubber cock all over when Taesha presented it to her. When it was done, she stood, and allowed Taesha to lead her to the x-shaped cross and cuff her wrists and ankles to it. Jamal had the phone to his ear. "Hello, Tanner? I have a girl here who wants her clit done. The white girl, yes, the same one. Can you come to me? No, I can have her strapped down, that's not a problem." Jamal gave out the address. "Good, I'll expect you." He hung up and tossed the phone down just as Chloe returned with a bottle. He took it from her and gave it to Taesha, who had just finished removing her strap-on. "Mouth and lips, nipples, and then pussy. Understand? "Yes, Jamal." Taesha said. "Do it right, or I'll do you and Chloe both every day for a week. "Yes, Jamal." After the hot sauce, I want her to cum at least twice. Use your mouth if you need to." "Yes, Sir. Jamal?" "Yes, Taesha?" "Please, can I be with Chloe for this?" Jamal seemed to consider. "Mr. Tanner will be here in less than an hour. If you've taken care of Mei properly, and given her at least two orgasms before then, you may come up to be with Chloe. "Thank you, Jamal." "Chloe, plug yourself and then come upstairs with me." "Yes, Sir." Jamal headed for the stairs as Chloe took a purple anal plug from a shelf and licked it all over, spitting on it, before reaching back to push it up into her ass. Taesha put the bottle of hot sauce onto the table and went to her, taking her hands in hers. "Why are you doing this?" "I want to. I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'm terrified, but I want to do it." her voice was still trembling. "I really want you to be with me when it happens." "I will." They moved close together and kissed deeply and passionately. Their hands crossed over and they gently caressed each other's pussy as they kissed. Chloe's entire body was trembling now, and she broke the kiss, taking Taesha's hand back in her own. "Hurry." she said, then turned and followed Jamal up the stairs. Taesha watched her leave, then turned back to Mei, all affection gone from her face. "We're going to do this, and you are going to cum as quickly as possible. Got it?" "Yes." Mei said. She felt a crazy kind of jealousy at what she'd just witnessed. Taesha avoided Mei's eyes as she opened the bottle and poured some of the red liquid on her hand. "Open your mouth." She said, without looking at her. Mei opened her mouth, and Taesha rubbed her fingers along her lips, and the pushed them into her mouth. Mei was accustomed to spicy foods, and so this was only mildly uncomfortable. Next she smeared sauce on Mei's nipples, and they began to burn painfully. Her muscles tensed, and she arched her back from the pain. Taesha bent and blew softly on her nipples, one and then the other. It felt like fire. After this, Taesha poured more of the hot sauce onto her hand - so much so that it began dripping on the floor. As she approached, Mei struggled almost involuntarily against her restraints, trying helplessly to close her legs until she felt Taesha's hand press up against her pussy, rubbing her all over. She felt the burning pain between her thighs, and she let out a long, choked cry. Taesha ran her fingers up Mei's slit and rubbed sauce all over her clit. Mei could barely take in a breath for the agony of it as Taesha knelt and put her mouth in close, her breath burning hot on Mei's sensitive flesh. Taesha poured more hot sauce onto her fingers and then pushed those fingers up into her pussy, making her burn inside. Mei finally got enough breath to cry and let out a great sob as Taesha slid her fingers out and began rubbing her clit vigorously. "Now cum, you dumb bitch." she said. Mei couldn't conceive of possibly cumming - all she could feel was pain. "I don't think I can..." she whined. Taesha stood and slapped Mei across the face, then put her hand back, rubbing her burning pussy all over. Mei squinted her right eye as she felt hot sauce stinging it. "You need to cum you stupid bitch." Taesha half-whispered, half-growled. "I can't... I can't!" Mei was crying loudly now. Taesha slapped her pussy, then rubbed her clit even harder. Mei tried to focus on this and make herself cum. "You will cum, now fucking cum. I am going to be with Chloe when they pierce her, so fucking do it you stupid, stupid cunt!" Mei was shocked at Taesha's brutality and even more so by her rage. "I'm trying... just..." she tried to think what might help. "Put your hand on my throat." Taesha put a hand tightly around her throat as she continued working her burning pussy. Mei felt herself responding to this. "Yes, choke me!" She was getting close now, but it was not enough. "Slap me again." Taesha slapped her pussy three times, in rapid succession, then slapped her tiny tits. Mei ground her pussy against the woman's hand, finally feeling that she might cum soon. Taesha suddenly dropped to her knees and pushed three fingers up into her, putting her face up close to her pussy. Her mouth felt horribly hot, but the sensation of her tongue on Mei's clit while her fingers jammed against her g-spot finally sent her over the edge. Taesha licked her through her orgasm, clearly trying to give her a second one right away, but it did not happen. Mei struggled to keep herself at the edge but felt herself losing it. Taesha licked her for several long minutes before they heard the front door closing. Taesha stood up and looked daggers at her. "I'm sorry! I'm really trying!" she said miserably. She did not want Taesha to miss this. Taesha took several deep breaths, then went to the shelves of toys, picking out a long wand with a fat head. It had a wire coming out the back, which Taesha plugged into the wall. When she turned it on, it made a loud humming noise, the fat head vibrating rapidly. Without any ceremony she pressed the vibrator against Mei's pussy and began to choke her at the same time. Mei struggled for breath as she felt this vibrator taking her quickly to the point of orgasm, despite her burning pussy. "Cum." Taesha said, staring into her eyes, as her fingers closed more tightly around Mei's throat. Mei couldn't breathe at all now, and stared into Taesha's eyes, her orgasm so close now. "Cum!" Taesha yelled, then slapped her across the face. She grabbed Mei by the hair and yanked her head back, putting her mouth right up to Mei's ear. "Cum now, or I swear to God I will choke the fucking life out of you." "I will... I will... I'm..." her orgasm hit, and her whole body convulsed. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming now." She began to sob with relief, and Taesha released her hair, moving the vibrator in small circles on her burning pussy as she came. Taesha didn't wait for her to finish cumming, but turned off the vibrator and put it on the shelf with the strap-on harnesses. Mei twitched uselessly in her restraints as Taesha picked up the bottle again and quickly smeared more sauce all over her chest, and then another handful smeared in and around her already burning pussy. She capped the bottle, and without another word, turned and headed up the stairs. Mei hung from the cross for a long time after that, her body in constant burning pain, trying to listen to what was happening upstairs. At one point she heard Chloe cry out sharply, and then heard loud crying that lasted for a long while. There were muffled voices speaking, then Mei heard a door close, first once, then a second time. It was some time after this that Taesha came back downstairs and began to untie her restraints. "I'm sorry for being so harsh." Taesha said, avoiding her eyes. Mei did not reply. "I have to do as Jamal says, and I was afraid I would break my promise to Chloe if I couldn't make you cum." "It's okay." Mei managed. She was not angry. "Jamal has left, but he wants me to get you cleaned up before you leave. I'm going to take you to the bathroom and wash you with some milk first. That should help." The last of the restraints was removed, and Mei let Taesha help her down. "How did it go... for her?" Taesha shrugged. "We'll see." Mei took a few hesitant steps, the blood flow returning slowly to her limbs. "You really care for her." Taesha looked at her. "She's the only thing I care about." Mei nodded. "That's nice." Upstairs, Taesha was as gentle with her as she had been brutal. The milk helped calm the burning, and then Taesha washed her body and hair in the shower. After the shower, she applied aloe. Mei found herself getting aroused as Taesha massaged it into her small breasts, and then the soft skin around her pussy, but she ignored this. "It'll take some time for the burning inside, there isn't anything to do about that." "It's much better, thank you." "You can go now. I need to take care of Chloe." "Of course." she bowed her head slightly and Taesha left her. She put on her clothes and went out to her car. The image of the two women holding each other in the basement playing in her mind the whole ride home. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2013 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: