Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Anniversary Part: Chapter 19 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slave Summary: It's the one-week anniversary of Chloe's new life as Jamal's sexual slave, and the first day she's been truly resigned to her fate. Keywords: (LMWFWF, BMWFBF, interr, blackmail, sad, toy, piv, oral, anal, a2m) by Backstory Chapter 19: Anniversary (LMWFWF BMWFBF interr blackmail sad toy piv oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 19: Anniversary (LMWFWF BMWFBF interr blackmail sad toy piv oral anal a2m) Chloe held her dress up around her waist as she squatted, feeling Jamal's cum dripping out of her ass onto the tile floor of the restroom. He pushed his softening cock into her mouth, and she relaxed her throat, letting him push forward until she felt his balls against her chin, his soft cockhead in her throat. She held her breath, licking at the still thick shaft filling her mouth, trying to remember what her life had been like before becoming Jamal's slave. It was almost impossible to believe that it was only just now a week since it had all begun. Friday to Friday - exactly one week. Jamal stepped back, and she licked at the head of his cock as it left her mouth, then took in a few deep breaths. He pointed to the floor, and she looked down at the small puddle that had leaked from her ass onto the tile. "Clean your mess, Chloe." Happy Anniversary, she thought, and bent down to lick Jamal's cum from the cold restroom floor. She kept her ass up in the air as she did this, and soon felt Jamal pushing her purple butt plug back up her ass. When she was done licking up his cum, she got up onto her knees and clasped her hands behind her back, looking up at him. So much for her lunch break. "Thank you, Sir." she said. "You're welcome. You need to get back to work, I imagine." "Yes, Sir." She hesitated, "If you're finished with me." "For now. I'll be at your house tonight." "Yes, sir." She was becoming better at not letting her disappointment show. *** "Your client should take the deal." Chloe said. She avoided the hard stare of the criminal sitting opposite her, instead looking to the young public defender next to him. Shana Feinstein was young - fresh out of law school - and idealistic. She was trying hard to look older than she was, brown hair pulled up, trendy glasses, and too much make-up. Her business suit was smart and expensive, the skirt short enough to draw your eye, but long enough to remain respectable. She reminded Chloe of herself, several years ago. The accused - she looked down at her paperwork to see that his name was Julio Perez - was stocky and muscular, with gang tattoos peeking out from his orange jumpsuit along his neck and out onto his hands, hinting at the larger tattoos underneath. Chloe continued the plea negotiation, every now and then glancing over at Julio. She felt a cold chill at the way he stared at her - much the same way Jamal did. She swallowed hard and re-crossed her legs, wondering if it was possible that Julio could see what she was. Perhaps he wasn't fooled by the image of the confident professional, and could see straight through to the sexual slave beneath, butt plug up her bare ass and the taste of her Master's cum still lingering on her tongue. Could men like Jamal and Julio sense when they were in the presence of a broken woman like herself? As Chloe negotiated, visions of Julio grabbing her and pulling her up onto the metal table kept playing through her mind. She imagined his face, grinning when he lifted her skirt and found her wearing no underwear, then tugging on the plug in her ass. She imagined him commanding her in broken English to lie still as he pulled out his cock and pushed it into her pussy. She imagined Shana standing in the corner of the room sobbing, too terrified to move, until Julio grabbed her, too, bending her over to the table next to Chloe and yanking her skirt up and her panties down. Chloe looked at the time on her phone as they reviewed her proposals. It would be twenty minutes, at least, before anyone came to use this room. Chloe's pussy got wetter and wetter as she fantasized. She shifted in her seat, feeling her butt plug moving in her ass, as she discussed the details of the plea agreement with the young public defender. She was having a hard time concentrating on her discussion with Ms. Feinstein, and couldn't shake the visions of this hard man fucking the two of them. "Ms. Kessler, are you alright?" Chloe shook herself, glancing inadvertently over at Julio. His eyes held her gaze, against her will, and she could see that he was smiling at her, as though he knew something she didn't. With an effort, she shifted her attention back to the public defender. "I'm sorry Ms. Feinstein... what were you saying?" "She say I no take deal." Shana put a piece of paper in front of Chloe. "This is a affidavit from Miss Rodriguez, stating that the relationship between herself and my client was entirely consensual." Chloe looked down at the letter, reading it over, then looked up at Julio. His smile widened. "Little slut try to say she don't like it, but she do." Ms. Feinstein put her small hand on her client's well-muscled arm. "Let me speak for you, Julio, that's what I'm here for." He looked down at her hand, then patted it, smiling. "I speak for myself, puta." There was a tense moment, then Julio grabbed Shana by the wrist and stood, twisting her arm. He forced her to her feet, then bent her over the table. She looked up at Chloe, her eyes wide with shock, then back at her client. "Ahh! No, Julio!" Shana tried to stand, but Julio pushed her roughly back down, pulling the back of her blouse up, exposing the thin, white strap of her bra across her bare back. Chloe sat, watching. She hoped that it looked like she was too shocked and afraid to act, and in a way she was, but that was not the whole truth. She wanted this to happen. It was amazing how quickly, even with his hands cuffed, that Julio was able to lift Shana's skirt, and yank her panties down to the tops of her thighs, all while keeping her bent over the table. Shana was moaning and crying incoherently, then looked sharply up at Chloe, pleading. "Chloe, help me... please!" Chloe looked up from the young defense attorney to see that Julio had freed his cock from his orange jumpsuit, and was leaning back, lining himself up with Shana's cunt. She looked back down into Shana's pleading eyes just as Julio thrust himself forward. A look of shocked disbelief passed over Shana's face, and then she broke down completely. "No, no, no, no..." she moaned over and over, between shuddering sobs. Chloe looked back up as Julio began thrusting into his victim, and saw that he was staring intensely at her. She wanted to touch herself but didn't dare move. "You stay right where you are, cunt." he whispered. "You're next." Chloe remained motionless, nodding slightly. Her pussy ached, and as Julio turned his attention back to Ms. Feinstein, Chloe moved her hand downward, rubbing herself lightly over her dress. Shana had stopped crying, and her eyes were now distant and glassy as Julio pounded her from behind. Chloe wanted Julio to come over take her, too. She wanted to see the look on his face when he found her without panties. She wondered what he'd do when he found the large plug in her asshole. She wanted to be forced to lick Shana's pussy until the poor woman came all over her face, with Julio's hard cock in her ass. "Ms. Kessler, are you okay?" Chloe shook her head, the fantasy fading. "Yes... yes, I'm sorry. What were you saying?" "I said we'll take the plea bargain." "Oh yes, of course." She went through her folders, looking for the correct paperwork. "We would like a condition of the plea to be that Julio is released on bail for the weekend. He has a sick mother and needs to make some arrangements for her before he surrenders for prison." Chloe found the correct papers and paused. There was no reason on earth to grant this condition to a man pleading guilty to violent sexual crime. She felt her anal plug shifting inside her as she leaned forward to examine the paperwork. "That's up to the judge, but I won't contest." Shana seemed surprised. She had likely not expected Chloe to agree. "Thank you, Counsel." "You're welcome. Have your client ready to enter his plea at 2:15pm." She looked over at Julio as she handed the paperwork to Shana. She was all too aware of her soaking wet pussy and the plug deep in her ass as he seemed to stare right through her. In another time and place, without all of this social order, a man like Julio would own her, and do what he wanted with her - both of them - the way he had in her imagination. *** Jamal and Taesha were at her home that night. Despite herself, her pussy was already soaking wet in anticipation of the evening's events, and she was fairly dripping, standing with her hands behind her back, waiting for Jamal to acknowledge her as he thrust himself in and out of Taesha, who was bent over Chloe's kitchen table. After a few minutes, he beckoned to her, and when she approached, he lifted her dress. He moved his hand toward her pussy, and she spread her legs for him, her body reacting immediately to his rough fingers sliding along her wet slit, then pushing easily into her. "Thank you, Sir." she said as he fingered her. "My, you have an awfully wet little pussy, don't you, slut?" he looked at her and she looked down, ashamed and aroused, two of Jamal's fingers held deep inside of her. "Yes, Sir." She looked down at the dark skin of Taesha's ass, watching Jamal's long and thick cock moving slowly in and out of her friend's widely stretched asshole. She wanted Jamal to bend her over the table next to Taesha. She could almost taste and feel her butt plug being pushed into her mouth as Jamal squeezed his much larger cock up her ass, but he only continued slowly fucking Taesha's ass, now working a third finger up into Chloe's pussy. After a few minutes more, he finally pulled his fingers out of her and put them to her lips. The taste of her own pussy made her all the more aroused. She finished licking his fingers clean, and he put his hand on her shoulder, putting her down onto her knees. She opened her mouth as he stepped back from Taesha, whose much-used asshole remained wide and open as his cock left her. He bobbed in front of her face for a moment, then guided the tip of his cock into her mouth and pushed forward. She licked him all over, tasting Taesha's asshole, gagging slightly as his thick flesh pushed back against, then down her throat. He held her head tightly, her face pressed against his belly, his cock throbbing deep in her throat, then pulled her back by her hair. She licked his cock all over as it left her mouth, until he stepped back toward Taesha, spreading her cheeks, and pushing back into her asshole. Jamal threaded his fingers through Chloe's hair as he began to thrust, and pulled her over toward Taesha's rear end, positioning her so that the left side of her face pressed against Taesha's left ass cheek. Chloe watched his massive cock moving almost hypnotically in and out of her friend's asshole, opening her mouth wide when he pulled out. He shifted his position, turning to the side, and pushed his dirty cock into Chloe's mouth, fucking her face for a few short, shallow strokes before pulling out and squeezing back into Taesha. For the next several minutes, Jamal alternated every few thrusts between Taesha's asshole and Chloe's mouth. Chloe leaned against her friend's ass, opening her mouth each time Jamal's hard cock popped out of Taesha's asshole, and licking and sucking him as he gently fucked her face. Finally, he pulled out of Chloe's mouth and took a step back from the two of them. "Thank you, Sir." Chloe said, breathlessly, as he motioned for her to stand. "Thank you, Jamal." Taesha's voice was muffled, but audible as her head was buried in her arms. She sounded tired. "You're welcome. Chloe, undress, please." Chloe nodded as she got to her feet. "Yes, Sir." He watched her closely as she unzipped her dress and pulled it up over her head. She was struck again by the similarity in his penetrating gaze to Julio's, this morning. The memory of her fantasy made her hot again as she reached back to unclasp her bra, freeing her large breasts. She ran her hands over them, watching Jamal's stoney-faced reaction. She let her fingers play over the rings through her nipples, feeling more aroused at the sensations this caused - a tingling pleasure mixed with some mild pain. They were healing up nicely and she was being very diligent in caring for them properly. She looked down at Jamal's cock, her hands moving down her body to her bare pussy, then behind her back. When she looked up into Jamal's eyes, he was smiling. "Good." He took some coarse rope from Chloe's kitchen counter and approached her. He held her gaze as he took her right breast in his hand and carefully wound the rope around and around the base of her breast. After a half-dozen loops, he crossed over and repeated this with her left breast, then secured the rope behind her back. As she stood before Jamal with her breasts tightly bound, she remembered when he had first done this, last weekend. The biggest difference was that when he had bound her tits then, she had believed that she was only a matter of hours away from her freedom. Now she could scarcely remember what it meant to be free. Jamal moved behind her, binding her wrists, and tying them in with the rope that secured her large breasts, such that any motion of her arms tugged her tits painfully. "Taesha, come here." Taesha stood up from where she had remained bent over the kitchen table and presented herself before Jamal. He took another length of rope and secured her hands behind her back. "Get on your knees and lick Ms. Kessler's pussy, please." Taesha glanced at Chloe for a moment, biting her lip in the smallest little smile, then got down onto her knees. Chloe spread her legs as Taesha pushed her face up between them, her tongue sliding expertly along Chloe's slit. Chloe let out a long, shuddering breath as Taesha's tongue pushed into her. Jamal watched the two of them for a moment, then left the room. Chloe heard him open the cellar door and head down. She closed her eyes and sighed as Taesha's tongue slid all along her attention-starved pussy. "Mmmmmm... thank you, Taesha." "Mmm hmmmmm." Taesha said, just as her lips closed gently around Chloe's clit, the vibration of this small sound making her sensitive little clit buzz. She let out a long, slow moan, wondering what the chances were that Jamal would allow her to cum like this. Her body was more than ready and she was still wearing her purple anal plug - all she needed was permission. She felt something thin and hard press firmly against her left breast and opened her eyes. Jamal was back, and he held a long, thin, wooden cane pressed against her soft flesh. "Count for me, Chloe." Chloe nodded, her body, already tense from Taesha's attention to her pussy and clit, becoming more so in anticipation of Jamal's cane. WHACK The pain was sharp and intense. Chloe whimpered lightly, holding herself in position with her bound tits forward. She looked down to see a red line quickly forming along the top of her right breast. "One." she said. He struck her again, and again, raising numerous long and painful welts along her tits, criss-crossing her soft, white flesh with raised, red lines. Taesha ate her pussy furiously the entire time, her tongue moving skillfully in and along Chloe's pussy. If not for the pain of Jamal's cane on her tits, she would probably not have been able to keep herself from cumming already. "Thirty." she said, gasping as this one struck her more sharply than the others. She looked up into his eyes as he paused, stinging pain all over her breasts, her face wet with tears. "Do you want to cum, Chloe?" Her heart leapt and she was suddenly acutely aware of Taesha's mouth, now gently sucking her clitoris. "Yes!" she said desperately. "Thank you for caning my breasts, Sir, please may I cum?" "No." He smiled cruelly as her shoulders fell, and she struggled to keep her body within her control. Taesha eased off of her clit, which made this possible, though not easy. Jamal moved around behind her, running the tip of his cane along her side and down to her buttock. He paused, then struck her sharply across the left cheek. She let out a surprised cry, but held herself in position. He ran the tip of the cane along her ass and thighs, then she felt him take hold of her butt plug, pulling it slowly out of her ass. She opened her mouth as he brought his hand around her body, pushing the thing into her mouth. She accepted it deep into her mouth, barely able to close her lips around the fattest part of it. Jamal remained behind her, running the cane across her skin, every now and then pulling it back, sending a chill of anticipation through her body, but not striking her. Taesha continued softly, and sweetly licking her pussy. He moved in behind her then, and she felt his cock forcing her asshole open. She let out a long gasp as he slid all the way up into her. After having spent the day wearing her anal plug, she marveled again at how large he felt inside of her, stretching her so wide open. He put his arms around her body as he penetrated her, roughly squeezing her whipped and sore breasts. His head moved in low, beside hers, and she felt his warm breath as he whispered to her. "Cum, now, Chloe." His large cock throbbed in her ass. "Cum for your Master." Her body responded immediately to this whispered command, and she was almost instantly cumming. Taesha must have heard Jamal, or felt her cumming, because her mouth moved upwards, to Chloe's clitoris, flicking her tongue fantastically against her sensitive bud. Even if Taesha had not been present, Chloe would have cum like an animal the moment Jamal had told her to, but the feeling of her friend's expert mouth between her thighs made her completely lose control of herself. "Thank you... thank you, Master." Chloe said as her body convulsed. Her legs gave out as the incredibly powerful orgasm slammed through her body. Jamal held her up, his hands still mashing her sore breasts as he fucked her ass. She felt like a rag-doll, shaking and shuddering in Jamal's arms. It was the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, and she was completely overwhelmed by the sensations surrounding her - pain in her tits, Jamal's cock in her ass, and Taesha's tongue now deep in her spasming cunt. As her orgasm continued, Chloe was only dimly aware that Jamal was now whipping Taesha's ass with the cane. She felt her friend bite down on her clit, but she could not longer tell pain from pleasure and wondered, vaguely how long she could cum like this. She felt separated from herself, and as her vision blurred as a haziness filled her mind. Vaguely, she realized that she was passing out. *** Chloe came to, face down on a rough, hard surface. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was now untied, and had been dumped onto the wooden table in the room that had once been her basement. Her breasts throbbed painfully as the weight of her body pressed them down into the rough hewn wood. She lifted herself gingerly onto her elbows, her muscles shaky, but becoming steadier as she used them. The basement was dimly lit, but Chloe could see two dark-skinned figures near her. She watched Jamal helping Taesha get herself up onto one of the wooden horses, reaching down and spreading her pussy lips open as she mounted the horrible thing. This one was a fixed height, and as she settled her pussy down onto the dull, wooden wedge that now ran between her legs, Taesha feet came to the floor only on tip-toe. Taesha's face tightened in pain, and she whimpered softly, trying uselessly to shift her weight into a less painful position. She braced herself against the wood with her hands as Jamal lifted her right leg, bending it at the knee, fastening her ankle to the side of the horse, behind her ass. He did the same with her left leg so that all her weight was on her pussy and what she could manage to brace with her hands. Jamal watched her for a few moments, absently stroking his cock as she shifted and twisted on the wooden horse, then turned to Chloe. He saw that she was awake and beckoned to her. With effort, she pulled herself to a sitting position, and then stood up from the table. Jamal took her hand and led her to the horse where Taesha was bound. He grabbed Taesha by the hair, pulling her back so that she was sitting up straight, putting her full weight on her pussy. With her hands unable to support her on the horse now, Taesha clamped them onto Jamal's hand on top of her head, her face contorted in pain. Jamal continued holding Taesha back and upright in this way, and used his other hand to help Chloe to mount the horse in front of her friend, facing her. Since she was shorter than Taesha, Chloe's feet did not reach the floor at all as she got herself onto the wooden wedge. Jamal spread her pussy for her as her weight settled onto it. She winced as the rough wood dug into her soft flesh. Once Chloe had more or less gotten herself into position, Jamal leaned the two women forward, into one another. Chloe could feel the cool metal of Taesha's nipple rings against her own soft flesh as their breasts pressed together. "Hold each other up." Jamal said, and they put their arms around each other in something that was half support and half embrace, as Jamal bent Chloe's legs back and up, binding them to the horse, one by one. It felt nice to hold Taesha like this, despite the pain of the rough wooden plank pressing into her pussy. Their heads were next to one another, and Chloe licked lightly at Taesha's earlobe, feeling her friend react as she did so. She saw Jamal looking at her as he moved to the side wall, and knew he had seen her licking Taesha. He didn't say anything, but turned to the racks of supplies, selecting a leather cat-tail whip, then moving back toward them. "You may kiss if you wish." Jamal said, and then began whipping them. They struggled to change position, and managed to get their lips together. Chloe felt a shiver of pleasure run through her body as Taesha's warm, soft lips pressed against hers, and she let her friends tongue slide into her mouth. Jamal's whip stuck her across the back and then her ass, then he circled around, doing the same to Taesha. Chloe felt the pain of each strike, and the growing pain of the rough wooden horse pressing up into her pussy, but she concentrated on her friend. Taesha's breasts pressed tightly against her own, and she felt each quivering reaction to Jamal's strikes. Her mouth opened eagerly for Chloe as she pushed her own tongue inside, and they kissed wildly and passionately as Jamal moved around them, whipping them on the back, thighs, and ass. When Jamal finally stopped whipping the two women, Chloe's lips felt raw. He stood, watching them kiss for a minute more, then picked up a length of rope. "Arms up over your heads please." he said. She and Taesha both took their arms from around one another and put them up over their heads. Unable to hold themselves up in this position, they fell together again, cheek to cheek. Chloe let out a soft whimper as Taesha began sensually licking and kissing her neck. Jamal took her by the wrists and pulled her up, sending a jolt of pain through her pussy as her weight shifted. Taesha, still holding her arms above her head could not keep herself from falling forward and ended up with the side of her head pressed against Chloe's chest. Jamal quickly tied her wrists with the rope, and ran the other end of the rope through an eye-hook in the ceiling behind her, pulling her up and back. Chloe arched her back, try to keep her breasts pushed forward enough for Taesha to lean on. At last he finished, and came around, lifting Taesha up, tying her arms up and back in the same way. When he had finished with this, he retrieved a chain from one of the shelves. Chloe could see that the ends of the chain had nipple clamps, and made sure to keep her tits thrust forward as he approached her. He reached out toward her right breast, and lightly tugged on her nipple ring. She felt her nipple becoming erect and then looked down and watched as he took it between his thumb and forefinger, and secured one of the nipple clamps just behind the ring. He attached the other clamp to Taesha's left nipple, then ran another chain between their tits on the other side. When this was done, he took several small weights and brought the chains together in the middle between the two women, hanging the weights from them. Chloe took in a slow, deep breath as each weight was added, feeling the pinching, tugging sensation on her nipples actually making her feel aroused, her pussy wet despite the pain of the wooden horse. Jamal added the last weight and then retrieved his multi-strapped leather whip. Chloe kept her breathing even and her breasts thrust forward as he paced menacingly around the two women. Once or twice he whipped her ass or back, and did the same to Taesha. He came around them again, and paused between them, then struck Chloe on the belly. Chloe bit her lip as he did it a second time, then struck Taesha's belly twice as well. He began whipping back and forth across their bellies, then, every now and then bumping the weights hanging down from the chains connecting Taesha's nipples to Chloe's. Chloe saw Taesha grimace in pain each time this happened. It hurt her, too, but it was also making her really worked up, her pussy wetting the wood between her thighs more and more every time she felt the jarring, tugging pain in her nipples. In one moment, Jamal made a switch and began whipping their tits, back and forth, sending the chain and weights dancing painfully with each blow. Chloe looked down at her red-lined breasts, watching them bounce with each stinging smack of the whip, very lightly rotating her hips, feeling pain in her pussy as she ground ever so slightly against the rough wooden horse. Jamal whipped them all over - tits, ass, belly, back - walking around and around them. Finally, the blows stopped, and Jamal stood, watching the two women breathing in long, deep breaths. The weights connecting the two chains hanging between them swayed slowly back and forth. Jamal draped his whip over the chains running between Chloe's and Taesha' tits, smiling as both women reacted. He went to the shelves of sex toys, and retrieved what looked like a ball gag, but with a small dildo instead of a ball. He brought one of the leather straps up to Chole's mouth. "Hold this. Do not dent the leather." Chloe nodded. "Yes, Sir." She carefully took hold of the strap with her lips. Jamal returned to the shelves and took another of the same gags, bringing it over to Taesha. He presented the two or three inch dildo, and she opened her mouth, letting him push it in. He pulled the leather straps around her head and fastened them tightly in place. He leaned down close to Taesha, and Chloe could only just make out what he said. "You can breathe? Yes? Good." He returned to Chloe just as she was beginning to think her lips would give out on her, and she'd either have to bite down on the leather strap, or let the gag fall. He took it from her just in time, and inspected the strap as she stretched her lips. "Good job, Chloe. Now open, please." She opened her mouth and he pushed the little dildo into her mouth, filling it, but not moving so far back into her throat as to prevent her breathing through her nose. She took long slow breaths as he fastened her gag tightly in place. "You can breathe, Chloe?" Chloe nodded. "Mmm hmm." "Good." He surveyed the two of them for a few moments, then turned and went up the stairs. As soon as he was gone, the muscles in Taesha's arms and legs tensed, and she lifted herself up, just a bit, from the horse. Chloe tried to copy this, but she was not as strong or as skinny as Taesha. She lifted herself up for a few seconds, but it was very difficult, and it made her breathing increase, which was uncomfortable, because she could only breathe through her nose. In the end, she was forced to settle her pussy back down onto the horse and bear the pain. Jamal was only gone for a few minutes. When he returned, he removed his whip from where it hung from their nipple chains and draped it over Chloe's shoulder. He then removed each of the four weights from the chains, hanging one from each of Chloe's nipple rings, and one from each of Taesha's. Jamal removed the clamps from Taesha's nipples, one by one, letting each one fall freely so that they swung from Chloe's nipples. He ran his hands gently down Taesha's smooth, dark skin, his hand coming to rest on her bare mound. He said something too quietly for Chloe to hear, and Taesha's muscles tensed again, and she lifted her pussy up off of the horse. Jamal moved his hand downward and began rubbing her softly. He leaned into her, his face close to hers. He whispered to her as he rubbed her pussy more and more rapidly. Taesha nodded over and over, her face contorted in pain until she finally tensed up completely for several seconds, lifting her pussy high up above the horse. Chloe could hear the wet sound of Jamal's fingers vigorously working her pussy. Taesha came hard, her body twisting, rocking and bumping the horse painfully under Chloe. The chains dangling from Chloe's nipples danced, bouncing painfully against her legs and the wood of the horse. As Taesha's shuddering slowed, Jamal lifted his hand from her pussy, bringing it up to her face, gently running his wet fingers along her nose and cheeks. Taesha settled herself back down onto the horse, then, and Jamal slowly untied her ankles, until she was able to stand on her tip-toes. He untied her wrists next, then helped her step off of the horse. She stood with her hands behind her back, and head bowed as Jamal removed the weights from her nipple rings, then once again looked through the items on his shelves. He pulled out a metal hook with a large ball on the hooked end and a ring on the other end. He put a hand on Taesha's shoulder, and bent her over the rough wooden table. "Spread your ass for me, Taesha." he said, dripping lubricant onto the large ball. Taesha pulled her ass cheeks apart, and Chloe watched as Jamal pushed the ball against her asshole. There was a moment's resistance, and then her asshole opened up, taking the ball in, the hook settling deep in her ass. Jamal threaded a rope through the ring at the top of the hook and then set to work tying the rope into Taesha's hair. When he was done, he stood her up. "Now, go upstairs and make some dinner for us." Taesha nodded slightly, mumbling something incoherent from behind the gag in her mouth, the rope tied into her hair pulling up on the hook in her ass. She turned and made her way up the stairs. Jamal turned to her. "Now, for you, Chloe." He reach out toward her breasts. Chloe squeezed her eyes shut as he unclasped the clamp from her left nipple, the searing pain that she felt there making her let out a grunting little squeal. He removed the other clamp, and then removed the two weights that were hooked into her nipple rings. After he had put them aside, he took her abused breasts in his large, rough hands, squeezing and mauling them. He leaned in close and whispered into her ear, his fingers now twisting and yanking on her tortured nipples. "Do you want to get down from there?" She tried to say "Yes, please, Sir!" but through the gag, all she managed was an unintelligible garble. "What was that?" She tried again, but there was no way to make herself understood, and Jamal just stood by, silently mocking her. Finally, he reached up to her and removed the harness and gag. "What were you trying to say, little slut?" "Yes, please, I want to get down, Sir." "How does your pussy feel?" "My pussy hurts so bad, Sir. Thank you, Sir." "You want me to fuck that little pussy?" She lowered her head. He was making her horny again, despite herself, but even so, she was not looking forward to having her sore pussy fucked. It was clear, however, that this was going to be a condition of her removal from the horse. "Yes, please, sir." He untied her arms first, then picked apart the ropes tying her ankles up to the horse. As the second one came loose, he picked her easily up and put her over his shoulder. He walked her over to the rough wooden table, and laid her out on it, her ass at the edge. She spread her legs as he moved between them. His massive cock slid so easily into her wet cunt, sending jolts of pain as he immediately began slamming himself in and out of her, his pelvis mashing up against her sore pussy. He was squeezing and twisting her tits viciously as he fucked her, every now and then hauling off and slapping her across the tits. This rough treatment, along with his long, hard cock sliding in and out of her abused pussy was sending her toward another orgasm. She realized that she would soon not be able to hold back and looked up at Jamal. "Please may I cum, Sir?" Jamal shook his head slowly, looking her in the eyes as he continued thrusting painfully in and out of her. She felt despair, knowing she could not hold back for very long, then realized that she had nothing in her asshole. "Please, Jamal, may I have something in my ass?" He half-smiled and, after a few more hard thrusts against her abused pussy, pulled out and moved his cock lower, between her ass cheeks. She took in a deep breath as her asshole opened up, swallowing inch after inch of Jamal's thick cock, until he was completely buried in her ass. She felt a surge of relief as the urgency of her orgasm faded. "Thank you, Jamal." "You're welcome." He held himself inside of her for a few moments, then started slowly fucking her ass with the full length of his cock. "Now I want you to cum for me, just my cock in your ass, nothing else." "Jamal, please, I don't think I can." "You can and you will. Now concentrate on my cock, my little anal slut." She squinted her eyes, concentrating on the sensation of her long, slow ass-fucking. Her breathing increased, and she was able to work herself up, close, but she could not make herself cum. "Please, Jamal," she said, "I can't do it... just let me touch my pussy, just a little bit." "No." he said forcefully, and she winced as he slammed into her ass hard, several times. He traced his fingers down along her breasts as he fucked her, his fingers finding her nipples and lightly toying with them. She concentrated more than ever on Jamal's thick cock, banging her ass. "Mmmm... fuck my asshole, Jamal... please fuck my ass hard." Talking like this was making her feel hotter than ever, and Jamal's attention to her nipples was making her feel she might actually manage to cum without any stimulation to her pussy. "I want to cum for you, Jamal, please... oh God, fuck my asshole..." Jamal grunted as he continued fucking her and toying with her nipples. "Who do you belong to, Chloe?" Chloe bit her lips, rotating her hips in slow circles as she was fucked, she could feel an orgasm just out of reach. "Nnngg... I belong to you, Jamal. I'm your little anal slut, Jamal..." Talking dirty helped her get closer to orgasm. "I want so bad to cum for you, Jamal, with just your fat cock in my ass. You own me, Jamal, you make me want to cum so bad..." Suddenly, she knew she could cum. She held her breath, tensing her body, focused entirely on her Master's cock squeezing relentlessly in and out of her asshole, his fingers playing lightly along her nipples. She was so tense her back and neck were beginning to hurt when finally, she pushed herself over the edge. "Ohhhhhh, fuck, yes... thank you, Jamal, oh fuck, I'm cumming for you..." her body twisted and spasmed, and she felt her asshole gripping her Master's cock tightly. She felt triumphant, so unashamedly proud of herself as she shuddered through her orgasm. Jamal slowed his fucking, then pulled out, moving up to her head. She opened her mouth for him, her whole body still shuddering every few seconds, as he pushed the first few inches of his cock past her lips and lightly and shallowly fucked her mouth. She licked at him, making little moaning noises, knowing he was going to cum. His fingers laced through her hair as his body tensed and Chloe felt the first burst of cum filling her mouth. She swallowed several times as her Master pumped his cum into her mouth, and when he had finally drained himself, she pushed forward, taking his large but softening dick deep into her throat, licking the taste of her asshole from along the length of his shaft. Jamal looked down at her with what looked almost like tenderness, his hand pulling free of her hair and lightly stroking her cheek as his cock softened in her mouth. "I knew you could do it." He said softly, "You're a good little anal slut, aren't you, Chloe?" Chloe closed her eyes, licking him softly, cleaning him all over. "Mmm hmm." Slowly he moved back from her, and she allowed his cock to slip from her mouth. "Thank you, Sir." she said. "You're welcome, Chloe." He helped her to sit up, then to stand. He walked her over to the mattress on her floor and had her kneel there. He picked up a thick, black, leather collar, which fastened to the basement wall by a four or five foot chain. Jamal unlocked a small padlock on the collar and put it around her neck, pulling it snug, but not too tight, and then closing the lock again. He looked down at her, and she looked up into his eyes. "May I have some food, please, Sir?" she asked. Her stomach was twisting with hunger, and she was afraid she would not be allowed to eat. "I'll have Taesha bring something down for you." He ran his hand through her hair, then stroked her cheek, his middle finger coming to rest against her lips. She opened her mouth, keeping her eyes on his as he pushed his middle and ring fingers into her mouth and down her throat. She thought about how things had been a week ago. A life ago, it seemed. He held his fingers in her throat for a few moments, and she kept herself still, her eyes on his. Then he turned and was gone. *** It was a long while before Taesha came downstairs, and Chloe heard all manner of commotion - rhythmic banging and dragging furniture. There was eventually the sound of her front door, and then a car driving away. When Taesha did come down, she was naked, but there was no hook in her ass. What she did have was a plate of the most delicious smelling food on a tray with a drink and silverware. Chloe sat cross-legged and accepted the tray, digging in immediately. She finished quickly, and then looked up, realizing Taesha had moved. She turned and found her friend had climbed into the cage nearby, still naked, and was closing the door. "What are you doing, Taesha?" Taesha smiled. "Jamal says I can stay here with you, but I have to be caged." She brought a lock up to the cage's latch and fastened it with an audible click. "Is he..." "Gone? Yes. He said he'll be back in the morning, but he could always come back at any time." Chloe nodded. They would sleep naked in Chloe's basement, without so much as a blanket - without even a mattress for Taesha - but it was not worth the risk of going against Jamal. She laid down on her mattress with her head toward Taesha's cage. At the end of the chain, she could reach her arm up, and just get her hand in, between the bars. Taesha laid down as well, and took her hand. They lay together in silence for a long time. Finally, Chloe spoke. "I think something is wrong with me, Taesha." Taesha squeezed her hand. "What do you mean?" Chloe paused, gathering her courage to speak. "I think sometimes, I find myself almost... looking forward... to this." "You mean time with Jamal." "I mean... not all the time, but part of me... I can't help... some part of me actually wants..." She was on the edge of tears. She felt so ashamed. "It's okay..." Taesha intertwined her fingers with Chloe's, rubbing the back of her hand with her thumb. "Like today," Chloe said, getting herself under control for the moment. "I was negotiating a plea agreement with a gang member and his public defender. I had a full-blown fantasy, right there, that he broke free and raped the two of us. And I KNOW that if he had tried something, I would have let it happen." She sighed. "The way he looked at me, Taesha... it was like he knew. Like he knew what I am." Taesha was quiet. "I didn't contest his request to be released over the weekend before he's sentenced." She took a deep breath. "Taesha, I have his information, and the public defender's address in a folder in my car. I was seriously thinking of asking Jamal to bring him to her." She felt a tear on her cheek. "I wanted to watch him take her. I..." She couldn't speak anymore. "I understand." Taesha said. They sat in silence for a while longer. "Taesha... I have a question. About the piercings..." "Are your nipples hurting you?" No, I mean your piercing... your... other piercing." "You mean in my clit." "Yes." Taesha took a deep breath. "I can tell you about it, if you want." "Yeah, maybe. I don't know if maybe I'll be getting one some day." "I hope you don't have to." There was a long pause, and then Taesha began. "It happened a few weeks in. Jamal took me to see Mr. Tanner - that old man who pierced your nipples. He took me to have my nipples pierced. I was kind of dreading it, but I knew a girl who had it done, so I wasn't all that scared. When he brought me in, Jamal made me strip and that creepy old man kept talking about what a nice big clit I had, and how he could pierce it if Jamal wanted him to. "At first, Jamal told him to just do my nipples, but he just kept talking about my clit and how big it was. I didn't pay too much attention because Jamal had said no, but when both my nipples were done and I was sucking Mr. Tanner's cock, he suddenly changed his mind and said yes." She shuddered. "Mr. Tanner was so fucking excited, I swear he got off on it more than me sucking him. He got almost fully hard and came in my mouth right away." "So he did it right then?" "Yeah... they strapped me to this reclining chair, like a dentist's chair or something. Just... strapped me all down." Chloe felt Taesha's hand trembling. "It hurt SO much, Chloe, I really hope you never have to do it." Chloe took a deep breath. "Yeah, me, too." "After all of it was done - my nipples and my clit - Jamal actually gave me a break for a few days. Just came by a few times to make sure I was taking care of them. At first I was happy because I thought that it had killed my sensation. I wasn't feeling anything when I had to wash and clean my clit piercing. But that was just for the first couple of days. By like the third day, I started getting more and more sensitive. Practically any movement made me cum. I could seriously just roll over in bed and have an orgasm." Chloe tried to imagine what that would be like. "Is it still like that?" Taesha paused. "Not exactly. Jamal taught me to control myself, so I can keep from cumming most of the time. But I can usually cum in just a few seconds if he tells me to." "How did he... teach you?" Another shiver. "It took weeks - I'm not sure how long. I was being punished all the time. I spent lots of time on horses, like he had us on tonight. And hot sauce... he used to paint my pussy with hot sauce almost every day, for a while. Anyway, it took a long time, but I learned to control it." Chloe didn't know what to say, but before she could think of anything, Taesha's rhythmic breathing told her it was no longer necessary. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2013 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: