Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Yesterday Morning Part: Chapter 16 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Lynn can't sleep the evening after her rape. In her mind, she replays the events of the previous day. Keywords: BMWF, interr, rape, sad, toy, piv, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 16: Yesterday Morning (BMWF interr rape sad toy piv oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 16: Yesterday Morning (BMWF interr rape sad toy piv oral anal a2m) Lynn lay in bed. It had been 24 hours since her ordeal had ended. She hadn't gone to the police, or the hospital or anything. The texting history that Jamal had orchestrated between her phone and Chloe's would have made that a problem, but it was ultimately unnecessary, as she had absolutely no intention of telling anyone about what had happened. When Jamal had released her, she had driven straight home in the rags of her torn and destroyed dress, then gone up to her room to sleep. She'd skipped all of her classes today, staying locked in her apartment, trying to forget what had happened. It didn't matter what she did, though. It didn't matter whether her eyes were open or closed, all she could see was Jamal raping her. Over and over, the scenes played out in her mind, until finally, she stopped ignoring them, and focused on her memories, replaying yesterday's events in her mind. *** Lynn knocked on Chloe's front door and then took a step back, waiting. It had been a while since she had seen her sister, and she was looking forward to the visit. After a moment, the door opened, and she was surprised to see a tall, handsome black man. She resisted the urge to take another step backwards. "Um... hello, I'm here to see my... is Chloe here?" The man smiled. "You must be Lynn. Chloe wanted me to tell you that she's very sorry but she had to run to the courthouse for just a little bit. Do you want to come in?" He was well dressed, in black pants and a button down shirt. Lynn frowned. "I'm sorry... I don't know..." "Oh, so Chloe didn't tell you. I'm sorry. I'm Jamal. Chloe and I are... involved." Lynn felt her mouth fall open. "Oh! I... no, she didn't tell me she was seeing someone." "The situation is fairly new. And it's... complicated. I thought this might be a surprise to you. Do you want to come in and wait? There's coffee." He moved back into the house, holding the door open for her. She stared past the open door for a moment, then chided herself for hesitating. "Yeah, of course. Thanks." She walked into the house, past Jamal. He closed the door behind them as she turned to him, putting out her hand. "Well, I'm glad to meet you, Jamal." He shook her hand. "I'm really glad to have a chance to get to know you, Lynn." His hand felt warm. Her eyes were momentarily drawn to his strong bicep. He's your sister's boyfriend, she reminded herself, silently. "So..." she said lamely. "Why don't you go make yourself comfortable in the living room, and I'll bring you a cup of coffee. How do you take it?" "Um, cream, extra sugar, please." He walked past her into the kitchen. Just as she was about to turn, she noticed that on the door, where there was normally a deadbolt, there was a keyhole. Checking to see that Jamal was not yet returning, she tested the door and found it was locked shut. She felt a little bit afraid at this, but shook it off. No reason to be paranoid. She turned and walked over to the living room. The first thing that she noticed as she stepped into the doorway was the sets of handcuffs, gleaming metal bars, and chains on the coffee table. It took her a second to register what she was seeing, and another couple of seconds to notice the rest of the items set up all around the living room. "Coffee." Jamal's voice startled her, and she turned to face him. He was right next to her, holding up a cup of coffee. She backed away from him, into the living room, glancing all around. Leather straps, and things that looked like whips, several lengths of coarse rope, and sex toys of all shapes and sizes. Lynn's breathing quickened. "What's going on?" "Well, I thought we would start in here." "No..." she couldn't believe this was happening. "I want to leave. Please let me out." Jamal stood in the doorway, smiling. "No, you aren't going anywhere, Lynn. We've got the house to ourselves for the whole day, so there's no need to rush things." She felt herself starting to cry as she backed further away. "No... what are you going to do?" "I think you know." She looked around, frantically, but there was no way for her to get out. "Oh God, please don't rape me." He didn't say anything, and then, in an instant, he was upon her. She shrieked as he grabbed her by both arms and pushed her back, up against a wall. She was crying full on now, unable to say anything, even as she felt him lifting her dress. Before she could try to fight back, or even think, he had yanked her panties to the side so hard that they tore. She tried to turn from him, but his other hand went to her throat. She stared up into his face, unable to breathe, and then closed her eyes as she felt his hand move between her thighs. She shook, helpless, as she felt two of his fingers push roughly into her. He released her throat, and she let out a long sobbing cry, then took in a shuddering breath. He pressed his body into hers as he let his fingers slide out of her, almost all the way, then jammed them back in. She couldn't close her legs to him. She couldn't get away from him at all. He was all around her and inside of her. He tore open the top of her dress with one hand as he fingered her and took hold of her smallish, B-cup breasts, mashing them alternately with his free hand. "Please..." she managed through sobs, "Please, just let me go!" He squeezed her left tit painfully, but said nothing, just holding her in place as he slowly fingered her. She cried softly, pressed up against the wall of her sister's living room, as Jamal pushed three fingers into her now. He held her in place like this, fingering her for several minutes, before he withdrew his fingers from her. The hand that had been mashing her breasts moved up, and he took hold of her long ponytail, winding it round and round his hand. He yanked back and down, so that she was forced to bend her knees and lean backward, her face upturned. "Open your mouth." he said. Slowly, she did as he said. "Wider." She opened her mouth wide. He let a long line of spit fall slowly into her mouth. She grimaced, in disgust, but did not close her mouth. He put his other hand up to her mouth, and pushed his fingers in. She could taste her pussy on him. "Lick them clean." he said, and she closed her mouth on his fingers, licking the taste of herself from him. He kept his fingers in her mouth for a minute or so, still holding her bent over backwards by her hair. Finally, he pulled them out, and marched her over to the couch, throwing her down on it. He grabbed the ripped remains of her panties, and had them off in seconds. He pulled her by her legs, so that her bare ass was at the edge of the couch, her dress up around her waist. He was between her legs, now, and unfastening his belt. Soon he would have his dick inside of her, and there wasn't anything she could do about it. "Please... please... please, Jamal. Please..." She tried to close her legs against him but he easily held her open, and she soon felt the warm flesh of his dick pressing against her opening. She squinted her eyes and threw her head back, crying out silently as he pushed into her pussy. She realized, to her horror, that she was soaking wet, and he had no trouble squeezing inch after inch of his cock into her. She had only had sex a few times, and all with the same boy, but this man felt huge - so much larger than her boyfriend, stretching her pussy wide open as he penetrated her. She gave up fighting against him, trying to relax herself as he pushed roughly into her, forcing his giant dick deeper than she had ever been penetrated before. When he had forced about half of his cock into her, he seemed to be unable to get any more in, and he began fucking her. She hoped that he would cum quickly and then get the hell out of here. As he raped her, he took hold of her dress with both hands, where the two sides met between her tits. With one long rip, he tore it open all the way to her belly. He grabbed her bra, which her tits were already pulled out of, and ripped it open at the middle as well. She closed her eyes, resigned to her fate, but trying to zone out until he was done with her. She felt him take hold of her by the nipples, and she cried out in pain, as he pulled her head and back up off the bed by her nipples. "Don't check out on me, Lynn." he said. He let her go, and she flopped back onto the couch. He put his foot up onto the couch and started fucking her harder, to the point that she thought they might actually break the couch. As hard as he was thrusting at her, she felt his massive cock pushing deeper inside her, sending little electric tingles up her back. Every extra inch he managed to squeeze into her was hitting her deeper than she'd ever been penetrated before, making her poor pussy feel stretched, almost to the point of tearing. It was somewhere in all of this that Lynn realized she was going to cum. When she'd had sex in the past, she almost always came right away, and usually a bunch of times, but she hadn't even considered that she might cum while she was being raped. She tried to do some relaxation breathing she had learned in Yoga, taking in deep breaths through her nose, and focusing on her breathing. After about half a minute of this, she knew it was not going to keep her from cumming when she was being fucked like this, even if it was rape. Worse still, was that it was entirely possible she would cum multiple times, once she got going. Jamal had dragged her back, mostly onto the floor at this point. Her arms and face were pressed against the floor while Jamal held her up by her right leg, fucking away at her pussy like an animal. She was beginning to feel a bit like an animal herself, and it was taking more effort to resist the impulse to grind her pussy back against him, or make pleased little moaning noises, as she usually did with her boyfriend. As the inevitable moment of her orgasm approached, she buried her head in her arms on the floor, and tried to keep control of her body. She intended to give no outward sign of her body's betrayal. She could feel her body tensing as she started to cum, but consciously relaxed herself, hoping that it wouldn't be noticeable, especially with how hard Jamal was fucking her. It seemed she would make it through, until she felt him slowing. "You're cumming, aren't you, you little slut?" He shifted her body, but kept fucking her, now long and slow. Soon his cock was rubbing up against the upper inside of her pussy, though he was still getting little more than half of his cock into her. This new motion made her orgasm even stronger, and she let out out a strangled little cry of pleasure. "Yeah... I knew you'd like that. You're going to be a good little slut, Lynn." Lynn said nothing, but stopped trying to hold her orgasm in, her body quivering lightly as she took in sharp little breaths. Finally, she finished, and her body hung limp from where Jamal held her up by her thighs, relentlessly fucking her. "Now, I wasn't even trying to make you cum." he said. "I wonder..." He put the heel of his hand over her clit, and pushed down, hard, moving his hand in little circles, still fucking her with his hard cock. Lynn's eyes rolled back in her head as, unbelievably, she began cumming again. She didn't hold herself back at all this time, and was soon moaning and squealing, thrashing her body around. His thick cock became slick with her cum, and she felt at least another inch force its way into her as she came. Her orgasm lasted for a full minute, before her body began to relax. "You ARE a slutty little cunt." He pulled out of her and dropped her legs. She lay huddled on the floor, taking in deep, slow breaths. "Get up and clean my cock, slut." he said. She turned, and then got herself up onto her knees. His cock looked massive, bobbing right in front of her face. Oral sex was one thing that she had struggled with, in the short list of sexual activities she had so far experienced. She had choked the first time that she tried to suck her boyfriend's dick, and almost threw up. She'd told Brandon, her current boyfriend, that because of her gag reflex, she could only take the tip of his dick into her mouth. She would lick up and down the shaft, and then jerk him off, sucking on the head, until he would cum in her mouth, and she'd spit it out into a tissue, or in the toilet. She opened her mouth to explain her problem to Jamal, but before she could get even one word out, he thrust his huge dick into her mouth, forcing his way to the back of her throat. She gagged immediately, and pulled away, turning and retching. She didn't throw up, but it was close. When she had herself under control, she turned back to him. "I can't do that." she said, "I have a really bad gag reflex." Jamal put a hand on the back of her head, threading his fingers through her hair. "That's okay," he said, "You'll get better with some practice." His fingers tightened, gripping her by the hair, and he pushed his dick up to her face again. She closed her mouth tightly, and his cock, still slick from her pussy, slid along her cheek. He pulled back, yanking her head back by her hair. She looked up into his angry face, terrified. "Open your mouth, little cunt." he said. She hesitated, then slowly opened for him. He pushed himself back into her mouth, and she soon felt the tip of his cock at the back of her throat, making her choke and gag. Her mouth was stretched wide around the shaft of his cock, and more than half the length it was still outside of her mouth. She fought against the choking feeling, but it soon became too much for her. She tried to pull back, but Jamal held her tightly in place. She could taste her pussy on him as her tongue moved up and down along the length of his shaft, trying to push him out. Just when she thought she wouldn't be able to take it any more, he let her go and she fell back onto her butt, coughing and gagging. "We'll have to work on that some more." Jamal said from above her. "But for now, you can just clean my cock with your tongue. You can manage that, can't you?" She nodded, without looking at him. "Yes." She fought to get herself under control. "Well, get to it, then, little slut." She slowly turned back to Jamal and got up onto her knees. His cock was still long and hard as she began licking him all along the length of it. This, she could do, and she took her time, cleaning the taste of her pussy from every inch of him. He let her lick him all over for a long time, before taking hold of her again and pushing her onto the floor, on her back. He spread her legs wide, and she did not fight him as he moved between them, sliding the head of his cock along her slit. She felt her lips parting for him, and took in a long breath as he pushed forward, sliding into her. She watched the massive thing disappearing into her pussy, feeling tight and stretched as now two-thirds of it squeezed into her. She closed her eyes as he began to fuck her again, concentrating on keeping herself from cumming again. He shifted position as he thrusted, and the head of his cock started to hit against the upper inside of her pussy, sending a shock of pleasure up and down her spine. She let out the smallest little sigh, embarrassed at how pleased it sounded. She opened her eyes and looked down to see that he was now almost all of the way inside of her, and she new he wouldn't stop until he managed to get the entire massive thing in. She looked up into his eyes as he continued, squinting in pain each time he penetrated her a little more deeply, feeling him spreading her open just a little wider each time. Finally, he thrust into her as deeply as he could, and took hold of her tightly, pushing himself forward with amazing force. The last couple of inches was slow, but irresistible, and she felt herself tearing up as her pussy was forced open so wide by the base of his cock as he completed his conquering of her pussy. She felt the tight mat of his pubic hair press against the mostly bare skin of her mound, and felt his balls settle between her ass cheeks. His hold on her loosened, but he remained completely inside of her, both of them breathing rapidly. She couldn't believe that he had forced the gigantic thing all the way inside of her and could feel every small movement he made as he shifted his weight subtly. He felt so full and hard, every now and then pulsing strongly inside her. Her pussy felt positively stretched around the wide base of his cock. He lay on top of her, and inside of her for a long time, before finally pulling back and then thrusting in and out of her slowly, with long, full strokes. She came again as he fucked her with the full length of his cock, on the floor. She didn't try to hide it, and he didn't call any extra attention to the fact. Her cum made his cock slick inside her again, though, and he fucked her harder, and faster. He fucked her roughly on the floor for a few more minutes, then stopped his thrusting and got up onto his knees, the head of his cock still inside her pussy. He lifted her right leg upward, twisting her onto her left side, and thrusting forward. She felt him push even deeper into her pussy at this angle, though she didn't feel any more stretched by this. He took hold of her bicep with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her leg, moving her forward and back on his cock. She felt like a doll, or some kind of toy for him as he bounced her body on his cock. He put her leg down, a few moments later, and positioned her onto her hands and knees, fucking her doggy style. There was no more stretching or pain at this point, and though she felt horrified and embarrassed by it, she was incredibly aroused, and could not deny how good it felt to be fucked like this. She began pushing herself back against Jamal, rotating her hips as she did so. She was really starting to get into it when, without any warning at all, she felt something large push up into her ass. She let out a little cry of surprise when she felt this, and turned to see that Jamal had pushed his middle finger into her asshole, to the fist knuckle, his cock still sliding smoothly along the length of her cunt, which was now so well fitted to him. She turned back away, suddenly feeling panicked again. What if he was going to put his dick there next? It had taken probably twenty minutes for him to work himself into her cunt, there was no way he could fit in her ass. The one finger felt uncomfortable enough, but didn't really hurt. His giant cock would tear her open. He spit on her asshole, and pulled his finger back slightly, then pushed it in again, a little further this time, all the while fucking her pussy. Little by little, he worked his finger further up her ass, until she felt his fist pressing up against her crack. He held it in her while he picked up the pace of his thrusting. If he would only cum before he tried to fuck her in the ass... He spit on her ass crack again, pulling back on his finger and then starting to move it slowly in and out. "Such a nice, tight ass." he said, and put a second fingertip next to the first. Lynn squealed in pain as he slowly pushed the two fingers up her ass, his cock throbbing deep in her cunt. Once his fingers were buried in her ass, he held them there, and slowly started working her pussy with that massive dick. She felt more stretched than ever in both places, and soon he started sliding his fingers back, and then in again, double fingering her asshole while he fucked her. Something about his breathing and his movement was different, though, and she thought he might be close to cumming. She began to moan, pushing herself back against him, hoping to help bring him off. His fingers were squeezing all the way in and out of her ass now, and he was fucking her pussy wildly. He grunted, twice, then pulled suddenly out of her pussy, his fingers slipping from her asshole as well. She braced herself for the feeling of his cock pushing against her asshole, but instead, he grabbed her by her arm and roughly got her onto her knees, facing him. He stood above her, every muscle in his body tense, as he slowly stroked that massive black cock. He pushed a finger just into her mouth, pulling her jaw down. She tasted her asshole, but didn't fight him. She could tell that he was going to cum, and so she opened her mouth wide. Far from dreading it, she was elated, ready for him to cum in her mouth, even willing to swallow it, knowing that it signaled the end of her ordeal. He put a second finger from her ass into her mouth as he stroked himself, running both along her tongue. She held her mouth open as he did this, waiting for his cum, and the end of her rape. His fingers dropped from her mouth, and he took a halting step forward, putting the tip of his dick onto her lower lip. She took in a long slow breath, through her nose, preparing to drain him of his cum, and of his lust. She relaxed herself, ready. The first spurt of cum took her by surprise, despite herself, a great glob striking her in the back of the throat. She choked immediately, and started to pull away, but his hand was in her hair instantly, and he held her in place. She coughed and choked as he sprayed his cum into her mouth. He had her bent back now, like some obscene dance partner in a dramatic dip. She swallowed a huge gulp of cum, quickly, and then opened back up as he dribbled the last few spurts into her mouth. He held her immobile for a minute as he finished, the tip of his cock in her mouth. As she swallowed the last of him, he let her drop, taking a step back from her. She fell heavily, catching herself on her right elbow, and turning away to cough. It had been horrible, but it was finally over. She remained on the floor, on her side, coughing and tasting Jamal's cum. She was waiting for him to leave, but he stood over her. "Please, just go." she said. He chuckled, and then advanced on her. She looked up, gripped by a sudden fear. "Please... don't hurt me!" "I'm not going to kill you, Lynn." he said, gripping her left bicep, and pulling her up to her feet. "But I'm not done with you. Not by a long shot." Her shoulders drooped, and she bowed her head, staring at the floor. "Now let's see if you can learn how to hold yourself for me." *** He whipped her across the ass again, and she bounced lightly on her heels, fighting the urge to unclasp her hands from behind her back. "Keep your eyes on me." he said sternly, and she met his gaze, trying desperately to focus on all of the things he'd been drilling into her. She kept her shoulders back and her breasts pushed forward, her legs were spread about shoulder width. He walked back and forth in front of her, looking her up and down. He put the tip of the bamboo-looking stick against her left breast and pushed forward, poking painfully into her flesh. She furrowed her brow, but did not break his gaze. He held the stick there for several long seconds, then took it away. Lynn felt her breast fall back down as he did so. "Open." he said, putting the stick up to her mouth. She opened her mouth, and he put it between her teeth. He released it as she closed her teeth, and then put his hand to her pussy, rubbing her lightly. She continued to look into his eyes, keeping her legs open as he moved from rubbing her pussy to pushing first one, then two fingers into her. She concentrated on her position, and managed to keep herself still as he manipulated her. "Good girl." He said, smiling, and let his fingers slip from her pussy. He took the bamboo stick from her teeth, and put his fingers to her lips. She immediately opened her mouth, and tasted her pussy, as he put his fingers in. She licked his fingers until he withdrew them. "Alright." he said, "Now I want you to crawl for me." Glancing at the bamboo stick in Jamal's hand, she hesitantly moved down onto her hands and knees. "When you crawl, crawl slowly, and keep your ass held high." She pushed her ass up, crawling experimentally forward. "No, not on your hands. Lower. On your forearms. I want your elbows on the ground." She bent herself forward, so that she was crawling on her forearms instead of her hands. This brought her head closer to the floor, and forced her ass upturned further. She crawled slowly forward. "Good. Now take us to the bedroom." She crawled in front of him, slowly making her way to her sister's bedroom. "Get your ass up." Jamal's voice came from behind her. She felt the snap of the bamboo rod against her ass and quickly corrected herself, arching her back, and pushing her ass up in the air. She then continued crawling slowly along. It wasn't far, but it seemed like she'd never make it to the bedroom like this. Even though she doubted she'd like what awaited her when she arrived, she was anxious to get there, and not to have to crawl for him like this. "Stop, Lynn." She froze, realizing that she had forgotten to keep her ass up. Immediately, she arched her back, thrusting her ass back and up into the air. "Good. Stay just like that." She held herself in that position, unable to see what he was doing, if anything. Her muscles started to tremble, slightly, as she waited, getting tired of staying in one place. Suddenly, she felt Jamal's finger touching her asshole. She fought back the powerful urge to shrink away as he pushed the tip of his finger up her ass. "Now, push back on me. Keep your ass held high and take my finger up your asshole." She held herself in place for a moment, thinking how she could do what he said, then pushed herself backwards. She lowered her face towards the floor as she pushed back, taking his finger up to the knuckle. "Good. Now forward." She rocked forward, letting his finger slip almost out of her ass. "I think you know what to do now." She pushed back on him again, the began rocking back and forth, fucking her ass on his finger. After a minute or so, she felt a shivery shock run through her body as he put a second finger next to the first, and both slid up her ass. She slowed down, but quickly felt the snap of the bamboo against her ass and pushed back again. Jamal held his hand steady, as Lynn rocked back and forth, feeling his two fingers sliding in and out of her ass. Finally, he seemed satisfied, and pulled them out. She stopped rocking immediately, waiting for him to tell her what to do next. "On your knees, Lynn. Present your mouth." She got up onto her knees quickly, turning and clasping her hands behind her back. She pushed her breasts forward and opened her mouth, looking up into his eyes, as he had taught her to do. Jamal put the two fingers that had been in her ass into her mouth. She kept her mouth open, and held his gaze as he ran his fingers along her tongue. She remained as still as she could until he nodded, then she closed her mouth on his fingers, licking and sucking on them. "Good. Back down and crawl to the bedroom." She was careful to crawl properly the rest of the way, and there was no further punishment. When the got to the bedroom, he took a length of rope from one of Chloe's drawers and had her stand, binding her wrists in front of her. When her wrists were securely bound, there were still a couple of feet of rope, by which he led her to the bed. He guided her up onto it, and put her on her belly, stretching her arms up over her head, and securing them to the headboard. "Get up onto your knees." he said, and she struggled up, her face pressed into the blankets. He took several pillows, and put them underneath her pelvis, then had her lay back down. She heard him rummaging, and a few moments later, he was binding her left ankle to the bedpost. A couple of minutes later her legs were tied, spread wide, to the bottom bed posts. He took her by the hair and turned her head to the side, where he held what she knew must be a butt plug. She opened her mouth to accept the thing. It was about the width of a finger at the tip, and widened to two or three fingers wide at its widest, before tapering off to a flared bottom. As she held the plastic plug in her mouth, imagining what it would feel like when Jamal put it in her ass, she felt his hand on her thigh, then on her pussy. The way he had positioned her with the pillows gave him easy access, and he rubbed her gently, sliding first one finger, then a second into her. She was wet, despite herself. After a moment, he slid his fingers out of her pussy, and back, rubbing her asshole gently. She furrowed her brow as he pushed one finger, slowly, all the way up her ass. He paused there for a moment, and then she felt his other hand on her pussy, two fingers again sliding easily up into her. He began fucking her with his fingers, first just the two in her pussy, then with the one in her ass as well. She felt herself getting worked up by the attention, and tried to relax, though she knew that she would cum if he wanted her to. Whether she liked it or not, Jamal was in complete control of her orgasms. A second finger pushed its way up her ass, stretching her painfully, and a moment later, he pushed a third finger into her pussy. He spit on her asshole as he fingered her, and his thumb found her clit, rubbing it first subtly, then faster and harder, until she was carried to shuddering orgasm. The ropes around her wrists and ankles dug in to her skin as she twisted and spasmed on the bed, Jamal's fingers relentlessly assaulting her two holes. As she came, his fingers came out of her pussy and began rubbing her wildly. She moaned pathetically around the plug in her mouth, then let out a sharp, muffled cry as he pulled his fingers from her ass. He pulled the butt plug from her mouth and before she could even think, put the tip against her asshole and pushed. She cried out in pain as she felt the widest part of the plug stretching her asshole, then let out a pathetic little whimper as it popped into her ass. The flat back end of the thing settled between her cheeks as Jamal let it go. He slapped her ass, still rubbing her pussy and clit as she came. She squinted at the pain as her body, still spasming lightly, began to calm. He continued gently rubbing her pussy for a minute or so, then rose from the bed, walking toward the bedroom door. "We've got a lot of work ahead of us, if you're going to take my cock up that tight little asshole by this afternoon." Lynn turned her head to look at him, but he had gone from the room. He left her alone for a long time, and she tried her best to remain still. Every time she moved, she felt the ropes on her wrists and ankles, and became aware of the rubber plug in her ass. When he finally did return, he didn't say anything, just took hold of the end of the plug and pulled it smoothly out of her ass. She winced as the fattest part spread her little hole wide, then let out a small sigh as the rest of it slid easily out of her. "Open." he said, and brought the thing to her lips. She opened her mouth as let him put the toy from her ass into her mouth. His fingers pressed up against her asshole as her lips closed on the plug, rubbing and pushing, sliding lightly into her ass every now and then. After a minute of this, he spit on her asshole and she felt a new toy pushing in. It felt like a larger version of the one she was currently holding in her mouth, and she tried her best to relax herself as it pushed deeper into her, spreading her asshole, again, wider than it had ever been stretched before. It was clear that the thing would not fit without tearing her, and she was grateful when he pulled it out. He took the smaller plug from her mouth, and replaced it with this new larger one, which was indeed quite a bit larger. p He pushed the first plug back into her ass, squeezing it relatively easily in, then out again. He pushed it in and out several times, then paused, with the thing holding her open at its widest point for almost a full minute, taking the larger plug out of her mouth as he held that one in place. She let out another little sigh as he finally let the smaller plug slip from her ass and opened her mouth for it without being told. She was getting quite familiar with the taste of her ass. She tried to relax as the larger plug squeezed slowly into her little hole again. She could tell it was going deeper, and stretching her wider now, but it was apparently not enough. Jamal pushed hard, until she was afraid she would tear, but he stopped and let the plug slowly out. The small plug was removed from her mouth again, and replaced with the larger one from her ass. She opened her mouth wide, to accept it. His fingers, once again rubbed between her cheeks, rubbing her sore asshole, and periodically sliding in and out of her loosening little hole. Several times he spit on her crack, working it into and around her asshole with his fingers. After a while of this, he took hold of the plug in her mouth, pulling it part-way out. "Lick it. Get your spit on it." Reluctantly, she licked the thing, trying to let her spit lubricate it for her ass. He let her work on this for a few moments, then moved it around behind her. A moment later, she felt it slide more easily up her ass, and he began to fuck her with the thing. Soft and shallow at first, but he soon began forcing it deeper, until she felt it stretching her tiny hole with each push forward. He kept this up for a few minutes, but was apparently still having trouble getting the fattest part into her. Soon she was opening her mouth to take the plug again. He got up off of the bed at this point, and was away for a long while. She craned her head, but could not see what he was doing, though he remained in the room. Finally she hear a loud buzz, and in another moment, the head of one of the large vibrating toys was pushing up against her pussy. Jamal worked it back and forth, sliding his hand beneath her to spread her lips, until she felt the thing right up against her clit. Finally satisfied with this, he took the plug from her mouth and pushed it up into her ass again, once more pushing as deep as possible. She held her breath as he pushed very hard, the vibrating head on her clit driving her close to cumming despite the pain and discomfort. She was breathing hard, and letting out a little whimper each time the plug stretched her wide. He was fucking her ass with the large plug now, harder and faster all the time, as the buzzing on her clit threatened to send her over the edge. She whimpered, whining loudly as she felt herself open up, painfully wide, and let out a cry of pain as, suddenly, it was past its widest point, and settled into her ass. There was one quiet moment, and then Lynn's body clenched up, a massive orgasm ripping through her body. She could feel the plug moving in her ass as she came, and then let out another cry as Jamal pulled back on it until it popped back out. As she continued cumming, he popped it in and out of her ass several times, then left it in her, pulling the vibrating tool unceremoniously out from between her thighs, leaving her quivering on the bed. "Don't forget to thank me for your orgasms, Lynn." Exhausted, she turned her head to the side. "Thank you, Jamal." she breathed. "You're welcome." The buzzing stopped, and she saw and heard him pull a line of tape from a roll, and rip it off. She squinted, watching as he positioned the vibrating stick toy against what appeared to be a long smooth stick with a big rubber dick taped to the end of it. He taped the vibrator in place, so that the large head was positioned like the balls of the rubber cock. He looked over his work for a moment, then leaned it against the wall and began untying her. He left her wrists bound, and had her stand off to the side of the bed, raising her arms up above her and tying them to an eye hook mounted in the ceiling. "Spread your legs out." he said, and she did, her arms stretching as this lowered her body somewhat. He retrieved the stick with the dildo and vibrator combination taped to the end of it and came around in front of her. He reached down to her pussy, spreading her lips with one hand, and pushed the tip of the rubber cock easily into her with the other, sliding it all the way in, so that the head taped to the side came to rest against her clit and pussy. He pushed the whole thing up into and against her quite hard, bracing the other end of the stick against the floor so that it stayed pinned in her, even as he let it go. He stepped back, looking her up and down. She shifted her weight. If she moved too much, she could get the dildo to slide out of her, and the whole thing to fall to the floor. She guessed Jamal would not want that. He leaned forward and switched the vibrator on. The immediate buzzing on her pussy and clit was very strong, and she had to force herself to remain in place. Jamal walked up close to her, looking her in the eye. "I'll be around the house. Count your orgasms for me. Loud enough so that I can hear you. And do not drop this." She was already shaking, both from the fatigue in her leg muscles, and the rising, inevitable orgasm. "Yes, Jamal." "Do a good job, and I'll give you some time to rest." "Yes, Jamal." She came less than a minute after he left the room, calling out "One!" in a hesitant, and embarrassed, but loud voice. Her second orgasm hit on the heels of the first, the dildo and vibrator doing their job very effectively. She struggled to keep her balance, and not to let the stick holding them slip out of her as she came the second time, calling out "Two!" more shrilly than she intended. When her body finally stopped shaking from this second orgasm, she closed her eyes, trying to relax and catch her breath. She experimented with different ways of holding her weight, careful to keep the dildo from slipping out of her pussy. It was impossible to keep the thing from sliding out, without fairly constantly squatting herself down, with the head of the vibrator mashed up against her clitoris. Any other position soon had the dildo threatening to drop out of her pussy, and so she'd soon squat back down, taking it deep inside, the buzzing vibrator pressed up against her clit. She stood stoically for several minutes, her entire body tense as her pussy hummed with vibration. Eventually, though, she felt another orgasm approaching, and within a minute, she was cumming. She rotated her hips as it began, feeling both the dildo in her pussy and the plug in her ass moving inside of her. Cumming was uncomfortable with the never-ending vibrations on her clit, and she found herself moving herself up and down on the rubber dildo. As she'd stand fully upright, she'd get a brief respite from most of the vibrations, but the dildo would soon begin to slip out of her and she'd squat back down. In this way, she stood trembling and fucking herself through her third orgasm on the stick. As this one faded, and she struggled to catch her breath, she yelled out "THREE!" She could feel another one coming just a minute or so later, and as it began, Jamal walked into the room. "You're not thanking me for your orgasms." he said. "Thank... thank you..." she said through the next shuddering orgasm. "Four... thank you..." she said. He lifted a long silvery chain up from out of a bag he carried. "This may help you remember to be thankful." he said, and approached her. He reached out and took hold of her right nipple, pinching and tugging on it lightly. When it was erect, he brought one end of the chain up to it. There was some kind of clip on the end, which opened when he squeezed it. He put this around her nipple and released it, sending a pinching pain through her nipple that had her sucking in her breath, and arching her back. He gave her a moment to get used to this, and then applied the second clip to her left nipple, leaving the chain hanging between the two. She sucked in a few sharp breaths as the vibrator continued buzzing on her clit. "You haven't thanked me for this reminder, Lynn." She was just beginning to cum as he said this. "Shit... I'm sorry... thank you... thank you..." "Are you cumming now?" She nodded her head vigorously. "Yes... thank you." "How many is that?" She wasn't sure. Her body spasmed, the chain jingling between her breasts, tugging painfully on her nipples, as she tried to remember. "I think... four." She watched him anxiously as he took up the long, thin bamboo stick from one of the shelves, bending it back and forth in his hands. He turned to her, and then whipped her across both breasts with it. "Five." She cried out from the pain, then choked back her sobs long enough to speak. "Five... thank you, Jamal." He smiled, putting the stick back down. "Much better. Keep counting for me. And remember to be thankful." She nodded, lowering her head and closing her eyes as the relentless vibrations on her pussy and clit continued. "Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir." *** The tinny sound of a hip hop beat broke her reverie. It was the sound of a text from her boyfriend, Brandon. As the images and feelings of her rape faded, she realized that she'd pulled her shirt up over her tits, and was squeezing them fiercely, her nails digging into her soft flesh. Letting out a slow sigh, she relaxed her grip, and picked up the phone from her bedside table and read the text. Tomorrow night @ my place? She stared at the small screen for a while. He didn't know about her rape; no one did. No one ever would know, except for Chloe and Jamal. She thought for a bit, then texted back. Need ur cock NOW- come give it to me There was a long delay. A normal woman shouldn't be craving sex 24 hours after her rape. Apparently, she was not a normal woman. Her phone lit up again: Holy shit, i wish but i cant, i have a test tomorrow, have to study and sleep She texted back immediately. Need to be fucked now brandon. please please please my pussy needs your cock She watched the screen as her hand moved between her thighs, lazily stroking her pussy through her clothes. The reply came back. God, just cant girl. test is 40% of my grade Come to my place as soon as you can tomorrow night i promise i'll give you what you need Lynn sighed, disappointed. See u tomorow She closed her phone, and put it down, sliding her hand down her panties, and letting her mind drift, once again, to her memories of the previous day. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2012 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: