Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Harder Than it Has to Be Part: Chapter 14 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Jamal takes Chloe down to her newly outfitted basement. When she's unable to complete her punishment, Taesha is subjected to a brutal session. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, blackmail, sad, toys, piv, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 14: Harder Than it Has to Be (BMWFBF interr blackmail sad toys piv oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 14: Harder Than it Has to Be (BMWFBF interr blackmail sad toys piv oral anal a2m) "Speaking of home," Jamal said, after having Chloe pull her panties from Taesha's pussy with her teeth, and drop them into the trash, "I'd like you to come downstairs so that I can show you the additions I've made today." Taesha followed Chloe down the basement stairs, and onto the cold, cement floor. It was poorly lit, and she hadn't ever been down here before, but it wasn't difficult to see the changes Jamal had made. There were several items of furniture, including a rough wooden table with metal restraint points at several locations, two rough, sturdy, wooden chairs, a padded horse and a triangular wooden one, and a large, wooden, X-shaped cross with shackles. In addition to this, there were several long shelves stocked with a variety of vibrators, dildos, plugs, and lubricants and a rack with several hanging whips and canes. There was a small cage in one corner of the floor, and near that was a thin mattress with a a metal neck shackle attached by a short chain to the nearby wall. Chloe slowed down, then stopped as she looked around the room, taking in the implications of everything she saw there. Taesha moved in close and put her hands around her waist, hugging her lightly from behind, over her blouse. Chloe seemed not to notice, but just stared at the scene around them. "Forgive me if I've gone a little overboard." Jamal said as he stepped down from the stairs and walked past the women. "You're the first of my slaves who's had her own basement that I could outfit." He flicked a switch and several bright lights clicked on. Taesha closed her eyes at the brightness, then opened them, squinting as they accommodated. The room was very bright now, and she could see other items: chains and restraints, some electronic equipment, and at least two mounted cameras. There were also eye hooks, and other restraint mount points in many locations. "Get yourself undressed, Chloe." Jamal took Taesha by the hand and walked her to the cross. Jamal had one of these in his own home, and so Taesha was familiar with it. She lifted her arms so that Jamal could shackle her, watching Chloe slowly unbuttoning her pretty, purple blouse. She slid it back, off her shoulders, revealing her full breasts. The marks from her caning were still visible on her belly, and on her breasts, where they spilled up over the top of her bra. Jamal secured a belt around Taesha's waist, then secured her ankles one by one, as Chloe slid her pants down, revealing her bare ass and bald pussy. Her eyes met Taesha's as she unclasped her bra and let it drop, her lovely tits falling forward, faint red lines still criss-crossing her pale flesh. Jamal finished with Taesha and turned to the rack of whips, picking up a small, leather one. He turned to Chloe and held it out to her. Obviously not expecting this, Chloe stumbled as she hurried forward and took the whip. "Your punishment is to whip Taesha until I'm satisfied with your work." "Oh, Jamal, I can't..." "You will." Chloe looked over at Taesha, and she tried to smile encouragingly. "It's okay." she said. Chloe frowned, then looked back to Jamal. "Please, Jamal, just punish me, I can't do this." "If you won't do it, I will, and I guarantee it will be worse." Chloe's shoulders drooped. She lifted the whip and held it for a long time, trembling, then took a half-hearted swing, barely making contact with Taesha's belly. She turned back to Jamal again. "I'm sorry, I just CAN'T, Jamal." She was crying. Jamal ripped the whip from her hand and threw it into a corner. Chloe turned away from him bringing her arms up defensively. He laughed at her. "I'm not going to hit you, Chloe." He rummaged around the shelves for a minute, finally taking a smallish butt plug. It was a translucent blue, and Taesha could see that it was one of the vibrating ones. He pushed it into Chloe's mouth for just a moment, then pulled it out and bent her over the wooden table. He pushed the little plug up her ass and turned it on. Taesha could just barely hear the light buzzing sound it made. Jamal slapped Chloe's ass, and turned to one of the rough wooden chairs, setting it down facing Taesha. He gestured for Chloe to sit, which she did, and then took several lengths of rope from a shelf. Taesha watched Jamal spread Chloe's legs open, tying each to one of the front legs of the chair. When her legs were secure, Jamal sat her straight up, and tied her wrists together behind the back of the chair, and then her arms to the chair itself. Once Chloe was secure, he went back to the shelves, taking one of the large vibrating massagers. He spread Chloe's pussy with two fingers, and pushed the head of it firmly up against her spread pussy and clit. He carefully taped it into place, then turned it on. Taesha heard the loud buzz, and Chloe closed her eyes, her head rolling back. Jamal pushed a thumb into her mouth, gripping her by the lower jaw, and pulled her head back level, crouching down in front of her. "The good news, Chloe, is that you have permission to cum as often as you like while you're in the chair. The bad news is that you've made things a lot worse for Taesha." He stood and went up the stairs, leaving the two momentarily alone. Chloe looked over to her. Her face looked miserable, even as her body squirmed in the chair, reacting to the stimulation from the vibrators. "I'm so sorry, Taesha, I just couldn't make myself do it." "It's okay..." Jamal returned with a small bowl and the bottle of hot sauce. He put the bowl down on the table, and poured most of what was left of the hot sauce into it. He then put the bottle to Taesha's lips, and she opened her mouth, tilting her head back, and letting him pour the remainder into her mouth. She winced in pain, but held her mouth open as Jamal turned the bottle up, letting the last drops land on her tongue. She held it in her mouth until he nodded, and then swallowed, her entire mouth and throat now searing in pain. He put the bottle down, and then took hold of both of her nipples, pulling downward. He pull for a few moments, then let go and slapped her across her tits several times, alternating between the two of them. He struck her about ten times like this, then reached over and dipped his fingers in the bowl of hot sauce. He paused for a moment, then resumed slapping her tits, back and forth between them, until they were both smeared with hot sauce, her nipples burning painfully. He took a small step back, then slapped her pussy, holding his hand firmly against her. She let out a choked little sob as she felt her pussy burning from the hot sauce. He rubbed her pussy slowly, with a circular motion, then pulled back and slapped her again, holding his hand against her again, and letting his fingers slide upwards, spreading the burning pain to her clit now, too. It was impossible to pull away, tied to the cross, but she couldn't help trying, and the leather belt around her waist dug into her flesh as Jamal dipped his fingers in the sauce again, then started rapidly rubbing her pussy and clit. He rubbed her for a minute, then slapped her pussy over and over, until she thought she might pass out. He moved in close to her a put his lips to hers, his tongue like fire as he pushed into her mouth. He resumed rubbing her pussy all over, sliding his hand back between her thighs and rubbing along her asshole. Fresh tears welled up at this new, burning pain. He kissed her deeply, and for a long time, his hand moving forward and back, from her asshole to her clit. Finally, he broke off the kiss and stepped back. He slapped her pussy twice more, then wiped his hand off on her tits, then on her belly. She closed her eyes as he turned away, trying to cope with the burning pain in her mouth, nipples, and between her legs. A few moments later, she heard and felt a leather whip across her tits. She didn't open her eyes, but just squinted as each blow fell on her body. Jamal whipped her tits and her belly, then moved down, whipping her inner thighs. She heard a choked little cry, and looked over to see that Chloe's eyes were squeezed shut, and her whole body was shaking with orgasm. As she came, Jamal turned and whipped her lightly across the tits, eliciting a muffled, surprised cry from Chloe. He whipped her tits several more times, a bit harder, then began alternating between the two women. Taesha watched her friend cum, her large breasts dancing as Jamal whipped her, and she felt her own pussy getting wet. Hot sauce or not, she longed for Jamal to put his hand to her pussy again, and make her cum, with Chloe. As Chloe's orgasm subsided, Jamal turned away from her, and began to whip upwards, between Taesha's spread legs, sending shocks of pain through her body as the leather straps impacted her pussy and ass. Her desire to cum faded quickly. He whipped her pussy and asshole a few more times, then draped the whip over Chloe's shoulder. He picked up a small bucket from the floor, and pulled a clothespin from it. He pinched a bit of flesh on Taesha's breast, to the side of her nipple, and closed the clothespin on it. He proceeded to add more, until there were four on each breast and six on her pussy - three along each of her lips. He then put one more up to her mouth and she stuck her tongue out so that he could put the clip there. Chloe started cumming again at this point, and Jamal turned to watch. She didn't seem to be holding herself back at all, and she moaned and squealed, her body writhing rhythmically, her pussy grinding against the head of the vibrator. Jamal went over to her and unzipped his pants, pulling out his long, thick cock and pushing it into her mouth. Taesha watched as Chloe's head bobbed up and down, her body still shuddering from her orgasm. She was still cumming when he backed up from her and took the whip from her shoulder. Taesha flinched, then tried to relax herself as Jamal began whipping her stomach and inner thighs. He paused for a moment, giving her a few seconds to breathe, and brought two hooked weights over to her, hanging one from each of her nipple rings. The amount and variety of pain that she was already experiencing was such that she barely noticed more than the downward tug on her nipples. He resumed whipping her after the weights were hung, every now and then turning to whip Chloe's large, white tits. Jamal began moving upwards, so that his strikes to her thighs also hit the clothespins on the flesh along the sides of her pussy and her pussy lips. After a few like this, he whipped downward, onto her pussy, knocking several of the clothespins off, bringing fresh pain to this sensitive and painful area. He continued whipping her there, until all of the clothespins were scattered onto the floor. Taesha hung her head, breathing hard as the whipping ceased. Jamal went over to Chloe, who was taking in short little breaths, but who didn't appear to be actually cumming. "Do you want to help Taesha, Chloe?" "Yes, Jamal. Please, Jamal." Taesha could tell from her voice that she was close to cumming again. Jamal turned her chair around, and slowly dragged it so that the back was right in front of Taesha, less than a foot away. He stood straddling Chloe's lap, and fed his cock into her mouth again, then started removing clothespins from Taesha's tits. Each one that he removed, he leaned back, his cock slipping from Chloe's mouth, and pinched it onto one of her breasts. Soon Chloe had four clothespins pinching her flesh around each nipple. He took hold of her head and pushed his cock down her throat, holding it there for a few moments, while she heard him whipping Taesha. *** Chloe began thrashing her body as Jamal kept his cock buried in her throat, feeling panicked from lack of oxygen. The motion ground her pussy against the vibrator, bringing her next orgasm closer. Just as she was feeling she might actually pass out from lack of oxygen, he pulled out of her mouth. She struggled to catch her breath as Jamal turned her chair around again, pushing her forward, between Taesha's legs. "Help Taesha cum now, Chloe." She had to strain her neck upward, but she was able to get her mouth on Taesha's pussy, and began kissing her passionately there, her tongues sliding into her friend. This pushed her right over the edge, and she began to cum, forcing herself to keep licking Taesha as she did. Taesha was not long in following her, and she came as Jamal continued whipping her small tits. When both women had calmed down, Jamal dragged Chloe's chair backwards. Chloe ground her pussy against the head of the vibrator. The thing was keeping her more or less constantly at the edge of orgasm, and she'd lost all sense of hiding her reactions. She came again as Jamal slowly freed Taesha from the wooden cross, whimpering and thrusting her hips against the vibrator. Jamal removed the hook weights from Taesha's nipple rings, placing them on the shelves near some others, then took a medium-sized butt plug. He dipped the plug into the bowl of hot sauce, rotating it all around, then pointed to the table. Taesha turned and put her hands flat on the table, bending over with her ass upturned. Jamal pulled her left cheek to the side and unceremoniously pushed the plug up her ass. Taesha let out a little whine, and arched her back, her fingers curling on the table. Jamal slapped her ass hard, once on each cheek, then turned to Chloe, stepping to the side of the chair and turning her head by her hair. She opened her mouth wide and he pushed in, then began thrusting in and out. He fucked her mouth for a minute or so, then turned back to Taesha. He stood her up, then had her climb up onto the table, helping her to lie down on her back. Using a coarse rope, he tied her wrists securely to metal rings mounted at the corners of the table. When this was done, he fastened another rope above her right knee and tied this to the same ring where her right wrist was tied, pulling her ass and lower back up off of the table. He did the same with her left leg, on that side, so that when he had finished, she was pulled up on her shoulders, her body bent so that her pussy hovered over her tits. When she was secure, Jamal took a large, thick candle from the shelf. He dipped this in the hot sauce as well, and then pushed it slowly into Taesha's pussy, forcing about six inches into her, so that only three or so protruded. He then took a book of matches, and lit the candle. He adjusted Chloe's chair to give her a good view of her friend, and then fastened a large ball gag into her mouth. He smiled down at her, flicking at the clothespins on her tits a few times before walking over to the stairs and heading up. Chloe watched the candle in Taesha's pussy began to burn down, wax dripping down onto her tits. She squinted with each drop, and Chloe watched as each drop quickly hardened, a white blotch on her dark skin. Far beyond her ability to control, Chloe started to cum again, the relentless buzzing of the vibrator against her pussy and clit painful now. Her entire body ached from the spasms of at least a dozen orgasms, but she'd take all that pain and more to have spared Taesha her misery. Time passed slowly, and Chloe watched as the candle burned further and further down. The trail of wax soon began dripping below Taesha's breasts, which were now plastered with wax. The trail moved higher and higher, dripping onto her belly, then her shaved mound, and then finally all over the upper part of her pussy, including her clit. Taesha started crying loudly as the wax dripped on her clit, and Chloe would have done just about anything to have taken it on for her. She rocked herself in the chair, but remained tightly bound, accomplishing only the triggering of another orgasm, her muffled whines of pain and pleasure mixing with Taesha's mournful crying. When Jamal finally returned, the candle had burned so low that it seemed in danger of burning Taesha directly. Jamal snuffed the flame with his fingers, then moved to Chloe, taking each of the clothespins off of her tits, tossing them with the others on the floor, where they had been whipped off of Taesha's pussy lips. He then turned the vibrator off, and slowly began untying her. The plug in her ass continued to vibrate softly, but it felt like her whole body continued buzzing. She felt unbelievably sore from having been tied so long, and having cum so much. She stood, shakily, with Jamal's help. He handed her a whip, and put a finger under her chin, turning her head up to look into his eyes. "Now. Whip Taesha." Chloe took the whip, looking over at her friend, tied up on her shoulders, the melted nub of a candle in her pussy, it's trail of wax covering her breasts, belly, and pussy. A thin line of hot sauce was running down her thigh, from the plug deep in her ass. Taesha looked up at her, her eyes calm. "It's okay, Chloe..." Chloe squinted her eyes tight, her breathing difficult through her nose and what she could get around the large ballgag she wore. She raised the whip, and then struck Taesha across the belly, sending wax flying off. She paused only a moment, then made herself do it again, and then again. She pushed through it, whipping her friend across the tits, on her ass, and even on her pussy. When Jamal finally let her stop, most of the wax was gone from Taesha's body, and both women were panting, tears soaking their cheeks. Jamal took the whip from her and hung it back up, then moved behind her. He pushed gently on her back and she bent over, putting her hands on the table by Taesha's side. She spread her legs as he pressed his cock up against her pussy, rubbing it along her slit. She felt the head of his cock opening her up, and she groaned as he pushed forward, squeezing the entire length of his cock up into her pussy in one long thrust. After cumming so many times from the vibrator on her clit, it felt amazing to have her pussy fucked, and as he began slamming her harder, she ground her pussy back against him. His foot was up on the table, next to her hip and his cock head bumped against her g-spot with each thrust. She tried to ask for permission to cum, but her words were distorted beyond understanding by the ball gag in her mouth, and the violent fucking she was getting. He had told her that she could cum whenever she wanted, though, and she hoped that permission extended to the current situation, because there would be no stopping herself very soon. "Do you want to cum?" he asked her, not slowing himself at all. She yelled as clearly as she could through the ball gag, hoping that it would be good enough. Finally he spoke. "Cum." As usual, that single word hit her like a lightning bolt as she instantly began to cum. The orgasm that hit was different, deeper than the orgasms she had been forced to have while watching Taesha's torment. Her muffled voice cried out again and again through the ball gag as her body shook. She was still cumming when he pulled out and whipped her around, pushing her down onto her knees. "Hold your tits up." He growled, and she cupped her hands under them, holding them up and together as he stroked his huge cock. She was still trembling with the last bit of orgasm as he began to cum, spraying her tits repeatedly with large globs of cum, his entire body tensing with each one. When he finally finished, dribbling the last bit down onto her chest, he reached behind her head and unbuckled the ball gag. "Now, make sure you eat all the cum I've given you while I get Taesha untied. If you do a good job, I'll let you take care of Taesha tonight." She looked down at her tits, completely covered, and then back up at him. "Yes, Jamal, thank you." He watched her for a minute or so as she scooped up his cum with her fingers, licking and sucking it up into her mouth. When she had gotten most of it, she lifted her tits up to her mouth, licking them all over, tasting the metal of her nipple rings as she licked her nipples. When she felt she had done well, she got up onto her knees, pushing her tits forward, and clasping her wrists behind her back. After a few more minutes with Taesha, he came back around and inspected her, nodding his approval. "Good job, little cum slut." "Thank you, Jamal." "Stand up." She stood, keeping her arms behind her back, and her tits forward. He turned her and took hold of the small, vibrating plug in her ass. As he did this, she saw Taesha, untied, but sprawled on the table, the candle still in her pussy, hot sauce soaked plug still in her ass. She looked absolutely exhausted. Jamal pulled the vibrating plug from Chloe's ass and then turned it off, taking it over to Taesha, who obediently opened her mouth to receive it. He brushed the hair out of her face, almost affectionately, then turned back to Chloe. "I'll leave her with you." "Thank you, Jamal." And then he was gone, up the stairs. She heard the door a few moments later, and then his car driving away. Only when she was sure that he was gone, did she relax, and go to Taesha, taking the plug from her mouth and leaning down to kiss her gently on the lips. They kissed for a moment, then Chloe straightened, and looked over her friend's battered and abused body, putting together a plan of how best to take care of her. *** Chloe lay next to Taesha who, still naked and damp from the cool shower Chloe had helped her with, was shivering slightly. She rubbed a little more aloe onto the welts along her stomach and thighs, then put the bottle to the side and put her arms around her friend, feeling her own naked breasts pressing against her flesh. Taesha turned, putting her arms around Chloe's waist and putting her head to her breasts. They lay that way for some time, Chloe gently stroking her hair and lightly along her back. It felt like it had been an hour, but it was probably much less, when Taesha lifted her head and the two women began to kiss, softly, but passionately, their tongues playing along inside one another's mouths. They kissed for a long while, their hands moving softly and gently over each other's bodies. Chloe found Taesha's hand and entwined their fingers together, breaking their kiss. "I'm so sorry, Taesha." she said. "I was trying to stand up to Jamal at work, I thought he'd punish me, and that I could take it... I just wanted that part of my life to stay mine. I'm so sorry." Taesha didn't reply for so long that Chloe thought she might be asleep. When she finally spoke, her voice was surprisingly strong. "Stand up to him again. If he wants to punish you or me, we'll take it. I'm happy to take this if it helps you keep your day life for yourself." "No, I can't do that to you..." "Yes. There's only so much he can do to us. We'll endure it together." She looked up, her dark eyes looking deep into Chloe's. "Okay." Chloe said, and they kissed for a while before they both drifted off to sleep, their hands intertwined. *** The next day, Chloe awoke late. She considered calling in, but she needed to keep herself moving, keep working, keep her day life to herself. She extricated herself from Taesha, then gently whispered to her. "You should rest today. Do you need to call into work?" Taesha stirred, smiling with here eyes closed. "No, no work today." Chloe pulled the sheet up around her and tucked her in, kissing her cheek as she settled back to sleep. She quickly dressed herself, very conscious of her defiance in pulling on another pair of panties, and then left for the courthouse, after putting out a bit of cab money for Taesha. The day was busy as usual, and it was around mid-morning when she heard Jamal behind her. "Hello, Chloe." She turned, trying her best to look annoyed, rather than terrified. "Jamal, I can see you this evening, and any evening you like, but when I'm at work, I need you to let me be." It was an effort to keep her eyes on his as he stared through her, expressionless. Finally he spoke. "That's not the way it's going to be, Chloe. Now you can take me to your office now so that I can make sure you're following your rules." She glance around before replying, keeping her voice low. "You don't need to bother, I'm wearing underwear. I'm telling you that I'll submit to you completely in the evenings, but I want my work life to myself. That's the deal." She was scared, but more than a little gratified to see anger flash, just for a moment, below his cool demeanor. "You don't want to go this route, Chloe, believe me. You don't dictate terms to me." She plucked up what remained of her courage. She'd gone this far. "Well, that IS how it's going to be. And unless you plan to expose me now, I'll be on my way." He stared at her for a long time. "There will be a serious consequence for disobedience like this." "I understand that, and I'll accept it. Tonight." He held her gaze for a few moments, then turned and walked away. Chloe didn't realize that she was holding her breath until she saw him disappear behind a corner, and exhaled. She had done it; her days would be hers. Tonight would be brutal, for her and for Taesha, but they'd get through it together. Before she could think too much about that, she forced her mind back onto her work, and headed to speak with a convict. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: