Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Busted Part: Chapter 12 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Chloe decides to wear underwear to work, against Jamal's instructions. Keywords: BMWF, interr, blackmail, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 12: Busted (BMWF interr blackmail oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 12: Busted (BMWF interr blackmail oral anal a2m) The next morning she woke to her alarm and went about her normal routine. She wasn't as sore, and she felt well-rested. She felt good, and it was thanks to Taesha. It had been a mortifying ride home, and she was sure that one car purposely drove beside her on the highway, but she had made it home without getting stopped by the police at least. In the shower, she shaved her legs and her pussy again. This was already feeling like part of her routine, and if she was honest, she kind of liked being bald down there. When she was getting dressed, she looked over at her underwear drawer again. She stared, then made a decision. Her time at work was going to be hers, and she was going to wear panties. She pulled open the drawer and took out a pair of white cotton panties and pulled them on. The defiance felt good. She finished getting dressed, had a quick breakfast, and then headed in to the courthouse. She met with a judge and then the family of a murder victim that morning. Then took a stack of papers to her office to go over before she had to be in court. She was deeply immersed in the details of the case when she heard a knock. She looked up and saw Jamal standing just inside her office. Her heart dropped. "Jamal, I... what are you doing here?" He didn't reply, but quietly closed the door, then walked over to her desk. She stood up and came around the side of her desk to meet him. As he approached her, he groped her breasts, finding her nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse and bra, fingering her nipple rings. She whimpered slightly, afraid of what was going to happen when he found out she was wearing underwear. He turned her around and bent her, slightly, over her desk, running his hand along her ass, over her pants. He took hold of the waistline, and pulled the back of her pants downward, exposing the cotton panties. "Uh oh..." he said. Her body shook as he slid his hand under her panties. He ran his finger along her crack, pushing his fingertip against her asshole. "I'm sorry, Jamal I..." she gasped as Jamal pushed his finger, forcing it roughly up her ass. It hurt, with no lubrication. He fingered her like this a few times, then shoved a second finger in as well. "I probably don't have to tell you that you're in a lot of trouble right now." "I know, Jamal, I'm sorry..." He pulled his hand out of her pants, his fingers sliding quickly out of her ass. He reached around her, and put his fingers up to her lips. She lowered her head and licked them for him. After a minute of this, he forced her to bend all the way over, pushing her tits and her face down into the papers on her desk. He pulled her pants down sharply, just below her ass, and she spread her legs a bit so that they wouldn't fall all the way down. She didn't dare move, but whispered frantically over her shoulder, "Please! My boss is just in the other room..." "Then you'd better be quiet. Spread your ass for me." She didn't hesitate, but her stomach was fluttering like crazy. She'd have to pretend this was consensual if anyone walked in, or Jamal would expose her, and she'd go to prison. But if her boss did walk in, he'd quite possibly fire her for having sex in the office. She leaned the front of her thighs against her desk, her tits pressed flat against the top as she reached back and spread herself for Jamal. He spit a couple of times, once on the crack of her ass, then pushed his cock against her asshole. "Please hurry, Jamal, I have to be in court in five minutes." "We'll have to be quick then, won't we..." He pushed hard, and it hurt as he forced his cock roughly up into her ass. Her asshole was not exactly unaccustomed to having huge cock in it, but this rough anal still hurt, especially with only a little spit for lubrication. She struggled to keep herself quiet as he violated her in her office. He ravaged her for just a couple of minutes, then pulled roughly out, yanking her pants back up. She turned and looked at him. "Clean me off, slut. I shouldn't have to tell you." She nodded quickly, and dropped to her knees, licking his cock, and tasting her ass. "Get your fingers away from your cunt, I didn't say you could cum." She realized that she was rubbing her pussy over her pants, and immediate withdrew her hand. She looked up at the clock, then up at Jamal. "Please, I'm going to be late..." "Open your mouth, cum slut." Relief washing over her, she opened her mouth wide. She kept her eyes locked on his as he filled her mouth with cum, then swallowed it, and licked the tip of his dick. "Panties, please." he said, pulling his pants up and zipping up. Chloe scrambled to her feet, yanking down her pants and panties as quickly as she could, and then pulling her panties out of the pile. She handed them to Jamal, then pulled her pants back on over her bare pussy and ass. She looked desperately at him, waiting for permission to leave. "This is not the end of your punishment for this disobedience, Chloe. Don't defy me again." "No, Sir." "Go." She grabbed her things and ran to the door. She'd be late, but not too late. When she got to the court room, she apologized to the judge and sat down. She could still taste Jamal's cum, as she listened to the proceedings. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: