Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Doctor's Visit Part: Chapter 10 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Jamal has an appointment with Dr. Mei Lin, a young Chinese intern. Keywords: BMAF, interr, blackmail, noncon, rough, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 10: Doctor's Visit (BMAF interr blackmail noncon rough oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 10: Doctor's Visit (BMAF interr blackmail noncon rough oral anal a2m) "Your two o'clock is in room 6B, Dr. Lin." At twenty-six, Dr. Mei Lin was the youngest intern on staff. She was from Fujian province in China, originally, and she had sharp, Chinese features with narrow, almond eyes, and long, jet black hair. At 5'6", she was taller than anyone in her family, including her brother, though she had unfortunately inherited her mother's small breasts. Mei's morning was going well, and she tossed her stethoscope over her shoulder as she headed down the hall. When she reached exam room 6B, she took the chart from the clear plastic holder on the wall, reviewing the lab results before opening the door. She stepped inside, still reading the chart as she closed the door behind her. "I have some good news, Miss Woodrum." A man's voice answered. "Excellent, I was hoping for good news." Mei looked up sharply, her voice catching in her throat as she saw the owner of the voice. "Jamal! I didn't know..." He cut her off. "No, I'm dropping by unannounced, I know. Miss Woodrum was happy to take the $500 I gave her to let me have this room." He smiled, patting the briefcase on the table he was leaning on. "It's funny how all the doctors and nurses assumed that I belong back here, just because I have this suit and briefcase." His smile disappeared. "I am here for a reason, though." "I know." Mei said, "I'm sorry, Jamal. I know I'm late sending the pills, but our usual drug rep is on vacation, and I only have a few samples. I can't get any more until next week." "You should have sent out what you had." "I know. I'm sorry." "Where are they? The ones you do have." "I have one pack. Of eight, I think. It's locked up in my office." "Go get them, please." She fumbled with the door handle and hurried out into the hall, closing the door behind her. She paused for a minute, catching her breath. She hadn't seen Jamal for probably more than a year. For all this time, he had been content for her to mail the erection drugs that he was blackmailing her for. It was stupid not to have sent what she had. Of course he would come if he ran out! If he exposed her, she would not only lose her license, she could be deported. She shook her head, clearing it, and headed back to her office. In short order, she had the box of samples in a plastic bag, and made her way back to 6B. Once back in the room, she handed the bag to him, walking stiffly to the back of the room, giving him plenty of room, and a clear path to the door, hoping that he would be satisfied and leave. He reached into the plastic bag and took out one of the boxes, opening it. "They're different." "It's okay," she said quickly, "It's the same thing, just a stronger dose. You still take one every day, in the morning." He pushed one out of its blister pack and popped it into his mouth, swallowing it. "Stronger... How soon before it starts working?" She shrugged. "I'm not sure." He took a step toward her. "Let's see how long it takes." Mei tried to backstep, but she was already up against the sink at the back of the room. She looked fearfully up at the large, black man in front of her. "Please don't..." she said. "What are you going to do?" She closed her eyes as he took hold of her belt, unbuckling it. Within seconds her pants were unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped, and Jamal was sliding his hand down the front of them. "We need to see how well these new pills work, Mei." Her shoulders fell as she realized that this was not going to be a quick visit. His fingers reached the top of her black, lace panties and he grabbed hold, yanking them upwards. She stifled a cry as the fabric rode up, between her labia, cutting into her flesh as he pulled upwards. He reached behind her, to the counter that she was pressed up against and grabbed a pair of scissors from one of the little trays. "I think you were told not to wear any underwear or bra, isn't that right?" She nodded. "Yes, Jamal. I'm sorry." For the first few weeks, she had done as he had told her, but when it seemed like she was free of him.... He cut the fabric of her panties on each side, then pulled them up and out of her pants. He balled them up in his hand and put them up near her face. She hesitated for a moment, then opened her mouth, letting him stuff the panties in. He tapped her cheek lightly, twice, with his hand, smiling cruelly, then reached down to her open pants again, sliding his hand inside. She spread her legs slightly as his fingers met her vagina, feeling her body respond. She came from a traditional Chinese family, with a traditional upbringing, and she felt a burning shame at her body's reaction to Jamal's touch. He leaned into her body, his muscled arm pressing against her small breasts. She could feel herself getting wet, and his fingers now slid easily over her opening and clitoris. Despite the humiliation of it, she moved her hips in rhythm to his touch. "You love this, don't you, Mei?" She let out a soft whimper in response. There was no point in denying anything to Jamal. He always knew better anyway. "I want you to cum for me. Can you do that?" "Mmm hmm." She arched her back, focusing her attention on the sensations between her legs. She let out a low, soft groan as Jamal pushed two of his fingers into her, then let them slide out, rubbing her clitoris. It was terrifying and humiliating that she should be made to cum on his hand, with her colleagues just a few feet away, through an unlocked door, but he continued moving between fingering her and rubbing her clitoris, and she slowly worked herself up to the edge of orgasm. As it hit, she grasped his arm with both of her hands, grinding herself against his hand in a most unladylike way. As always, it was hard for her to keep quiet when she climaxed. Her face burned with embarrassment as she let out several high-pitched squeals, but she managed to keep most of it in. The panties stuffed inside her mouth were actually helpful, in this regard. She clung to his arm as her body shook and her knees buckled, and was keenly aware of the hard strength of his muscle, ashamed of the pleasure she felt as she came for him. When she had finished, he pushed the forefinger and thumb of his free hand into her mouth and pulled out the panties. The fingers of his other hand slowly slid out of her, then over her clitoris one last time - sending a shudder through her body - before moving up to her face, where she licked them clean, tasting herself. He was staring into her eyes, and she stared back, not daring to say anything. She hoped that he was done with her. "Turn around." Her shoulders dropped in disappointment. "No, Jamal, please..." "Turn around, now." His eyes were still locked on hers, and his tone was now dangerous. She turned away from him, her eyes closing as he roughly pulled her pants down to the tops of her thighs. She heard him unbuckling his pants behind her, and then heard them hit the floor. She turned her head as he walked over to a nearby counter, dispensing some of the medical grade lubrication into his hand. He turned toward her again, and for the first time in more than a year, she saw that enormous, black penis, jutting out from his body. Memories flooded back to her. She knew this penis better than she knew her own husband's, but she was not at all ready for it to penetrate every orifice in her body. Stupid, stupid, stupid, she thought to herself. How could she have taken her freedom from Jamal for granted? She watched him apply the lubrication to himself, and then turned back forward as he moved behind her once again, pushing gently between her shoulder blades, bending her forward. She closed her eyes as he reached down, pulling her left cheek to the side. He found her anus with the tip of his penis and pushed into her in one, even motion. She choked back a cry of pain as he filled her rectum with his large, hard flesh. He held himself inside of her for a minute, then pulled slowly back, almost all the way out of her. She gritted her teeth, and then winced and he began thrusting in and out, her anus squeezing hard on the unwelcome intruder. He laughed at her grunts of pain as he thrust in and out of her. He worked her hard, pounding into her like an animal. As the minutes wore on, she began to breath more deeply and deliberately, trying to control her body. For to her shame, she was actually beginning to feel aroused by this violent sodomization. She was beginning to feel her vagina becoming more lubricated and she fought the urge to reach down and stimulate herself. As a doctor, she knew that it was not abnormal for her body to react, physically, to this kind of attention, but her culture and her upbringing was so ingrained that she felt absolutely humiliated. Quite suddenly, he pulled her to a standing position, wrapping his arms tightly around her stomach and breasts. He leaned in close to her right ear and whispered to her. "Do you ever let your husband fuck you in the ass, Mei?" The question caught her off guard. Her husband was even more traditional than she was, and would have been shocked at the idea. She answered, as best she could, through the painful slamming of his penis in her ass. "Ngh... Ngh... No, Jamal." He said nothing further, but the reminder that she did things with him that she would never do with her husband was clear. He thrust in and out of her for a few more minutes, then slowed and stepped back, letting his penis slip from her anus. He took hold of her pants, still tight around her thighs, by the back waistband and yanked them downward. "Take them off." She bent down and slipped off her shoes, then pulled her pants the rest of the way down, and off. "Now get on your knees and clean my dick." She had automatically folded her pants, and now put them carefully onto the counter, before dropping slowly to her knees. Jamal's monstrous dick stood out from his body, and she moved in closer, licking him carefully from base to tip, as he had taught her so long ago. She licked every inch of his rigid flesh, until he took a step back. "Now get up and bend over with your legs spread." She did as he told her to, and felt the head of his dick against her vaginal entrance this time. Without even thinking, she wiggled her hips slightly, pushing back against him, feeling a thrill of pleasure as the tip squeezed into her. He pulled back immediately, leaving her empty. "You're eager to have my cock back in that little pussy of yours, aren't you Mei?" She said nothing, the humiliation at having been caught pushing back against him like that made her face burn. "You really want me to fuck you, don't you?" She took in a shuddering breath. No point in denying. "Yes, Jamal." she said, even more humiliated at having to admit it. "Then beg for it, slut." She fought against her inhibition as he touched the head of his dick against her, sliding along her opening. "Please, Jamal," she whispered, "please fuck me..." She pushed herself back against him, feeling herself start to open for him, but he pulled back again. "No, I don't think you want it very badly." She started breathing rapidly. Suddenly, she felt no shame whatsoever, only mad lust for the monstrous dick teasing her aching pussy. "No, please, Jamal, please, I want it... I want your cock inside of me." He began to thrust gently back and forth, but didn't penetrate her. His hands moved to her hips, and he held her in place as his long, stiff cock slid along her slit. The sensation was driving her mad, and she needed him inside of her. "Please, let me feel your cock in my cunt, Jamal. I need your big cock in my pussy. Please, please, please fuck my cunt." Her own filthy begging was getting her even more worked up. He slid himself back between her lips, along the length of her wet slit, and she could feel every inch of him. She trembled as she felt him shift position behind her, and waited, every muscle in her body tense. Finally, he pushed forward, entering her pussy, penetrating her completely with one long, slow thrust that seemed to go on and on. The feeling was incredible, and she closed her eyes, her mouth falling slightly open as he began to give her what she had begged for. She understood how shameful this was, but she truly did not care. It felt so good to have this monster cock inside of her again. She took in short, rasping breaths as Jamal began to slam himself in and out of her pussy. He spent a long time banging furiously away at her cunt, before finally slowing down, and beginning to fuck her with long, strong thrusts. He pulled further and further back each time, until he was pulling completely out of her and then slamming forward again, his big dick finding her slick cunt and squeezing all the way back into her. After doing this a few times, he pulled back and stayed out of her. She felt him pushing between her cheeks, and braced herself as he pushed against her little asshole once again, easily forcing his way back into her ass. She held her breath as the seemingly endless length of his massive cock slid into her ass, until she felt his balls come to rest against her pussy, then took deep, measured breaths as he started to fuck her ass. At first, he moved slowly, with long strokes, but soon he was fucking her harder than before, his balls slapping her pussy. She grunted with pain at each brutal thrust. She realized, suddenly, how long they had been going at it, and Mei began to worry that someone would come looking for her. Jamal didn't appear to be on any schedule, and the medication was probably not going speed things up any. After a few minutes of painful ass-fucking, she felt him pull back until he popped out of her asshole. He pushed deep into her cunt in one quick thrust, fucked her pussy for a few strokes, then pulled out and squeezed into her ass again. Soon he was fucking both of her holes, alternating between them every few thrusts. She had made the mistake, once, of asking him not to go from her ass to her pussy, and so he now made a point to do it every time he fucked her. In her current state, however, she only felt ecstatic to have cock fucking her cunt again. She was so worked up, that she was actually pushing her ass back against him as he violated her holes. He fucked her like this for what seemed like an awfully long time, until eventually he began fucking her pussy exclusively again, and it wasn't long before he had her close to cumming again. She considered letting herself cum without permission, trying to do it quietly, but she wasn't very good at cumming quietly. "May I please cum, Jamal?" He laughed at her, squeezing her ass cheeks roughly as he continued fucking her. "Only good little sluts get to cum, Mei." She breathed faster. "I AM a good little slut, Jamal. I'm a good slut for you. You fuck my ass and my pussy. I suck your cock. I eat your cum. Please, I'm such a good slut for you, Jamal." He said nothing, but only continued slamming himself in and out of her cunt making her insane with the desire to cum. Nothing mattered right now, apart from getting Jamal's permission to cum. "Please, Jamal, please let me cum. I know I'm just a worthless slut. I know I don't deserve to cum, but I want it so bad, and your cock feels so good inside my cunt..." "I don't know..." "Please, Jamal... please..." He was silent for a long time. His amazing cock was so hard and so big inside of her, sending chills through her body with every thrust. "Cum." he said. Her body reacted immediately to this simple syllable, almost before her brain had time to process it. Her cunt clenched tightly on the monster cock slamming in and out of her, and she spasmed violently, throwing her head back. An incredibly intense orgasm rocked her body and she was unable to keep from making quite loud gasping and squealing noises. She buried her head in her arms, trying to quiet herself as her body shook uncontrollably. Eventually, her orgasm began to fade. Almost immediately, she began to worry. She was afraid that someone had heard her, and that soon her colleagues would guess what was going on. She didn't know if she could take it if the whole office was talking about her screwing around in an exam room. What's more, she was completely mortified by her own behavior. Jamal had raped her many times, but somehow, this time, he had turned her into an animal, literally begging to be fucked, and to cum. Could she even think of this as rape, after begging him so sincerely? What if word got out to her husband? There was no question but that he would leave her immediately if he found out, and it would not change anything, even if he knew she had been raped. She was suddenly shaken out of her reverie as Jamal pulled his penis out of her and yanked her back away from the counter she had be leaning against. As he turned her around, she looked down and saw that his massive penis was as hard as ever, and she knew that the pills she had given him were working. He lifted her up by her waist and sat her down on the end of the exam table, then began to unbutton her blouse. "Jamal, please, you have to finish soon!" Her whispered voice sounded frantic in her own ears. "If I take too long with one patient, someone will come looking for me." "Shhhhh..." he said, putting a finger to her lips, then opening the last of the buttons holding her shirt closed. She closed her eyes as he opened it to reveal the black lace bra that matched her now cut up panties. She felt him walk away from her and opened her eyes to see that he had gone to get the scissors. Soon he was back, and unceremoniously cut the bra straps from each of her shoulders. She shivered slightly as he slid the scissors under the small square of fabric between the two cups, then snipped it. There was no wire in this bra, so it cut easily. He pulled the ruined bra from her body, exposing her tiny breasts. "You should not wear a bra, Mei. I've told you this before, and this is the last time I want to tell you." "I know, Jamal. I'm sorry." "Your tits are tiny, and it is a JOKE for you to wear a bra." She hung her head in shame. "I know." "Look at me." His voice was soft, but sharp, and she looked up immediately, as he continued humiliating her. "Do you think you need to wear a bra for this?" he took hold of her nipples, tugging on them. She suppressed a cry, then answered. "No, Jamal." She looked deep into his eyes and, despite her fear, she felt a stupid, hateful desire for him again. "If I find you have worn a bra again, you will have a serious punishment. Do you see this video?" He held his phone up to her and as her eyes focused, she saw that it was a video from just a few minutes ago. She saw herself bent over the counter, from Jamal's perspective, and could just make out her whispering pleas for him to put his cock in cunt. "If I find that you have worn a bra, this video will find its way to your husband. Is that understood?" She nodded miserably. "Yes, Jamal." She was furious with herself. Why had she not suppressed her ridiculous animal response to Jamal's assault? "Lay back." Hoping that he would somehow finish with her before they were discovered, Mei lay back on the exam table, forcing herself to relax as he lifted her legs up. She felt him pushing against her anus again, and took a deep breath as he penetrated her. She looked up at the clock as he began again. "Don't worry, Mei. I know you're on a schedule, so I'll finish early." He moved easily in and out of her rectum. "Are you ready to eat my cum?" She nodded, hopeful that she might avoid public exposure. "Yes, Jamal, I'm ready." He thrust in and out of her a few more times, then pulled back, his penis slipping out of her anus, and climbed up onto the exam table, straddling her small chest. He yanked her head up by her hair, and forced the head into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she felt him tense, then tasted his ejaculate as he sprayed the inside of her mouth. She swallowed one mouthful, then another. By the time he had finished, she had eaten four large mouthfuls of his semen. He relaxed his hold on her head, and she let herself fall back, onto the table. He sat straddling her for a few seconds before stepping down off the table. "Pull your legs back, Mei." She grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled back so that her knees were pulled back to her ears. He picked up her panties from a side table and then moved between her spread legs. She felt the lacy fabric against her anus, and then his finger, pushing the cloth up into her rectum. He pushed more and more, until just a little bit of fabric was sticking out. He then picked up the bra he had cut from her and rolled it up into a tight, cylindrical wad. This he pushed, bit by bit, up into her vagina, letting one cut strap dangle a few inches out of her. "Get up." Slowly, she sat up, feeling the rough fabric rubbing inside both of her holes. "Get your pants on and close your shirt. You are not to remove the panties or bra until you get home for the night. I may or may not check on you again today." She looked up. "What if I have to go to the bathroom?" "You hold it." She sighed, snatching her pants up from the floor. "Is that a problem, Mei?" "No, no, no!" she said quickly. As they dressed, he continued. "You'll continue to get me the pills, but from now on, you'll deliver them to me." Her heart sank at this pronouncement, but she didn't dare object. "Okay." She buckled her pants, feeling the little strap of her bra dangling from her vagina. He put a business card down on the exam table. "Call me before next week, and I'll give you a time to come by. Plan on being available for at least a few hours." She bowed her head. They were both dressed now, and no one had come into the exam room. The relief she felt at this almost offset the dread she felt at the thought of making regular, hours-long visits to Jamal. She took the card. "I will call you." And then he was gone. She took a minute to compose herself before leaving the exam room. As she walked back to reception, she could feel the dangling strap of her bra brushing her inner thighs. For the rest of the day, she was aware of the fabric he had jammed into her. She didn't eat or drink anything else, and this was successful in that she did not end up needing to use the bathroom. Jamal did not return to check on her. She shook off a ridiculous feeling of disappointment as she made her way to her car and drove home. She left her punishment in place through dinner, until she could get away from her husband long enough to remove the fabric and throw the ruined and soiled undergarments away. She showered, washing Jamal's use of her body away, then changed into a nightgown. Never again would she wear panties or a bra, she thought, as she closed her underwear drawer. She felt cool air on her pussy, under her nightgown, feeling suddenly horny, and she wondered how receptive her husband might be to her tonight. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: