Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Consequences Part: Chapter 08 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Chloe and Taesha endure a long and brutal punishment from Jamal. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, rape, humil, sad, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 08: Consequences (BMWFBF interr rape humil sad oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 08: Consequences (BMWFBF interr rape humil sad oral anal a2m) Jamal wasn't gone for long, and Taesha had just managed to cum for the third time when he walked back into the house. Chloe had skirted the edge, and had needed to ask Taesha to stop licking her several times, but had managed to keep herself from cumming as she lay, tied in a sixty-nine position with Taesha. "Ask him." Taesha said in a low voice, then pressed her mouth tightly against her pussy, swirling her tongue softly inside her. A minute later, Jamal walked into the room. "Did you girls enjoy your time together?" Taesha lifted her head back. "Yes, I came three times. Thank you, Jamal." "You're welcome. Chloe?" Chloe hesitated a moment, then pushed past her feelings of humiliation. "Can I please have something in my ass, so that Taesha can help me cum?" "MAY I please, sir." he said. "May I please have something in my ass, sir?" She heard him fumbling in his duffel bag. "Did you cum?" "No, sir." "But you want to." "Yes." He appeared over her and knelt down, putting his fingers up to her lips. She opened her mouth and he put three fingers in. She licked them all over, as quickly as she could, before he pulled them out and moved behind her. She felt him spread her left ass cheek to the side, and then put his fingers against her asshole and push. She let out a little grunt as his fingers pushed roughly up her ass, then concentrated on Taesha's tongue, licking deep inside of her. "Nnnngggg, God... oh, fuck. Thank you, Jamal." "Stay away from her clit, Taesha." It didn't matter that Taesha wasn't licking her clit. At this point, she knew was going to cum, and she wanted to. As she started to breathe heavily, thrusting her hips back against Taesha's face and Jamal's hand, she remembered that she still needed his permission. "Jamal, please," she breathed, "Please, may I cum?" He moved his fingers slowly in and out of her ass, not answering for a few moments, then spoke. "Beg for it." She let out a whine of frustration, trying to slow down the inevitable. Taesha slowed down her licking. "Please, Jamal. Please, sir. I want to cum so badly." "You want to cum with Taesha licking you, don't you?" "Yes, sir. Please, sir." "Are you a slut, Chloe?" "Yes, sir. I AM a slut, Sir." She was tensing every muscle in her body to keep herself from losing control. "What does the slut want?" "The slut wants to cum, Sir, PLEASE, Sir." "Whose slut are you, Chloe?" "I'm Your slut, Sir. All Yours. Please let me cum!" Taesha's attention to her pussy, slowed or not, was about to push her over the edge. "Go ahead and cum, then, slut." Taesha's tongue slid even more deeply into her, and pushed up against the upper wall of her pussy. She started cumming immediately. "Rrrrrhhhh... thank you, Sir!" she practically screamed it as her body seized up, her orgasm taking over completely. Taesha's face was against her pussy, her tongue pressed firmly against the upper inside wall of her cunt. Her entire body shook and she let out a long, low groan, Jamal fingering her ass as she came. Eventually, she regained control of her body, breathing hard, and letting out long, shuddering breaths. She closed her eyes and rolled her hips, slowly, against Taesha's face. Taesha's tongue was all over, inside and outside her pussy, licking her. It felt so nice. "Thank you, Jamal." she said as she began to catch her breath. Jamal fingered her for a little while longer, then pulled out of her ass, coming around and pushing his fingers into her mouth. She could taste her ass, but didn't concentrate on licking them clean. Her attention was still on Taesha's tongue, licking her all over, including light flicks of her tongue at her clit, which Chloe knew was no accident. Jamal took his fingers out of her mouth and she thanked him again as he walked from the room. He was gone for a little while before he returned, putting what looked like two large dog bowls on the floor. They were filled with a pasty white something. "Dinner time." he said. Chloe had no concept of what time it was. Could it really be evening already? Jamal picked a loose end of the rope binding her with Taesha and, bit by bit, they were removed. When they were freed, he had Chloe stand, and looped a line of rope loosely around her neck, crossing and tucking with apparent purpose, leaving a length of rope hanging from either side of her neck. Next he raised her left wrist up, tying it tightly with the rope left there. When she was secure, he did the same with her right wrist. The result of this was that her arms were bent with her elbows pointed forwards. She found that she had to hold her hands carefully next to her neck. If she moved them too far, the rope around her neck would tighten. She stood silently, getting used to this position as he similarly tied Taesha. When he had finished, he pointed down at the dog bowls. Chloe and Taesha both got down onto their knees, and then Chloe watched as Taesha very carefully bent herself down until she was on her elbows and knees, then put her face into the bowl and began eating what was there. The food in the bowl looked anything but appetizing, but Chloe had eaten almost nothing, apart from Jamal's cum, for two days. She struggled down onto her elbows, and then put her face into the bowl, licking up a tongue full of the stuff. It was plain oatmeal, cold, but it tasted delicious to Chloe. In a very short time, she found herself licking the bottom and edges of the bowl, trying to get every bit that was there. When there was nothing left at all, she got back up onto her knees and waited. Jamal moved in and removed both bowls, though Taesha had only eaten half of what was there. He put the bowls onto Chloe's end table, and then had them stand, facing one another with their legs spread shoulder width, about two feet apart from one another. In turn, he removed the rope from around their necks, and then tied each of their arms securely behind their backs, hand to elbow. Jamal picked up a length of silvery chain, with a metal clamp on either end, the kind Chloe had become familiar with over the past two days. He took one of the clamps and ran it lightly over Chloe's breast, opening and closing it teasingly near her nipple. After a minute of this, he put the chain up near her mouth. She took it between her teeth, then took in a sharp breath as he grabbed around the base of her left tit with both hands, squeezing hard. "Get your mouth on there." he said, offering the ballooning flesh to Taesha who bent immediately and began licking and sucking all over. Chloe held the chain dutifully between her teeth through this, until Jamal pulled Taesha's head back and took the chain once more. He pinched the flesh of her breast, forcing her now erect nipple outwards, and quickly closed the clamp on it. Chloe squinted her eyes in pain, but made no sound. Jamal let the length of chain dangle from her nipple then put a hand behind her head, turning her to Taesha. He pushed her head down and forward, so that her face was up against Taesha's small, dark breasts. Chloe opened her mouth and took in Taesha's nipple and nipple ring, licking with the flat of her tongue, feeling her friend's nipple harden in her mouth as the chain swung, dangling from her own nipple. After just a few moments, Jamal lifted her head up and reached down for the other end of the chain. He put a finger through Taesha's nipple ring and pulled gently outward, then closed the clamp onto her nipple, behind her piercing. He reached behind himself and retrieved a second chain, offering it to Chloe, who held this one in her teeth as well. This time, he took hold of her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling until it became hard and erect. He took the chain from her mouth and clamped her nipple. A few seconds later, the other end was attached to Taesha's other nipple. Chloe looked up into Taesha's eyes as Jamal walked away from them, the pained expression she saw must have been mirrored by her own. Jamal returned with a handful of the small, hooked weights, and carefully hung the first from the chain connected between Chloe's left nipple and Taesha's right. Both women drew in a sharp breath as the weight pulled their tits downward by their nipples. He added a weight to the other chain as well, with a similar reaction. Chloe looked down to his hand and saw that he had four more weights, and her body tensed in anticipation. Jamal hung the weights one by one, until there were three hanging from each chain and then left the room again. Chloe tried desperately to remain stationary, as even the slightest movement made the weights bounce and sway painfully, and also made the clip on her nipple feel like it was slipping. Not only did she not want to have to deal with the consequences of allowing the clamp to slip free of her nipple, she didn't want the chain and weights to fall downward with their full force on Taesha's nipple. Jamal returned with a kind of whip, consisting of a bunch of long, flat leather strips that came together in a bound leather handle. He walked slowly around the two of them, and Chloe tried not to follow him with her eyes. He stayed behind her for a long time until, eventually, she felt the cool leather straps brush lightly against her buttocks. Her breathing increased as she waited for the first blow to land. He whipped her across the ass several quick times in succession, which was even more painful because of how sore her ass was from the wooden cane he had punished her with all morning. It also caused more pain from the clamps as she was unable to keep still, and the weights bounced and jiggled up and down, tugging on her tortured nipples. He came around, to the side of her, and then whipped her belly several times. She felt a tear run down the side of her face as she struggled to keep herself standing straight and upright. He whipped her thighs, and then her stomach again, before turning to Taesha. It seemed to Chloe that Jamal whipped Taesha a lot harder than he had whipped her. She cringed as her friend stood rigidly, wincing with each strike, first on her belly, then behind, with loud cracks across her ass. He worked Taesha over with the whip for a few minutes, then walked up to Chloe and held the handle of the whip horizontally, up near her mouth. She opened her mouth but he paused. "Do NOT leave any teeth marks." he said. She looked at the soft leather handle then up at Jamal's stern face. "Yes, Jamal." He moved the handle forward and she took it gingerly, holding it mostly with tightly tensed lips. He rand his hands softly down her sides, and then up to her breasts, squeezing around them firmly, but not roughly. The pain in her nipples increased as he squeezed and mauled her large tits. After a little while, Jamal took her by the back of the neck with his left hand, and moved his right hand down between her legs. She became aware of just how wet she was when he pushed two fingers easily all the way up into her. She breathed in sharply through her nose, closing her eyes as Jamal roughly fingered her. She had no desire to cum, but she let herself get worked up in case Jamal told her to. He pulled his fingers out of her, sliding upward along her slit, and then roughly rubbing her clit. She could have cum then, if he wanted her to, and she wouldn't have minded if he did. After just another moment, though, he gripped her pussy in his hand, and then removed it from between her thighs, turning and putting his fingers into Taesha's mouth for the young woman to lick clean. Watching this turned Chloe on even more, and she felt a shameful frustration that she hadn't been made to cum. He returned to her and took the whip from her mouth, carefully inspecting it. He frowned as he checked it over and then showed the handle to her. There was a small impression that she had made with her teeth. It couldn't be any kind of permanent damage, but she doubted that mattered to Jamal. He moved behind her and whipped her ass sharply, then again, across the other cheek. There was a long pause, and then he whipped upwards, between her legs, so that the strike landed along the length of her pussy and up on her pubic area. She winced as he struck her there again, and then just squeezed her eyes shut, as he repeatedly whipped her pussy. When he was finally done whipping her pussy, he walked around, to the front of her again, looking into her eyes. "Thank you, Jamal." she said. He nodded very slightly, then lifted up the whip, and began whipping her tits, sending the weights and the chains bobbing up and down with each strike. Taesha cried out along with her as the chains danced madly, tugging painfully at their nipples. After a while, he turned to Taesha and whipped her across the tits a few times, before beginning to alternate between them. He whipped their tits, turning back and forth, for a long time, and she and Taesha were both sobbing by the time he gave them a break, turning his whip to the stomach, ass, and inner thighs. He ended by whipping Taesha's pussy viciously, both from the front and the back, and then having her take the whip between her teeth. One by one, Jamal removed the clamps from Taesha's nipples, and Chloe winced at the look of pain on her friends face each time. When they were off, he came over to Chloe, and made her bend her waist about forty-five degrees, carefully letting the chains go so that their full weight pulled down on Chloe's poor nipples. He took the whip from Taesha and ran it gently along her back and sides, teasing her, making her quiver with fear and anticipation over when he would start whipping her again. He whipped lightly along the sides of her tits first, sending the weighted chains bouncing painfully all over, then more harshly, soon forcing more tears down her cheeks, from the pain. After maybe fifteen or twenty strikes, she had a short break as Jamal took the time to untie Taesha's arms, and sent her to kneel and lick Chloe's pussy. As always, Taesha's expert mouth and tongue brought her quickly to the edge of orgasm, despite Jamal's returning his brutal attention to her downward hanging tits. The chains and weights hung down from her nipples still, but the were bouncing around less, as they rested against either side of Taesha's body. After a minute or so, Taesha pushed a finger up her ass as she licked her, and Chloe began to beg Jamal to cum, her words almost unintelligible through her sobbing. "You want to cum?" Jamal asked her, whipping her particularly harshly across both tits. Taesha'a tongue slid along her slit and over her clit. then into her again. "Yes...Nnnnnhhhhhuhhh... please, Sir..." "Cum." he said. Taesha took her quickly to orgasm, and as she came, it became almost impossible to distinguish the pain from the pleasure. Her entire body was exploding with sensation, and she could barely breathe as the orgasm shook her body through each fresh strike. While she was still cumming, Jamal dropped the whip and grabbed her by the tits, standing her up, and removing the clamps. She heard them fall to the floor, and her nipples exploded in fresh pain and he squeezed and mauled her tits. She had no idea how long she came, but she got completely out of her head for what must have been a long time. When she came back to herself, she was laying on her bed with Taesha between her legs, softly licking her cunt. She felt sore all over, but extremely relaxed, and she sighed softly. Taesha reached up and took her hand, and their fingers intertwined as she gently licked Chloe's pussy. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: