Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: The Home Stretch Part: Chapter 07 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Chloe relies on her growing connection with Taesha, and the approaching end of her weekend of rape to give her the strength to make it through this final day. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, rape, sad, piv, toys, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 07: The Home Stretch (BMWFBF interr rape sad piv toys oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 07: The Home Stretch (BMWFBF interr rape sad piv toys oral anal a2m) Chloe startled awake at the sound of a door slamming. She had no idea how long she had been asleep, but she was still bound at the wrist, knee, and ankle, and every inch of her body felt sore, particularly her tits, ass, and inner thighs. She could hear Jamal moving around in another room, but couldn't see him. She was still on her side, on her living room floor. As her eyes began to focus, she saw Taesha's foot on the floor near her. She followed that upward to where the metal pipe of the horse ran between her legs, her stomach twisting with guilt as she saw Taesha's shaved, black pussy wrapped around the pipe. She looked up and saw that Taesha's face was wet with tears, though she made no sound, her arms still tied up and back, behind her head, forcing her small, dark tits forward, a line of rope from her wrists running down to the metal hook in her ass. Jamal came into the room and walked up to Taesha. He put a hand to her cheek, wiping away some of her tears, and she started to speak. She took in sharp breaths between each word. "Jamal... please... let... me..." He put a finger to her lips and she quieted immediately. "You asked for this punishment, Taesha, and you can squirm for a bit longer. Taesha let out a disappointed whine, then opened her mouth as Jamal put the tips of his first two fingers against her lips. He pushed his fingers to the back of her throat, and she gagged, slightly. Jamal slid his fingers in and out of her throat, sliding along her tongue a few times, then withdrew them and tapped her lightly on her cheek. Taesha hung her head, her brows furrowed with pain as she resettled herself on the nasty looking metal horse. Jamal turned to Chloe. He crouched down next to her and ran his hand down along her side and over her ass. Her skin was raw from the whipping he had given her, but she made no sound. He moved his hand to her ass crack, and she took in a sharp breath, but said nothing as he pushed a finger up her ass. "Who do you belong to, Chloe?" She did not look up at him. "To you, Jamal." For just a few more hours, she added silently to herself. He pushed a second finger into her ass, and began slowly sliding them in and out of her. "You're going to be my little anal slut, Chloe." He dripped a little lubrication onto her crack, and then worked a third finger into her. After a moment he spoke again. "I don't want you to cum without something in your ass, from now on. If you need to cum, and you do not have anything in your ass, you can ask or beg for something or for permission to use your fingers. If you are not given anything for your ass, you do not cum. Do you understand?" "Yes, Jamal." He stroked her side softly as he fingered her ass. "Did you enjoy your rest?" "Yes. Thank you, Jamal." "Good." He fingered her for a little while longer, silently, then pulled his fingers from her ass. He stood, and offered them to Taesha, who rapidly licked them all over, before he pushed them deep into her throat again. He held his fingers down her throat for a few seconds, then let his hand drift downward, tracing down her neck, over her breast, then down to her pussy. Chloe watched Taesha struggle to lift herself from the bar, her legs shaking violently. Jamal's hand moved between her lips and he began to rub her pussy and clit, eliciting a shuddering sob. He leaned into her, putting his forehead against hers, whispering. At first, Chloe couldn't make out what he was saying, but she lifted her head up off the floor, and could hear a little better. Taesha was shaking her head. "I can't... I CAN'T, I'm trying, Jamal, oh God..." "Yes, you can. Cum for me now, Taesha or you'll spend another hour on the horse, and this time you won't be alone." Taesha let out a long low sound that was something between a groan and a growl, then began whimpering, grinding her pelvis against Jamal's hand. "That's my girl..." He began moving his hand more rapidly, and Taesha's breathing sped up. Her whole body tensed for a moment, and then she began to cum, letting out pathetic little whining, crying sounds as she came. "Good girl." he whispered, rubbing her pussy slowly all over as her orgasm began to wind down. He loosened the bolts holding the pipe in place, and let it slide down, then helped Taesha to step over it. He put her down onto her knees up above Chloe's head, then bent her over, pushing her face into the floor. Their faces were right next to each other, upside-down from one another. Taesha turned to face Chloe, wincing as this pulled up on the hook in her ass. She looked miserable as Jamal moved behind her. Chloe could feel her friend's breath on her face, and whispered "I'm sorry." Taesha gave her a little smile which twisted into a grimace, her eyes squinting shut as Jamal pushed back into her, fucking her abused cunt, the hook still buried in her asshole. Chloe wiggled herself, changing position to get her lips near Taesha's, then kissed her gently. Taesha responded immediately, opening her mouth and returning Chloe's kiss fiercely. Her tongue slid into Chloe's mouth, as their kiss became more passionate. Jamal fucked her harder, slamming her body around, and it became difficult to keep their lips together, so they began licking haphazardly at each other. After just a minute of this, Chloe felt Jamal take her by the hair, and struggled up onto her knees. He pulled her forward so that she was kneeling next to Taesha's ass, then released her hair. She looked down, and watch him push his entire, massive cock into Taesha's pussy, and then reach forward, untying the rope that connected the anal hook to her bound wrists. As this was removed, Taesha moved her arms forward, so that her hands lay on the floor above her head. Jamal tugged on the anal hook, and Chloe watched her friend's asshole spread wide, letting the large metal ball at the end of the hook pop out of her ass. He lifted it up toward Chloe, and as she began to lick it clean, she heard a groan, and looked down to see Jamal squeezing his cock into Taesha's freshly accessible ass. Jamal had her lick all over the anal hook as he fucked Taesha's ass. Finally, he seemed satisfied with her work, and tossed the thing up onto her couch. He fucked Taesha a few more strokes, and then pulled his cock out of her ass, putting it up to Chloe's lips. Chloe obediently opened her mouth and let him push his cock in. She licked and sucked him as he fucked her face with a few shallow thrusts, before pushing himself back into Taesha's ass. He fucked her for only a few seconds before pulling out, and fucking Chloe's mouth again. He kept this up for some time, and Chloe licked his dick clean every time he pushed it into her mouth from Taesha's ass. Eventually, he took hold of her by the hair and turned her around, pushing her face and tits down against the floor. There was a pause, and then she took in a deep breath as she felt Jamal's monster cock spreading her own asshole wide. She turned her head toward Taesha, who was still bent over in the same position. Chloe would probably never have to endure that horrible metal horse because of Taesha, and she felt deeply grateful to her friend. She leaned her head in closer, and Taesha responded, craning her own neck to get her head closer to Chloe. Their lips met, and Chloe closed her eyes as they kissed softly. They continued kissing as Jamal moved behind Taesha. Chloe felt Taesha's tongue tense subtly, and knew it was in response to Jamal's cock pushing into her ass. Taesha's kisses became more aggressive the longer she was sodomized, and Chloe kept her lips soft, letting her friend lick and bite at her. She felt incredibly hot, and hoped that Jamal might have her lick Taesha's pussy. As Jamal continued fucking away at Taesha, Chloe she felt the heel of his hand against the small of her back. She closed her eyes, taking Taesha's tongue into her mouth as he pushed three fingers into her ass. She moved her head back and forth, sucking Taesha's tongue like a little cock as Jamal pushed his fingers all the way into her ass and then began twisting them round and round. He fingered her asshole for a bit, then slid his fingers out of her ass and pushed them between their lips as they kissed. Taesha immediately took them into her mouth, and Chloe licked at her lips and Jamal's knuckles. Taesha sucked his fingers a few times, and then he pulled them from her and pushed them deep into Chloe's mouth. She fought off a sudden gag reflex, and then licked him all over. His fingers still at the back of her throat, Jamal's pressed his thumb below her chin, and grabbed her tightly by her lower jaw. He pulled her toward him, and she struggled to her knees, turning and putting her arms behind her back, clasping her wrists. Taesha remained with her chest and face pressed against the floor, her skinny, black ass pushed up in the air. Jamal's massive dick was moving smoothly in and out of her ass, stretching her little asshole wide around it. Jamal let go of Chloe's jaw, and grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her head down, so that her right cheek was pressed against the top of Taesha's ass, her mouth less than an inch from the giant black cock stabbing in and out of her friend's tight hole. She opened her mouth in anticipation of her required role here, and Jamal did begin alternating his thrusts between Taesha's asshole and her mouth. He held her head quite forcefully down against Taesha's ass, pulling her hair painfully as his dick pushed into her mouth, then easily back into Taesha's ass, then back into her mouth, over and over again. This continued for some time, until suddenly, he yanked her head up, and shoved her back to the ground, on her belly. He slapped her ass hard as she struggled to her knees, keeping her tits and face pressed to the floor. In just a few seconds, she felt him squeezing back up her ass. She turned her head toward Taesha just in time to see her friend pulled up and put into the same position, head against Chloe's ass. Jamal began pulling completely out of her ass with every thrust, fucking Taesha's mouth with his dirty cock each time. This went on for just a minute or so before Taesha's head was lifted, and Jamal pushed forward very hard, burying himself completely in Chloe's ass, his balls pressing against her pussy. He held himself inside of her like that for a moment, then pulled her up onto her knees by her hair. His cock slid out of her ass as he turned her around, his rock hard cock bobbing in the air in front of her. Taesha knelt beside her, and Jamal had her by the hair as well. He pushed their heads together, on opposite sides of his cock, and Chloe instinctively opened her mouth, moving her head from side to side, licking along the shaft of her rapist's cock. Taesha did the same, and it was almost as though they were kissing each other over this massive dick between them. Soon, Jamal mashed their faces together even harder, and began fucking the space that their mouths made together, around his cock. From time to time, he'd change his angle, pushing into her or Taesha's mouth, fucking their throats for a few strokes before thrusting back between their mouths again. After a while, Chloe felt his Jamal's thrusting become shorter and more erratic, and she knew that he was about to cum. He turned their heads, forcefully, and pressed their cheeks together. Chloe opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out, feeling Taesha do the same. The coordinated intuitively to put the corners of their mouth together, and pressed the sides of their tongues together, almost as though they were one mouth to receive Jamal's cum. Chloe looked up at the man as he stroked his massive dick above them. Every muscle in his body was tensed, and she marveled at his strength. The first glob of cum landed on Chloe's tongue, and slid back into her mouth. The next sprayed across both their mouths, and then the next few, directly into Taesha's mouth. He ended, dripping the remainder of his cum into Chloe's mouth. Both women waited as he stood above them, his cum pooled in their mouths, their tongues touching. It was Chloe who moved first, tilting her head slightly and closing her lips on Taesha's. She let the cum in her mouth slide down into Taesha's, the plunged her tongue into her friend's mouth where it slid against Taesha's, in the slippery, salty pool of cum. When there was no rebuke from Jamal, she put her hand behind Taesha's head and kissed her as passionately as she had ever kissed anyone. She tilted her head so that the cum ran into her own mouth and then broke off the kiss, holding her mouth open, and looking up at Jamal. "Swallow it." he said, and she closed her mouth, swallowing the cum. He turned away from them as Chloe looked over to Taesha. There was a line of cum across her upper lip, which Chloe quickly licked away. Taesha licked her cheek lightly, looked her over carefully, then licked her cheek again. They looked at each other, both licking their lips, and then, as one, they began to kiss again. They kissed for some time before Jamal interrupted them. "As much as I've enjoyed watching my little cum sluts kissing, and sharing my cum, neither of you asked permission to do so." They broke off the kiss, both speaking at once. "I'm sorry, Jamal." He held up his hand. He had gotten himself dressed while they kissed. "You'll both need a punishment, but it will have to be a little later. Right now I have some more errands to run." He picked up a length of rope from beside the couch. "In the meantime, I'll let you two girls have a little fun with each other." He made them lay together in a sort of a sixty-nine position, with their thighs spread around each other's chests. Chloe had her arms up, back behind Taesha's thighs, and her hands looped back around in front where they were tied together, squished between her own tits and Taesha' shaved mound. Taesha's pussy was spread right in front of her face, and she could see that the indentations and marks from her time on that horrible horse contraption were still visible. As she stared at her friend's dark skin and lips, spread just enough to show a little pink, she felt Taesha's arms and wrists being similarly bound. She was suddenly aware of her friend's breath on her pussy and almost involuntarily thrust her hips forward. Jamal slapped her ass, which was still extremely sore from the whippings he'd given her, and she cried out, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. "Control yourself, you slutty little cunt." he said, "And don't forget that you are not allowed to cum without something in your asshole." She got herself under control before answering, her voice still shaky. "Yes, Jamal." "And you, Taesha. I want at least three orgasms from you while I'm gone." "Yes, sir." Chloe remained motionless, feeling her pussy growing wetter by the moment, as Taesha's warm breath moved over her. She heard Jamal leave again, locking the door behind him. Neither woman spoke for some time, but it was Taesha who finally broke the silence. "Ms. Kessler, please will you lick me, and help me cum?" Chloe looked at the marks all over her crotch area. "Are you sure? Aren't you sore?" She felt the young woman nodding. "Yes, but Jamal told me I need to cum three times before he gets back, and I don't know how long that will be." "He won't know the difference. We can say that you came four times if you want." "No, he might be recording us. He records all the time." Chloe sighed. "Well, of course I'll help you cum, then. I'll try to be really gentle." Chloe licked, with the flat of her tongue, from the edge of Taesha's asshole, all along the length of her pussy, and up to her clit. This got a long soft moan, and so she repeated the motion. "Mmmmm... can you push your tongue inside of me, as deep as you can? Ohhhh... mmmmm, yes, just like that..." Chloe pushed her tongue deep, soon finding that both her tongue and her neck got tired out very quickly. Taesha was really getting into the attention, though, and so she pushed herself, straining to keep her tongue pushed deep inside, as Taesha ground her pussy against her face. She was able to keep this up for a while, but eventually, she had to pull back. As she pulled her tongue out, she flicked it lightly at Taesha's clit, tasting the metal of the ring going through it. It seemed like a lifetime ago that Jamal had first forced her to lick this pussy. Taesha reacted instantly. "Oh my God, yes, lick my clit just like that, please..." Chloe licked at her clit, flopping the ring up and down rapidly. Taesha's head whipped around as she began to cum. "Okay! Softer! Please! Soft... soft..." she sighed appreciatively as Chloe softened her tongue, and lapped gently at her friend's pussy and clit. "Yes, just like that. It feels so good, so soft when I cum." Taesha's thigh's trembled gently as the orgasm shook her body. After a long time, she, quivering gently as Chloe licked her lips with long, slow strokes. When she seemed to have finished, Chloe kissed her pussy, and then spoke. "I need to rest for a minute." "Okay." said Taesha, sounding out of breath. "Thank you, Ms. Kessler." "You don't have to call me that. You can call me Chloe." "Okay. Thank you, Chloe." Chloe didn't say anything, and there was a long silence. "Chloe?" "Hm?" "Do you want me to lick you?" Chloe was embarrassed to say how badly she did want that, but she was terrified that she would cum, without a butt plug or anything, and whatever punishment Jamal was thinking up for them would be even worse. "You're worried about cumming without something in your ass, right?" "Mmm hmm." Taesha sighed. "You should have asked Jamal to have something in your ass." She paused for a moment, then spoke again, sounding serious. "I haven't enjoyed cumming like that in a long time. Can I please lick you? I'll stop when you say, so you won't have to worry about cumming." Chloe felt her heart racing slightly. "Okay." She let out a long low moan as Taesha's tongue met her lips, and spread them, licking lightly inside of her. Chloe fought the urge to grind her pussy into her friend's face, and tried to relax, ready to call out if she felt herself get too close. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: