Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Instruction Part: Chapter 05 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: With Taesha gone, Chloe spends the day with Jamal, being used and degraded. Keywords: BMWF, interr, rape, sad, toys, oral, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 05: Instruction (BMWF interr rape sad toys oral anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 05: Instruction (BMWF interr rape sad toys oral anal a2m) Jamal stood next to Chloe for a long time, looking her up and down as she lay tied to her table. She didn't know what he was going to do with her - or to her - but she knew that he intended to rape her in her own home for the entire weekend. That meant the rest of the day (and it was only mid-morning now) and all of tomorrow. She wanted to rebel against him, and defy him at every opportunity, but she had already learned that if she did that, he would only escalate, subjecting her to worse and worse punishment until she gave in. She knew that unless she could escape the house, she would remain completely at his mercy. She resolved to look for a chance to escape him, even as she prepared herself to submit to whatever awful and degrading acts he demanded of her. "You're going to learn how to present yourself now." His voice broke her out of her reverie and back to the uncomfortable and immediate reality of her situation. She felt him picking at the rope tying her wrist to the table. "Yes, Jamal." she said. "When I tell you to present your mouth, I want you on your knees in front of me." The ropes around her wrists began to loosen. "I have Taesha sit back on her heels, but you're much shorter than she is, so you'll need to stay up to keep your mouth at the level of my cock." "Yes, Jamal." "When you present your mouth to me, I want it open wide, but not obscenely wide. Keep your lips and tongue soft and relaxed. Do you understand?" Both her arms were free now, and she hugged them to her chest, feeling the sore muscles aching. "Yes, I think so." He moved to her legs now, tugging at the ropes that bound them to her kitchen table. "Keep your hands clasped behind your back and your chest high, your tits forward. Unless I tell you otherwise, I want your eyes focused on mine." "Yes, sir." He finished untying her legs and took a step back. She closed her legs, those muscles aching as much as the ones in her upper body. It felt good to move. "Now, present your mouth to me." Slowly, Chloe sat up on the table, then scooted down to the edge and off. With every movement, she was aware of the large plug in her ass. She knelt down in front of him, trying to remember all the details of what he'd just told her. She put her arms behind her, grabbing her wrists, and held her chest high, pulling her shoulders back so that her tits were pushed forward. She opened her mouth wide, trying to keep her lips soft as he had described. "Not bad. Sit up a bit higher." She adjusted herself. "You know how to suck cock, so I won't instruct you there, except to say that you should not use your hands - only your mouth - when sucking my cock, unless I specifically tell you otherwise. Also, when you present your mouth to me, I do not want you to do anything at all except to keep your mouth presented for fucking, unless I tell you to suck my cock. Do you understand the difference between sucking my cock and having your mouth fucked?" "Yes, I think so." There was a sharp pain as he struck her with the cane, at the top of her left ass cheek, and she cried out in pain. "Pay attention to your body, please." She realized she had started to slouch, and her mouth was closed. She pulled her shoulders back again, thrust her tits forward, and opened her mouth. "Better." He unbuckled his pants, dropping them and his boxer shorts to the floor. His black cock was long and thick, but still far from rigid, pointing downward. He lifted it with one hand and moved toward her, putting the tip into her mouth. She felt the hard point of the cane press against her side and was only just able to keep herself from recoiling. His cock resting on her tongue, Jamal ran the tip of the cane over her body - along her stomach, down her thigh, up again to her neck, then down to her breasts. The cane came to rest on her left breast, pressing down a little harder. She braced for the inevitable strike, but did not move. She put all her concentration to keeping her lips and tongue soft, and her tits forward. He remained motionless with her for a long time, the side of the cane pressing into her breast. She felt him swell slightly against her tongue. "Good girl." He said. She felt an unwelcome sort of pride, as though she had passed some kind of test. The cane was moved from her body and placed on the table. Jamal put his hands on either side of her head and slid his cock deeper into her mouth. She kept her eyes on his as he reached the back of her mouth and pushed down her throat, widening her mouth only as much as she had to, to accomodate him. She could feel him getting harder as he started fucking her mouth and throat. She gagged a little, but was able to keep her composure and her position. Beyond her control, she felt herself getting turned on, her pussy feeling wet. She wondered if that would be good or bad for her if Jamal noticed it. His cock was becoming harder as he fucked her mouth and throat, and he was not being gentle. She held herself in position, though, and soon he pulled back, out of her mouth. She took several deep breaths, her eyes locked on his, thinking how nice it would feel to move a hand to her pussy. "Suck my cock, now, Chloe. Use your throat, and keep your mouth and tongue soft. I want you to show me what a cock-hungry slut you are." Despite herself, Chloe felt almost eager as she moved her head forward, taking his large, hard cock into her mouth. She did her best to follow his instructions, sucking him softly - not too hard or fast. It was very difficult to get him down her throat without using her hands at all, but she managed it by tilting her head almost sideways. As his massive, rigid flesh filled her throat, she let her tongue slide along his length. She badly wanted to touch herself. She sucked his cock like this for a long time. It was long enough that her knees and neck were becoming sore, but she resisted the urge to sit back on her heels and rest. Without thinking, though, and before she realized she had done it, she put one hand up on his leg, steadying herself. "Your hands belong behind your back." She quickly put them back behind her and pulled her head back, off of his dick. "I'm sorry, Jamal, I..." "Get up." She stopped talking and stood in front of him. He paced around her. "Shoulders back, tits out." She threw her shoulders back, arching her back and pushing her tits forward. "Good. This is how you present your tits to me." He looked her up and down for a few moments, then cupped his hand under her left breast, hefting it. He held it up for a second then let go and slapped the top of it, hard, with the same hand. She turned her upper body, flinching, and shying away from him. "Present your tits for your punishment, Chloe, or I'll add ten lashes with the cane." Reluctantly, she turned herself back, pushing her tits forward again. She was trembling as he placed his hand over her right breast, gently squeezing her. He lifted his hand and she squinted her eyes in anticipation. There was no blow. "Eyes on mine, please, Chloe." She opened her eyes, and looked into his. He slapped her right tit hard, and she grimaced in pain, but kept her tits pressed forward, and her eyes on his. He raised his hand, waited a moment, then slapped her left tit again, then her right. The blows continued to fall, and she found it harder and harder to keep herself presented the way he wanted. As the pain got worse, the urge to turn away became almost too much for her to resist. After each of her breasts had been struck ten times, he stopped, and then moved in very close to her, squeezing those sore breasts roughly, one in each hand. His mouth was near her ear. "You are mine, Chloe. You are my property." She sniffed, trying not to react to his slow mauling of her breasts. "Yes, sir." He gripped her breasts harder, and pulled her body forward, right up against him. "Your tits are mine." "Yes, Jamal." His hard cock was pressed against her stomach. He moved his head forward, until the bridge of his nose was against her forehead. His breath and his voice were all around her. "Your cunt is mine, too." Her body shook. "Yes, sir." His hand moved down to her pussy, and she almost sighed with pleasure as he started rubbing her wet slit. "You've got a nice wet cunt for me, too, don't you, little slut?" She shivered uncontrollably. "Yy-yes, Jamal." He rubbed her pussy and clit for a while, and she very lightly ground her pussy against his hand. She looked down at her tits and saw that they were bright red. He lifted his head from hers, but remained close. "Look at me, Chloe." She looked back up into his eyes. He continued stroking her pussy, as she stood with her tits forward, trembling. He pushed two fingers up into her pussy and hooked them inside of her, then pulled, up and toward himself. She was forced up onto her tip-toes, and took an off-balance step toward him. His eyes penetrated hers. "You are MINE." "Yes, Jamal." His fingers slid slowly out of her and upwards. She let out a soft moan as they slid over her clit, then opened her mouth as his fingers met her lips and she tasted her pussy, licking them clean. "Now, let's try this again. Present your mouth for me, Chloe." She knelt down before him, clasping her hands behind her back and pushing her reddened tits forward. She opened her mouth and waited, her eyes on his. He smiled, and pushed his hard cock into her mouth. He fucked her mouth and throat for a few minutes, before pulling out and stroking himself above her face. She kept her mouth open for him, and he soon began spraying his hot, thick cum onto her tongue. When he had finished, she waited with her mouth open, his salty cum pooled in her mouth. He wiped the tip of his dick on her upper lip, slowly, leaving a last bit of cum there. "Swallow." He said. She closed her mouth and swallowed the load, then licked her lip and swallowed again before opening her mouth to display what she had done. She hated herself for how badly she wanted to get off, and tried to ignore her pussy, aching for attention. He bent down and picked up his boxers and pants, then slowly started to pull them on. She shook her head as though coming out of a dream. Now was perhaps her only chace. She quickly stood up and pushed Jamal, as hard as she could, knocking him over, then ran toward her front door. She knew that she only had to get outside - there would be plenty of people out there who could help her. Her heart raced madly as she reached the door, turning the handle and yanking on it. When it didn't budge, she reached up to turn the deadbolt, but her fingers closed on nothing. Confused, she looked up at the knob for her door's deadbolt and saw that it had been replaced with a keyhole. It looked like the outside, rather than the inside of a door lock. She turned, thinking to try another door, or a window, but Jamal was there. A terrible dread filled her as she realized she would not be escaping. She flinched as he advanced on her. He put his hand to her head and grabbed a fistful of hair, twisting her head up to look at him. He seemed more amused than angry. "It looks like I'll need to keep a shorter leash on my bitch." He marched her back to the living room by her hair, and pushed her forward, into the center of the room. "Present your tits." Terrified, she straightened her body and thrust her tits forward. Jamal reached into his bag and lifted out a chain, about ten or twelve inches long with two round metal things on each end. He took one of these between his fingers and squeezed it. It opened, and she saw that it was some kind of clip. "This is a nipple clamp." Before she could really process what that meant, he took hold of her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and pinched it, pulling outward. He then positioned the little clip and closed it on her nipple. It was painful, and she pulled away immediately, twisting her torso, yanking the chain out of Jamal's hand. It dropped, dangling from her nipple. "Do NOT pull away from me. Now present your tits." Frowning deeply, on the edge of tears, Chloe twisted back forward, pushing her breasts forward. The chain dangled from her nipple, the clip on the other end jostling against her stomach, sending little jolts of pain through her. Jamal took this clamp and touched it softly against the flesh above her left nipple. She winced and fought her overwhelming impulse to twist away from him as he gently ran the metal clamp along her nipple, teasing her. He squeezed the thing open, and ran it gently up and down her breast so that her nipple passed between the two pads. He would pause when her nipple was in between, longer and longer each time until at last, he let it slowly close. She sucked in sharp breaths as her left nipple was painfully pinched by the second clip. Jamal took a step back from her and admired his work as she stood trembling, pain radiating from her abused nipples. He put a finger under the small chain running between the two clamps and lifted it upward. She squinted her eyes shut and let her head loll back at the pain this caused. She could feel her large breasts being lifted upwards, supported by nothing more than the small metal pieces clamped onto her poor nipples. "Look at me, Chloe." She opened her eyes and brought her head back level, looking up at him. He brought the chain close to her mouth, pulling her tits up further still. She waited only a moment before opening her mouth. His command was unspoken, but she understood, and as he put the chain between her teeth, she bit down on it, the weight of her tits pulling down on her teeth, stretching her squeezed nipples. He took some rope from the table and turned back to her. "Hands in front of you, please. Wrists together." She did as he said, and he wound the rope tightly around her wrists, tying them securely together. He then took another length and tied her legs together just above the knees. He stood up and looked her over for another moment, then spoke. "I'm getting hungry and I'd like you to make me something to eat. Do you have eggs in your fridge?" She thought for a minute. She did. "Yeff, Yamal." "Please nod, or shake your head when you speak your answer, so I can be sure to understand you." Of course he could understand her. He only wanted her to suffer a little more from her nipple clamps each time she answered him. Slowly, painfully, she nodded her head, the chain between her teeth lowering and raising her tits by the clamps on her nipples. "Yeff, Yamal." "Good. Bacon?" Nod. "Yeff." "Cheese?" Nod. "Yeff." "And bread, of course?" "Yeff, Yamal." She nodded painfully at each question. "Good. Go and make me a sandwich with fried egg, bacon, and cheese. Don't cook the bacon too long, and don't break the egg yolk." She stared at him. He expected her to do all of that with her knees and wrists tied, holding her tits up by her sore, painful nipples, from a chain clenched in her teeth? "Is there a problem?" he asked. "No!" she said, shaking her head a little too vigorously, without thinking. Her tits were pulled side-to-side, and the pinching sensation in her left nipple became even worse as the clamp slid part-way off, pinching just the tip of her nipple now. She moved her body, almost involuntarily, at the pain, and the clamp popped off entirely. The pain in her nipple then became ten times worse, and she cried out, dropping the chain from her teeth. She stood, panting, the chain hanging straight down from from the one clamp still on her right nipple. Jamal watched her, cruel amusement on his face. "I'm sorry!" she said, hoping he wasn't planning another awful punishment for her. He didn't reply, but took the clamp that hung down the chain from her right breast and lifted it back to her left nipple, unceremoniously clamping it back on. The pain was excruciating, but she kept her tits forward. Again he lifted the chain to her mouth, and again she took it in her teeth. "Are you ready do go and make me my lunch?" he asked. She nodded, very carefully, though pain still shot through her tortured nipples, especially the left. "Yeff, Yamal." "Good. If I were you, I'd be more careful. If you have any other problems, I'm sure I can help you." She nodded, carefully, then turned and hobbled to the kitchen. *** She had an extremely difficult time making Jamal's lunch, with her hands bound at the wrists, and the horrible chain suspending her large tits by their nipples from her clenched teeth. Crouching and reaching for the frying pan in the lower cupboard was terribly painful, but somehow she managed to get it up onto the stove without either dropping her chain, or pulling another of the clamps free. She went through seven eggs before she got one broken cleanly and that she managed to fry without breaking the yolk. The bacon went easily enough, and she assembled the sandwich, putting it on a plate and hobbling back. Jamal was sitting, naked, on her couch. He had brought a waist-high barstool into the room, which was near where he sat. She held the plate out to him, but he didn't take it. She became nervous that she'd done something wrong. "You can drop the chain." There was no real relief to her tormented nipples as she let the chain fall from her teeth, her breasts slapping back down against her ribcage. Jamal leaned forward and brought his hands up to her chain, carefully hanging first one, then two small cylindrical weights from it, before taking the plate of food from her. The pain was as bad as, or worse than before, and even slight movements now caused the weights to sway about, giving her fresh, new pain. Jamal leaned back on her couch and raised one leg up, propping it on the stool he'd brough into the room, then pointed to the floor between his legs before taking a bite of his sandwich. "Get down and lick my asshole." Carefully, she knelt down, and pressed her face between his legs, nudging his balls up with her nose, and pressing her tongue against his asshole. He grunted - she thought - with pleasure. "Deeper." She pressed her face hard against his crack, forcing her tongue deep into his asshole, feeling completely degraded and humiliated. She could hear him chewing the sandwich she'd made as she slid her tongue in and out of his asshole. The disparity between their two meals was not lost on her. After a little while, he sat up, taking her by the hair, and guided her mouth onto his cock. It seemed almost like a reward to suck his cock after ten minutes of licking his asshole. He told her to suck and she did, bobbing her head up and down, little by little letting him down into her throat. Her motion caused the weights on her chain to sway forward and back, but it was unavoidable. Her nipples positively ached now, and she wondered how long he intended to make her wear the horrible clamps. She heard him put the plate down on the table next to her couch, and then he put a hand on either side of her head, lifting her up off his cock. She looked up at him, her mouth still open. "We're going to fuck your asshole some more, Chloe." She licked her lips and then closed her mouth. "Yes, sir." He stood up, pulling her to her feet and then guiding her - about as rapidly as her tied legs could manage - to a bare wall. He pushed her up against the wall, and she pressed her face into it. The chain hanging from her nipples swung crazily back and forth, every now and then banging against the wall, sending sharp flashes of pain through her nipples. He took hold of the end of the plug in her ass and pulled, slowly but firmly. Chloe felt her asshole spreading wider and wider as the cylindrical toy slid slowly out of her. Having the plug removed actually felt kind of nice, though she was not as happy when he turned her head to the side and put the thing up to her lips. Obediently, if not enthusiastically, she opened her mouth and the cylindrical butt plug was once more pushed past her lips, though this time from her own asshole, and not Taesha's. Jamal slid the toy in and out of her mouth a few times and she licked its smooth sides, then he pushed it to the back of her mouth and left it. She felt him spreading her ass cheeks, then felt his cock head - so much wider than the plug now in her mouth - pressing against her asshole. Her little hole spread open again, this time taking Jamal's thick cock as he pushed up into her. He was slick, and pushed slowly all the way into her ass, then pulled back again. He slid in and out of her like this a few times, then began rapidly to speed up. Very soon, he was slamming himself painfully in and out of her butthole, the weights hanging between her tits knocking back and forth between the wall and her stomach, yanking her nipples painfully back and forth as well. After a couple of minutes fucking her ass up against the wall, he pulled out and took a step back. Chloe turned and sank to her knees, licking all along the outside of his rock hard cock before taking him into her mouth and throat. After just a minute of this, he turned her, and forced her down onto her forearms, so that her ass was thrust up into the air for him. Within seconds, he was behind her, and his massive shaft was once again sliding in and out of her ass. Her chain swung back and forth, sending sharp pains through her tits every time it hit against anything. He pulled out of her again, and she struggled up to her knees, turning herself. Jamal was on his knees, sitting back on his feet, his slick cock standing straight up from his lap. She buried her face on him, taking his dirty cock into her mouth and cleaning him again. He reached back behind her, and she felt him loosen, and then untie her legs. Before she could even move them apart, she was yanked to her feet. He moved her next to the stool and had her put one foot up on it. Then, coming in behind her, he squeezed his dick into her ass and wrapped his arms tightly around her body, fucking her hard and fast. He began to tug on her chain as he fucked her, sending jolts of pain through her tits. "You want me to take these off?" he asked, tugging on the chain again. His cock was slamming viciously in and out of her asshole. "Yes, please, Jamal." He lifted the weights from the chain, fucking her a little more slowly before letting his dick slip out of her ass. She turned to face him, but he did not remove the chain. She swallowed hard, then dropped to her knees and licked him clean again. When she had finished, he moved down to the floor with her, laying her onto her back and spreading her legs wide. He lifted her ass up off the floor so that he could push his dick back up her rear entrence. He forced himself deep into her asshole and then held himself there as he placed the weights on the floor nearby. Chloe found herself breathing rapidly as he took hold of the clamp on her left nipple, anticipating the pain that would accompany its removal. He squeezed the sides of the thing, releasing her poor tortured nipple which burst into pain immediately, far worse than the pain of the clamp itself. He removed the second clamp and the same searing pain flared up in her right nipple. She was unable to keep herself from crying as he placed the chain and the clamps onto the floor near the weights and then turned his attention back to her sodomy. "Thank you, Jamal." She said through her tears. He caressed her inner thigh as he thrust in and out of her ass. "I want you to cum for me, now, Chloe." She shook her head. "Oh no, no, no... Aaaaaaaaaa!" He grabbed each of her nipples and squeezed them, lighting them up with renewed pain. "Aaaaanghhh... okay, ow! Please! Okay, I'll do it, please..." He released her and continued fucking her ass. She lowered her bound hands down, toward her pussy. Despite the pain and brutality, she was well worked up and could probably come within a minute. Before she could rub herself, though, Jamal's strong hand grabbed her forearm. "No, keep your hands above your head. You do this one without touching." "Jamal, I can't..." "You come when I tell you to, and how I tell you to, or you will be punished." Too terrified of that idea, she put her hands back up above her head. "Yes, Jamal." She concentrated on Jamal's cock fucking her asshole and thrust her hips gently forward in rhythm with it, which did give her pussy just the tiniest bit of stimulation. She continued thrusting, squeezing every muscle in and around her pussy in an attempt to find her way to orgasm. She felt her asshole clenching on Jamal's long, thick cock, and allowed herself to enjoy the feeling. She began letting out little grunts and groans as she thrust harder and harder at nothing, feeling her orgasm just out of reach. "That's a good little cock slut." He took hold of her by each breast, squeezing them painfully as he continued to penetrate her asshole. He ran his thumbs over her nipples, bringing fresh pain there as well. Through it all, though she continued squeezing and thrusting her pussy, and felt herself actually getting close to orgasm. It was the moment that he released her tits and then slapped them smartly that she managed to push herself over the edge. She gasped, her body twisting and spasming as she came, Jamal's cock sliding in and out of her ass. Her orgasm wasn't particularly strong, but amazingly, it was real. She relaxed back onto the floor as it subsided. "Thank you, Jamal." she said breathlessly. He pulled out of her and got up onto his knees. Chloe turned herself around and propped herself up so that she could clean his cock yet again. She licked him from base to tip, and all over, then took him into her mouth. After she had sucked him for a minute or so, he stood up, pulling his dick from her mouth. "Stand up and bend over the back of the couch." She stood and Jamal guided her to the side of the couch, bending her over the back of it. It was very soft and she was able to relax as her sore tits pressed into the cushions. She kept her legs slightly apart as Jamal moved in behind her, squeezing his cock back up her ass. She hugged the soft cushions of her couch as he got back to work on her. He fucked her for just a little while in this position before Chloe could tell from his breathing and his thrusting that he was getting close to cumming. She buried her face in the cushions as he began to grunt, slamming himself at her so hard that her feet nearly left the ground. Soon, though, he held himself deep inside her ass, and she felt his cum spraying inside of her. When he had emptied himself into her, he pulled back, and as she felt his dick sliding out of her ass, she hoped that he was done with her, at least for a little while. She got up as quickly as she could manage and turned to face him. He had moved to an open area of the wood floor. She walked over to him and started to kneel. "Squat when you clean my cock, don't kneel." "Um... Yes, sir." Confused, she did as he asked, squatting down, trying to balance with her tired legs. She leaned forward and began to lick the taste of his cum and her asshole off of his now drooping dick. "Now, let my cum out, onto the floor." The position he had put her in had already made it feel like his cum was going to spill out of her, and so it was not hard for her to relax herself and let his cum drip out of her her asshole, down onto the floor. She continued licking and sucking his cock while she did this, until he took her by the hair and pulled her head back. "Thank you, Jamal." she said. "You're welcome. Now clean up your mess." He pointed down at the floor between her legs. She looked down at the puddle of cum the had spilled out of her ass, which was fairly large, understanding that she was now being told to lick it up. "Oh, no... please, Jamal..." "Do you need help?" "No!" She struggled down onto her arms and knees. "No, Jamal." It was difficult, with her hands still bound together at the wrist, but she managed to lower her face to the floor and began to lick up the puddle of Jamal's cum. It was unpleasant and degrading, but after everything she had been made to do, it was not all that difficult. She surprised herself with the efficiency with which she licked and sucked up his cum. She was starving as well, and so it wasn't difficult to swallow it all. She finished by licking the floor absolutely clean with long, wide strokes of her tongue. She wanted to give him no excuse to criticize and punish her. When she was sure there was nothing left he could take exception to, she sat back onto her knees, swallowing. "Thank you, Jamal." Jamal inspected the floor in front of her. "Good job, little cum slut." He reached down and took hold of the rope between her wrists and lifted her up to her feet. She stood, shakily, as he reached a hand behind her and pushed two fingers up her ass, sliding them out and putting them up to her mouth. She obediently opened her mouth and licked his fingers clean. For a long time, he left his fingers in, staring deep into her eyes. "You're my slut, Chloe." She kept her eyes on his. "Yeth, thir." "And you're my cunt." "Yeth." He slowly withdrew his hand from her mouth and she licked her lips. "Who do you belong to?" She didn't dare look away. "To you, Jamal." He began to bind her wrists again, and she fixed the thought of Sunday night in her mind. For now, he owned her, but in less than twenty-four hours he would be gone, and her life could return to normal. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2011 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: