Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Femininity Part: Chapter 04 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Taesha's feelings about Chloe grow more complicated as the two women pleasure each other, under Jamal's direction. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, rape, toys, oral, anal, a2m, ws by Backstory Chapter 04: Femininity (BMWFBF interr rape toys oral anal a2m ws) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 04: Femininity (BMWFBF interr rape toys oral anal a2m ws) Though the milk had helped a little, Taesha's mouth was still burning from the hot sauce she had been made to lick from Ms. Kessler's pussy. She was extremely sensitive to spicy food and, as Jamal had taught her, so were her nipples, cunt, and asshole. As far as she was concerned, it was one of the worst punishments she could be given, and Jamal knew it. He saved it for her greatest disobediences and his most vicious moods. Jamal helped Taesha up onto the table, guiding her into a sixty-nine position on top of Ms. Kessler, whose pussy Taesha quickly buried her face in, pushing her tongue inside her once again. As she licked, she settled her legs on either side of Ms. Kessler's head pressing her own pussy down against her lips. Taesha had been taught to lick pussy when Jamal had loaned her to Mistress Joanna, and she had become very good at it. She was able to take her Mistress from anger or irritation to orgasm in not much more than a minute, and she knew she could make Ms. Kessler cum without much effort at all. She moved her hips, slightly, from side to side, opening herself up against Ms. Kessler's mouth. She hoped that there wouldn't be any problems, and that she would just lick, as Taesha was doing. She was still angry at the prosecutor who had betrayed her, but a growing part of her felt a connection to the woman who now suffered with her under Jamal's brutal hand. She couldn't stop thinking about the morning, in the bath, where she had felt such a strange, but real emotional bond with Ms. Kessler. She smiled as she felt Ms. Kessler's tongue tentatively pushing out against her pussy. It was rare that she was given attention like this, however inexpert, and she felt that she could get used to mutual oral pleasure with this woman - an island of feminine softness and caring in an otherwise dehumanizing and brutal sea of masculinity. Jamal let them go for a while, pacing around them, watching. After a few minutes, he moved toward her ass, taking hold of the end of her butt plug, and pulling on it. She felt her asshole opening up as the long, cylindrical toy slid slowly out of her. He lifted her up from Ms. Kessler's face, then, putting one hand to her pussy as he raised her, rubbing her wet slit as he might a dog who'd brought his slippers. "Open your mouth, please, Chloe." He said, and Taesha heard the clink of tooth against plastic that let her know Ms. Kessler had accepted the dirty thing into her mouth. After a minute it was pushed most of the way back into Taesha's ass, and then withdrawn again. Taesha pictured Ms. Kessler's pretty, white face, her expression both disgusted and resigned, carefully and repeatedly licking the butt plug from Taesha's asshole. Jamal used her ass like that several more times, the occasional sucking sound, or the click of tooth on plastic the only indication of what Taesha knew that Ms. Kessler was being made to do. Eventually, Jamal stepped back. "Give her your ass to lick, Taesha." Taesha gave Ms. Kessler's clit a little lick, then sat up, settling herself onto the woman's face, pushing her asshole against her mouth. As Jamal moved around, between Ms. Kessler's legs, Taesha felt her tongue press slowly but firmly against her asshole, slowly licking her there. Taesha let out a long, low sigh at this attention. Jamal dripped lube all over the tip of the long cylindrical butt plug, then put it up against Ms. Kessler's asshole. She let out a little whimper, which turned into a squeal of pain as Jamal unceremoniously pushed the thing all the way up her ass with the heel of his hand. She stopped licking for a few moments, sniffling, then slowly pushed her tongue back against Taesha's asshole. Jamal put his hand in front of Taesha's mouth, and she opened for him. He pushed his hand in, and to the back of her throat, and she licked at his hand and fingers as she fought against her gag reflex. He removed his hand and put it to her pussy, rubbing her softly. She let out a quiet moan and started gyrating her hips as he worked her pussy, Ms. Kessler's tongue still licking her little asshole. She quickly got herself close to orgasm. "Please, Jamal," she said, trembling, "may I cum?" "Yes." She lurched forward, letting herself go, feeling waves of pleasure throughout her body. She held Jamal's arm, leaning into it, feeling his tight muscles moving against her body as he continued to rub her slick pussy. He stroked her pussy more and more slowly as her orgasm subsided, and she relaxed against him, Chloe's tongue still licking at her asshole. After a few moments, Jamal moved his hand to her mouth and she carefully licked him clean, the taste of her own pussy filling her mouth. When she was done, he helped her gently down. When she was down, he bent her over Ms. Kessler, then went into his bag, pulling out a tall box. From the box, he took a long plug, probably seven or eight inches, that was formed in three increasingly wide bulges, with the typical narrow lower neck and wide, flat bottom. Each of the three bulges was dotted around with small raised dots. She was given the opportunity to lubricate her new butt plug, and did the best she could, licking it all over, and spitting on it as Jamal took it from her mouth. He put his hand in the middle of her back and held her down against Ms. Kessler's soft, white flesh, and pushed the tip against her butt hole. He moved slowly, thankfully, but she could feel every little raised dot as the first bulb squeezed into her ass. The second was much more difficult, and she found herself gripping the edge of the table, squinting her eyes as it spread her open, finally pushing past its widest point and into her. The last bulb was agony. Not only was this part of her new toy the widest, and still covered in the painful little dots, but she had not been able to reach it as well with her mouth, and so it was not well lubricated. She was unable to keep from whimpering as Jamal pushed forward, spreading her asshole at least as wide as his cock did, and she knew she was not yet to the widest point. After a minute of intense pressure, Jamal relaxed and then Taesha felt cool lube dripping on her crack. He pushed forward again, and it took only a moment for the lubricated toy to sink completely into her asshole. She sighed as the flared end settled between her cheeks. "Thank you, Jamal." She said. "You're welcome." He stood her up, and she felt the pressure of the large thing inside her ass. "You've done very well, Taesha. You may leave now, and do as you like. The time you have before work is your own, but I want you back here tomorrow by nine AM." "Yes, thank you, Jamal." "You're welcome. Get yourself dressed and then come present your mouth before you leave." "Yes, Jamal." She knew what that meant, but she was happy to have the rest of the day to herself before she had to work at ten. She dressed herself, then returned to Jamal and knelt in front of him, opening her mouth and clasping her hands behind her back. He undid his pants and put his soft cock into her mouth. She prepared to swallow as she felt him relax, his hand on the back of her head. His piss came quickly at first, filling her mouth almost immediately, before she could swallow it. She and Jamal were well-practiced at this, though, and he stopped long enough for her to swallow, then filled her mouth again, repeating this process until the flow was slow enough that she could keep up on her own. In this way, she drank all of the piss that he had for her. *** Chloe watched as Jamal lifted his long, soft dick up out of Taesha's mouth, letting a last bit of piss drip into her full mouth. She closed and swallowed without grimacing - without so much as a frown - completely obediently. He pulled his pants back up, and fastened his belt. "Now, give Ms. Kessler a nice long kiss goodbye and you're free to go." Chloe closed her eyes as Taesha stood and then bent over her. Their lips met, hers hard and reluctant, Taesha's soft and open. Chloe allowed her lips to be pushed open, and Taesha kissed her passionately. She tasted Jamal's piss as Taesha's tongue pushed into her mouth. Despite herself, she began returning the kiss, sliding her tongue against Taesha's. They kissed like that for some time, until Jamal pulled Taesha up. "Who owns you?" he said to her. She stared straight into his eyes. "You do, Jamal." He nodded. "Be here tomorrow morning." "Thank you, Jamal." She walked swiftly to the door and left, not nearly as fast as Chloe would have moved, given a similar reprieve. When she was gone, Jamal turned back to Chloe. "Now we can get started." ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2010 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: