Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Blackmailed Rape Slaves 03: Breaking Chloe Part: Chapter 03 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: As Chloe's weekend of rape begins, she has every intention of defying Jamal as much as physically possible. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, rape, sad, piv, toys, oral, 1st, anal, a2m by Backstory Chapter 03: Breaking Chloe (BMWFBF interr rape sad piv toys oral 1st anal a2m) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters or situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 03: Breaking Chloe (BMWFBF interr rape sad piv toys oral 1st anal a2m) Chloe woke up, jarred into consciousness by cold water splashing on her naked body. She recoiled from the freezing water, unable even to gasp, due to the duct tape sealing her mouth shut. She quickly remembered where she was, and why, and felt a cold despair. It had been a long night, trying to sleep while tied up and gagged in her bath tub, soaked in piss, and she knew that the day would hold no relief. Slowly, the water streaming down on her began to warm and she opened her eyes. Taesha stood just outside the tub, adjusting the temperature of the water. Jamal must have sent the girl in to wash her. She was completely naked and Chloe could see two silver, circular rings, one in each of her dark nipples. Hanging from each was a small weight, hooked through the ring, pulling her small breasts downward. The temperature settled onto something relatively warm and Taesha looked down at her. She took a bottle of shampoo from a little shelf in the shower and sat on the edge of the tub. Gently, she helped Chloe to sit up, and wet her hair in the shower water. As her hair became soaked, Taesha climbed into the tub with her, kneeling behind her. Despite herself, and her predicament, Chloe felt comforted as Taesha put shampoo in her hair, and silently massaged it through. She let any thoughts about what was to come later that day slip from her mind and closed her eyes as Taesha washed her hair and her body. "Can I take this off, Ms. Kessler?" she tugged on a loose corner of the duct tape binding her legs together at the knees. "You won't try anything, will you?" Chloe shook her head gently, without opening her eyes. She felt Taesha carefully remove the tape from her legs, first at the knees, then at her ankles. The young woman gently parted her legs and then moved between them. Chloe leaned back and let her wash the sensitive areas where she had been taped through the night, and Taesha spent a good deal of time massaging her there. After a time, Taesha moved her washcloth to Chloe's pussy. Taesha washed Chloe's pussy thoroughly, using the washcloth outside, and just inside, then using her fingers and the shower water to clean inside of her. Chloe remained oddly relaxed throughout, and did not resist as the young woman washed her, inside and out, then back, cleaning between her buttocks. When she was done, she hung the washcloth on a rail in the shower and reached out over the edge of the tub, retrieving a small length of rope from the floor. She scooted back from between Chloe's legs and gently closed them, then wound the rope in tight loops, first around Chloe's right knee, then around her left, leaving a gap about a half an inch wide. She seemed to know what she was doing, and in just a minute or so, Chloe's legs were bound together tightly, just above the knees. When she had finished, she helped Chloe up to her knees, and reached around her body in something that was half way to an embrace. Chloe felt the cold, heavy metal of the weights hanging from Taesha's nipples pressing against her own soft breasts. Taesha picked at a loose spot on the tape binding her hands. "You'll be okay with me taking this off?" Taesha asked, pausing. Her arms were around Chloe, her question coming from right beside Chloe's ear. Their breasts remained together, and the shower water was streaming all around them, dripping down their hair, their faces, and their bodies. "Mmm hm." Chloe said, and Taesha began pulling the tape from her wrists. When she was free, Chloe brought her arms around to the front of her, realizing how sore they were from being immobilized for so long. She opened her eyes and looked at her wrists, rubbing them softly. Taesha stood, turning and stepping out of the tub with the wadded up remains of the duct tape. As she stepped out, Chloe could see, again, the small round circle protruding from her ass. Taesha threw the wadded up duct tape into Chloe's trash, then turned back to her, water dripping slowly down her dark skin. She was leaning slightly forward, the weights hooked onto her nipple rings moving slowly back and forth. "You can take the tape off of your mouth, if you're not going to shout." She turned the shower off and waited, watching Chloe. Chloe reached up and carefully peeled back the ducked tape covering her mouth, taking in a deep breath as it fell away. She looked up at the young black woman that she had betrayed, and who had just been so kind and gentle to her in the midst of this worst of all possible experiences. "Thank you, Taesha." "I'm not helping you leave." "I know. Just..." It was hard for her to understand her own feeling of gratitude, and would be impossible to explain it. The feeling was real, though, and it was powerful. "Just, thank you." Taesha, looked at her warily, then held out her hand. Chloe reached up to take it. It was difficult, but with Taesha's help, she managed to get up out of the tub. It was difficult to stand, with her legs bound at the knees, but she was managing. Taesha got a towel out of the closet and began to dry Chloe's hair and body. When Chloe was dry, Taesha used the towel on herself, briefly, and then hung it up. She bent down next to the tub and retrieved a second piece of rope, again flashing Chloe a look at her pussy, and at the little, white circle protruding from her ass. She went behind Chloe with the rope. "I'm sorry, can you put your arms back, please?" The spell of this situation was starting to waver, and Chloe could feel the hint of intense fear just behind it, but she wasn't willing to face that yet. She knew Jamal waited in her bedroom, and that soon he would be raping her and hurting her, but she blocked out all thoughts of this, and quietly put her arms behind her back. Taesha tied her wrists together, as she had done with her knees. Just then, there was the sound of her front door opening and then closing. A few seconds later Jamal appeared in the doorway. He wore jeans and a blue button-down shirt, and carried what looked like a tool bag. The strange feeling of serenity and gratitude left Chloe immediately, changing to fear and anger. She was furious at her own stupidity for assuming Jamal was waiting in the next room. The false calm she had felt with Taesha had prevented her from noticing that she might have escaped. He had been gone, she had been untied, and she hadn't even tried. He walked toward her and she stumbled a half-step backwards, nearly falling over. Even though it would probably be easier, she resisted the urge to retreat back into her mind. She may not be able to prevent what was going to happen to her, but she did not intend to serenely submit to it, either. She mentally prepared herself to defy him as much as she could, no matter the consequences. He stopped when he got to Taesha and she turned to face him. He reached up and took hold of the weights dangling from her nipple rings, lifting them up and off, then put them into his bag, on the floor. Taesha visibly straightened as they were removed. "Looks like you've done a good job here, Taesha." "Thank you, Jamal." He ran he hand down between her legs, and she parted for him, closing her eyes as he rubbed her there. He lifted the wet towel from its hook and then lifted his hand out from between her legs. She opened her mouth, anticipating his next action, then closed on his fingers, licking and sucking on them. He withdrew his hand, picked up his tool bag, walked past Chloe without so much as a glance, putting the towel down on the edge of the tub. He gestured to Taesha as he pulled some kind of wand with a large round head and a plug out of the bag. He plugged it in and placed it gently on the towel. "Taesha, on." he said. Taesha immediately came to the edge of the tub and put one leg into it. She carefully squatted down, spreading her pussy open with both hands, and sat, straddling the tub's edge, the head of the vibrator pressed up against her pussy. She settled into position, letting her pussy lips close over the thing, and leaned forward, her hands on the tub's edge. Jamal pushed a button on the wand and it began to vibrate with a deep hum. Taesha's back arched, and she clutched the tub a little more tightly. "Nngghh... Thank you, Jamal." "You're welcome. Keep yourself close, but do not cum. Do you need help staying in position, or can you handle this yourself?" "No... I can handle it." "Good." He led Chloe out of the bathroom, leaving Taesha straddling the edge of the tub, the vibrating wand head pressed firmly up against her pussy. The low hum was still audible from the hall. Jamal held Chloe firmly by one arm and walked her toward her room at a speed that she was barely able to keep without tripping and falling on her face. With her knees bound as they were, she could only move her lower legs, and it took some time to make it all the way to her bedroom. As they entered, she saw that her room was a mess. The bed was unmade and the mattress askew. Furniture had been moved and some knocked over. She wondered what Taesha had been subjected to during the night. He pushed her forward, toward her bed, and she tripped, unable to moved her bound legs fast enough. She managed to land on her stomach, on the bed, and stayed there. He dropped something next to her head, and she turned to see his tool bag. After a minute, he sat her up on the edge of the bed and began to rummage through the bag. He had taken off his pants, though he still wore boxer shorts, and had unbuttoned his shirt. "You are going to spend some time learning how to pleasure me with your mouth, Ms. Kessler." She summoned her courage, trying not to sound frightened. "I swear to God if you put that thing in my mouth I will bite it the fuck off." "Is that right?" He continued to rummage through the bag. "I swear I will." "I believe you would. Aha!" He pulled something curved and metallic from the bag. "You might find that a little bit difficult, though." She squinted at the metal thing. "What the fuck is AAAaaah, g'ah... kkkccckk..." As she started to speak, he quickly put the thing part-way into her mouth. She felt metal pieces behind her upper and lower front teeth, then there were several clicks. With each click, her mouth was pried open wider and wider until it felt like her jaw might break. "Ahhhh... Ow... thith hurtth, you hucking athhole." "Now, now. You're going to need to learn to stop that backtalk. When I ask you to do something, you should answer only 'Yes, Jamal.' By the time we're done today, I hope that you'll have learned that much." "No hucking huay." He smiled. "We'll see. You also need to learn to thank me when I give you something." He pulled his boxer shorts down, exposing his dick. It looked absolutely huge hanging down in front of her face, and he was still mostly soft. "I'm going to let you suck my cock now. The first thing I want to hear coming out of your mouth after my cock does are the words 'Thank you.'" Before she could say "no fucking way" again, he pushed his cock into her mouth and to the back of her throat. Almost by reflex, she relaxed her throat and let him slide in. "Oh, looks like you have some experience deep-throating cock. I'm very impressed Chloe." He fucked her throat for a few strokes, then pulled out. Chloe took a gasping breath. "Now I'd like you to thank me for letting you deep-throat my cock." "Huck. Hyou." She couldn't physically resist him, but she would be damned if she was going to thank him for raping her face. "Oh you are a stubborn one." She felt his cock in her mouth again, then pushing down her throat. She relaxed and deep throated him again. No sense in vomiting and choking to death. He didn't fuck her throat this time, though, he just held her face tightly against his crotch, his hands locked and twisted in her hair. After about twenty seconds, she started to feel out of breath and tried to pull back, but he held her firmly in place. "Oh, no. No, no, no. You're not going anywhere this time, Chloe." Chloe yanked her head back violently, but Jamal held her in place like a vice. She shook her whole body as hard as she could, trying to get him out of her so she could breathe again, but she could not. "I wonder, have you ever thought about what your last minutes on earth would be like? I'll bet you never thought you'd spend them choking to death on a big, black cock..." Chloe panicked and continued to struggle as hard as she could, but she was becoming weak, and her vision was going all white and spotty. She lurched a couple of times, then felt consciousness leaving her. Her body felt very heavy as black nothingness descended on her. The next thing she was aware of was her body moving rhythmically up and down. Consciousness returned to her rapidly, and she found that she was on her side on the bed. She was folded almost double, with her knees against her chest, and Jamal was fucking her exposed pussy from behind. As what just happened began to sink in, she started to cry. "Hyou could have killed ne!" she said through her tears and the uncomfortable metal thing still holding her mouth open. "Oh good, you're back." he said without slowing down. "You were out for a few minutes. I hope you don't mind, I got started without you." He leaned in and took hold of her shoulder, slamming that fat cock in and out of her even harder. His face was just inches from hers as he did it. "Now lets work on your gratitude. I want you to thank me for fucking you." She stared at him defiantly, saying nothing. He continued thrusting in and out of her, staring into her eyes for a few moments, then seemed to accept she wasn't going to answer. He got up, moving back onto his knees, his dick slipping part-way out of her. He grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her back onto him, flipping her onto her back, his cock pushing all the way back into her, and held her there. He reached down and gently took hold of the flesh around her right nipple, jiggling her breast. "I'll bet you love these big tits of yours." he said. He let go of her nipple and casually slapped her breast. She winced, but did not reply. "What do you say?" he asked in a quiet voice. She glared at him. Without changing expression, he slapped her left breast so hard that it flew over onto her right breast before flopping back down. He leaned into her and grabbed one breast in each hand, twisting and pulling on them. She could feel him pulsing deep inside of her. "I like them, too." he said, "You can really grab a hold of them." She squinted her eyes involuntarily as he squeezed her very hard for a few seconds, then let go. "Now, what do you say?" Again she said nothing. He sighed, pulling his dick out of her. "Well, I've gotta hand it to you, you've got a lot more heart than Taesha. She was ready to do whatever I told her after just once choking out on my cock." He moved up toward her face and took hold of her by the hair, just as she realized what was happening. "Na! Ngaaaaaaaaaa!" She fought as hard as she could, throwing her body around and whipping her head around as much as she could, but she was too well restrained, and he was too strong. He yanked her to the corner of the bed, and pushed his cock into her helplessly open mouth. She squealed like an animal, tears streaming from her eyes as he fought his way to the back of her mouth. She felt a rising panic as his dick pushed through her resistance, and slowly slid down her throat. She gagged and wretched, slamming her body from side to side as hard as she could, but she could not stop him. Despair set in as he settled down, practically sitting on her face, his cock once again filling her throat. She knew he would not allow her to breath until after she passed out. Feeling completely helpless, she stopped fighting, terrified of what she was about to go through for the second time in less than ten minutes. "You only need to thank me and this can end." She hated him with every fiber of her being, even as her vision began to get blurry. Suddenly, he stood up, pulling his dick out of her mouth in one rapid motion. Chloe drew in a long ragged breath, the world coming back into focus, then started hacking and coughing. After a minute of this, she began to calm down, still breathing rather heavily, and noticed that Jamal was standing, watching her. "I'll give you one more chance." Chloe took a couple deep breaths, then closed her eyes. "Thank you, Yamal." He sat down next to her, and ran a hand along the side of her body. "You see? That wasn't so hard." His hands found her breasts and he squeezed them again, brutally; she could feel his nails biting into her flesh. After a few moments, he released her. "Now how about we try it again?" He put a hand on either side of her head and leaned over her. He held her head steady as he opened his mouth, just a little bit, and let a long gob of spit fall into her mouth. She felt it slide to the back of her throat. "Swallow it." There wasn't much she could do but swallow, and so she did. She opened her eyes and saw that he was looking down at her expectantly. "What do you say, Chloe?" The metal contraption in her mouth didn't allow her to frown, or in any way show her displeasure as she spoke. "Thank you, Yamal." He smiled, and she hated him, and herself. "Good. Remember to thank me whenever I give you something. If you forget, I'll give you a small correction. If you need help with motivation, I'll give you a larger correction. If you defy me, well... hopefully we don't have to go there again. Are you going to behave?" She closed her eyes again, unable to look him in the eye. "Yeth, Yamal." "Good girl." She felt him stand, and he pulled her toward him, so that her head came off the edge of the bed. She didn't fight, or struggle as he pushed his dick into her open mouth. At this angle it was much easier for him to fuck her throat, and he did so, every now and then pulling out, and letting her catch her breath. She heard a zipper, but she didn't really feel like looking at what he was doing. There was a long pause, and then she felt something hard and thin whip her left breast, just above her nipple, with a loud crack. She cried out in pain, and her eyes flew open, involuntarily. The long, flexible, wooden stick that he had struck her with was still pressed against the flesh of her breast, the stick bent slightly from the pressure Jamal kept on it. It stung a lot. "That was a small correction. Remember to thank me, Chloe." She nodded miserably, as a tear slid back down her temple and into her disheveled hair. Jamal lifted the stick and paused, then whipped her right breast. "Oww... Ah... Hleathe..." "I'm not looking for please." "Thank you... thank you, Yamal." she said hastily through the metal mouthpiece as he raised the stick again. He smiled a tight lipped smile and set the stick down on her nightstand. As she watched, long, thin, red welts began to form where he'd struck the soft flesh of her breasts, already red from his ungentle touch. "That's better. Now I'd like you to come with me." He pulled her to the edge of the bed, and helped her roughly to her feet, leading her out of the bedroom and into the hallway. From the bathroom, she could hear the low buzz of the vibrating massager and Taesha quietly moaning and whimpering. He led her out into the living room, and stopped her there, motioning to her ottoman. "I'll bet an ottoman like that costs a lot of money." "Yeth." "How much?" She sighed. "I non't know. nore than a thouthand I think." He grabbed both of her nipples and pulled up and toward himself. She stumbled into him, pulled up onto her tip-toes. "Watch your tone, cunt." She glared at him, but held her tongue and forced herself to answer without showing any anger. "Yeth, Yamal." "Well, hopefully for that price it's sturdy. Get down, on your stomach." He lifted her hands, forcing her to bend at the waist, then downward. She ended up on her knees, bent over her ottoman. Her tits and face were pressed against the soft fabric. Jamal took her by the waist and lifted her up and forward. Now her stomach was at the edge of the ottoman and her head was at the other edge. Her knees were up off of the ground. Jamal untied her legs, and then tied each of her thighs to one of the back legs of the ottoman, leaving her pussy spread wide for his use. When her legs were secure, he untied her arms and tied each one to a front leg of the ottoman, just above the elbow. He came around behind her, and she felt him spread her asscheeks apart. She squinted her eyes, ready to feel his huge cock fill her pussy. Instead, she felt him place his cock against her asshole. She realized with horror that he meant to fuck her there just as he pushed forward. She screamed as his gigantic cock, slick with some kind of lubrication, forced it's way deep into her ass. She was completely surprised, and completely unprepared for this new agony. She screamed in pain, and felt sure he must be tearing her tight little hole all up. There was a feeling of fullness that was quite different from having a dick in her pussy as more and more of his cock slid up her ass. Whatever he had used to lubricate himself worked very well, and no matter how tightly she clenched her asshole around this intruder, she continued to feel more and more squeeze up into her. After just a few seconds of this excruciating ordeal, she felt his pubic hair against her crack, and his balls come to rest against her pussy. He held himself deep inside of her, his breathing as rapid and shallow as hers. "What do you say, Chloe." She let out a choked sob, but was terrified of what he would do if she didn't thank him. "Thank you, Yamal." "Good. Don't make me remind you again." He spent several minutes with his immense cock completely buried in her ass. It had hurt a lot when he'd forced himself into her, but already, slowly, her ass seemed to be getting used to his big dick. After a minute or so, she felt him pulling back and out of her. It felt like she was taking a giant crap. He slowed and paused, and she felt something dripping on and around her tightly stretched asshole. After this, he pushed forward again, slowly filling her ass back up with his dick. He held himself inside of her again, but not for very long this time, then pulled back again. Very soon his cock was sliding quite smoothly in and out of her ass. He fucked her ass gently enough at first, and it wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be. She actually found herself thinking that, under other circumstances, she might find the activity pleasurable. He fucked her for a minute or so before pulling all the way out of her ass. There was a little jolt of pain at the end as his cock head popped out. Panting, Chloe allowed herself to relax a little bit, her head pressed against the cushion. She soon felt her hair being pulled back, however, and her head was lifted up. He had moved in front of her and now pushed his dick into her wide open mouth. There was nothing she could do to stop him, and she tasted her ass as he fucked her face. It was disgusting, and degrading, but she bore it. After a minute of this, he pulled out of her mouth. "Thank you, Yamal." she said. "Very good." he said, and moved behind her again. She felt the lubrication dripping on her crack again, and then Jamal pushed two fingers all the way into her ass, sliding them in and out. After a moment, another finger pushed into her, and a little more lubrication dripped on. He fingered her asshole with his three fingers for a bit, then pulled them out. She felt the head of his cock against her little hole again, and felt herself opening up. His fat cock head re-entered her lubricated asshole relatively easily, and he began to fuck her with long slow strokes. He turned her head to the side, by her hair, and put the fingers that had been in her ass up to her open mouth. "Lick them clean, Chloe." he said. She didn't want to do it, but she could sense that it would just be more and worse if she refused. "Yeth, Yamal." she said, and stuck her tongue out, licking his fingers up and down. It was difficult to do with her mouth held open so wide, but he seemed to understand that she was doing the best she could under the circumstances. She remembered to thank him when he took his hand back from her mouth. He put grabbed her hips then, and with each forward thrust, he slammed himself toward her, his pelvic bones smashing into her ass cheeks, his cock filling her ass. He withdrew from her slowly each time, though, letting his thick cock slide almost all the way out of her ass before slamming it home again. "Do you want me to take that thing out of your mouth?" The question surprised her, but she didn't hesitate to answer. "Yeth, Yamal, hleathe." "No more talking back, no more threatening to bite." "No, Yamal." On the next thrust, he held himself deep inside of her and she felt the metal restraint in her mouth loosen, and then relaxed her jaw as it was removed from her mouth. She moved her jaw all around, feeling how sore it was. "Thank you, Jamal." He didn't say anything, but stood up, letting his dick slip from her ass once again. He came around to the front of her and got down on one knee, his cock bobbing in front of her face. "Just with your tongue, now. Clean." She knew very well that this was a test, and that if she did not do it, the metal restraint would be back. She stuck out her tongue and licked him from the base to the tip of his cock. Jamal let out a little sound of approval as she continued licking the taste of her asshole off of his cock. After a good little while licking him clean, Jamal stepped back. "Thank you, Jamal." she said. He returned to his position behind her, spreading her asshole open again with his cock, using more of the lubrication. He ass-fucked her hard then, the whole ottoman shaking with every thrust. Despite herself, she was getting turned on by this treatment. She thought back to the previous day when he had made her cum against her will. Surely she couldn't be made to cum just from getting fucked in her ass... She bit her lip, concentrating on the feeling of the giant cock rapidly sliding in and out of her butt, resisting the urge to buck back against him. After a couple of minutes of hard fucking, he pulled out of her again, and again came around to her face. "Mmm, thank you, Jamal." she said, immediately embarrassed at the little "Mmm" sound she had made. Was she trying to be sexy? She started licking him clean, still disgusted by what he was forcing her to do, and certainly not enjoying it. Why, then was her pussy aching for attention? When she had licked him clean again, he moved behind her and pushed his way back into her ass. He fucked her slowly, this time, with long strokes. She knew her pussy must be practically dripping wet and she fantasized about having Jamal's big cock fill her pussy instead of her ass. "Are you trying to cum?" Jamal asked, suddenly. She realized with horror that she had been moving her hips, just slightly, rubbing her clit against the ottoman. She said nothing. "Please answer me, Chloe." There was a dangerous tone in his voice now. "Yes. I was." She felt so ashamed as she admitted it to him. She was tied to a piece of furniture, being anally raped, and she was actually trying to get herself off. "You know..." his voice was thoughtful, "Taesha has learned to control her orgasm remarkably well, but she's always had difficulty cumming with only anal stimulation." He pushed himself slowly, all the way into her ass and held himself there. She could feel him pulsing inside of her. "I think you could learn to do it." He paused for a while before speaking again. "Now you're going to cum while I'm fucking your asshole, Chloe." "No..." "Yes. And I want you to do it now." "But I'm tied up. I can't even..." "You can rub yourself against the ottoman." "I don't think I can..." He started to fuck her slowly then. "Well, you'd better try. If you don't, you will be punished." She did nothing at first, just kept still as he violated her with long, slow strokes, in and out. Almost despite her intentions, she found herself softly moving her hips, grinding her clit subtly against the fabric of her ottoman. It took her only a few moments of this motion, with Jamal's cock slowly sliding in and out of her asshole, to realize that she would be able to cum if she wanted to. With an effort, she stopped herself, and lay still. Her pussy ached for attention, and her clit needed only the tiniest stimulation to send her over the edge, but she held herself back. Jamal's dick slowly filled her, stretching her asshole wide. "Are you going to cum for me?" "No. I choose not to." "I see. And you know you'll be punished. Do you still choose not to?" "Yes." "Very well." His cock slid slowly all the way out of her, and he moved around to her face. He lifted her head up by a fistful of hair, and pushed his dirty cock past her lips. She prepared herself for the worst. He fucked her mouth with shallow thrusts at first, and she licked his dickhead clean, but before long, he was pushing further, and she was forced to open her throat to him, licking along the length of his shaft. Jamal dug around in his tool bag with one hand as he fucked her throat, then pulled out something white that she didn't quite see. He pulled his dick roughly out of her mouth and moved back behind her, leaving her gasping for air. This time, when he forced his cock into her asshole, he also pushed something inside her pussy. She let out a low groan as he filled both of her holes, her wet, hungry pussy finally getting the attention it had been aching for. When he was completely buried in her ass, she felt him manipulating the thing he had put into her pussy, and it began to buzz, softly. She closed her eyes, her mouth dropping open at the intense feelings happening between her thighs. She knew that he intended for her to cum, and that he would keep upping the ante until she did. So, as he began, once again, to fuck her asshole with long, slow strokes, she gave in to her body, and allowed herself to approach orgasm. The waves of pleasure radiated out from her pussy, through her entire body, and she shook as she came. Through it all, she felt the buzzing, humming thing inside of her pussy, and the slow, but relentless anal fucking from Jamal's giant cock. She made only small whimpering noises as she came. As the orgasm slowly faded, Jamal pulled out of her, both his cock from her ass, and the vibrator from her pussy. "Thank you, Jamal." she said, out of breath, and she hated that some animal part of her really meant it. She was still breathing hard when he came around and presented her with the vibrator. It was off now, and she could see that it was six or seven inches long, but not very thick. "Clean, Slut." he said, holding it a few inches away from her face. She had to stretch her neck and tongue to reach it, but she licked the plastic vibrator clean, tasting her pussy. After a minute or so, he took the thing away and replaced it with his cock, which she immediately began licking. He pushed it into her mouth, and she sucked him and licked him until she could no longer taste her asshole on him. When he pulled his still-rigid dick from her mouth, she thanked him again. "You're welcome. I'm going to take you into the kitchen for your punishment. I have a few ideas, but it really depends on what you have on hand." Her stomach sank when he said this - she had forgotten about her refusal to make herself cum. How pointless it seemed now, since he had made her do it anyhow. The one good thing was that it sounded like he was not going to make her pass out again. He put a loop of rope around her neck before untying her arms and legs. He tugged on it a few times, and each time it tightened around her neck, choking her. It loosened again, when he relaxed it. "Get on your hands and knees, Chloe." She did. "When I have you crawl, I want you to pay attention to your body. You keep your ass and your head high, and your tits forward. I can help you, if you need to be helped." From Jamal, the idea of "help" was somehow frightening. She tried her best to do as he described, arching her back so that her tits were forward and her head high, while keeping her ass up as best she could. "Very good. Keep it up." He led her, by the rope around her neck, out of the living room and toward the kitchen. He kept glancing back at her, but she must have been doing a good job, because he did not say anything, or tug on the rope around her neck. When they got to the kitchen, he told her to stand, and then lifted her up onto her rectangular table and laid her on her back. She cooperated completely as he tied first her ankles, then her wrists to the four legs of the table. When he had finished, she was spread wide, her ass at the edge of her table. He opened her refrigerator and began rooting around. "Okay, let's see if... ah!" There was the jingling of glass, the closing of her fridge door, and then he was standing by her head. He held a tall, thin bottle of Tabasco sauce. "Open your mouth, Chloe." She opened her mouth as he opened up the bottle of hot sauce. He upturned the bottle, letting it drip onto his fingers, coating them. He then put his fingers into her mouth, rubbing the stuff all over, on the roof of her mouth, her gums, and her tongue. It was a little painful, but she liked Tabasco sauce, and this was far preferable to being choked or gagged into unconsciousness. He took his fingers out, and she closed her eyes, feeling the spicy stuff in her mouth. It felt as though she had drunk half the bottle, but she could handle this easily. She felt Jamal's fingers on her pussy then, and a few seconds later, the punishment really began. Her pussy lips began to burn almost immediately from the Tabasco sauce, and she cried out, involuntarily. She began crying as he ran his fingers all along her slit. "How does that feel, Chloe?" "Ow... it hurts... it huts a lot... please..." "There's going to be more." "No...." "Yes. You chose to defy me, and I told you that you would be punished. I take punishments very seriously." His fingers moved upwards, to her clit, and the sensitive little thing exploded in the worst pain she'd ever felt in her life. She had no sensation but burning pain, centered on her pussy and clit, and she began to sob uncontrollably. "Pleeeeeese, please... uuuuuhhnuuh... it hurts so much, Jamal, pleeeease..." "You're going to live in this pain for a while, and I want you to remember it. You do NOT defy me." He raised his voice as he said this. "Please, Jamal, please," she said through choked sobs, "it hurts SO much... ohhhhhhhhhhh..." "And this was mixed with your saliva - half strength or less. The next time you defy me, you'll have it full strength." "Oh, God..." "Are you going to defy me again, Chloe?" "No! No, I promise. I'll do whatever you say, Jamal, I promise..." "Good. I'll be back." He left here there, tied to the table, her pussy burning with pain. She strained against her bonds, but she was tied tightly, and could barely move at all. A minute or so after Jamal left, she heard Taesha's voice ringing out. At first, she thought the poor girl was crying, but soon realized that she was cumming. She remembered that Jamal had told her to keep herself on the edge of orgasm, and she must have been like that, in the bathroom this entire time. Taesha's orgasm seemed to go on and on. The young girl shrieked and moaned over and over. Through her haze of pain Chloe wondered what Jamal was doing to her. Eventually, the girl's cries became softer, then ceased, and Chloe's focus was drawn back to her own painful predicament. The pain had not diminished at all since Jamal had rubbed the Tabasco sauce onto her pussy and clit, but she could do nothing but lay on her table, sobbing. After what seemed like an eternity of agony, Jamal returned, Taesha crawling behind him on all fours. Her ass was in the air, her small tits pointed forward. "Jamal." Chloe said, "Thank you... thank you for punishing me." Jamal smiled. "Good. Let's see if we can't help make the pain go away. Taesha, Chloe has hot sauce on her cunt and her clit. Please lick it off for her." Taesha crawled over to the table, then got up onto her knees. Her breath felt white hot on her sensitive lips and clit, and she winced in renewed pain as Taesha began to lick her, her mouth and tongue a thousand degrees next to Chloe's afflicted flesh. Even though she knew that the young woman was licking the hot sauce off of her, and that this would be better in the long run, it was still an agony. She still could not stop sobbing. After how long, she didn't know, some cool liquid splashed against her clit, and ran down her pussy. The liquid itself was cool, and it had a somewhat cooling effect on the spice that was torturing her. She looked up to see Jamal carefully pouring a tiny stream of milk onto her. Taesha continued licking her, now spreading the milk, further cooling Chloe's pussy, and she began to feel something like relief. "Thank you, Jamal." she said through tears, and she did feel truly grateful. The stream of milk ended. Jamal capped the milk jug and put it on the table, above her head, then untied the rope holding her right arm immobile. With this arm free, he pulled her upper body to the other side of the table. His rock hard cock was near her face. "Show me how thankful you are." She knew what he wanted, and she didn't hesitate. Turning onto her side, she opened her mouth and took him in. She caressed him with her tongue, bobbing her head slowly up and down, along the shaft. He cupped her head and she leaned into his arm, letting him push further in and fuck her throat as Taesha continued to softly lick her pussy. It was still painful down there, but she was getting aroused as well. Then, as she lay there, three-quarters bound to her kitchen table, with Taesha's skilled and persistent attention to her still burning pussy, and Jamal's large cock almost sensually fucking her mouth and throat, Chloe found herself cumming. Like Taesha's tongue on her pussy, Chloe's orgasm was as much pain as it was pleasure, but that only made the feeling more intense. Tears streamed from her eyes as she shuddered and came on Taesha's face. As she came, Jamal pulled out, leaving just the very tip of his cock in her relaxed, open mouth. He stroked his cock and after just a few seconds, she felt his cum squirting into her mouth. She swallowed after the first few spurts, then again when he had finished. He pulled out and wiped the tip of his penis on her lower lip. She licked her lip, and settled back onto her table as Jamal retied her arm. Taesha's mouth was still on her pussy, her tongue sliding deep inside of her. The pain had just about subsided. "Thank you, Jamal." she said. ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2010 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: