Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Backstory Title: Blackmailed Rape Slaves 02: Set Up Part: Chapter 02 Universe: Blackmailed Rape Slaves Summary: Taesha sets her former friend Chloe up to be raped by Jamal. Keywords: BMWFBF, interr, rape, rough, piv, oral, a2m, ws, humil by Backstory Chapter 02: Set Up (BMWFBF interr rape rough piv oral a2m ws humil) IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! ________________________________ This story is intended for individuals above the age of 21 or above whatever age the local jurisdiction of the reader would dictate. None of the characters of situations are real, or even based on any real people or events. ________________________________ Chapter 02: Set Up (BMWFBF interr rape rough piv oral a2m ws humil) Taesha showed up on Chloe Kessler's doorstep that Friday evening, around ten o'clock. It was raining pretty hard, and she was soaked. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the t-shirt was plastered to her bare breasts. When Chloe came to the door and saw her, she invited her in immediately. Chloe was a bit shorter than Taesha, maybe five foot two, with shoulder-length, dark hair and large, D-cup tits which looked even bigger on her small frame. Her skin was very fair, and the contrast was quite dramatic as she put her hand on Taesha's dark arm. "Taesha! What are you doing here?" "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something? This is probably stupid, but I just needed to see you and talk to you again." "No, you're not interrupting anything important. I was just going over some files. This is about Jamal, and the trial?" Taesha shivered. "Yeah... I keep thinking about things. You know, even though things didn't turn out like I hoped, I want to thank you for everything you did." "Oh, well I'm sorry we couldn't get a conviction, but I'm even more sorry about how you were treated. I've prosecuted a lot of rape cases, and unfortunately, the victim is often made out to be... well, the way you were. You look cold; would you like a cup of tea?" "Yes, that would be nice." Chloe led her into the living room and then disappeared into the kitchen. After a few moments, she returned. "Water's on to boil now. So what's on your mind?" "I don't know. Obsessing, I guess. I just keep wondering HOW my video got switched out..." "My office still hasn't found the original, and we don't know how they were switched." Her tone was a bit more official, and just a little defensive. "Jamal has a lot of resources. We think that he must have bribed someone at the court to switch the discs and destroyed the one we had planned to show. I built the whole case around that video of him raping you... if I had known we were going to lose the disc... Well, I definitely would have done things differently." "I wish you had." Chloe regarded her for a moment, and Taesha could see the change in her expression as she shifted from playing the sympathetic prosecutor to the lawyer covering her own ass. "As I said, I would have done things differently. Of course it might not have mattered anyway, if Jamal had produced the second video. I mean, I know it was much later and you were coerced, but it really does look like a consentual relationship in that video. I know that isn't the truth, but it LOOKS like you were begging and harassing HIM to... to perform those acts on you. All I'm trying to say is that it was very difficult to get a conviction after the jury had seen that footage." Taesha looked into her eyes, Chloe's words on the video Jamal had shown her burning in her ears. "I think the water's boiling." Chloe hopped up, and stepped into the kitchen. She came back a few minutes later with two mugs. Taesha held the tiny dropper Jamal had given her between two fingers, cupped in her hand. Chloe set the mugs down on her coffee table and sat across from her. Taesha used a pretense of turning Chloe's cup to read what was printed on it to squirt the liquid into her tea. "Unfortunately, there just isn't anything we can do, even if we find the original video. Unless Mr. Warren commits another crime, double jeopardy prevents us from ever getting justice for what he has done to you. For that, I truly am sorry." Taesha watched as Chloe took a long sip of her tea. "And so you're okay with letting a rapist go free." "I HAVE to be okay with it, because that's what happened. You need to come to terms with it, too, Taesha. Are you still in therapy." "I never went." "Never? You should." Chloe yawned a great big yawn. "Oh, I don't know why I'm so tired, I thought this tea was caffeinated..." she tilted the mug back, drinking the last of the drugged tea. Taesha finished her own. "You're tired," she said, putting down her mug, "because I've drugged your tea. In just a minute or so you'll be completely unconscious." "What...?" Chloe was obviously foggy at this point, and the mug was loose in her hand. Taesha took it, placing it onto the coffee table, and gently laid Chloe back onto the couch. "Jamal came to me, Chloe. He raped me, and he'll rape me again, and again, and it's your fault." "No..." "Yes. And he's coming here, Chloe. I'm going to let him into your house and you will be completely helpless." Chloe wore a big frown, and seemed barely able to keep conscious. "Please, no..." "It's a good thing you've come to terms with letting a rapist go free because he's going to rape you next, Chloe. And I'm going to help him." This last seemed too much for Chloe to process or react to in her current state, and she closed her eyes, drifting into unconsciousness. Taesha looked her up and down, letting her anger at her former friend flare. She found she was on the verge of tears. "You CHOSE to let Jamal walk, you greedy bitch." She sniffed, wiped her eyes and took out her phone. "Well, if I have to spend my life as his slave, so will you." She dialed Jamal's number and spoke with with him briefly. When she had hung up, she fished the duct tape out of her purse and got to work. *** Chloe woke up confused. She was groggy, but noticed right away that her hands were secured behind her back and that her mouth was taped shut. Instantly, she remembered Taesha's visit, and her saying that the tea was drugged... She willed her rolling eyes to focus, and saw that she was in her own living room, on the floor. She was naked, and her hands were, indeed, tied behind her back. It felt like tape rather than rope or handcuffs. She looked in horror at the familiar black man who sat on her couch. He, too, was naked, and between his thighs knelt a thin black woman who must have been Taesha. She wore the same jeans and t-shirt that she had arrived in earlier, but Chloe couldn't see her face as it was buried in Jamal's lap, bobbing rhythmically up and down. Chloe looked up and saw that Jamal was smiling at her. "Hello Ms. Kessler. It's nice to see you again." She tried to speak, but the tape over her mouth made that impossible. "I took the liberty of removing your clothes, I hope you don't mind. I'm really looking forward to our time together this weekend." Chloe shook her head vehemently. "Oh yes. You might not believe it now, but you're going to do things for me that you never imagined you'd ever do for anyone. I've got a lot planned for you, but we don't need to rush things. Taesha here is going to help warm you up, isn't that right, little slut?" Taesha's head came up from his lap and she spoke, slightly out of breath. "Yes, Jamal." "Do you remember what I want you to do?" "Lick Chloe's cunt and help her cum." Instinctively, Chloe clamped her legs together. "Good. Remember, if you fail, you will be punished." "Yes, Jamal." Taesha turned and descended toward her, her expression blank. Chloe shook her head and made "un uh" noises as loudly as she could through the tape on her mouth, her legs locked together as tightly as she could manage. Taesha pried gently on her legs, but Chloe did not relax. Taesha looked at her pleadingly. "Please, if you don't let me do this, he's going to punish me. I've already been through so much, can't you help me now?" Real guilt washed over Chloe now for what she had done, and she started breathing more rapidly, staring into Taesha's eyes. It took a lot to mentally prepare herself to willingly let a woman perform oral sex on her. Slowly, almost not believing what she was doing, Chloe relaxed her legs and let Taesha gently spread them open. She closed her eyes and felt the young woman settle in between her legs. After several moments of anticipation, Chloe felt breath on her pussy, and her body shook from top to bottom. She realized that she was tense and trembling, and tried to relax. She was just beginning to calm herself when Taesha's mouth met her pussy. Chloe had been eaten out before - many times in fact - but it had never been like this. Taesha's tongue moved expertly, sliding deep inside her pussy again and again, then moving periodically - teasingly - upwards to her clit for a lick or two before moving back down. Forgetting herself and her situation, Chloe let out a long low moan, muffled by the tape on her mouth. "I'm glad to hear you like it. She's been trained to eat pussy and I'm told she's very good." Chloe opened her eyes, angry with herself for having shown her pleasure so obviously. The sight of Taesha's dark, pretty face moving between her legs actually made her feel more turned on, and so she looked away, her eyes landing on Jamal. Her stomach dropped when she saw him. He was sitting intently at the edge of the couch, watching the two women in front of him, and slowly stroking his cock. It was the size of the cock that had shocked her. He was MUCH bigger, both in length and in thickness, than any man she had ever been with. And though she had had only a few real sexual partners, she had sucked an awful lot of cocks on her way to becoming a prosecutor. None of them had been even close to this large. She closed her eyes again, unable to get the sight of his monsterous black cock out of her head, knowing that there was a good chance he was going to rape her with it. She found herself imagining what it would feel like to have something that big forced into her pussy, and wondered if there was anything she could do to prevent it. As she considered this, she was suddenly aware that her breathing had become rapid, and she was gently thrusting her pussy at Taesha's face. Taesha's tongue was focused on her clit now, and Chloe realized she was on the edge of cumming. As she neared orgasm, the tape was ripped from her mouth, and she opened her eyes wide. Jamal was kneeling beside her head, his long, semi-hard dick pointing downward, near her face. She resisted a sudden insane urge to open her mouth in a most unladylike invitation, but she could no longer keep from cumming, and she squirmed and spasmed on her floor as she did. "Oh yeah... mmmmm, fuck... oh God... nnnnnngh.... oh... oooooooh Fuck... nnnnngh..." Gradually her orgasm faded, and she relaxed her whole body, quietly moaning as Taesha licked softly at her pussy lips. "You know, I really hate to break you two up, but I would like a turn at Ms. Kessler's cunt, please." Chloe's eyes focused on Jamal's gigantic dick as it lay against his leg just inches from her face. As bad as it had been to spread her legs for Taesha, she had done it to prevent the poor girl from being hurt. It was now a reality that Jamal was going to rape her with this massive thing and she started to panic. She was about to be raped and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Taesha moved back and out from between her legs, and she clamped them shut again. "No, Jamal, please, PLEASE don't do this. I can help you. I could be a powerful friend to you, if you just let me go..." "That's not what's going to happen, Chloe. You're not a friend, and you're not powerful. You're just a cunt, and if you have any value at all, it's in satisfying my cock." "No, no, no... please, just leave me alone!" she began to cry as Jamal slowly moved toward her legs. "Nooo... please, you can't. I'll do anything, just don't do this." Jamal pushed his hands between her knees and gently, but forcefully pried her legs open. She cried out, and slammed her body around, trying to wrench her legs free. His grip slipped momentarily, but almost as quickly he had her again, and pulled her to him, turning her onto her left side and kneeling on her left leg. He pulled her right leg up, exposing her pussy, and before she could twist away, he thrust himself at her, and she felt him enter her. "Oh God, no... nooo....." The last "no" turned into a wailing kind of cry as inch after inch of Jamal's now rock hard cock pushed into her, spreading her pussy painfully wide. She stopped her struggling now that she had been penetrated, and arched her back as more and more cock squeezed into her tight little pussy until at last, he was completely buried inside of her. "It's a good thing you're so wet." He said as he slid his dick slowly outward. "You're making this nice an easy." "Fuck you." Chloe said through clenched teeth. He slammed his cock all the way back into her and held it there. "I won't point out the obvious irony in that statement, but I do insist that you show me respect." "You're asking me to be respectful? FUCK YOU!" "Taesha, muzzle this bitch with your cunt, please." Without changing expression, Taesha crawled up toward Chloe's head, took down her pants, and lowered herself awkwardly down, facing Jamal. Chloe tried to turn away, feeling Taesha's wet pussy pressing against her cheek and the side of her mouth. She could see a small, flat, white, plastic oval protuding from Taesha's anus. As Chloe wondered what it was, Jamal began to slowly fuck her with his immense dick. "Is she licking you, Taesha?" "No, Jamal." Chloe felt a sharp pain as Jamal slapped her across both tits, quite hard. "Lick the cunt, Cunt." Jamal said as he fucked her. Chloe closed her mouth tightly. Taesha grabbed her by the hair with both hands and, with surprising strength, pulled her face toward her pussy. Still, Chloe kept her mouth closed. "And now?" "No." She felt Jamal strike her tits again, and then again. He fucked her for a couple of quick strokes, then pinched her nipples, one with each hand, and pulled on them. She tasted Taesha's pussy as she let out an involuntary, muffled cry, but quickly clamped her lips shut again. "Tell me when she starts licking you." "Yes, Jamal." The pain in her nipples increased as he began to twist and pull harder on them. She let out a whine, but resisted the urge to cry out at the pain. The monster stabbing in and out of her pussy began fucking her faster - brutally - making her feel more and more as though she were spliting open. At the same time, her nipples were burning with pain as he yanked her poor tits toward himself. Finally, she gave in and slid her tongue out of her mouth, up against Taesha's pussy. "Yes... Mmmm, yes, she's licking me now." Immediately, the pressure on her tits was relaxed, and Jamal released her nipples which still hurt tremendously. As she licked, she felt something metal with her tongue, and realized that Taesha had a small, circular ring through her clit. She had no intention of eating Taesha out as passionately as Taesha had eaten her, but she did continue gently licking. Jamal rolled her sideways, onto her backside though her hands, tied behind her back, forced her to arch her back somewhat. It felt good to get him off of the leg that he had pinned down with his knee. As Jamal continued his relentless assault on her pussy, she found that, though she felt stretched and sore, the new position actually felt pretty good. He was fucking her with long slow strokes again, and she could feel her body responding. She determined at that moment that she would never allow herself to cum with his cock inside of her. No matter what he subjected her to, she could at least control that much. She concentrated more on licking Taesha's pussy as Jamal increased his speed, fucking her harder and more rapidly. "Taesha, I want you to cum now." Immediately, Taesha began rotating her hips and grinding her pussy rhythmically back against Chloe's mouth and tongue. In a matter of seconds, the young woman began to quiver and then spasmed violently, her fingers digging deep into Chloe's hair and pulling to the point of pain. Chloe would have assumed she was faking, but felt and tasted the girl's cum. "Good girl, Taesha." Jamal said as the woman riding her mouth began to relax. "Now it's you're turn, Chloe." Chloe said nothing, and just continued softly licking Taesha. Admitting to herself that it could feel good to be fucked by a big dick was one thing, but she was nowhere near orgasm, and she was not going to cooperate with him on this. He fucked her for a little while before he spoke again. "It looks like she may need help again, Taesha." Taesha moved up off of Chloe's face then, and turned around. Jamal wrapped an arm around each of Chloe's thighs and lifted her up by them, pulling her toward him so that they rested up on his knees as he knelt on the floor. Her legs were spread wide, and he held them pressed against his sides. The result of this was that his cock now pushed even more against the upper inside of her pussy, which felt amazing. Then, as Taesha settled her mouth onto Chloe's clit and began her expert attention, Chloe knew there was no way she was going to keep herself from cumming. She burst out crying as the orgasm hit her. She was angry with Jamal for this latest humiliation, angry with Taesha for helping him, and furious at herself for being so weak. She tried to keep her bodily reactions to a minimum and succeeded to a point, but she could feel her pussy squeezing and gripping Jamal's cock and felt him getting slicker from her cum. "That's it... very good, Chloe." He took Taesha by the hair and pulled her head back from Chloe's clit as she came. "I'm just about done with you now. Just one more thing." He continued fucking her, a little more rapidly as her orgasm subsided, but she was alert now. Her ordeal was nearly over and she began to actually move her hips along with him as he fucked her, hoping that he would cum soon. The position she was in had not changed, and with her thighs up on his knees, she had a good view of her pussy, and of his dick moving in and out of her. Without negating the horrible, violent, and unwelcome nature of this attack, she could not help noticing that the sight of his huge, black cock sliding in and out of her body, at a base, physical level, was a massive turn on. She did not have to worry about fighting off a third orgasm, however, as very soon Jamal tensed, and pulled himself all the way out of her, eliciting an involuntary shiver. In the same motion, he took Taesha by the hair once more, and pulled her to him. She fell onto her side and turned her face upwards, opening her mouth wide, reminding Chloe for all the world of a dog displaying her belly to her master. Jamal stroked his cock with his other hand, every muscle in his body becoming tense. Chloe was unable to close her eyes, or look away as he began to cum, squirting thick gobs into Taesha's open mouth. Chloe marveled at how much came out of the man, and at how well Taesha managed to hold it in her mouth, without spilling any. When he had finished, his head was bowed and he was out of breath. Taesha remained on her side, her mouth still open, as Jamal wiped the tip of his dick on her upper lip. "Share." he said, pointing to Chloe. Taesha turned towards Chloe, closing her mouth, though her cheeks puffed out slightly, hinting at the large load of cum she held. She knelt beside Chloe, and bent her head down, as though to kiss her. "Open your mouth, Chloe, and swallow everything she gives you." Chloe debated resisting, then just opened her mouth. Taesha put a hand on each side of her head and pushed her tongue into Chloe's mouth, letting Jamal's cum spill into it. Chloe grimaced, but swallowed. She had tasted plenty of cum on her way up the judicial ladder and she could take this. As Taesha spit the last of the cum into Chloe's mouth she began to kiss her passionately. Chloe did not kiss her back, but did not pull away, either. She could endure a little more humiliation now that this was almost over. "Very nice, girls, very nice." Jamal said, sounding weary. "Get dressed, Taesha. You'll be with me in the bedroom tonight, but first I want you to help Ms. Kessler use the bathroom before I put her to bed." She broke her kiss with Chloe and sat up. "Yes, Jamal." Chloe's heart sank. "No... No! You said you'd be done with me!" "I am done with you. For tonight." He put his hand against her pussy and pushed two fingers up into her. She could not close her legs, as he was still kneeling between them, and he did not allow her to wiggle away from him. "You're mine, Chloe. And I've got a lot planned for you." He stared into her eyes for a few seconds, then pulled his fingers out of her pussy and wiped them casually on her lips. She pulled her head away from his touch. "You're not going to get away with this, you know! You think you can..." He stood, picking up a roll of duct tape, and ripped off a fresh piece. "No! You stay away from me!" she managed to get to her knees and started to stand, but Jamal pushed her back onto the ground without any effort at all. She landed roughly on her side. "Ow... No! Taesha! Call the police... we can get him this time, I promise!" She twisted her head away as leaned down with the duct tape, but he grabbed her hair and yanked her head backwards. He had little trouble sealing her mouth shut again. After taping her mouth shut, he pulled her up by the hair. She struggled to her feet and then staggered forward as he led her down the hallway. He dragged her into the bathroom and sat her heavily onto the toilet. She glared up at him. "You may use the bathroom before you go to bed." She shook her head violently, and closed her legs, locking her feet together. Jamal sighed. "I'm not going to force you, Chloe, but I recommend you take me up on this. You've got two very full days ahead of you. If you don't make use of the toilet now, I won't let you use one again until Sunday night." The prospect of two full days of sexual torment was bad enough, but the thought that she might not be allowed to use a toilet for all that time.... At the very least she'd end up urinating on herself. That would just be one more humiliation for him to subject her to, and so she started peeing. "Good. Glad to see you can be persuaded to do as you're told. You should shit as well." She narrowed her eyes, but unfortunately she did have to go number two, and so, for the same reason she had peed, she swallowed what was left of her pride and did it. "Now stand up." It wasn't simple with her hands tied behind her, but she stood. He flushed the toilet and then closed the lid, pointing at it. "Now put your foot up here and bend over so you can be cleaned." Chloe didn't move at all. "If you prefer not to be cleaned, you can go to bed like this. It doesn't bother me." As degrading as was the prospect of bending over and letting him wipe her ass, it would be worse to spend all night without wiping. She put her foot up on the toilet seat and bent over, then closed her eyes and waited. She felt tentative hands on the backs of her thighs, then a tongue on her pussy. She looked back, shocked, to see Taesha kneeling behind her. A shiver run through her body as Taesha licked her pussy from top to bottom, inside and out. She was only beginning to imagine what it must be like to lick another woman's vagina clean of pee when Taesha's tongue moved back, licking between her ass cheeks. Almost reflexively, she started to straighten up, but Jamal's hand was on her neck, holding her in place. "Do a good job, Taesha." "Esh, Yamal." The young woman said without moving her face away from between Chloe's legs. She was not timid, and Chloe felt the girl licking her crack several times before pushing deeper and licking at her anus. By the time Taesha had finished, and withdrawn, she had licked every bit of filth from Chloe's pussy and asshole. Chloe was almost too shocked to be disgusted. Jamal kicked her foot off of the toilet, then bent her over almost double, by her neck. With his free hand, he pulled her asscheeks open, one at a time, and she knew she was being inspected. After a minute of this he let her go and slapped her ass. "Good girl, Taesha." he said. "Thank you, Jamal." "You, close your legs." Almost without thinking, Chloe did, as Jamal grabbed a nearby roll of duct tape. Before she knew what he was doing, he had taped her legs together first at the knees and then at the ankles. When he was finished, she was barely able to keep from falling over. Without a word, he put an arm around her stomach, and picked her up under his arm. He carried her a step or two, then dropped her into the tub. She landed with a hollow thud, and ended up on her side, facing away from the wall. "This will be your bed for tonight. I promise you it's a good deal more comfortable than tomorrow night will be." She shifted, wondering how she'd sleep like this. "Oh, one last thing." He put his foot up onto the edge of the tub, took his long, soft dick between his thumb and forefinger, and started to pee on her. She was so shocked at first, that it took her a minute to close her eyes, which immediately started stinging. He peed all over her tits first, then down onto the mound of pubic hair where her thighs were pressed closed. After that, he soaked her hair and then spent a good deal of time on her face. She seemed unable to escape the stream, no matter how much she twisted and turned her head. After what seemed like an eternity, the stream of piss slowed, then stopped, and she lay in the tub, degraded, dripping wet, and reeking of his scent. She was thankful for the duct tape on her face which had kept it out of her mouth. From behind closed eyes, she noticed the light in the room turn out. She opened one eye and saw Jamal's sillouette in her bathroom doorway. "Get some sleep, Chloe." he said, "You've got a long weekend ahead of you." ________________________________ (C)Copyright 2010 by Backstory FTP site: Text site: Web site: