The lil cum dumpster

Written by: Daddy's lil Cum Dumpster



The day was hot. I was wearing my red and white sundress that had the cute gold buttons. My mommy dressed me. Told me I had to go to the baby sitters house. I’m 8 years old.


My mommy pulled up next to the babysitters house and kissed me on the cheek while she unfastened my seat belt. My babysitter is a 16 year old girl who lives with her daddy. Her name is Janie. His name is Daddy.


Daddy opened up the car door for me, and I jumped out, waving bye to my mommy. Mommy told me to be good. Told me to mind Daddy and Janie. So I didn’t think about not minding Daddy when he told me to take off my dress and panties. I had stayed here a few times before and knew Daddy liked to see me naked.


As soon as I pulled my dress over my head, Daddy was ripping my panties off me, making me scared. I started to cry. Daddy was acting mad but I didn’t know why. Then he said “I’m sorry my lil cum dumpster. Please don’t cry. I got a lil impatient at seeing your beautiful lil pussy that I plan licking today.”


I quickly dried my tears with a grateful smile, and laid down on the couch and pulled back my pussy lips so he could lick my itchy places. Daddy got on his hands and knees and slid me closer to his mouth. He stuck his tongue so far up my pussy so fast, it made me pee a lil. He didn’t seem to mind because he kept his tongue up my lil girl pussy and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. This made me feel all warm inside, my head felt funny, and I started breathing faster. I reached my hand out and grabbed his hair, smashing him even further into my pussy.


Daddy’s thumb on my clitty had me bucking my hips wanting more. What he was doing felt amazing! I couldn’t get enough! I wanted more. and then Boom! an incredible rush wracked my body and I moaned “Mooorrreeeee” because it was all I could think of.


After my intense lil girl orgasm, Daddy pulled his cock out and told me to suck on it like a lollipop. He let me lay on the couch and watch cartoons with his cock in my mouth half the day. One or two times his cock spit white stuff in my mouth and I swallowed because that’s what Daddy likes. He likes for his cum dumpster to swallow and I like to make Daddy happy so he will lick my itchy places again.


This isn’t my only Daddy. I have other Daddies who like to play with my pussy too.