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Author: Altan
Title: Virtual Reality
Summary: Imagine you could create your own world, what would you do? Ron has some ideas...
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Date: September 2001
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Virtual Reality (exhib voy MF oral)
by Altan

It was late at night and the campus streets were deserted. There
was not a single other car in the parking lot of the Computer
Science department. Ron parked in the spot reserved for disabled
right next to the entrance and rushed through the pouring rain,
his keycard in front of him. Still the damp wetness came through
his raincoat before he managed to open the door.

Once inside, he hurried through the empty hallways to the Virtual
Reality lab. Even though he could use the department resources at
any time to work at his thesis--after all, that was why he had
gotten the keycard in the first place--Ron knew only too well
that what he intended to do was not related to his thesis at all.
If somebody caught him, the very least he could expect would be a
strong reprimand.

Fortunately, the VR lab was in the center of the building,
carefully isolated, so once inside, he was relatively safe from
discovery. He turned on the light and closed the door behind him.

In the center of the room were three chairs that looked as if
they had come from a dentist, including some of the torturing
equipment dentists always seem to need. The back of the room was
filled will computer equipment, screens, and what looked like
assorted junk.

Ron quickly went to one of the consoles and started up the
computers. While it was booting, he looked at the large sign on
the wall. "Authorized personnel only," it said, and "Qualified
operators must be present at all times while the VR equipment is
in use." He was definitely going to violate those rules in a few

As soon as he was logged in, Ron downloaded a patch he had
prepared and placed it in the VR software's plug-in directory.
Then he started up the simulation system, chose a simple training
session, and set it for ten minutes. He sat down in one of the
chairs and pulled the helmet over his head. He quickly put down
his arms on the armrests and then everything went black.

                              * * *

Ron was standing on the square in front of the university
auditorium. It was about mid morning, the sun was shining, but
the place was empty. Carefully he turned around. He couldn't
quite put his finger on it, but something felt strange. He knew
this was a normal result of the feedback from the Virtual Reality
computers being delayed by just a fraction of a second. He would
get used to it quickly.

This was not the first time he used the VR equipment, but he was
still awed by how realistic it all was. He touched the ground and
could feel the rough texture of the stone with his fingers. He
could even smell the sweet scent of summer in the air.

Let the experiment begin, he thought to himself. Out loud, he
said "Code word: Kalamazoo!"

From nowhere, a voice answered, "Module Kalamazoo started.
Awaiting your orders."

So far so good. The module he had prepared was recognized, and he
could access it from inside the simulation. Now it was time to
figure out if the rest worked as well.

"Kalamazoo, change environment," Ron said out loud. "Remove

The university buildings around him disappeared immediately,
leaving holes where their basements had been. So it worked, he
could influence the simulation. His patch module allowed him to
give commands directly to the virtual reality software.

Time for the last and most important test: could he get out of
the simulation at will?

"Kalamazoo, command: exit," he said.

Everything briefly turned black, then Ron found himself sitting
in the chair in the VR room. He looked at the clock, only two
minutes since he started the session. He walked over to the
console, and there it said loud and clear: "Session terminated
prematurely due to internal command."

"Yessss!" he said to himself. It had worked, he had made it
possible to control the Virtual Reality session from the inside.
Now he could go and have some fun.

Ever since the university opened the Virtual Reality laboratory,
Ron had been dreaming of things to do with that. Of course, the
equipment in the laboratory was supposed to be used for
scientific experiments, to learn more about human-computer
interaction. The faculty had made it quite clear that the lab was
not to be used for entertainment, mainly because they feared
lawsuits. They had severely limited access to the libraries of
scenes and scripts so that only a handful of faculty members
could get at them. But being able to modify plug-in modules was
essential to many of the experiments, so most graduate students
were able to work on them. Now Ron had found a way to change the
simulation from the "inside" through one of these plug-in

"Let the fun begin," he murmured to himself as he carefully chose
one of the existing sessions. This was the "mall" session, which
was modeled after the local shopping mall, and included a large
number of people. He set the session to automatically stop at
five o'clock in the morning, well before anyone would arrive, and
sat back in the chair again.

                              * * *

Ron opened his eyes and was standing in the middle of a large
mall. For a moment Ron studied the people around him, who were
going about their business, eating, chatting, going in and out of
shops. He could not see anything different about them. They
looked like people of flesh and blood to him, not simulations
inside a computer memory.

"Code word: Kalamazoo!" he said.

"Module Kalamazoo started. Awaiting your orders."

Ron felt himself getting tense. This was what he had been waiting

"Kalamazoo, remove underwear."

"Command unclear," came the answer. "Please elaborate."

"Kalamazoo, remove all underwear from this simulation. None of
the simulated people are wearing underwear. None of the shops are
selling underwear. None of the people have ever seen or heard of

"Define underwear."

In spite of himself, Ron had to smile. Huge advances had been
made the last few years in computers understanding colloquial
language. In fact, understanding everyday situations had been
necessary before virtual reality could have been developed to
what it now was. But computers could still not actually read his
mind. The term "underwear" means different things in different
situations, and since this was a new situation for the computer,
it could not determine its precise meaning.

"Kalamazoo, definition: underwear is panties, briefs and bras."

Immediately, he felt a new freedom in his pants. He looked at
some of the women around him, and they clearly were not wearing
bras anymore.

Ron considered if he should have all clothes removed, but decided
not to--not yet, at least. He was going to take this one step at
a time, and enjoy it as much as he could. If he was caught
tomorrow, he might not get a second chance.

Instead, he started to walk around, looking at the women. When he
passed a sports store, he saw a young woman inside who was
wearing one of those sleeveless shirts with large arm holes. She
had clearly been wearing a sports bra underneath when the
simulation started, but that was now gone. Ron could see how the
virtual reality software was struggling with the fact that normal
behavior would be for her to cover herself up, but she had
nothing to do it with.

"Kalamazoo, relax women about keeping breasts covered," Ron said.
Immediately, he could see the girl relax and concentrate on the
golf ball display.

Ron positioned himself slightly behind the woman and studied her
breasts. She had firm breasts, not very big and only slightly
sagging. When she bend over he could plainly see her nipple
standing up at the front of the breast.

Even though she was no longer trying to hide her breasts, it was
still hard to get a good look. And the other braless women around
were not really showing much either. Ron decided it was time for
the next move.

"Kalamazoo, increase level of exhibitionism."

"Command not understood," sounded from nowhere.

Ron had expected something like this. What he wanted was to make
the women more exhibitionistic, but he had to find a way to
explain that to the computer system.

"Kalamazoo, pause simulation and enter dialog."

All movement around him stopped and the computer responded,
"Dialog mode entered. No code word prefix necessary."

That meant he did not have to start each command with the word
Kalamazoo to get the program's attention. This would be much
easier for what he had in mind.

"You know what exhibitionism is?"

"Yes," responded the computer.

"Is the level of exhibitionism a parameter of the simulation?"


Ron thought for a moment. The Virtual Reality simulation was
based on a huge number of rules, like the average height of a
person, the fact that things that are not held will fall down, or
how someone goes about buying a pair of shoes. Many of these
rules, like average height, are simply numbers; those are called

Now the computer knew the meaning of the word "exhibitionism"
because the people in the simulation would have to be able to
talk about it. But it did not have the exhibitionistic tendencies
of a person as one of the parameters in the simulation. That
would have to be changed.

"Analyze exhibitionistic behavior. Determine from which
parameters it results."

This took a few seconds, while the computer tried out millions of
combinations. Finally, it responded, "Analysis completed."

"List main parameters."

"Clothing style. Self confidence. Waist size. Bust size. Age."

Interesting, it seemed that in "making up" the people in the
simulation, the computer would come up with a clothing preference
that person might have. The other parameters probably meant that
better-looking women would be more likely to show off.

"Revert relationship. Define exhibitionism as parameter, adjust
other parameters based on it."

Effectively, Ron told the computer that when it defined people,
it should give them a certain desire for exhibitionism, and have
them choose their clothing accordingly.

"Exhibitionism defined. Arbitrary value one assigned to current

"Set exhibitionism to 2. Restart simulation with the new
parameter settings. Terminate dialog mode."

The simulation would have to be restarted, because Ron wanted all
the people to be exhibitionists.

Everything went black for a moment, then Ron was back in the
center of the mall.

He looked around him and his jaw almost dropped in amazement.
Many women were wearing the flimsiest clothes, often revealing
more than they were hiding. And they were so pretty!

Suddenly it hit him. The computer had mentioned that good looks
were part of why a person would behave in an exhibitionistic way.
Basically, better looking women were on average more likely to
behave as exhibitionists. When he told it to reverse the
relationship, that meant that more exhibitionistic women would be
better looking. The computer didn't care that this did not make
sense in the real world, it would just calculate the mathematical
results. A world full of beauty queens!

Right now, a young woman in her early twenties was approaching.
She had long brown hair and a fair skin. Her loose, white cut-off
tank top was barely covering her breasts and had large arm holes.
The matching mini skirt was only six inches tall.

When she got closer, Ron saw her breasts moving in the rhythm of
her walk. She had big breasts, though not exceptionally huge. "A
good front improves the whole house," Ron's mother used to
comment. They were still firm, with her nipples outlined through
the thin fabric.

Ron was staring at her when she walked by him. She turned and saw
him looking straight at her.

"What are you looking at?" she asked accusingly.

"You," Ron answered simply.

She was taken in by his candor and relaxed visibly.

"Oh yeah? Which part of me, specifically?"

"Your top," Ron said without hesitation.

"You like it?"

"I love it! I wish I could see more! Why don't you take off your
top all together?"

"What, right here? Are you crazy?"

"You would like to, wouldn't you?"

The woman hesitated. "Yes, I would," she agreed, "but I can't do
that here, can I now?"

"Of course you can," Ron encouraged her. "Nobody's going to eat
you. And I'm sure you will turn on a lot of the guys here."

She was struggling with herself. In the end, her desire to expose
herself won.

"How about this," she asked, as she briefly pulled the top over
her head. "You like that?"

Ron could feel the excitement in his loins growing, and knew it
must be visible from the outside.

"That's great," he said, pointing to his pants.

"I see," she smiled. "Maybe you should show something too?"

"You can have a peek," Ron said, stretching the elastic
waistband. He was getting hard as a rock when she came closer and
looked into his pants. She said nothing, but smiled some more and
licked her lips.

"Do you mind if I walk along with you?" Ron asked. "Where were
you going?"

"In fact, I was going to Sears, looking to buy a bed," she
answered. "No, of course, come along if you want to. Who knows,"
she added with a wicked grin, "maybe you'll get to see some

They entered Sears and walked around the beds department for a
little bit. The woman was pointing out different beds, their
features and prices. Then she walked up to a sales man.

"You know, I like that one over there," she said to him, "but I
really would like to try it out first. Do you mind?"

"No, not at all," he answered. "That is what they are here for."

"Thanks," she said, and motioned for Ron to follow her.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and took off her shoes. Then
she lied down, pulling one knee up. The tiny mini skirt wrinkled
and was no longer covering anything.

"This feels good," she said, spreading her legs further. In one
smooth motion she took off her top, showing her full white
breasts with the dark aureole in the middle. Her nipples were
standing to attention.

"Help me put this bed to the test," she said to Ron.

Ron didn't hesitate. He dropped his pants and he erect dick
sprang forward. The next moment, he was on the bed with her,
rapidly moving inside her.

They both came quickly, after which she got up, ignoring the
sperm slowly dripping down her leg, and bought the bed. Ron just
caught the word "satisfactory" and wondered if she was talking
about him or the bed.

                              * * *

This was fun! He looked at his watch, but realized that it was
simulated as well. He had to keep track of time, though,
otherwise he might be yanked out of the simulation at the worst

"Kalamazoo, let my wrist watch display real time," he commanded.

"Wristwatch parameters changed" came the immediate answer. Ron
looked at it again -- not yet midnight. Time enough for some more

He left the store and walked around, looking for some more
attractive women. He was on the second level and looked down.
There were two girls down there that looked promising. Quickly he
went down the stairs and approached them.

They looked like opposites, one dark skinned with black hair, the
other with a light skin and blonde hair. "Ebony and ivory," he
thought. They were clearly friends as they had linked arms and
were talking enthusiastically.

The dark girl was wearing a red body-clinging mini dress. The top
of the dress consisted of a single strap around her neck, which
widened over her breasts to just about two inches, but the parts
did not come together until below her bellybutton. On her back
the material curved from the two straps to come together in her
waist. From there on down, it formed a very tight mini skirt,
which hardly got to halfway down her thighs.

The light girl was much more covered. She was wearing a knee-long
blue skirt and a loose fitting printed blue shirt. Both the skirt
and the shirt had small white buttons on the front, all the way
from top to bottom, which were all fastened. Through the thin
material, Ron could see her small breasts wiggle as she walked.

He let them pass and slowly turned around to follow them. Looking
at their backs, and knowing they would not be wearing anything
underneath, he felt his lust rise again, but he controlled
himself. Keeping a distance of 15 or 20 feet, he leisurely
followed the two girls into an upscale clothing store.

It seemed as if they were looking for something for the blonde
girl. They looked at several business outfits, finally deciding
on one she took with her to the fitting room. The fitting rooms
had real doors, which she closed properly, with no chance of
peeking. Ron positioned himself to catch up with her when she
came out again. He realized that he would never dare doing
anything like this in real life, but it was OK in this

When the girl came out of the fitting room, she had put the
business suit on and was showing it off to her friend. She then
went back into the cabin. Only a few seconds later she came back
out and Ron thought his heart was stopping. She hadn't bothered
closing any of the buttons of her shirt, which was hanging loose
over her breasts. She only came out for a moment while her friend
handed her another outfit.

This continued a couple more times, until they made up their
minds and agreed on one outfit. The dark girl took it over to the
cash register while the light one changed back. She still didn't
bother to close any of the buttons on her shirt, however. Ron
noticed that her friend pointed at the open shirt when they
joined again, but the blonde shrugged and smiled. The dark girl
also smiled and they left the store.

Ron was getting more and more excited when he followed the two
girls to the food court. He kept close to them and when the blond
one bent over to point at one of the sandwiches on display, he
finally got a good look at her breast. Although her breast was
small, the nipple was very long and seemed to be hardening.

Both girls got sandwiches and sat down at a table. Ron got
himself a soft drink and went over to them.

"May I join you?" he asked.

They both looked up. The blond girl started to ask what he
wanted, but the dark one quickly said, "of course, pull up a
chair!" and gave him a big smile.

When he sat down, the dark girl yawned and started stretching. As
she did this, her dress was pulled even further up. The tables
had a clear plastic top, but she didn't seem to realize that as
she spread her legs a little bit, Ron would look straight up her
skirt. To his surprise, he could see she was clean shaven between
her legs.

"Nice view here," he said.

She looked at him as if to ask him what he meant and he nodded at
the table top. As she realized it was transparent, she smiled and
said, "I bet." But she did not move her legs.

"I'm Cynthia," she said, "And this is my friend Claire."

"My name is Ron, I'm here sightseeing," he answered.

"And, are you enjoying those sights?" Claire asked.

"I'm having fun alright," he said.

They ate some more in silence. Ron noticed that some dressing
dripped from Claire's sandwich.

"Excuse me, you seem to be messing up your dress," he said. "Let
me get you a napkin."

He took a paper napkin from the dispenser behind him and bend
over to Claire, to wipe the spot off her skirt. As he softly
rubbed the dress, he felt her stiffen and then saw her spreading
her legs a bit. Encouraged, Ron continued rubbing the inside of
her leg through the blue dress, looking up to see her reaction.
Claire's nipples were now straining the thin fabric, pointing out
like little sticks. He bend over a little bit more to get a
better view inside her shirt and, seeing her small breast with
the hard nipple sticking out, felt himself stiffening as well.

Cynthia looked at them, took the ketchup and squirted a big glob
on the hem of her dress.

"Oh, look what I've done," she said in mock horror. "Could you
get me a napkin as well, please?"

Ron looked at her with a wicked smile, then said, "a napkin would
just spread it out. I guess I'll have to lick it up." He knelt
down on his knees in front of her and started licking the ketchup
off her skirt.

"Let me help you," Cynthia said, and pulled up the skirt further.
It was now all the way up to her belly and Ron felt himself
licking her skin as much as the dress. His licking slowly moved
down and he heard her breathing speeding up. He continued slowly
licking between her legs, tasting a sweetness that definitely
wasn't ketchup.

After a few minutes she stiffened and then went all limp. Ron
looked up and saw she had closed her eyes, leaning back. He got
up from the floor and returned to his own chair.

Claire was looking at him with a big grin. Through the table he
could see that she had undone all buttons of her skirt but the
top one. With her legs spread, her blond curls were beckoning

"You're so helpful," she said. "Can I get you something, another
soda perhaps?"

"Oh, a Coke would be nice," he answered.

He watched her walk up to the counter and return a few moments
later with a large cup of soda on a tray, with a lid and straw
next to it. When she reached him, she seemed to trip and the cup
felt straight in his lap.

"Oh, how clumsy of me," Claire exclaimed. "Here, let me help

She got a couple of napkins and started wiping his pants.

"You are soaked," she said. "And it is all sticky. I'm so sorry,
it is all my fault. I guess I will have to clean you up!"

She undid his zipper and released his cock. Then she started
licking it clean. Within seconds, Ron could feel himself harden
and felt the orgasm coming up. When she put his member in her
mouth, he couldn't hold any longer. He felt the juice bursting
all the way through his dick and splashing out in her mouth. For
a second more he held it, than gave one last shiver and fell

                              * * *

When he had recovered enough to think clearly, he saw Claire and
Cynthia walking out of the mall. Ron decided that he had had
enough for one night.

"Kalamazoo, command: exit," he said.

                              * * *

He got out of the chair, went over to the console, and started
shutting down the system. A glance at the clock told him it was
almost five in the morning. He would be back here tonight, and do
some more experiments.

He didn't feel like going back to his dorm room yet. He wanted to
savor the memory of his exotic adventure, re-live it again and
again before he had to go home. When he came up to an all-night
coffee shop, he stopped and entered.

The place was almost empty this early in the morning. Ron ordered
a pancake breakfast and sat down in a corner booth. Two girls
were giggling in the booth opposite him, pointing at him.

While he was trying to hear what they were saying, his pancakes
arrived. The girls kept looking at him and giggling all the time
when he was eating. He smiled at them, which made them giggle
even more.

When he finished his pancakes and leaned back to enjoy the orange
juice, Ron heard one of them saying something that sounded like
"Kalamazoo." He got up, took off his shirt, and fell to his knees
in front of them.

"At your command," he said.

                          T H E   E N D


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