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Breakfast_at_Sue's.txt 798522-Oct-2001 18:05
Confidential.txt 19K23-Jun-2000 13:30
Emma-Lou steps out Mf, first, etc..txt 45K20-May-2002 15:56
Experiments_in_bondage.txt 22K31-Oct-2001 17:42
I share my woman with my brother.txt 53K22-May-2001 11:55
John was 17 years old.txt 11K22-Oct-2001 18:05
Lucy_or_Sue.txt 36K28-Sep-2003 20:49
My Black Hero.txt 21K26-Oct-2000 16:43
My affair with my daughter's white boyfriend.txt 19K04-Dec-2000 16:37
My jungle girl MF , interrac, rom, cheat, voy, wife, asian.txt 31K19-Jan-2003 23:02
My jungle girl part 2 MF , interrac, rom, cheat, voy, wife, asian.txt 37K19-Jan-2003 23:02
My little Indian girl.txt 14K29-Jul-2000 12:01
Privathi.txt 59K13-Jan-2002 17:30
Screwed Again revised.txt 66K15-Sep-2001 16:01
Screwed in Japan revised.txt 72K15-Sep-2001 16:01
Strict Chinese landlady mF, Fdom.txt 22K20-Nov-2002 21:58
The Mover MF interracial [BM-WF] cheat.txt 21K06-Oct-2002 22:09
The trouble with Evelyn.txt 41K29-Aug-2000 08:13
a letter from Bombay.txt 17K24-Oct-2001 21:54
black_Susan.txt 31K25-Oct-2001 07:52
burning love.txt 51K27-Oct-2004 16:25
carnal knowledge psychic agent.txt 67K29-Jun-2004 21:11
confession of Mrs. lee.txt 670231-Oct-2001 17:39
confessions of a 14 year old nymphomaniac.txt 28K26-Oct-2001 21:10
dinner at sue's.txt 19K31-Oct-2001 17:44
edna and the old Chinaman.txt 23K31-Oct-2001 17:40
hungarian woman.txt 82K29-Jun-2002 10:26
in the hold of swingers.txt 21K18-Mar-2001 13:38
is windsurfing better than sex?.txt 13K22-Apr-2001 13:38
looking like Claudia Shiffer.txt 61K22-Oct-2001 20:30
message.ftp.txt 10K04-Feb-2005 09:07
my stewardess wife MM F cheating, voy..txt 21K15-Jun-2002 22:12
my travails with Anna and Bernadette.txt 36K23-Jul-2000 12:11
read me Index.txt 10K04-Feb-2005 09:07
roseanna.txt 19K08-Oct-2000 14:02
saving Jessica.txt 42K29-Jun-2004 21:11
screwed revised.txt 40K15-Sep-2001 16:02
she wanted a baby.txt 26K25-Nov-2000 08:55
son's girlfriend.txt 42K04-Feb-2005 09:08
summer break.txt 607126-Feb-2002 10:16
the Filipino maid and the 15 Y.O..txt 20K18-Mar-2001 13:38
the Server.txt 17K18-Mar-2001 13:39
the elevator.txt 28K04-Jun-2001 11:59
the handyman and the balerina.txt 13K04-Dec-2000 16:38
the motorbike girl.txt 28K15-Oct-2000 15:03
the trouble with swapping.txt 19K01-Feb-2001 12:41
when I was 15.txt 330930-Jan-2001 09:18