Author: Tom Kong
Title: Chicks Ride High -- The 'Service' Concept
Universe: Chicks Ride High
Summary: Billy's fertile imagination leads to Tex, his wife, and himself 
    providing a menage a trois service.
Keywords: MF+ humor safe swing toys older
Language: English

              Chicks Ride High -- The 'Service' Concept

The Service

This is an ad we placed in the local happenings newspaper's personals 

Chicks ride high. Straight Cauc cpl ISO SF 45-65 for safe menage a 
trois. Toy/simulator based. We're 55, AARP, non-smokers, friendly, 
gentle, and discreet. Patient with nervous virgins. If you like the on 
top position, this could be your ride to ecstasy. mailto: 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe a little background information 
is in order. 

My wife, Tex, and I had been swingers before ... waaaay before. But too 
many distractions got in the way: family, jobs, house, you name it. Of 
course, there was also the mental game/morality aspect of sexual freedom 
within a marriage adding layers of complexity to our lives. And that's 
not to mention the problems with sexually transmitted diseases which 
have blossomed since those days. So we gave up swinging ... there was 
just too much risk. 

After several decades of clean living, however, things began to slow 
down and we started to relax a little. In fact, we were becoming bored 
with normal. In addition, we don't enjoy superficial friendships ... we 
prefer really engrossing interpersonal activities ... like S-E-X. So, we 
decided to place the ad. 

Or, perhaps I should say, I decided to ask Tex if ... maybe ... if it 
was okay with her ... "could we place the ad?" 

I knew Tex wouldn't actually go postal over it, but it would be a 
surprise to her. I mean, after all of these years?! But I felt we needed 
a wee bit o' stimulant to keep up our lust for life. 

Besides, I had a plan.

The plan was that we, as a couple, would provide a sexual service for 
single, middle-aged females. The service wouldn't be prostitution 
because it would be free ... no strings attached. The payment for us 
would simply be the entertainment value of providing the service. Our 
service wouldn't be "public" and indiscriminate ... we're very picky and 
CAUTIOUS about whom we will fuck with. In addition, all sexual contact 
would be safe because it would be indirect ... through sex toys, like 
vibrators and dildos. 

A bonus feature was that I would always wear a PPA, that is, a 
prosthetic penis apparatus (a hollow dildo in which my penis rests), 
held in place by a 3-point belt/harness, otherwise known as a Malibu 
Tuxedo. If desired, I would also submit to being bound to a bed, 
blindfolded, and even gagged. Whips and chains would be optional. 

Now that we had a plan, I was motivated. I imagined that if the plan 
worked, there would be some nice benefits: One was that I would get to 
have sex with two partners at once. Another was that I wouldn't be 
cheating on Tex ... she would always be there. But the really kickin' 
benefit ... for me anyway ... was this: the PPA lets me pursue my 
favorite sexual perversion ... I like to be on the bottom. 

So does Tex, however, and Tex gets what Tex wants.

Therein lies my motivation. At the risk of repeating myself, I want to 
emphasize: I REALLY like to be on bottom during sex. I like to have the 
female in the dominant position (on top), her tits slapping me in the 
face, using her energy and pacing, and using me as a tool to custom 
design her own climax. I guess that shows my feminine side ... I want to 
feel sexually used and abused. [Hmmm, I wonder ... if I like to have the 
female on top and I have a feminine side, does that make me a "sideways 

The PPA makes it so easy for me since I don't have to worry about my 
erection (at my age, that's a big bone-us!). Of course, there's no 
chance of an orgasm for me while wearing the PPA, but that's a price I 
am happy to pay. 

Although Tex has taken the dominant role and let me have the on-bottom 
position with the PPA a few times, she doesn't like it as much as our 
usual way. She must be secretly religious :-) ... she prefers the 
missionary position. 

With my plan, everybody would be happy. And, heck, my new marketing 
slogan had a nice ring: Chicks Ride High! 

So I told Tex about our plan. Much to my amazement, she seemed amused 
and enthused (or else she figured no one would take us up on it). 

Then we ran the ad.


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