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Drinking Her Pee (Part I)
(M/F, WS, Oral)

Angelina and I used to get a lot of time alone together, both at her house and 
mine, which is probably why we were able to experiment and explore sex to great 
depths. She was a bi-sexual and very open to just about everything. 

She was extremely fair, almost like white people, with long hair, very petite 
but very nicely built breasts, a beautiful face, about 5 feet 3 inches tall and 
extremely gorgeous. 

At home, whenever we would have sex, she almost every time would have to go to 
the bathroom to pee right after. It became a habit, and although initially I 
took no notice of it, I often found that she would leave the bathroom door open. 
I would always 'hear' her use the bathroom and pee... but I never really gave it 
any attention.

I loved watching her naked, especially walk naked. After we had sex, I loved 
watching her walk naked, with a mixture of our cum, her pussy juices and my 
semen, dripping down from her pussy, down her thighs, as she would slowly walk 
up to the bathroom, and then watched her come out of the bathroom and back to 
me. As almost every time I would trace her route back & forth from the bathroom, 
one day I asked her, "Can I come with you?", and she said "Of course!"

I didn't have any particular intentions or ideas in my head; I was just enjoying 
watching her walk naked, and wanted to be with her instead of without her, while 
she went to use the bathroom. 

When we reached the bathroom, I didn't know exactly what to do, I just stood 
there in front of her, holding one hand, and she sat down. She began to pee and 
I couldn't help but take my eyes towards between her legs, almost trying to 
catch a glimpse of her pussy. But her legs were closed and I could only hear her 
pee as it hit the water in the toilet, but I couldn't see anything. 

When she was done, she took a little but of toiler paper and wiped her pussy, 
and then took a little more toilet paper to wipe her thighs where our cum had 
dripped. We both walked back to the bed. To my surprise she didn't show even the 
slightest bit of shyness or awkwardness, which kind of helped me to be poised 

This happened a couple of times thereafter, and I think the 3rd time itself, she 
asked me "Do you like watching me pee?", and I gave her an honest reply, "Yes, I 
do actually". She had a wide smile on her face, almost seemed like she was 
trying very hard not to make it very obvious. She said to me "Why didn't you say 
so before?", and I told her "I didn't know I was going to like it. I've never 
seen a girl pee before. I just started with you". By then I was a little bold 
about this, and I knew we both were in consent about what we were talking. So I 
said to her "Next time when you have to go, I want to see more... will you open 
your legs for me?", and she gave me another big smile, and said "Of course".

We were both very excited, as it was something new, something untouched, for the 
both of us. We had never experienced this form of sexuality and it grew very 
rapidly within us as lust. The very next day we had a chance to be together 
again and neither of us could wait to explore where our desires were taking us. 
We both knew well we were touching the forbidden, the extremely taboo, but we 
didn't care, and we were guided by our lust at that point.

I had made a request that I wanted us to indulge in it before we had sex and not 
'after' we had sex as we had been doing thus far.

She wore one of my favorite black skirt and a white top that I always loved her 
in, and we were at my house. Every other day we would get a chance to be either 
at my house or hers, depending on who's house had everyone gone somewhere that 
day. More often then not we would get a chance to be at my house. And this was 
one of those days.

As we kissed passionately, our hearts raced as we both knew in our minds and 
body what we were anxious to indulge in. I helped her undress, as I wanted her 
naked, just the way I liked it. She took my hand in hers and started towards the 
bathroom, I followed her, almost being guided. She sat down on the toilet seat, 
and I knelt down on my knees before her, coming almost face to face with her. 
She had her legs slightly parted, just enough for me to see her sweet, gorgeous 
pussy. I took my hands on her thighs and parted her legs even further... as much 
as I could, exposing her delicious pussy all to myself. 

I looked at her face, staring into her eyes, almost giving her a signal, a 
gesture of what I wanted, that I wanted her to do it. Almost instantly, she 
started to pee. For the first time in my life, a distance of just a few inches, 
I saw her pee. My hands were still on her thighs, almost gripping them, as I 
watched her pussy flow out a very slightly yellowish, mostly clear liquid, in a 
very smooth stream. I was mesmerized. In an instant my penis began to grow, hard 
and rigid, as it stood upright, completely erect, while I grew highly aroused 
watching her pee.

Much to my dismay, it didn't stay very long. It was very soon that the flow 
began to rapidly slow down, and she stopped. But we both knew that we had 
entered a different sexual dimension, and that much was ahead of us. 

Even before we got up, or moved one bit, as she sat there on the seat, and I 
remained knelt down in front of her, I couldn't help but remark to her ... "I 
want to touch it next time". She wasn't surprised at all, and said to me "I 
thought you would touch it today, why didn't you?"... I didn't know what to say.

We planned for the next time a little bit better. We didn't get a chance to be 
in the house together for a few days, and it took almost a week before we got 
another chance to be alone in the house, although during this time we had the 
opportunity to talk about it a lot. Many hours we spent on the phone at night 
talking about it, masturbating and having phone sex, something we loved to do.

During our conversations and our growing enticement towards this topic, a 
thought that lay deep in my mind, which I didn't dare touch or explore, popped 
up as a bold question by her. We hadn't talked about it at all, and she finally 
brought it out and into our conversation. She asked me "Would you want to taste 

At first I was quite because I was a little surprised, but then I resorted to 
answering her honestly. I told her "To be honest, I would like to... the thought 
is very exciting, it brings a sexual spark in me... but I don't know how I'll 
actually take it, how I'll react to it, if I can actually do it". She knew what 
I meant and she didn't pursue after that. But two things did become obvious. 
One, that she wanted me to... and two that it didn't repel me or gross me, 
instead, I was just a little afraid to do it.

During that week, as I said, we didn't get the chance to be at home alone 
together, so we couldn't do anything about this 'particular' thing, we were only 
able to sneak out into the car or somewhere and pursue our usual sexual acts. I 
think it was Friday night that we were on the phone talking to each other, as 
usual, before going to bed... we usually did that almost every night, and had 
phone sex before going to bed. The next day was Saturday, and even though we 
didn't' know at that time where we were on the phone, but finally that Saturday 
we did get a chance at my home, to be alone. That Friday night on the phone, she 
brought up the 'taste' subject again and told me she had an idea, a suggestion, 
and that it was up to me whether I wanted to try it or not. So I asked her what 
her idea was. She said to me, "I'll go to the bathroom, I'll pee, you can come 
with me and watch me.. you can touch it, feel it in your hands. When I'm done, 
we'll go back in bed. But I won't clean myself. I won't wipe myself. You love 
eating my pussy. Why don't you just eat my pussy after I come from the bathroom? 
A little bit of my pee would still be there on my pussy, just enough for you to 
taste a little bit, and it will be mixed in my wetness... that way you'll get to 
taste it a little, try it a little, and you can decide whether you want more or 

While she described her suggestion to me, it made me feel so aroused, so hot, 
that I instantly agreed, hungry with anticipation of my chance to be able to do 
exactly what she described. I completely agreed to her suggestion, and I was 
excited for the opportunity.

The next day itself, opportunity came knocking. It was Saturday and we both 
found our private time, alone at my house, and we both were anxious and excited 
to dwell deeper into our forbidden fantasies.

We did exactly as we had planned. She prepared for the opportunity once we both 
knew we had the time to ourselves. She drank glasses full of cold water a little 
before we found ourselves all alone, hungry and waiting.

As always we began our ritual of love and lust with passionate kisses, and again 
I helped her undress, and she took upon herself to undress me. We adored our 
bodies, and didn't hesitate to express that. As I traced my lips, my tongue 
through the contours of her neck, her shoulders, and down towards her breasts, 
she stood there letting me cherish her beautiful body. And then she finally took 
my hand in hers and guided me towards the bathroom. I followed her with a racing 

She sat down on the toilet seat, spread open her legs as wide as she could. I 
knelt down before her, staring down her pussy, with my hands on her thighs, just 
shy of her pussy lips. She began peeing, and very slowly, I took the fingers of 
my right hand towards her pussy, and let them intervene with the smooth flow of 
her stream. The stream felt warm, and it excited me so harshly. I had an 
absolutely erect penis.... and I could feel my pre-cum beginning to build at the 
tip of my cock, as I started to touch and rub her pussy, while her pee flowed 
out of it. I was at a sexual high that I had never experienced. I didn't want it 
to stop, but it had to.

As promised, she didn't clean herself this time. I took some toilet paper to 
wipe my wet hand, and then we both just went back to the bed. She laid herself 
down on her back, and spread open her legs for me to begin my ritual. I crept 
up, lying on my stomach, between her legs, all the way up till I faced her 
pussy. Wet, still fresh from her pee... I could smell her pee mixing with the 
fragrance of her pussy and her sexual desire. I didn't waste any moments and 
gently brought my lips close to her pussy and kissed. Without any further 
hesitation, and almost desperate, I opened my mouth, brought my tongue out and 
start to lick the crack line of her pussy, all the way from it's start at the 
bottom, to the top, licking with a heavy stroke. Her pee drenched my tongue and 
for the first time I tasted it. And I loved it!! I absolutely loved it. She had 
begun oozing out her wetness, unable to control her sexual excitement, and it 
had begun mixing with her leftover pee. And I loved it. It tastes slightly sour, 
slightly acrid, somewhat strong in taste, but to my mind it almost tasted like 
the core of her sexuality... it tasted like the inside of her body, like the 
flow from the depths of her sexual greed. It excited me too much. I opened my 
mouth wider and started to rapidly, and aggressively lick out and gulp all that 
I could from her pussy, trying to take in every little bit of whatever pee was 
left on her pussy. And as rapidly I stroked her entire pussy area, I continued 
to swallow and relish the taste of her pee, not letting one drop of it go to 
waste. While I was engrossed in licking away every drop of her pee and her 
wetness, I could feel her body suddenly convulse, jitter, and I could feel a 
strong orgasm rip through her body, sending even more juice flowing out of her 
pussy and right into my waiting and thirsty mouth. I gave nothing away, and 
swallowed as fast as it came.

She went through multiple orgasms before I was done eating her. My desire and 
yearning to taste her pee had only grown and extended to deeper levels. I 
couldn't anymore shudder the thought of drinking her pee. I wanted it!!