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A Vampire Mom and Her Grape Earrings.txt 25K19-Dec-2014 10:02
A girl and three men.txt 22K20-Mar-2012 11:00
A hot night with Kate Winslet.txt 830719-Mar-2012 16:26
A rendezvous in the UK.txt 50K19-Mar-2012 17:59
A story of a Lebanese mother.txt 103K20-Mar-2012 11:48
A story of a beauty named Wedad.txt 55K20-Mar-2012 10:37
A story of mothers swap.txt 132K20-Mar-2012 08:43
Ahmad and Boshra.txt 16K19-Mar-2012 16:30
All Guys Should Be Uncircumcised.txt 10K19-Dec-2014 09:56
All the young men are horny.txt 958720-Mar-2012 10:50
Amina.txt 46K20-Mar-2012 12:04
An Egyptian Mother educate her sons how to fuck girls.txt 113K20-Mar-2012 08:48
An Egyptian woman bring her neighbor to her husband to fuck.txt 82K20-Mar-2012 10:44
Aphrodite and Ahmad.txt 107K19-Mar-2012 17:56
Ashraf, Sakina and the Bodystocking vendor.txt 65K19-Mar-2012 17:50
At one of wedding parties in Egypt.txt 74K20-Mar-2012 10:52
Borrowing and fucking.txt 16K20-Mar-2012 11:39
Bothaina, Thorayya and Shady .. CFNM .txt 53K20-Mar-2012 09:35
Bothaina, my German language teacher.txt 19K20-Mar-2012 12:38
Cupid and Venus.txt 83K19-Mar-2012 17:49
Dr Tareq's adventures in Abha with the midnight patient and her son.txt 51K20-Mar-2012 09:12
Egyptian Azza and the Syrian pleasure. Viva Nile and Barada.txt 113K20-Mar-2012 09:21
Egyptian actress Elham Shahin.txt 38K19-Mar-2012 18:06
Egyptian man's adventures with the sponsor's wife in Riyadh.txt 24K20-Mar-2012 09:14
Fatima and Ahmad .txt 16K19-Mar-2012 16:43
Fatima,Mary and Rachel An Arabic story.txt 76K19-Mar-2012 17:31
Fatima.txt 42K20-Mar-2012 10:59
For More Natural Porn.txt 12K20-Mar-2012 12:03
For writing a story inspired by the Egyptian movie Mercedes.txt 10K19-Mar-2012 17:43
Gabriel and Rasha. Me and an older woman.txt 38K20-Mar-2012 11:21
Gabriella my dear friend.txt 37K20-Mar-2012 08:39
Hala's adventure on her 5th wedding anniversary.txt 38K20-Mar-2012 10:31
Hayat and her twin sons.txt 24K20-Mar-2012 09:23
He made his maid fuck her son.txt 74K20-Mar-2012 09:43
Her Adventure With Four Men.txt 11K19-Mar-2012 16:38
His twin brother fucked his wife.txt 95K20-Mar-2012 10:42
Hooreyya the medical student and her professor.txt 25K20-Mar-2012 09:19
I did what I wanted.txt 18K20-Mar-2012 11:46
I helped my friend to fuck my wife by force.txt 35K20-Mar-2012 09:36
I like to fuck Pisces women and to them I dedicate the story.txt 41K20-Mar-2012 11:32
I, my friend and her husband.txt 68K20-Mar-2012 10:47
In one bed with my two wives Samira and Nagwa.txt 48K20-Mar-2012 09:16
Jessica The Female Centaur's Love.txt 31K19-Dec-2014 09:59
Kawthar, My Silent Angel.txt 669419-Mar-2012 16:41
Lesbian Couple Have Their Own Child.txt 868019-Dec-2014 10:06
Liza the invisible woman and sex.txt 88K20-Mar-2012 11:02
Love In the Time Of the Goddamn Arab Spring.txt 20K19-Dec-2014 10:04
Madawi, the Saudi playful wife.txt 13K19-Mar-2012 18:00
Mahmoud's story with his wife Nahed and another man.txt 66K20-Mar-2012 10:26
Malak the Saudi woman and the Egyptian men.txt 51K19-Mar-2012 18:05
Manal the maid.txt 43K20-Mar-2012 10:41
Mansour and the female pharmacist Solaf.txt 58K19-Mar-2012 17:55
Masseur and his friend's neighbor.txt 27K20-Mar-2012 12:35
Masseuse and her friend's neighbor.txt 29K20-Mar-2012 11:30
Me and Kawkab the porter's wife.txt 30K20-Mar-2012 11:53
Me and Nagwa .. memories of a young artist.txt 52K20-Mar-2012 10:13
Me and Nahed.txt 44K20-Mar-2012 10:43
Me and Walaa.txt 51K20-Mar-2012 10:39
Me and my brother's wife Shaimaa.txt 130K20-Mar-2012 11:52
Me and my father-in-law.txt 56K20-Mar-2012 11:27
Me and my neighbor Rabab.txt 12K20-Mar-2012 11:48
Me and my neighbor Thanaa.txt 53K20-Mar-2012 12:36
Me and my newlywed sister Afaf.txt 58K20-Mar-2012 12:33
Me and my oldest daughter.txt 20K20-Mar-2012 12:33
Me and my pussy.txt 105K20-Mar-2012 11:58
Me and my son's father-in-law.txt 38K20-Mar-2012 11:38
Me and our Turkish neighbor.txt 48K20-Mar-2012 10:56
Me and our neighbor Om Doaa.txt 41K20-Mar-2012 11:40
Me and the married beauty of El-Mahalla El-Kubra.txt 38K20-Mar-2012 11:39
Me and the young female doctor.txt 39K20-Mar-2012 11:26
Me, My Mother Gabriella and Raffaela Her Identical Twin.txt 69K19-Mar-2012 16:56
Me, my friend and my mother.txt 40K20-Mar-2012 10:40
Me, my wife and the porter's son.txt 51K20-Mar-2012 11:26
Meen Yiqdar Ala Ommy.txt 190K19-Dec-2014 10:55
Mervat and the leather pants.txt 52K20-Mar-2012 11:55
Mervat and the male twins on Valentine's Day.txt 71K20-Mar-2012 08:50
Modern Egyptian Names that you can use in sex stories about Modern Egypt.txt 44K19-Mar-2012 16:40
Mrs Rabab in the bus.txt 62K20-Mar-2012 11:42
My Mother Is A Vampire And I Love Her Grape Earrings.txt 25K01-Nov-2014 15:34
My adventure with four men.txt 20K19-Mar-2012 17:46
My adventure with the gorgeous goddess Isis.txt 49K19-Mar-2012 17:52
My aunt is my mom's twin sister.TXT 150K19-Mar-2012 17:36
My big cock, my wife Mohga and Dr. Enas.txt 74K20-Mar-2012 12:41
My brother's wife Nargis and her married girlfriend Himmat.txt 25K20-Mar-2012 11:58
My husband planned to fuck a young man with my help.txt 56K19-Mar-2012 17:57
My husband planned to fuck his brother's wife with my help.txt 40K19-Mar-2012 17:58
My mother Siham is a pornstar.txt 66K19-Mar-2012 18:01
My mother is of Upper Egypt.txt 49K20-Mar-2012 10:53
My mother is pregnant with my child.txt 65K20-Mar-2012 11:54
My story with Mona the malls visitor.txt 62K20-Mar-2012 11:09
My students fucked me.txt 12K20-Mar-2012 11:05
My wife was getting fucked on bed, while I was under bed.txt 24K20-Mar-2012 11:41
Naglaa and 4 young men on the beach.txt 38K20-Mar-2012 12:32
Nawal, Naglaa and Shereef.txt 73K20-Mar-2012 11:03
One Man, Twelve Women.txt 311K19-Mar-2012 16:23
Our pregnant nanny Amina and the colostrum.txt 29K20-Mar-2012 11:08
Saad Al-Deen, his aunt and her daughters.txt 77K19-Mar-2012 18:03
Salwa and 4 men.txt 83K20-Mar-2012 10:19
Salwa and Jean-Jacques.txt 67K19-Mar-2012 18:07
Salwa the shemale and her girlfriends.txt 42K20-Mar-2012 11:31
Salwa, teaching and fucking.txt 32K20-Mar-2012 11:24
Sex injection.txt 26K20-Mar-2012 10:32
Shahenda and her two sons Waheed and Sameer.txt 59K20-Mar-2012 09:25
She knocked the wrong apartment and got a wonderful fucking.txt 29K20-Mar-2012 10:48
She made her brother's wife a slut.txt 49K20-Mar-2012 09:31
She was Margaret.He's now Kevin.txt 36K19-Mar-2012 16:29
She, her husband and their son.txt 152K20-Mar-2012 08:45
Sherifa and the Sexual Photography Pleasure.txt 90K20-Mar-2012 09:37
Sleep Well, My Officer. I'm Your Hijazi Sweetheart.txt 17K24-Mar-2012 11:49
Soha and the students.txt 18K20-Mar-2012 11:59
Sohail shares his mom's milk with his baby brother.txt 117K20-Mar-2012 12:43
Some Suggestions For New Stories.txt 454903-Nov-2014 10:19
Taher and Nahed, father and daughter.txt 35K20-Mar-2012 10:09
Tareq and his gorgeous teacher.txt 36K20-Mar-2012 12:00
The Beauty and Loneliness Ahhhh, Fuck !.txt 31K20-Mar-2012 12:36
The Shemale hairdresser fuck Mido.txt 61K20-Mar-2012 11:16
The Sodier and the Desert Beauty.txt 17K19-Mar-2012 16:59
The female teacher and her student's father.txt 71K20-Mar-2012 11:35
The giant woman.txt 157K19-Mar-2012 18:02
The horny father seduced his daughter and fucked her.txt 24K20-Mar-2012 11:33
The invisible man and his sexual adventures.txt 40K20-Mar-2012 11:04
The peasant and bread.txt 33K20-Mar-2012 10:34
The young man and Mrs Hagar.txt 59K20-Mar-2012 12:39
Threesome with Kate Winslet.txt 31K19-Mar-2012 16:27
Two brothers swap their wives with each other.txt 60K19-Mar-2012 17:40
Two famous Egyptian actresses in their first porn movie.txt 28K19-Mar-2012 17:53
Wedad and her neighbor Yousef.txt 31K20-Mar-2012 11:57
When Bobbi Eden visited Egypt.txt 38K19-Mar-2012 17:45
Young man's experience with a shemale.txt 20K20-Mar-2012 12:38
Zainab and Conrad, tale of an Egyptian woman and a German man.txt 110K19-Mar-2012 18:09
Zobaida and the pizza boy.txt 187K20-Mar-2012 10:21
Zodiac Adventures.txt 318K19-Dec-2014 10:06