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Thanks also to the Night Hawk for his comments and suggestions. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - One Last Note: This is a repost with some minor corrections. The Trailer Park started as a short story, then took on a life of it's own. The Trailer Park: The Second Year will follow shortly, and eventually there will be six years. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chapter I When I was twelve we moved. The experience was traumatic because by this time I had discovered the joys of girls, and I had several willing young ladies who were as eager as I to explore the mysteries of sex and each other's bodies. We left the sunny California coast, where every beach was an anatomy lesson in itself, and moved up to central Washington. We also left our huge three-story house where I had the entire third floor to myself complete with a private entrance, if you don't mind jumping from the hill behind the house onto the roof and going in through the window. And I didn't. We moved into a large double wide mobile home where I had to enter through the front door into the living room or the back door into the kitchen. The mobile was located in the back row corner of a 120-space trailer park about a mile from the school campus. The park was laid out with three streets that ran north and south with trailers on either side. Our street was Shirley Temple Avenue. Too cute, huh? The next street up was Elizabeth Taylor Lane and then Annette Funicello Court. The access road on the north end of the park was Patty Duke Way, and the south end was Lauren Chapin Boulevard. If you didn't recognize Lauren, she played Kitten on 'Father Knows Best' a million years ago. I didn't know either until I asked the manager one day. Anyway, we had the corner lot on the south end of the west side of the street. In the middle of the east side of the street was the outdoor swimming pool. Behind the pool in the middle of Liz Taylor was the Rec Hall, which had a large meeting room, a pool (billiards) room, and a laundry room with some vending machines for pop and candy. Behind the trailers in the first row, between them and the highway, was a strip of grass about fifty feet wide which was great for football, volleyball and other games, or just hanging out on a summer day. Behind our row of trailers was about 200 acres of woods. That sets the scene except for the people. There were adults around, but they're not part of the story so we'll ignore them. When we moved in there were only a few kids my age. There was Paul, who lived at the north end of Elizabeth Taylor. Paul was a month older than me, and for some reason we never got along. We didn't fight or anything, we just didn't care anything about each other. There was Debbie, who was eight when we moved in. She lived about four trailers south of Paul. And there was Kathy, who lived directly across from Debbie. Kathy was also my age. In fact, her birthday was six days after mine. She and I were friendly but nothing special. And finally, on the corner of Patty Duke and Annette Funicello, was Paula and her little sister Ann. Paula was an eighth grader, a grade above me, and Ann was ten, the same age as my sister Traci. Traci and Ann quickly became best friends. The rest of the kids running around, and there were a lot of them, were all under five and don't count anymore than the adults. The same day that we moved in, a single wide moved into the space on the south side of the pool, and that was great luck because that was Tami. Tami was a great looking brunette. She had long hair that was usually hanging down her back all the way to her butt. She had just started to grow tits. She had a beautiful face that never got a pimple or a blemish in all the years I knew her. The trailer moving people set up our mobile first thing in the morning, so that by three o'clock, when Tami's trailer was being set up, I had already moved a few hundred boxes and was taking a break, riding my bike around the park getting to know the place. For a little while I watched the trailer people as they blocked up the trailer, took off the wheels, and started setting up the skirting; then I took off. After all, I'd watched our trailer get set up the same way just a few hours before. I rode to a little convenience store about a quarter mile up the highway and got a Coke. The machine in the Rec room only had Pepsi stuff, and I was loyal to the folks from Atlanta. After I'd polished off the can and started back, I'd killed about an hour. As I rode past Tami's trailer on the way home, I got my first look at Tami and immediately decided that moving might not be so traumatic after all. She was trying to lift a box out of the back of a U-haul truck. I jumped off my bike and let it roll onto the grass beside her trailer and went to help. My mommy taught me to always be helpful to other people. My daddy taught me, especially when they're cute. "Let me," I said, as I brushed up next to her and started to lift the box. She jumped at least three inches. She'd been struggling with the box and didn't hear me ride up. "Where do you want it?" I asked after I'd lifted it. Books. It was heavy. Tami smiled, said, "Follow me," and led the way into her trailer. It was a pretty standard trailer. Kitchen up front looking out over the street. The front door opened into the living room. In back, a hallway opened into a bathroom, a small bedroom, and a master bedroom with it's own bath. Tami lead me to the master bedroom and pointed to a table. "Thanks a lot. That thing weighed as much as I do." I set the books down and then reached over and slid my hands under her armpits and picked her up, holding her a couple of inches off the ground for a few seconds. "Not quite, but close," I said as I put her down. Her eyes had almost bugged out of her head when I picked her up without warning, but now she smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Tony," I said, holding out a hand to her. She shook it. "I'm Tami, and you're a lifesaver." She had a great smile, it made me feel warm and tingly. I knew we were going to be good friends. "There's about four more real heavy ones. Do you think you could help?" In all the years before and after this story, I've never learned how to say no to cute girls, so I tried not to think about all the boxes I'd already moved that day, said "Sure," and followed Tami back to the truck. Two hours later, as I lifted the last box onto my shoulder, Tami's mom drove up. She'd had to go to work, and was surprised to find an empty truck. I instantly became one of her favorite people, and over the years to follow there were many times when I could negotiate an extended curfew for Tami when we went out. It's funny: move a truck load of boxes and suddenly you're trustworthy. Go figure. I said goodbye and headed home, wondering how much trouble I was in after my four hour break. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. My mom had seen me down the street helping Tami and wasn't mad. She'd also seen Tami and commented how quickly I found cute girls. Then she told me to finish unloading our truck or the next time I saw a cute girl would be at my high school graduation. We'd moved in during the last week of Christmas vacation, so Tami and I had several days to get to know each other and explore our new world. Then school started. We were both in the seventh grade, but we didn't have any classes together, and for the next couple of months we didn't see each other except on the bus home or the weekends. She may have been on the bus to school, but my eyes were never open enough to see that early in the morning. She went out with my family when I had my birthday dinner in early February, and I went with her and her mom for hers in March. She didn't have a dad. I never asked what happened to him, and she never volunteered anything, so I figured it would remain one of the many mysteries in my life. Chapter II It was about a week after her birthday when I plopped down beside her on the bus home. I was exhausted. We'd had testing all day. You know the kind, big books full of multiple choice questions to see if we'd accidentally learned anything that year. I was pretty sure that if I'd had to do one more story problem, I would have attacked somebody. Tami had her eyes closed and was resting her head against the window. I grabbed her knee and shook it, "You awake?" "Unfortunately," she groaned. "You okay?" I asked, concerned. "I've got a monster headache," she said without opening her eyes. "What kind of monster? Frankenstein?" She smiled weakly. "Definitely Godzilla." We rode home in silence. At least, we were silent. The rest of the kids on the bus seemed to be talking at full volume. It was a good thing for Tami that we were one of the first stops. We got off, and I walked her to her house. I was carrying her stuff, so I followed her in. As usual, her mom wasn't home. She usually had to work until six or seven. Tami collapsed on the sofa, and I put her books on the coffee table. "Where's the aspirin?" I asked. "My bathroom. Behind the mirror. Thanks." I found the aspirin bottle and shook out two pills. Then I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water. They had one of those fancy refrigerators with the ice and water in the door, so at least it was cold. Then I took them to Tami. She smiled a little and nodded thanks as she popped the pills into her mouth and swallowed the water to wash them down. After she'd set down the glass, I reached down, grabbed her hand and pulled her up on her feet. Then I pushed her down on the floor on her stomach. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I knelt down beside her and pushed her flat to the floor, then grabbed a cushion from the sofa and put it under her head. "What you have is a stress headache." I diagnosed as I grabbed her shoulders with both hands. "You're just lucky that your best friend has a cousin who is a licensed physical therapist and masseuse; or is it a masseur? I can never remember." Actually, he wasn't a real cousin. Dad had a couple buddies from high school, that Traci and I called uncle, so their kids became cousins. As my fingers dug into her shoulders, I knew I was right. I've seen violin strings that weren't that tight. "You're even luckier that this cousin likes me and has taught me his best techniques." As I worked my fingers into the muscles of her neck, she started to relax. I spent at least fifteen minutes working on her neck and shoulders and then slowly down her back. I worked her ribs and upper back, then her waist and lower back. By the time I finished, she was sound asleep. Now I call that relaxed. I gave her butt a little friendly pat, got my stuff and left. I was young and semi-innocent. I didn't even think about taking advantage of the peacefully sleeping girl. The next morning at the bus stop I was leaning against a post, trying not to fall asleep, when she ran up and kissed me. I discovered something that morning. An alarm clock only starts the job of waking me up. But a pretty girl and a kiss can finish it. The bus pulled up, and we got on and sat down together. "That massage was wonderful. Though my mom wondered what I was doing on the floor asleep when she came home. But I woke up and I felt great. You're fantastic." And she kissed me again. When a girl says I'm fantastic and wants to kiss me, who am I to say no? We talked about yesterday's tests during the rest of the bus ride. Our bus gets to school about five minutes before the first bell, so we said goodbye and didn't see each other again until she sat down next to me on the ride home. We talked about the latest gossip going around the school, an eighth grade girl who was supposed to be pregnant, and Tami invited me to her house for a Coke. At her house we sipped Cokes and talked some more. "Would you do that thing again. It felt so good." A beautiful girl wanted my hands on her body. There was no way I could say no. She lay down, and I knelt beside her. I started on her shoulders. They were a little tight, but not even close to yesterday. It took about twenty minutes to work down to her lower back, and she was asleep before I got there. I sat back on my heels and looked at the beautiful girl in front of me. I reached down and patted her butt. Then, since she didn't complain, I patted a couple of more times. It was no big deal; she was wearing jeans as usual, so there wasn't much to feel on a quick pat. I sighed, said, "Good night, Tami," and left. We'd started a tradition. Every day that both of us rode the bus home, we'd go to her house and Tami would get a massage. There were days that I stayed after school for one reason or another. And sometimes Tami would stay late. Or one of us would be sick, but usually about three afternoons a week Tami got a massage. And she always fell asleep about the time I got to her shoulder blades, though sometimes she'd wake up when I was getting ready to go. And that usually got me a thank you kiss. After about a week I didn't stop when I finished her lower back. I kept going and started to lightly knead the muscles in her butt cheeks. Just for a minute, and then down to her thighs and then her calves. I wasn't taking advantage; I was being thorough. She hadn't stirred when I did her butt, so I gave it a little pat and got ready to leave. She woke up as I was at the door and I got my usual kiss. I walked home wondering why jeans had to be made out of such a heavy fabric like denim. The next few days I repeated my performance, giving her butt a light treatment on the way to her legs. After all, there were muscles in there too. It was about mid-April, and I was hoping some good weather would come along and Tami might switch from jeans to shorts. Nice thin silky shorts. About a week later I was working on her butt, mentally cussing out the Levi Strauss and the inventor of denim when the phone rang. And Tami woke up. With both my hands on her butt. Tami rolled away from me and looked at me as if I'd been caught red-handed. "What are you doing?" "Your massage, just like usual," I said in as ordinary a voice as I could. The phone rang again and Tami jumped up and answered it. It was her mom telling her that she was going to be really late tonight. Tami looked upset, so I took the phone. "Hi, it's Tony. Tami looks a little bummed about being home alone, so I'll take her with me and we'll feed and water her and walk her and everything. If it's really late, we'll make her a bed out of an old blanket in the utility room." "Thanks, Tony, you're a life saver," she said with relief. "I really didn't want her all by herself all night." "Anytime," I said. "Goodbye." "You'll feed me, and water me, and everything," Tami said with an accusing look as I hung up the phone. "Sure. Mom's a sucker for a stray," I said and ducked, but not fast enough as Tami punched me in the arm. "Actually, thanks," she said as I straightened up. "I know I'm supposed to be a big girl and everything, but I hate staying all by myself." "It's okay, grab some stuff. If it gets late we'll give you a choice: my bed, my sister's bed, or the sofa." "Your bed?" "Don't worry. With my mother, I won't be in it." Tami went to her room and put some stuff in a small gym bag and then came back to the living room. "You want me to finish your massage before we go?" "Uh, okay," she said and lay down on the floor. I knelt beside her and quickly put my hands on her butt before she could change her mind. I spent about a minute gently rubbing and kneading her cheeks and then moved down her legs. In all, I took about five minutes to finish her massage and then stood up. "Ready?" "Okay," she said as she stood up. "Do you always do that?" she asked, embarrassed. "Sure," I answered. Still trying to keep my voice ordinary, I said, "It's all part of the massage techniques that my cousin taught me. But if it bothers you we can skip that part." Ten of the hardest words I've ever said. I picked up her gym bag and opened the door for her. "No, it's cool. I was just surprised is all." We walked up the street to my house, and I explained to Mom that she'd adopted a waif for the night. We had a quiet night. After dinner we played Monopoly with my sister, and Traci creamed us both. She is always lucky at Monopoly. We did our homework, and then Tami climbed into my bed. I was going to camp out in a sleeping bag on the floor, but my mother actually grabbed me by the ear and pulled me to the couch in the living room. A definite lack of trust on her part. Either that or she knows way too much about how I think. Now that's a scary idea: a mother who understands her son. The next morning Tami was the first one awake. She woke me with a kiss on the nose before she walked home to change. A lot nicer than an alarm clock. After school I walked Tami home, and we sat on the couch and talked for awhile. Nothing earth shattering, just about school, shows on TV, that sort of thing. I liked "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and her favorite was "Charmed." After a while, I got up to go home. "Aren't you going to give me my massage?" "I didn't think you wanted one." I didn't want to push. I like Tami a lot and thought that me rubbing her butt might have turned her off to the massage thing. "Of course I do. You make me feel really great," she said as she got off the couch and lay down on the floor. "Anything for a pretty lady," I said as I knelt down beside her. I started working on her shoulders and felt her relax, but not enough to fall asleep. I worked down her back and the sides of her rib cage and the base of her breast in the cup of her bra. Then further down to the small of her back and her waist. I used the top of a knuckle to trace down her spine and felt her shiver with pleasure. I dropped my hands onto her butt and waited for a second, but when she didn't complain I started gently rubbing both cheeks. After a few seconds I forced my hands down to her thighs and quickly worked down to her knees. Then I gave her butt a quick pat and stood up. "All done." She rolled over and looked up at me. "I'll bet you enjoyed that you pervert," she accused. "That's not a question, that's a given," I admitted. "The question is, did you enjoy that?" I asked with a sly smile. "Yes I did," she admitted as she sat up and stretched like a prize winning Siamese Cat. I stared and admired the body I'd just explored. "It'd probably be easier without the jeans, right?" That was a loaded question if ever I'd heard one, so I changed the subject. "My mom told me to tell you to tell your mom that we're happy to have you anytime she has to work really late." "You pervert. You just want me in your bed," she accused. "Damn right. I'm just trying to figure out how to get Mom to let me stay, too," I answered back with an evil grin. She stood and kissed me. Her kiss lasted a little longer than usual and had just a hint of tongue. She pulled back and opened the door so I could leave. "I'm sure you'll think of something," was the last thing I heard as I walked out and she shut the door. I was sure I would too. Chapter III The next Friday I was bored stiff. All of my friends were busy doing something or other, and Tami had gone to a movie with her mom. Even my little sister had something to do: she was playing over at Ann's. I watched TV, but there was nothing good on. We only had 250 channels. For awhile I surfed on the web, but nothing seemed to grab my attention. Even the porn sites seemed dull today. My mom had installed one of those watchdog programs on my computer, but it was easy to beat, and I always erased my tracks so she never knew it wasn't working. I surfed over to ASSTR and read a couple of stories, but I couldn't seem to stay interested, even though "Thanks" by Wizard was pretty good. I'd read it later when I was in the mood. I noticed that Hoisington had a new one, but I had to be in the right mood for him. He's a sneaky bastard and would slip little inside jokes past you if you weren't concentrating. Hell. I was so bored I would have done my homework if I hadn't already finished it. In desperation I started picking up, then re-arranging my room. Then Dad saved me. "Tony. Come here a minute if you're not busy." Not busy, there's a laugh. I walked out to the living room in the front of the mobile. Mom and Dad were watching an old Cary Grant movie on video. I watched for a minute before he noticed I was here. It was "The Grass is Greener", not one of Grant's best, but I agree with Dad that even Grant on a bad day was better than most of the current comedians on a good one. Dad looked up, saw me, and paused the tape. "Tony would you do me a favor?" One thing I'll say for my father, he was always clear in his speech. If he asked for a favor, he meant it. I could say "No" with no repercussions. When dad gave an order it was clearly an order. Made life pretty easy around the house. "What?" "Your sister called a few minutes ago." I nodded without really caring one way or another. "She's going to spend the night at Ann's house. Would you grab her sleeping bag, pajamas, and tooth brush and walk them over?" I started to say "No" on general principle. She was my sister after all. But I was bored and this was something to do. "Sure dad. Not a problem." I went back to my sister's room and picked up her overnight bag. It was an old bowling ball bag that she'd rescued from somewhere and decorated. It was actually pretty cute, but I'd never tell her that. I pulled her pajamas from under her pillow and stuffed them in, then tossed a t-shirt and shorts for tomorrow on top of them. Her tooth brush went on top, and I zipped it closed. Her sleeping bag was on a shelf in the hall closet, and I grabbed it on my way by. "I'm taking her stuff now," I announced at the front door. "Then I think I'll take a walk. Be back in an hour or two." "Thanks," my dad acknowledged and went back to his movie. It was only eight thirty, it was a Friday night, and my parents were used to me taking long walks when I was bored or thoughtful. With the sleeping bag under my left arm and the bowling bag in my right hand, I walked over to Ann's house. I knocked with my left hand, trying not to let the sleeping bag fall, and waited. Paula answered the door. I was surprised that she was here on a Friday night. The word around school was that she was 'hot and heavy' with a sophomore named Tyler. But it was a very pleasant surprise because Paula was a stone fox. She was tall with big firm tits and a very firm ass. I knew because one, she had a bikini much smaller than my ten-year-old sisters and had been sunning herself around the pool for the last month, and two, I'd been helping her learn how to swim. And I'll admit I was not above copping a few good feels as I helped her float in the water. My only regret was that she was a fast learner. Tonight Paula was wearing a pair of cotton shorts about a size too small and a half shirt from the high school. "Hi, Tony." She said, looking just as surprised as I did. "Moving in?" "I wish," I said before thinking. Then tried to cover up with, "My sister is spending the night, and I brought some of her stuff." "Oh, they must have arranged it with mom before she left. I didn't know." She smiled and motioned me into the living room. "Are they going bowling?" "No. This is Traci's overnight bag. Cute, huh?" "It's great." "Where'd your mom go?" I asked because I couldn't think of anything else. "She and dad are playing pinochle with the Bradys. Every Friday like clockwork. They'll be back about midnight." "Oh." And I couldn't think of anything else to say. I don't know why Paula always got me so tongue tied. She was only a year older than me. And I usually had no trouble talking to girls. But Paula was the closest thing the middle school had to a Playboy Bunny. "The girls are back in Ann's room if you want to take that stuff back," she said and sat back on the love seat in front of the TV. To be honest, I'd forgotten I was holding it. I walked down the hall to Ann's room and gave the door a soft kick to announce my presence. Ann opened the door, looked at me, and pointed toward the bed. My sister was doing something in the closet. I dropped Traci's stuff on the bed, and Ann pointed toward the door. I quickly walked out, turned and bowed, and the little snot shut the door in my face. I do believe that she's practicing to be the first queen if the U.S. ever becomes a monarchy. I retreated to the living room, and Paula looked up from the TV. "It was very nice of you to bring your sister's stuff over. I thought big brothers were supposed to be mean." "It's probably like being a big sister." I grinned back at her. "We have our moments." "I still think it's nice. I'm watching WWF. Want to watch?" There are few things in the world as stupid as professional wrestling. You couldn't pay me to watch, no matter how bored I got. But this was the middle school playmate of the year. "Sure," I said and sat down next to her on the love seat. I was wearing shorts, too, so our bare legs touched. I looked at the screen and tried not to laugh. It was some kind of tag team match, and a wrestler outside the ring was arguing with the referee while inside the ring his partner was wrapping a very illegal chain around his opponents neck. I bit my tongue and tried to watch as if I was really interested. I still liked the comment the WWF spokesman had made when they tried to do a show in Oregon. Oregon has a drug testing law for professional athletes, but the spokesman said, "We're not athletes, we're entertainers." As far as I was concerned, they were clowns. But they had me rubbing legs with Paula, so I wasn't going to say a word. We watched for about fifteen minutes. We weren't silent, but might as well have been. We exchanged simple comments like "That had to hurt." After a few minutes, Paula pulled a light blanket over our legs saying something about the night cooling off. My right hand had been resting on my leg and got covered up too. So I started inching it down my leg to my knee and then over to her knee. When my fingers first touched her kneecap she started to say something but changed her mind. I traced designs on her knee with my fingertips and then moved just slightly up her leg. It took about a half an hour to work up to her thigh, I could just barely feel the bottom of her shorts as I traced designs and wrote letters on her smooth silky skin. Now, you have to understand, I never even thought about trying to seduce this sex goddess. I knew she was way out of my league. But it was force of habit. Sitting next to a pretty girl, my hands took on a life of their own. There was no conscious thought involved. "Just how far did you plan to go?" Paula asked, still looking at the TV set. I stopped my fingers' movement but didn't pull them away. "Uhh, I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. I was watching the fight," I stammered. Paula reached over and covered my eyes with her hand. She had the remote in her other hand and muted the sound. "Okay. If you were watching the show that closely, what kind of match is going on? A regular fight, a tag team, or a cage match?" I, of course, didn't have a clue. My eyes hadn't registered anything since she'd put the blanket over my impetuous hand. I took a shot. "A regular match." She whipped her hand away. "Ah ha." Two wrestlers were doing an interview with an announcer. "Okay, I was day-dreaming," I admitted. "What you were doing," she said as she reached under the blanket, "was exploring." She removed my hand from her leg and placed it back on mine. It may have been an accident, but she brushed my hand against her shorts as she moved it. I couldn't tell what part of her shorts, but I could dream. "Since you obviously don't like wrestling, let's see what else is on." She started surfing channels with the remote. When she surfed past 'The Wedding Singer", I yelled, "Lets try this one." "I don't really like Adam Sandler." "This is different. This is not a typical Adam Sandler movie. You'll like it, guaranteed." "And what is the guarantee? What do I get, if I don't like it?" "I'll be your slave for a day." She nodded and settled in to watch the movie. It was about half over, so I explained what had already happened. I was sure that the word 'slave' had different connotations for each of us. I was thinking sex slave. I could bathe her and massage her and generally try to make her feel good. She was probably thought work slave, someone to clean and mow and get her in good with her parents. But I'd worry about that bridge when I came to it. While we watched, I put my hand back on her knee and started doodling on her skin again. By the time Adam Sandler was getting on the airplane, I was back to the bottom of shorts. Paula was staring intently at the screen while Adam explained his dilemma to the passengers in first class. And I took advantage to move even higher. My fingers were now on her upper thigh, gently drawing on the cotton of her shorts. Adam started singing and I went for the gold. I moved my hand over her crotch and started rubbing as gently as I could. By the time Adam had finished the song, Paula had a tear in the corner of her eye and my hand was still rubbing her crotch, ever so gently. Adam married the girl, the credits rolled, Paula sniffled and turned to me. "That was a sweet movie." "I told you, you'd like it. I guess I'm not a slave?" "No, you're not." She sniffled and wiped her eyes. "Do you know where your hand is?" she asked in an even voice. "Not really," I answered. "It went exploring about a half an hour ago and I haven't heard from it since." And deciding that it was better to die as a lion than a lamb, I started rubbing a little harder. I was ninety per cent sure that she wasn't wearing any underwear under her shorts. "Don't you think it would be a good idea for you to move your hand?" "To be perfectly honest, I think it would be a very bad idea." "Why would it be so bad an idea?" she asked. "Because my hand enjoys exploring so much," I answered, and my little finger pushed under the leg of her shorts and encountered soft silky fur. She didn't say anything more, so I worked my whole hand into the leg of her shorts, running my fingers through the thick bush I encountered and down to her pussy. I quickly pushed my forefinger as deep into her pussy as I could and started fucking it in and out. I don't know why I chose that second to remember that our little sisters were in the bedroom down the hall, but I didn't stop. Suddenly Paula's hand was on my wrist and she stopped me. She didn't remove me, she just stopped me. "Have you ever done this before?" she asked. I thought about the answer for a long time, but finally decided I'd rather be thought inexperienced than inept, because obviously I wasn't doing very well. "No, I've never gotten this far," I admitted. "That's what I thought. You were so slow and easy until you got inside my shorts. Then it was like a race to the finish line." "It kind of was," I admitted. "Was it worth it?" she asked. I thought about my finger buried past the second knuckle in her warm moist pussy and nodded enthusiastically. "Was it still worth it if I make you go home now?" I nodded again without another thought. "Guys!" She said like it was a curse word, but she loosened her grip on my wrist. I pulled my finger out of her cunt and started rubbing around her pussy lips. "Damn!" she cried. "He can be taught!" She pulled my hand out of her shorts, dumped the blanket in my lap, and stood up. She walked through the living room and down the hallway, stopping at a doorway halfway down. She looked at me sitting there with a stupid look on my face and smiled. "Coming?" I jumped up and ran down the hall, arriving before she could even get the door open. "Here's the deal, take it or leave it. I'm going to teach you about girls. And you're going to get nothing out of it. Your little tentpole there," she patted the front of my shorts, "is going to stay put." She smiled. "So your choice: coming in or going home." I pushed her into the room and onto the bed. I fell on top of her and started kissing her, my tongue probing into her open mouth. She didn't resist. Her hands moved up onto my butt and started a little exploring of their own. I pushed one hand up between us and under her half shirt. I found her left breast and started teasing the nipple with my thumb and forefinger. My other hand pushed down inside her shorts and back to the luxurious pussy fur. Paula let me enjoy myself for several minutes and then pushed me off. I rolled off her, off the bed, and onto the floor, hard. Paula leaned up on one elbow and looked down at me. "Not bad, lover-boy. Obviously you've had a little practice kissing." I nodded. The girls back home before we moved liked to kiss. They liked to kiss a lot. And they didn't mind roaming hands, either. Who have you been practicing on?" My mind filled with pictures of Mindy, Michelle, Carol, Tiffani, and Stephanie. And I started to answer, but changed my mind. "I think that's between me and them," I said. "And if I tell you to get out if you don't answer?" "I guess I'm leaving," I answered and stood up. "Not so fast, cowboy," she said, grabbing my tentpole to slow me, though I was in no hurry. "That was just a test. Most guys talk too much." "Some girls, too," I added. "Sadly, true," she agreed. "Sadly, true. Okay, lesson one. If you get your jollies talking about your exploits to your friends, you'll never be a good lover, and you have the wrong teacher." "I don't like boasting, about sex or sports or anything," I said. "Besides most of the stories I've heard in the locker room are exaggerated or outright lies." "What makes you think that?" "We had a kid at my old school who had a rep as a Romeo. One afternoon he was in the locker room telling everybody who would listen all the details about fucking a girl named Beth." "So?" "Well, at the same time he was supposed to be fucking her on her bed in her room, I was sitting at her desk with her, at the computer in her room, working on a history project. You'd think I would have noticed." "So how far did you get?" "I'll have you know I was a perfect gentleman." True, but not for lack of trying. "I'll bet," she said sarcastically. She leaned back on both elbows and lifted her butt so that she was only supported on her heels and elbows. "Okay, perfect gentleman. See if you can slip my shorts off without ripping them." I took a deep breath and reached for the waist band of her shorts. I pulled and watched them slip down her body. I closed my eyes and kept pulling. I could feel her shift her weight as I got the shorts to her knees, sitting on her butt and lifting her feet into the air. I pulled her shorts over her feet and let them drop on the floor. Then I looked at her. No Playboy centerfold ever looked so good. Paula was naked on the bed. She'd taken her top off while I did her shorts. Her body looked perfectly proportioned, and I enjoyed the thick bush at her crotch, though I was surprised that her bush was brunette and Paula's head was blond. I'd seen a couple of my old girlfriends naked, but none of them looked anything like this. "Lesson two. The female body. A large part of the male population seems to feel that there are four parts to the female body. Two tits." Paula had tits the size of grapefruit and she pushed them together. "A pussy." She ran her hands over her pussy, briefly pulling her outer lips apart to improve the view. "And an ass." She rolled over and displayed her beautiful firm ass. Looking at it, I could hardly believe that I'd had my hands all over it teaching her to swim. She rolled back and sat up. "The point of this lesson is: that there is a lot of body between those four objects and above and below them. You did a great job of playing with my legs on the way to your finish line. The problem was, you didn't know what to do when you got there." I felt insulted. She was right, but I was insulted anyway. "Roll over," I commanded. "Excuse me?" she asked. "You heard me. Roll over." She did and I grabbed her shoulders and started to massage them. I looked down at the swell of that beautiful ass, but through great strength of character I ignored it. I worked on Paula for almost fifteen minutes and had only got halfway down her spine when she rolled over. "Okay. You don't need lesson two. You've already figured out that there is more to a girl than tits, pussy, and ass. But you can stop now. Any more and I'll be asleep. And I'm not sure I trust you with my naked body when I'm not conscious. "I'm hurt," I said quickly. "Somehow I doubt that. Now lesson three. Your tongue is your most powerful weapon." She reached up, grabbed the back of my head and pulled my down on her left tit. "Show me what you can do, stud." I'd never had a tit in my mouth before. I felt a couple, but only with my hands. I experimentally brushed the stiff nipple with my tongue. She shivered, so I did it again. Then I explored all around the nipple with my tongue. I sucked on it, wondering if a non-pregnant teenaged girl had any milk. Then I licked all over the breast. "Not bad, Tonto. Not bad at all. A little practice and you'll be downright good at this. But don't forget the other one." So I licked my way down into the valley between her breasts and up onto her other one. "That feels good," she said as my tongue twirled around her right nipple. "But see what you can do with a belly button." Obediently, I started licking my way down her sternum and across her flat stomach to her belly button. She had an innie. I wondered briefly if she had lint, then plunged my tongue in and swirled it around. "You do show definite promise," she said and rolled over. "You may kiss my ass." I know some guys think this is gross, but I couldn't wait. I kissed both cheeks and started licking them. Then I pulled her cheeks apart and pushed my tongue in a long lick from the bottom of her crack to the top, brushing her asshole but not lingering. I put the knuckle of my forefinger on her neck and dragged it lightly down her spine to the top of her crack. Just as it got there I plunged my tongue between her two cheeks again. "Ohhh, big boy. You can do that again," she purred. So I did. Then I pulled her cheeks apart again and explored her puckered anus. I licked the outside. Not unpleasant, she was clean so there was no shitty taste. Then I tried to push my tongue in but couldn't, so I went back to licking the length of her crack. "I'm really sorry I liked the movie. You would make a dynamite slave. Okay, we don't have much time left." I glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside table, it was just past eleven. "We're going to take you to the finish line." She rolled over again and that gorgeous pussy was right in front of my face. "Let's see what you can do. I reached down and adjusted my shorts. I felt like my cock was going to burst through the front of them at any time. I'd been getting nice hard-ons for a couple of years, but never like this. I leaned down and nibbled on one of her pussy lips. Then I let my tongue caress the split between her lips. Then I left her pussy alone and kissed her pelvis, then each of her thighs. Then I put my lips right in the middle of her pussy and kissed it. Paula was purring. I figured that meant I was doing something right, so I repeated everything. Then I let my tongue slip between her lips and explore the opening of her love tunnel. And then Paula orgasmed. I knew right away what was happening. I'd made her cum. First she pulled my face hard into her crotch, then after several seconds, she pulled my head up to her face and kissed me hard. "Lover, that was a great lesson. Either you're a fast learner, or you've been holding out on me." She sat up and squeezed my hard-on through my shorts. "Lesson four is a verbal one and mercifully short, so that you can go home and take care of that monster. You may not need lesson four, but it bears repeating. You might want to use it for a mantra. Lesson four, make sure the girl gets as much out of it as you do," she said emphatically. "If not more," I added. She looked at me funny. "You're going to be dangerous. Now go home and jack off." I did. Chapter IV The next day, I woke up feeling great. I'd jacked off in bed five times in a row the night before. I kept a wash cloth in my night stand just for that purpose. It was Saturday, and I didn't get up until after ten. Looking through my window, I could see that it was a great day. I wondered if Paula was going to be around. I needed more tutoring in sex ed. Maybe Tami would like a massage. Damn, I was getting hard again. I took care of the problem in the most pleasant way, got up and took a shower, and got dressed. When I went to the kitchen, I discovered that everyone was gone. Mom and Dad had gone to Seattle and taken Traci and Ann with them. That meant that they wouldn't be back until late. Ten at best, probably midnight. This day was getting better and better. I made myself breakfast. Two bratwurst, hash browns and eggs over easy. And then I went out to continue my education. I went to Paula's house, but her mother answered the door. "Hi, Tony," she said brightly, but a little puzzled. "If you're looking for your sister, she's not here." "No. Mom left me a note that everyone went to Seattle, and I was on my own. I was looking for Paula." "Really?" she asked, even more puzzled. "Yes. She said she'd do some tutoring with me." "Oh." Paula was a straight A student, so that made sense. "Well I'm afraid she's not here. She probably forgot to tell you that she and the other cheerleaders have a competition this weekend. They won't be back until late on Sunday." Damn! "Oh, that's okay. She probably mentioned it and I forgot. How come you didn't go?" I asked, just to make conversation. "I would have, but I thought I had to stay home and look after Ann. Ann just hates hanging around Paula's activities. And then she left me and went to Seattle. But Bill went, and he'll tape it for me. He tapes everything. I have tapes of Paula playing soccer when she was five." "Thanks anyway," I said. "Bye." I started walking away. I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten that Paula was a cheerleader. Maybe she'd bring the rest of the squad in on my lessons. Just me and five beautiful naked fourteen-year-old cheerleaders. My cock started rising again, and rather that just adjusting the bulge, I decided to walk home and take care of it properly. * * * * * An hour later I got off my bed and got dressed again. I'd cum three times, as I pictured each of the cheerleaders individually and in various combinations. Maybe I should try out for next year's squad. I took a couple of years of gymnastics when I was younger. It could be interesting. I left the house again and set out for Tami's house. When I got there, she was sitting on the deck outside. She waved toward the swimming pool and mumbled, "New neighbors," around a mouth of popsicle. I looked, and across the swimming pool the same crew who'd set up my trailer were putting up another one. I looked back at Tami and mumbled, "So I see." Tami was looking really good today. Her long brown hair was tied into two pigtails, and she was wearing the top of her purple bikini and her green shorts. The shorts were a really ugly shade of lime green, but I never said anything because they were Tami's favorites. And because they were about two sizes too small for her. I could hear Tami's mom moving around in the trailer. Which put a damper on erotic plans I'd been making for the afternoon. "Know anything about them?" I asked. The pool was empty except for Debbie and a friend of hers from school, so we ignored it and watched the trailer on the other side. "Not much. Two parents, he's a contractor and she's a nurse. Five kids, three girls, two boys. Alana's a sophomore, Michelle's a sixth grader and prefers Mikee to Michelle, and Kelly's in third. Kenny's in our grade and Peter's in fifth." `Not much,' she says. The CIA wishes they knew as much about Saddam's family. "Not bad for an amateur. Do you know Alana's cup size?" Tami gave me a dirty look. "You're gross." She paused, then added, "About 32 C." "Really?" I asked enthusiastically. With a huge grin. "Either you're pulling my chain, or you know way to much about bras." "Ancient Chin-ee general once said, 'Know thy enemy'," I said with a really fake oriental accent. "And bras are the enemy?" "Oh yeah." She gave me a funny look and turned back to the new trailer. "So what have you been up to this morning?" I considered telling her that I'd jerked off four times so far today, but decided that I was already in the doghouse after the bra crack. "Nothing much." "Yeah, it's kind of a blah day. I was so bored this morning, I did my homework." "It's pretty sad when you do homework on a Saturday morning," I agreed. "I watched cartoons, too." "Well, that's something." "I took a walk last night when we got back from the movies and saw you going over to Paula's," she said casually. 'The truth, and nothing but the truth, but not all the truth,' I thought to myself. "Yeah, my dad asked me to take some stuff over for my little sister. She spent the night with Ann." "You were in there a long time. I never saw you come out?" `And you were watching?' I thought. "Paula invited me to stay and watch wrestling with her." "I thought you hated wrestling?" she asked giving me a great Spock imitation with one raised eyebrow. "I do. Which should give you some idea of how bored I was." "You could have done your homework." "On a Friday night! Just how much of a geek do you think I am?" I shot back. Then before she could answer, I added, "Besides, I'd already done it." "We're pretty pathetic." "Sadly, I can't argue that. How about a swim?" "Sure, meet you back here in five." She jumped up and ran in the house. I got up and walked to my house, stripped, gave my cock a little squeeze, and pulled on a pair of Speedos. I reached in and arranged my cock for comfort and walked back to Tami's house. I got back about eight minutes after I'd left and waited four more for Tami. I was staring at the pool, thinking about going on without her, when she stepped out the door behind me. "How do you like my new suit?" she asked. I turned and stared. She was wearing a royal blue bikini. A very small royal blue bikini. I was amazed that she'd talked her mom into it. Her old suit was bigger and had left her with some funny tan lines, but a couple of days in the sun would take care of that. She turned around so I could see her suit from all angles. It was really tight in the butt, with just a hint of crack peeking out the top. The bottoms were tied with two large string bows on either side, and I wondered what would happen if somebody hypothetically swam along side her underwater and pulled the ends of those strings at the same time. The top had ties in back on the neck and just below her shoulder blades. "Mom hates it," she announced. "What do you think?" "I think it's fantastic." "See Mom!" she yelled over her shoulder. "Tony likes it." "I knew Tony would like it," came a voice from inside. "All the boys will love it. That's the reason I hate it." She stepped into the doorway. "Hi, Tony." "Mom!" Tami whined. "I know. I'm an old fuddy duddy. Go swim." I always believe in doing what adults tell me. At least, when they tell me do something I want to do anyway. I reached up and took Tami's hand and led her to the pool. Debbie and her friend had gone, and we had it to ourselves. We went in the gate, and Tami walked to the edge and stuck her toes down in the water. I grabbed her and jumped. The water was cold when we first hit, but by the time we'd surfaced it felt great. We treaded water in the middle of the pool while Tami got her breath back. I was holding her with one hand on her back and the other on her butt. "Anthony Marion Sims! That was mean." "Not mean. Efficient." "Efficient?" "How long would it have taken you to ease into the water an inch at a time?" "Ten minutes," she giggled. "Efficient." "Your hand is on my butt." "That would be true," I agreed. "It doesn't belong there." "It's been there before." Tami blushed. "That was different." "Okay." I stopped treading water and sank. As I did, my hand came off her butt and my face passed a few inches away from the crotch of her bikini. I took real willpower not to push my face straight into that triangle of cloth. I touched bottom, pushed off at an angle and started swimming toward the shallow end. I stood up and snuck a look at Tami. She was still treading water, and I couldn't decide if she looked relieved or frustrated. I walked up the steps and around the kidney shaped pool to the diving board. I walked to the end of the board and jumped twice experimentally. It was a rotten board, but I'd already known that. I walked back to the other end, turned, and focused on the end of the board. Tami swam to the side to make room for me. I took three steps, hurdled and jumped hard on the board. It launched me high in the air, where I did two-and-a-half flips and entered the water head first. Did I mention I was on the diving team before we moved? When I surfaced, Tami was applauding. She'd seen it all before, but she was still my biggest fan. A voice from the other side said, "Your legs were apart and your knees were bent." While probably true, I resented anyone saying it. Even more, I was surprised that anyone in the area would notice. I spun around and looked, and beheld a goddess. She was tall and beautifully shaped. Her yellow bikini covered a lot more than Tami's, and there was a lot more to cover. Long, long legs were the first thing I noticed. Large tits but not too big. Long brown hair hanging down to her ass with a stripe of lighter hair right down the middle. "How would you know?" I asked indignantly. "I have eyes. After all, you don't have to be an artist to critique art." "So you can't do it any better?" I asked, somehow satisfied. "Actually I can." She set down her towel and walked over to the diving board. She didn't test it. She took her steps, hurdled, and performed a perfect two-and-a-half. Not a single little mistake. I know; I was looking hard for one. She swam to the side and pulled herself out of the pool. "I admit it, you're better than me," I said, though it was hard to admit. "Was there any doubt?" she asked, spreading out a towel. 'Was there any doubt' is the sort of thing that could be said jokingly, but I knew she wasn't joking. She lay down on her stomach on the towel. I just treaded water and stared. She might be a cold stuck-up bitch, but man did she have an ass. "Hi," a voice came from the far end of the pool. Two pretty girls were standing there with towels. "I'm Mikee, and this is my sister Kelly." Tami and I swam to the shallow end, got out of the pool, and introduced ourselves. "Did the queen introduce herself?" Mikee asked, and both Tami and I shook our heads. "That's Alana, she's perfect." "So I discovered," I said regretfully. "You learn quick," Mikee said laughing. "Those are our dorky brothers over there," Kelly said, pointing to two boys coming out the back door of the mobile home. "Kenny's the big one, and Peter's the nice one." "Is the water warm?" Mikee asked. "So warm I was thinking of getting a truck full of ice cubes." "Really?" "Really," Tami said and picked up Kelly and walked toward the side. Mikee laughed, so I picked her up and followed. Two seconds later we were all standing in the shallow end of the pool. "That was mean," Kelly said with a big grin. Tami looked at me and giggled. "I think we already had this conversation." For the next hour we played and got to know our new neighbors. I didn't like Kenny from the start, though I tried to be nice, but Peter was a great kid. He was in the fifth grade and had just had his eleventh birthday before they moved. Tami threatened to spank him, and he looked like he enjoyed the idea. Mikee was in sixth grade. She had brown hair just like her sister's but without the stripe of lighter hair. Mikee said that Alana had always had the stripe. Mikee kept her hair shorter, just barely touching her shoulders and usually in a ponytail. Kelly was in fourth, not third, and the only blond in the family. Where Mikee was starting to develop some interesting curves, Kelly was a straight line. Both girls wore orange and white bikinis, though Mikee's was orange with white highlights, and Kelly's was white with orange highlights. I was having some thoughts that I knew Tami would never approve of about our three new female neighbors. Mikee was going to be very interesting in the next year or so. Kelly was already cute, and somehow I knew she'd be a hottie by the time she got to be a teen. Alana was already a sex goddess, but somehow I didn't fantasize about fucking her. My damn cock would get frostbite in her ice cave. All in all, fresh meat. For my fantasies if nothing else. Chapter V It was Thursday before Tami and I came home at the same time again. It had been a fairly quiet week. At least for most of us. Kenny had already managed to get suspended for smoking. According to his younger sisters, it wasn't that unusual. Paula hadn't treated me any different at school, not that I expected her to. I swam a couple of times with Mikee and Kelly, though Alana didn't put in an appearance. Tami and I walked toward her house with Mikee and Kelly. Alana had ridden the bus too, but didn't acknowledge any of us. As we walked, Mikee twitched and stretched constantly. "What's wrong with you?" Tami asked. "I slept wrong last night. I've been stiff and sore all day." "Are you in luck!" Tami said, and I groaned inwardly. I'd been looking forward to being alone with Tami, especially after the last massage when she'd suggested it would be easier without clothes on. "What do you mean?" Mikee asked, rolling her shoulders. "I mean that Tony is an expert at massaging tired, stiff, or sore bodies." "You are?" Mikee asked me. "Well, not an expert," I said modestly. "Would you give me a massage? I really need it." "Well..." "Pleeaase?" I already knew that I had trouble saying no to cute girls, and Mikee was definitely cute. Besides, at least I'd get some brownie points with Tami for being a nice guy. "Okay," I agreed. Tami took charge of the operation. "Come on over to my house and Tony will take care of you." As we walked in the house, Tami started pulling cushions of the sofa and placing them on the floor. Then she poured glasses of Coke for everybody. "Okay, Mikee. Lie down on the floor," Tami commanded. "Actually Mikee," I interrupted, "stand up first." She did. I twirled my finger in the air to indicate that she should turn around. "Now where are you feeling what?" I asked, looking at her cute little butt. She was wearing a pair of pale blue cords and a t-shirt. "My shoulders a lot," she said, pointing over her shoulder. "And the middle of my back." She moved her arm around to the side and pointed at the small of her back. "And..." she pointed toward her butt, but then blushed and pointed down at her thighs. "And the backs of my legs." "Okay, lie down," I said, and she did, crossing her arms in front of her and resting her chin on the backs of her hands. I knelt down next to her back and took her head and turned it sideways, so that it was lying on her hands facing the other girls. I grabbed her shoulders and squeezed hard. Mikee groaned. Kelly jumped to her feet. "Don't hurt my sister." "That's okay," Mikee mumbled. "It's going to hurt before it feels better," I told her and started really digging into her shoulders. At first there were a lot of grunts and groans, and Kelly looked like she was ready to tackle me. But then it turned into sighs as the knots worked out of her. I was a little self-conscious with Tami watching, but I worked my way down Mikee's back. I used my knuckles on the small of her back and then continue rubbing as I moved down to her hips and then her butt. Mikee was relaxed and practically purring as I kneaded her firm little ass cheeks and then finished with the backs of her thighs. I gave her butt a little pat and stood up. Mikee squirmed and lay half-asleep. "You touched her rear," Kelly accused. "Yep," I agreed. "Mikee's muscles were all bunched up, and she has muscles there too." "Oh." I reached down and, pushing my hands under Mikee's arms, lifted her to her feet, my fingers brushing her someday-breasts. I set Mikee on her feet and told Kelly, "Take her home and get her to take a nice hot bath." Kelly nodded, and the two girls left. "Tony, you're a nice guy." I nodded agreement. "And a bit of a pervert." I tilted my head questioningly at her, then after a few seconds, nodded agreement with that too. I sat down next to her on the cushionless sofa. "My turn?" she asked, starting to stand. I shook my head and sat, flexing my fingers. "In a minute." I sipped my Coke and just enjoyed sitting next to my friend. Then my mind wandered, and I thought about Mikee's nice firm little ass and my hands caressing it. I grinned. "You're thinking about her butt, aren't you?" Tami accused. I hate it when girls read my mind. Especially when they read it so accurately. I decided to risk honesty in the hopes of promoting something. "You got to admit, it was a very nice... butt." I almost said ass and that would have been pushing it. "Pervert!" she accused with a little stamp of her foot. "I thought we had already established that," I answered with a lop-sided grin. I was proud of that grin. It made me look mischievous, not bad. It had gotten me out of a lot of trouble with Mom over the years. "You don't have to be proud of it." I looked at her with one eyebrow raised. Spock fashion. A move I'd practiced in the bathroom mirror. She giggled. "Okay, maybe you do. Did you really think she had a nice butt? I mean she's only a sixth grader." "That's true," I agreed. "She's a whole year younger than you." Tami blushed. "Do you think I have a nice butt?" she asked suddenly. "You have a great butt," I answered immediately without thinking. Then the not thinking part caught up with me because I added, "Not as good as Alana's, but a great butt." You know that sick welling you get when you realize that your mouth has been freelancing without the benefit of your brain? Way down in the pit of your stomach? The words were out, and I couldn't take them back. All I could do was wait and see just how much trouble I was in. "Yeah, her ass is perfect," Tami said, surprising me twice. Once because I wasn't in trouble, and once because she said ass. I considered mentioning her perfect tits, but decided that I had pushed my luck enough for one afternoon. "Ready for that massage?" I asked, flexing my fingers. "Just a minute." She got up and walked toward the back. I figured that she was going to hit the bathroom before we started. I got up and knelt by the line of cushions on the floor. I glanced out window and saw Alana leaning into the window of a black Trans Am talking to somebody. She was wearing cut-offs that barely came to the top of her thighs and her bikini top. Her perfect ass was angled toward me, and I appreciated the sight. Man did I appreciate the sight as my cock stirred in my jeans. "I'm ready," Tami said, breaking the spell. I glanced up at her then did a double take, just like on a sitcom. She'd changed into her blue bikini. The one I loved and her mother hated. "I, uh..." "What's wrong silly?" she asked as she knelt on the end cushion and lowered herself down. "Cat got your tongue?" she asked with an evil grin. "Bengal tiger," I explained as I laid my hands on her shoulders. I glanced out the window. The Trans Am and Alana were gone. Tami laughed and reached behind her back and grabbed one of the strings that held her top on. She started pulling, and I watched the loop of the bow shrink. She stopped. "Can I trust you?" I couldn't see her face, she was lying with it facing the sofa. "No." She giggled. "At least you're honest." She finished pulling the bow out. She reached behind her neck and pulled the other bow out and I stared at her back, knowing that she was lying on her bikini top and that nothing was holding it on. I brushed the strings off her neck and grabbed her shoulders again and started kneading. I was leaning a little to the side and trying to looking into the cup of her bikini top. I could see a lot of the flesh of her breast but not her nipple. I sighed, hopefully so quietly that she didn't hear me. Damn girl's telepathy. I rubbed her shoulder blades and then let my hands slide down to the sides of her ribs. My fingers slipped into the cups of her bikini top, and Tami squirmed but didn't say anything. I knew then that I could push my hands all the way to her nipples, but I resisted. I was trying to think long term. I let my fingers slip out of her bikini, and I continued down her ribs to the sides of her stomach. I could feel her body react to my touch and knew without seeing her face that she was surprised that I hadn't taken advantage of the situation. I grinned to myself and added a lesson to those that Paula had been teaching me. Lesson five: it's a good thing to keep girls guessing. I worked my hands to the small of her back and teased her spine for a couple of minutes before moving to her butt. The top of her cheeks and her crack peeked at me over the powder blue lycra of her suit, and I let my fingers delicately dance on her exposed skin. She shivered but still said nothing. I noticed that her breathing was faster and a little more ragged than usual. She definitely wasn't falling asleep. I moved my hands onto the bikini bottom and started kneading her butt cheeks forcefully. I spent almost five minutes with those heavenly globes in my hands before tracing her butt crack with a finger and moving down her thighs. After that I worked down to her knees in about two minutes, gave her calves a quick knead and patted her butt in my standard 'I'm done' signal. "There you go," I said, though my throat had gotten so dry that it was a little croaky. I moved to the sofa and drained what was left of my Coke in one gulp. Tami started to sit up. "Don't forget your top," I said without thinking. Then I mentally kicked myself. Then I took the kick back and decided it went into the keeping them guessing file. Tami grabbed her top and sat up, holding it in place, giving me the strangest look. "I guess I can trust you," she said quietly. "Don't let that get around. I have a reputation, you know," I said with a leer. I stood and started for the door, figuring I should try to make a graceful exit before my cock smashed through my poor zipper. I opened the door, but Tami stopped me before I could step through. She stood up, and still holding her top, stepped over and gave me a quick kiss. Then she changed her hands so that she was only holding her top with one hand, and she put her other hand on the back of my neck and pulled me forward into another kiss. A much longer one. As our lips mashed together, I considered pushing my tongue into her mouth. Instinctively, I knew that I could, but I also realized that it would change things too fast. I let Tami have control and just enjoyed the moment. Damn, did I enjoy the moment. Chapter VI A week later I stumbled into my house ready to die. It should have been a good day since it was Friday and only a half day for school. But I was on the baseball team and the coach decided that we'd played sloppily on our game on Wednesday and needed extra practice. I mean, after all we'd only beaten the Leesburg team by 3 runs. Anyway, the coach scheduled us for a noon to six practice and ran our tails off the whole time. I wondered what he'd say if we were all so tired at tomorrow's double header that we dropped them both. This was the first year that the junior high had a baseball team. And Mr. Hallowell, the English teacher, had not been anyone's first choice to coach it. Or second or third choice, for that matter. But he had seniority over all the teachers who actually knew what they were doing. You got to love the American education system; it's not how well you do something, it's how long you've been doing it. Anyway, the team was doing pretty good. We were three and two in spite of Hallowell's help. Mostly we ignored Hallowell and did what Ricky said. Ricky was an eighth grader whose dad coached the varsity for the high school, and Ricky had spent his springs and summers on baseball fields since he could walk. So I got home, dropped my equipment bag in the hallway, took four steps into the living room and sprawled face first on the sofa. I was vaguely aware that my mom was sitting in the recliner with a book in her hands. "That doesn't go there," she said. "I know," I said, my words muffled because my face was pressed into the sofa cushions. Relative quiet for a few minutes. I could hear mom turning pages and the soft voices on the TV. Without looking or really listening, I knew it was tuned to CNN or Fox news. Mom was a news junkie. "Rough day?" she asked after a few minutes. "Brutal," I said into the cushion. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked after a few more minutes. I turned my head to the side and said, "I'll move it in a couple of minutes. Geeez." I was a little surprised. Mom didn't usually nag. "Anthony Marion Sims..." I sat up and looked at her immediately. She'd used my middle name. "...I was not nagging you about your bag, though you know it doesn't belong in my hallway." I heard the subtle emphasis on 'my'. "I meant, aren't you forgetting about Paula?" Paula? I had three different Paula's in classes at school, but I had no idea what mom was talking about. I must have looked as confused as I felt, because mom threw up her hands in exasperation. "Paula Grey. Your tutoring session. Biology." You know the little light bulb that cartoon characters have? Mine clicked on. "She called earlier to remind you about your session. I wish you'd told me that you were having trouble with biology, but I think it's very responsible of you to work out a tutor." I stood, my aches forgotten. "I'd better take a shower." Mom made a show of sniffing the air and then pinched her nose shut. "One of your better ideas." I stuck my tongue out at her and then skipped toward the bathroom. * * * * * Twenty minutes later, I was showered, changed and ready to get tutored. As I walked to the front door, I noticed my equipment bag lying next to the wall. I considered 'forgetting' about it, but I decided that since Mom thought I was responsible, I shouldn't blow it. I grabbed my bag and tossed it into my room. I gave Mom a jaunty wave and headed out the door. I knocked on Paula's door and waited. It was a beautiful day. The sky was just starting to darken toward dusk, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It would be a good night for star gazing a little later. Then the door opened and Paula was standing there and I forgot all about stars. Except for being barefoot, she was wearing the same outfit she'd had on at school this morning. White jeans, a black knit turtleneck, and a gold locket. The sun could have gone supernova at that moment and I never would have noticed. It took a couple of tries before I could talk, my mouth was so dry. "Apparently, I'm failing biology and I need tutoring," I said finally. She grinned, "You don't take biology until you're a freshman, but I wasn't sure how your Mom would react to sex ed." "I'm not sure. She might remember that I took it during the first semester and got an A." "Why am I not surprised." "Trust me. You're a much better teacher than Mrs. McCormick." "Since she's about eighty years old, I would hope so. You going to stand out there all night? I'm not sure the neighbors would appreciate your lessons." "I'll bet the husbands would," I said as I stepped in and Paula closed the door behind me. "Stay!" Paula commanded as if I was a puppy. Not that I'm complaining. She walked to the dining room and returned with a pair of straight back kitchen chairs, which she set next to each other in front of the television. "Okay, Tonto, today we're going to work on your seduction technique." I glanced around. "Don't worry. All authority figures and annoying little siblings are out until after midnight, and you'll be out of here before nine." I looked at my watch, a little before seven. "Why nine?" "Some of us are not so pathetic as to stay home on Friday night," she said with a condescending smile. "You have a date?" I asked, amazed. She nodded, an amused look on her face. "Tonight?" She nodded again. "I..." I decided to shut up. Two hours with Paula was a lot better than nothing. Besides, two could play that game. Maybe I could talk Tami into some star gazing. I smiled at Paula. "Okay, slick. You've worked up your courage and asked some innocent naive young thing to the movies. The first thing you have to decide is what movie. This week Paula's multiplex has, uh, 'Godzilla,' 'Fast and Furious,' 'Friday the Thirteenth Part Eighty-One,' 'The Incredibles,' 'Ever After,' and 'Bad Santa.' What do you see?" I didn't hesitate. "Depends on the girl. I assume I'm asking somebody I know at least a little. If it was Allie, probably 'Godzilla' because she loves sci-fi. Danielle loves talking about fast cars, so she might like 'Fast and Furious.' Most girls I'd give their choice, but if I'm choosing, I'd go with 'Ever After.'" "Not bad for a seventh grader. What if she chooses something you really hate?" "I watched wrestling didn't I?" I said with a grin. Paula looked surprised, then grinned. "I guess you did." "And look what it got me," I added with a leer. "If I was smart, I'd send you home now and put up a warning about you in all the girls' bathrooms." I tried to look hurt, then I grinned. "That could get me a lot of dates." "Actually it could," she agreed. She sat on one of the chairs. "Let's go to the movies." I sat on the other chair. Paula was on my right. The TV was on with the sound turned way down. It looked like a music video, probably MTV or VH1. "Okay, stud. You've gotten some poor innocent young girl to the movies. You're sitting here in the back row. Now what?" Good question, I thought. I wanted to get an A+ in movie 101. "Well, when we get to the movies, the lights are on and they're usually showing those ads on the screen. So I'd make sure she was comfortable and just talk to her. Nothing important, school gossip, that sort of thing." Paula nodded, so I guessed I was doing all right. "With most girls, I'd go ahead and put my arm around them." I laid my arm on Paula's shoulders. "Nice and loose. And I wouldn't use some phoney yawning and stretching routine." I gently rubbed her far shoulder with my fingers. "When the theater gets dark and the previews start, I'll try pulling her a little closer." I matched actions to words and pulled Paula closer to me until her shoulder was resting against my side. "What if she pulls away?" Paula asked, pulling herself out of my grip. "Then I don't pass go and don't collect two hundred dollars," I said. My arm was still around her, and I continued to rub the edge of her shoulder. "Huh?" was all Paula said. "I go back to square one and start all over." I pulled her close to me again. "And just how many times are you prepared to go back to square one?" "Six, I think." "Six? Then what?" "Then I figure it ain't happening, and I sit back and try to watch the movie." "Why six?" "I don't know. It just seems like a good number. People say that the third times the charm, and if it don't happen on the third time twice..." I left the rest unsaid. "Maybe she just wants you to be more assertive? More forceful?" Paula suggested. "Maybe," I agreed and pulled Paula really close, mashing her up against my side. "But not my style," I said and released her until she was barely snuggled against me again. "Some caveman," Paula said, not pulling away. "I would have been a rotten caveman," I agreed. "I would have invented fire and then sat around the fire pit telling stories while the others hunted and gathered and did whatever else cavemen did." "My hero," Paula said sarcastically. "Anyway, professor, getting back to school," I said, "while the trailers are playing, I'd try to move my hand from her shoulder to her side." I followed up, laying my hand on the side of her rib cage and gently stroking her side from the top of her waist to her armpit. "Being prepared to go back to square one if she balks," I added. I sat and stroked her warm side. I could feel her breathing. Paula sighed, "Then what, Tonto? Assuming that the girl isn't screaming 'rape!' or slapping you upside the head?" "Well," I drawled. "As the movie goes on, I may do a little exploring." I demonstrated my plan by cupping her right breast through her top. She wasn't wearing a bra, which I'd known from rubbing her side. I teased her nipple, which was pleasantly erect. I wondered if that was worth extra credit. When Paula didn't resist, I slipped my hand down to her waist and inside her top. Then I moved it slowly back to that hard little nipple. I rubbed her breast for almost five minutes, tracing her areola and squeezing that wonderful nipple. I enjoyed the feel of her hot skin against my hand, and my cock stirred but didn't demand attention. "Then what?" Paula asked huskily. "That's it," I said nonchalantly. "That's it?" "Yep." "I don't get it." "Well, as much I as enjoy exploring and discovering new territory, I really don't think a public movie is really the place for it." Paula pulled away, and my hand slipped out of her shirt. She stood and faced me. "Aren't you the kid who had his hand down my shorts during an Adam Sandler movie a few nights ago?" I grinned and nodded. "And you don't think a movie is the place for that sort of thing?" I nodded again. "Two big differences." Paula put her hands on her hips and waited. "One, that was a private house, not a public theater." "And two?" "Two, I was with a girl who was so far out of my league that I knew I didn't have a chance." Paula looked stunned. For a minute, I thought she was going to cry, then she reached down and grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me to my feet. "For a kid, you're not bad," she said. I considered pointing out that she was only a year older than me, but decided the point for my ego wasn't worth it. She pulled me closer until her lips closed over mine and her tongue stabbed into my mouth. I sucked on it, wrestling it with my own tongue. My hands found natural resting places on her tit and her ass cheek. It was almost a minute later when she broke the kiss. "Tiger, you are dangerous. You should come with warning labels." I don't know why, but I glanced at the clock on the wall. A little after eight. An image popped into my head of Paula calling her date and cancelling, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Then I decided that honest and open had worked so far; maybe blunt would be even better. "You've got less than an hour before your date," I reminded her. "Want to get serviced now?" "Excuse me?" she blasted. "Isn't that why you called to remind me about our tutoring session? You had a hot date and wanted to get ready for it." I almost said serviced instead of ready, but decided there was such a thing as too blunt." "I..." she snapped her mouth shut, then laughed. "You are some kind of alien, sent to spy on humans and learn our customs." I must of looked confused because she laughed again. "No human boy understands girls that good." I grinned. "So you want to get naked out here, or in your bedroom?" She shook her head and started toward her bedroom, pulling her top off as she walked. Inside her door, she stopped and skinned her tight jeans down her legs. No panties. Man, did that ass look good. As soon as she stepped out of her pants, I pushed her down on her bed and then lowered myself on her, my mouth encircling the tit I'd been playing with all night. My hand went down to stroke her pussy. I reminded myself not to rush to the finish line. I rubbed gently instead of forcing my finger past her gates. "Have you been practicing?" she asked as I switched my mouth's attention to her other nipple. I looked up at her and grinned, then resumed my tongue's circumnavigation of her areola. A guys got to keep a little mystery. She put her hands on the top of my head and pushed me down. "Get that talented tongue to work on my honey box," she moaned. I smiled inwardly at the thought of my tongue being talented, but followed instructions. I knelt between her legs, my hands on her thighs, and licked the slit between her pussy lips. I teased her outer lips apart and gently licked at her inner lips. "Take me home, boy," she commanded, and I obeyed. I thrust my tongue deep into her love tunnel and tried to find her clitty. I must have done something right because she shuddered, and pushed my face deeper into her crotch. I fucked my tongue deep into her, and she thrust her hips back at me. I could feel her stiffen, then relax as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. I kept licking her pussy, trying to bring her as much pleasure as I could. And I have to admit, I liked it myself. Finally she relaxed and sagged back into the bed like an old rag doll. I stood, looking down at her naked body in disbelief. I couldn't believe that I had had that. There was an alarm clock on her night stand. Twenty to nine. I figured that it was time to go. Besides, my cock was ready for some attention of it's own. I took a step backward, not ready to stop looking at her. "Where you going stud?" "Home. You've got twenty minutes to get ready for your date." I didn't add that my cock was about ready to explode. "What about your battering ram?" she asked, propping herself up on one elbow. I swallowed. "Milady, we had a deal," I said with a small bow. "You teach and I, as the song says, 'can't get no satisfaction'." She smiled. "I think you earned some satisfaction." She motioned me over with her finger. "I don't think..." I couldn't believe I was saying this, but I had a good thing going and didn't want to blow it for a handjob. "Do you know Tyler?" she interrupted. Tyler was her boyfriend. A tenth grader, varsity football player, and varsity wrestler. "Not personally." "If you don't get your scrawny butt over her and pull that meat-sickle out, I'll tell Tyler that you tried to cop a feel." A mental picture of Tyler propelled me across the room. As I stood next to her bed, Paula reached up and pulled my zipper down. My cock pushed out of the fly. My white Fruit of the Looms stretching almost to the breaking point. "You don't have..." "Maybe I want to," Paula said as she extricated my hard cock from it's cotton prison. She leaned forward, and her mouth engulfed my cock. I felt the head pushing against the back of her throat and exploded. I felt my cock squirt a stream of semen down her throat and felt her lips milk every drop before she released me. "Definitely my fastest blowjob," she said with just a hint of sarcasm. "My first," I admitted reluctantly. But I didn't want her to think I was Quick Draw McGraw. "I figured." I stood there, with what I was pretty sure was a dopey look on my face. "You might want to leave now," she suggested. "Unless you want to explain to Tyler what you're doing here." "Getting tutored in biology," I said with a grin as I stuffed my soft, saliva covered cock back in my pants. Paula shrugged. "Go home, some of us have to take a shower." "I could help," I offered. "If you're still here when I count to five, I'm finding a new student. One..." "I'm crushed," I said quickly as I scurried out the door. As I let myself out the front door, I marveled at how hard I had worked not to get a blowjob. Not just a blowjob, but my first blowjob. Not just my first blowjob, but my first blowjob, and from the hottest girl in the junior high. It was either the dumbest thing I'd ever done, or the smartest. Chapter VII I think I levitated home. I don't remember walking. I swept in with a huge grin on my face and headed for my bedroom. Mom gave me a funny look, but Dad didn't even look up. As I passed through I heard John Wayne say "The hell I'm not," and the sound of someone getting clobbered. Dad was out of it, in his own world. In my room, I stripped quickly and jumped into my shower. I marveled at my situation. I could still remember the feeling of Paula's mouth surrounding my cock. And I couldn't wait to experience it again. And other mouths. But the thought that was uppermost in my mind was that I'd passed a milestone. My first blowjob. I'd waited thirteen years for my first one. I wondered how long I'd have to wait for my second. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed one of my Tigger towels and started drying off. I can't stand the rest of the Winnie the Pooh crowd, but Tigger was definitely cool. I dropped the damp towel in the hamper by the door and padded naked into my room. Having an attached bathroom sure made life easier. I stood in the middle of the room and debated. It was too early for bed, and television just didn't seem to interest me. I supposed I could take a walk; after all, it was a beautiful night. A beautiful night! I dressed quickly and headed out. I waved at my Mom without comment and she nodded. My Dad was still immersed in his movie. From the tempo of the background music, the Duke was getting ready to set everything right. Outside, I headed up the street to Tami's house. The lights were still on, so I figured it was okay to knock. I hadn't checked the time before I left, but it couldn't be much past nine fifteen. Tami opened the door, looking surprised to see me. Behind the door I could see her mother sitting on the coach. "Hi Tam. I thought it was a great night for a little star gazing. I figured that your Mom might let you go out if she hasn't heard about what you did at school yet." Tami looked shocked. "Heard about what?" her Mom said sternly from behind the door. I stepped around Tami and looked at her Mom, winking. "Oh, hi. I didn't realize you were there." I looked back at Tami. "Sorry, didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag." "What cat?" Tami sputtered. "I didn't do anything." I looked back at Tami's mom. "It really wasn't that big a deal. Cherie should be out of the cast in a couple of weeks." Cherie was a girl at school Tami had problems with. "And they got the fire out right away." Tami's mom tried to look shocked, but broke down in giggles. I looked back at Tami, and she was glaring at me. "Ready for some stars?" I asked innocently. "I wouldn't look at stars with you if tonight was the last night they were ever going to shine," she said sharply. "Good," I agreed and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the door. "We'll be back in an hour or two," I said over my shoulder. "Not too late," I heard as I closed the door. Like I said, move a couple tons worth of boxes and they'll trust you forever. There was a clearing in the woods behind the park that would be perfect for some private star viewing, but I decided the lawn in front would be more comfortable. I pulled Tami and she pulled back, but not too hard. Enough resistance to let me know she was annoyed, not enough to say 'No.' When we got to the front lawn, I scooped Tami into my arms and laid her gently on the grass before I plopped down beside her. Then I looked up. It was cloudless, just like it'd been earlier. The sky was a blue-black and the stars glittered like thousands of diamonds. Sappy, I know. But then starry nights have been making saps out of better poets than me for thousands of years. "Sorry I dragged you out here," I apologized. "Want to go back?" "Shut up, I'm counting," she said quietly. A few minutes later she announced, "Six thousand, three hundred and..." she hesitated a few seconds, "thirty-one." "You missed one." "I did not." "Yes, you did. That one right there." I pointed up at a star that looked like it's battery was dying. It just barely glimmered. "You're right. Thirty-two." "That's a lot of stars," I agreed. "And some of them have planets just like ours. And some of them have kids like us, lying in the grass looking up at us." Tami giggled. "You're a hopeless romantic." "Don't let the guys on the baseball team find out. I'd never live it down." "You going to win tomorrow?" she asked suddenly. "Of course," I told her. "Or maybe lose. Could be a tie. Or we'll get rained out." "That's what I love about you. Your certainty." Love? She'd said love. Should I tell her I love her? Did I? Should I say something that I loved about her? After all, she hadn't said she'd loved me, Just that she loved something about me. In the end, I was a chicken. "Going to come tomorrow?" "I think maybe I will. Going to hit a home run for me?" "I don't know about a home run," I said modestly. "But I know I can't strike out if you're watching." We drifted into silence. I'm not sure how long we lay there. Fifteen or twenty minutes I'd guess. I thought about rolling over and kissing her. Instinctively, I knew she'd let me. But I didn't want to ruin the moment. So I just lay there. Close to her. Finally Tami broke the silence by asking if I'd heard about the bust at the high school. I hadn't so she filled me in. Apparently one of the cheerleaders got caught with some meth in her locker. "Missed by one vowel," I said. "What do you mean?" Tami asked, confused. "Math in her locker wouldn't have gotten her trouble. It would have surprised a lot of people, but it wouldn't have gotten her busted." "You're weird," Tami said. I took it as a compliment. We lay in silence for awhile longer, then I rolled over onto my knees and stood up. "We'd better go. I don't want your mom worrying." I held out my hand to Tami and pulled her to her feet. I took her hand and we walked back toward her trailer. At her door, I gave her a hug and stepped back. "I wouldn't get mad if you kissed me," she said quietly, almost in a whisper. I grinned. "I know." I bowed at her, then turned and jumped off her porch. Always keep them guessing, that's my motto. "You gay or something?" Tami asked, looking surprised. "Ask me that the next time I've got my hands on your cute little ass," I replied, gave her another bow and skipped down the street. Yeah, skipped. Got a problem with that? I stood on my own porch and looked up at the stars again. The thing I couldn't figure out was that I felt just as good leaving Tami without even a kiss as I had leaving Paula after a blowjob. Damn. Is life complicated or what? Chapter VIII "You were great today," Kelly said, standing in front of me as I sat on my porch. "Well..." I hated to argue with a ten-year-old, especially when she was right. It had been a great day for baseball. Blue skies and just a few white fluffy clouds to keep the sun from getting too hot. We were playing the team from Olympia and a lot of people said they were the team to beat this year. In the first game we just out-hit the other team for an easy five-two win. In the second game we were down by one with two out in the seventh inning, and in junior high baseball, seven is all you get. I stepped up to the plate and belted a two-run homer to win the game. Anyway, that's the way I'll tell it to my drinking buddies a few years from now. The reality was a comedy of errors. Mistake on top of mistake. We had Carl Davis on third and Jimmy Sexton on second. We were in position to score. Mistake number one, my coach didn't pinch hit Billy Taylor for me. I've been hitting mediocre at best all year; Billy's been belting the ball. Mistake number two, I swung at the first pitch. Never a good idea especially when the pitcher has a wicked curveball. I caught a piece of it and hit a one-bouncer straight to the shortstop for what should have been an easy out. Mistake number three, the shortstop bobbled the ball. What should have been an easy grab and throw, he turned into a juggling act. Mistake numero cuatro, the first baseman waited for the throw with his foot stretched across the base. All he has to do is touch the base with the ball in his glove and he's got the out. One of my more vicious coaches in the past used to say, if he's got his foot across the bag, he's trying to slow you down. Go through it. I said he was vicious. He was also very good. Mistake numero cinco, instead of going through his leg, I slid head first into the base. The umpire called me safe, which wasn't a mistake because I beat the throw by a good tenth of a second. While I was sliding into first Carl was crossing home plate. Mistake numero six, instead of throwing home to stop Jimmy from scoring, the first baseman starting arguing with the umpire. Jimmy scored and we won. Actually it was another five minutes or so before we won. Both coaches and both umpires got into an argument about whether it was legal to slide into first. They finally listened to Mr. Calloway, Ricky's dad, when he said it was legal, just stupid. After all running through the base was faster. But while it may not have been my greatest moment at the plate, I'd had a real good day at second base. Ricky was at short and we made a couple of good double-plays. So when Kelly said I was great, I wasn't prepared to argue. "Thanks." Paula had been at the game with some of the other cheerleaders. She'd even cheered for me. Of course she cheered for everybody on the team. Tami had been there too. At least for the first game. I'd had a chance to talk to her after the first game and she told me how good I was. I tried to be modest, but after all I was the only seventh grader on the team. Tami left during the first inning of the second game, so she didn't see my game winning performance. With luck she wouldn't hear about either. She and her mom were going to Seattle for the night. "I didn't realize you were there," I said, returning to the present. "We were sitting on the Olympia side." "You traitor," I accused. Kelly giggled. "We used to live there. Kenny's been in fights with most of the guys on the team." "You're forgiven." "Thank you, sir, " Kelly said mockingly with a small bow. "You don't know how relieved that makes me." "You know, at times I can see a little Alana in you," I mused. Kelly giggled again. "I'm not sure whether to kiss you for that, or kick you between the legs." Involuntarily, I closed my legs. Kelly fidgeted a bit as she stood silently in front of me. "You know, Mikee says that massage you gave her really felt great," she said finally, just trying to make conversation. "I'm glad it helped." Kelly fidgeted some more. "She said it really made her feel good." I'm a little slow at times, but I realized that I was being hinted at. "Maybe some day, you'll be hurting and I can do one for you," I suggested. "Wellll..." she said, and I swear I could see the wheels turning as she wondered if she should claim to be hurt. I took her off the hook. "Of course, if you ever want one, all you have to do is ask." "You mean it?" I inclined my head. She stood looking at me for almost a minute. "Well?" "Well what?" "You said," she accused. "You haven't asked me anything." Kelly giggled again, blushing slightly. "Can I have one of those massages?" she asked, not quite looking me in the eye. "What do I get out of it?" I asked as I climbed to my feet and stretched. "A date with Alana." "If you could deliver," I said, looking down at her, "you could get a hell of a lot more than a massage." "I know," she said smugly, sounding a lot older than ten. I grinned and waved her up the steps. "Come on." I opened the door and ushered her in. My parents were at some kind of dance recital for my sister, so the house was empty. I led Kelly into the living room and started pulling the cushions off the sofa and lining them up on the floor. Something that Mom would definitely not approved of. For a second, I wondered if Tami's mom got annoyed at my pulling her cushions out. Kelly was standing at the head looking unsure. I cocked my head questioningly at her. "Tami said..." "Yes?" "Tami said, it was better without clothes," she said shyly. I made a mental note to kill Tami. "Not without clothes. Without heavy clothes, like jeans and things. You're okay." She was wearing a tight yellow t-shirt and pink shorts that said CUTE on her butt. It was, too. Kelly looked relieved and lay down. I knelt beside her and gently started rubbing her shoulders. I didn't need to dig in like I had for her sister. She moaned lightly so I guessed I was doing something right. I worked down her back and teased her spine by running my knuckle down the length of it. When I got to her butt, I really enjoyed myself. I mean, I know she was only ten, but she still had a cute little ass. And I had no trouble imagining how hot she was gonna be in a couple more years. Besides, at ten, I figured she wouldn't notice as much as Tami or even her sister. I spent almost ten minutes on her butt, then moved down her legs. Her thighs were muscley. I knew she was into a lot of sports; softball, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball. Finally I gave her butt a final smack and stood up. "How was that?" Kelly rolled over and looked up at me. "It felt really good," she said with a smile, then looked puzzled. "What?" "I'm not complaining." "Yes?" "I was just wondering." I made a fist and held it out in front of me waving it around. "What, Already?" Kelly giggled. "How come you only do my back?" I swallowed wrong and started coughing. When I recovered, "It's just that girls have some private areas in front. You need a masseuse." "Why do I need a moose?" she asked so innocently that I wasn't sure if she was serious or not. "Ma-sseuse. A female massage giver. I would be a masseur. A male massage giver." "Weird words," she said with a giggle. "They're French. The French can screw up anything. Look at all the French words you have in your gymnastics." Kelly thought about it for a few seconds, then said, "I don't really have a private area on top." She rubbed her chest to emphasize her point. She was flat as a board. "You have a private area. It may not be very big yet..." "Like Alana's." "Like Alana's," I agreed, "but it's still your private area." "If it's my private area, I can give you permission to rub it and make me feel good," she suggested. I flashed for a few seconds on rubbing her chest. I wondered if she had any nipples at all. Then I pictured her watching television with her mom tonight, making idle conversation. "Mom, Tony rubbed my chest today. It felt really good. Just like when he rubbed Mikee's butt." The way I saw it, six things could happen. One, Mom would say "that's nice dear," without really listening. Two, she would send her husband over to talk to my dad. Not the end of the world, but dad would give me that 'I'm disappointed in you' look. Three, she could come over herself and talk to Mom. Still not a crisis, but there would be a series of lectures from Mom about sex in general and respecting girls in particular. Not very comfortable. Four she could send for the sheriff. Probably not a problem; I'm good at acting innocent and naive. Five, she could send Kenny over to beat me up. I've never been a fighter, but I was in pretty good shape. I could take him. Or six, she could send Alana over to take care of me. Now that was a scary thought. I had a feeling that she could be vicious. "Well?" Kelly said, breaking me out of my fog. "I don't think it would be a good idea." "Please?" "Your mom wouldn't like it." "I'm not going to tell her," she said sarcastically. "What do you think I am, stupid?" "I really don't think..." "Pleassseeeee?" Puppy dog eyes. Why do girls have to break out the puppy dog eyes and drag out the please word. "I guess." Kelly jumped up and hugged me, then lay back down on her back, her arms spread-eagled. I knelt beside her and put my hands on the sides of her neck and gently rubbed. I was still a little nervous about this. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, but I was old enough to understand that perception is more important than reality half the time. And some people, especially mom-type people, could perceive this badly. I didn't think this was sexual. Hell, she was ten. I mean, I'd rubbed her butt a long time, but it was more because I could than because I was getting turned on. I moved my hands to her shoulders. The bones were different in the front, and it took me a few seconds to figure out just how to work her muscles. The thought crossed my mind that if I did a great job, I could get her to tell Tami just how wonderful a front massage was. Subtly, of course. I moved down to the sides of her rib cage. I avoided her chest with my hands, but couldn't help looking at it. It seemed perfectly flat. I noticed that her breathing was slow and relaxed and she was watching me through half-closed eyes. I grinned at her. In for a penny, in for a pound, I said to myself and moved my hands onto her future playground. Old joke. Why don't girls have hair on their chests? Because you don't put grass on a playground. Her future breasts didn't feel much different from the rest of her chest. I couldn't feel nipples or boobs or anything. The muscles seemed a little harder. Other than that, nothing. I moved down to her stomach. Her stomach muscles were tight and firm. I wondered how far she expected me to go. I wondered how far I expected me to go. I moved my hands down to her hips. When she didn't complain, I moved toward the center and gently rubbed her pelvis. I glanced at her face. She was lying there, eyes still half-closed and a Cheshire cat smile on her face. I let my fingertips graze the crotch of her shorts as I moved down to her thighs. Kelly opened her legs up, and I wondered exactly what she meant by that. If it was an invitation, I decided to ignore it. Then I decided that I was getting sex-crazed. She was ten, for god sakes. She wasn't inviting me into her crotch, she was making it easier for me to finish her legs. Which I did. Finish her legs, that is. I worked my way down her right leg, working her muscles hard on the top and inside. Down to her knee and then back up her left leg. I took a last look at the pink crotch of her shorts. They were pulled tight to her body, and I imagined for a second that I could make out the slit of her pussy. I mentally kicked myself in the ass for my thoughts, slapped her on the stomach, and stood up. "All done, munchkin." I almost called her pixie, but one of my favorite erotic authors had just done a great pixie story and I was trying to get my mind back on track. Kelly's eyes snapped open and she sat up. "I'm not a munchkin. I'm average for my age." "And cute too." I reached my hand down to her, she took it and I pulled her to her feet. "She smiled. "You're hired. You can do that all day, every day." I held my hands out in front of me and wiggled my fingers. "They'd fall off." Kelly grinned. "Now get out of my house before I remember that professionals get sixty bucks a half-hour for doing that!" I roared and lifted my arm as if I was going to hit her. Kelly giggled and ran toward the door. She stopped, skipped back to me, reached up and grabbed my neck, pulled me down to her level, and kissed me on the cheek. She giggled again, then ran back toward the door. She pulled it open, then looked back at me. "Tami's right. You're the best ever." Then she was gone. I walked to the front door and shut it. Tami thought I was the best ever. Life was good. Then I remembered some of the thoughts I'd been having about Kelly. I wondered if that was a sign that I was jerking off too much. My cock had gotten half-hard. I reached down and gave it a squeeze through my shorts. On the other hand, I thought as I headed toward my bedroom, maybe it was a sign that I wasn't jacking off enough. Chapter IX "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle," I sang quietly to myself as I stretched out my legs to catch some sun. I really should put some padding on the porch if I'm gonna sit out here a lot. "And the hills the greenest green in Seattle." Now what the hell was the name of that show that song was from? Brides something. And Bobby somebody sang it. I was wearing only shorts, so the sun felt real good on my body. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I'd faced temptation and come away unfazed. My family had left for church about ten, and I had the whole place to myself. I had been lying in bed, my hand gripping my favorite appendage, thinking about Paula. Well, mostly about Paula. Kelly kept sneaking in. I was at the edge. The abyss of pleasure in front of me. And there was a knock at the front door. I understood homicidal maniacs at that moment. I swore that if it was some bible thumper I was going to tie them to an anthill and cover them in honey, just like in the old movies. I pulled on my shorts and went to the door. It was Luke. Luke had been my friend. My best friend until that moment. Now I was deciding if I should beat him up or tell Suzie Keller, the ugliest girl in school, that Luke had a crush on her. "Tony, you are not going to believe what happened," he said, pushing past me. "Is anybody here?" I shook my head, and he sat on the sofa. As I closed the door, I saw Luke's bike leaning against the porch. Luke lived about a mile away. "You know I've been going out with Jenny Bartlett?" I nodded again. They'd been an item for about three months. "Last night, I was over at her house. We were in the rec room, in the basement." I nodded again. "She," he swallowed, "she jerked me off," he practically shouted. "Way to go," I said and swung my hand toward him. His hand met mine in a 'five'. He gave me a blow-by-blow description of his night. With some guys, I'd take their story with a grain of salt, but I was sure Luke was giving me the real story. Or at least as close to real as his memory allowed. We talked for about an hour. Mostly about when it would happen again, and how far it would go. Then as he was leaving, he said, "Maybe you'll get something like that soon." That's when the temptation hit. I really wanted to tell him about Paula and the blowjob. After all, Luke was my best friend. He wouldn't tell anybody else. But I realized that it was a bit of one-upmanship. I wanted to top him. So I decided that I'd let him have his moment and just be happy for him. Now I was relaxing on the porch, feeling morally superior. "I've got a bone to pick with you." I opened one eye. Mikee was standing in front of me. "Okay." I shut my eye again. "Sit up and look at me," she demanded. "Excuse me?" I said, opening my eyes but not sitting up. "You heard me," she said, her fists resting on her hips. I sat up. Mikee smiled in satisfaction. I stood, turned around, and walked into the house, closing the door behind me. I stood just inside the door and waited. A second later there was a demanding knock on the door. I opened the door. Mikee was standing there fuming. "Yes?" "You shut the door on me," she accused. "Yes I did," I agreed and shut the door again. There was another knock, this time less demanding. "Yes?" I asked after I'd opened the door again. "I'm sorry," she said softly. I resisted the urge to grin. "Do you have any idea what you're being sorry for?" "Uh..." She looked lost. I took pity on her, I'd been in the same situation myself. Usually with Mom. "Apparently, I've done something to offend you. But you were being a little demanding in the way you expressed yourself." I stepped out of the door and waved her in, pointing at the sofa. She sat down and looked up at me. I closed the door and moved over in front of her. She looked away. I grinned, then quickly hid my expression before she looked back. I sat down in Dad's chair. "Now, you have a bone to pick with me?" Mikee looked back. "Uh, you molested my sister," she accused. "I did?" I said in all innocence, wondering exactly what reform school was like. "All I did was give her a massage. Just like the one I gave you." I smiled my best 'Who, me?' smile. It had gotten me off the hook with Mom a time or two. "Did I molest you?" A dangerous question possibly, but sometimes, the best defense, etc. "Uh, no. But..." "Of course, I did her front too," I added. "She asked me to, and there was nothing wrong with it." "I guess." "I think the question is, are you upset because you thought I took advantage of your little sister..." I paused and she had the grace to look embarrassed, "...or because she did something that you hadn't?" "Because I was protecting my sister," she answered firmly. I nodded in what I hoped was a believing way. Mikee stood and walked very slowly towards the door. "Well, as long as we got that settled," she mumbled. I waited until her hand settled on the doorknob, then asked, "Did you want a massage." She spun excitedly, then tried to look bored. "Well, if you want to," she said trying to sound as if she was doing me a huge favor. I stood, walked to the sofa, and started pulling the cushions off and putting them on the floor. When I had my massage bed ready, I looked up at her. Mikee looked embarrassed. "Kelly says you're not supposed to wear jeans or anything like that when you get a massage," she said in a half question, half statement kind of voice. My first impulse was to tell her that Kelly was right. "Well, jeans make it a little harder, but there's no rule against them or anything." She was wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt with a pair of flip-flops. She looked relieved and started to lie down. Then she changed her mind and stood back up. She turned her back to me and started pushing her jeans down without unfastening them. I grinned as a pair of pale blue bikini panties were revealed. She pushed her jeans down to her ankles, then stepped out of them. Then without looking at me, she lay down. As before, I started with her shoulders, though I didn't feel the knots that had been there the first time. I moved down her back, rubbing her ribs almost to her almost titties. At the small of her back she shivered as my fingertips teased her spine. My hands settled on her butt. My cock twitched in my shorts. Her butt may not be in Alana's class, but for a twelve-year-old it was very nice. Full and firm to my touch. And the thin material of her panties didn't leave much to my imagination. I spent a long time on her butt. Probably more than I should have, considering that she'd accused me of molesting her sister earlier that morning. I worked both cheeks, letting my fingers dig into the muscles there, and I teased at the crack of her ass almost to the bottom of her slit. Finally, reluctantly, I moved off her ass and down her thighs. It seemed to me that Mikee was a little reluctant for the move too. I did her thighs, then her calves in record time, then slapped her butt lightly and announced, "All done." Mikee rolled over and propped herself on an elbow. "What about my front?" "I don't think so," I said, pretty secure in the knowledge that Mikee wouldn't let me get away with the evasion. "You have some private areas..." "You did Kelly," she accused. "That's different. As Kelly herself said, she doesn't have much up there." "I don't have that much," she said as she pushed her chest out. "You have to." "Well..." "You just have to," she whined. "Okay," I said, trying to sound reluctant. Mikee grinned in triumph and lay down on her back. I tried to look serious and professional as I leaned over her and started kneading the tops of her shoulders. I was shocked to see the impression of her nipples against her t-shirt. They were hard! Was this little girl actually excited by the attention her butt had gotten and her titties were about to get? I moved my hands to her ribs and skipped her tits, then moved to her stomach. As I did I watched her face, and when she looked disappointed, I took that as an invitation and settled my hands directly on her small mounds. For the first few seconds I used my palms to rub her very hard nipples, but when she didn't complain, and instead looked very contented, I switched to my fingertips. I gave up all pretense of massage and just played with her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Mikee's eyes were closed and she purred. Actually purred. I glanced down at her panty covered crotch and noticed that she was thrusting her hips a bit. I wondered just how far I should take this. I thought about leaving one of my hands on a tit as I moved down, but decided that might be just a little too obvious. So I pulled my hands off her mounds and moved onto her stomach for the second time. As my fingertips got to her pelvis it occurred to me just how strange girls were. Fifteen minutes ago she'd been yelling at me, and now I was about to play with her pussy. I let my fingers graze her pussy mound and then started digging into the muscles of her right thigh. Her eyes were still closed, and I could watch her face as my hands worked on her. When my fingers were on her pussy she seemed startled but not unhappy. Then, as my hands moved to her leg, she seemed a little disappointed. Unless I was reading too much into it... I smiled to myself and worked her right leg down to her knee and then reached across her and worked her left from the knee up. When I finished, I sat back on my heels and watched her. She looked like she was expecting something. I grinned, and reached back down, and spread her legs a little wider. Then I set my palm on her crotch and pressed down. She didn't yell or pull away, so I decided that she was okay with it and let my fingers settle between her legs. My middle finger lay right on her small slit. She opened her legs a little wider. If that wasn't an invitation... I started rubbing my finger along the length of her slit. Down to the bottom of her ass then up to the top of her mound and back again. I looked at her face. She was holding her breath. I swallowed and pulled my hand away. I knew that I didn't have to, but I figured that if I slowed down it would be better for all of us. I sat back on my heels and gave her stomach a light slap. "All done," I said with a smile for the girl as her eyes blinked open. She blushed and jerked her legs closed. "That was nice," she stammered. She rolled off the cushions and stood quickly. She grabbed her jeans and pulled them on one leg at a time, then pulled them up over her hips. "I got to go, I'm late for lunch," she said quickly and vanished through the door. I grinned and started picking up the cushions. After I'd rebuilt the sofa, I dropped my shorts to the ground and lay down. I closed my eyes and pictured Mikee laying on the cushions in her t-shirt and panties. I wrapped my hand around my cock and a shiver ran down my body. This was going to be good. The doorbell rang. I cursed Thomas Edison for inventing electricity and the unknown inventor of the doorbell. I released my cock and swung my legs to the ground and stood up. I picked up my shorts and walked to the door with them in my hand. I considered opening the door like this, but if Mom heard about me opening the door with my battering ram leading the way, she'd have it amputated. "Just a minute," I yelled through the door and slipped my shorts back on and adjusted my cock to the side where it was a little less obvious. I opened the door, and Kelly was standing there grinning. "Hi." I understood child abuse at that moment. The urge to just reach out and smack the girl. I didn't, but I understood the urge. "Yes?" I snapped. She stepped back at my harsh tone, then smiled again. She was so damn cute it was hard to stay annoyed. "Yes?" I asked again more politely. "Did you enjoy massaging my sister?" she asked innocently. "I..." Did you ever have that feeling where the walls are closing in. "I was just..." "She looked like she enjoyed it." "She looked..." "Yeah, I was watching from over there." She pointed at the front window. I looked at the window then back at the little girl. "I saw you playing with yourself after Mikee left." I thought about telling her that I was interrupted before I could really play with myself. "Do I get a massage now?" she asked, and without waiting for an answer started pushing her shorts down. She was wearing typical little girl panties in pink with yellow daisies. She lay down on the floor without waiting for me to get cushions. She lay on her back waiting. I closed the door and walked over and dropped to my knees. "Roll over," I commanded, and she did. Like yesterday, I started with her shoulders. But I moved down her back a lot more quickly and settled my hands on her ass. Her small panty covered ass. I rubbed her ass and she purred for me. I moved her legs a little apart then continued to rub that beautiful butt of hers. I traced my finger down her crack almost to her pussy, and she kind of wiggled. Her panties fit loosely, and I accidentally eased them down until most of her ass was exposed to me. She had to notice that my fingers were now rubbing her naked butt, but she gave no sign. I let my fingers lightly trace the crack of her ass but didn't invade between the globes of her ass cheeks. After about five minutes I gave her a good slap on her bare ass. "Roll over," I said, sitting back. She didn't hesitate. As she rolled over I saw that her panties had rolled down in front until they barely covered her pussy mound. I was torn between excitement at her exposed pelvis and disappointment that her treasure was still covered. I didn't waste time but laid my hands on her chest and used my thumbs to rub her nipples, or at least the part of her chest that would be nipples someday. "Did Mikee like it when you rubbed her titties?" she asked with a giggle. "You'd have to ask her that," I said with a straight face. I wondered what she'd do if I pulled her t-shirt up and played with her bare chest. Then I didn't have to wonder. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up to her armpits. I lifted my hands long enough for the shirt to expose her chest, then my hands returned to her chest. As my hands settled back and my thumbs rubbed the darker skin of her nipples, she smiled up knowingly, and I wondered just who was taking advantage of who. I decided that it was time for a trip south. Like yesterday, I let my fingertips graze the crotch of her panties as I moved down to her thighs. And like yesterday, Kelly opened her legs up as I did. Yesterday I'd wondered if it was an invitation; today I was sure. Especially after she'd spied on her sister's massage. I placed one hand on her crotch and started squeezing. The other hand gave her legs a half-hearted massage. "Do you want to take them off?" Her voice penetrated the daze I was in. "Huh?" "My panties. Do you want to take them off so you can massage me better?" A lone small voice in my head suggested running for the hills. Fortunately, that voice was drowned out by all the others saying, 'If she wants them off, who am I to argue?' I abandoned my pretense of massaging her legs and grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, exposing that beautiful bald pussy to my hungry eyes. As I pulled her panties past her knees, it occurred to me that Kelly was playing a little game of one-upmanship. Her sister had gotten rubbed on her panties. Now Kelly was going to get rubbed on her naked pussy. It also occurred to me that I didn't care. Because my mamma raised me right, I hesitated before I reached down for her promised land. "Are you sure?" I asked softly, giving her a last chance to back out and hating myself for it. "I'm sure," she announced and spread her legs wide. And when I say wide, I mean almost ninety degree angles from her body. For a minute I forgot she was ten and remembered that she was a gymnast. I also remembered all the stories on ASSM about gymnasts. Nice flexible gymnasts. I reached down and laid my palm on her pussy. It was so hot I was amazed. Was it really that much warmer than Paula's, or was I imagining it because she was ten and this experience was so much more... so much more... just so much more? I let my fingers relax and lay across her little girl slit. Because of her straddled position, her outer lips were open and my middle finger lay on her inner lips. She shuddered at the touch. I thought about asking again if she wanted me to go on, but the look on her face was all the urging I needed. My mind flashed to Luke. I wondered what he'd think of this. I decided that he'd laugh his head off, make fun of me, and try to hide his hard-on. And I didn't have a clue what to do next. "Hypocrite!" "What?" Kelly had been lying back, eyes half-closed. Now her eyes snapped open and she lifted her head. "Nothing. I was talking to myself." "Isn't that what crazy people do?" she asked with a giggle. "Yes. Yes it is," I said and then laughed hysterically. I have a good madman's laugh. "Didn't you know?" Kelly giggled again, and I pushed my finger into her slit, separating her outer cunt lips. Her eyes opened wide again. "There are advantages to being crazy," I told her as my finger rubbed against her inner portal. "Of course, strait jackets can be a little uncomfortable." I pushed my little finger deep into her pussy. It slid in easily, so I replaced it with my forefinger. It was a tighter fit, and Kelly wiggled as my finger penetrated her most private place. "And for some reason, rubber rooms only come in white. Very boring." I smiled down at her as my finger worked in and out of her pussy. "How's your massage?" I asked as casually as I could. "Very..." she hesitated, "very relaxing." "You don't look relaxed," I commented. Her breathing had speeded up, and she was thrusting her hips slightly as my finger pushed into her. "Maybe I should stop if the massage isn't working." I didn't stop though. "No, don't stop. I'm very relaxed." Then to further give the lie to her words, she suddenly arched her back and her breathing stopped for several seconds as an orgasm overtook her. Finally she oozed back, her eyes closed and her breathing soft. "Very relaxed." I pulled my finger out of her pussy and sucked on it. I watched her lay there, looking very innocent despite what had just happened. After a couple of minutes, one eye eased open and she looked up at me. "Was that sex?" I swallowed wrong and started coughing. She open her other eye and propped herself up on an elbow. "It was kind of halfway between a massage and sex," I admitted reluctantly. "Cool." "You'd better go." I said quickly, suddenly embarrassed about what I'd done. Kelly looked a little disappointed, but stood and pulled her shirt back down. She picked up her shorts and pulled them on, then reached both hands inside to adjust her panties. She stepped to the door and put her hand on the knob. "Are you going to play with yourself now?" Damn ten-year-olds and their straight-forward questions. "Yeah," I admitted. After what I'd just done, I don't know why it embarrassed me, but it sure did. "I could help." I almost grabbed her and pulled her back into the house. "I don't think so munchkin." I figured that I didn't want it to go too fast. She shrugged, waved, and skipped out the door. I watched the open door for almost five minutes, wondering just why I'd said no. Then I shrugged, waved at the empty doorway, and skipped to the door and closed it. I thought about disconnecting the doorbell, then I skipped to my bedroom. I decided that I'd just ignore anything short of a six point oh earthquake or a jumbo jet landing on the house. I had a very important date with my favorite appendage. Chapter X I stepped out the door of my trailer and grinned. Life was good. Frustrating as hell, but good. It had been two weeks since my encounters with Mikee and Kelly. I was a little disappointed, because in all the stories I'd read, their sexual awakening should have turned the two sisters into raging nymphomaniacs. But I couldn't see any change. Of course, we hadn't had any chance to be alone with either girl. My parents and sister seemed glued to the house, and their parents almost never went anywhere. Even Tami's mom had been home with the flu for the last week. As I walked down the steps to the driveway I saw Tami coming up the road. "And just where have you been, young lady?" I challenged. "And just why is that your business," she said and put her nose high in the air, but I could see the hint of a smile. I ran out in front of her and dropped to one knee. "It's just that I am under the spell of your beauty." "A likely story." "But true. I can think of nothing else." "Really?" I put my other knee on the ground and clasped my hands in front of me. I tilted my head slightly to the side and closed my eyes and pictured Tami. "Your hair so soft and silky." I opened my eye slightly and watched her as she preened slightly. "So short and perky as it almost touches your shoulder and the way the light reflects over your golden locks." I didn't like that word, but couldn't think of anything else on short notice. Tami glanced down at her long brown hair hanging off her shoulder. "Your eyes as blue as the purest mountain lake." My eyes are green," she complained. I opened my eyes wide and pretended to stare at her. "Oops, wrong picture. Let me start again. Your beautiful long brown tresses..." Tami turned and started to stomp off. I got off my knees in a flash-two years as a catcher weren't wasted-stepped up behind her, and scooped her up. "Would you like me to describe in detail every freckle on your back and that cute little birthmark on the side of your neck?" "Put me down," she demanded. "Not until you smile." "I'm never smiling at you again," she said and clamped her mouth shut. So I stood there in the middle of the street holding a thirteen-year-old pouting bundle. I looked down at her and smiled. I could see her lips twitch a little as she fought the urge to smile, but when you're trying not to and somebody is staring at your face... She smiled, then she laughed. "Okay, I smiled. Put me down." "Can I have a kiss?" "I'll scream," she threatened. "After that, can I have a kiss?" "Fuck it!" she said and leaned up and kissed me. "Tami! Your language!" I said after I came up for air a little while later." "What language?" she asked innocently as I set her on the ground. "I guess I've just never heard you say 'fuck' before." "You blackmail me for sexual favors, and I get in trouble for saying a bad word?" she asked in an amazed voice. "Guilty," I admitted. "And ready to take my punishment." Maybe she'd spank me, that could be kinky. "And your punishment shall be..." she paused, "to take me for a walk. I have a half an hour before curfew." "That is not a punishment, milady. That is a great boon." I'd been reading T. H. White. "But tell your mom you're back and ask her if we can go for a walk." "Why bother? I've got thirty minutes," she said glancing at her watch. "Because, milady, that way she will think you trustworthy and responsible, and that will pay off later." Tami grinned, "How did you get so wise?" "Reruns of 'Leave it to Beaver' and 'Father Knows Best' on Nick." "No Cosby?" "The old ways are the best ways," I said in what I hoped was my wise voice. "What if she says no walk?" "She likes me," I answered with a grin. "You're dangerous." I nodded sagely. We walked to Tami's house. She opened the door and shouted, "Mom, I'm home! Tony's here!" "Hi, honey," came a voice from inside the door. I stepped in. I really had to stop reading those stories on ASS. In the stories, Tami's mom would be a hot babe sitting around the house in her panties and horny almost out of her mind and we would fall into a threesome of wild kinky sex. Actually, she looked like something they'd kick out of a leper colony. Her face was red and her nose was redder. She was sitting on the sofa in a ratty old bathrobe with a blanket wrapped around her feet and surrounded by dozens of used Kleenex. "Hi," I mumbled, trying not to look at her. "Tony wants to go for a walk. Okay?" "Sure, honey. Be back in half an hour." "Two hours." I said quickly and was rewarded with a surprised look from both. "Forty-five minutes," she offered. "An hour and a half," I countered. "You're taking advantage of a sick woman," she accused with a smile. "An hour it is then," I agreed, and she nodded. "Are you planning to be a lawyer?" she asked as I ushered Tami through the door. "No ma'am. I can't stand arguing." I took Tami's hand, and we walked to the end of the street, and then I pulled her down the path that led into the woods behind the trailer park. "Where are we going?" she asked as I pulled her toward the darkness. I opened my eyes as wide as possible, wanting them to adjust to the darkness as quickly as possible. The trail was usually clear, but who knew what had been left there. "Do you know where you're going?" she asked after I didn't answer her. "Do I want to do this?" She waited a few more seconds, "Am I safe?" We got to the creek that ran through the woods and I stopped. Actually I didn't know if it was a big creek or a small river. What was the dividing line, and where did streams fit in? "Surprise, yes, yes, and with me or from me?" I answered quietly. "Both," she said softly after she'd untangled my answer. "With me, you're safe from everything but snakes. I hate snakes." "My hero," she said with just a hint of sarcasm. "And you're always safe from me," I continued, ignoring her comment. "You have but to ask, and I'll go away." "Like I asked you to put me down?" "That was different." "Why?" The simple questions are the hardest ones. "Because you didn't mean it," I answered after a while. "And you knew this, how?" "Our psychic connection?" "Is that anything like the picture of me you have burned into your brain?" "Only better," I agreed. "Is there a reason we're standing in the dark? In the woods?" "Don't forget by the creek," I added. "By the creek?" she amended. "Yes." "Would you like to share?" "No." "I could scream." "Loudly too," I agreed. I let her steam for a minute. "Just be quiet and watch." "Where?" "Over there," I pointed at a huge tree across the creek. We stood holding hands and looking out into the shadowy darkness. The moon was full, but the thick trees kept most of the light above us. Suddenly a piece of the darkness broke of the tree we were watching and soared toward us. Tami pulled toward me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. I pointed at the shadow as it moved above the trees. "Oh God," she mumbled as the shadow moved into the moonlit sky and became a huge owl. We watched as it soared gracefully above our little clearing and then disappeared into the trees. "How did you know?" "I saw it about a week ago. It comes out about the same time every night. I was coming to watch it when I saw you." "It was cool." "Yeah," I agreed. "Owls look kind of stupid when they're just sitting there, but man can they fly." I dropped my arm from her shoulders to the small of her back and started guiding her back out of the woods. Chapter XI I stepped out the door of Paula's trailer and grinned. Life was good. Frustrating as hell, but good. After the night in the woods last week, Tami and I had been closer than ever. I was starting to hear whispers about us in school. I'd taken her home, and we sat on her steps and talked for almost two hours. I couldn't even tell you what we talked about. We'd have gotten in trouble except that her mom zonked out on the sofa and didn't realize how late we were. We didn't get a chance to be together, except on the bus in the morning. I had baseball every afternoon, and Tami was grounded in the evening because she was getting a D in health. But now we had a nice long weekend to hang out. No school tomorrow or Monday. I had a double header on Saturday, but we could spend almost all the rest of the day together. Saturday night, we were even going to a movie together. Our first real date. Which I was already getting grief from Mom about, since she'd agreed to drive us. She was doing the 'my baby boy is growing up' bit and doing it a lot. Paula had been helping me with my science, so my homework was done and I could relax the whole weekend. Her parents and sister had gone to visit relatives, and I thought that one thing would lead to another, but Paula was all business. She had a new boyfriend and had decided that this was 'the one'. But even though she kept slapping my hands away, it had been a fun evening. I think I was finally getting to understand the way the eye worked, which meant I wouldn't flunk science. Yeah, life was good. There's an old saying, 'Never take stock of your life when it's going good.' Okay, maybe I just made that up, but it should be an old saying. How did you get an old saying adopted anyway. Tami was standing just down the street and from the look on her face, she'd seen me come out of Paula's house grinning like an idiot. And she'd added two plus two and come up with what would have been four if not for Paula's new love. "Tami?" I yelled. She turned and walked back the other way. Should I go after her and scoop her up again? Or should I give her some time. Why don't girls come with a manual? I could honestly say that nothing happened. But what if she asked if anything had ever happened? Should I lie? Should I tell the truth? How the hell could I tell the truth? God, the look on her face. I looked up at the evening sky expecting it to cloud over and start storming, but the clouds floated just as fluffy as before. A beautiful spring Washington night. Damn! I hate my life. Chapter XII Girls shouldn't come with manuals, they should come with warning labels. WARNING GIRL (FEMALE ADOLESCENT) Approach with caution. Unpredictable. Volatile. Hazardous if mixed with life. 'It was all her fault,' I thought as I approached the back fence and made my turn. There was a pain in my side, but I ignored it. Eight errors in one game and a lap for every one. I hit the Dairy Queen sign as I ran by. And the worst part was I only played three innings before the damned coach pulled me. I got to the foul line and turned toward home plate. Two times at bat and two strike outs. That really helped my batting average. Damned pitcher was throwing meatballs. Everybody on the team got hits except me. Hell, Danny McCoy got his first hit of the season off the guy. I stepped on third base and kept going. Coach wouldn't even put me in for the second game. I sat on the bench. I was a damn bench warmer. I hadn't sat out an entire game since I was eight. I stepped on home plate and turned toward first. Three laps, five to go. It was her fault. Why couldn't she at least talk to me? Scream at me? Something? Yesterday, I'd stopped at her house at ten and knocked. She looked out the window, then ignored me. At one she didn't even look out the window; she just ignored me. At four I made significant progress. She yelled at me to go away. I waited until after seven, when I saw her mom come home, and tried again. I knocked and her mom answered. "Hi, is Tami home?" I asked with my best 'boy next door' smile. "Yes, but..." "Could I talk to her for a minute?" "She doesn't... I don't think that would be a good idea. Maybe later." From the look on her face, I don't think Tami had told her anything. "Okay, thanks anyway." I turned to go, then looked back, "You look like you feel a lot better." She smiled, "I feel a lot better. Thanks for noticing." I didn't want to come off like an Eddie Haskell, so I gave her a wave and walked away. This morning I tried again. She gave me a weak smile of encouragement and told me to try again later. And that left me here, eight errors, two strikeouts, and four more laps to go. Ricky was the only one waiting for me as I finished my laps. Which was only fair since laps for errors and pop-ups were his idea, not Hallowell's. He'd run two, one for an error in the second game, and one for a pop-up in the first. I touched home plate for the eighth time and dropped on the grass in front of the third base dugout. Ricky sat down across from me. "Eight laps! I think that's a record." Ricky was about twenty pounds and two inches bigger than me, but I thought, one shot, right in the nose, and run like hell. "Yea me," I said after discarding the idea. Besides, Ricky was a pretty good guy for an eighth grader. "What happened?" he asked as he picked up a small pebble and flicked it toward the fence. "You went three games without an error and then pull eight in a game?" "Half a game." Why did I feel the need to set the record straight? "I only played three innings." "Yeah." "It was just one of those days," I said. I didn't want to make excuses. Ricky studied third base while I got my breathing back to normal. "Tami's pretty cute, all right." Now I felt like Ricky had given me a shot in the nose, but he wasn't running away. "How... What did you... Who told..." "It doesn't take a genius. Which is good, because I'm not one." He grinned. "You and Tami have been hot and heavy for each other all week, and then today you act like you've never picked up a baseball before." "Oh," I said brilliantly. "You want to talk about it?" "No," I said. Then told him all about it. I left out the parts about sex with Paula and just said she was helping me with science. "I wish I needed help with my science. Wait a minute, I do need help with my science. Can you hook me up?" I gave him a pained look. "Sorry, dude. So now Tami won't even answer the door. So what do I do?" I pleaded. Ricky looked thoughtful and I felt better. This is what I needed, advice from someone with experience. "You do realize that you're asking advice from a guy whose been dumped by half the hotties in school?" Oh. Maybe advice from Ricky wasn't the best idea. "Only half?" "The other half won't even talk to me." When I got home, I was still thinking that I needed advice. The problem was, who? If I wanted to know how to suck a tit or how the eyeball worked, Paula would be perfect. But for relationships, I didn't think so. The new boyfriend was about the seventh 'the one' this year. There was Mom, but the way she carried on about my 'first date', I didn't think I wanted to go there. Alana would probably have good advice, but somehow I didn't think she'd give it to me. The one I really wanted to talk to about this was Tami. I was on my own. My cousin Eddy taught me chess a few years ago and said that chess was like life. You had to examine your options and pick the best one. So I figured now was the time to look at my options. Basically I had two. One, I could talk to Tami and explain, or two, I could say to hell with her, get on with my life, and learn how to play baseball again. Since I didn't even want to think about the second option, I decided to go with one. That left me with two more options. I could go over right now, or I could wait. I wanted to go right now, but how many times can you knock on a door before it becomes stalking? I sat in front of my trailer and looked at Tami's house. I decided that since I'd tried four times yesterday and once today, that I'd wait before I tried knocking again. Give her time to cool off and become Tami again. I sat in front of my trailer and looked at Tami's house. I decided that I needed to do something to get my mind off Tami. I could take a swim, or call up some friends. My family had gone out after my game so the house was empty. I could get Mikee or Kelly over here. I sat in front of my trailer and looked at Tami's house. This was not working. Okay, new plan. I'd walk over all cool and, what was the word, nonchalant. I stood up. If being nonchalant was being unconcerned or indifferent, does that mean being concerned or caring is being chalant? I'd never heard anybody described as chalant. I chalantly rushed to the hospital... Damn, now the girl was turning me into an English major. When I walked in front of her trailer, the front curtains were open and I could see Tami vacuuming. At least she was home. Her mom's car wasn't there, so she was alone. I swallowed, turned right and walked to her steps. I stood outside her door for almost a minute, then knocked. Inside, the sound of the vacuum cleaner turned off. I knocked again. "Tami, it's me," I said. Loudly enough that I knew she would hear, but not yelling. I stood staring at her door, waiting for it to open. Hoping that it would open. Maybe even praying it would open. After five minutes I turned and walked back down the steps. So I spent my weekend sitting in front of my house. I wasn't watching Tami's trailer, but I was aware of it. Tami only came out once, on Sunday with her mom. They got in the car and left, coming back about an hour later with a dozen bags of groceries. Mikee came over a couple of times and hinted at a massage, but I wasn't in the mood. Kelly came by, looked me over, shook her head, and left again. Monday morning I was still sitting there. Some weekend. I kept telling myself that I needed to get up and do something. I even agreed with myself. But I sat there. "Did Tony have a fight with his girlfriend?" my sister asked. Sometimes you just need a focal point. Traci became my focal point. I swung hard and hit her in the stomach. Traci fell back against the side of the trailer and lay there, trying to breathe. I stood up and looked down at her, "Sorry," I muttered. I left her there and went inside. "Mom?" "In here," she yelled from the kitchen. I walked back to the kitchen. Mom was messing with some kind of pastry. She liked to bake. "Traci needs you?" I said. "Why?" she asked without looking up. "She got the breath knocked out of her." "What happened?" she asked as she set down her dough and started wiping her hands. "I hit her," I admitted. Mom looked up at me surprised. Traci and I fought a lot, but I'd never hit her. "Why?" "She was teasing," I said, and left it at that. I really didn't have an excuse, and I didn't want to talk about Tami. Mom gave me her disappointed look. "I'll go to my room now," I said and started to slink away. "Why?" she asked. Parents can be so stupid sometimes. "Because I'm grounded." "No, you're not. Tell your sister you're sorry." "I already did." "Then take a walk. You've been sitting around too much." Parents! Who can figure them. I walked out of the house. Traci was sitting on the steps holding her stomach. She flinched back like she was afraid I was going to hit her again. "Sorry," I said again. "I'm telling," she threatened. "Good luck," I muttered and walked down the street. Away from Tami's house. Damn girl. Now she had me punching my sister. No, that wasn't right. Tami didn't make me punch Traci. I did that. I picked up the pace and broke into a jog. I hate running, but when I run, the only thing I think about is putting one foot in front of the other. Again and again and again. It was the only way I knew to shut down my brain. When I passed my house for the sixth time I slowed down to a walk again. I guessed that it was about a third of a mile around the park, so that was about two miles. I was hot and sweaty, but I felt better. Seemed fair: one lap for an error, six for hitting your little sister. As I walked around, Traci was sitting on the steps with Ann, Paula's little sister. And from the look that Ann gave me, I knew that Traci had told her that I'd hit her. Knowing Traci, she'd embellished a little. I hoped that she wouldn't say anything to Paula. I smiled and waved, but they ignored me. I kept walking and turned down Elizabeth Taylor. Kathy was sitting in a lounger on the strip of grass between her trailer and her neighbors. Little Debbie was lying on her stomach next to the lounger, reading a book. I stopped and talked for a few minutes, then kept going. When I came around to the pool again, I made my decision. I hadn't even realized that I'd been thinking about it. I'd thought I put it out of my mind. I marched up to Tami's door and knocked. Her mom opened the door. "Hi Tony." "Hi." "I don't think she wants to talk right now," she said haltingly. "That's okay. All she has to do is listen," I said, pushing past her. Tami was sitting on the sofa watching TV. I stepped between her and the TV. Tami looked up at me like she was about to explode. Her mom looked like she was going to get between us. "I don't know what you think you know, but I hope you never get stuck in a situation where you can't explain anything. It doesn't feel good." Tami sat up straighter and crossed her arms over her chest. I grinned, according to the body language book I read a while ago, that meant she wasn't going to pay any attention to me. "And you can stop hiding in the house. I won't speak to you again until you invite me to." I looked at her mother still standing by the open door. "Thanks, I hope I wasn't a bother." I stepped past her again and headed for the pool. I stripped off my t-shirt and stepped up on the diving board. I was wearing cut-offs and there was a rule against cut-offs in the pool, but I didn't give a damn. I stepped forward, bounced once, and did a one-and-a-half flip into the pool. The water was cold and felt good against my sweaty body. I swam the length of the pool underwater to the shallow end and then back again to surface just under the diving board. "Not even going to say hi?" came a voice from behind me. I turned and saw Paula sitting on the edge of the pool in a yellow bikini. I hadn't even noticed her there, and in that bikini, that was saying something. I swam over to her and pulled her into the pool. "I'll do more than say hi," I told her as I pressed my crotch into hers. "Down boy," she laughed.a "What's gotten into you?" "You wear that collection of Band-Aids masquerading as a swimsuit and you have to ask." My cock had gotten hard, and I pressed it into her. "I've got a boyfriend. Remember?" She pulled away from me, but not very convincingly. "I've heard," I replied and covered her mouth with mine. I'd been holding the side of the pool with one hand, and now I let go and we sank. As we did, I pressed my tongue into her mouth. As our feet touched the bottom, I let go of her and we both swam to the surface. I treaded water a foot away from her. "Gonna tell your boyfriend on me?" "No." She grinned at me. "But I'm gonna spread the word to all my girlfriends. "You do that," I agreed and swam toward her. I grabbed her and pulled her toward the shallow end. Once my feet were on the ground, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. "Maybe I should call my boyfriend and we could do a threesome?" she teased. "I was never any good at sharing," I told her and kissed her again, this time sliding my hand into the back of her bikini and caressing the crack of her ass. "Anybody home at your house?" I asked, then remembered Ann sitting outside. "Not if there's a god," she moaned as my finger pressed between her cheeks and teased her asshole. "Mom and Dad were getting ready to go out when I came over to the pool. I think--I hope--they're taking Annie with them." "Let's see," I suggested and released her. As she walked up the steps and out of the pool I noticed that the back of her suit had settled a little lower than usual and exposed a lot of ass. Paula didn't bother adjusting it. Paula grabbed her towel and I got my t-shirt and we headed for the gate, just as Tami stepped out of her house in a white one-piece. We stepped out of the gate and headed up the path that went toward Paula's house. My hand went around her and settled on that beautiful exposed ass. "Thanks again for helping me with that science Thursday night. I was afraid I was going to flunk," I said more loudly than was necessary. Paula glanced sideways at Tami, then smiled. I told you she was smart. "No problem. Now you owe me." "I'll think of something," I said as my hand lowered more into the junction of her legs. We were past Tami's house now, and behind me I could hear a door slam. I guess she decided not to go swimming. Chapter XIII Somehow, having my say with Tami helped a lot. I missed her, and missed talking to her, but at least I could concentrate. Tuesday I aced a quiz in science and another in math, then tore up the field at practice. Wednesday we had a game with the Pirates, and my first at bat I hit a screaming line drive that almost took off the pitcher's knee. I went four for four, which wasn't much of an accomplishment against their pitcher, but it did get my batting average back up where it belonged. Not a single error either. I was back. I saw Tami every day, either on the bus or in the halls. I smiled and nodded, but didn't say a word. I hoped we'd talk someday, but figured the timing was up to her. It was Friday afternoon, and for once I was riding the bus home. There was another double header tomorrow, so the coach decided to give us the afternoon off. I'd been sitting on the very back bench all by myself when the bus started from school. It rolled about a hundred feet and stopped again. The door opened and Paula jumped on with a big smile at the bus driver. She looked around, then headed straight back towards me. She swung back and sat next to me. I glanced around and saw a few envious looks from guys in the front of the bus. I grinned. Tami was sitting in the middle of the bus with her friend Lisa. She looked back and then quickly turned around again. I figured that was another couple of points against me. "Damn, I thought I'd never get out of there," Paula muttered. "Tough day?" "The worst. Mullins decided to read my essay to the class and tore it apart." Mr. Mullins taught civics and social studies. "I dropped my tray at lunch. Huge crash and a big mess right in the middle of the cafeteria. Then Matt dumped me. Then Mr. Peters wanted to talk to me after class and I almost missed the fucking bus." "Matt dumped you?" Paula turned and glared at me, "For Shelly Summers, that little bitch." I forced myself not to smile at the thought of Shelly. Shelly was a freshman with the most impressive chest in the high school. "Matt's not known for his intellectual prowess." Paula grinned. "Intellectual prowess. I like that." "I read." Paula leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I saw a few of the guys watching us, which made the kiss all that much sweeter. "I feel better just talking to you," she said. "That's what I'm here for," I grinned. When the bus dropped us off at the park, I walked Paula to her house and watched her go in. As I watched her cute little ass disappear thru the door, I wondered if I should stop by later tonight. After all, she'd didn't have a boyfriend. I didn't skip to my house, but there was a little spring in my step. Mikee and Kelly were waiting for me, sitting on my steps. They'd been on the bus, sitting near Tami. "What'd you do to Tami?" Mikee demanded. "She was crying," Kelly added. I wondered how to explain it to the girls when I didn't understand it myself. Then I got mad, wondering why I should have to explain my life to a pair of children. Fortunately I got over it before I said something stupid and lost two more friends. After all, they were just looking out for Tami. I picked up Kelly, moved her a couple of feet to the side, and sat down between them. I put my arms around the girls and hugged them. "Tami is mad at me, for something she thinks I did." "With Paula?" Mikee asked knowingly. "With Paula," I agreed. "Did you?" Kelly asked. "Not your business," I told her, leaning over and rubbing my nose against her. She giggled. "Anyway, she's mad at me and doesn't want to have anything to do with me, but she doesn't want me to have anything to do with Paula either." "Paula kissed you," Kelly challenged. "She certainly did," I agreed with a grin. "But just on the cheek." We sat there on the steps for a couple of minutes without saying anything more. Then Kelly started squirming a little, and I figured she was getting bored. "You two could do me a big favor," I said, climbing to my feet. "Sure," Kelly said, jumping up. "What?" Mikee asked without moving. "Be really nice to Tami." "Of course," they said in stereo. "You're not mad at her?" Mikee asked, standing. "Nope, she's mad at me." Mikee nodded wisely as if that made all the sense in the world. The house was cool and empty when I finally went in. There was a note from mom on the coffee table. She and dad were going to take Traci to a movie and dinner after her dentist appointment and would be home late. I was on my own but supposed to stay around the trailer park. I wasn't surprised. Traci was getting her braces on today and had been bummed about it for a week. So I figured the parental units would do something to cheer her up. I dropped my backpack and equipment bag next to the door and headed toward the kitchen to see what I could scrounge for dinner. I'd just gotten to the kitchen doorway when I turned around. I walked back, picked up my stuff, and carried it to my room. Damn. My mother was finally turning me responsible. Pretty soon, she wouldn't even have to remind me to take out the garbage a dozen times. I grinned. I walked back to the kitchen, but before I opened up the refrigerator I gathered up the garbage and took it out to the big plastic bin outside. 'It'll drive her crazy,' I thought. 'She'll wonder what I'm up to.' I opened the refrigerator and freezer and leaned in to take inventory. I was still looking around when I heard a knock at the front door. I closed the doors, snagged a chocolate chip from the cookie jar, and went to answer it. Mikee was waiting for me. "Hi," she said brightly. I almost said, 'Long time no see,' but stopped myself in time. It sounded too much like something my dad would have said, and I didn't want to go down that road. "Hi yourself." Mikee had changed out of the dress she'd worn to school and into some yellow shorts and a white t-shirt. I waited, looking at her. She rocked back and forth on her feet a couple of times. "I thought if you were depressed, you could give me a massage." "Figured that would cheer me up?" She nodded with a big grin. "Where's your sister?" "She was going to invite Tami to go swimming." I debated with myself for three, maybe four seconds, then stepped back, opening the door wide. Mikee walked in and sat down on the sofa. I closed the door and faced her. "The only problem is, I'm not depressed," I said, looking at her. "You're not sad about Tami being mad?" "I'm sad," I explained. "I wish we could be friends again. But I'm not depressed." "Oh." "And isn't a massage to make you feel better?" "I kind of thought that you liked them too." The damn girl was too smart for my own good. I grinned and waved at the floor. Mikee jumped off the sofa and started pulling out cushions and laying them in a line. I watched for a second and then went to the kitchen for a pair of Cokes. When I came back, a Coke in each hand, Mikee was lying on the cushions, her head propped up on her elbow grinning at me. She'd taken off her shorts and was wearing a pair of white panties. They were either a very old pair of panties or a pair of Kelly's, because a hell of a lot of cheek and crack was showing. I handed her down a can, took a sip of mine, and knelt down next to her hips. I almost went straight to her butt, but managed to control myself. I decided to make this last. I started on her shoulders like usual, taking my time and trying to feel every muscle. "That feels good," she purred, but opened her legs a little. I wondered if that was body language for 'Hurry up and get to the good stuff.' As I worked down her back, I reached down and pulled her shirt up, bunching it at the shoulders. Then my fingers played all over her smooth silken skin. I got down to the small of her back and teased her spine with the tip of my finger nail, watching her shiver. Then it was time for her butt. Each of my hands grabbed one of her globes, and I started kneading. Only the bottom half of her cheeks was protected from my fingers, but she seemed totally relaxed as I explored of every inch of skin. I reached over with my right hand and picked up my Coke and took a drink. My left hand still worked it's way around her butt. I put it at the top of her butt crack and traced my way down until I got to the top of her panties, then I traced back up. I set my Coke down and put my hand back on her cheek. She jumped and I thought my fun was over. Then I realized my hand was cold from the can. I grinned to myself, reached over, and picked up the can again. I rubbed it down the crack of her ass and she jumped. "What are you doing?" she demanded. "Ice massage. Old Japanese technique," I explained, wondering if Old Japanese ever did anything like this. I watched a drop of condensation drip off the can and run down her cheek into her crack and then disappear beneath the top of her panties. I wondered what she'd do if I pulled her panties completely down off her butt. I had a feeling I could get away with it, but decided I had five and a half more years in the trailer park and not to rush it. As my hands moved down her ass toward her thighs, she opened her legs a little more. I took that as an invitation and reached down and cupped her pussy mound. Mikee moaned, and I squeezed gently, then pulled my hand away, letting my finger slide along her slit as I did and started rubbing her thighs. The crotch of her panties had seemed a little moist. Not gushing like in the stories, but I figured that went with all the twelve-inch cocks. As my hand pulled away, Mikee wiggled a little and closed her legs slightly. I think that was body language for disappointment. Maybe I hoped that was body language for disappointment. My resolve was weakening. I spent a couple of minutes on her thighs, then gave each calf a half-hearted squeeze. I sat back on my heels and took a long drink of my Coke. "You can roll over now." I wondered if she would remember her shirt. Mikee rolled over and grinned up at me, her shirt still bunched up by her shoulders. I grinned down at her. After a minute I commented in an off-hand manner, "You might want to pull that down or just take it off." Mikee looked confused, then realized that her chest was bare. She reached up and covered her little titties with her hands, her face turning beet red. Then she giggled and let her hands drop away. "Oops." "It's okay. I won't tell if you don't." Mikee giggled again and sat up and pulled her shirt off. "You better not," she threatened. She lay back down and waited. I finished my Coke in one swallow, set down the can, and then wiped my hand on my jeans. I didn't want it cold. Then I lay my hands on her bare tits. I looked her in the eyes. She didn't seem upset or embarrassed like before, so I started rubbing her with the palms of my hands. I could feel her stiff little nipples on my palms, like small pebbles. I'd read somewhere that a woman has eight thousand nerve ending in her clitoris. From the look of Mikee's face there were a few in her nipples as well. I decided that my palms had had enough fun and started exploring Mikee's areolas with my fingertips. There must have been some nerve endings there, too, from the way that Mikee arched her back and pushed her chest out at me. I wondered what she'd do if I reached down and wrapped my lips around her stiff little nipple, but reminded myself that I was taking things slow. I hated slow. Her breathing had gotten ragged and her eyes were squeezed shut, so I decided to move down to her stomach. I gave both nipples a last squeeze and traced the circle of her areolas and then gently started tracing the lines of her ribs. Mikee took a deep breath and relaxed, though her eyes stayed shut. I moved lower, using my thumbs to work the muscles of her abdomen. I played with her belly button for a few seconds--she was an innie--then moved down onto her pelvis. Her panties were so small that most of her pelvis was bare. They barely covered a little above her pussy mound. Not that I was complaining. As I got to the top of her panties, I let my hands separate. I worked down her legs to the knees; then I worked my way back up on her inner thighs. Mikee's eyes stayed closed, and her breathing was soft and slow. I figured that was going to change. I laid my left hand on her chest, just to the side of her cute little titty. Then I laid my other hand on her pussy mound. Mikee arched her back again, pushing her mound into my hand. She might not be a nymphomaniacal slut of the caliber found in alt-sex-stories, but the girl definitely knew what she liked. I rubbed and kneaded her mound through it's thin cotton covering, using my thumb to try and find that little bump at the top of her slit where eight thousand nerve endings waited for me. "Oh God!" she wailed as she thrust her hips upward. "Damn! Damn! Damn!" She gasped for air. "Oh fuck!" Then it was like letting the air out of a balloon as she sagged back onto the cushions. I didn't know if it was her first orgasm, but I was willing to bet big money it was her best. As she lay there, softly panting, I reached down and readjusted the battering ram in my pants. I didn't think she was ready for that yet. I got up. I thought about going to the bathroom and jerking off, but somehow that seemed crude. I walked out to the kitchen. When I came back, a minute later, Mikee had opened her eyes and propped herself up on an elbow. Her face was a little red, though I didn't know if it was from embarrassment or the orgasm. "I, um, I..." I reached down and pushed a cookie into her mouth. "Don't sweat it," I told er, taking a bite of my own cookie. "Sometimes massages get a little intense." "Intense," she repeated. "Some girls even have orgasms," I explained, watching her face to see if she understood the 'O' word. When I saw she did, I added "But that only happens to older girls. Girls who are mature." Mikee, without realizing, pushed her chest out and preened as she realized that this meant she was mature. As she grinned, I wondered if she'd noticed my boner. Or had any idea what it meant. Then I reminded myself that I was taking things slow and took another bite of my cookie. Damn, I hated slow. Chapter XIV "I know what you've been doing with my sister!" Ann yelled as she and my sister pointed at me. "I..." I stammered. "I know too," Traci added as she and Ann waggled their fingers at me. "I..." "I'm gonna tell," Traci threatened. "Me too," Ann added. "I..." "I..." I woke up. I was lying in bed covered in sweat. I closed my eyes, but the image of the ten-year-old terrors was still burned on the inside of my eyelids. I glanced at my clock, then swung my legs off the bed and sat up. Time to get up anyway. Almost six o'clock on a Saturday morning. I was burning daylight. I hadn't realized how hard I'd been breathing until I got my breath back under control. I thought about last night. I'd gone over to Paula's house. Unfortunately her parents were both there, but Paula invited me to watch wrestling with her. From the way her dad's eyes rose to the ceiling, I had a feeling that he shared my opinions about professional wrestling. I sat on the couch next to Paula, and we talked about school and the various rumors about who was doing what to who. Paula, being an eighth-grader and a member of the 'A' crowd, was more tuned into the rumor mill than I was. My hands behaved themselves. I'd been there about twenty minutes when Ann came out of her room and asked if Traci was back yet. I told her I didn't think so. Ann shrugged, then watched Paula and me for a minute before making some kissing noises and retreating back to her room. Paula finished telling me about a freshman girl named Heather who thought she might be pregnant, then stood up. "Something to drink?" she asked. "Coke?" "All we have is Pepsi." "Are you being punished?" It took her a few seconds to figure out what I'd said, then she stuck her tongue out at me and went to the kitchen. I watched her. She was wearing a baggy pair of grey sweat pants, but she was still sexier than most girls I knew in a thong bikini. I heard the sound of ice cubes falling into a glass, a can being popped, and soda being poured over ice. Then I saw her come out of the kitchen and walk into her sister's room. I heard a soft thud, then a loud "Ouch!" and she came back out. Her mother shot her a look. Paula shrugged and went back into the kitchen, returning a few seconds later with my Pepsi. That was the high point of my night. ~ ~ ~ Since I was up and had about four hours to kill before I headed to the baseball field, I decided to go out for a run. Since I'd slept in just a pair of underwear, all I had to do was pull on a pair of shorts and shoes and then slip quietly from the house. I wasn't being sneaky, but waking Dad early on a Saturday morning was not a way to endear myself to him. Or to Mom, who'd have to put up with him. Now if I could have thought of a way to make enough noise to wake up the brat, without disturbing Dad... Outside, I stretched out my legs quickly and then started running. At the front of the trailer park, I turned left onto the highway and headed for Callie's house. When I run, my brain takes a break. It was pretty much on automatic; one foot in front of the other and watch out for cars. I made good time to Callie's house, went around her block and headed back. Callie was a girl in my class, a major brain but not much to look at. I just happened to know that her house was almost exactly two miles from mine. Back at the trailer park I did two laps around the park, jogging the first and walking the second one. My breathing and heart rate were back to normal when I let myself back into the house. The house was still quiet. I went into the bathroom, stripped and stepped into the shower. I took a long, long hot shower, enjoying the spray of water on my body until it started to cool. I figured I was safe. The hot water heater should have recovered before anyone else got up. I toweled off, wrapped myself in another towel, and walked back to my room. As I closed the door, I looked around, wondering how to occupy myself for the next couple of hours. I could read. I wanted to finish 'The Once and Future King'. I could get some time in on some of the newsgroups. Then I grinned to myself, sat down at my desk, and pulled my backpack onto my lap. I could get my homework done and blow Mom's mind. Between that and the garbage, she'd be sure I was up to something. ~ ~ ~ I waved as the car pulled away. I was more than a little bummed despite the things Mr. Calloway had been saying on the drive home. I mean, I have the game of my life, games really, and neither of my parents bother to show up. A game winning home run in the first game and a pair of major league quality plays in the second. Then on the ride home, Ricky's dad asks me if I'm going out for varsity as a freshman. What a day. And Mom and Dad don't even care. Mom's car wasn't in the driveway, but I yelled "I'm home!" as I walked in anyway, figuring that Dad or the munchkin might be around. Nothing. I saw the note on the coffee table. If they took the brat to another movie instead of coming to my game, I was going to be an only child. Maybe a packing crate to Sri Lanka. We'd been studying Sri Lanka in school, and I figured they could have her. I picked up the note and started reading, My hands balled into fists, crumpling the paper. Traci had woken up really sick, and they thought it might be a reaction from the anesthetic or some of the drugs she'd had yesterday. They'd taken her to the hospital. I couldn't believe that I'd been playing a stupid game while Traci was lying in a hospital bed. I grabbed the phone and called Mom's cell. No answer. I tried Dad's. No answer. I tried to think. The hospital was about twelve miles away. Too far for my bike. Who could I get a ride from? Paula's mom. Maybe Tami's mom. I was heading for the door to see who was home when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. I didn't want to talk long distance or something. It was Mom. I answered. When I hung up, I took a deep breath and sank down on the sofa. The munchkin was okay. She'd had a bad reaction from the antibiotic, and the doctor wanted her to stay in the hospital overnight. Mom and Dad hadn't answered their cells because they were talking to the doctor when I called. I got up and walked out of the house and down to the pool. I stepped up on the diving board and dove in. I hit the water and felt better. I swam three quick laps and then walked out at the shallow end, my baseball uniform and cleats soaked and dripping on the concrete. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Alana asked. She, her sisters, and Tami were lying on towels on the side of the pool. I think they'd been lying on their stomachs when I came in, but I wasn't sure. Now they were all sitting up, staring at my soggy uniform. I walked over, leaned down and kissed Alana. "My sister..." I leaned down and kissed Mikee, " going to be..." I stepped over Mikee, leaned down, and kissed Kelly, "...okay." I nodded to Tami and walked away. Damn, it was a beautiful day. Chapter XV Dad came home that night, and the first thing he wanted was a play by play of my games. We must have talked for three hours. I couldn't believe how impressed he looked when I told him what Coach Calloway had said. Mom and Traci came home the next morning. Mom told me that everything was okay, and I believed her. Mom didn't believe in lying to us unless she absolutely had to. Traci looked fine, and by afternoon she was bugging Mom and Dad to take her to another movie. I figured she deserved to milk it a bit and chimed in that I thought it would be good for her. When they left, Mom tried to talk me into going, but it wasn't my kind of movie. I gave Mom five dollars and asked her to buy the runt a hot fudge sundae on the way home, but not to tell her it was from me. Mom smiled that knowing smile that I really hated, patted me on the head, and followed Dad and Traci out to the car. I followed them out and then took a walk around the park. Paula was lying in a lounger in front of her house, working on her tan. Her parents car was gone, but I just waved and continued my walk. Kelly and Mikee were lying out at the pool again, and I didn't see their parent's car either. I waved and they waved back, but I kept going. When I got back to my house, I saw that I'd left the front door open and was glad that Mom hadn't seen. With the air conditioning going, it would have blown all my brownie points from the garbage and getting my homework done. I walked in, closed the door, and went to my room. I opened up Internet Explorer and started googling the eye. By the time everyone got back, Traci being sure to tell me that she'd gotten a hot fudge sundae and I didn't, I'd finished a five page extra credit report on the latest in eye surgery and repair. And I'd had an epiphany. Teenaged boys weren't always horny. There were times when I just wasn't in the mood. Chapter XVI School ended. Just like that it was over. We won our last two baseball games. Unfortunately, there's no State Championship for middle schools, so we had to be content with knowing we were the best team in the state, even if we couldn't prove it. I finished the year with three A's and four B's and even aced science. That extra credit report helped a lot. I'd kept up my routine of taking out the garbage before I could be asked and getting my homework done really early. I was rewarded with several strange looks from Mom as she tried to figure out just what I was up to. Nothing happened with Paula or the girls because either I wasn't home, or they weren't, or parents were, or some combination of all three. I decided to chalk up my seventh grade year as a success even if Tami still wouldn't talk to me. Now, Summer! I dragged myself out of bed. It was five till eleven; I figured it was time. There's something especially sweet about sleeping in on a Monday morning, knowing that the rest of the world is gearing up for another week. I thought about rolling over and trying for noon, but decided that too much of a good thing, etc. I reached under the sheet and pushed my hand into my underwear, wrapping it around my nice stiff cock. It felt nice just to squeeze and release, squeeze and release. I hadn't jerked off much the last couple of weeks. Either I didn't have the time, or I didn't have the privacy. But now I had both. All I had to do was to pick the five or six lucky ladies who would take me to paradise. Paula and Shelly Summers, the freshman with the big tits, would start things off. Then Alana would get into the act along with... The doorbell rang. I was beginning to wonder if Mom had it rigged. Maybe a sign over the door, "Tony's going to play with himself, please stop by." Just the kind of thing a mother would do, after all, she wouldn't want me going blind or growing hair on my palms. I thought about ignoring the sound, but curiosity is one of my character flaws. Who knows, it could be Ed McMahon with a cardboard check. It was almost as good. Kelly was standing there as I swung the door open. I tried to look as bleary eyed as I could and growled, "Do you have any idea what time it is?" "Almost noon?" she said softly, more question than answer. "That's like six A.M. on the first day of summer vacation," I growled. "I've been up since seven." "And why is that my problem?" Kelly looked like she was having second thoughts about her visit and I didn't want that, so I asked more softly,"What can I do for you in the middle of the night?" "You owe me," she declared. "I owe you?" I repeated, off-balance. "Yeah. You gave Mikee a massage weeks ago and I haven't had my turn." "I didn't realize we were taking turns," I told her. "Can't I give a massage to whoever I want?" "No!" And that was that. I knew that Traci had some kind of camp thing all week, so I opened the door wider and gestured for Kelly to enter. Kelly was through the door like a shot, afraid I might change my mind, and quickly camped on the sofa. I grinned and pointed at her and the sofa. "Get set up." "I was thinkingggggg." Don't you just love that long drawn out "g" when girls are up to something? "Yesssss?" I said to encourage her. "Wouldn'titbeeasieronabed," she said in a rush. After I deciphered that sentence, I grinned, wondering if she was hinting at more than a massage. "Maybe," I agreed She jumped to her feet. "We could use yours." "Mine's a mess. I haven't made it yet." And wasn't planning to. "That's okay. I don't mind." She moved to the head of the hallway. "Which one's yours?" "First door. But..." She was already halfway down the hall and through my open door. You gotta love a girl who knows what she wants. I walked slowly down the hallway, forcing myself not to run. After all, I was older. A teenager, and she was just a kid. I walked in and stopped short. Kelly was lying on her stomach on the bed. Her clothes, all her clothes, were lying on the floor next to the bed. My cock was hard as steel. I was wearing the underwear I'd slept in and a loose pair of shorts I'd thrown on to answer the door. I thought about taking it all off before I'd started. I mean, she'd offered to help me play with myself after her last massage. But I reminded myself that I had to be cool. I had to take things slow. She was ten, I didn't want to scare her. Or scare her off. Have I mentioned that I hate slow? I got on the bed on my knees and reached for her shoulders then changed my mind. I walked on my knees until I straddled her, my knees pressed in against the bottom of her hips. I leaned forward and reached for her shoulders again. I started to dig my fingers into the muscles around her neck. "You don't have to waste time doing..." she started before I interrupted her. "This is a massage. Just a massage, and I always start at the top." "Okay," she said, and I thought I heard a muffled giggle as she buried her face in her arms. Have you ever noticed that almost every situation has good points and bad points, and that sometimes it's hard to tell which is which? The good news was that my straddled position gave me really good leverage to rub the girl's shoulders and upper back. The bad news was that as I rocked up and back my tented out shorts were rubbing against her tight little ass, and it was driving me crazy. Or maybe that was good news too. I didn't know anymore. It was definitely bad news for the slow plan. I moved quickly down her lower back and started playing with, I mean massaging, her ass. She squirmed a little as my fingers dug into the muscles of her gluteals. I rearranged my knees and her so that her legs were spread and I was kneeling between them. I pushed my thumbs down between her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing her ass crack and little asshole in all it's glory. It was kind of cute. I'd read about guys fucking girls there, but I didn't know if I'd want to. I held her crack open with one hand and traced it with a finger. Kelly shivered. I stopped my finger on her asshole and felt Kelly holding her breath. I decided 'What the hell?' and pressed my finger against the ring of her anus. At first nothing happened. Then her asshole relaxed and my finger sank in to the top of my fingernail. Kelly gasped a deep breath. I wiggled my finger a little. It was so tight that I couldn't move it much. Then I pulled it out and moved down between her legs. As I touched her sex she again opened her legs wider in invitation. I sat up on my knees and pushed my shorts and underwear down and then leaned forward, rubbing my cock against the lips of her pussy. It felt glorious. At first it was dry skin against dry skin, but as I rubbed, it got oilier with my pre-cum and her lubrication. I wanted to drive my cock deep into her tender young pussy, but I knew that would be going too far. At least today. Reluctantly, I sat up, my cock jumping as it slipped past her pussy. With one hand I pulled up my shorts; with the other I pushed a finger into her pussy. As my finger pushed up into Kelly, she was pushing her pussy down to meet it. I think she liked this part. I wondered for a second if she'd like my cock, but remembered I was going slow. I slowly pushed my finger all the way into her pussy. As I pulled it out, Kelly pushed her ass high into the air and yelled, "God damn, damn, fuck, oh yeah." Loosely translated: 'Damn that felt good.' I grinned as she melted back onto the bed. I pulled my finger out and pretended to rub her legs for about thirty seconds before I turned her over. I settled myself back between her legs, sitting up on my knees looking down at her. She was still breathing a little fast and had a crooked smile. She grinned bigger and pointed down her body at my crotch, "Does that hurt?" I looked down at my tented out shorts. I could feel my cheeks getting warm. Damn, I was blushing. She'd just gotten finger fucked, and I was embarrassed about an erection. I looked back at her eyes, her beautiful sparkling eyes. I thought about telling her the old story that a guy could die if he had a hard-on too long. Kelly was sympathetic, she'd want to help. "Not really hurt. Just uncomfortable." "Oh." She looked up at my face and then back at my crotch. "Would it feel better if it wasn't pushing against your shorts?" Actually the shorts weren't the problem, they were pretty loose. It was my underwear that was confining. "I don't know," I said, not sure how to answer. "You can take them off if you want." There is a god, I thought. "I..." I hesitated. "I don't think that would be a good idea." "Why?" Yeah, smarty, why? "I'm naked," she pointed out, then giggled. "Yeah, but... but, it's different. I'm almost a man." She didn't laugh. That was something. But the look she gave me showed that she realized there was more difference between thirteen and man than thirteen and ten. "Have it your way." There is something really annoying about knowing that a ten-year-old thinks you're pathetic. I stood up, took a deep breath and pushed my shorts and underwear down. My hard-on caught and got pulled down, then came free and bounced back up against my stomach, and finally pointed straight out again. Kelly giggled. I hoped it was from the show my cock put on and not my size. I think I'm about average. I see other guys in the locker room, but they're not hard so it's hard to tell. In the stories I read on the net, most of the guys, even teenagers like me, have ten and twelve inch cocks, and I'm close. But I think they exaggerate. Okay, I'm not close. Four and one-eighth inches. I measured it last week. But I still think they exaggerate. I knelt down between Kelly's legs again and leaned forward to start her chest massage. As I did, my cock poked at her pelvis and then slid up to her stomach. Kelly giggled. Then I giggled. I mean, I laughed in a manly way. Aw hell, I giggled. I worked her shoulders then down to her chest, my cock rubbing her pelvis and stomach. As I placed my thumb on her completely flat nipples, she sighed. I grinned down at her and she grinned back up. Then I reached down and put my cock between her legs and rocked back and forth letting it rub her pussy lips as I rubbed her nipples. I wondered if she realized that my meat had been here before. She started pushing her hips up to meet me as my cock rocked forward. It was still slippery from before, and as I thrust downward, the tip of my cock pushed between her outer lips, and I knew that I was very close to fucking the girl. We froze. The head of my cock nestled between her lips. You know the old cartoons? The ones where a character's two alter-egos show up? One angelic, one devilish? I don't know if I had an angel and a devil sitting on my shoulders, but I do know that I could hear two voices in the back of my head. One said, "One push and you're not a virgin anymore." "One push and she's not a virgin any more," the other reminded me. I felt a throb in my cock. "Oh God!" I yelled and sat straight up. I reached back under my pillow and pulled out a slightly stiff washcloth and used it to grab my cock and start pumping as the first gush of semen pushed out. I didn't even care that a ten-year-old kid was propped up on an elbow watching me as I milked my cock of every drop of cum and every bit of pleasure. My eyes were closed and my face was turned toward the ceiling as I dropped my hand away from my shrunken cock. I thought about the fact that girls were supposed to have twice as many nerve endings for their sex as guys. How the hell could they stand it? I opened my eyes and looked down at Kelly, who was grinning up at me. "Feel good?" she asked cattily. "Oh yeah," I agreed, for once not embarrassed. "Then what about me?" "Aw hell." I leaned down and put my lips around her pussy. "What are you do..." I plunged my tongue into her hole, then dragged it back against her clit. "Oh God!" It's amazing how we all find religion in sex. I worked my tongue in and out, tickling her clit with all it's nerves at every opportunity. "That feels... that feels... fuck, I don't know what that feels like," she moaned. I grinned and continued. I could feel her body tense beneath me, and as her back arched and she pressed her hips up, I pushed my tongue deeper. "Oh fuck. That's... that's... I'm..." she started, but her words turned into a long moan. I pulled my tongue out and gently kissed all around the mound of her pussy as I listened to her breathing slow to it's normal rhythm. I kissed her again, right on her pussy slit, then looked up at her face. I smiled, "Little girls shouldn't say fuck," I told her. "Never again," she promised. Chapter XVII I think it was Al Bundy who said, "Never have hopes, they'll come back to haunt you." Or something like that. After Kelly on the first day of summer, I figured that I was going to have one long orgy. Kelly in the morning, Mikee in the afternoon, and Paula at night. Maybe mix up the order for variety. I'd buy a lot of Aloe Vera lotion to keep my main tool in working order. "A workman's got to respect his tools." I think that was Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor. Best laid plans and all that. Tuesday, Kelly, Mikee, and their brother Peter got shipped off to a babysitter. Kenny was still around, like that was a prize. Then Paula got a job. When you're that sexy what do you need a job for? Tami was still around, but that did me about as much good as Kenny. The good news was, I was on my own. Traci was almost always at a camp. She went to drama camp, horse camp, soccer camp, even cheerleading camp. Though I sure couldn't picture her as a cheerleader. The bad news was, I was on my own. No Mikee. No Kelly. And no Paula. The weekends weren't much better 'cause then there were parents to contend with. I know this may be a shock, but most American mothers don't want their ten- and twelve-year-old daughters to be sexually active, no matter what Frank McCoy tells you. So I hung out. I guess I'm lucky. I don't mind my own company. I could read, swim, mess around on the computer. I hung at friends' houses. Mom gave me a zone of about three miles from the park I could travel in. The good thing about living in the country. We'd do the Nintendo thing or play baseball or tennis or something. Friends hung here. I had a pool, nuff said. Not a bad Summer. * * * It was almost the end of June before I saw any more action. It was a Friday morning, and I was thinking about heading to Kelly's house for some Nintendo Mario wars. Different Kelly. Boy. Not at all cute. Well, maybe to girls. Kelly lived about a mile away. Just a few minutes on my bike. I figured I'd get the mail first and see if anybody had been stupid enough to send me a pre-approved credit card. Don't laugh. Traci got one. Though Mom confiscated it like the Germans confiscated Paris. Wrote a hell of a letter to the card company. "Hi, Tony!" I heard as I passed the pool. Kelly was waving and splashing in the shallow end. "Hi, munchkin." Kelly pouted for all of three seconds, then grinned and splashed some water in my direction that fell about thirty feet short. "I'm mad. You didn't say hi to me," Mikee said. She'd been lying on the other side of Tami, near the side of the pool, on a towel. Now she sat up and pouted. She was holding her bikini top to her chest. She must have undone it to get a better tan. "Sorry, Mikee. I didn't see you at first." Mikee considered it, then decided I was forgiven and waved. "Have you guys been paroled?" "Huh?" they both said, not quite in stereo. "The babysitter. Did you get sprung?" "Mrs. Parker had to go to Seattle," Kelly explained as I let myself into the pool area. "For a concert," Mikee added. "A concert?" Mikee and Kelly both nodded. "Who, Tommy Dorsey?" The girls looked totally blank. "Motley Crue," Mikee said. "Motley Crue?" I repeated. "How old is this babysitter of yours?" I'd been picturing a little old lady. "Sixty-two," Kelly supplied. Definitely in the little old lady territory. "And she's going to Motley Crue?" Mikee giggled. "She's going with her granddaughter." "Oh." The things people do for their kids. Or in this case, grandkids. "So we get to hang out today," Mikee said. "Good! I never get to see you anymore." "You saw us Sunday," Kelly corrected. I almost blurted out, "I couldn't get you alone, too many people around," but I bit my tongue. I wouldn't want to give Tami the wrong ideas. Or the right ones for that matter. "True," I agreed. Tami, who had been lying on her stomach, grabbed her top and rolled over on her back. She look at me with an expression I couldn't read. Kind of a 'you-don't-really-exist' sort of thing with maybe a hint of 'why-are-you-talking-to-my-friends?' and just a dash of 'eat-your-heart-out.' We had five more years of school together. I wondered if that would be long enough to get past this. "Come swimming with us," Kelly suggested, splashing some more water at me and soaking my shoes. I glanced at Tami. She was lying on her back, her eyes shut against the sun, but her lips slightly clenched. I debated. The evil Tony in the devil suit said, "You could annoy the hell out of her." The good Tony with the halo and wings countered, "You need to give her space." Good Tony annoyed the hell out of me. I wanted to flick him right off my shoulder but then evil Tony got a bright idea and whispered in my ear. "Can't girls. Mom wanted me to do some cleaning, and since no ones home, now would be the best time to do it." I hoped that at least one of the girls would get the hint that I was going to be all alone at my house. I walked home, wondering which one it would be. * * * Almost an hour later, the doorbell rang. I'd begun to wonder if I'd been too subtle. I opened the door. Both of them were standing there, still in their, in Kelly's case dripping, bikinis. "Hi, girls," I said, surprised. I'd thought we were taking turns. "Where's Tami?" I asked as I tried to think about this. "She said she was going to take a nap," Mikee said and tried to come in. Kelly blocked her and tried to come in herself, but I was blocking both of them. "I told her it was my turn!" Mikee said and elbowed her sister. "And I told her that you liked me best!" Kelly said and punched her sister in the arm. "None of that!" I barked. "Or you can both go home and I'll keep cleaning the house." Like that was going to happen. I stepped out of the doorway and pointed at Kelly, then the right end of the sofa. "You, there." I pointed at Mikee and the other end. "You, there." The girls walked in, glaring at each other, and I closed the door behind them. Then I ignored them and walked over to the vacuum cleaner. I grabbed the handle, pushed the on-button with my foot, and finished vacuuming the area under my dad's chair. Dad ate too much popcorn, I decided as I vacuumed up about a hundred kernels. I glanced at the sofa. The two girls were watching me like hawks. I rolled the vacuum over in front of them, gave the cord a yank, and after it popped out of the wall socket started winding it up. Then I moved Dad's chair back into place. Yeah, I know it's pretty pathetic for a thirteen-year-old boy to be cleaning the house when he didn't have to. I'd made up that bit about a promise to Mom. But it gave me something to do while I waited for, I thought, a girl. And it fit in nicely with my drive-Mom-crazy plan. I turned and looked down at the girls. "Mikee, do I look stupid?" I asked flatly. "No," she said hesitantly. "Kelly, what do you think, do I have the low slopping forehead, the dull glassy look of a moron?" "No," she said shaking her head for emphasis. "Do you two really think I'm dumb enough to chose between two of the cutest girls in the park and hurt one of their feelings and get her mad at me?" They both shook their heads. "Then why are you both here?" They both started talking, ignoring the other. I let them, though I didn't have a chance of unscrambling the onslaught of words. "Enough!" I said loudly, drawing my thumb across my throat. They shut up. "Kelly, isn't it Mikee's turn?" "Yes, but..." "You see," Mikee interrupted. "She admits it." If looks could kill, Kelly would have been down to one sister right then. "Mikee, interrupt again and you're out the door." Mikee started to object, thought better of it, and snapped her mouth closed. Then she crossed her arms over her chest in body language I didn't need an interpreter for. It was supposed to be so simple. One girl shows up, we play around, we both get happy. Girl goes away. A little later, second girl shows up, repeat. But instead, I was playing Henry Kissinger traipsing around the middle east. We studied him last year. Kelly?" I prompted. "I know it's Mikee's turn. But we never get to see you and I was afraid I might not get a turn. We're supposed to hang around all day, but you know parents. You can't trust them." I grinned. Parents could be a complication at times. "Mikee?" "It's my turn. She admitted it. So that's that." And she re-crossed her arms. I thought about it. Where was King Solomon when you really needed him. Cut the baby in half. I could send them both home and tell them no more massages until they could get along. That's what ol' Solly would do. The bad part of that plan was no playtime for Tony. I knew they'd work it out. They were both pretty smart, and they actually liked each other. But it might take awhile. And Mrs. Parker was sixty-two. How many concerts could I count on her attending? "Kelly, go in my room and lie down on the bed," I said after a minute. "We decided that the bed works better than the floor," I added for Mikee's benefit. Kelly jumped up, stuck her tongue out at her sister and skipped to my room. "Kelly, keep your tongue in your mouth," I yelled. "Sorry," she tossed back over her shoulder. "I understand," Mikee said in the saddest most pathetic voice you've ever heard. She stood and took a step toward the door. "Where do you think you're going?" I demanded and scooped up the twelve-year-old in my arms. "I thought..." "That's the trouble with the world today, too much thinking," I told her and kissed her on the nose. "To hell with turns, I'll give you both massages." Mikee grinned and I kissed her nose again. "But you chose Kelly first," she complained. "Mostly because she knows where the bed is." And I kissed her forehead. Actually, I'd been pretty sure I was going to do both from the moment I opened the door. The big question was in what order and how much. If I gave Kelly a Mikee-style massage either first or second she'd probably open her big mouth and complain. If I did Mikee first with a Mikee-style then gave Kelly her Kelly-style, Mikee might feel offended. And giving Mikee a Kelly-style first might freak her out. Decisions, decisions. I'd finally decided to start with Kelly and just play it by ear. I looked over at the sofa where Kelly had been sitting, and cringed a little. Having a wet little girl sit down was not one of my better ideas. If I couldn't dry it out, the vacuuming should even things out. I carried Mikee into my bedroom, glad I'd picked up and made my bed this morning, and Kelly, dear sweet little Kelly, was lying naked on the bed. Mikee gasped. "Kelly!" Kelly grinned. I set Mikee on the ground, kissing her on the nose a third time. "This house is like Vegas. What goes on here, stays here. You don't tell anyone that Kelly was naked, and she doesn't mention your massage in your panties." Actually I was hoping that Mikee's massage would be in less than that. I stepped up to the bed and spread Kelly's legs, giving both Mikee and me a great view of her tiny little pussy. Then I climbed up and got between them. I thought about skipping her shoulders and back but grinned to myself, deciding not to. I leaned forward, and the horn that had sprouted in my shorts rubbed against Kelly's ass just like the other day. Only today I wasn't wearing any underwear, so my cock had a lot more freedom of movement. I spent a lot more time on her shoulders than I usually did. It felt good rubbing my cock on her ass, separated only by a thin layer of polyester. And though I didn't look, I knew that Mikee was getting an eyeful. Finally I finished her shoulders. I skipped her back and went to work on her butt. I spent a couple of minutes groping, I mean massaging, those beautiful globes of hers. They were just a nice handful. Then I pulled her cheeks apart and started rubbing my finger along the crack of her ass. I heard a gasp from Mikee as my finger stopped on Kelly's asshole. I decided that today wasn't a day for anal exploration and moved downward until my hand cupped Kelly's mound. Kelly, as usual, opened her legs wider. I sensed Mikee moving closer to the side of the bed, but concentrated on Kelly as if this was the most normal thing in the world. I also decided that this wasn't a good time to pull my cock out and rub it on Kelly's pussy. I pulled my hand up a little and let my middle finger slide along the crease of her pussy. I'd decided not to finger fuck her now, but I swear her pussy pulled me in. My finger slipped in easily, and I wondered if the little girl had been practicing. Once my finger was in, I decided what the hell. At least Mikee wasn't screaming rape. I let my finger slide in and out and listened as Kelly's breathing got faster and heavier. I didn't want her to cum yet, so I pulled my finger out. I didn't even pretend to rub down her legs. I stepped off the bed and stretched, giving Mikee a great view of my tented out shorts. "Roll over," I told her sister. As she did, I saw Kelly look at my crotch, too. I shook my head, and she grinned and nodded, getting the silent message. I climbed back up between her legs and reached forward to play with her nipples. As I did, my hard-on rubbed right against Kelly's pussy and she gasped. "Oh God," Mikee whispered, and I realized that her breathing was getting faster too. Kelly's nipples were pretty much two-dimensional, but she seemed to like them getting rubbed, so I did. Besides it was preparing Mikee. I really wanted to pull my cock out and rub it against her pussy like the last time, but I didn't think her sister was ready for that. So it stayed in my shorts. But Kelly was thrusting her hips up and down, and her pussy rubbed it anyway. I could feel my cock swell, and I knew that I was going to come. I pressed my hips down at the young girl, and my cock jerked and released the juice that had been building up in my balls since I'd first seen the girls at the pool. I didn't yell out. I was afraid that I'd startle Mikee. But from the grin on her damn face, I think that Kelly figured out what was happening. I hoped that the black shorts wouldn't show the stain. I also hoped that the cum wouldn't drip down my leg when I stood up. I decided that I'd had all the slow I could handle. I scooted backward and then leaned down and kissed Kelly's pussy. "It's about time," she moaned. "Holy shit!" her sister mumbled. I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. It wasn't hard to find the little bud of clit and start teasing it. I slid my hand under her butt and worked a finger into her crack. I started teasing her asshole at the same time. "That's the spot," she moaned as my tongue caressed all those nerve endings. Into the valley rode the eight thousand, or something like that. Maybe, it's a far far better thing I do, than I have ever done before. "Oh god. Oh fuc...I mean oh damnnnnn!" That last turned into a long wail as her orgasm hit her. I pulled my tongue out and gently kissed all over her pelvis and stomach as I listened to her breathing get back to normal. I sat back on my heels and looked down at her. "Was that worth waiting for?" She nodded, grinning. I looked at Mikee, who was flushed and breathing harder than her sister. "Your turn." I got off the bed and motioned Kelly to get off too. I waited. I wasn't sure what Mikee would do. I didn't think she'd blab, but I wasn't sure she'd strip and get on the bed. She looked at her sister. "Are you okay?" "I'm fantastic!" Kelly exclaimed. "That was incredible. And I didn't say fuc...the f-word." "You did good," I told her. Mikee looked scared. "I don't know if I can..." "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do," I said sincerely. "We'll just do your regular massage. That is, if you still want it." Mikee hesitated, then nodded. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her bikini top and then pulled it over her head. She stepped forward and put one knee on the bed. Then she backed up again. I thought she was going to say no, but she surprised me. Turning her back to me, she slipped her bikini bottoms down her legs and then moved to the bed naked. She was careful to keep her back to me as she lay down on the bed. I stepped up and reached down and spread her legs, giving me and Kelly both a good view of the treasure that she'd been trying to hide from me. I grinned at her sister, then climbed up in between Mikee's legs. As I looked down at her butt, I had an overwhelming desire to lick her crack. I had to remind myself that slow may have gone out the window with her sister, but that I needed it with Mikee. My cock had gotten hard again. Even harder than before. And as I reached forward to start on Mikee's shoulders, it rubbed against her butt. Then Kelly almost scared me into permanent abstinence as she grabbed my cock and pushed it down so that it was rubbing against her sister's pussy. Mikee jumped but didn't complain, so I kept rocking back and forth, letting my polyester shrouded cock rub against her as I rubbed her shoulders and upper back. Then Kelly reached in and pulled the leg hole of my shorts to the side and grabbed my bare cock. Her touch was electric, and my cock jerked in her hand. She let my naked cock swing back against her sister's pussy. I looked at her, and she grinned and mouthed, "You did it to me." I could hear Mikee's breathing speed up, but she said nothing, so I continued to rub my shaft against her. After a minute I could feel myself building toward an orgasm, and I decided to pull back. I leaned back and readjusted my shorts so that my best friend was hidden again. I laid my hands on her butt. I could feel her tense, so I just let my hands lay there. Let her get used to it. I felt her relax, and I started to rub gently. Just the globes of her ass. I stayed away from her crack. Then I started moving away from her butt, down her legs. "Aren't you going to do like you did to Kelly?" she asked in a bit of a whine. I reached back up to her butt and separated her ass cheeks and traced a finger down her crack to her asshole. On her asshole, I pressed my finger downward, and it sank in to the first knuckle before she could tense up. Beside me, I could hear Kelly's breathing speeding up. With my other hand I reached down and cupped Mikee's pussy. I rubbed my finger along her slit. Then I swear I couldn't help myself. I pressed my finger into her pussy. She was wet and it slid in easily. I heard her breathing stop. I hoped it was temporary but concentrated on pushing my finger as deep into the twelve-year-old as I could. "Oh God," she gasped taking a deep breath. I should be a missionary. I'd brought another girl to religion. "Oh Goddddddd!" And I'd brought another girl to orgasm. I pulled my fingers out, reached under her, and picked her up. Then I shifted around until I was lying on my back and Mikee was straddling my chest. "You look delicious," I told here and pulled her forward until her pussy covered my mouth. At the south end of the bed, I could feel Kelly once again release my cock from it's polyester prison. I knew I could count on that girl. What I didn't count on was the warm wet mouth that enveloped my four-and-one-eighth inch friend. I'd thought I would get a nice hand job. The girls left two hours later. They were still virgins. But just barely. Chapter XVIII Allie Smidt lived 3.14 miles from my house. This is interesting on several levels. One, three point one four is the commonly accepted value of pi, one of the numbers the universe is built on. Two, it was point one four miles outside the radius of freedom my mom had given me. And I didn't think she'd quibble about point one four miles. Hell, it was only 739 feet, just less than two-and-a-half football fields. Besides, under interrogation I'd say I didn't realize that it was over the three mile line. Three, she had red hair. Copper red hair. I've always had a thing for red-heads. Four, she had a body that made that beautiful red hair look like the frosting on a cake. Five, she was a cheerleader. Never a bad thing. And six, Tami hated her guts. That was the evil Tony talking. Allie had been gone thru most of June, but when she came back, I made a point to ride by her house three or four times a week. About half the time, she was out in front sunning herself. I'd stop and make small talk, then ride off into the sunset. Well actually, since she usually sunned herself in the mornings, it was the noonday sun, but sunset sounds better. About the middle of June I stopped by, and she was lying on her lounger in the cutest little purple bikini. Little being the operative word. I was straddling my bike, looking down at her, watching tiny droplets of sweat caress her flesh. I was mesmerized enough that she had to repeat herself three times to get my attention. "Huh?" "I said, several times in fact, that it's too damn hot." "TV last night said it's supposed to be a hundred today." "Now I'm really hot. I only thought it was ninety something." "Yeah, sometimes knowing is worse." "I think I'm going to go huddle in front of the air conditioner the rest of the day." "I've got a better idea." "Really? I've heard about your ideas," she said with a grin. I wondered if Paula had been spreading the word. "I've got four letters for you." "Okay," she said with a puzzled look. "P." "P," she repeated. "O." "P-O." "O." "P-O-O." I could see the wheels spinning in her head as she tried to figure out where I was going." "L." "P-O... you have a pool." "I do," I agreed. "You have a pool," she said again. "And I can invite guests." "Could I be a guest. I mean, I didn't..." She got embarrassed that she'd just tried to invite herself. "Of course not. I just told you about the pool so that you'd picture me in while you sat here covered in sweat. I love torture," I proclaimed and laughed maniacally. "You meany," she said with a pout. "True. So very true," I agreed. I grinned as I watched a drop of sweat appear from beneath her top and roll down to her stomach, then off the side. I stepped off my bike and laid it on the ground. Then I knelt on one knee beside her lounger and took her hand in both of mine. "Oh copper-headed princess, would you do me the boon of immersing your sacred body in the waters of my humble pool?" "You're weird," she giggled. "What's a boon?" "A favor." "Definitely weird," she judged. "Does that mean you won't come?" She pulled her hand out of mine and held her two hands in front of her as if weighing. "Weird and cute versus hot and sweaty." She dropped her left hand and raised her right. "Weird and cute wins." "Yea!" I yelled and fell onto my back and wiggled, kicking my arms and legs in the air like a puppy scratching it's back. "Careful," she warned. "There's a fine line between weird and cute and psychotic and scary looking." I stopped and sat up. "I'll keep that in mind." "Let me see what Mom says," she said and stood up on the other side of the lounger. Her bikini bottom had ridden down until it only covered half of her butt, but as she walked away, she didn't bother adjusting it until she walked in her front door. I just grinned and enjoyed the view. * * * Twenty minutes later we were pedaling toward my house. Allie had thrown on a t-shirt and cut-offs over her bikini and wore a backpack with a towel and who knows what else. We talked as we rode. Nothing earth-shaking, just school and people we both knew. Sometimes I'd let her pull a little ahead so that I could enjoy the view from behind. There's something about a firm ass wrapped around a hard bicycle seat that was a real turn-on. "Enjoying the scenery?" she asked the fourth time I did it. "Oh yeah!" I agreed but pedaled harder to come even with her again. "There's some might purrty scenery around these parts. Allie gave me a look, then went on talking about what a cute couple Mark and Lisa made. Good Tony popped up on my right shoulder, holding onto his halo with one hand in the breeze. "You know, Tami really doesn't like Allie. She's not going to like this," he counseled. Then evil Tony showed up on my left shoulder. He was busy polishing his horns, but he leaned over and whispered, "You know, Tami really doesn't like Allie. She's not going to like this." It was amazing how often those two agreed. I guess it's all in the connotation. That may just sum up life too. I think I've just solved the answer to life the universe and everything. I grinned to myself. "And what are you thinking about now?" Allie asked slyly. "A very small purple bikini," I told her. "That better be all you're thinking about," she said and sped up. I grinned and sped up to catch her. * * * We parked the bikes at my house. I asked her to wait by them as I ran in, stripped, pulled on a swimming suit, grabbed a towel and ran out again. Elapsed time: about a minute and a half. Oh, and I took another second to look at my alarm clock. It was about twenty till eleven. Mrs. Smidt had said that Allie needed to be home by five. With the ride home, that gave me just about five hours. Five hours to what? That was the interesting question. As we walked to the pool, I put my hand on the small of her back. Her skin was warm and sweaty from the sun, the exercise, and just being Allie. I opened the gate and guided Allie in. That's when I saw Tami lying on a towel next to the pool. She sat up and used her hand to shield her eyes from the glare of the sun. When she recognized me, I thought I saw a hint of a smile. Then she recognized Allie. I realized then what writers mean when they talk about burning eyes. Tami's face turned into a scowl, then relaxed as she closed her eyes again and lay back. Except for her mouth. Even from across the pool, I could see her lips clamped tightly together. "See, I told you," said good Tony. "See, I told you," said evil Tony. Damn echo. "Hi, Tami," Allie yelled as she recognized her classmate. Tami's arm came up and gave a limp wave, but otherwise she ignored us. We laid our towels on a bench, and Allie slipped out of her t-shirt and cut-offs. Then we looked at the cool blue inviting water. "You're one of those dip a toe, then half a foot, then a whole foot kind of people," I accused. "So?" "Oh baby!" I said and scooped her into my arms. I took three running steps and we sailed into the air. "Oh fu..." I heard before the water pulled us down. Mental note to talk to Allie about her language. As we submerged, I released her and pushed her toward the surface. A couple of seconds later, I surfaced near her, though out of arm's reach. "That was mean," she sputtered. "You're not the first person to say that," I told her as I treaded water and tried unsuccessfully not to look over at Tami. Allie caught my glance and nodded, smiling to herself. It was pretty much common knowledge around the school that I'd had a thing for Tami and that she'd dumped me hard. Though I didn't think anyone knew the details. "But now that you're in, it feels good, right?" I asked. "Well, yes," she conceded. "So you owe me kiss," I stated with a hopeful smile. "Or a slap," she threatened. "Your choice, my princess," I said and swam closer. Allie giggled, then floated closer and kissed me. On the lips. Just a quick kiss, but it was a start. "You're weird, but I think I like you," she said with another giggle. "I do tend to grow on people." 'Most people,' I added to myself but didn't look at Tami. We floated there looking at each other for almost a minute before Allie broke the silence. "I heard you were a diver?" "A great diver," I confirmed. "How great?" "California State Champion." Okay, I won one city championship. But if we hadn't moved... "Show me," she demanded. "Your wish, my princess." It's hard to bow when floating in water, but I tried. Then I swam to the ladder on the side of the pool and climbed out. I hopped up on the driving board like an Olympic champion. I walked to the middle of the board, then inched my way to the end. I looked down at the water and quivered. I pushed down on the board to make the board bounce me and quivered some more. "You know, the wind is coming from the east today. It really has to come from the west to do any diving. Maybe next time." I started inching backwards. "You're so full of it," she accused as I got halfway. I got to the end of the board and turned around again. "It's the wind. It has to be just right or..." I took three quick steps forward, hurdled onto the end of the board, and launched high into the air. Then I flipped backward, somersaulted one-and-a-half times, and entered the water cleanly. It's called a gainer, and it's a pretty impressive dive, especially when you don't know it's coming. I surfaced and grinned at Allie. "See, I was trying to flip forward." Allie swam up to me and grabbed me in a big hug, which caused us both to sink under the water. While we were down there, I leaned forward and kissed her. She didn't pull away, so I held the kiss, prying open her mouth with my tongue. Both our mouths filled with water, and her mouth filled with my inquisitive tongue. While it was a very sensual experience, it was also a tad hard to breathe. So as we sank to the bottom of the pool, I pushed off and sent us back to the surface. I broke the kiss just as we broke the surface. "Paula was right: you're dangerous," she said. I knew then that cheerleaders talked too much. "I do my best," I said as enigmatically as I could. Allie looked at me for a long time. "Paula said..." I never found out what Paula had to say about me. From the side of the pool we heard a sound like a snort. We turned to see Tami gathering up her towel. We watched, treading water as she stood and walked away. I watched her all the way to her door and listened as it slammed shut. "I don't think she likes me," Allie said softly. "I don't think you're wrong," I agreed. I had no idea why Tami didn't like Allie. "You sure liked watching her ass," she accused. "It sure was cute," I agreed. She moved back and then splashed water at my face. "What can I say, I like scenery," I told her with a big grin. "And I never compare it," I added before she could ask. "Awwww." "I have learned to appreciate nature in all her forms." "I was right before," she said and started to swim away. "You're full of it." "My mother would agree with you," I yelled across the pool. We swam for another hour. Sometimes we would come together, and I would get a quick kiss or grope before she swam away. I suggested a little lunch. We climbed out and started drying off. "I could help you with that," I offered. But she seemed to feel it would be better if she did it herself. We walked home. After I closed the gate I slipped my arm around her. From the corner of my eye, I thought I caught some movement in Tami's front window, but maybe it was just the wind. "Le Chateau Sims has one of the best lunch menus in the county." "Really?" "Of course. You have a choice of a peanut and jelly sandwich, a tuna fish sandwich or the specialty of the house, a grilled cheese sandwich." "That is an impressive menu," she agreed. "So what will it be?" I asked as we got to the house and I opened the door for her. "I believe la spécialité de la maison." "I didn't know you spoke French," I said in amazement. "Oui, oui." "Approuver, le fromage grillé," I told her, which pretty much exhausted my store of French. We stepped into the nice cool house. Central air, you know. I pointed at the sofa and walked back to the kitchen to start lunch. "Something to drink?" "Pepsi, please." I got a Coke out of the refrigerator, carried it into the living room, and presented it to her over my fore arm like a sommelier with a good bottle of wine. "The good stuff. I will assume that your parents are responsible for your lack of upbringing. I'll report them to Children's Services right after lunch. But I will expect you not to use that kind of language in my house." "What language? Pep..." "Shush." Allie giggled and opened her Coke. I went back to the kitchen and worked on lunch. We ate in the living room, a Coke in one hand and a sandwich in the other, a plate balanced on our legs. After we finished we both stood up. I gathered the plates and empty cans and took them back to the kitchen. I came back and stood about a foot in front of her. "We should get you out of that wet suit," I told her. "I've got my other clothes right here," she said, pointing at the clothes lying on the end of the sofa. "Not exactly what I had in mind," I said as I stepped forward. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. I knew I was moving too fast and waited for her to put the brakes on. But as I closed my lips on hers, her mouth opened and my tongue entered and started wrestling with hers. I held one hand on the small of her back while the other rubbed her upper back and slid under the strap of her top. She held the kiss and kissed back hard, so I started sliding my hand around her body toward the front. She had to realize it was inside her suit but made no move to stop me. A few seconds later my hand closed on her breast, her nipple stiff and pressing into the palm of my hand. She still hadn't tried to stop me, so I slid my other hand down inside the bottom of her bikini. Right along the crack of her ass. With my other hand, I pulled her top up and revealed her breasts. I broke our kiss and dropped my face toward her other breast, the one not being massaged by my very lucky hand. I closed my lips on her nipple and started teasing it with my tongue. My other hand had pushed her bottom clear past her ass and roamed freely over her taut globes and explored the valley between. "Damn, you're beautiful," I whispered as I released her nipple and started kissing my way down to her stomach, her belly button and her pelvis. I dropped to my knees and kissed the small triangle of cloth that protected her treasure from my lecherous eyes and lips. "So damn beautiful." I kissed the crotch of her suit again, then leaned back and grabbed the strings at the side that held the front triangle to the back. I started gently pulling down, giving her time for an objection. An objection that didn't come. I watched as a patch of copper red hair was revealed. Then the pink lips of her pussy. I leaned in again and kissed those lips, caressing them with my own. I kissed back up toward her belly button, stopping to nuzzle her soft silken patch, then I kissed down again. With my thumbs I pulled her cunt lips open and kissed her inner tunnel. I slipped my tongue forward, teasing her inner lips before pushing into her love tunnel. Above me she moaned but didn't complain. I couldn't believe that she was letting me do this. I mean, I'd gone so fast. Hell, I don't think we said two dozen words to each other all during school. Maybe a couple dozen more during my summer bike rides. After Paula and her, not to mention the kids, I was beginning to believe that girls liked sex too. I fucked my tongue in and out of her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer. I figured that meant I was doing something right. I pushed my tongue deep into the girl. So deep that the whatever-it's-called piece of skin that attaches my tongue to the bottom of my mouth actually hurt as it pressed against the bottom of her pussy. No one ever mentioned that in the stories I read. I was beginning to think that ASSTR and SOL might not be the best source for sex ed material. I pulled my tongue back and attacked her clit. It stuck out enough that I could easily suck on it, and I did. "Jesus H..." Maybe I had a future as an evangelist, I thought as I heard another girl get in touch with her religion. "Oh fuck! Keep doing that. More! More! MORRREEEEE!" Her body bucked, then went rigid and she stopped breathing. As she went limp and started breathing again I wondered idly if anyone had ever had such a great orgasm that they forgot to start breathing again. Death by orgasm. That would give new meaning to the old saying about 'What a way to go.' "That was the best... the best ever," she said as she fell back into my dad's chair. "Uh, thanks." I didn't know, hell even years later I never knew, how to handle that kind of compliment. I guess part of it was never knowing how sincere it was. But even if it was sincere, 'Aw shucks, Ma'am, tweren't nothing,' just didn't seem appropriate. I stood and wondered what to say next. "I think you enjoyed it, too," she said. I wasn't sure what she mean exactly until I realized that her eyes were focused on the bulge in the front of my swimming suit. "Come here," she ordered. I stepped over to her. She grabbed the waistband of my swimsuit and yanked it down, making my cock bounce from it's sudden release. "Look, it's waving," she said with a giggle. I knew she didn't mean it that way, but I wish girls wouldn't giggle when the first see Big Tony. Okay, the nickname was lame. I'll work on it. "I think it likes me," she said huskily. "I know it likes you," I agreed. Allie loosely wrapped her hands around my balls and pulled. As my cock came closer to her mouth she lightly blew on the head. I almost blew my wad right there. Her tongue flicked out and grazed the groove behind my head, and that was all she wrote. As the first gush flew out and landed on the arm of the chair I wanted to curl up and die for coming that quick. But Allie moved her hand onto my shaft and started pumping. "I guess you really did enjoy my cunt." I just nodded and concentrated on not falling down as my legs went weak. Allie kept pumping, and I watched as the fourth, then the fifth glob landed on the carpet. Allie pumped again but only a drop came out of my pisshole and hung there. She released my cock and gathered it up with the tip of her finger. Then she brought it to her mouth. The tip of her tongue shot out and licked it up. "Too bad." I decided she meant too bad that I hadn't waited until my cock was in her mouth. I hope. We stayed like that, her sitting naked, me standing with my shrunken friend in front of her face. I was kind of embarrassed in the aftermath of sex. Especially since I couldn't go the distance. "Want to hit the pool again?" I asked after the silence got too loud. "Sure," she said and jumped up. We dressed and went back to the pool. I figured we'd swim for awhile and then come back so that I could try again. But as the afternoon wore on, people came and went. Alana and her brothers and sisters. Paul and Kathy. Paula and Ann. Even Tami came back. Before I knew it, it was almost five and time to jump on our bikes and ride back to Allie's house. As we rode I wondered if there were classes to teach cocks patience. Chapter XIX "Damn Girl Scouts!" I snarled as I hung up the phone. Who the hell ever heard of having a jamboree in the middle of the summer? Still, they looked cute in their uniforms. And I loved those peanut butter sandwich cookies they sold. So Allie was out of the picture for two weeks. Paula was working. The kids were at their babysitters today. Maybe I could call up, pretend to be a radio DJ, and tell Mrs. Parker, she just won tickets to tonight's Ozzy Osbourne concert. Nah. I was horny! Big surprise. And there was nobody to play with. I looked down at my right hand. It was ready, willing and able. But frankly, the magic had gone out of our relationship. There was my left hand, but that would be too much like cheating. I could stop by Tami's house. "Hi, Tami. I know you're not speaking to me, but would a blow job by out of the question?" I decided that I had absolutely no desire to see what it felt like having a steak knife plunged repeatedly into my chest. Aw hell, I might as well go swimming. It took me about ten minutes to find my Speedos, change, find a clean towel, and generally get organized. Not that I was in any rush. As I was heading out the door, I happened to glance at Dad's chair and saw at least a dozen popcorn kernels around the base. I started to make a comment about his sloppiness but stopped myself. I had to remind myself that I was a normal--relatively normal--thirteen-year-old male, not Felix Unger Jr. Still, you'd think my dad would have some consideration for all my hard work around the house. I was in no hurry as I strolled toward the pool. I figured I'd swim some laps, do a few dives. The pattern seemed to be that people would start coming around about two thirty or later. It was just past one. I didn't realize there was anyone in the pool until I'd closed the gate behind me and tossed my towel onto the top of the fence. I was about to take a running dive into the water when I noticed a head just above the water in the shallow end. It was looking away from me, past Mikee and Kelly's house. There was a lot of blond hair attached to it and floating on top of the water, so I figured it was a girl. Of course, these days, long blond hair didn't mean much, but between that and the royal blue one-piece swim suit I could make out beneath the water, I figured I had a better than even chance of being right. But I didn't recognize the head. "Hi!" I yelled, trying not to grin as she jumped a good three inches out of the water before turning around. "Hi, Tony," she said, shielding her eyes from the sun. I knew her, but still couldn't put a name with her face. "Alana just left with two really hot guys." "So?" I thought. "I think their names are Jeremy and Jarad. You know, those brothers on the basketball team." I knew who she meant. Jeremy Colton was going to be a senior this year, and there were supposed to be a lot of scouts coming to look him over. His brother, Jaime, was a junior and supposed to be even better. I didn't care much. After all, it was the high school. I was glad they were going to have a hot team. School pride and everything. But it's a silly game after all. Trying to put a stupid ball through a hoop. Great for a driveway, but who cared. Not a game of skill like baseball. I still didn't have a clue who the babe in the pool was. "Alana was wearing these really skimpy shorts and Jeremy was all over her." Lightbulb! Tabitha Miller was Tami's best friend and one of the more annoying people at school. Very nosey and very gossipy. I didn't know what Tami saw in her. I knew what I saw in her. Nice bod, medium tits and good legs. "You know, Tabitha, I can call the manager and have you hauled off to jail for trespassing in our pool." "You silly. I'm here with Tami." "Really, I don't see her." "Silly, she's not here." "Then you're trespassing." "She had to go somewhere with her mother. She'll be back in a half hour or so." "But right now, you're not here with someone from the park?" "I guess not," she admitted. "It's okay. You can wait outside the fence." "But..." I didn't hear the rest of it because I chose that moment to run and dive into the water. I swam underwater to the opposite side of the pool, then turned and swam to the shallow end, surfacing in the three foot section. "But I don't want to wait outside," she said with a pout. "Then I guess you'll have to be my guest," I said and bowed, plunging my face into the water. Tabitha giggled. "And just what do I have to do to become your guest?" she asked after I'd straightened. "Not much. You can start by getting out of your suit." Tabitha threw an arm over her chest and another across her hips. "I'm not that kind of girl," she said, half indignant and half amused. "Those are the only kind I have as guests." "I heard you had Allie as a guest?" she half asked, half accused. "Your point?" I asked flatly. I was embarrassed but didn't want to show it. I also didn't want to get Allie dragged into the dirt by this Hedda Hopper wannabe. "Nothing," she said lightly and turned away from me. I dropped into the water and swam toward her. I grabbed her ankles from behind, pulling myself through her legs and turning so that I surfaced facing her. I stood, inches away from her. "Have you ever considered that having sex might be more fun than talking about other people having it?" "I don't know... I don't know what you mean," she stammered. "I think you do," I said, staring her in the eyes until she dropped her head. "I..." "You can tell me about Jeremy's hands on Alana's ass, or..." I reached around her and put both my hands on her ass and pulled her closer until the bulge in my Speedos was pressed into her stomach. "You can't do this," she protested but didn't try to pull away. "Why?" I asked and pressed my cock harder into her stomach. It thanked me. "Tami." "Tami isn't here. You're here. I'm here." I felt like writing a song. A sequel to 'If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.' "Have you ever kissed a guy? Or do you just tell everybody who else is doing it?" "Of course I've kissed guys." "Good." I closed my mouth to her and let my lips press against hers. I could feel how tightly she kept her mouth closed but ignored it. "Wasn't that better than talking about Bobbi kissing Chad behind the bleachers?" "No," she said but not convincingly. "Really? I must be doing something wrong." I kissed her again, opening my mouth slightly and running my tongue along the edges of her lips. I moved my left hand onto the crack of her ass and ran my middle finger along it. My right hand traced it's way from her butt cheek to her side, up her rib cage, and finally settled on her breast. Her nipple felt like a tiny pebble through the fabric of her suit, so I was satisfied that I was getting her excited. She wasn't exactly kissing back. But she wasn't fighting back either. I broke the kiss, reluctantly removed my hands, and stepped back. "You want me to go away?" "I... Tami's my best friend." I almost said 'What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?' and wondered why I was channeling my grandfather. "So? I'm not her boyfriend. I'm not cheating on her." "She..." I really wanted to hear what 'She...', but I was on a roll. "This isn't about Tami and what she wants. It's about what you want. Do you want me to go away?" "No." When it came it was so soft that I almost didn't hear it. I stepped forward and kissed her again, my hands quickly finding familiar places. This time my tongue probed her closed lips. I felt them relax and my tongue plunged forward. Her tongue surged forward, and they wrestled in her mouth. My thumb was planted squarely on her nipple, and as I rubbed, a soft moan escaped her mouth. My other hand pushed between her legs, and I rubbed the bottom of her pussy. She jerked away from me, snapping her mouth closed and almost taking my tongue with her. "Time for me to go home?" I asked, trying to keep the amusement out of my voice. "No, I... you just surprised me." "Surprises are what make life worth living," I said, sounding like a fortune cookie. "I've never done anything like this before." "We all have to start somewhere." I reached forward and cupped the mound of her pussy. "I..." "You talk too much." I kissed her again. My tongue, slightly bruised on it's earlier reconnaissance, nevertheless volunteered to go back into enemy territory and was welcomed like an old friend. I took my hand off her pussy mound and used my forefinger to trace a circle around her mound and then, from the bottom up, I traced the crease between her pussy lips. "You have a nice pussy," I told her, breaking the kiss for a bit of oxygen. She looked slightly shocked that I'd talk about her pussy, despite what I was actually doing to it. Girls. Go figure. I decided that I talked too much too. I kissed her nipple through her suit, then her other. Then I ducked beneath the water and kissed where I thought her belly button would be. I went lower and kissed her pelvis. Then I pressed my face into the crotch of her suit and kissed her pussy for all I was worth. I stayed like that for fifteen or twenty seconds, surfaced, took a big breath of air, and repeated. The third time, before I pushed my face into her crotch, I wormed two fingers under the side of the fabric and exposed her pussy to the world. Well, maybe not the world, but I had a good underwater view. I gently kissed all around her lips, then pressed my face forward and kissed her inner lips. Then I had to surface. I kissed her on her mouth. "Tabby, you taste delicious." The look on her face was a mixture of pleasure and confusion. I kissed her again and then started back down. Her nipples, a deep breath, her belly button, and back to her pussy. I nibbled at her clit and felt her shiver. I enjoyed sucking on it. I could tell she was enjoying it to. I could stay like this forever. Except for the burning sensation in my lungs. Oxygen is so addicting. I needed a fix. I surfaced and took a big gulp of air. Either I needed to practice holding my breath or find a new venue. "The hell with it," I muttered. I picked up Tabitha and carried her to the side of the pool. I lifted her up and sat her on the edge, spreading her legs and lowering my face into her promised land again. "What if someone comes?" she asked as my tongue probed deep into her cunt. I looked up for a second, "Let me know; we'll charge admission." I went back to her pussy and sucked on her clit again. "What if Tami..." "We'll charge her double." "I..." "I told you before, you talk too much." "I..." I looked her in the eye, "You want me to stop." "God, no." I grinned and went back to her pussy. I spread her legs a little wider and burrowed my face deeply into her crotch. I captured her clit between my tongue and upper lip and rolled it around. "Oh God!" she moaned. Another convert. "God damn! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!" 'Another satisfied client,' I thought as I stood up. I looked around. So far we weren't the main attraction for anybody. Tabitha lay back, breathing hard. "I believe I mentioned that doing it was more fun than talking about other people doing it," I said smugly. "Oh fuck! Damn! Jesus!" She shuddered and I wondered if she was having another orgasm. When she recovered, I lifted her off the edge of the pool and back into the water. I looked around. We were still alone. I guided her to the shallowest part of the pool. The water was about two-and-a-half feet high and came to just below my crotch. I pushed my Speedos down my legs, letting my cock swing free. Tabitha, who hadn't covered her pussy yet, stared wide-eyed. "What...?" "Just relax," I instructed softly. I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed down gently. She resisted for several seconds. I didn't press harder, but I didn't stop pressing either. Then she relaxed and dropped to her knees. The water came to her neck. And she was eye level with my battering ram. I hoped it wouldn't scare her, but right now it really wanted some attention of it's own. "I've never..." "You've done a few things that you've never," I said with a grin. "Have you regretted anything yet?" "I guess not." If she only guessed, the orgasm I gave her must not have been as good as I thought. I leaned forward as slowly as I could, until the tip of my cock brushed against her lips. For a second, nothing; then she pulled away. We stayed like that, then she leaned forward until her lips were barely touching again. Ten-year-old Kelly hadn't been as tentative as this. Then she kissed my cock. Just for a second. She leaned forward to kiss it again, but it jerked and slapped her in the nose. She pulled back as if stung. I struggled not to laugh. "Give me your hand." She lifted it up above the water. I took it and placed it gently on the base of my cock. "That will make it easier," I told her. She wrapped her fingers around my cock. She looked up at me, blushed, then looked back at my cock in her hand. She kissed my cock again, this time holding the head against her sucking lips for almost three seconds. I wished I could let her move at her own pace, but my cock was getting insistent. There was also the problem of being in the middle of a public pool. I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly pulled her toward my steely rod. I expected her to resist, but she opened her mouth and my cock slide in. As I bumped into the back of her throat she closed her lips around the base of my cock. I slowly withdrew until only the head was trapped by her lips, then I thrust forward again. Her lips clutched at my shaft, and her tongue pretended to be the proverbial inchworm measuring the marigold as it explored every inch. I built a rhythm of thrusts, and she reached up and grabbed my ass, helping me fuck her mouth. I'd created a monster. I saw the back door of Alana's house open and Mikee look out. She must have come home a few minutes ago. I wondered if Mrs. Parker really did have another concert. Mikee looked toward the pool and saw me. She started to wave and stopped. Her mouth opened wide, and she held her hand over her eyes to shield them from the glare of the sun. I think Mikee knew exactly what was happening. Kelly stepped out next to Mikee, and they whispered together. Damn. I was turned on by having my two little cuties watch me getting a blowjob in the middle of the pool. I felt my balls swell. I wanted to warn Tabitha, but somehow I couldn't seem to get the words out before my cock pulsed and a surge of cum coated the back of her throat. I pictured thousands of little swimmers searching for an egg and finding only tonsils. As surge after surge of cum shot out and down the back of her throat, Tabitha coughed but kept swallowing. Then the strength left my legs, and with a groan I sank to my knees, my cock slipping from her mouth. I looked Tabitha in the eye. "That was awesome." She blushed. "Hi guys!" the girls yelled as they ran in the gate towards us, dressed in their bikinis. I reached down and pulled up my suit. I could see Tabitha fiddling with her suit under the water. "Hi," Tabitha said, standing and moving away from me. I grinned, knowing she was embarrassed. "What are you up to?" Mikee asked with a knowing smile. "Nothing!" Tabitha said quickly. "Do you know Mikee and Kelly? These are Alana's sisters." "Uh, hi." "This is Tabitha. A friend of Tami's." Mikee's eyes opened wide as she digested that. "Your sister really likes her boyfriend, Jeremy. I saw them earlier," Tabitha said, searching for a way to break the silence. "That's not her boyfriend," Kelly explained. "Yeah, she's going out with Mike Briant," Mikee added. "Really?" Tabitha asked and moved toward the girls. I shook my head and waded toward the steps out of the pool. As I let myself out the gate, I saw Tami and her mom drive up. I remembered that I really didn't like Tabitha, and it looked like her gossipy ways weren't changing anytime soon. I still didn't like her, but I had to admit that was a hell of a first blowjob. I wondered if Tabby would gossip about this. Chapter XX It was about six on Friday. Mikee had left a few minutes before, and I was getting ready to go back to the pool when the doorbell rang. I wondered if it was Kelly. Slightly out of order, but always welcome. I opened the door with a grin. Kenny was standing there. Kenny had never come to my house again. I wasn't really happy that he had come now. "Yes," I said without any friendliness. "Hi. I..." I didn't say anything more, I just waited. "I, um, I wondered..." While he stammered, I wondered if he knew about me and his little sisters. But if he did, he would have started the conversation with a fist. "I wondered if you had any booze?" he finally got out. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. "If I had booze, why would I give it to you?" "Well, you see, uh, the girls wanted it, they..." Now I understood. It had been an interesting week. I didn't know if it was torture or pleasure most of the time. Alana had friends. Man, did she have friends. And they were here. Monday, three of Alana's friends had shown up from Olympia, and all week long she and they had been hanging around. Mostly around the pool. Their four bikinis put together used less material than most girls' one. Surprisingly, I spent a lot of time at the pool this week too. But so did Paul. And Kenny. Even Kenny's little brother Peter. So did Mikee and Kelly, though for different reasons. Since Alana was going to be around all week, they'd been paroled. Actually it worked out pretty good. Alana and her three friends, Marcia, Stephanie and Victoria, would torture me to a ever-lasting hard-on, and then I'd announce that I was going home for awhile. A few minutes later either Mikee or Kelly would show up. They'd gone back to taking turns. After half an hour or so, she'd go back to the pool, and fifteen minutes later, so would I. Three or four blowjobs a day and all the pussy I could eat. I guess I wasn't having that bad a week. Mom and Dad were at Traci's end-of-camp recital. I couldn't remember if it was drama camp this week or dance camp. But I had the place to myself. "What exactly did the girls want?" I asked, coming back to reality. "Uh, they want to have a party tonight, and said Bobby and I could come if we had some booze." Bobby was a friend of his from down the road. "So why would I give you any?" "I'd pay you." "No thanks," I said and closed the door. I waited right there, and a minute later Kenny knocked. "Yes?" I asked, opening the door for him. "Twenty bucks." I looked at him for about ten seconds, as if considering. "Don't think so." I started to close the door again. "And they..." he started in a normal voice, "want you to come." He finished in almost a whisper. It must have killed him to say that. "Why?" "They think you're cute," he snarled. I know that had to hurt. "What do they want?" "Whatever you can get," he said grudgingly, forgetting this was all his idea. "I can get anything," I said confidently. "What do they want?" Kenny looked skeptical. "Alana said rum and Marcia said vodka." I grinned. "Does Alana like white, gold or dark rum?" Kenny stomped off. I didn't drink much myself. Couldn't stand beer, but I'd have a glass of something at a party or whatever. And it just happened that my best bud, Luke, had a dad who ran a liquor store. I called him up, and an hour later his dad brought him by with a backpack that I'd 'forgotten' at his house. Inside, wrapped in some t-shirts, were a bottle of Myer's rum and Stolichnaya vodka. Nothing but the best for my girls. * * * Kenny came by about nine, after it had started to get dark. I grabbed the backpack, and we headed for his house. I wasn't surprised when he didn't talk. Outside his back door, Alana, her friends, and Bobby were waiting. The girls looked like a spread in Playboy. Maybe Girls of Washington High Schools. They were all wearing cut-offs and half shirts. Marcia had the most respectable cut-offs. They were at least two-and-a-half inches below her crotch. "Did you get something?" Bobby asked as we walked up. I gave him a look of pity and smiled at the girls. Kenny picked up a flashlight that had been sitting on the back step and led us behind the trailer court and back into the woods. He took the same path that I used when I was looking at my owl but led us past my spot to a large clearing. Someone, sometime, had cut down three trees and pulled them into a triangle. The area at the center had been cleared and a fire pit dug. Kenny must have prepared earlier, because now he pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit some newspaper and a fire started. I noticed there was even a stack of firewood behind one of the logs. Kenny and Bobby sat down on one log. Stephanie and Alana sat on the second, and Victoria and Marcia took the third. For a minute I was tempted to sit on the log with Kenny and Bobby. All these girls were so far out of my league I didn't have a chance. Then I remembered another night with a girl out of my league. I didn't have a chance, so I took a shot, expecting to be shot down and interesting things had been happening with Paula ever since. Besides, they thought I was cute. I sat down between Victoria and Marcia. Kenny glared at me. I set the backpack down in front of me and zipped it open. "For you." I pulled out the bottle of Stoli and handed it to Marcia. "And for you." I pulled out the Myers and handed it across to Alana. "Good stuff," she said, looking at the label. "What about us?" Victoria demanded from next to me, indicating herself and Stephanie. "And what are you going to do for your bottle?" I asked with an obvious leer. "What did they do for theirs?" Stephanie asked. I stood and bowed to her. "A gentleman never tells." Stephanie giggled and Alana blushed. I couldn't see the girls beside me. I shrugged, "Actually, Kenny didn't get your order in. Maybe you can share." We did. We sat around for half an hour, taking turns drinking from the bottles they passed around and watching the fire as it crackled in front of us. Mostly the girls talked about people they all knew in Olympia while the other guys and I listened. "You know what I miss the most?" Alana asked after they'd been discussing parties. "Seven minutes in heaven with the Hewlett brothers." They all giggled, and I couldn't help wondering if she played with one at a time or all the brothers, however many there were, at once. A few minutes later, Marcia, who was showing some of the signs from the vodka suggested, "We could play here." "Yeah, with my little brother and his dweeb friends," Alana said, shooting down the idea. But after the bottles passed around a few more times, the vodka almost gone and only half the rum remaining, the idea resurfaced. The girls decided that a little seven minutes was just what the night needed. Us guys weren't consulted, I guess they assumed that we'd go along with whatever they wanted to do. Pretty safe assumption. If you've never played seven minutes, I highly recommend it. It's usually played in a house with a closet. Two people are selected and go into the closet and seven minutes later come out. But lots of things can happen in a dark closet in seven minutes. Bobby had brought a deck of cards with him, probably figuring that he could talk the drunk girls into some strip poker. Alana took the cards, and the girls figured out a system and drew a card each. Then Alana announced that Bobby was going off with Stephanie. Bobby looked a little green, and Stephanie giggled. I was the only one wearing a watch. Alana confiscated it, looked at the couple, and said "Time." Stephanie took the flashlight, and the two of them moved off down the trail. A few seconds later, the light clicked off. We sat around the fire and listened to the sounds of the night. My owl hooted, something scampered through the brush, then there was a human sound I couldn't identify. A few seconds later, the light clicked on and started moving towards us. As Stephanie came into the clearing, she announced, "Romeo tossed his cookies." Bobby followed her, looking sick and ashamed. The girls giggled and started reminiscing about a similar incident in a closet with a girl named Debbie and a guy named Carl. I wasn't sure which one of them tossed the cookies, and I wasn't about to ask. After a couple of minutes Alana shuffled the cards, and they each drew one. Alana announced that her brother would be escorting Victoria into the woods. She set the timer on my watch, said "Time," and we watched again as the light disappeared into the trees and clicked out. Before we could turn back to the fire, we heard a loud slap and Victoria came stomping back into the clearing. After a few seconds, Kenny followed her with the flashlight. "Your brother has very rude hands," she said, roughly grabbed her crotch, and sat back down in her place. I wondered if there was going to be a third round of the game. As Kenny came back into the firelight we could still see the imprint of Victoria's hand on his cheek. Alana sighed and shuffled the cards again. I had no clue if the girls were rotating, or we were, or it was totally random. I just knew I didn't want to pair up with Alana, because I'd freak, or Victoria, who was still simmering. "Marcia, you're up," Alana said after all the girls had drawn cards. Then she hooked her thumb at me. I stood and took the flashlight from Kenny, then motioned Marcia toward the trail, lighting the way for her. When we were about fifty feet from the clearing, we stopped and I clicked off the light and put it in my back pocket. We stood in the darkness looking at each other. Actually, with the full moon it wasn't all that dark. "And what would you like me to rub?" I asked softly. "What makes you think I want anything rubbed?" she asked, her tone putting me in my place. "I thought that was why we were here." "My feet. Rub my feet." "Sit down." "Why?" she asked suspiciously. "Because it's easier to rub your feet when you're not standing on them," I explained with a small laugh. "You're going to rub my feet?" She seemed surprised. I stepped forward, scooped her up, and deposited her ass on the leafy ground. I picked up a leg, pulled off her sandal, and propped it on my own leg. Then I started rubbing her foot. "You do that pretty good. Do the other one," she commanded after about a minute. She switched feet, and I rubbed the other one, conscious that seconds where ticking away and the clock was not my friend. "I do even better on other body parts," I suggested after about thirty seconds. "Which body parts?" "All the good ones," I said with a grin that she couldn't see, but which tinted my voice. "You're either full of it, or full of yourself." I grinned again and let her foot down. I stepped behind her and, mentally crossing my fingers, reached under her arms and cupped her breasts. No bra. I lifted her to her feet and then gently started rubbing a single finger around each of her nipples and the surrounding areolas. "You've been practicing," she moaned. "Only once." I was wondering whether I could risk a journey south with one of my hands when I heard "Time!" I silently cursed the inventor of this game. Why wasn't it thirteen minutes in heaven? Thirteen was my lucky number. I pulled the flashlight out of my back pocket and lit the way as we walked back. As we came into the firelight I saw a look of surprise on Alana's face and a look of loathing on Kenny's. I stepped next to Marcia and looked at her. She was looking very satisfied. Damn, I'm good. Alana picked up the cards and shuffled them. Then the girls each drew one. Before they looked at them I saw some looks pass between them that I knew were significant but couldn't read. "Victoria and Tony." I smiled at Victoria, hoping she was over her mad, and picked up the flashlight again. When we got to the second clearing and clicked off the light, I asked, "And what do you like rubbed?" "What?" "Marcia has sensitive nipples and likes getting them rubbed." Normally I try not to talk about other girls, but I had a feeling that these four shared the information anyway. "What do you like?" Even in the darkness I could feel her eyes boring into me. "The same I guess." I stepped up to her and put my hands on her flat stomach, then slid them upwards, under her half shirt and onto her small breasts. I waited for the slap, but it didn't come. Victoria had the smallest tits of the four girls. Where Marcia had tits the size of softballs, Victoria's were about half a baseball. I adjusted my hands so that my thumbs covered her nipples and started to apply gentle pressure. "Do you like Victoria or Vicky?" I felt like an ass as soon as I asked. It was kind of a 'As long as I'm playing with your tits, why don't I get to know you?' kind of question. "Victoria," she said and I heard her breathing speed up. "Pretty name." Another stupid thing to say, and to keep from saying anything else stupid, I took her nipple into my mouth and put my spare hand on her thigh. When she didn't complain, I moved it lightly onto her crotch. She still hadn't slapped my head off, so I squeezed her crotch as rhythmically as I could through the denim. "Time!" I gave her nipple a last flick of my tongue and her crotch a last squeeze and stood up. "Are you sure you're only twelve?" she asked as I lighted her way back to the fire. "Thirteen," I corrected as we stepped back into the firelight. We sat down, and as I glanced at Kenny, I wondered if I should hire a bodyguard. The kid was not a happy camper. The cards were drawn and Victoria said, "Looks like Alana and Bobby," before Alana could say anything else. I was beginning to think the game was rigged. Alana gave her a curt nod, stood, and handed Stephanie my watch. Then she and Bobby walked into the woods. Bobby still didn't look well. I hoped he wouldn't hurl all over her. I put my arms around Marcia and Victoria, earning a fierce look from Kenny. I thought about slipping my hands under the girls shirts, but decided that would be pushing too far. Kenny looked over at Stephanie, but the look he got back was not an invitation and he stayed where he was. We all sat, watching the fire until the watch buzzed and Stephanie yelled "Time!" into the forest. The couple walked back into the clearing. I'd guess that Bobby kept down his lunch but hadn't even touched the brunette goddess of the trailer park. They sat back in their spots, and Alana picked up the cards and shuffled for a long time. Finally she held the deck out to the other girls and they each drew. "Stephanie and Tony." When the darkness surrounded us in the second clearing, I stepped close to Stephanie but didn't touch. "The other girls liked having their breasts rubbed, but I'd guess you're tired of guys mauling your tits." Stephanie had the largest tits of the group. They were the size of cantaloupes, and the bottoms peeked out from beneath her shirt. "God, yes," she agreed. "Maybe we can find something better," I suggested and lightly brushed the crotch of her cut-offs with my fingertips. She didn't pull away. "You think you're pretty hot, don't you?" I was rubbing her crotch with the lightest touch of my fingers. I knew she could feel me, but just barely. "No. I think you're hot. I'm just lukewarm. But I'm trying." She still hadn't complained so I rubbed harder. She moaned but said, "You're not that good." "I'll just have to try harder." I dropped to my knees and pulled down the zipper on her fly. I eased open her cut-offs and then started to pull them down. As soon as her panties were exposed, I pressed my face into her crotch and nuzzled her pussy. "Don't..." she said, still not trying to get away. "Okay." I pulled down her panties and started licking the prize. She groaned again. "You shouldn't." "I'll stop." I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. "Ohhawgeefuoh!" she moaned. I couldn't translate that, so I ignored it and licked her pussy. Suddenly she grabbed me by the ears and pulled. "Time!" "You didn't hear that," she whispered and pulled my face tighter into her pussy. Who was I to argue with an eleventh grader. I kept licking. "Time!" I heard louder. Stephanie pulled my ears back, and I fell on my butt. "Damn!" she said as she pulled her panties and shorts back up. "Yeah," I agreed as I reached up and massaged my sore ears. Note to self: get head harness to wear for girls like Stephanie. I didn't think I'd made her cum, but I was sure I proved that eighth grade guys could make girls feel good. "I called you a minute ago," Alana complained as we walked back to the fire. "Didn't hear you," Stephanie said. "If you fix your fly it might help your hearing," Alana suggested cattily. I lanced down and saw that her fly was completely open. I also saw those panties of hers were purple. As she zipped up without a trace of embarrassment, I thought Kenny's eyes would bug out of his head. "Think we should call it a night?" Stephanie asked without sitting down. "I think we have time for one more," Alana said and started shuffling cards. I sat down and put my arms around Marcia and Victoria again. "Marcia and my brother," Alana announced after the girls had drawn their cards. Marcia did not look like she was all that happy about it, so I gave her shoulder a squeeze before she stood up. As they disappeared into the woods, I caught Stephanie's eye and then looked down at the empty place beside me. She grinned but shook her head. Can't win them all. Alana yelled "Time!" and the two came back quickly. As Marcia came back into the light she pantomimed something to the other girls. If I read it right, Kenny had pulled out his cock and tried to get her to hold it, then jacked off when she wouldn't. She sat down next to me and snuggled close to my side. When Kenny came back into the light, I noticed that the bulge in his pants had shrunk. Unfortunately, that made me more conscious of the bulge in mine. I didn't think asking Alana, when we went back, to ask Kelly to come out for a few minutes would be in my best interests. Or the best interests of my balls staying attached to my body. Stephanie grabbed the cards and gave them a fast shuffle. "One more." Each girl took a card and even before they turned them over, Stephanie announced, "Looks like the last couple is Alana and Tony." She grinned at me. I flashed on Christians being thrown to a pit of Lions. Hungry, cranky lions. Then I flashed on the same coliseum and a proud gladiator saying, "We who are about to die salute you." I stood. "Could I see my watch for a second?" Alana handed it over as Kenny asked, "Out past curfew? Afraid Mommy is going to beat your bottom?" I ignored him and handed the watch to Stephanie. Alana already had the flashlight, and we walked the familiar path to the second clearing. We stopped and faced each other, then Alana clicked off the flashlight and I could hear it drop to the ground. "I hope you don't think you're..." "Stephanie said you're horny and need a good cum," I interrupted. "I don't need... Stephanie said that?" "She said it's been a long time since you really got your rocks off." "I don't..." I never found out what she didn't, as I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her hard. Her lips tasted like the rum she'd been drinking. My left hand found her ass and started rubbing through her cut-offs. Did I mention I hate denim? My other hand moved under her shirt to her breast. We who are about to die... Alana kissed back and didn't try to move my hands. I wondered just how much of the rum she had drunk. I had a moment of guilt; then Alana's hand settled on the bulge in my shorts. My cock spasmed and released a gallon of baby juice into my shorts. Maybe just a quart; I didn't take time to measure. I pulled away, hoping she hadn't noticed, and dropped to my knees. "She said something about inserting something long, pink, and flexible into a slot." "If you think I'm going to let you..." I was already unzipping her cut-offs and pulling them and her panties down. We who are about to die... Alana stood stock still. I took a deep breath and stuck out my tongue, then leaned forward and pushed it without warning deep into her cunt. I might be struck down any second, but I would have tasted goddess pussy. "You can't..." My tongue flicked against her clitoris and everyone of the eight thousand nerves told her I could. "Ohhhh!" She stopped complaining and moaned. My tongue dove deep into her tunnel and she moaned again. Then I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it. I felt her shudder and stiffen and I knew I had brought a goddess to the cum she needed. And if she never found out that Stephanie hadn't suggested it, I might live to enjoy the memory. "Damn, why couldn't you be a senior?" she asked after a minute. "Because I'm thirteen." "You could teach the older guys a thing or two." I had no idea what to say to that, so for once I shut up. "Now it's your turn." I blushed, glad the darkness hid it. I didn't want to tell her that I'd already cum from her brief touch. Then I realized that I was hard again. Steel hard. Titanium steel alloy hard. I stood, and Alana dropped to her knees, pulling my shorts and underwear down with her. Her hand found my cock and then her tongue followed. My cock jerked in her hand, and I willed it to be good. To last. I blushed hard, knowing she had to be aware of the mess from my previous explosion, but she made no comment. She ran her tongue all around the head, then across the pisshole. I tried to think unsexy thoughts, but all I could focus on was the high priestess of sex had my cock in her mouth. I could feel my semen building up, ready to explode into her mouth. Then her fingertips played at the base of my balls and my need wasn't so urgent. Her mouth enveloped my cock, and her lips slid all the way to the base and back. She held my head in her mouth, and I felt the pressure building up again. She sucked my whole cock back into her mouth, and as I bumped into the back of her throat my balls released their torrent. Alana calmly and expertly milked me dry. She stood and kissed me as I swayed in weakness. I could taste my own cum on her lips, but I kissed back hard. "Tiger, where have you been all my life?" "Half a dozen trailers away." I flashed on Alana and both her sisters on one bed with me. Then I flashed on Alana using my baseball bat to beat me to a bloody pulp. "It's been a long seven minutes," she murmured as her hand caressed my soft shrunken cock. "I may have, accidentally of course, turned off the buzzer." Alana laughed softly. "As drunk as they are, they won't notice for half-an-hour at least," Alana suggested. "Think you can get this thing hard again?" It was already starting to stir in her hand. "I need a nice slow fuck." I pictured myself on top of Alana, my cock plunging into her cunt. It was like the holy grail of the trailer park. "Oh, God," I moaned. I pictured myself on top of Alana, my cock plunging into her cunt. It was like the golden fleece. I dropped my head to her chest, pulled up her shirt and sucked on her tit. I pictured myself on top of Alana, my cock plunging into her cunt. "We'd better get back," I said softly and started gathering my clothes. I found the flashlight on the ground, picked it up and clicked it on. "The others are pretty drunk. It's time to get them home." I didn't look at Alana's face, but I did look at her pussy. It was just as beautiful as I'd known it would be. Alana gathered her clothes and dressed quickly. It was a perfect pussy, I thought as I watched it disappear. A god-damned perfect pussy. Chapter XXI I came out of the forest dragging the shovel. I set it by the storage and mentally thanked Mr. Lansing for loaning it to me, especially since he didn't know he had. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. They felt red, stung by the sweat that had dripped into them. At least, I was sure that was all it was. Looking out at the road in front of the trailer, I saw Tami walking. Just strolling actually. Getting some exercise. That was all I needed today. I decided to stay here until she'd gone on. Then I changed my mind. Whatever else had happened, she deserved to know. I walked out onto the road and started moving up behind her. When I was about three steps behind her she heard my footsteps and looked around. "Oh, it's you." That pretty much summed up our relationship the last couple of months. "I don't want to..." "He's dead." "I said... What? Who's dead?" She stopped and stared at me. "The owl. He's dead." Tami's face softened. "I'm sorry." She stepped closer until we were only a foot apart. "I know how much you liked that owl." "Orville. I named him Orville. I don't know if he had a brother Wilbur." "That's cute." I glared at her. It wasn't supposed to be cute. It was an homage. "I loved to watch him fly. I wished he'd fly in the daylight when I could have seen him better." Tami nodded, and we stood there, staring at each other in the middle of the road. "Somebody shot him," I said and stepped past her and started walking away. I could feel her following but didn't turn around. There was nothing more to say. I'd found him this afternoon. The blood was fresh enough that I knew it happened today or last night, but there was nothing I could do. I'd borrowed Lansing's shovel from his shed and buried Orville by the side of the creek. I hoped the image in Jonathan Livingston Seagull was right, and that Orville had moved up a level and was still flying. We walked in silence. Then, just before we got to the pool, I heard laughter. As I passed the side of Alana's trailer, I saw Kenny sitting on the back steps, a rifle between his legs. He was pushing a cleaning rod down the barrel and talking to Bobby. I hadn't seen either of them since that night with Alana and her friends a week ago. "...shot it right between the eyes." "Shot what between the eyes?" I asked, turning toward him. "The big bird. It was huge," Kenny said standing and laying the rifle against the stairs, cleaning rod still in the barrel. "An owl?" I asked as I came up to him. "Yeah, two shots right between the eyes." Kenny made a pistol with his thumb and forefinger, then dropped the imaginary hammer. I looked down at my feet. "Actually, you got it in the left wing and the stomach." "So?" I looked back up, and Kenny looked annoyed that I was ruining his story. He balled his fist, whether in warning or reflex, I didn't know. "I'd guess you got the second shot while he was lying on the ground." "Why do you say that?" I reached around him and picked up the rifle. "Single shot," I explained examining it. Kenny reached for the gun. I smiled, then jerked the gun over my head by the barrel and smashed it to the ground. The receiver and buttstock shattered. Kenny stared wide-eyed. "That was a birthday present. You're going to pay for that." I grinned. "Tell your mom to send me a bill, right after she pays the five thousand dollar fine for you shooting an owl on the endangered list." Kenny's face fell. I don't think Orville was on the endangered list. He wasn't spotted or anything. But Kenny wasn't bright enough to know that. "You think you're a..." I never learned what I thought I was. My fist smashed into his stomach right about then, and he lost interest in talking. My second fist smashed into his nose and mouth a second later, and I was rewarded with a spray of blood and, I think, a tooth. Kenny fell backwards and sat on the ground looking up at me, quivering. I stood over him, trying to tower as I looked down. "If you ever hurt another animal, I'll break you in half. If you see me, you better go the other way." I spat at his feet, turned and walked away. I cut up the path on the other side of the pool and headed toward the front of the park. It wasn't until I was crossing Elizabeth Taylor that I realized Tami was still following me. I ignored her and kept going. I crossed Annette Funicello and plopped down on the lawn in front of the park. A second later, Tami sat down a couple of feet away. We sat there watching the traffic go by for several minutes. Traffic might be an overstatement. Four cars, a pickup, and a farm tractor. "I used to be real proud of the fact that I had never hit anybody first," I said, as much to myself as Tami. "I've been in a few fights. What kid hasn't? But I never ever threw the first punch." "That's good," Tami murmured. I turned my head and looked Tami in the eyes. "Right now, I'm proud that I creamed that little sadist." Tami gave me a half smile that I could read like a book. She was saying 'Violence is never the way, but man did you nail that creep.' Conflicting emotions can be great. I turned and looked at the road again. I was tempted to give her Heinlein's lecture on violence never settling anything. I think it was in "Starship Troopers." Robert A. had a way with philosophy and could slip it into his stories so neatly that you never knew you were getting a dose. But I stared at the road instead. "He deserved it," Tami said after a long time. "I know it's never right to hit anybody, but he deserved it." First thing we'd agreed on since May. I didn't know what to say, so I stayed quiet. See? I can be taught. It felt good sitting here with Tami, even though I knew it couldn't last. Tami said something that I didn't catch. "What?" I asked without turning. "I said, I've missed you." "I..." I could feel my heart racing. I wanted to jump on her and kiss her and pick up where we left off. But I knew it was that easy. After a long pause, "I've missed you, too," I said quietly, still facing the road but not seeing anything. "What happened?" she asked. "Life just gets in the way some times." "That bitch, Paula..." I spun around and stared at her. "Paula is not a bitch." "She..." "She helped me with my science homework the night you got mad. Now that's bitchy." I turned back to the road. "She, I, oh! You should have told me." "And just when could I have done that?" "Oh." I turned and looked her in the eye again. Have you ever had one of those moments when you know you can get exactly what you want by saying or doing something, but you know you wouldn't be true to who you were if you didn't say something else instead? Here we were. I could stop now and let Tami apologize for not letting me explain. Everything could go back to how it was before. Happy ending. Cut! Print! That's a wrap! Except I couldn't do that. "And just why should I have to?" I said. Tami's face clouded. "If you had asked what Paula and I had done that night, I would have told you that it was between Paula and me. And you still would have thought she was fucking my brains out." Tami looked like she was ready to cry, and I couldn't bear to watch that. I turned back to the road again. "So I guess we're done." I expected Tami to leave, but she sat there. Girls! Who can figure them? "Tony?" I swallowed. My throat was dry. I turned and looked at her again. "I'm sorry." My heart stopped as I tried to figure out just what she meant and what it meant for us. And if there was an us. "I..." She held up a finger to silence me. "It hurt when I'd see you with Paula. Or Allie. But I wouldn't even talk to you, so I really shouldn't have been mad. You're just... you. I need to accept that." We were almost friends again. I wondered if I should tell her about Tabitha? I'd hate to lose her again over the old 'You had sex with my best friend' thing. "And I know something happened with Tabby." I hate it when girls read my mind. "She was so guilty when I came back, it was obvious." Tami smiled and giggled. Damn, I love that smile. "I'm not sure if I want to pretend it never happened, or pry all the juicy details out of you." Her grin, saying that, was pure evil. I, wisely, said nothing. We sat there a long time, just looking at each other. I think we were so happy that we were talking that we didn't know what to say. "Do you think another will move into the woods? Maybe Wilbur?" "I don't know," I told her. I don't know if owls are territorial or what. We returned to the silence. But silence with Tami was better than anything any other girl could say. Then the four words popped into my head. I knew that I shouldn't say them, not out loud. They were the last thing in the world I should say right now. "I almost fucked Alana." I don't know why, but I had to tell her. "You almost... Alana!" Tami was lying on the grass, propped up on an elbow, and I couldn't help dragging my eyes over every inch of her. "Alana?" she repeated. "She was a little drunk," I explained. "When her friends were here we kind of had a little party in the woods." Tami laughed, and I looked at her questioningly. "I was just wondering if beating up her brother was going to keep you out of her pants? Or help you in?" I grinned, surprised that Tami was taking it like this. "Considering her relationship with her brother, it's hard to know." "I think you blew it. Family pride and all that," Tami said with another laugh. "You don't get it." "I don't?" "I could have had her. I didn't want her." "You didn't?" "I enjoyed messing around with her. Damn! Did I enjoy messing around. But when the time came, I didn't want to fuck her." "You didn't?" "Don't spread that around," I said, trying to lighten the moment. "I'm pretty sure that not wanting to fuck Alana would be enough to keep me out of the Air Force, even with their don't ask, don't tell." It took her a few seconds, but Tami got the joke and laughed. "I think you're right," she agreed. "I was standing there in the woods. Naked. Looking at Alana's perfect body. Also naked. And I realized there was only one girl I wanted." "Paula?" "No." "Allie?" "No." "Me? You want to fuck me?" she asked in a whisper. "No, I don't want to fuck you." Tami looked confused. "I want to make love to you." I almost added 'in the worst way,' but didn't want to turn this into a comedy routine. Tami looked stunned. "I... I... I've never done anything like that," she stammered. "Neither have I." "I don't know." I stood and offered her my hand. "Someday, you will." I pulled her to her feet, and we looked at each other again, almost as if we'd never seen each other before. Then Tami launched herself at me, her mouth opening as it closed with mine and her tongue exploding into my mouth. My cock seemed to explode too. Suddenly it was at full attention and pressed into Tami's leg through my shorts. When Tami showed no sign of ending our kiss, I slid my hand onto her butt and started rubbing. She was wearing light shorts, and I could feel the heat of her body through them and her panties. I was thinking about putting my other hand on her breast when her hand closed on my cock. The effect was like an electric shock. I felt like I had an orgasm without the mess of cumming. Her hand held me, and I wanted to stay like this forever. But I was also conscious that we were getting hot and heavy right in the middle of everything, and people would be coming home from work soon. Including Tami's mom. Hell, including my mom. Suddenly Tami pulled away, giving my cock a last squeeze before letting go. "I've wanted to do that for so long," she said. "Me too." Lame, but I was still in shock. "When I saw you in the pool with Allie, fooling around, I wanted to drown her and take her place. I wondered what her reaction would have been if she'd seen the action with Tabby. I took her hand and started walking us toward the back of the park. "I want you to know that when they put you in jail for killing one of my girlfriends, I'll visit every week. Conjugally if possible." Tami stopped and looked at me. "How many girlfriends are you planning to have?" "Six or eight to keep things interesting. No more than ten." Tami laughed. "We'll negotiate later. Let's go to my house." "It's almost five. Your mom..." "My mom won't be home till after ten tonight. And by then..." She didn't finish her sentence, but I was hoping that by then Tami would not be eligible to be sacrificed to any volcano gods. I wasn't trying to seduce an innocent girl. I was trying to be prepared if Mount St. Helens started acting up and the locals got ideas. I was being a Samaritan. Tami let me into her house. It was like deja vu. The living room was so familiar, yet I hadn't been here for months. Tami led me to her bedroom in the back of the house. I'd seen it before, but only once or twice. Her bed was made, big surprise, knowing Tami, and covered with a blue bedspread covered with cartoonish rocket ships. "Repulsive, isn't it?" she said, seeing where my eyes had focused. "My aunt got it for me. I happened to mention I liked sci-fi books about space exploration, like Ben Bova." Tami sat down on the bed. "It looks like something a nine-year-old boy might have on his bed." "Eight," I corrected. Tami shot me a look, then grinned and nodded. Tami sat on the bed, and I stood in her doorway and wondered what to do next. I didn't want to blow this. Then Tami scooted back onto the middle of the bed. She spread her legs, knees in the air and feet next to her butt. "Take me," she whispered in what she thought was a sexy manner. I couldn't help it. I laughed. It was too much like one of the late movies on Cinemax. Tami looked like she was about to cry again, and I wanted to kick myself. "Don't try to be sexy. It comes off phony and that's why I laughed. You are sexy. Just be natural," I said as I stepped up to the foot of the bed. "I never done this before. I don't know how to be natural," she complained. I laughed and climbed onto the bed on my knees. "Done what before? There's no plan. We're two kids, just hanging out and seeing what happens." "I..." "I'm not in any hurry. Are you?" She shook her head. The tentpole in my shorts may have made a liar out of me, but it sounded good. I scooted forward and lay down next to her. She turned onto her side so that we were looking at each other. "Have I mentioned you're beautiful?" I asked as I put my hand on her shoulder and gently stroked her arm. "I'm not," she said automatically. "Well, maybe not," I agreed, "but you're pretty." "I'm not," her automatic response came again, but her eyes showed surprise that I hadn't defended her beauty. "That's true. But you're cute." "Hey!" "What? I'm just trying to get along by agreeing." Tami smiled. "Personally I think you're beautiful, but if you don't want me to say it..." "I do." "You do what?" Tami looked like she'd just been caught with one hand in the cookie jar and crumbs on her lip. "I do want you to tell me I'm beautiful." "Then stop arguing with me." "Yes sir," she said meekly. "That's better." I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. "That was nice," Tami said with a smile. "This is nicer." And she launched herself on top of me. Her hand found the bulge in my shorts before her lips covered mine. Never argue with a girl when she's right, I always say. I reached up and took her breast in my hand, massaging it through her t-shirt. She hadn't bothered with a bra, and I applauded her choice. Tami broke the kiss and scooted up until she was sitting on my crotch. "When you played with Tabby, did you play with her tits?" "A gentleman never tells," I said solemnly, but nodded enthusiastically as I said it. "Then, buster, you better play with mine." I nodded enthusiastically again and reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and slid both hands up inside it. She leaned forward so that I could get to her breasts from where I lay. Her breasts were almost perfect handfuls, and I squeezed them several time before moving my hands and laying my thumbs on her nipples. They were skinny little things, but must have had room for a nerve ending or two because she moaned as I started to rub them. As I rubbed she wiggled around, and my cock was in heaven. "Did you suck her tits?" Tami asked after a couple of minutes. I thought about lying, but didn't want to lie to Tami. "No. She was wearing a one-piece. But I wanted to." "Close enough." She scooted forward again until she was sitting on my stomach. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head. My cock might not be happy, but my eyes sure were. And a second later, when she pushed her right tit into my mouth, my mouth got real happy, too. I started with just my lips, sucking on the nipple like a Tootsie Pop. Maybe a baby with his mother at lunchtime would be a more appropriate analogy. Then I opened my mouth wider and sucked on her breast as my tongue explored her areola and tickled at her nipple. I spent about three minutes on her breast before I switched to the other one. I didn't want any jealousy. After a couple of minutes, Tami sat up, pulling her breast out of my mouth. I was glad to see that she was breathing hard. Behind her, my cock twitched in my shorts. "Did you play with her pussy?" Tami asked, then giggled. I nodded. "Do you want to play with mine?" I nodded again. I wasn't sure when I lost the power of speech, but given a choice between talking or playing with Tami's body, I knew which one to choose. I pushed up and flipped her over on her back. She giggled, and I rolled onto my side and looked down at her. I placed my hand on her thigh and very slowly raised it along her leg toward her own little volcano. She seemed almost annoyed at my slow progress, but I wanted to give her lots of time to change her mind. Almost two minutes later, I slid my hand onto the mound in her shorts. At my touch her hips bucked up and I pulled my hand away. Tami grabbed my hand and put it firmly back on her crotch, her hips bucking again. 'Just a little sensitive,' I thought and started running a finger in a circle around her pussy. Then I started at the bottom and traced her slit right to the top. She gasped as I touched the top of her slit, and I wondered if I had grazed her clit. I repeated my circumnavigation and then the trip up her slot and she gasped again. So I started rubbing that spot, and her breathing rose quickly, her hips bucked again, and I could feel her cum hard. "Tabby liked it, too," I told her, finding my voice. "You ought to be patented." I think that was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. "Do you want to know what else Tabby did?" I asked with no ulterior motive other than wanting to be truthful. "There was more? You didn't?" "No, but I did..." I grabbed her shorts and pushed them with her panties down her hips, then I scooted down towards her knees pulling her shorts with me. I pushed her shorts off her legs and let them fall on the floor. Tami was lying on the bed in only ankle socks and tennis shoes, reminding me of some of the modeling sites I'd visited on the net. Only tasteful nudity of course, and Tami had them all beat by a mile. I moved between her legs. "Tabby really really liked this part," I told her with a grin and lowered my face toward her pussy. I reached ahead and used my thumbs to pull her open and then pressed my face into the musky warm folds of my Tami. 'I could die happy now,' I thought, as I nuzzled her most sacred place with my face. I gingerly pushed my tongue out of my mouth and explored her inner place. "You did this to Tabby?" Tami moaned. "She told me she stayed in the water the whole time I was gonnnnneeee." I must have hit a good spot. I lifted my head enough to look up her at body at her. "She did, mostly." I went back to her pussy and licked it's length. "But then she'd be..." Tami figured it out. I looked up again. "I'm good at holding my breath." I started licking her pussy again, especially her clit. She shuddered, and I concentrated more on the sensitive organ. Tami's back arched, and she pressed her hips upward to meet my probing tongue. I didn't disappoint her as I gave her love button a last lick and thrust my tongue into her. Tami grabbed the back of my head and pulled. I plunged my tongue in and out of her love tunnel as her second orgasm took her. She sagged back onto the bed and released my head, but I continued to lick and tease as I listened to her breathing slow. "You're trying to kill me," she moaned. "We all have to go sometime." I lifted myself up and over her leg and then shifted up until I was lying next to her. "You drained me. That was incredible." "If you're tired, we could take a nap until your mom comes home." Tami looked down at her naked body. "Then you could take me to my twentieth high school reunion. I should get off grounding just in time." "She'd ground you for twenty-five years?" "Either that or a convent, and we're not even Catholic." "You'd look good in black." Tami gave me a long look. "You may be too kinky for me," she said after awhile. "Just kinky enough," I assured her and kissed her nipple. "You did that to Tabby?" Tami asked with a tone of amazement. "Yep." "And she didn't say anything?" "Tabitha only talks about other people." "You don't like her, do you?" "Not a lot." "But you...?" "I was horny and she was handy. What can I say?" "I'm not sure I like you anymore," Tami said but didn't make any attempt to move my hand, which had started toying with her pussy again. "Not my best moment, I'll admit. But it just kind of happened. I didn't plan it." "And that's all you did to Tabby?' "That's all I did to her, but she did one thing for me." Tami thought for a second then asked, "Underwater?" I grinned but shook my head. "Do you want me to..." I shook my head. "You're tired. Rest." "Let me see it." I grinned, sat up, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. "That's not what I wanted to see," she giggled. "Did you forget where it was?" "I did not forget where my favorite appendage was," I replied snottily. "Favorite appendage?" she repeated. "Did you name it too?" "Wellll..." "You did! What's it called?" I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and underwear. "Sometimes, I call it Big Tony," I admitted and shoved my clothes down. Big Tony popped up and pointed at Tami. "It's so cute," she cooed. "But why do you call it BIG Tony?" she asked, with lots of emphases on 'Big.'" It was a testament to Tami's sexiness that Big Tony didn't wilt at that moment. It was a testament to my peaceful nature that I didn't strangle her. Tami reached down and wrapped her hand around it, and all was forgiven. "You want to put that in me?" she whispered in what I took as a mix of anticipation and fear. "Not til you're ready." "I'm, uh..." I reached over and grabbed Tami, then rolled onto my back and positioned her over me, straddling my legs. My cock, a mighty flagpole stood inches from the entrance to her magic box. "Do whatever you think is right. Or don't do; we have the rest of our lives." Tami hesitated, then grabbed my cock at the base, holding it straight upright. She sat up until her pussy hovered inches above the head of my cock." "Please be gentle," I asked with a straight face, wondering why I was making jokes at a time like this. Tami stuck her tongue out at me, but then she smiled, and I knew why I was making jokes. Tami lowered herself until the head of my cock was poised at her opening. She took a deep breath, let go of my cock, and sat down hard. Someday when I'm telling the grandkids how their grandmother and I first made love, I think I'll forget to mention that my cock slipped along her slit without entering, and she sat on my balls and almost made me pass out. "Oh, God!" I moaned as her weight came crashing down on my balls. "Are you okay?" she asked, not knowing exactly what happened. "I'm fine," I said, forcing a smile. "Maybe this is fate's way of saying we should wait." Tami sat up on her knees again, then grabbed my cock a little more roughly than was called for. "No damn fate is going to cheat me out of my first time," she declared. I was afraid to argue. Tami position my cock head again and this time kept her hand on, guiding it until the head popped between her lips. Then she sat down hard again. My cock entered her in one smooth stroke. If her cherry slowed it down, I didn't notice it. I looked up at the love of my life. Tami's face was a mixture of emotions and feelings. Pain, amazement, satisfaction. "Are you alright?" I asked, rubbing her hip. "I thought it was supposed to hurt. A lot. I mean, I was a virgin. I was." "I know. I never doubted, but even virgins don't always hurt. I guess some don't even bleed when they lose their cherry." "You seem to know a lot about it," Tami accused with a smile. "I read." "Know thy enemy?" "Exactly." I grinned up at her. "So it didn't hurt?" I asked, though I couldn't help but think about my crushed balls. Maybe no grandkids after all. Unless we adopt. "Not really. I was expecting it, but there was just a little discomfort as I adjusted to having you in there." It was kind of amazing to be discussing her first penetration so calmly as my cock nestled in her cunt. "I guess now we fuck," she said in a whimsical kind of voice. "You know as much about this as I do." "I doubt that. You read, remember?" I grinned. "Maybe I should have fucked Alana." Tami cocked an eyebrow in my direction. "It wouldn't have been real fucking, it would have been research." "You do any research with Miss Perfect, and I'll do a little research on eunuchs." Ouch! Tami experimentally lifted herself up until my cock almost slipped completely out of her and then sat back down. From the look on her face, I think she liked it. I let my hands lie lightly on her hips, letting Tami control everything. This was her fuck. I'd get my turn. Tami found her rhythm. Up and forward, then down and back. Felt good to me. I was in heaven, just lying back and letting Tami bring pleasure to me. I felt pressure building up in my balls, which meant they still lived. Tami had picked up speed, and I wondered if she was getting close, too. "I'm gonna cum," I warned her in case she didn't want me to cum in her. "So am I," she moaned and kept pumping my cock with her cunt. "I can't believe... I can't believe... Oh damn... I believe!" she yelled and pumped even faster. "Oh lordy, so do I!" I yelled and coated her insides with my fluids. Tami collapsed on my chest, and we lay there together. Then she looked at me and smiled. "We've got to do that again." "Your place or mine?" Tami grinned. "Everyplace but Paula's house." "No Paula," I agreed, knowing what she meant. "Not at Allie's house." The thought crossed my mind that this was an easy promise, since I'd never done anything with Allie at her house. "No Allie," I promised. "Not at Tabby's house." Hell, I didn't even know where Tabitha lived. "No way, no how," I agreed. "Not at Alana's house." "No Alana." Another easy promise. The day after the party, Alana acted as if I was just an annoying eighth grader from the trailer park. Which meant I pretty much didn't exist. "Do I need to mention anybody else?" she asked with a nasty grin. "I do have a cousin, third or forth, something like that. I've never met her, but cousin Cinnamon in Boston looks kinda cute in her pictures." "Okay." "Okay?" Tami grinned. I guess she figured that if I hadn't met her yet, she was safe. "Did I mention she's a redhead?" Tami gave me a short glare, but otherwise ignored the comment. "You didn't mention the girls," she prompted. "The girls?" I repeated confused. "Mikee and Kelly." "Mikee and Kelly?" Bile backed up into my throat as I pictured myself labeled a child molester. "I've seen them coming out of your house. Big smiles on their faces." Tami smiled evilly. "I..." What the hell could I say. Tami laughed. "Relax, I'm not mad." "You're not?" "I have a feeling they seduced you as much as you seduced them." "I..." I felt like a teacher had just announced a pop quiz in math, when I'd been studying science. Totally confused. "I may even let you visit them." I couldn't help it. The picture formed in my mind as soon as she said it. "And no," she added, "we won't be doing any foursomes." Damn mind-reading girls. * * * And that was life in the trailer park. Of course, I still had five more years of school.