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His Darling Young Daughters

William the Saxon
Copyright 2016:
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A single father finds himself blackmailed by the domineering
daughter of his boss and CEO of the corporation. She herself the
victim of manipulating, cunning and opportunistic uncle who
raised her as his personal sex toy and enlisted her to
participate in his future diabolical schemes. Frank is forced to
relinquish custody of his two preteen daughters and undergo
forced radical gender reassignment.

Pedo, Non-consensual sex change, Incest, Father, Daughter,
Manipulation; Blackmail

Story Codes:
M+g(6) g(8), coer, blkm; ped, inc, fath, dau, unc, voy, oral,
anal, tg

Main Characters:
Frank Preston (Chemical Engineer)
Annie Preston (Frank's six year old daughter)
Renee Preston (Frank's eight year old daughter)
Jennifer Winters (CFO of a pharmaceutical conglomerate)
Andrew Winters (CEO of Custom Pharma Designs; Jennifer's father)
Danny Winters(Jennifer's uncle and mentor)
John Alston (Concierge for Danny)

Chapter 1

Frank Preston sat alone behind his cubicle desk at his place of
employment early Saturday morning completely nude, his clothes
haphazardly piled beside his ergonomically designed chair. He was
working overtime, initially attempting to catch up on a project
which had fallen far behind schedule. Invariably though, his
chronic lack of focus has caused him to digress into the not
usual current predictable circumstance. He is unable to resist
the urge to over indulge in internet chat, pornography and
eventually masturbation. The neglected program he is responsible
for overseeing is crucial to his design team's success and in all
actuality the prosperity of the entire company. Everyone involved
is counting on him to land a very lucrative contract with one of
the largest pharmaceutical manufactures in the world.

His boss and CEO of Custom Pharma Design LLC is Andrew Winters.
Andy as he is known, decided against the boards advice, to offer
Frank an opportunity to prove his value to the company, allowing
him full control over this essential project. Pharma Design is a
contract drug development firm which primarily designs and
patents exotic pharmaceuticals. Frank was to oversee the
development of the company's latest drug specifically designed to
facilitate "partial" gender transformation for discriminating men
seeking a more feminine life style. The challenge of the chemical
design is to achieve the desired results for males who want to
become feminized without converting completely becoming a
physical female through gender reassignment surgery.

 Most all of the respondents are bisexual and the survey related
that they wanted to keep their penis intact. As a fortunate side
effect it actually becomes rather enlarged. Research shows that
men of today want the attributes of a natural female consisting
of a more curvaceous body, reduced hair growth especially facial
hair and to acquire breasts without necessarily needing implants.
The surveys additionally revealed a long wish list of desired
feminine features for likely participants which included a higher
register voice, long eyelashes, full pouty lips, a slimmer jaw
line and of course the love of cock. The objective is to surpass
the results of mere hormone replacement. The newly developed,
revolutionary designer drug cocktail available in solid dose form
has just recently completed stage two clinical trials and was
proven capable of transforming a natural born male into an
apparently indistinguishable female.

Frank wasn’t working on the crucial projects data analysis like
he should have been. Instead he indulged his voracious appetite
for anonymous salacious online conversations with bisexual
fathers of young preteen girls. Foolishly he consider the
presents of his online persona in the “Bi Curious Daddy” chat
room as an integral part of his research. The justification, he
was observing bi-sexual men in an unbiased setting where he can
determine such men's needs and desires to better formulate the
chemistry in the drug design. During his observations he
determined there is a correlation between bisexual men and men
wanting to become feminized. In actuality he was there to chat
with the many other fathers of preteen girls who love sharing
their stories of incest and taboo exploits or any other sexual
encounter involving young prepubescent girls. Remarkably along
with the perverted men who preferred young girls, the chat room
is commonly occupied by numerous men that cross-dress or express
an interest in transforming conventionally to a transgender. A
vast majority even desire to be feminized by an older, dominate
daddy  type which of course are more than willing to help
transform them into the submissive slutty cock whore's that they
desired to be.

Just such activity is the obscure reason Frank is behind on the
critical project. He spends way too much time sitting naked in
front of his computer stroking his cock, aroused by the erotic
stories and obscene pictures disseminated by fathers of preteen
daughters that are prolifically shared on this and numerous other
chat site. Frank knew he was taking a huge risk stripping naked
at work and jerking off with his online buddies that were
currently gathered in the video chat site. He usually reserves
this private activity for home, late at night when his two
daughters are asleep. However today he finds he's unable to
control himself. Initially deciding he would simply logon, check
in, say hello and exit but the video chat site was unusually busy
and soon he was captivated by men relating tales about their
exploits of sexual intrigue between themselves and their
daughters, nieces, neighbors kids or any other preteen girls they
were lucky enough to entice. Frank dreams incessantly of
participating in such an encounter and he seeks out men with
these stories and pictures hoping to learn how to proceed to the
next stage. Corresponding with men who share his preference of
six to eleven years old little girls and have successfully
programmed them to pleasure older men he hopes to learn specific
techniques to do the same.  He has two daughters of his own and
finds them very sexually alluring although spying on them as they
shower or dress is as far as he has gone with his lechery. He
loves his daughters very much and is torn between his taboo
desires and his fatherly duty to love and protect them.

Franks desk occupies a space entirely vulnerable in an easily
observable portion of the open office. His back is to the door
and he is completely nude stroking his fully erect throbbing
cock. He obsessively views the nude photographs of his new online
acquaintance's six year old daughter. The daddy who he knows only
by his chat site user name “Daddy’s Fun Time” is telling Frank
and other interested degenerates, tales of how he slowly coaxed
his little six year old daughter into finally sucking his cock
and is proudly showing pictures of her in various obscene poses
as she performs dutifully. The man’s daughter is so very cute and
Frank particularly enjoys the images displaying her smooth
hairless little school girl pussy. He is especially aroused by a
provocative pose which displays the little vixen’s soft, pouty
pussy lips induced to slightly part allowing for just a minute
glimpse of the opening to her tiny, innocent, velvety love canal.
The site of her inviting girlhood moves Frank beyond the
threshold of losing total control. He is totally void of any
restraint and is stroking his fully engorged cock with reckless
abandon not at all aware of what else is going on around him.

In preparation of the impending eruption of semen from his
bloated balls and swollen cock Frank reclines further back in his
office chair and props his bare heels up on the front edge of his
desk.  With the computer monitor in between his feet he curls his
toes and arches his back raising his ass out of the chair holding
this position while waiting for his favorite picture of the
perverted dad's little girl to reappear in the currently looping
slide show. He has readied himself for the time when his
preferred image rolls back around so he can explode with orgasm
in unison with seeing her in the desired pose. He has been
stroking his cock for hours and is now so, so close to blowing
his enormous load of cum all over his chest and belly. He raises
his clinched ass further up off the chair, digs his heels into
the desk top, legs spread wide open, rapidly stroking his cock
ready to explode with orgasm. The computer screen displays the
slide show of progressively lewd images of the little six year
old fuck toy,  one more picture to go and he can cum... when
behind him he hears;

“What the hell are you doing sicko?”

Simultaneously as the unexpected interruption occurs Frank sees
the picture he is waiting for and blasts a huge roping stream of
jism all over his chest and face. He kicks his heels off the desk
and spins around in total shock by the sound of the disgusted
female voice which belonged to the sexy daughter of his boss.
Locking eyes with her just as another prolonged jet of white
creamy ejaculate launches from his erupting cock and pools on the
floor between them.

“Oh my God!” she shrieks as she notices the lewd pictures on the
computer screen.
“What kind of pervert are you!” She continues shrieking.

Frank leaps to his bare feet and is now standing fully exposed
before Jennifer his thick, erect, eight inch circumcised cock
standing straight out continues to dribbling semen on the floor
as it oozes the remainder of his orgasm induced by the hours of
edging during his highly arousing chat session.

Jennifer is the youngest of the boss’s four daughters. At just
twenty-six she has risen to the position of CFO in her father’s
company. Mostly as a result of her Harvard education and acute
business sense, but the office speculation is there is more to it
than that. After all she is the boss’s cunning daughter.

Jenny is extremely cute. Being young and single she is
understandably the object of most of  the fantasies envisioned by
the firm’s male employees, including Frank. Standing a petite
five foot four with heels on, she looks at casual glance, to be
only sixteen years old or younger. Her small but ample breasts
sit way up firm and high. The small pink nipples are usually
visible thru the shear tops she enjoys wearing, usually without
support of a bra. Her long dark hair cascades across her
shoulders framing her childish facial features. Her olive tan
skin and dark brown eyes gives her the look of a Greek Goddess.
Her coworkers affectionately call her Aphrodite, the Goddess of
love, beauty and eternal youth.
As she stands there ogling Frank’s proud standing cock and
considering his predicament, he sees a small smirk begin to form
on her plush pink lips.

“Oh shit!” Frank thinks. He can see the wheel of creativity at
work in her devious intelligentsia.

“Well, well, well!” she finally says after calming down some and
self-deliberating the advantages of Frank‘s situation.

“What have we here?” She asks sarcastically.

“I…a….well you see….” Frank stammers

“Oh yes! I see alright.” Jennifer says now with a Cheshire cat
broadening grin on her face.

“You get off on little girl. ‘Don’t you’. ‘You’re a filthy
pedophile.’” She says accusingly.

“It…. it’s just a fantasy of mine.” ‘No real harm meant.’” Frank
tried to excuse his actions.

Franks cock had wilted to a mere remnant of its former swollen
magnificence. He was frozen in his exposed position not able to
decide if he should start dressing or wait for Jennifer to leave.
He suddenly thought,

“I can’t let her walk out, she’ll unmask me to the whole

Jennifer recognized the debate going on in Franks head. She knew
she had him over a barrel. How could she manipulate this to her
advantage she wondered? He is a good looking man but she has a
stable of good looking men at her beckon call. Maybe this could
develope into some fun for her.

“I bet he will do anything I want him too!” She finally decided.

As Frank reached for his clothes she began snapping pictures with
her camera phone. Frank scrambled to cover up but it was too
late. Besides snapping photos of him nude at his desk, she
captured a bonus, images of the naked preteen girl that continued
scrolling behind him on the large flat screen LED computer
monitor. Jennifer had her own fantasies and was beginning to
imagine how the situation could become, well interesting. She has
visions of owning her own submissive slave to abuse which were
derived from when her uncle had molested her as a little girl.
She wasn’t opposed to very young girls involved in sexual
relationships with older men. She, in fact enjoyed a taboo bond
with her Uncle Danny. Her father’s brother.

Beginning in her earliest memory Uncle Danny would shower her
with attention, something lacking from her own father. By the
time she was six years old Danny earned her complete devotion. He
took her swimming and skating, to movies, to the park or for
shopping trips to the mall, just about everywhere. They became
inseparable and by treating her so, captured her unwavering
loyalty and most importantly to him, her compliance. To her it
was true love. He owned her.

As a young girl her Uncle Danny was able to manipulate her in any
fashion he desired. He bought her very skimpy, sexy, revealing
attire that he purchased at online clothing stores specifically
personalized for men of his discrimination's. She spent a lot of
time at his house. Her mom was in prison for possession of a
controlled substance with intent to distribute. Being the wife of
a pharmaceutical executive the irony surrounding the
circumstances of her mothers incarceration was not lost on
Jennifer even as a little girl. Ever since that time her daddy
expended all his effort building the company and leaving a
philandering Uncle Danny to essentially raise sweet innocent
Jenny. He is a very successful, wealthy stock broker and by age
forty was all but retired.

So at six years old Jenny and her uncle developed a very intimate
relationship. It started out as just some minor petting on his
part. He would gently massage her back or stroke his hand over
her tummy as she sat in his lap watching television at night
prior to bed. Before long he took advantage of her being
completely accustom to his touch. She enjoyed the attention he
paid her. She loved dressing in the sexy outfits and modeling
them for his approval. He would buy her all fashion of attire
including sexy lingerie, silky baby doll nighties, G-sting
panties, spike high heels, thigh high stockings, micro bikinis,
tiny micro miniskirts, all the revealing clothing a stripper or
hooker might wear only custom made for little preteen sweeties.
But after bath time and before bed Jenny usually wore a wife
beater style tank top that hung to just above where her slender
thighs met the curve of her firm ass cheeks. Uncle Danny
preferred she wear just the tank top and no panties while she sat
in his lap to watch TV. Her soft, bald six year old pussy was
always kept baby powder smooth and Danny enjoyed running his
fingers up and down the split between her soft pouty pussy lips
that enfolded the velvety passage he would soon corrupt.

Jennifer predictably decided to take advantage of Frank’s
“Frank” she starts slowly.

“I believe what we have here is the basis for an understanding.”

“You WILL do whatever I demand from now on without question and I
in return will keep your sick little secret.”

“Uhmmmm…what kind of demands do you have in mind?” Frank almost

“That shouldn’t be what worries you right now.” She retorts and
stops her high heel on the floor.

“Do we have an agreement of not?” Jenny continues.

As he realizes the hopelessness of his predicament the answer she
knows is coming leaves his quivering lips.
“I suppose we do.” Frank resigns.

“Good, glad to hear it!” she exalts. Continuing like all has been

“Is the new drug you have been working on ready for stage three
clinical trials yet.” She asks.

“ We have just finished phase two clinical tests and are moving
to phase three, human testing as soon as we have FDA approval.”
Frank boast proudly of the progress even though they are behind
more than sixteen months.

“Then I am authorizing human testing as of right now.” says

“But you don’t have that authority; it takes the FDA approval to
move forward.” Frank objects.

“Well I am starting now and ‘you’ are the first test subject” She
says with a coy smirk.

“Come with me to the secure storage and let’s get started.”

Frank, still completely naked and barefoot patted along behind
Jennifer not understanding what she wanted.
Frank feels the cool air of cold storage envelop his skin sending
chills up his spine as they enter the storage vault containing
all the initial formulations of “Progestinal” the marketing name
for the drug they will manufacture and distribute as “Genie in a
Bottle.” The sensation of being under the complete control of a
master manipulator begins to sink in. He is in super big trouble!
But deep down he is intrigued.

Jennifer hands Frank a five hundred count pharmacy size bottle of
the drug and says, “Follow the directions dear.” “You wrote
Franks hands begin to shake as he unscrews the lid. He pours out
two pink heart shaped pills, the recommended dose into his
trembling hand, and pops them down his throat swallowing without
any water. It isn’t the only thing that will soon be passing down
his throat.

"You ARE going to continue with the stage three trial regimen
until further notice." Jennifer says as a mater of fact.

"Understand me!" she barks as she holds the phone screen out in
front of his so he can see a picture of himself naked in front of
the compromising computer image of a little six year old greedily
sucking her daddy's cock.
He nods slowly submitting to her demand.

“Okay Frankie darling I just had a wonderful idea.” Click, the
camera phone snaps another picture of a naked Frank standing in
the safe storage area, vault door open, holding the drug that
turns men into women.

“Not to worry just more insurance honey.” Snickers Jennifer

Jennifer informs Frank that her uncle is giving a Bar-B-Que and
swim party this next Saturday for a few close friends and family
members, accordingly she is inviting him with his daughters to
attend. 'Invite' is a loose interpretation of her phrasing. She
more orders him to show up along with his two little girls.

"We are going to get along just fine Frankie, see you Saturday!"
she says over her shoulder as she turns to head for the elevator
down to the first floor lobby.

When she is out of sight Frank turns, closes the door to the
vault, twists the combination dial locking it and turns the
lights out as he exits the storage room. Resigned to his
inescapable predicament Frank strolls back to his desk to get
dressed and head for home. He is left to wonder what was behind
the invitation to a pool party at her uncle’s house. Why was she
so insistent he bring his young daughters? The uneasy feeling
would haunt him the entirety of the following week.
The next Friday morning Frank rolls out of bed at six AM as usual
to shower and dress for work. He has taken the “Genie in a
Bottle” for the past six days and is half expecting to wake up
any morning and see a woman looking back from the mirror. So far
though he feels no different and hasn’t noticed any physical
"Maybe it doesn’t work." thinking hopefully.

He knows however this isn’t true. The Progestinal worked on rats
and chimps in both clinical trials and the results were
undeniable. Male members of both groups became, for the most
part, female. He sighed! It will only be a matter of time until
he begins to see the inevitable changes, full round hips, long
slender legs, pouty lips, practically no body or facial hair and
most of all large firm breasts. Maybe he could stop taking it and
tell Jennifer it didn’t work. Although, she has seen the test
results and there is no doubt, it works. He reaches for the
bottle and removes the lid, dutifully pores out the daily dose
into the palm of his hand and again without any water swallows
the two little heart shaped pink pills.
The precautionary side panel filled with all possible side
effects which Frank wrote and knew by heart was the least of his
worries. Although pertinent and important, were completely
irrelevant because he had no choice as to whether he used the
drug or not. The most alarming side effect was the insatiable
desire for sexual relations with a male partner. It wasn't yet
known whether the effect was physical, emotional or
psychological, but during the trials male chimpanzees given the
drug submitted to the dominant male and was treated as another
female member of the troop. However the most important fact that
does pertain to Frank is that a female exposed to even trace
amounts of the drug become uncontrollable nymphomaniacs. The
females in the same troop exposed to one one hundredth of a
normal dose allowed any and all male chimps to mate with them
without cessation until becoming unconscious. This is without a
doubt not normal. This last fact was yet to be realized by any
human test subject.

He finishes dressing and heads down stairs to fix breakfast for
his precious little girls before sending them off to school. His
oldest daughter Renee, is eight years old and is extremely cute.
She has long wavy blonde hair, icy blue eyes and an absolutely
sexy, captivating face. Gifted with a medium bronze tan which is
flawless and even across her smooth perfect skin. She loves
dressing like the sexy sluts on MTV knowing the attention she
gets from older men can be very dangerous and exciting. Her
father tells her all the time her clothes are too revealing but
she ignores his admonitions. She has gone as far as wearing tiny
micro mini skirts to school without any panties and delights in
given her favorite male teacher a peek or two at her velvety bald
pussy. She giggles when he stammers through his lectures. Frank
has no idea the extent of his oldest daughters familiarity with
encouraging older men.

Little six year old Annie has learned a lot from her big sister
and the television. She too has learned how to manipulate older
men. The men love to get a good long look at a young cunt like
her and she knows it. She too is a sexy tan blonde with blue eyes
and has a very sexy look of maturity about her.

Unknown to Frank his sweet little daughters are full-fledged self
taught cock sluts. Even tiny young Annie has sucked many a dick
in the bushes at “Oak Tree City Park.” Not a boy’s cock either. A
full grown fifty year old man who paid her three dollars to suck
his dick until he came in her mouth. Three dollars! She thought
it was a big prize. Renee even stood as lookout while she did it.

The girls obviously lack maternal guidance since their mother
left when the were very young, just after Annie was born. Annie
never knew her mother and Renee barely did and can hardly
remember her. So with only the loving but inadequate parenting of
Frank the girls have become well educated on their own how to get
what they want.

Since Frank is a single dad and works late most nights he has
little alternative but to allow the girls to walk home from
school and are pretty much on their own until he gets home. The
latchkey girls walk through the Oak Tree Park every day and many
men know they will do most anything for money. The two girls
derive a certain pleasure from all the attention along with the
extra benefit of cash money. They have slowly figured out that
the guys will pay a lot more than three dollars for their
company. So both girls unfailingly bring along in their backpacks
some very slutty, revealing clothing to put on after school for
the walk home thru the park. They have learned to flaunt their
bodies in hopes of attracting a man with an appetite for school
girls and a willingness to pay top dollar for their time. It all
began two years earlier when seeing a man expose himself to them
as they walked along through the park and when they didn't run or
scream he jacked off as they curiously watched. He ejaculated all
over the ground and dropped a ten dollar bill before he left.
Renee picked up the money and by doing so authorized herself to
carry on the type activities both girls engage in.

So Frank cooks his girls their breakfast this particular Friday
before the swim party. He has carelessly for the past week
allowed residue from the “Genie in a Bottle” to be passed to the
girls while he cooked their meals or through any physical contact
with them. As they are eating and ingesting the mind altering
drug he informs them of the invitation to the swim party
Saturday. The girls become very excited and say they can’t wait
to attend. Frank tells them it’s at his boss's brother's house
and reminds them they met both at last year’s Christmas party.
Renee says she remembers and thinks to herself how she thought
Uncle Danny, (he insisted they call him that) was very nice and
has a lot of money.

“Should be fun!” she says grabbing her backpack and heads out for
school with Annie.

“Did you hear that Annie?” Renee asks her little sister as they
walk toward school.

“Yeah, sounds like fun.” Annie says half asking.

“Oh, it will be fun all right.” She says winking at her sister.

“He is very rich!”

“We may do very well indeed!”

“Can we still stop at the park today, I'm so horny?” Annie asks
half pleading.

“Of course we will!” Renee answers.

“Friday is our best day!”

Chapter 2

When Frank arrives at work that morning, late again, he finds a
note from Jennifer stuck to his computer monitor.

“Come to my office as soon as possible, Jen”

Frank wads the note up tossing it toward the trash, missing
“Damn, I never miss!” he thought.

As he enters Jenny’s office she motioned him to sit as she
continued her phone conversation. It sounded as if she was
talking to a caterer about the party on Saturday. So he surmised
the party was still a go.

She hung the phone up and leaned back in her chair.

“How you feeling Frankie?” obviously referring to his conversion
“Nothing yet!” he says hoping it’s a failure.

“Well you remember the party is tomorrow and I want you
completely shaven, except your head of course.”

“And you are to wear a pair of your older daughter’s panties
under your shorts!”

“Get the fuck out!” Frank revolts.

“Hey Bitch! That isn’t a request.” Jennifer barks as she stares a
hole through him.

He lowers his glare and nods his head in submission.

“That’s better cunt!” she snaps.

Being call a cunt takes Frank by surprise. He has never been
called a cunt before. He feels his cock begin to stiffen.
Thinking of wearing his daughter’s panties begins to accelerate
his arousal. He still averts his eyes from Jennifer’s glare but
can feel her penetrating stare. Jennifer stands from behind her
desk and walks around to stand beside her new submissive.

“Listen sweetie, you are my little cunt whether you like it or

“It will be a lot easier if you go along with the program.”

Her voice is soft and soothing. She has learned well from her
uncle. Frank nods in complete surrender.

“I’ll do as you wish.” he whispers.

“Good girl.” She whispers back as she strokes his hair.

Frank stands to leave his swollen cock producing an obvious tent
in his pants and Jen only smiles. She knows his arousal is
genuine. When he turns to leave she slaps him on the ass taunting

“That’s my little slut!”

The rest of the day at work Frank was completely flustered.
Needless to say no progress was made on the Progestinal project,
or was there? The chemicals coursing through his body was indeed
beginning its work. His cock remained flush with blood. Not
really erect but in a heightened state of arousal. He couldn’t
stop thinking about wearing Renee’s panties. As much as he enjoys
little girls, he wondered why he had never thought of it himself.
He began imagining his cock wrapped in the same silken material
that had previously nestled his young preteen daughter’s hairless
pussy. This thought engorge his cock and for the tenth time that
day it swelled to full attention. He slumped down in his chair
hiding his show of arousal under the desk and slowly massaged his
dick through the thin material of his slacks. Precum leaked from
the slit in his swollen cockhead and created an obvious wet stain
on his pant leg.

As Frank drove toward home after work he decided to make a detour
to Oak Tree Park. He heard tales of quite a few goings on there.
Gay and bi-sexual guys out for a little hook up fun and tales of
young boys and girls playing on the way home from school. He
pulled into the parking lot and found a semi-secluded spot to
park his car. After surveying the surroundings he undoes his
pants and slips them down around his ankles. The breeze feels
nice on his hard throbbing cock and he slowly strokes its length
paying special attention to the swollen sensitive head. That
fucking bitch Jen has him all worked up. He decided that he kind
of enjoys her abuse, closing his eyes he imagines sliding his
pulsing cock into one of her fuck hole. As Frank begins stroking
his cock faster nearing the orgasm he has ached for all day. He
opens his eyes and rolls his head to the right looking out the
passenger side window. Just as he reaches the point of erotic
release he sees a police patrol car pulling into the entrance of
the parking lot.
“Oh shit” Frank curses aloud.

Panicking he hurriedly pulls his pants up and zips the fly up
over his raging hard on.

“God damn it! I can’t catch a fucking break!” he mutters as he
slams the car into reverse and backs out of the parking space
heading toward the exit. Passing the cop he nods his hello and
heads for home.

As Frank exits the park two precocious preteen blonde girls leave
the men’s side of a central restroom building. The taller appears
to be about eight years old and the smaller possibly her little
sister looked to be around six. Both were dressed like exotic
pole dancing strippers, tiny pink micro mini skirts which made
glimpsing the globes of their firm young asses easy as they
strutted down the walkway in silver spike heels. The older girl
counting twelve twenty dollar bills as they strutted along. The
girls smiled and giggled having earned two hundred forty dollars
in just two hours. Exiting behind them a sixty year old man
smiling his own grin completely satisfied, thinking "money very
well spent".

Chapter 3

Frank drove around town for a while thinking and trying to clear
his head. His cock still ached for sexual release. His balls sore
from the perpetual stimulation unable to eject the buildup of
seminal fluids. When he finally reached home he sat in the
driveway contemplating his predicament in dire need of any sexual
relief available. He slowly exited the car and entered the
kitchen where the girls had just received delivery of pizza and
hot wings.

“Hi daddy” Renee said pleasantly as she skipped barefooted across
the kitchen floor hugging him around the waste. His still erect
cock pressing firmly against her taunt tummy sending tingles of
arousal shuddering through his body. She looked up at him with
her sea blue eyes melting away any will to resist his lecherous
thoughts. Even though he dreamed of a sexual encounter with a
young girl it hadn’t occurred to him that he has two very
available young preteens living right in his house. Incest is so
taboo and the inspiration for acting out his devious desires with
his own daughters just hadn’t enter his mind well at least not to
the extent of acting on his hidden thoughts. But now in his
heightened drug induced state of arousal he was starting to
fantasize spontaneously with either girls slightest stimulation
or maybe it was just the "Genie in a Bottle". Another of the side
effects of the chemicals coursing through his veins besides
uncontrollable arousal is a perpetual hard-on similar to but
exponentially more intense than what is experienced on Viagra. A
condition first detected in lab animals. As Renee's hug lingered
his cock flexed and pulsed in coordinated response to her warm
“We ordered pizza! Hope you’re hungry!” exclaimed Annie as Renee
smiled realizing her daddy has a huge hard-on.

“Where did you get money for pizza?” he asked.

The girls looked at each other almost at a loss for words.
“We saved up our allowance.” explained Renee.

He was in no mood to question or argue. The three sat down to eat
and devoured the pie in mostly silence. As the girls cleaned up
and placed the plates in the dish washer Frank caught himself
watching the oval lobes of Renee’s firm tan ass peeking out from
under the tiny cheer shorts she wore. Her long slender  legs
extended gracefully down to her bare feet which were adorned with
bright red toenail polish. He was becoming aware of just how
lovely and attractive she truly is. Her loose fitting tank top
permitted him glimpses of her flat little girl chest and the tiny
pink nipples that poked out like two tiny pencil erasers made
erect by the stimulation of the silky, shear material. Both his
little sluts noticed the wretched look now plastered on his
wanton face. Renee had been all too aware of his urges ever since
the welcome home hug she had given him. She didn't misunderstand
his aroused condition revealed by the swollen gland throbbing in
his pants and how he seemed senseless with lust. Teasing men was
a familiar sport to her.

“Daddy we’re going upstairs to take our shower now.” Renee
announced making sure he heard.

As the tiny tarts bounded up stairs, Frank quietly followed with
the intent of doing some spying and maybe finishing what he
started at the park. He has jerked off while admiring the young
nymphs and intended to do so now. The girls darted into the
upstairs bathroom and turned the water on. The door was left
ajar, more than likely by design. They both stripped naked as
Frank ogled them through the crack left in the door. His pants
lay wrapped around his ankles his throbbing cock gripped tight in
his stroking hand.

“Oh yes!” he thought.

“I could enjoy the benefits of my sweet little daughters.”

The site of his little girl’s bald cunts glistening in the warm
shower water brought him to the fringe of insanity once again. He
slipped completely out of his clothes and stood outside the
bathroom in the hallway, nude, jerking his cock fantasizing about
fucking his own preteen daughters. The thought of this was more
exciting than he could remember anything ever being. He pushed
the door open a little wider. He watched the soapy bubbles slowly
wash down past the small of Renee’s back and into the crack of
her firm ass. She leaned down to wash her legs, her feet shoulder
width apart which provided a breathtaking view of her little girl
bald pussy which peeked out from between the union of her slender
After the girls rinsed off they stepped out of the shower and
rubbed an ample amount of baby oil over each others bodies. Both
the little sweet tarts tan skin glistened from the application.
Frank couldn’t move from his position peeping through the door.
He was mesmerized by lust. As the little girls gathered their
clothes and moved to exit the bathroom Frank had to scramble
grabbing his clothes and ran for his bedroom door. His erect cock
swayed in rhythm to his quick stride as he stole away from the
scene. He was still unable to reach orgasm in time. When safely
concealed in his bedroom he considered just jerking off and
getting it over with, but decided to wait and see if he could
find some good kiddie porn to jerk to on the internet after the
girls fell asleep. Then it hit him. Maybe he could find a way to
cum on or in little Renee after she fell asleep. This taboo
thought again sent him reeling with lust and desire. Frank
finally dressed again and adjourned to the living room.

When the girls eventually came down stairs they found their daddy
sitting in his favorite chair, a large plush recliner. He had it
leaned back watching television between his bare feet. All he
wore was a pair of boxers and an old holey Notre Dame t-shirt.
Not an unusual way to find him on a Friday night. Renee laid on
the adjacent couch her head away from her daddy. He could see
right up the very short t-shirt she wore. That was all she had
on. Her lack of panties placed her little hairless pussy in full
view for her daddy's enjoyment. Frank couldn't help wondering if
this was an intentional incitement. His cock immediately sprang
back to life. Little Annie climbed up onto his chair with him
squirming and wiggling herself into her daddy's lap like she was
making herself a tiny nest. He soon discovered she was not
wearing panties either. The heat from her young bald cunt felt
warm against the swollen cock she sat on. All that stood between
Frank’s throbbing cock and his youngest daughter's hot velvety
opening was the thin cotton fabric of his boxers. He let his baby
girl wiggle around in his lap until the tip of his prick peeked
out of the fly opening in his boxers. Frank sat staring at one
preteen hairless pussy as the other rested firmly against his
pulsing shaft beckoning him to take action. Renee lie on her
back, knees in the air feet flat on the couch seat cushion. She
was mindlessly opening and closing her thighs and with each
spread of her knees provided her out of control horny daddy a
momentary glimpse of what he was now lustfully focused on.

Annie was completely aware of her daddy’s condition. She was
still a virgin but had let many old guys at the park rub their
cock on her oily hairless cunt until they came on her belly. She
loved seeing the cream squirt out on her tummy and didn’t mind
the old guys smearing it on her chest and face. This was the
first time Annie ever thought of letting her daddy cum on her.
Actually it was Renee’s idea. She told Annie that she knew daddy
was super horny because she felt his very hard cock when he
hugged her at supper time.

Frank was about to cum for his youngest daughter. He was beyond
stopping now. He reached down and maneuvered the head of his cock
so it pressed firmly against the outer labia of her tiny bald
cunt forcing it to stretch open and admit the entire swollen tip.
Annie glanced wide eyed over to Renee wondering if she noticed
her daddy's actions. His precum acted as a perfect lubricant. Her
cunt was hot and velvety soft. Frank’s heart raced and pounded in
his chest. The head of his cock was penetrating his baby girl’s
hairless pussy. Renee stopped moving her legs leaving them open
so Frank could admire her gaping cunt. She watched her daddy as
he stared at her expose pussy. He was completely entranced and
unabashed about openly ogling her display. Renee moved her hand
to the open cleft in her bald pussy and with her middle finger
slowly drew tiny circles around the protective covering that kept
hidden the tiny pearl she already, even at such a young age,
learned how to bring on the crescendo of explosive orgasm.  As he
watched Renee begin her performance he slipped his hand down
Annie’s tummy and pressed his middle finger firmly against the
sheltering hood covering her tiny cum button which until now
remained hidden in the recesses of her hairless little girl slit.
Annie took a gasping deep breath as Frank began tracing tiny
circles on her excited clitty. These two preteen vixens knew
exactly what was taking place and the actions were choreographed
by the older sister.

Frank pressed down harder on Annie’s waste slipping another inch
of manhood up inside his little girl. He intensified the pressure
of his probing finger and quickened the rotation on her baby
cunt's cum trigger. Annie was panting now rocking in rhythm with
her daddy’s circular motion. Nearly half of Frank’s penetrating
cock now infiltrated his daughter’s hot wet cunt. He felt the
swollen domed head pressing firmly against the forbidding hymen
guarding access to her inner sanctum. Annie was herself  immersed
in the enchantment of passion. She had done a lot of sex things
but never did it feel this delicious. Her maiden head now
stretched thin and tight across the curve of her daddy's
throbbing cock head. They were both only seconds away from the
point of no return.

Renee sat up and watched as her little sister lay back against
her daddy’s chest and delivered to him her most cherished
possession. His swollen pulsing cock slipped deep inside her
velvety tunnel. The tight muscles of her cunt gripped him firmly
then as she slowly began to relax and enjoy his penetrating fuck
rod. She never made so much as a squeak as his cock ripped past
the sentry protecting her womb. Annie opened her eyes to mere
slits and peered at her big sister who watched wide eyed. A
devious smirk of a smile curled across Annie's lips as she lifted
herself up off her daddy’s cock and slid back down engulfing its
full length. Annie was the first of the two preteen sluts to
surrender completely to the lustful passions that both girls have
been perusing for some time now.
Annie fucked her little girl cunt on her daddy’s cock more and
more enthusiastically as her pussy became accustom to the
invasion of her violator's swollen penetrating fuck rod. Her
daddy continued to tease her erect cum button and she soon felt
the intense build up that culminated in a series of passionate
full body spasms as waves of orgasm sweep through her being. His
quivering darling daughter collapsed against his chest, the hot
grip of her tight little cunt was more than Frank could
withstand. He groaned out loud.

"Oh baby, daddy's going to cum!"

The past days of building sexual tension brought on by his boss’s
daughter, the internet kiddie porn and the teasing perpetrated on
him by his own little girls culminated in the eruption of semen
spewing into Annie’s tiny bald cunt. The hot gush of love nectar
filled her womb and leaked out and  into the crack of his ass.
Annie felt the erupting hot lava flow of her daddy’s cum fill her
tiny pussy which gripped his thick cock and created a sensation
like no other to her inexperienced mind. She savored the feeling
and new immediately that she wanted it again. Once was not
enough! She needed more!

Renee watched with great interest and in awe of her little
sister. She didn’t think Annie would really do it. Fuck their
daddy and accept his load of cum. She was actually jealous that
she didn’t do it herself. She felt his cock press against her
belly during the evening hug and surmised correctly that her
daddy was so horny he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Annie
raised up and slipped her hot wet cunt from her father’s wilting
cock and snuggled in his lap satisfied and content with their
love making. Frank reached out for Renee and nestled both his
darling sluts in his lap.

Frank later carried both his sleeping angles off to his bed. One
daughter his lover and the other would soon be his biggest
advocate. None was aware of the challenging future ahead of them.

The next morning, Saturday was a big day for the girls who awoke
excited and animated. Frank was concerned that his suspicions
about this whole adventure was not going to have an outcome that
favored him. He knew without a doubt that Jennifer was devious
and manipulative. The real reason for her invitation had to be
for her own amusement.

While the two little pixies sat eating their Cheerios and
enthusiastically chattered like, well a couple of preteen girls,
Frank leaned on the kitchen center island sipping his strong
black coffee thinking of the magnificent previous night spent
with his darling daughters. There didn’t seem to be any
detrimental effects noticeable in Annie. She was carrying on as
she always did. It was like nothing unusual had happened the
previous night. Then it hit him! Maybe it wasn’t unusual!
Although she was a virgin before his cock tore through her intact
maiden head during the uncontrolled rape of his baby girl she
seemed extraordinarily comfortable with the situation. He felt
his cock twitch in his pajama bottoms as he reflected on his fuck
tool buried deep in her preteen cunt.

“Damn enjoyable!” he thought smiling as he recalled Annie’s soft,
hairless baby pussy wrapped around his swollen manhood.

As the girls finished eating and placed their bowls in the
dishwasher Frank admired the firm asses peaking from under their
night shirts. Each teasing little girl hugged daddy as they
disappeared into the living room to watch TV. Annie’s hug seemed
to linger a little longer than Renee’s and she looked up from his
tummy and smiled lovingly feeling his stiffening cock throb as it
was clenched in their passionate embrace.

Frank headed upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. As he
passed Renee's open bedroom door he slipped in and rummaged
through her top dresser drawer. He knew this was where her store
of feminine intimates were kept. While admiring each little panty
trying to decide which would be the sexiest on him, his cock
began to swell. Wrapping a tiny silk thong around his growing
prick he slowly slid the smooth material up and down the thick
shaft. He would feel the soft silky material caress his cock the
whole coming day. He wondered if Renee wanted to experience his
thick cock like her younger sister. He decided on a pair of pink
silk thong panties and cupped them in his hand as he turned to
exit Renee's room stealthily before he was found out. Frank
opened the shower door and stepped into the warm spray, his
throbbing cock still fully erect. The Progestinal was doing its

Frank did as he was told and shaved his entire body void of all
hair. His hard cock made it easy to shave and now stood erect and
completely hairless. Bald as his preteen daughter's smooth cunts.
The cool air felt nice and he wondered why he hadn't done it
sooner. He applied baby powder to his hairless body and slid the
panties up his thighs and into place where they caressed his bald
scrotum. His thick erect cock extended out from the waste band.
The tiny panties were strained but felt comfortable. He slid a
pair of Docker shorts up over the pink panties and pulled his
favorite tank top over his head. As he did he noticed the glands
beneath his nipples seemed a slight bit swollen and sensitive to
his touch. A wave a panic washed across him and was shortly
forgotten. Grabbing the sandals from his closet he started toward
the living room.

Chapter 4

Both little girls were in Renee's room trying on swim suits as he
passed by her door. The little fuck tarts put on very tiny micro
bikini's both bright pink and extremely revealing. Frank stood
unnoticed at the doorway observing the process. As Renee moved
from in front of Annie he saw that the bottoms allowed her pouty
hairless pussy lips to protrude from either side of the scant
strap of material wedged up inside the school girl slit that was
desired by many a grown man. Her firm tan ass had a single strip
of pink material threaded between her round globes and connected
to another single strand that crossed her hips. The bikini top
was the same small single straps of material attached to two tiny
triangles over each pink nipple and tied behind her neck. Renee
wore the same tiny bikini only she being two years older was even
more exposed and alluring. His cock became fully erect now and
stretched the waist of the tiny pink pair of Renee's panties.
Frank sat in his easy chair in the living room gently rubbing his
cock enjoying the feel of his freshly shaven balls cupped in the
silken material of Renee's tiny panties. The girls slipped a pair
of tiny short shorts on over their minuscule bikini bottoms and
elected not to wear any shirt over the tops. Their flat chests
and tiny pink nipples barely hidden behind the scant triangle of
material. Both little sluts had on pink flip flops and their
toenails painted with bright florescent pink polish. The
deceptively innocent but slutty kind all school girls like to
wear. Their hair was pulled up on top of their heads in blonde
pony tails tied with pink ribbons. This hair style makes a
perfect slut handle for maintaining control of the girl while she
sucks cock, Frank knew this from the photos and videos he saw on
the internet. The girls full lips were painted a metallic glossy
pink making them looked wet and inviting. He was beginning to
understand why it was so important to bring along the girls to
the swim party. They both looked very ready to participate in
pleasuring whom ever may desire such delights. Normally he would
have objected to the way they dressed and have them change
clothes. However this time he rather enjoyed the slutty display.

When the girls entered the room Frank felt his cock again
protruded past the waist band of the tiny pink little girl
panties. He began to dwell on how his nipples felt sore and were
a tiny bit puffy. They felt tender and sensitive to his touch do
to of the constant teasing induced by the material of his tank
top. The panties kept him aroused not to mention the slutty
preteen girls he was subconsciously encouraging. He stood and
looking down at the sweet fuck tarts smiled with satisfaction.

"Come on girls lets go have some fun!" Little did he know who
would be having the fun.

As Frank and the two child sluts reached their destination he
glanced down at Renee who sat beside him in the passenger seat.
With the silken material of her little girl panties caressing his
cock he gave her a knowing smile aware that she was the
instigator of the events the previous night. He reached over and
patted her on the thigh, winked and opened his car door. He rang
the bell of the mansion and waited with his adorable preteen
daughters by his side.

 After what seemed an extended period the front door was answered
by a large man wearing only a tiny thong g-string swim suit. He
was in his mid forties and in very good physical shape. His hair
was short salt and pepper and he had steel blue eyes that were
engaging. His V shaped upper body was muscular but not overly so
and he evidently spent a lot of time in the sun which was obvious
by his even bronze tan. The two young preteens stood eye level
with his huge g-string wrapped cock that strained to escape its
confines. Renee and Annie could only stare at the magnificent
display of manhood. He kept his body shaven completely hair free
except for the neatly trimmed thick hair atop his head. Frank
thought Renee was going to reach out and caress the massive dick
as she seemed entranced by his prowess. A broad white grin beamed
from his face as he greeted the newly arriving guests.
"Hello there young ladies" he said cheerfully.

"My name is John." introducing himself to the two entranced
school girls.
Holding his hand out as if to shake he asked.

"Who do we have here?"

"I'm Renee." the little eight year old finally answered reaching
for his large hand.

John knelt to one knee and took the tiny slender hand being
offered and kissed the back as a knight would a queen or

"This is my little sister Annie." Renee continued putting a hand
on her sisters back and coaxing her forward. Annie's eyes opened
wide as John stood and took a step toward her which moved his
massive cock to withing inches of her tantalizing pink glossy

"So very happy to make your acquaintance." John said as he
allowed the sweet young nymph to admire his giant bulge. Annie
looked up from the biggest cock she has ever seen and smiled
knowingly at the handsome man.

"I am a friend of Uncle Danny's and the co-host of this weekends
gathering." John stated looking to Frank.

"Thank you for the invite." Frank answered.

"Oh no we are very happy to have you and your very lovely
daughters join us." John said with a broadening smile.

"Let me show you to your rooms." he waved a hand across his waist
as he bowed to the two young lovelies.

"Oh, we can all just stay in the same room, don't want to be a
bother." Frank said hesitantly.

"Nonsense!" John bellowed in a friendly accommodating tone.

"There is more than enough room for everyone to have their own
John turned and headed toward the right side of the entry hall
and mounted one of the two large curved stairways that circled up
either side of the huge entryway and joined at the second story
landing. Between the two curved stair cases you could see out the
back of the house to an Olympic sized pool where there were a
collection of other invited guests. As Frank started up the
stairs following John he noticed the only people in and around
the pool seemed to be older men and very young preteen girls. He
hadn't yet caught sight of Jennifer.

As the g-string wearing John led the trio up the stairs he was
followed by two starry eyed little girls a few steps behind which
gave them an eye level view of his firm round uncovered ass and
they giggled as they watched it sway side to side with each
stair. Frank found himself admiring the view also. The chemicals
he has been ingesting for the past week now was having the
desired physical and psychological effect. He had also stared at
John's enormous cock along with his two little preteen sluts.

A few doors down the long hall John opened a door announcing it
would be Renee room. She paused allowing herself to admire the
lovely pink frilly decorated bedroom. Straight across were a set
of French doors that opened onto a balcony overlooking the estate
and below the glistened backyard pool. John strolled across the
room and opened the door letting in the fresh early summer air
and the joyous sounds of young girls frolicking in the warm sun.
Renee and Annie scurried across the room and ran out onto the
balcony taking in all there was to see. The acreage seemed to
stretch for miles all manicured and very well kept. Under them a
collection of several middle aged men mostly reclined in poolside
lounge chairs accompanied by large sun shade umbrellas. The pool
itself was full of a large contingent of young school aged
preteen girls all splashing and playing in the clear blue water.
Frank stepped out on the balcony joining the girls and John. He
noticed all the little girls were topless and had on tiny thong
bikini bottoms. The site of all these barely clothed tarts caused
him to accept why they were there. His little girls are going to
join the collection of little fuck toys gathered for the
enjoyment of the obviously wealthy friends of Uncle Danny.

Frank's little girls stood on either side of John as they looked
off the balcony watching the goings on below. When he turned to
show Annie to her room his massive cock brushed across her
shoulder and he allowed it to rest there for what Frank thought
was just a little to long. He could see that John favored the
younger daughter and felt a twinge of jealousy.

"Come along sweet heart." he said as he placed his hand on the
nape of her neck.

"Your room is right through here." leading Annie and a following
Renee through a connecting bathroom to another identical bedroom.

"It's just like yours Renee!" she squealed as she leapt onto the
large queen sized bed. As she lay spread eagle atop the thick
pink comforter Frank noticed the lustful stare on John's face. He
walked over to the far side of the bed where little Annie's head
hung over the edge. Frank could tell John's huge cock was
beginning to swell as it hung over the face of his little angle.

John admired the firm flat tummy exposed from Annie's dive onto
the bed. Her pink cheer shorts rolled down across her hips just
below her pelvic bone. The tiny thong bikini she wore swept down
to just above her hairless mound. John's cock swollen to twice
its flaccid size began to stretch the thin material covering it.
His huge full ball and thick cock easily visible now for both
young preteen school girls appreciation The room fell silent.
Annie reached her tiny hand out to caress the thick growing cock.
As her soft exploring fingers examined his swelling fuck rod she
traced the throbbing veins and the rim of his massive cock head.
Renee watched in complete awe as Annie got to her knees and
crouched only inches from tasting the precum that now began to
soak the small patch of flimsy material that made up the g-string
covering the object of Annie's interest. Annie pulled down the
scant covering from over John's cock and hooked it under the two
goose egg sized pair of orbs hanging below the now erect

Frank almost let out and audible gasp. Johns cock was every bit
of twelve or thirteen inches long and as big around as the wrist
of a normal man. He felt his own comparatively tiny cock begin to
engorge. Renee licked her glossy pink lips, staring at the
massive appendage. Annie continued her examination resting the
tip of the swollen cock head in her open palm and reached up with
the other hand to trace her forefinger along the slit watching
the stream of precum stretch between his cock and her soft little
girl finger.

"Ooooooh yes, I knew you were a good girl!" John murmured.

"I bet you know exactly what to do with that, don't you little
slut." John asked Annie forcefully.

She looked up from the huge cock meeting the entrancing blue
stare of John's steel eyes. She only nodded the affirmative.

"Well we will find out later my tiny sweet tart!" John stated
matter of factually as he pulled his cock away from her grip and
headed for the hallway door.
Without a word the three followed the swaying cock of John out
and down the hall six more doors. His giant dick already hanging
semi-limp as he swung the door open to reveal Franks room.

When Frank entered the room he was struck by how feminine it was
decorated. All the bedding, curtains, towels in the bath,
everything was bright pink and lacy. There was a floral aroma
that he breathed in enjoying the sweet scent. John grabbed
Frank's over night bag from his hand saying he wouldn't need it.
Everything would be provided by his hosts. When Frank began to
object John turned and exited the room with his new playmates hot
on his heels.

"But........" Frank continued. The door slammed and he heard a
lock click. Rushing over to the door he found he was unable to
open it.

"Hey, mother fucker!" "Open this door right now!" He received
zero response.

Frank was able to see the pool at an extreme angle from his small
window. He had no balcony like his daughter's rooms did. Looking
for another way out he found the window was a fixed pane and a
sash that didn't open. He opened another door but it was only a
walk-in closet. He reach over by the jamb and switched on the
closet light. Inside he saw rack after rack of female clothes.
Tiny mini skirts, formal dresses, many different tops and swim
suits. The entire back wall was shelves filled with high heels,
sandals even a pair of thigh high leather boots. He felt a slight
wave of fear wash over him. But also a comforting sensation mixed
with pure arousal. Frank immediately turned and headed for the
dresser drawers. Sliding out the top drawer he gazed upon
hundreds of different types of panties. Everything from little
girl character adorned, to very sexy stripper style thongs.
Without thinking he kicked off his sandals, slid his shorts down
his legs followed by the tiny thong of Renee's he was instructed
to wear. The tank top was soon on the floor beside the rest of
his attire. He pulled a pair of pink silky low rise panties up
his freshly shaved legs and wiggled his ass into the clingy
material. Franks cock was fully swollen and his erection
protruded from the meager panty waist band. He brushed his hands
across his newly budding breast and flinched at his own touch. He
like their recent sensitivity and the immediate arousal it caused
when cold air blew across the newly formed buds. He admired how
his nipples looked like tiny pink chill bumps one atop each of
the forming titties.

As Frank enjoyed the silky feminine material that was caressing
his shaved cock and balls, Jennifer and her Uncle viewed him on a
closed circuit video feed from the numerous hidden camera in his
room. They reveled in the progress they have made forcing him to
surrender his two child slut preteen daughters. Both deviants
anticipating their future while watching him try on pair after
pair of sexy panties and eventually watched him try on frilly
bras followed by many of the tiny skirts and dresses, thigh high
stockings and all other manner of the large selection of slutty,
cock loving, cunt of a girl fashions.

"See!" I told you the drug worked!" Jenny smirked as she and
Danny watched Frank feminize himself with zeal and exuberance.

"He will be sucking every cock here just like his precious little
slut daughters!" Jennifer sneered.

"No doubt." Danny agreed

"He seems to rather enjoy his new feminine surroundings." He said

"This will be a very interesting summer." Danny added.

"Leave him alone tonight and let him enjoy his newly discovered
Jennifer reached over to the control console and with the flick
of her finger flipped a switch that brought the large screen TV
to life in Frank”s room and on it was the first of many hypnotic
trance inducing sissy slut maker videos that would play
continuously throughout the night.

As Frank explored the room he was locked inside John escorted the
future tranny fuck doll's two nearly naked daughters back to
their rooms. After showing Renee to hers he moved back up the
hall to enter little six year old Annie's bedroom closing the
door behind. Click! Annie heard the lock snap and she twirled
around to see John slipping the tiny g-string she secretly
admired off his ankles. He stood before her totally naked. His
muscular tan body had a slight glisten from the tanning oil he
applied earlier in the day. His shaved bald cock stood erect at a
forty five degree angle leaning away from his taunt six pack
rippled stomach. His massive fuck pole throbbed and twitched
under Annie's mesmerized gaze. She understood what was going to
happen next. Her tiny hairless preteen pussy became puffy and
rosy as she moistened. John without uttering a word twirled his 
index finger motioning her to undress. Without hesitation she
crossed her arms and grabbed each side of her crop top and ripped
it off over her head. Her tiny pink nipples poked out like two
tiny chill bumps on her flat chest. Slowly she hooked her thumbs
in the waist band of the pink cheer shorts sliding them down her
slender thighs and letting them drop on the floor around her
ankles. Annie stood near naked before a very handsome man she
only just met a few moments earlier. Complying to his demands as
she was trained to be a cooperative slut by her older sister. The
Drug her father unknowingly fed her also contributing to her
willful, compliant sexuality.

John admired the figure of his tiny new fuck toy. Ever since
Jennifer showed him the picture stolen from Franks desk he knew
he wanted the little sexy six year old school girl. He was going
to take his time and enjoy every minute. He didn't know how much
of his nearly twelve inch cock he could get inside her tiny bald
cunt but he was going to get all he could. Her outer labia
overlapped the material of the tight thong she had tightly wedged
up inside her slit. The hairless pussy lips separated by a meager
thin strap excited him. He could admire this scene for hours.
Grasping his massive cock and slowly stroked up and down the
thick shaft. Annie without prompting hooked her thumbs in the
thin strap of material forming the waist band of the tiny bikini
bottom and began to slowly slip them over her narrow hips and
down her silky tan thighs. As they slid half way down John held
up a hand giving a stop signal halting her progress. She
instinctively stood back erect and spread her feet shoulder width
apart holding the panties in place half way down her legs just
above her knees. Her tiny bald little girl pussy gaped open just
a tiny bit. John cherished the view of her little girl sex. He
could scarcely make out the little cum button peeking out from
under its protective sheath. He walked across the room to stop
just in front of his little toy. Slowly he reached out and drew
circles around her little baby nipple with his index finger. 
Annie closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. When he saw her eyes
shut John gripped the tiny pink nipple between his thumb and
forefinger and gave a vicious pinch and twist.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOuuch!" Annie screamed and when she did John slammed
his massive swollen cock in her mouth stretching her glossy pink
lips tight around its girth. Her eyes bugged out from their
sockets. The thick head of the giant invader pressed hard against
the back of her throat. With one hand pinching her tiny nipple
and the other grasping the back of her head Annie was trapped.
She couldn't breath. John held her there watching her face turn
red then begin to turn a dark shade of purple. He pulled his cock
from her mouth and she gasped for air. On the second breath he
again rammed his cock down her throat.

"OH yeah! You little fucking slut! John held her mouth wrapped
around his cock head enjoying the sensation of a little child
gagging on his gigantic dick.

"You know I am going to fuck you hard, don't you slut!!!? John
yelled at Annie as he yanked his dick from her throat. Tears ran
down her cheeks as she gasped for air. Precum mixed with saliva
streamed from her soft pink lips stringing across to the cockhead
 just pulled from her throat. The metallic lip gloss her sister
Renee carefully applied that morning now violently smeared around
her entire mouth.

"Don't you cunt!" he yelled again. Annie nodded yes.

"OOOOOH you want me to fuck that little bald cunt!" He mocked.

"Say it slut!"

"Say you want to feel my cock inside your hot baby cunt!" John
shook her to elicit a response.

Annie looked up at the large man and nodded her agreement.

"No you have to say it!" John reprimanded.

Annie collected herself the best she could and whimpered.
"I want to feel your cock inside my hot baby cunt." She snapped
almost defiantly then lowered her glare.

"Fuck my little bald cunt." she whispered.

Deep down even though she was scared she wanted it. Her little
girl pussy was wet and ready. The effects of the designer drug
her daddy created taking full effect make little Annie a cock
loving fuck doll.

"I knew you were a fucking cock slut!" John grinned.

"I knew the minute I set eyes on you!"

With that he grabbed her by the neck and with a violent push
launched her onto the pink queen bed where she lay on her back
legs spread wide and with two large strides John stood beside it.
He reached down and ripped the little panties off her legs and
pulled her over to the edge hanging her head over the side. Her
mouth and throat were now wide open. He stood straddling her chin
allowing his huge bloated balls to dangle in front of her tiny

"Lick my ball slut!" John demanded.

Annie began lapping at the two giant spheres like a puppy with
her tiny, pointed pink tongue.

"OOOOOOh yes that's nice little baby slut!" again he stroked his
hand up and down the thick shaft poised above her face.

She could smell the musky scent created by his anal opening
hovering above her nostrils and the sweat dripping from his
scrotum. She found the aroma desirable. Again John pinched and
twisted both her little girl nipples. Before she realized it he
buried his middle finger deep inside her gaping pussy.

"OOOOH my god!" he bellowed.

"Your little cunt is wet and ready!"

"You do want your pussy fucked!"

John arched his back and swung the tip of his cock down in front
of Annie's wide open six year old mouth. He pressed the giant
cock head against her lips and slowly this time inched it down
her throat. With his large middle finger buried in her cunt and
his massive cock down her throat he slowly and rhythmically
stroked them both in and out.

Annie soon responded to the finger sliding in and out of her
pussy. She lifted her knees and bucked her hips in unison with
the invading digit. The enjoyment allowed her to relax and John
began shoving more and more cock down little Annie's throat. By
no means could this little six year old fuck doll swallow the
full length of John's enormous cock, but she wasn't gagging and
figured out how to breath in unison with the violating pistons
stroke. John's thighs began to quiver. He was amazed by the tiny
child's ability to handle the huge fuck rod. She was taking a
throat fucking better than most grown women he knew. The bloated
orbs hanging over Annie's face soon drew up inside John's belly.
He felt the building sensation of impending eruption. Seminal
fluid collected and rose toward its pending escape, pressure
escalated like the magma in a super volcano. John placed a palm
on either side of little Annie's rib cage and fucked the child
slut's face with fervor. Pounding the massive cock in and out
until finally driving it nearly to the base with one final
thrust. He buried nearly twelve inches of thick cock inside
Annie's throat. A sudden voluminous eruption of hot fluid gushed
into her waiting tummy. She had no choice the hot, thick load of
cum blasted past her open throat filling her belly. John began to
extract the violating probe from her face and as he did continued
stroking the shaft as it pulled free. Three more monstrous blasts
of semen splashed across Annie's face and chest.

"OOOOOOOOOOhh yes! What a special little slut you are!" The body
and face of a child slut and the sexual talent of a seasoned
street whore!" John exclaimed in a quaking unsteady voice.

Annie felt relieved her abuse was over. At least for now. She
knew this was only the beginning. Strangely enough she was
satisfied and content. John collapsed on the bed next to her and
she wrapped her tiny body around his strong imposing frame. His
gigantic cock semi flaccid and leaking cum down his side. She
began to draw circles with her finger tip on his sweaty stomach
feeling the ripples of his chiseled six pack.

As John came down from the sensational high he realized his
little love doll didn't get to orgasm. He could allow that. She
after all deserved to reach climax considering her spectacular
performance. Hanging onto his fuck doll he rolled onto his back
and boosted her spread legs around his cheeks and settled the
child's hairless pussy down onto his hot mouth.

Annie felt the breath of her new lover wash over her tiny bald
pussy. It was a different sensation unfamiliar to her. As he
nestled her down on his mouth he forced her to lean forward fully
engaging her little cunt with his thick sucking lips. She felt
his wet tongue squirm up inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her
head and she arched her back giving his exploring tongue full

Uncontrollably Annie rocked her hips back and forth pressing the
tiny cum button against his upper lip. As she accelerated her
hips John grabbed a thigh on either side of his cheeks and locked
Annie in position with his powerful grip. As she continued to
wildly gyrate he puckered his lips and sucked her tiny cum
trigger into his hot mouth. When John had the tiny little girl
clit fully extended and expose from under its hiding place he
slowly flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across its
length. Annie was soon moaning uncontrollably in synchronicity
with the relentless assault from John's skilled oral
manipulation. He sucked and lick in rhythm with her humping
pelvis. She repeatedly ground her cunt into his sucking mouth.
Chill bumps rose up on her smooth tan flesh and her tiny pink
baby nipples extended out from her undeveloped flat chest.
Suddenly she froze, slowly arched her back which resulted in
forcing her hairless child pussy down hard against Johns mouth.
He felt her delicate young body go rigid, followed by numerous
consecutive rapid spasms of explosive orgasm ripple though her
tiny body as wave after wave of continuous pleasure convulsed
through her being. He just captured her heart forever.

The tiny child slut collapsed onto her back laying prone atop her
ravisher, her engorged pussy only inched from his face. He
breathed in her scent thinking how young and fresh she smelt and
tasted. She lay there still breathing heavy, panting, eyes closed
tight, and trying to understand what she had just experienced.

The aroma of the tiny girls cunt was to much for John to ignore.
He rolled his little fuck toy off his belly and on to the bed
face down. That gorgeous ass curved up from her prone position
and her little bald pussy peeked out from between her thighs. The
wetness seeped from her slit, juices still flowing from the
ravaging perpetrated upon her tiny cunt. John placed a thumb on
either cheek and parted the small globes exposing the tight pink
anal star puckered up within. He lowered his face and abruptly
dragged his tongue threw the slit in her pussy up to the rose bud
he would soon abuse. Her ass cheeks involuntarily clinched shut
as he lapped his tongue back and forth across the tiny opening.
When she became sufficiently lubricated with saliva he
unceremoniously rammed his middle finger three knuckles deep
inside her ass. He felt the small sphincter muscles clinch tight
around his fuck finger. So tight was she that he struggled to
extract and re-penetrate her. John reached over onto the night
stand and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. Popping the lid open with
his teeth he pulled his invading finger half way out holding her
rectum open. With the other hand he pored her anal fuck hole full
of the lubricating oil. After snapping the lid shut he moved to
position the throbbing head of his cock just outside the oily
passage pressing firmly against the tight pink rosebud which
marked the entrance to her anal opening.

Annie felt John thick middle finger stretching open her rectal
cavity and the cool liquid oil poor inside her ass. She looked
back over her shoulder just in time to see John climb to his
knees, clasp his newly erect cock and position it so the massive
intruder lined up for entry.

"I am really going to enjoy this you little slut!" he said as
tiny Annie prepared for her first anal rape. She had been fuck
ever way possible and now John was going to finish her training.

Danny changed the channel on the closed circuit TV system to the
bedroom of Frank oldest preteen daughter's room. Danny knew John
preferred very young girls and that he desired the younger
daughter. Danny didn't really concern himself with bickering over
the two little girls. He actually admired Renee's classic fashion
model good looks that developed as she neared womanhood. Her
waist just beginning to show the signs of curve. Small little
nubs bumped out from her flat chest. The rosy pink nipples
stretched tight across the developing buds making themselves
apparent with the right top on. Her father apparently unaware of
her budding growth or that she was ready for training bras. Her
still bald pussy just beginning to flower. The inner pink labia
now able to easily accept the penetration of a grown man. He took
one look and knew she was ready for her scheduled indoctrination.
She was to be his latest cock whore. The first were his own young
niece and her very best childhood friend. He began their training
when they were in kindergarten. Just five years old. A bit
younger then Renee's little sister where John was already engaged
in teaching her the skills needed to be marketable. It isn't all
just about fucking hairless virgin pussy, there is money to be
made. Very big money in a well trained child whore.

Jennifer watched her uncle admire the beauty of his latest
acquisition. She had been instructed to find him another young
girl to start grooming for his future endeavors. While searching
for any exploitable weakness she learned of Franks proclivity
toward pedophilia by monitoring his work computer. She also knew
he had two very young, very attractive daughters and all little
girls can be manipulated into the life. She had witnessed it over
and over for the last two decades. Her uncle acquired the rights
to many young girls by easily manipulating desperate, needy,
broken parents. In most cases they promptly surrendered their
daughters for cash relief. Many of the situations they found
themselves in were the result of Danny's ability to locate the
girls and maneuver their parents into a position of desperation
there by devising the easy acquisition. The pictures of Frank
captured by Jennifer during his most vulnerable moment could not
have been more valuable. The ultimate goal of course was
blackmailing Frank. Coercing him into relinquishing his little
preteen fuck dolls providing her uncle new candidates for
indoctrination and then by extension, whoring out to all his rich
buddies. A very lucrative return on his capital.

To be Continued....