Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Twenty years ago, when I was 23 years old and working on my Masters degree in college, I was introduced to Marlie by a mutual friend. He knew I was looking for a nice girl to settle down with, and Marlie was exactly that. At 5'4", she was 5 inches shorter than me, just the right height for dancing, which we both loved to do. She wasn't huge on top, a solid C cup, but she was beautiful and had the cutest little bubble-butt that any man could ask for, the kind that rose slightly with each step before falling back down in the sexiest of walks. She was a Freshman, an innocent girl of 18, almost a virgin, having had only one long-term relationship with a boy throughout high-school. They had just broken up before we met, when he had gotten a scholarship to a different school. I worried about being the rebound man, but in the end, we developed a very strong relationship. It took me several months of dating just to get my hand down her pants, but once I got her going, she was unstoppable. I never knew a woman could cum so much and so hard. Marlie didn't drink often, but when she got drunk, she got very, very horny. The first time I noticed this was at a fraternity mixer, when I brought her along as my date. The drinks were flowing pretty heavy and they had made the jungle juice really strong, so after a couple of drinks, Marlie was 3 sheets to the wind. I was talking with a bunch of my frat brothers when one of them pointed out that my date was dancing with one of the other guys at the party. When I looked, dancing wasn't really what was going on. It was more of a dry-hump in the middle of the dance floor. Her arms were around his neck and his hands were busy squeezing her ample ass while she ground her crotch against his leg. I was mesmerized by my darling, innocent little girlfriend putting on such a show in front of everyone. When the song ended, another guy broke in and the whole thing started up again. One after another, guys were taking turns with my girl, grabbing handfuls of her ass, rubbing her tits through her sweater, and even dipping their hands down between them to rub her jean-covered pussy. I watched her head lean back and her mouth open as she came again and again at the hands of these other guys. Finally, I decided enough was enough and I cut in myself, easing her toward the exit until we were safely outside. I don't think she realized that it was me until after she calmed down. "Oh God Jerry, I'm so sorry... I don't know what came over me... I couldn't stop myself... Please forgive me...." I took her face in my hands and looked deep into her eyes. "Marlie, I love you, and I will never leave you. Actually, it was kind of hot watching you with those other guys. Just don't let it get out of hand." It got to be a bit of a joke with the frat brothers that they had all felt up my girl more than me and they teased me unmercifully, but I knew that she loved me and only me, so they could have their fun rubbing her crotch, because I always knew I'd be the one taking her home. She was very happy that I accepted her small daliances and she repeated the performance quite a number of times before we both graduated. Once I came back to my room from the library rather late and found beer bottles scattered all over the apartment. Nobody was in the living room, but I heard noises coming from my roommates room. The door was slightly ajar, so I thought I'd sneak it open and see who he had brought home for the night. I was caught off-guard when I saw Marlie laying on on his bed in a tangle of arms and legs. They were still dressed, but she was on top of him and his hand was very busy down the front of her pants while they french-kissed. I quickly broke it up and brought her back to my room, where she fucked my brains out while telling me how hot my roommate was and how good it felt while he finger-fucked her. She came harder than ever. Once a month, I drove home to see my family. It was just my dad raising my two younger brothers, so I wanted to check up on them to make sure everything was ok. My first trip, I invited Marlie, but she wanted to stay at school to finish a project. When I got back, she was nowhere to be found. Her roommates had no idea where she was and my roommates hadn't seen her. I went to the frat house, but they hadn't seen her either. I went back to her apartment to wait for her and ended up falling asleep on the couch. Early the next morning, just around sunrise, I was awakened by noises at the front door. I crept over and looked through the peephole. There was Marlie on the front deeply kissing some guy I'd never seen before. After several minutes, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down, causing her to disappear from view. All I could see was the expression on his face, which changed from a smile, to an open-mouthed gasp, to a grimace, then to relaxation. Marlie reapeared in the peephole, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth. I suspected that she had just given this guy a blowjob right on the front porch in broad daylight! What surprised me most, besides my raging hardon, was that she had never wanted to even touch my cock, much less take it in her mouth. She said that my dick was for fucking and everything else was just icky. He kissed her on the cheek and she turned toward the door. I rushed back to her room and laid on her bed, as if I'd been sleeping there the whole time. The light was very dim, so she didn't see me at first, but when she did, she just stood there and stared at me for several minutes before climbing into bed with me. I pretended to wake up, and said "Hi, where have you been?" "Out with some friends." Then, before I could say anything else, she gave me a deep soul kiss. I could taste the salty leftovers of another man's cum as she peeled off her clothes and pulled down my jeans. She climbed on top of me and fucked me right there with my pants around my ankles, cumming hard as she ground her very wet pussy down on my cock. After I came, she laid on top of me and we ended up falling asleep, my softening cock still wedged inside her traiterous pussy. A while later, I rolled out from under her and went back to my room, my mind awhirl, but I never brought up the incident and she acted as if nothing had happened. This happened almost monthly. I would go home for a visit on Thursday evening and, after a weekend of not answering her phone, she would be away when I returned on Sunday night. Several times I watched from outside her apartment as she was brought home by some strange guy. Each time she had a makeout session on the front porch before entering her apartment. I never saw her give another blowjob, but I'm sure she was doing much worse while I was away. It killed me inside, but I loved Marlie more than anything and I couldn't imagine my life without her, so I kept quiet and pretended that it didn't matter. I justified it with her just sowing her wild oats and I felt that if I kept my mouth shut, it would all be ok. At the end of the year, with my Masters in hand, I took a job near the college to be near Marlie. I got a small apartment in the city and invited Marlie to move in with me. She turned me down. I kept offering and she kept refusing, giving one reason or another. Finally, I left it as it was, her in her on-campus apartment and me 20 miles away in the city. My job was very taxing and I worked tons of hours, and Marlie was very involved with her studies, so we didn't get to see each other very often. I tried to stop by and surprise her a couple of times, but every time I did she was never home, and her roommates were very edgy about where she was. The last time I popped in unannounced, both her roomates were in the living room. I asked about Marlie, and they gave each other a quick look before making some excuse up for her absence. I stayed and talked with them awhile, when I started to hear noises coming from the bedroom area. Ten minutes later, there was no question what was going on. From all the groaning, moaning, and yelling, it was obvious that someone was having a very passionate fuck session with us right in the next room. A man's voice yelled, "YEAH, TAKE MY BIG COCK YOU FUCKING SLUT! YOU LIKE THAT BIG DICK, DON'T YOU?! YOU LIKE IT HARD, YOU DIRTY WHORE? SAY IT, YOU DIRTY, CUNT!" I heard what sounded like Marlie's voice screaming back, "YEAH, FUCK ME HARD! GIVE IT TO ME! OH GOD, YEAH! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM SO GOOD, BABY! AAAAGGGHHHHH... SHIT YEAH! GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK! CUM DEEP IN MY HOT, HORNY PUSSY!" I stood to go see what was going on, but the girls grabbed me and escorted me to the door. "That's my cousin from out of town. She's visiting and I set her up with a guy so she could have the college experience. I think Marlie's in the library. Why don't you go over and see if you can hunt her down." I knew that was all bullshit, and I knew then for certain that Marlie was cheating on me, and had been for some time. There was no mistaking her voice. I went back to my apartment and didn't speak to her for several weeks. When she didn't call, I finally reached out and she again acted like nothing was happening, talking about tests and papers and asking about my work. This went on for three more years. I was the "when I have time" guy, and she was my everything. I struggled to stay with her and considered breaking up with her several times, but each time we went out on a date, I fell in love all over again. Three years later, she graduated, and soon after, we were married. We moved away from the city, mostly at my insistance, and settled in a small town far from the city life and it's temptations. I figured if I could keep her away from trouble, she'd stay out of it. Now, with me at 45 and Marlie at 40, we have a loving marriage and 4 very beautiful girls. Marlie is involved in the PTA and several other volunteer organizations, and I've moved up to Senior Manager at my job. We make enough to get by, but since I'm the only breadwinner, we never had not enough to take big vacations or buy the nicest cars. But we've had a loving relationship and I have always tried to keep Marlie happy. Over the years, our girls have taken up a lot of our time (and money!). Adelia (Addie) is 19, followed by Beatrice (Bea) at 16, Candice (Candy) at 14, and Deadre (DeeDee) at 11. All our girls are classic beauties, as my wife's dark hair and complexion successfully combined with my blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin to make a surprisingly beautiful mix of features, although none of them really look like each other. Even so, they seem to get more beautiful as you go down the line, from oldest to youngest. Addie is an amazing young woman, with long dark hair, sparkling eyes, and a beautiful smile. She's very bright and is doing great in her second year in college. She also has the largest set of breasts in the house and we always joke that one day, she's going to tip over. Her ass is slim but her hips are wide and sensual. Boys are always chasing after her, but she seems more interested in completing her studies and getting a good job. Over the past 4 years, she has dated here or there, but nothing very serious. To me, this is both good and bad, as she has her pick of men, but I always fear she will have so many that she'll pick the wrong one, as often happens. Lately she has been dating a boy named Brent, who seems like a really nice kid. He's very proper and respectful and always has her home by midnight, even though she doesn't really have a curfew. And I never see him be disrespectful to her in any way. Brent is a bit of a geek, skinny with red hair and freckles. Addie is 5'6", and Brent is barely her size if she's wearing flats, which she rarely does. When they go out for the evening, she towers over him in her high heels, and her big breasts, wide hips, and ample ass overpower his skinny frame. I always wondered what she saw in such a little guy, when before him, she had dated some real hot looking young men, some that other girls only dreamed about. He seemed just happy to follow her around like a little puppy, glad to be part of her life. I often wondered about her sex life with the little twerp. I overheard her on the phone in her room once with one of her girlfriends when she didn't know I was home. I snuck into the hallway from the living room, preparing to scare her, but when I heard her on the phone, I couldn't help but eavesdrop. As it was, I came upon the conversation somewhere in the middle and could only hear her side. "Yes, I'm free tonight. Did you want to hook up?" "Well, we had a fight, so I'm not speaking to him right now." "You wouldn't believe what he wanted me to do!" "He's never satisfied. He's always trying to stick his dick where it doesn't belong. He keeps begging me for a blowjob." "I am NOT putting my mouth on that thing. No fucking way. And I'm not trying anal either. If he wants sex he'll have to be satisfied with what he's getting. It's not like I ever say no to him. I even jerk him off when I have my period!" "Well, that's just tough shit. You may like the taste of penis, but I don't. He's the same as all the other guys. All they want is something they can't have. Remember Steve? He kept bugging me to do a threesome with him and some other girl." "Yes, your name came up. Are you surprised? He knew we had that thing last year." "Yes, I did love licking your pussy, you know that. I certainly did it enough. But it's not the same thing. I just don't like to do that with guys. I tried it once, with Mike Miller back in High School. It was.... slimey. His cock was oozing with precum and when he came it was like trying to swallow a slug. Ugh! So gross!" "OK, I'll come over." "OK, OK... no bra, no panties. Don't worry. I'm so hot I could fry an egg on my snatch. I'll be there soon, sexy girl!" As she hung up, I scrambled back to the living room and sat on the couch, pretending to read my phone. I looked up as she walked out, dressed in a tight, short black miniskirt, a black t-shirt, and high heels. Her big boobs bounced with each step, and the way she swung her ass started to give me a woody. "Oh! Hi Daddy! I didn't know you were home. I'm going over to Marsha's for awhile. I'll be back later. Don't expect me for dinner." I had met Marsha. She was a slutty looking tattooed girl Addie had met in her Freshman year in college. I knew that they were very close friends, but I never dreamt they were intimate. Well, just goes to show that you never know your kids outside of their home lives. After she left I couldn't get the thought of Addie and Marsha out of my mind. I ended up jerking off to the thought of them in bed together in a heated 69 session, making each other cum over and over. Yes, it was shameful of me, but I came harder than I had in a long time. Bea is a Junior at the local high-school and has the blonde hair and blue eyes from my side of the family. In her own way, she's even more beautiful than Addie and, truth be told, is a bit of a fireball and tough to control, even at home. She's the one that's always sneaking out late at night to be with this boy or that. Her style of dress is always a point of contention with her mother. Marlie is constantly telling her to dress more lady-like and she's just as quick to tell her mom what a prude she is and to loosen-up a bit. Bea's typical dress code is short skirts that just barely cover the bottom of her ass and even shorter shorts, with crop tops and t-shirts without a bra, letting her hard nipples poke through for all the boys to see. Her small, but perfectly round tits are hard to miss, and she inherited the tight round ass from her mother as well. Near bedtime, she will parade around the house in her satin teddies, her nipples clearly on display. When she sits on the couch to watch TV in her little see-thru nighties, she always seems to inadvertently spread her legs wide enough for everyone to see her hairless pussy through the thin, tight fabric of her panties. Being a man, I can't help but look, even if it is my own daughter. Marlie will notice me staring and tell her to cover up, but she'll just respond with something like "It's only us here. We're all family. What's the big deal? It's nothing Daddy hasn't seen before" Eventually, she'll close her legs, but not before giving me a sly smile. Several times she's bent over in front of me to pick something up or get something from a lower drawer, showing me her tiny thong panties with a prominent camel-toe, or worse, nothing but bare skin and perky inner cunt lips poking out from her smooth-shaven vulva. Each time, she seemed to realize what she'd done and would look back over her shoulder with a little grin. "Sorry Dad," she'd say, "I didn't realize you were behind me." Or "Oops, my bad Daddy, you're getting to know me really well!" While I am sitting on the couch, she will lean over me to kiss my head on her way out the door, her shirt hanging open giving me a clear view of her perky tits. I think she likes to flash me, just to see if I'll say anything. Or maybe she's hoping I'll reach out and cop a feel. I try to never acknowledge her displays, or at least pretend I'm not staring at my near-naked daughter. I've never been real happy with her social choices, either. She's constantly surrounded by the worst crowd and will often come home from her dates with her hair a mess and her lipstick smeared or gone completely, her neck covered in hickies. Once, when she was out very late and way past her curfew, I walked out of the bedroom to give her a good scolding and found her in the kitchen, partially squatting with her knees spread wide, wiping a wad of tissues across her pussy. She looked up as I walked in, not bothering to stop her wanton display, but instead, holding the tissues aside as I looked directly into her open cunt, which she was holding apart with the fingers of her free hand. "Oh, sorry Daddy," she said, "I needed to clean up and someone is using the bathroom. Can you hand me some more tissues?" I pulled some tissues from the box on the counter and held them out to her, my eyes never leaving her wide-open pussy. In turn, she held out her used ones for me to take, a questioning look in her eye, as if to see how far she could take this scene before I said anything. As I got closer to complete the swap, I noticed that her face was coated in what I could only assume was fresh semen. Part of her hair was even plastered to her cheek by the gooey mess. "Thanks, Daddy. One second while I finish up." She took the fresh tissues, leaving the soiled ones in my palm, then continued her wiping. "There, much better," she said adding the newly soiled tissues to the pile in my hand, "Good night Daddy, I love you." She leaned over and gave me a kiss, rubbing her face against cheek, transferring some of the goop from her cheek onto mine, then with a sly smile walked down the hall and into her bedroom. I stared after her, watching her put some extra swing into her ass as she walked, before using fresh tissues to wipe my face. I never mentioned it to her mother, but after that, her displays became even more perverse when nobody else was around. I got to know the look of her anatomy as well as any of her boyfriends. Candy, at 14, is just getting into her mom-and-dad-suck phase. Nothing we ever do is good enough, and everything is obviously our fault. We hadn't gone through this with the first two, so dealing with this is a new thing, and very trying. When she isn't pissed-off, crying, or screaming about how horrible her life is, she's a very reserved and quiet girl. Most of the time she spends in her room, staring at her phone. She does have a few close friends, who seem very nice, and they will all hang around on the back porch texting and giggling as they converse with their latest heart-throb. Although she's a beautiful girl, she appears average in every respect, including her looks. Mostly, this is because she refuses to wear make-up and lets her light brown hair hang down the sides of her face. She wears baggy sweats and t-shirts, but always with a padded bra over her small tits. That seems to be the style with her crowd. I think they call it "Grunge". The only time I see her with a boy is when she's in a crowd, and it's hard to tell who's interested in who. But hey, I'm ok with that, given my daily dealings with Bea. The only time I've ever seen Candy do something sexual is when she was much younger. When she was 6 years old, she discovered her pussy and realized that it felt really good to rub her little clitty. At the time, I was working from home quite a bit and had an office set up in our bedroom. This meant that I was available to watch the kids if Marlie had to go out during the day. I first caught Bea masturbating one day when she stayed home from school after being sick the night before. Marlie had a part-time job at the local food mart, so she was out of the house until almost dinner time. I walked into the living room to check on her and found her on the couch watching cartoons, her little dress pushed up around her waist and her finger rapidly diddling her clit through her panties. When I made her aware of my presence, she was very upset and burst into tears. I guess she had always heard it was 'dirty' and she thought she'd be in trouble. I calmly sat with her and explained that everyone masturbates and it's something that she shouldn't be ashamed of. She said, "OK, Daddy." And, to my surprise, pulled up her skirt and went back to masturbating right in front of me. I watched her start slowly, moving her finger up and down and around her button, then she got faster and faster until she was really flicking her middle finger hard across her little nub. Finally she bucked and stiffened a bit, give a big sigh, then relaxed her entire body back into the cushions. She gave me a big smile and turned back to her cartoons, but soon enough, she was at it again, going through the same motions over and over, having one tiny orgasm after another, until she finally wore herself out. It was interesting to watch such a little girl being sexual, but I made sure to set up the rules for her. "Now, Candy, masturbating is a very private thing. It's fine when it's just you and me, but if we have company or the other girls or mommy are around, you should go do that in your bedroom with the door closed. Understand?" "Yes, Daddy," she said. "It's our secret, right?" "That's right, honey. Our secret." After that, she never hesitated to just pull up her skirts and start flicking her clit right in front of me, whenever the mood struck her. This went on until she was almost 9. Once, when Marlie caught her, she put a stop to it real quick, telling her to take it to her room and not do such things in front of people. Luckily, she took it well, as I'd prepared her for the situation, and she whispered it to me later. But after that, she did it mostly in her room. DeeDee is my little girl. Since her sisters are all teenagers and don't want to hang out with a 'little brat', she and I hang out a lot. On the weekends, she'll help me around the yard and go with me to the store, help me fix things around the house, and generally be my little shadow. We even hang out at night in front of the tv, watching movies or sitcoms, her in her nightgown and me in my pajamas. She'll squeeze in beside me in my chair, holding my hand, with her leg thrown over mine and her face snuggled close to my chest. This has been the case since she was little, but now it's getting slightly uncomfortable. She has the biggest, roundest ass of any of her sisters and her tits have just begun to grow enough to take on a slightly cupped shape under her shirts. My wife tried to get her to wear a training bra, but she said they were uncomfortable and she refuses to wear one. It got really challenging one night when we were getting ready to watch a movie. Instead of snuggling against my side, she climbed onto my lap, placing her ass right on top of my crotch, then leaned back and took my hands, placing them around her stomach and holding them tight. Against my best intentions, after a few minutes, my cock got rock hard, pressing against her right ass cheek. She giggled, "Daddy, you've got a lump!" Then she moved her ass around until my stiff prick was snuggled tightly in between her ass cheeks. Throughout the movie, she would adjust herself on my lap, moving side to side or forward and backward, in all but intent, giving me a very thorough and enjoyable lap dance. All that movement only caused me to get harder and it was all I could do to keep from cumming in my pants. When she climbed off my lap after the movie, my seeping cock had left a very visible wet spot on the back of her night gown and an even bigger spot on my pajama bottoms. I had to sit and wait awhile to let my cock go soft before I went to bed. I couldn't afford to walk into the bedroom and confront my wife with my cock making a tent in my pajamas. After that, every time we watched a movie she would sit on my lap and eventually she would have to 'do the wiggle' as she called it, causing 'the lump' to slide in to the gap between her cheeks. On occasion, this would cause my cock to slide out of the fly in my pajamas and my bare skin would be caressed by the cloth of her wriggling ass. It was these times that I would sweat bullets, gritting my teeth to stop from cumming all over my young daughter's fat ass. I'm not sure if she knew what she was doing to me, but several times, while grinding her ass down on my cock, she lifted my hands from her belly to her chest and placed them over her small tits. I must admit, I did run my thumbs over her nipples when she did this, feeling them harden under my touch, and she would grind even harder and her body would give a small jerk now and then accompanied by a little squeek or sigh. We kept those moments between the two of us and never did anything in front of anyone. As for me, I wasn't much more experienced than my wife when we met. It wasn't my looks, as I'm fairly handsome, although I have gained some 40 lbs in the time we've been married. It was more to do with my passive demeanor. I have always been very shy and I'll always walk away from a conflict rather than cause a fuss. If I was at a bar and some guy would come up to talk to my date, I couldn't bring myself to intervene. A number of times, this resulted in my dates being stolen away by more aggressive men. In the end, before I met my wife, I'd only slept with 3 girls, and 2 of them were one night stands, initiated by the girls themselves. Also, I was not very well endowed, around 4 1/2" long and rather thin. This fact got around in high-school from the boy's locker room talk and caused a lot of teasing. Word soon spread and the girls who did show any interest in my above-average looks lost all desire when they heard the disappointing news. Even though I know that Marlie could be a tiger in bed, having heard it for myself that night in her apartment, our sex has always been very limited. She never allows anything outside of the missionary position and any time that I suggested something else, Marlie will quickly shoot me down with comments like "What do you think I am, some kind of prostitute?". She does like it when I eat her out, and she's come to expect it each time we have sex, which is typically once a week. She'll grab my hair and pull me hard against her crotch while my tongue dives deep into her hot pussy, and she'll have orgasm after orgasm while sitting on top humping my face until I almost smother in her juices. If I cum before she does during sex, she expects me to finish her off with my mouth, even though her pussy is full of my fresh cum. I never argue, as I always want to please her, and it's my fault anyway for cumming too soon. She never kisses me afterward, pushing me away and telling me to go wash my face. And she has never even touched my cock, much less given me a blowjob. Since I take care of her needs with my mouth before or after sex, to my knowledge, she has never had an orgasm with me during intercourse. She says it doesn't bother her and she's repeatedly told me "You're much better with your mouth than your cock anyway, so stop worrying about it." Since we've had the kids, Marlie has always dressed very reservedly. In the bedroom, she wears pajama bottoms and button up tops, making me work for it every time I want sex. She'll pretend to fight me, telling me the kids will hear, or sigh with boredom each time I try to pull off her pajamas, but in the end, I usually win and we both end up having a satisfying experience, her from my mouth and me from 2 minutes of humping my tiny dick into her sopping wet pussy afterward. In public, she wears the latest fashions, both modern and proper. Her skirts always extend half-way to the knee and she always wears white cotton panties. But even after 4 kids, almost anything she wears is made sexier because of her firm hot body. Every skirt shows off her pronounced ass, and every pair of jeans or slacks is super tight around the butt and crotch. She tries hard to avoid having panty lines or a camel toe, but is usually unsuccessful. Wherever we go, guys will stare at her and ask her out, even when she's wearing her wedding band. Every guy I know wants to get into Marlie's panties and makes no bones about it. My two best friends, Brad and Tony, provide plenty of hints that if she ever wanted to stray a bit, they would be there for her. I like the fact that I have such a hot wife and it turns me on knowing that all the guys are interested in her. I know it turns her on as well, as she will often have to change her panties after going out, even to the grocery store. I figured anything that turns her on will result in a greater possibility of my getting laid, so I do my best to promote the guys' interests. I try to get her to dress sexier. I always try to get her to wear shorter skirts and tighter shirts, but she keeps turning me down. I even bought her a sexy outfit with a miniskirt and a button up white top one size too small. I included a red shelf bra and red lace thong panties as well. She took one look and put it in her closet. "You want me to wear this out in public? Are you crazy? The men will be all over me," she said, shaking her head. She saw my look of disappointment and gave me a big hug. "Maybe for a special occasion. But only if Brad and Tony are nowhere around. Those guys are pigs." Marlie loves to dance, and once a month or so, we go to a dance club in a nearby town about 20 minutes away. I hurt my back several years ago, so dancing for me can get painful. But since I know how much she enjoys it, I never complain when Marlie ends up dancing with some of the younger men that attend, while I sit at the table, nursing a beer and watching her purse. As the night wears on and she's had a few drinks, her dancing will get a bit bolder. She'll hold the young guys around the neck and they'll grind against each other on the dance floor, just like it was back in college. The guys will eventually get a feel of her ass or her tits through her clothing while they dance. A few of the guys even get their hand into the front of her panties and a finger in her wet pussy, but she never lets it go farther than that before pulling away and dragging me out of the club. More times than not, she'd be so horny that I'd end up eating her out right there in the parking lot before we drove home. She'd really talk it up while she ground her cunt onto my face. "My God, did you see those guys coming on to me? They were grabbing me everywhere. Two of them had their fingers all the way inside me. They were finger-fucking me, honey. Hard and fast, making me want to cum so bad! I could feel their big hard cocks pressing against me. I even rubbed them a little just to see. I wanted to feel them inside me. If you weren't there I would have let them fuck me, right there on the dance floor. Uuuuugghhh.... God... that feels so good, baby. Eat my hot, wet pussy. Push your tongue deep inside. Ooooooh... Baby!" On and on, she'd talk about the young guys wanting to fuck her while she came over and over, drenching my face with her orgasms. It really turned me on, and a couple of times I came without even touching myself while she rode my mouth. Of course, by the time I got her home, she was dead to the world and I'd end up carrying her inside and putting her to bed. By the morning, it was back to business as usual, and no more was ever said about it, aside from the occasional giggle from the girls, who obviously heard about what went on the night before. There were several times when Addie came home from school upset because one of her college friends told her that they had felt up her mother in the bar, but I always soothed her over and eventually Addie got used to the occasional jibe. I never got made over my wife's antics. It was mostly my fault. I couldn't help her on the dance floor and her being drunk and there being so many hot young guys there... well, it was inevitable that something would happen. I just tried to make sure things didn't get too far. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * For our twentieth anniversary, I decided we needed to get away and have some time to ourselves. As a surprise for my wife, I booked a week at a local 5-star hotel at the beach around 8 hours drive from our home. I got a great deal, as it was after the end of the summer season and they were offering week-long packages to get people to stay a bit longer. I packed my bag and, while my wife was out shopping, told the kids to pack one for her as well. Since Addie had to study for an exam, Bea offered to pack the bag and quickly pulled an empty suitcase out of the closet to get started. When my wife returned, I had Candy and Bea put away the groceries, and I told her to go get changed, as I was taking her out for a special dinner for our upcoming twentieth. While she was getting changed, I put the suitcases in the trunk. Marlie looked amazing when she stepped out of the bedroom. I noticed that she had picked the special outfit I had bought her, along with her highest black heels. I could easily see her dark nipples through the blouse, and the shelf bra held her tits up high and straight out, giving her incredible cleavage. Since having the girls, her breasts had increased in size to a D cup, and the buttons on the front of her blouse were straining to contain her now ample breasts. To top it all off, her nipples were rock hard and looked like they were trying to poke right through the tight, thin shirt. The skirt barely covered her crotch by 3 inches in front and the high heels made her legs look fantastic. I couldn't believe she had decided to wear such a daring outfit out in public. "Wow, Honey, you look amazing," I told her. The kids chimed in with "Yeah, Mom, you look super hot!" and similar comments. Marlie blushed and said, "Well, this IS a special occasion and I DID promise your father I'd wear the outfit he bought me, so I figured just this once I'd give it a try." Little did she know that she would be wearing it much longer and in a much more public setting than she expected. My cock was rock hard, and pressing against my zipper, making a tiny little tent in the front of my pants. I held the door for her as we left the house so I could see how the skirt looked from the back. She looked so sexy walking to the car that I almost couldn't breathe. As I helped her into the passenger seat, I noticed she had on the red mesh thong and had carefully trimmed her bush into a little 'V' so that it was covered by her panties, although "covered" had little meaning in this case. As she sat down, the thong pulled up tight around her pussy, showing her cunt lips through the mesh fabric. "Oh My God! What a hot, hot woman I have for a wife," I thought. I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and get her out of those clothes. My wife knew something was up when we hit the highway instead of the local strip. "I have a surprise for you honey. I'm kidnapping you for a week. Just the two of us. We need some time away from the kids and maybe we can let our hair down a little," I said. I was worried that she would freak out and make me turn the car around, but she just stared, open-mouthed, for a full minute before leaning back in her seat and giving me a beautiful smile. "Well, that sounds wonderful. Did someone pack a bag for me, or will I be wearing this outfit all week?" We both laughed. "Bea packed your bag, and we're all set to go. In 4 hours we'll be at the hotel and relaxing in our suite." The ride went quickly, as I was speeding most of the way, anxious to get my wife alone. When we got to the hotel, I chose valet parking so that Marlie wouldn't have to walk across the parking lot in her heels. When we pulled up, the young hispanic kid helped my wife out of the car, and a big grin spread across his face. I could see his eyes glued to my wife's crotch as he took her hand and helped her out of her seat. Once she was on her feet, his eyes moved to her almost naked breasts, her nipples clearly visible through her shirt for all to see. A large black man gave her breasts the same stare, never taking his eyes off her chest, as he took our bags from the trunk and placed them on a cart. And as we walked into the lobby several other men working the reception area gave her a good looking-over as well. One even voiced a muted "Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm!". Finally, as we walked up to the checkin area, she gripped my arm tightly. "I didn't realize I'd be dressed like this in front of so many other men. All of them are staring at me." "That's because you look so beautiful and sexy, honey. None of the guys can take their eyes off you." I looked at her chest and noticed her nipples were poking through her shirt again. All the male attention was obviously turning her on. She continued to get stares from the checkin agent and the young black and hispanic bellhops waiting to take everyone's bags. She was a very popular girl, and her nipples never lost their excited pointiness. When we got to the room and closed the door, my wife pulled me to her and gave me a big wet deep kiss. "Do you like it when other men look at me", she asked with a sly smile? "Of course", I answered a bit too quickly, "I think you're the sexist woman alive! The only place other men wouldn't stare at you is in a gay bar. I'm sure all those young guys would love to get their hands all over you, just like the guys at the club." She stopped and turned towards me. "So you really don't mind it when the guys at the club feel me up? You didn't mind it when I made out with your friends at college and let them finger my hot, wet pussy? You like it when I let other men touch me?" "Well, it isn't my first option, but yes, it's sexy as hell watching those young guys touching you and getting big hardons in their jeans. You're a sexy woman and every guy knows it. Everybody who's watching has a big hardon in their pants, including me. It's a guy thing." "So it doesn't bother you if I'm dress like a slut? I guess not, since you bought these clothes for me... We're here for an entire week where nobody knows us. What if other men want to touch me, or feel me up, you're ok with that? I mean, of course, you let me do whatever I want at the club, but you don't mind if I flirt a little?" "Of course not, baby. I get just as turned on as you do when the young guys are dancing with you, squeezing your ass and feeling your tits. I can't help imagining them fucking you right there on the dance floor in front of everyone." I didn't really mean it. I knew she was turned on, and every time she got this hot, she liked me to talk like this. It turned her on even more, just thinking about other men fucking her. Plus, the more my talking about it got her hot and bothered the more of a benefit it was to me. "Oh God...," she moaned, kissing me, "You want to watch them all fuck me like a dirty little slut, don't you? You want to see them stuff their big cocks deep in my pussy? Say it... Say you want to watch them fuck me." She was really hot now. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes and the way she was humping herself against my leg as I kissed her neck. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees in front of her. Spreading her legs and thrusting her pelvis forward, she grabbed my head and pulled my face toward her soaking wet crotch. I saw the juices dripping from her pussy and running down her thighs. I hadn't even touched her and she was already boiling. Just the fact that she was showing herself to all those men had her juiced and ready. And she hadn't even had a single drink. I pushed my mouth against her mesh panties and let my tongue slide down to her inner lips, working its way up and down from her asshole to her clit in slow motion. She moaned, reaching down and grabbing my hair, pulling my face tighter against her pussy. I concentrated on her clit, sucking it through the fabric, then slowly pulling the panties over her ass and down her legs. She lifted one leg, then the other and I tossed them aside. Now I could really get my face into her soaking crotch and I latched my mouth onto her clit, sucking and licking at the same time while moaning into her cunt. This drove her crazy and I felt her cum hard as she pulled my face in tight. She came over and over as her juices ran down my chin and my neck, soaking the front of my shirt. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she pushed my head back and crossed her thighs, keeping my mouth away from her pussy. "Stop! Oh God.... I can't... No more... Oh shit!" She gave me a hard shove, sending me back onto my ass as she collapsed onto the floor in a heap. "God, I never came that much in my life! Oh shit... Oh honey... Oh God..." I watched her sitting there, legs quivering and body shuddering, for a full 10 minutes before she finally got up and stumbled into the bathroom. I pulled myself up and sat in a chair in the corner and I realized that I had cum in my pants without even touching my cock. Just then, I heard a knock on the door and I half-stumbled to answer it. Standing there was a young guy around early 20's with a cart containing our bags. He quickly wheeled it in and started pulling the bags off before stopping and staring toward the bathroom. I saw that my wife was now naked in the shower, her clothes piled in a heap on the floor, the clear glass shower door doing nothing to hide her beautiful body. I should have hustled him out immediately, but I let him stand there and stare for several minutes before he shook himself out of his stupor and pulled the remaining bags from the cart. Then he stood there, hand out, his eyes back on my naked wife, waiting for his tip. I dug into my wet pocket and pulled out a $5 bill, handing it to him. Again, he watched her shower for over a minute before turning and opening the door. "Hot wife you've got there," he said with a wicked grin. Then he was gone. I quickly changed clothes as I heard the shower turn off and Marlie walked out toweling herself off. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, all red and clean from the shower, her dark hair hanging in strands around her face. She smiled and blew me a kiss, then started to dry her hair. It was getting late and we'd missed dinner, so I looked up our options in the hotel directory. There was a cafe open late near the veranda, looking out over the ocean. It looked kind of dressy, so I put on my black slacks and pink shirt and sat down to wait for Marlie. In the directory was a list of all the activities that we could attend each evening, along with a list of the available amenities, which included a nice beach area. I knew Marlie liked to lay out, so she would love this feature. When she finished drying and fluffing her hair, she moved to her suitcase, which I had placed on a stand, and zipped it open. "Uhhhh... Honey," she said giving me a quizzical look, "These aren't my clothes." "What do you mean?" She held up a skirt that was barely 12 inches long. "These look like Bea's clothes. Didn't you say that Bea packed my bag?" She sifted through the clothes in the bag, pulling out micro-miniskirts one after the other, along with tiny tube tops, halters, and cutoff t-shirts. She quickly moved to her second bag on the floor, giving me a juicy beaver shot in the process, and zipped it open. From this bag, she pulled out tiny see-thru nighties and shoes. All the shoes were very high heels, at least for Marlie. She moved back to the first case and pulled out a miniskirt. "I can't wear this! Half my ass will be showing!" She held it up to herself and I could see that, even hanging low on her hips, it would barely cover her crotch. "I don't know," I said ogling her openly, "I think it's kind of sexy!" She stopped and stared at me, her eyes searching my face. "You would really let me to go out in public like this? After what happened today? The clothes I wore here were bad enough, but these are absolutely obscene! You want me to parade around in front of everyone with my ass and my tits hanging out for all to see?" Her face was turning bright red and I could see a flush spreading across her chest down to her heaving breasts. She was breathing hard, obviously getting a little turned on by the whole thing. "I think you'd be beautiful. Just try on one of the outfits and let's see how it looks." After what had just happened in the room, I figured wearing even more revealing clothes would really set her off and we'd surely have the best sex of our lives that night. She stared at me a few more long seconds, before turning back to the suitcase and pulling out a red skirt and a white top. She was searching through the suitcase, lifting clothes up and pushing them aside, before finally turning to me with her mouth open. "There's not a bra or a pair of panties in either suitcase!" I just stared at her, not having any soutions to offer. She must have taken that as approval, as she slowly pulled on the skirt and top, then pulled a pair of red strappy heels from the other bag and put them on as well. She stood up straight and faced me in her new outfit. The top was of thin, white cotton with a scoop neck which exposed the top of her breasts almost to her nipples. It was also short, covering only a few inches below the bottom of her breasts. He areoli showed clearly through the material and her nipples where again hard, trying to rip holes through the fabric. She had the skirt pushed down low, exposing her hip bones, and it still only came a few inches below her crotch. It was a four-panel design, with two panels covering her hips and one each covering front and back. "Well," she asked? "How do I look?" As she walked back and forth her tits bounced inside the shirt and her swinging hips made the fabric panels separate at the corners, giving a flash of skin up to the waistband. She was so sexy I could barely breathe. "Oh My God Honey, you look fucking amazing!" She turned to face away from me. "How about the back?" The fabric panel covered her ass down to the portion that curved back to her thighs, leaving the bottom third of her ass completely bare. "Are you ok with me going out like this?" Her ass looked so fantastic that I could barely breathe. "Ye...Yes!" I stammered. "You look so fucking sexy... I... You... Oh my God..." My cock was trying to punch a hole through the front of my pants and I could feel my balls pulsing. It was all I could do not to come in my pants for the second time in one day. She walked over to the coffee table and bent over to pick up her purse spreading her legs slightly. The skirt rose up to completely expose her naked pussy. I saw that she had shaved it completely bare, and her pussy was already wet with excitement. "OK, then. I guess we can go to dinner." I stood up quickly, adjusting myself and rushed to the door to hold it open for her. My dick was so hard that it hurt. I'm not sure why I was so excited for other men to see my almost naked wife, but for some reason the thought got me so hot it felt like my head was on fire. She sauntered out the door, purse over her shoulder, putting an extra swing in her hips as she walked in her high heels. I followed behind watching her ass bounce up and down in the tiny skirt, her long legs looking amazing in her heels. She looked like a high-priced call girl, and I was loving every minute of it. When we got to the dining area, it was still fairly busy. The middle-aged maitre'd did a double-take on my wife's outfit, but quickly recovered and brought us to a two-person table in a back corner. It seemed like all the men in the cafe were staring at my wife as she sauntered through the tables. Once there, he helped her into her seat, her skirt lifting up over her ass as she sat down. Not a stitch of clothing was left betwen her sexy ass and the light fabric of the chair. Her appearance had an immediate impact on the wait staff as well. A young boy came over immediately to fill our glasses. His eyes were obviously not on his task, as he spilled the water on the tablecloth while staring at my wife's tits. As soon as he wandered off mumbling an apology, the waiter appeared. "Hello, my name is Rick and I'll be your waiter this evening," he said, staring at my wife. "Could I start you both off with a cocktail?" He was a handsome young man with thick dark hair, a dark complexion and the sharp features of a male model. It was obvious that his shirt covered a muscular body and his pants strained to contain his manly charms. Marlie was blushing again at his blatant attention, her eyes moving up and down his fine physique. "What do you suggest?" As she leaned over to look at the menu, her tits pushed harder against the shirt, her nipples almost breaking through the fabric. "How about a Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall," he said with a big grin. "Oh, that sounds marvelous, but I thought we were ordering drinks," Marlie said, looking up at him with a big smile. "How about a Kamikazee. I haven't had one of those since I was a teenager." "Honey, that's pretty strong, don't you think you should start out with some wine or something a bit lighter?" I knew what a kamikazee would do to her, and once she got started, she was hard to stop. "Well dear, you said we should let our hair down and enjoy ourselves. If that's the case, I might as well enjoy myself to the fullest. I'll take a kamikazee." She sat back, and pushed her hands through her hair, causing her breasts to push up and out even further, her top lifting almost to the point of exposing her nipples. "Sounds like the lady has plans for the evening," said Rick. "And for you sir?" "I'll have a light beer." Someone had to stay focused tonight, and it certainly wasn't going to be Marlie. "Just as I would have suggested, sir," he said. I wasn't sure what that meant, but he said it with a smile, even if his eyebrows were raised a bit. After a delicious meal, numerous visits from Rick, and three more kamikazees, Marlie was very, very drunk. She had been flirting more and more with Rick, and when he finally brought the check for us to sign, I was more than ready to get her out of there and back to the room. "Here you are, sir. Just sign and put your room number. Everything will be charged to your account. So, what are you folks planning for this evening?" "I wanna go dancshing," slurred Marlie. "Watsh a good placsh to dancsh?" She leaned forward and stared up at Dave, giving him a big, drunken smile and showing a lot of cleavage in the process. "Well, there are numerous bars on the premises for the guests, and the band will be playing on the veranda until 2am." I looked over at the veranda right next to the cafe. It had a stone dance floor with tables around the edges and a bar on one side. Marlie looked at me and said, "Letsh go!" As she stood up, the chair didn't move and she nearly fell, only to be saved by Rick, who caught her by her right breast, swinging her around until her back was toward him, then grabbing her by the left breast with the other hand. "Easy there," he said, standing her up, but not releasing her breasts right away. Marlie was having trouble staying on her feet, so he had plenty of time to massage her breasts. As she gained her balance, his right hand reached down and grabbed her ass cheek in a veiled attempt to hold her up while he copped a feel. I finally got out of my chair and took her by the arm, leading her out of the restaurant and down the hall toward our room. "You folks have a wonderful evening," said Rick from behind us. "It was a pleasure serving you." I held Marlie up as we walked. She could barely stay on her feet as we weaved our way through the lobby. "I think you've had enough excitement for the night. Why don't we go back to the room and relax?" In the middle of the lobby, Marlie pulled up and jerked her arm from me, almost falling again. "I wanna go dancsh! I don' wanna go to the roooom!" "Honey, you've had quite a bit to drink. I don't think dancing is a good idea right now." "If yoooou won' take me dancshing, I'll fin' shomeone who will!" By this point, several other couples had stopped to watch the commotion, and it was getting uncomfortable. "OK... OK... I'll take you. Let's go." I reversed our direction and took her out to the veranda. The dance floor was fairly full with young couples dancing, and a number of the tables were filled with groups of young men and women. Interspersed within the mass of youth were a number of older couples, some dancing together, but quite a few were separate and each dancing with younger partners. I led Marlie over to an empty table and sat her down. "I'm going to go get you some water. Stay here and I'll be right back," I told her. I just hoped she didn't throw up before I got back. The bar area was crowded and it took me awhile to get the bartender's attention. As I made my way back to our table, I noticed several young men standing there talking to Marlie. As I approached, I saw one young man take Marlie's hand and help her up and out onto the dance floor. At that point there wasn't much I could do, but sit down at the table and join the other boys who were now sitting there watching this young boy and my wife. They were at the edge of the dance floor, her arms around his neck and his hands on her hips. Even though the music was a rather fast song, they swayed slowly, not at all to the beat. Marlie was so drunk that she was tripping over her own feet and several times almost fell down. The young man's hands moved down to her ass and reached under her skirt, grabbing two big handfuls of my wife's naked ass, pulling her close to him. His leg moved between hers and he started pulling her back and forth, grinding her against his thigh. Her head fell forward, resting against his shoulder as they dry-humped right there in front of everyone. The group of boys at the table started making comments as they danced. "Man, that bitch is fucking hot!" "Yeah, man, I can't wait to get my turn feeling that ass." "Did you see her tits? Her nipples were rock hard. She's definitely looking for some big hard dick." "Yeah, we need to all get a turn with that!" In between comments, they would glance at me to see if I had any reaction. They obviously knew I was her husband, but they didn't seem to care. "Look! He's going for the pussy!" The boys hands had moved deeper into the opening between my wife's ass cheeks. He was pulling her cheeks up, positioning his hands near her naked crotch. As she couldn't get any higher, he crouched lower, bending his knees to get a better angle, his face now level with her neck. Obviously he found his target, as I saw my wife thrust her hips back against his hand and throw her head back. I couldn't hear over the music, but I'm sure she was moaning as her mouth hung open and she humped against his hand. His mouth moved to her neck, kissing her from her collar bone to her ear, then biting her earlob. Her right hand moved to the back of his head, holding him tight against her neck as he sucked hard on her delicate flesh. The music changed from one song to the next, but they never stopped. He moved one hand from her crotch to her breast, squeezing it and pinching and pulling her nippled through the fabric. His other hand was moving rhythmically under her ass, fingering her slowly, while his mouth continued to suck on her neck, leaving a number of hickies on her white skin. After 15 minutes of this, another boy got up and cut in on the couple. The new boy went right for the target, sliding his hand up the front of my wife's thigh and under her dress. His other hand went to her tit, thumbing her nipple through the fabric. She latched on to this boy also, pulling his head toward her and giving him a deep kiss while her skirt moved up and down in synch with his plunging fingers. She soon threw her head back again, giving a loud moan that got the attention of several nearby couples. A third boy moved in for his turn, then a forth, and a fifth. I kept expecting Marlie to break away and come drag me to the room, but she was like the energizer bunny, cumming on the fingers of one boy after another. By now, an hour had passed and my wife was still going strong with whichever boy happened to be feeling her up at the time. Suddenly I saw that our waiter, Rick, had joined the group. He watched, grinning, while the boy dancing with her brought her to yet another orgasm, then he moved onto the dance floor and took his turn. Rick was much bigger and more handsome than the other boys, and he had a better technique. His right hand was under her skirt, squeezing her ass, his mouth giving her light kisses on the lips. His other hand held the back of her head. His hand moved up to her left breast, thumbing and pinching the nipple, before pushing the fabric up over her tit, baring it for all to see. His thumb ran circles around her nipple while his hand gently squeezed her tit. He pulled her in for a deep kiss, his tongue worming in and out of her mouth. He moved down to her neck, kissing and sucking her flesh, adding his own personal mark to her already hickie covered skin. His free hand moved down to the front of her skirt and pushed underneath, while his left hand gripped her hair, controlling her. Suddenly, he turned her toward the table and moved behind her. His hands moved up pushing the other side of her shirt above her right breast. Now her tits were on full display to anyone on that side of the seating area. His hands moved down grasping the front of her skirt before pulling up the panel, baring her naked pussy to the boys. A small cheer went up from the crowd when her sopping wet pussy came into view. He quickly tucked the fabric into the waistband to hold it out of the way. His hips pushed forward against her ass, causing her to thrust her pelvis outward, giving the boys and excellent view of her horny cunt. His right hand slid down her stomach until it covered her crotch, then his two middle fingers disappeared inside her wet hole. His other hand grasped her left breast, and his lips sucked her earlobe as his fingers thrust in and out of her. Her head fell back against his shoulder and she gave a loud moan, giving herself completely to this talented new partner. Soon she was humping against his hand as he drove his fingers in and out of her hairless pussy, rubbing his palm against her clit. She cried out, her pelvis thrusting, her legs shaking, her orgasm more intense than the one she had in the room earlier. Her body went limp and Rick held her up by her breasts, walking her over to the table and holding her there, tits out and pussy bared. The boys huddled around the front of my wife, feeling her tits and pushing their fingers into her cunt. The crowd had thinned and only about 10 couples remained. Rick pushed the boys away and pulled Marlie's shirt and skirt back into place. He then wrapped his arm around her waist and started toward the door. The boys all clapped as they walked away, a couple of them shouting out vulgar comments. "Thanks for the dance, SLUT!" "I had a nice time with that pussy. Hope to see it again soon!" I quickly moved to keep up, carrying Marlie's purse and racing up behind them. Rick half carried my wife through the lobby and to the elevators, where he pushed her inside, held her up against the wall, and pushed the button for our floor. I wondered how he knew which floor we were on, then I remembered that I had written our name and room number on the check. With the elevator doors closing, he kissed her again, pushed his hand back up her skirt, slipping his fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, making her moan softly into his mouth. "You are one hot bitch," he said to her as the doors opened at our floor. He pulled her from the elevator and dragged her toward our room, her feet barely keeping up. She almost fell twice, but he pulled her back to her feet each time. When we got to our room, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a key card, quickly sliding it into the lock, and pushed our door open. He obviously had gotten a duplicate key to our room somehow. I knew then that he had set us up. He pushed Marlie into the room and up against the wall, right where I had eaten her out earlier. He gave me a hard look. "You can leave, or you can stay, but tonight this bitch belongs to me. Don't interfere, understand?" I stood there with a dry mouth and nodded. What chance did I have against this big, rough, well-built younger man? He could kick my ass with his little finger. We couldn't claim rape, as Marlie hadn't exactly been pushing anyone away the entire evening. It had been obvious that she was horny and ready to give herself to anyone who touched her. I resigned myself to the fact that this man was going to fuck my wife, and there was nothing I could do to stop him. Marlie leaned back against the wall to keep from swaying, staring drunkenly at Rick. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down the wall until she was on her knees, her head level with his crotch. "Take it out," he said. Marlie looked up at his face as her hands reached up, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down around his ankles. Then she pulled down his boxers as well. His cock hung down, semi-hard, pointing at her face. I never saw a cock that big. It was at least 9" long and as thick as Marlie's wrist, and it wasn't even hard yet. His balls were equally as big, each the size of a plum. Marlie stared at his big dick, lifting it, feeling the weight. She slowly started moving her hands up and down his big dick, jerking him off. I couldn't believe my wife was touching this man's cock without any argument. She had always avoided mine like it was poison. Not only was she touching it, but she was masturbating him right there in front of me, as if I didn't exist. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, pulling it tight against her scalp. "Suck it," he commanded, as he pulled her head forward until her lips were pressed against the tip of his massive manhood. Marlie gently kissed the tip of his cock, then licked it all around, spreading his precum across the tip. Then she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the huge cockhead, before pulling back and licking again, running her tongue down the length of his cock underneath, then back to the head over and over until his cock was covered with her saliva. She took him into her mouth again, this time taking the head plus 2 or 3 inches before his cock bottomed out at the entrance to her throat. She reached up and held his huge cock in her tiny hand, reaching the other hand up to gently cup his hairy balls. Slowly, she moved her head forward and back, taking as much of his cock as she could in her mouth while using one hand to jerk the rest of his cock and the other to massage his ballsack. "Oh, yeah... you know how to suck a big dick, don't you slut?" "Mmmmmmm..." was all that Marlie managed, her lips stretched tight around his hard cock. She moved her mouth and her hand faster, working his cock like a well-practiced whore. "Oh, shit. Damn, bitch! You're gonna make me cum." He moaned and pushed his hips forward, and I saw his cock jerk as he pumped his load into my wife's mouth. She swallowed quickly taking most of his load, but some still escaped and slipped out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her shirt. When he finished, he pulled her up and pushed her back against the wall, his hand on her throat, cum dripping from her face. "You're gonna be a good girl for me, aren't you," he asked? "You're gonna do everything I say like a good little slut." She stared into his eyes, then nodded, lifting her hand up and with her index finger pushed his leftover cum into her mouth and swallowing it. "That's what I thought," said Rick. He lifted her bodiy from the floor and threw her onto the bed on top of the comforter, crushing the poor little towel elephant that the housekeeper had so kindly placed there. "I knew you were a whore the minute I saw you. You and me are gonna have lots of fun tonight." Rick quickly pulled off his clothes, then climbed on top of Marlie. She spread her legs wide, giving him easy access to her sopping wet pussy. His body hovered over her, his hard cock pointing directly at her wet pussy. I realized then that his cock had never gotten soft, even after the amazing blowjob Marlie had just given him. He slowly lowered himself until his cockhead was pressed against the opening of her pussy, then eased himself down, burying several inches of his monster cock into her cunt. She gasped and moaned. "Oh God," she cried. "You're so fucking big. You cock feels so good." He slowly pulled his cock out until just the head remained inside, then pushed forward again, driving his huge cock deep into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his thighs, pulling him in deeper. "Oh Yes! Fuck me... fuck me... so fucking good... Oh God, it's so fucking good." I couldn't believe this was my wife. She never enjoyed it when I fucked her, now here she was, spreading herself for another man, begging him to fuck her. A man she'd just met. A man who's cock she'd just sucked and who's cum she'd just swallowed. A man who she'd given herself to without any thought of me whatsoever. Rick moved his cock slowly in and out of her pussy, going deeper with each thrust, until he finally had his cock buried to the hilt, his balls crushed against her brown asshole. Each time he pushed in, her entire inner lips went with his cock, inverting her pussy. When he pulled out, her lips clung to his cock like they were trying to suck him back in. I heard her pussy squishing with each thrust, her juices running freely from her horny cunt, dripping down her ass and clinging to his balls. Marlie was in heaven, moaning, gasping, and crying out with each thrust. Each time he hit bottom, she cried out, arching her back in ecstasy. She begged and screamed, without stopping as he gave her the best fuck I'd ever seen. "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck my pussy... oh God... pound my hot cunt... do me... do me... Oh God I love your big cock... You feel so fucking good... Oh God... Oh God... Aaaaagggghhhh!" Rick pushed in deep and rocked his cock back and forth in her cunt, rubbing her clit with his pubic bone as she had her first of many orgasms. "Yeah, cum for me baby. That's what you want. You love this big dick, don't you?" Her answer was to grind her cunt back against him. "Ugh... Uuugghhh... Uuuuugggghhh... Aaaaaagggghhhhh!!!" She came again and again as his cock pistoned in and out of her hot pussy. He alternated his movements, one minute grinding his big cock deep into her pussy, then slowly sliding it in and out, then quickly pounding her, his ass a blur while his cock slammed into her cunt, their bodies making the 'slap slap slap' sound of two people rutting like animals. Their bodies slapped, her pussy squished, my wife cried out for him to fuck her, Rick called her a cunt and a whore and a slut. He used one hand to slap her ass as he fucked her, which seemed to send her into an even higher state of arousal. They went at it for over an hour. Finally I heard Rick announce his pending orgasm. "I'm gonna cum, bitch! Tell me you want it! Say it, you little whore!" "Yes, yes, I want it! I want your cum! Cum deep in my pussy!" Rick slammed hard into my wife burying his cock to the hilt. Her hands grabbed his ass, holding him deep in her overstuffed cunt. I watched helpless as he pumped his hot cum into my wife's cunt, thankful that she was on the pill. "Aaaaaagggghhhh!" Rick cried out as he came. Marlie's legs quivered and she cried out, "Uuuuunnnnngggghhh!" as she came with him. His balls clenched again and again, 6, 7, 8 times. His cum seeped out around the edges of his cock, running down her ass and onto the bedspread. They stayed frozen together for what seemed an eternity before he collapsed on top of her. Her heels dug into his thighs, keeping him pressed inside her. Her hands reached up and cradled his neck. She looked into his eyes. And then she kissed him. A deep, soul-searching, tongue sharing kiss of love and affection. "Thank you," she whispered. He rolled off her and laid on his back next to her, his now flacid, but still huge, cock coated with their juices. Cum poured out of Marlie's gaping cunt, running in a river down her ass and onto the bed. Her arms and legs splayed out, one hand still behind his neck, they both lay there, breathing heavily, silently basking in their post-fuck satisfaction. It was then I felt the wetness in my pants. To my surprise, I had cum right along with them, shooting my load in my underwear. I realized then that I had been rubbing my hard little cock while I had watched this virile young man fuck my wife. And I felt ashamed. Due to the alcohol and the lateness of the hour, I must have passed out sitting in the chair. I awoke to the sounds of them fucking again. The clock showed only 30 minutes had passed. This guy was an unbelievable stud. He already came twice and now he was fucking her again. This time, I had a side view of the action as they laid sideways on the bed. Marlie was on her knees, her head pressed against the mattress, her ass high in the air. Rick was fucking her from behind, pounding his cock into her hard and fast. His hands on her hips pulled her back to meet his thrusts and she grunted each time he hit bottom. He removed one hand to slap her ass hard several times. "Fucking slut," he called out, moving his hand back to her hip to pound her even harder. I saw a deep red blush spread across Marlies upper arms and shoulders and her face and ears were bright red. She was obviously deeply in heat, taking this young man's cock for the second time in one night. He pulled out, pushing her down onto her stomach. "Noooooooo," she begged. "Please! Don't stop!" He laid down on his back next to her. "Your turn, bitch. Climb up here and ride my cock." His cock stood straight up, stiff and hard, gleaming with her juices. She quickly climbed on top, lowering herself onto his cock, sinking down until he was fully buried in her hot, wet cunt. Up, down, up, down, she slowly rode his cock, taking the entire length in her pussy. I still couldn't believe she could take him all the way inside her. The tip of his cock must have been between her tits as she pounded down on top of him. Soon, she was cumming again, her head back, her mouth open, her cries and whimpers of ecstasy filling the room. Rick grabbed her big tits as she rode him, pinching her nipples and pulling them up and away from her body. It looked painful, but somehow it made her even more excited and she moaned her approval. She rode him for a long time before they changed positions again. He took her every way I could imagine, her sitting astride him while he sat on the edge of the bed, her on top facing away from him, on and on they switched positions, Marlie cumming over and over. She couldn't seem to get enough of Rick's cock. Just as the sun started to peek through the curtains, he came. With her standing, her hands on the bed, legs spread, head down, while he stood behind her roughly pounding into her, he filled her cunt with another huge load of his potent sperm. When he was done he gave her a shove, sending her face down on the bed, her hands by her head, her legs straight out hanging over the edge of the bed, his cum dripping from her cunt. While she lay there gasping for breath from the hard fucking, he turned and walked over to me, standing in front of me with his slick, semi-hard cock pointing at my face, the remainder of his cum dripping from the tip. "You see this dick old man," he asked? "Your wife's pussy belongs on this dick. She can't live without this dick. This dick owns that pussy. She's mine now. She'll do anything I say. Anything! You got that? She's my slut now and I'm gonna show her a real good time." I looked up at his face, sneering down at me, then returned my gaze to his huge cock hanging down over his balls. Even soft, his cock was huge. After last night, I knew no woman would ever give up a cock like that without a fight. I knew he was right. He owned her and I had to accept that. I couldn't win this fight, just like every other fight I'd ever gotten into. I was bound to lose to this muscular young man with his giant dick. "Answer me, shithead. You understand what I'm saying?" "Yes, I understand," I said, lowering my eyes to the floor. I felt like crying but I held back just long enough for him to turn and walk into the bathroom. "Good," he said firmly. It was done. Over. Never to be questioned, or even spoken of, again. I watched his muscular ass as he walked into the bathroom to shower. I had to figure out a way to get us out of this. God knows what he had planned for Marlie. My wife slept as he showered, cum slowly oozing out of her well-fucked cunt. When he finished, he walked out, toweling himself off and got dressed. "Get this bitch cleaned up and into a bikini. Then bring her down to the cafe. And hurry up about it. I'm starving from all that fucking I did last night." He laughed as he dressed, then slapped her ass hard, making her whimper as she woke. "And don't even think about leaving. I know everything about you two. If I have to come after you, you'll regret it." Then he was out the door and gone. Marlie pushed herself up on her elbows and turned her head toward me. Her makeup was smeared and her hair was a mess. "Honey, help me up," she said plainly. I helped her to her feet and into the bathroom, turning on the shower for her. "Pick out a bikini for me. Something sexy. I want to look good for my new lover." Her eyes searched my face, seeing if there was any argument or hesitation, but she found none. She climbed into the shower and pulled the curtain. "Tsssh," I heard her hiss. "What a wimp." I quickly changed into my swimsuit and then started sorting through Marlie's suitcases for whatever swimwear Bea had packed. I had hoped to find something decent, but I was sorely disappointed. As I expected, Bea had only packed the skimpiest of string bikinis. Most were little more than 3 pieces of postage-stamp-sized fabric connected by strings. Even on Bea, it would be obscene. On Marlie, I'm quite sure it would be almost non-existent. As it made very little difference, I picked out a black set and laid it on the bed. The bottom was only 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. It wouldn't even completely cover her pussy. The tops were of the same dimension, but triangular. There was no way these little patches would fully cover her nipples. When she came out of the bathroom, she looked stunning. Her hair was blown out perfectly and her makeup was done with precision. Her hips swayed sexily as she walked to the bed. "Nice choice," she said, looking down at the threads of clothing. "I see you picked out something nice and sexy for me to wear for Rick." She grinned at me, a twinkle in her eye. "Here, help me put it on." She pulled on the bikini and had me tie the straps behind her back. She finished off the look with a set of high-heeled black clogs. "How do I look?" She turned slowly, giving me a good view of every angle. The front patch was pushed down all the way to the top of her slit, just above her clit. As I predicted, the top didn't fully cover her nipples, leaving a small sliver of dark flesh visible on the sides of each one. In the back, the string was completely buried in the fleshy mounds of her ass, like she wasn't wearing anything at all. The suit was so small on her that even the strings on the sides were pulled into her crack, the rest riding low on her hips. She was more sexy than I'd ever seen her, and she looked like a total slut. "Ahhh.... You look hot. Very sexy, dear," I said. "Do you think Rick will like it?" Again, her eyes searched my face, looking for some reaction. Suddenly, a brief bout of self-confidence took over and I made a last ditch effort to free us of the situation. "Honey, why don't we leave? Just go? We can pack our bags, get our car, and just go home. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. We can go home and forget this ever happened." She stared at me for a good 30 seconds, not saying anything. Then, her brow furrowed and she got an angry look like I've never seen. "NOW you want to leave? You bring me to this sex hotel with all these hot guys, get me drunk, then watch a bunch of them finger me right in public where everyone can see. You see them giving me orgasm after orgasm until I can't stand up by myself. You let one of them take me to our room, then watch him fuck me until I pass out. Four times! Four times, you let him fuck me. I never came so hard in my life. You let him cum in me every time. No condoms, no pulling out, just shooting his cum in my pussy as much as he likes. You let him call me a slut. A whore. A dirty cunt. You let him say those things to the woman you love. And NOW you want to leave?" She was getting louder and louder as she went, her face turning bright red. "I heard what he said to you. I heard it! I heard him claim my pussy. I heard him call me his slut. I heard him say he owned me. AND I HEARD YOU AGREE WITH HIM! You did everything but suck his dick for him." She stopped yelling, breathing heavily, her fists clenched. Then I saw her slowly relax, blowing out air, flexing her hands until she became calm again. I'd never seen her so angry. This was not a side of Marlie I had ever seen before. "If you want to leave, you can go. You don't have to stay. You were supposed to protect me! Defend my honor. Keep me from falling into the hands of men who would use me. You failed me. You're such a wimp. You don't even have the backbone to stand up to someone who's fucking your own wife. So you go. I'm staying. I'll be fine here all by myself. I'm sure Rick will take good care of me. At least with him, I know where I stand. I'm a dirty, cock-loving slut. HIS slut. And he can do whatever he wants with me." "Honey, please... I suggested we go back to the room. You wanted to go dancing. You decided..." "I was DRUNK! I wasn't making clear decisions. You know how I get when I'm drunk! How many times have we gone to the club and I ended up getting finger-fucked by those young guys on the dance floor? How many? Yet you still took me there every weekend and let those boys dance with me and feel me up. Even Addie's friends got their fingers in my pussy. I'm sure you would have been happy to just invite them home so they could fuck me properly. What stopped you? Couldn't get up the nerve to even ask them to fuck me?" She was pacing now, turning in little circles. She stopped and pointed her finger at me, poking me in the chest. "You're the one who wanted this to happen, not me. YOU! Well, now you got your wish. I'm a slut! Are you happy? I'm a dirty, skanky, cock-sucking, cum-swallowing, dick-loving whore! Isn't that what you always wanted? Isn't that why you married me? You knew what I was like. After all these years, I finally came out of the closet. I hope you like it, because this is what you get from now on. FUCK you! I'm going to breakfast!" With that, she turned and headed for the door. "Marlie, please! I'm sorry! You're right! I'll do better! I promise. I'll..." She stopped, her hand on the door handle, facing away from me, not wanting to look at me. "It's too late. It already happened. The cat is out of the bag. I can't put it back in. I want to, but I can't. I know. I've done it before. It's so hard. I'm not in control anymore. Rick is." And then she walked out the door, leaving me heartbroken and confused. While I'll admit I didn't stand up to Rick, or Marlie for that matter, I still couldn't take the entire blame for what happened. She had always brought an end to the situation in the past. This time, she let it continue to it's ultimate conclusion, being thoroughlyl fucked by another man. I wondered why she had chosen to take her flirtations to the next level. It was one thing to dance with other men, even let them cop a feel, but somewhere she went off the tracks. When she had started to let the men at the club dip their fingers in her sex, she had changed, become more sexual. Now, where nobody knew us and where we could leave it all behind, she let loose and became the horny slut she had been holding inside her. I wondered if our marriage could survive this new revelation. Or was this the end? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Even though I knew I couldn't stand up to a guy like Rick, and I knew that whatever happened over the next week would be hard to endure, I couldn't bring myself to abandon my wife. Rick was a monster, a bully. He hadn't made love to Marlie, he had fucked her. He was raw and passionate and his big cock had turned her into his willing slut. But I had to be there for her to provide some sort of filter, if that was even possible at this point. I hurried out the door and down the hall after her. As I scurried down the hall, I passed two young teenage boys, no more than 14 years old. The were standing there, mouths open, watching my wife's heavy ass sway down the hall, her ass cheeks naked for everyone to see. I'm sure they'd never seen anything like it before. I reached her at the elevator, and rushed in just as the doors were closing. She looked at me, as I stood there speechless, trying to find the words to make things right. "If you're going to stay, you'll have to let some things go," she said. "I'm sure that Rick has plans to fuck me again, and I doubt he'll be the only one. Can you live with that?" I looked at my wife in her skimpy outfit. I swear, it was worse than her being nude. "Yes, I can live with that, if that's what you want. I just want to make sure you're going to be okay." The elevator doors opened and Marlie turned and walked out into the lobby. All eyes followed her as she walked toward the cafe. Conversations stopped mid-sentence as she walked by. In the middle of the dining area, Rick sat at a 4-person table chatting with one of the waiters. About half the tables were occupied, mostly with middle-age or elderly couples with a spattering of younger couples around. Marlie caused quite a stir as we made our way to Rick and I listened to the comments from around the room. "Oh my God!" "Would you look at that!" "Why would someone let their wife walk around like that?" "Damn, that's one hot, sexy bitch!" We finally got to the table and Marlie sat in the chair next to Rick. He immediately leaned over and gave her a deep french kiss, the fingers of his hand rubbing her nipples through her suit top, making them hard and pointed. "Donny, this is my new slut. Say hello to my friend Donny, Slut," Rick said looking at Marlie. The young waiter walked around the table and leaned over, putting his face inches from Marlie's. "I hear you're a hot little cunt. How about a little kiss, Slut," he said smiling. He didn't move, waiting for her to make the effort. When she didn't move, he hissed, "Don't make me say it twice, bitch." She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his. He opened his mouth, pushing his tongue past her teeth, forcing her to give him a deep french kiss. His fingers moved to her breasts, sliding the suit cups to the side and pinching her nipples between his fingers. Slowly he rolled her hard nipples between his fingers, making her moan into his mouth. "She really is a hot one," said Donny when he finally pulled his mouth away. "The guys are gonna love this one." Two other young men came to the table, one carrying a tray table and the other a tray loaded with food. They set plates in front of us, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, but their huge smiles let on that they knew this was no ordinary breakfast. Soon, Donny tired of his game and pulled way from Marlie, leaving her nipples hanging outside her suit, red and pointy. "We'll be at number eighteen after breakfast," Rick said to the boy with a grin, "Hope you can join us." "Oh, I'll be there. I can't wait to see what this dirty little cunt has to offer." The waiters left us alone with our meals and Rick started in heartily, wolfing his food down. Being hungry as well, I started slowly eating what was on my plate, my eyes never leaving my wife. Marlie sat with her head down, not touching her food, her hands in her lap. "You better eat up, darlin'. You've got a real big day ahead of you," said Rick. "You won't be back here 'til dinner, and it's fair to say you'll be having a liquid lunch." He laughed and went back to his food. "Marlie, honey, eat," I said to her softly. "And cover your breasts. People are staring." She pulled the suit back over her nipples and took her fork, slowly pushing food into her mouth. She struggled to eat, her face and ears red with the embarassment of being humiliated in public. And this time, she wasn't drunk, so everything that was happening was bright and clear. I did notice that her nipples never lost their pointedness. Once Rick was done, he stood up, wiped his mouth with a napkin and grabbed Marlie's hand, pulling her to her feet. She had barely eaten anything. "Time to go, sweet thing. My friends are waiting." I slugged down the rest of my coffee and hurried to catch up as he led her through the dining area, her naked asscheeks swaying on her high heels. When they got to the beach, he stopped so she could remove her shoes and then continued onto the soft white sand. I grabbed her shoes and followed them up down the steps to the white sand. As we walked onto the beach, an elderly black man sat next to a pile of beach chairs with a sign stating a $10 a day rental fee. As we continued, we passed a line of cabanas lined up along a thick hedge of seagrape bushes at the rear of the beach about 100 feet from the ocean waves. Each cabana consisted of a raised platform and 4 corner posts with a frame roof. Over the frame and down the sides hung white silky curtains, closed on three sides, with the fronts tied open. Some of the cabanas had people laying in them or sitting in chairs in front of them, soaking up the early morning rays. Each had a number on a post in front. On this side of the hotel, the numbers started at 11 and we walked until we got to number 18, which was two from the end. Sitting in front of the cabana, on the rented chairs, were five young men around Rick's age, all tanned and hard bodied, drinking beers and passing a joint between them. They whooped and hollared when Rick arrived, pulling my wife behind him. Rick puffed up his chest and in a mocking tone said, "Howdy boys! This is the whore I was telling you about. It was my pleasure to help myself to her hungry mouth and juicy pussy last night... ALL NIGHT! Hahaha! Now, as you know, I'm not a selfish man, so I couldn't keep her all to myself. Besides, she loves dick so much, she almost sucked me dry. I figured you guys could help me keep her satisfied. She's yours until the sun goes down. No holes barred, if you know what I mean. Haha. Now, who wants some pussy?" All the boys gave a cheer and a couple of them lifted their beer cans in salute to Rick and his new slut. "OK boys, I'm gonna go first and get her all warmed up for ya. Then I gotta get to work. You can come and go as you need to, but make sure somebody stays behind to keep the slut occupied until some of the other guys show up. I don't want hubby here getting any crazy ideas. I'll be back with you shortly." With that, he pulled Marlie into the tent and pulled the strings, allowing the curtains to close. It wasn't long before we heard the high-pitched moans of my wife coming from the tent. They got louder and more frequent as he got her hotter and hotter. "Oh God, Rick, that feels so good. Oooooooh God. Oh God, don't stop." Then came Rick's voice, louder than necesary, obviously for the purpose of impressing his friends. "You want this big cock, don't you bitch? You love my big cock deep in your hot cunt. Say it, whore. Tell me what you want you dirty slut!" "Oh God. Yes! Yes, I want your big hard cock in my horny cunt! Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!" For the next 10 minutes, the familiar slap-slap-slap of two people fucking filtered through the thin fabric, along with moans and groans from both partners. I heard my wife cum two more times before Rick let out a deep groan as he filled her cunt with his vile semen. Seconds later, he emerged through the opening with his shirt over his arm, buttoning his shorts. "She's all yours boys! Three holes, no waiting! I'll see you guys later." He walked to me and leaned down, whispering in my ear. "And no crazy shit from you, hubby-boy. I told you last night. She's mine now and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it." Three holes?! I hadn't seen everything that went on the night before, but I was fairly certain Rick hadn't fucked my wife in the ass. Was he going to let these boys triple-fuck my wife? The answer became clear when three boys jumped up and rushed to the tent, shedding their clothes as they went. I heard my wife gasp as the boys started claiming the holes they desired. "I'm fucking her cunt!" "I'll take that sweet ass!" "Those lips look made for sucking cock!" "You get under her and I'll take her from behind. Then you can hold up her head and fuck her face." I heard them rustling around before my wife gasped and moaned. Then, she cried out. "Aaaaggghhh! No! That hurts! Not there! Please! Aaaaagghhh!" I rose to go to her aid, but one of the other boys stood up and stared me down. "Don't worry, sissy-fuck. She'll get used to it," he sneered. "She's gonna get REAL used to it." They all laughed as I heard my wife continue to beg. "Please! Take it out! Aaaaagggghhh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" Her voice kept pace with the slapping sound of the boy pounding her ass. "Hurry up and stick your cock in her mouth, man! Shut this bitch the fuck up!" "Ahh! Ahh! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmnnph!" Her cries turned to grunts as the boy stuffed his cock in her mouth. I couldn't see anything through the fabric, but I could tell what was happening just by the sounds. The sounds of fucking went on for several minutes before one of the boys outside went to the tent and pulled back the flap, giving us all a view of what was happening inside. There was my wife, laying tits down on top of one boy, another was behind her, and a third had her hair held tight, lifting her head up as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth. Each forward thrust made her gag as his cockhead hit her throat. The boys fucking her had found their rhythm and they were pounding her ass, mouth, and pussy for all they were worth. My wife's face was red, her hair wet from sweat, her face covered in saliva. The boy in her mouth pushed deep and groaned, shooting his load into her throat. She choked on the spurting cum and looked like she would vomit. He held his cock lodged in her throat, choking her further as he finished cumming. "Don't you puke on my dick, bitch! You take my cum like a good little cock-sucker and swallow every drop!" Marlie gagged down his load and gasped for air as he pulled his cock from her mouth, wiping it on her hair before pulling away. The boy holding the flap climbed in to take his place, and her choking grunts started all over again. One by one, the boys shot their hot loads into my willing wife and were replaced by others sitting outside. Some took her once, others several times, before pulling on their clothes and walking off down the beach toward the hotel. Other boys arrived in groups, some wearing the bellhop or waiter uniforms, some in shorts and t-shirts, all there to take their turn with Rick's new whore. Minutes turned into hours and they kept fucking her, not giving her a break from their assault. Sometimes there was only one boy taking her, but often she had all her holes filled. At several points there were so many boys there that they made her jerk two boys off while three others fucked her. The sun was slowly setting as the last of the boys finished up and took their victory walk back to the hotel. I sat in the chair, alone except for the light breeze and my thoroughly fucked wife laying on a mattress 5 feet from where I sat. I couldn't wrap my head around what had just happened. At least 30 boys had fucked her, if not more, and she hadn't called out to me or asked for help at all. She just took cock after cock and load after load, as much as they wanted to give her. "Honey... honey... please...," I heard her call out softly. "Please, honey. Help me, please." I walked to the tent and looked inside. She lay on her stomach, her head to one side. Her body was covered in red welts and bruises. Her hair was wet and matted with sweat, saliva, and cum. A large drop of the boys cock juice dripped from her ear, down her face and onto her mouth. She licked the syrupy mess from her lips and swallowed what she found. Her legs were straight out and spread wide. I looked between them to find a soupy mess. What used to be my wife's cunt and asshole were now gaping black pits oozing gobs of white cum. Marlie kept her face pressed into the mattress as she lifted just her hand, waving slightly to get my attention. "Honey... honey... my suit... find my suit..." I scanned the mattress and couldn't see her suit anywhere, so I went back outside and looked around the tent. I found it wadded up and covered with sand. "I'll go wash it off in the ocean. I'll be right back," I called into the cabana. When I returned, she had lifted herself up on one arm and pulled her legs underneath her. She held her stomach, in obvious pain, as she took the suit and tried to put it on. "Here, let me help you," I said, taking the suit and helping her into it. The tiny suit didn't begin to cover her bruised and battered tit-flesh and the bottoms were immediately sucked into the void that was once her tight, beautiful pussy. She didn't seem to care as she struggled out of the tent and started staggering in the wrong direction. "Marlie, where are you going? Honey... Marlie!" She stopped and looked back at me with a blank expression, staggering as she stood on the hot sand. "Take me back to the hotel." "Honey, why don't you rest here a bit. Maybe you should take a minute and get yourself together." "Take me back. I have to go back. Rick will be waiting." "Rick?! That's who you're worried about?! Rick?! The man who just gave your body to a gang of men who fucked you senseless? That's the man you care about?" "I gotta go back," she said. "Rick is waiting. Please, take me back." The look on her face had turned to desperation. Rick had complete control over her, body and mind. I shook my head. How had he done this to her? How had my wife, my sweet, sensitive, loving wife been turned into a cock-crazed whore for a boy she just met? Even if she was horny and occasionally stepped over the line, that was nothing campared to this. This was something totall different. I looked up to see that she had aligned herself in the direction of the hotel and was struggling through the sand, as determined as I have ever seen. I rushed to catch up, her shoes dangling from my fingers. She stopped at the top of the stairs, steadying herself against the handrail before walking through the middle of the dining area. Once again, people stopped their conversations to stare at my wife. But this time, it wasn't because she looked good. It was for quite the opposite. She staggered through the doors and into the lobby, coated in slime and caked on semen, finally making her way to the elevators. I followed along like a puppy. I couldn't leave her, but I didn't have the desire to help her either. All she cared about was getting back to Rick. So let her get there on her own. Back in the room, she walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I heard her get into the shower as I sat there, skin burned from the sun, feet covered in sand, my body smelling of sea and surf. Suddenly, the door opened and in walked Rick, followed by 3 very large, very black men. He took one look at me and laughed out loud. "You look like shit," he said. He opened the bathroom door and shouted into the room. "Hey, you dirty cunt! Hurry up! There's some people here I want you to meet." The shower turned off and a few minutes later, Marlie walked out, a towel wrapped around her and another tied up around her hair. "What's this? Are you shy all of a sudden," asked Rick nastily? He reached out and yanked the towel from Marlie's body, leaving her naked in front of the three men. Then he grabbed the other towel and pulled that off as well, her wet hair falling down around her shoulders. "Don't just stand there. Give these fine gentlemen a proper greeting." Marlie turned to the first man and leaned up to give him a kiss on the lips. "Not there, you stupid whore. Kiss him where it counts." Marlie looked to Rick, then slid down to her knees and pulled down the man's zipper. She reached inside and pulled out the most enormous cock I'd ever seen. It was easily 12 inches long and 2 inches across, even when soft. She gasped as she slowly jerked his cock, watching it grow longer and harder. She tried to take it in her mouth, but her lips wouldn't stretch enough to even get the head in, so she slowly sucked on the tip while holding his cock with one hand and reaching into his pants with the other. With a little effort, she tugged out his balls, each the size of a small peach and slowly ran her free hand around them, softly squeezing them and rubbing them as she used her tongue on the underside of his cockhead. "Oooooh, shit," he said, "This white bitch know how to suck a big nigger dick. She gonna make me cum quick, too." He moved his hips in synch with her hand and a few minutes later, he pushed forward and held himself there. "Take dis cum, bitch," he moaned as his cock erupted into her mouth. She held his cock tightly between her lips and swallowed quickly. Not a drop escaped. When she was done, she moved to the next man, who was equally large, then to the third. Each man got his gigantic cock sucked and shot spurt after spurt of cum down my wife's throat. When she had finished with the three blacks, she moved to Rick and sucked him to completion as well. Then she sat back on her legs and looked up a Rick, waiting for instructions. "Ah, yeah, she's getting better all the time. Go get into something sexy. We're going dancing tonight." Marlie moved to the suitcases and started sorting through the clothes, pulling out sets of skirts and tops and laying them on the bed. When she pulled out a black nighty, Rick stopped her. "That's the one. That's exactly what a slut like you should be wearing. Put it on and go dry your fucking hair." When Marlie put on the nighty, it was absolutely obscene. It came down just over her hips, leaving her ass and pubic area completely uncovered. You could easily see her cunt lips hanging down from her hairless pussy. She quickly dried her hair and Rick grabbed her by the arm, pulling her toward the door. I moved to follow, but one of the black men placed himself between me and the door. "No whitebread ass-wipes allowed, sissy-boy. You keep your faggoty ass here 'til we get back." I started to object, but before I could get two words out, he grabbed me around my face and shoved me backward to the floor. Rick and the three blacks walked out laughing, pulling Marlie along with them. I didn't see Marlie for over 2 days. I spent my time wandering the complex, checking the dining areas, bars, beaches, lobby, and anywhere else I could think they might have taken her. I checked back in the room often, hoping to find her there, regardless of her physical or mental state. Finally, at 4pm Wednesday, I heard the click of the door and Rick walked in pulling Marlie by a leash connected to a dog collar around her neck. She was completely naked. Rick dragged her over to stand in front of me. What I saw shocked me to my core. Her hair was dyed bright red. Her nipples were pierced with horizontal bars. Her belly button was pierced with a long, dangly piece of silver jewelry with the word 'SLAVE' engraved on the front. Just above her pussy slit was a fresh tattoo that said "Cum Slut" in dark curvy letters. He pushed her legs apart with his foot. Her labia were pierced, three rings on each lip, and a thick metal rod went through her clit hood, top to bottom, with a inch diameter silver ball on the front. This obviously would have been rubbing her clit as she walked, and I saw that her pussy was dripping wet. He turned her around and I saw another tattoo on her lower back that said "Dirty Whore" and a third between her shoulder blades of a large erect penis with the words "Fuck Me" underneath. Aside from the artwork and piercings, she had lines on her ass, legs, back, and stomach which I assumed was from being whipped. He turned her back around to face me. "Tell him," he commanded. She looked at me through tired, bloodshot eyes. "I'm a dirty, filthy, no good, useless slut. I'm a cum dump. All I'm good for is fucking and sucking cock," she said softly. She spread her legs and reached her hands down, spreading her pussy lips apart for me to see. In addition to the piercings, she had obviously been fucked hard while she'd been gone. Her once beautiful, pink, tight pussy was now gaping, swollen and bright red. "You see this used-up, over-fucked pussy? This big, fat cunt? This dirty fuck hole? This isn't your pussy. This isn't my pussy. This is everybody's pussy. Anybody that wants it, gets it. Anywhere, anytime, any way they want." Rick grabbed the leash where it connected to the collar and yanked her over to the bed, sitting her down on the edge. She hung her head, looking at the floor. "Suck it," he said firmly. She reached up and unzipped his pants, pulled out his stiffening cock, and leaned forward, kissing the head. Her tongue moved around in circles, then up and down his length from balls to tip. When he was nice and wet, she leaned forward, taking the head of his fat cock between her lips and sucking loudly. Her head bobbed up and down on his dick, taking him deeper each time, until she was taking him all the way into her throat, her face pushed tight against his hairy pubes. She pulled all the way out to the head, then dove back down, taking his entire length, over and over. He reached down and grabbed the back of her head, holding her tight against him. While ok for the first few seconds, she started struggling and pulling. He laughed as he held her there, unable to breathe. Finally, when she settled down, he allowed her to pull off his cock. She gave a huge gasp and a had fit of coughing. Tears streamed down her face and saliva hung in long strings from her chin. As soon as her coughing fit ended, she went back to work, licking, sucking, and throating his cock. Finally, after what seemed forever, he moaned and pulled out, splashing her face with spurt after spurt of hot cum. When he was done, he pushed his cock back in his pants and zipped up. She sat there, her face dripping with cum, as he walked to the door. "I'll see you in a couple hours, cunt. Be ready! The boys have missed you while you were gone." As the door closed behind him, I walked over to her and knelt at her feet. She looked me in the eyes, studying my face. I couldn't read what was going through her mind. After 20 years of dedicated mariage to a conservative, almost prudish woman, Rick had transformed her into a degraded, tattooed whore in just a few days. I had to know how that had happened. There didn't seem to be anything I could have done to stop it. "Marlie, why?" She licked her upper lip, cleaning off the semen that had gather there, and swallowed it down. "I can't help it. I'm a slut. I've always been a slut. In high school, I was a slut. My boyfriend passed me around to everyone. Anybody that wanted my pussy got my pussy. I swallowed more cum than all the other girls combined. Before I graduated, I had fucked every boy in the school, along with half the teachers. In college, I was a slut. Every weekend you went home I was fucking your frat brothers. Usually more than one at a time. My roommates said they had to keep chasing you away because they didn't want you to find out. Since we've been married, I've tried to stay faithful. For the most part, I've succeeded. Except for our nights out at the bars, when you let all those young boys finger my horny cunt, I'm satisfied with your tongue getting me off. But when you brought me here with all those sexy clothes, where nobody we knew was watching, and the guys assumed I was a slut because of the way I was dressed, and they all started fingering me at the dance, I knew I was done. I had to finally let my real self come out. I can't be your fake, sweet little wife anymore. I need cock, and lots of it. And I need to be used like a dirty, cock-hungry slut." I sat there with my mouth hanging open, unable to believe the words spewing from my wife's mouth. How could I not have know? I had a few suspicions that something had gone on now and then. An old aquaintance from high school that was a bit too friendly, the fact that she instantly let unknown young guys feel her up on the dance floor, but for her to have been this completely different person inside all this time, and for me to be so clueless... I sat on the floor and stared at her, cum still dripping from her face. I knew I still loved her. I could never stop loving her. But what was I going to do now? There was no hope that she would return to her former life the way it had been. The tattoos alone would tell everyone what she really was. I got up and walked out the door, giving one last glance behind me at the slut sitting on the bed. The slut that used to be my wife. I sat at the lobby bar for hours, trying to think. It wasn't easy, as the young bartender was one of the guys who had fucked my wife on the beach. "How's that hot little slut doing," he asked? "You're one lucky guy to have that in bed every night. That's one freaky bitch. The way she took all that cock and kept begging for more. Man, what a nasty cunt." In response, I ordered another drink. I heard loud voices and looked up to see Rick walking through the lobby, followed by a whole gang of young men. They headed toward the elevators, needing two trips to get all of them all upstairs. I knew where they were going. "Hope they don't wear her out before I get there. I'm off in an hour," said the smiling punk behind the bar. "You get off on letting your old lady get fucked? I've heard of guys like you. Wow! I don't think I could ever let my wife fuck that many guys. Hell, not even one other guy! You're something else, dude." I slammed back the drink, emptying it in one gulp, and gave my one word reply. "Another." "Hey, dude, you should take it easy. You keep that up you won't be able to even get it up. Not that your wife needs any more dick than what she's getting. Hahahaha." I was glad when he left and an older man took over tending bar. But knowing that the young punk would soon have his dick stuffed in my wife's pussy or her mouth or her ass, just added to my humiliation. The next thing I remember was waking up on a couch in a small room. The door was slightly ajar and through bleary eyes, I could see a fax machine. I stood up, and quickly sat back down. I wasn't sure if I was still drunk, or if this was the worst hangover in the history of mankind, but I knew standing was out of the question. The door opened and a cute young girl walked in, carrying a tray with breakfast and a pitcher of coffee. "So, you're awake! You were pretty gone last night. I had two of the guys put you in here. I figured your room was going to be pretty crowded, so I figured you could better sleep it off where it was nice and quiet. How are you feeling?" "Ugh," was my reply. Any more words and I was going to throw up on her shoes. "Well, try to eat and get some coffee in you. I hear it's still going pretty strong upstairs. Some of the guys left looking pretty ragged. I'm thinking maybe you want to sleep down here. I'm on duty every night this week, so I can let you in, if you want. Unless what's going on in your room gets you off. Either way, it's no business of mine." I managed to choke down some of the food and drink all of the coffee. It did make me feel a little better. When I could finally stand, I made my way out the side door and up the elevator to our floor. As the doors opened, I ran into a small group of boys who looked ragged indeed. Their hair was messed and they were still pulling on their uniforms. "Man, we are so late," one of them laughed. "Yeah, but it was worth it. I ain't never seen a woman doin' shit like that before!" I pushed past them and made my way to our room. The door was held open by the latch of the deadbolt and I could hear a lot of noise coming from inside. What I saw when I opened the door almost made me retch. Marlie was laying on her back on the bed, her ass on the edge. One boy was pounding her cunt, making her legs and ass shake with each thrust. Three other boys were at her head, one on each side and one at the top. Each had his cock out and was rubbing it around her face. Marlie was busy trying to lick or suck any cock that got near her mouth. What shocked me most was that she was covered head to toe in cum. It ran from her face into her ears and down her neck. It covered her tits and stomach, running down her sides and onto the sheets below. Her spread legs dripped cum down toward her body and it clung to the boy fucking her in long strings each time he moved back for the next thrust. The room was full of boys and older men slowly jerking their cocks, getting hard. Just then, the boy at the top of her head let out a groan and shot his load all over her face. She leaned her head back, trying to catch some in her mouth, as most of his cum hit her cheeks, chin, and even splashed on her breasts. Then the boy in her pussy came, flooding her cunt. It ran out in globs as he pulled away. Moving quickly, one of the boys at her head replaced the one at her pussy, and an old man with a big gut took over at her head. I stood and watched three more guys cum on my wife, with her loving every load, moaning and begging them for more and more. I started to feel sick again, so I went back downstairs and took a long walk around the grounds. Was this to be my life now? Marlie running off every day to get fucked by groups of men? Still, each option I came up with was far worse. For the next three days, I stayed away from the room. I spent my time wandering the facilities, each night drinking myself into a stupor at the bar, then falling asleep in the tiny back room. At the end, I looked, felt, and smelled pretty bad. On the morning we were supposed to check out, I woke up around 10am and made my way to our room. The door was still propped open, but it was quiet and I didn't see anyone hanging around, other than the housekeeper making her way down the hall with her cart. I pushed open the door and found the room empty as well, except for my wife. She laid on the bed in the fetal position, her hair a wreck, some sticking up and some matted to her face. As I got closer, I saw that she was covered in a combination of wet, dry, and caked on cum. The last person must have left not long ago, as her cunt was still oozing cum from the last load she received. I really didn't want to touch her in her condition, and I was tempted to just grab my bag and leave, but I couldn't do that to the woman I loved. Yes, I still loved her, and I knew I would never stop loving her, no matter what happened from here on out. I ran a warm bath, and carefully picked her up, smearing my clothes with their slimey goop as I carried her into the bathroom. Laying her gently in the tub, I took the shampoo and got started. It took me every drop of shampoo and several little bars of soap to get her cleaned up, but when I was finished, she looked a lot better. I pulled off my clothes and stood her up, joining her in the tub, and turned on the shower. Holding her limp body, I washed the final remnants of semen from her skin, and washed myself up a bit as well. Then, with more difficulty than you could imagine, I toweled us both off and carried her to the armchair, as the bed was covered in fuck stench. I first got dressed myself, then found some clothes to pull on Marlie. The best I could do was a very short red microskirt that hung from her hips and still left the bottoms of her asscheeks exposed, and a red see-thru top with elastic under her breasts and a strap that went around her neck. It left nothing to the imagination, but everything else was far worse. As I finished dressing her, I heard a voice behind me say snarkily, "Need help with your bags, sir? Or perhaps some help with that dirty whore you're dealing with?" I turned and stared angrily at the young man standing there next to a luggage cart. "Go fuck yourself, asshole!" He laughed and walked to the chair, pushing me out of the way. "You forgot the most important part." He rummaged around in the covers and pulled out the bright pink dog collar and fastened it around Marlie's neck. Then he went to the table and grabbed the pink leash, attaching it to the collar. "All this bitch needs is one more thing to complete her outfit." He pulled down his zipper and pulled out his hard cock, slapping her in the face with it. "Wakey time, slut. Time to have some warm, juicy breakfast before you leave. Come on, cunt. Time to suck my dick. There ya go. Now you're awake. Go ahead and suck me off, bitch." My wife had woken just enough to understand what he wanted. With her eyes still half closed, she leaned forward and engulfed his cock in her mouth, moving her lips up and down his shaft, then sucking the head. She pushed forward all the way, taking his cock down her throat until her nose was pressed against his groin, then pulled back, licking the underside before diving down again. Over and over she took his entire cock and moved back to the head and back to the base. Finally, he groaned and pushed her head back off his dick, spurting his cum all over her face. "There ya go. Now you look like a proper cocksucker." He turned to me and pointed at the bags. "Let's go, asshole! Pack up so we can get you the fuck out of here! It's checkout time!" I packed up as quickly as possible, gathering whatever clothes I could find and throwing dirty in with the clean. Then I threw them on the cart, as the young kid spent his time fingering my wife to two more orgasms before I was done. Then he pulled her up by the leash and walked toward the door, dragging her behind. "Ok, shithead. Bring your crap and let's go." I pushed the cart behind them as he dragged my wife down the hall, stumbling in her 5 inch heels. In the elevator, he roughly pinched her nipples through the fabric, making her moan in pain. "Listen, please don't hurt her," I begged. "Do whatever else you want but..." "SHUT UP! Don't tell me what to do! I'll do what I damn well please, you stupid shit!" He pulled her through open doors and drug her even more quickly across the lobby and out the front door. There was no one around except the other bellboys and the girl behind the counter. She gave me a sad look as I walked by pushing the cart, and I saw her raise her hand in a little wave. Of everyone, she was the nicest person in the place. Our 10 year old Buick was parked in the loading area and they popped the trunk, but made no move to help me, just standing there smiling as they made me load my own bags. Then then pushed her into the passenger seat, throwing her leash in after her, and slammed the door. I quickly moved to the drivers seat and my tires squeeled as I hit the gas to get the fuck out of there. The sooner and faster that we were gone from that place the better. After I had gotten on the highway, I pulled over at the nearest gas station and parked in the far corner. My wife sat there, staring straight ahead, cum drying on her face and the collar tight around her neck. "Honey, let's get you cleaned up." I reached into the glove box and pulled some napkins out, intending to wipe her face clean. "No," she said. "But honey, you've got cum all over your face. Let me clean it off." Still not looking at me, she said, "No! Leave it!" "Well at least take off the collar. People on the road are going to see you and..." She turned to me and gave me an angry glare. "And what?! They'll think I'm a slut?! They'll think I'm a dirty whore riding around with a collar and a leash and cum all over my slutty face?! Is that what they'll think?! Well then, they'll be right! I am a slut and a whore and a cunt and a dirty cheating bitch and I do have cum on my face and if someone came up to me right now and pulled out their cock I'd gladly suck it dry right in front of you! Now take me the fuck home and stop whining!" We drove the rest of the way home in silence. I stayed to the right lane so that as few people as possible would see my wife in her condition. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thankfully, the girls weren't home when we arrived. I opened my door, then went around and held the door for Marlie. She climbed out wearing her slut clothes and her collar, and walked to the door, her leash swaying in front of her. She waited by the front door in full view of anyone watching until I got it unlocked and let her in. She immediately went to the bedroom and climbed into bed, not bothering to remove her clothes or wash her face. In an instant, she was sound asleep. I took the suitcases out of the trunk and brought them inside, then sat in my recliner, staring into space and re-living the events of the prior week. My doting, innocent, demure wife (or so I thought) had been turned into a dick-loving, cock-sucking, whore who would take it in any hole from anyone who wanted her, and then beg for more. And all that in the course of one evening with one guy. That fucking Rick had ruined my life and ruined my marriage. How were we ever going to recover from this? A tear ran down my cheek at the thought of losing my dear Marlie, either to divorce or to her own sluttiness. I must have dozed off and I awoke when the girls returned, chatting and laughing away as they came in the door. "You're home," yelled DeeDee as she ran over and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips. "I missed you! Where's Mom?" "Your mother is sleeping. She's worn out from the trip. We should let her rest. You can talk to her when she gets up." Bea gave me a sly grin. "So how was the trip? Did you two have fun?" "We'll talk about it later. Right now, I need to relax. You guys go find something to do." "I'll bet you need to relax," Bea said laughing. The girls all went about their business while I watched TV, flipping through the channels trying to find something to take my mind off the last week. Every hour or so, I'd go in to check on Marlie, only to find her fast asleep, her face crusted with cum. Usually, I'd find her with her legs splayed open, her pierced cunt lips hanging open, her entire pussy still red and swollen. As evening came, I made dinner for the girls, then we all sat down to watch TV together. Bea was the first to bring it back up. "So, Dad, tell us about your weekend. What did you and mom do while you were there?" "Your mother had a wonderful time. Let's leave it at that." "Did you not have a good time, Daddy," DeeDee asked? "Not as good as your mother's. I really would rather not talk about it. Maybe some other time." Bea couldn't get the shit-eating grin off her face. I'm sure she thought we both went a little crazy. Unfortunately, that was only half true. Around 11 o'clock, I went to bed. Marley was still passed out, so I got a washcloth and cleaned her face up, removed her collar and slutty clothes, and got her into a pair of her pajamas. Then I changed and climbed into bed with her, falling quickly asleep. I woke at 3am to the bed moving rhythmically, and saw Marlie, naked, covers thrown off, laying on her back, legs pulled up to her chest, her hand stuffed deep in her cunt as she humped her wrist. I could see her head thrown back and mouth wide open as she came, crying out loudly. As soon as she came down from one orgasm, she built to the next. For the next 2 hours, she fucked herself, cumming again and again, her hand stuffed to the wrist in her pussy and her other hand rapidly rubbing the large silver ball against her clit. Finally, she calmed down and lowered her legs to the mattress. Still shaking, she turned her head to look at me through glazed eyes. "Just so you know, nothing has changed. I'm still the same dirty slut I was at the hotel. Just because I'm home doesn't turn me back into a housewife. I still need cock. More cock than you can give me. So you'd better get used to being married to a cock-loving whore, because that's what I am now and I'm never going to change." With that, she turned to her side and fell asleep, hand between her legs, her pussy juices covering her ass and leaking down the back of her leg onto the bed. I didn't sleep the rest of the night. At 6am I got up, showered, and dressed for work. I had to continue to pay the bills, regardless of what happened at home. I couldn't concentrate on my job, sitting at my desk staring into my computer screen and reliving the past 7 days over and over. At noon, I got a message on my phone from Brad. 'Got you a six-pack of that beer I told you about. I'll drop it at your house on my way home for lunch.' I tried to call him back to head him off, but he didn't answer. Brad and Tony were my best friends from high school and they hadn't grown up one bit since then. They were both married, but were constantly on the prowl for fresh pussy anywhere they could get it. They were both always trying to get into Marlie's pants, and would even proposition her right in front of me in the most vulgar way. Once when Brad, Tony and I were hanging out drinking beer on the deck, Marlie brought us some cold ones. Brad reached out and rubbed her ass through her pants. "Hey baby, when are you gonna let me get a good look at that sexy ass?" Marlie slapped his hand away and went back inside. Another time, during a Christmas party, Tony bumped into her in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room. While everyone else was in the living room, he pushed against her, pinning her against the door frame, and ran his hands over her tits and up her skirt, feeling her up. She stood there impassively, letting him squeeze her tits and run his hands over her pussy for several minutes before pushing him away. When he saw me, he gave me a shrug and a little grin. Now, Brad was on his way to my house, with nobody home but my pierced and tattooed slutty wife. I figeted in my seat all day and when 5 o'clock came, I raced home. When I walked in the door, Addie, Candy, and DeeDee were all gathered in the living room, looking rather upset. I walked to the bedroom and my worst fears were realized. Laying naked on the bed, legs spread was Marlie. The bed sheets were a mess, half hanging on the floor. Sitting cross-legged between her mother's splayed legs was Bea, slowly running her finger up and down Marlie's cum-filled pussy, then putting it in her mouth, eating the cum from her mother's cunt. "Hi Daddy," she said with a smile. "Uncle Brad was here when we got home. He was fucking Mom when I walked in. He's got a really big dick." "Bea, what are you doing?" "Ummmmm..." she said making a show of licking the slime from her finger. "I can't resist the taste of a hot, freshly fucked pussy full of cum." She dipped her finger in again and slowly sucked off the juices, staring at me the whole time. "I didn't know Uncle Brad and Mom were fuck-buddies. But after seeing the size of his cock, I don't blame her. Too bad you're not hung like that. I just might have been fucking you myself!" "Bea, please stop that." "No way! I'm loving this. I thought I was the biggest slut in the house. Not anymore. When did Mom get all the tattoos?" "Bea, please... I can't talk about this to you. You're my daughter." "Oh Daddy, please! I'm sitting her with my finger stuffed up my mother's snatch eating the cum from her cunt after she's been fucked by a guy other than my father. And I watched it happen and then licked the slop from his cock when he was done. What exactly is there left to hide?" All the while she spoke, she continued her combination of fingering and sucking. "Uncle Brad shoots a big load. I've been scooping his cock-sauce out of Mom's cunt for 20 minutes and there's still plenty left. Want some?" She held her cum-covered finger out to me, offering me a taste of my best friend's cum. "Bea, for God's sake!" "It's not my fault she was getting fucked when we got home. We all saw them going at it, even DeeDee. Uncle Brad was pounding her pretty hard. We could hear her screaming all the way outside. She couldn't get enough and even begged him for more as he walked out! The girls are all pretty upset. Personally, I think it's about time. I always knew Mom was holding herself back. That's why I packed those clothes for her. I really expected her to just open up with you, but from the looks of things, she did far more than that. Uncle Brad left a six-pack of beer in the fridge for you." I walked out of the bedroom, leaving Bea to her pussy appetizer, went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Right in the middle was a six-pack of the beer that Brad had been telling me about. On the front was a post-it note saying 'Thanks for the pussy!'. Just then my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Tony. "Hey man! Brad told me all about his afternoon with Marlie! I always knew she was a slut! When do I get a turn?" "Tony, it's not what you think..." "Get the fuck out of here! Brad told me she answered the door naked, covered in tattoos with a dog collar around her neck. He said she pulled him inside, dropped to her knees and sucked his cock right there without even closing the door. Then she dragged him into the bedroom and let him fuck her three times. He said she was wild! Why are you holding out on me? I'm coming over!" "Tony, don't..." But the line was already dead. I turned around to see Addie, Candy, and DeeDee staring at me from the living room. I walked into the room and stood in front of them as they sat on the couches. "Bea, come in here please," I called. Bea walked into the room, sucking fuck scum from her fingers and sat down next to Candy. I looked at each girl in turn and spoke slowly and softly. "I think it's time I told you about what happened at the hotel last week..." I told them the whole story. The restaurant, the dance, Rick, the gang-bang at the beach, the black men and the tattoos and dog collar, the next several days of non-stop fucking, and finally the blowjob and the ride home. I told them about their mother's activities in high school and college and how she'd been a slut even when we were dating. Then I told them that Tony was on his way right then to take his turn. "Your mother is a slut. She's a dirty whore who can't get enough cock and who'll take it from anyone and everyone, any way they want to give it to her. You can expect a lot of disgusting activities going on in our house from this point forward, even when you're here. I'm not very happy about how things have turned out, but I've given it a lot of thought over the last several days, and I've come to the realization that I still love your mother very much and I'll never be able to live without her. In my mind, she's still the sweet, loving woman that I married, even though I know it was all an act. I beg you to be understanding and forgiving toward her. Hopefully, in time, we'll be able to get the old Mom back, but for now, it's going to be a lot different than before." By the time I finished, DeeDee was crying, with Addie holding her around the shoulders while she stared at me with her mouth open. Candy was slouched back on the sofa, staring at the floor. And Bea sat there, hands on her knees, smiling. "Well, for one, I think it's great," Bea said. "It's about time Mom gets to enjoy herself. After years of keeping it locked away, she finally found herself and now she's going to enjoy being a slut, just like she should. You guys can sit and cry about it if you want. I'll be in the bedroom with Mom." "Bea, didn't you hear me? Tony is coming over. Right now! He'll be here any minute." "Yes, Daddy. I heard you. I'll be in the bedroom with Mom, helping her get ready. When he gets here, you can show him in." I stared after her as she walked toward my bedroom, her perky little ass hanging out of the bottom of her shorts, bouncing as she walked. Addie helped DeeDee into her room, crying all the way. Candy looked up at me, giving me a dirty look. "So I guess I can expect all my friends to learn about this too. Great! Every guy in town is gonna be fucking my mom and I'm gonna be hearing about it every day at school. You guys suck!" With that, she walked into her room and slammed the door. The doorbell rang, and I went to open it. Tony barged in, pushing the door open as he came, a giant smile on his face. "Hey, buddy! Where's the slut? I've been wanting to get into that pussy for long time. Where is she? In the bedroom? Hey, Slut!" He pushed past me and walked down the hall and into our bedroom. I followed close behind. As I entered the room, I saw him already pulling off his clothes. "Whoo Hooo! Look at that! Two for the price of one! Holy Shit! This is one kinky fucking family!" On the bed, Marlie was on her knees, her head down on the mattress, hands gripping the bed sheet. Bea, now also naked, had her hand stuffed in Marlie's cunt halfway to the elbow, pushing it in and out as Marlie moaned and ground her hips back against the thrusting arm. Bea's free hand was busy between her own legs, rubbing her pussy as she fist-fucked her mother's. Tony was a big man, 6'2" tall with broad shoulders, a muscular frame, and thick legs. He was covered with dark hair, even though he was balding on his head. He was also a very crass, dirty-mouthed, uncaring bastard. He climbed up on our bed and positioned himself behind Marlie, straddling Bea's arm. He spit on his hand and rubbed it onto his hard cock. I had seen him naked many times in the gym and knew he was well endowed, but seeing his cock hard was even more impressive. He could easily have fit both of his meaty hands around it end to end and still had 2-3 inches sticking out the top. And it was almost as thick as Bea's arm. "You keep fistin' that pussy, darlin'. I'm gonna fuck her in the ass." He spit a huge gob onto Marlie's asshole, then aligned his cockhead at her puckered anus. Slowly, he pushed his cock into her ass. She moaned as she pushed back against the intruding cock. "Ooooooh fuuuuuck.... Yeah..... Oh God yeah..... Stuff your big cock in my ass..... Oh shit.... Oh shit.... Oh fuuuuuuccckkkk!!!!" Marlie came hard as his cockhead popped into her ass, followed by four or five inches of his massive shaft. He pulled out and pushed in again, sinking deeper, as Marlie continued her wailing stream of curses. As he pushed, Bea pulled, and they soon developed a alternating rhythm fucking my wife's pussy and ass, both her holes stretched tight as she came over and over, crying and screaming for them to fuck her harder and deeper. "Oh yeah, that feels fucking fantastic," said Tony. "Keep rubbing your fist against my cock." Bea smiled at me, then pushed her face between Tony's asscheeks, licking his asshole with long strokes of her tongue. Tony's eyes opened wide and it was only seconds later that he came. "Aaaaaggggghhhh Shit! Oh my fucking God! Oh man! Oh Fuck!" Tony shoved deep into Marlie's ass and dumped his load, his body jerking again and again as he came in my wife. When he finished, he slowly pulled his cock out, covered in slime, and climbed out from behind my slut wife's ass. Bea pulled her hand out as well, slick with her mother's cunt juices, and Marlie collapsed forward on the bed, her ass and pussy pulsing as her body jerked and shook in orgasm. Bea lifted her hand to her mouth and started licking the cunt juices from her fingers while Tony climbed off the bed, his thick cock still rigid and sticking straight out from his body by at least 11 inches. The slime covered his cock all the way to his balls and his cock bounced as he walked toward our master bathroom, directly past Addie and Candy, who were now standing in the doorway to our room, watching the whole thing. Both girls stared at his huge pole glistening with ass muck as he passed by. Even from behind he was a sight to behold. His broad shoulders and muscular arms, legs and ass would make any woman weak in her knees, and usually did. He'd fucked more women in the neighborhood than anyone could count, usually with their husbands knowledge, with or without their consent. Now he could add Marlie as another notch on his belt. Addie watched him walk down the hall, then quickly walked out of the room. Candy just stood there, staring at Bea as she finished licking the cunt sauce from her hand and arm. Bea saw her staring and laughed. Walking past Candy on her way out the door, Bea stopped and grabbed Candy's crotch. "Don't worry, sis. I haven't forgot about you. Any time you want it, I'll be happy to oblige. I'm as good with girls as I am with guys." Then she kissed Candy hard on the lips and walked out. Candy stared after her, licking the juices from her lips, then turned to me. "What the fuck is going on with this family?" Then she was gone as well. Tony walked out of the bathroom, wiping his cock with a washcloth, a big smile on his ugly face. "I knew you were hiding something, old boy. Your slut wife was always willing to let me cop a feel of her big tits and her hot little snatch. I even got my fingers in her once, but she would never let me get any further. I heard all the stories about her letting the young guys feel her up in the club. I knew she'd fall eventually. You're gonna be seeing a lot of me from now on. I'm gonna be fucking that bitch until my dick falls off. Hahahaha! And I'm gonna get me a piece of that hot slut daughter of yours too! Oh Man! I can't wait to feel her cunt grabbing at my big dick!" He pushed past me, his big cock swinging as he walked by, and started pulling on his clothes. "I'm gonna have to tell the boys about this. They've all been wanting to get into Marlie's pants for years. Haha! This place is gonna be like Grand Central Station!" He pulled on his shoes and walked out, slamming the front door behind him. Marlie laid on the bed, sound asleep from her recent sexcapades and I watched her breathe. Her legs were still spread wide and her pussy and ass gaped open from the huge penetrations. I left her to dream of big cocks and walked toward the living room. As I passed Bea's bedroom, I heard muffled moans coming from inside. I couldn't help but ease open the door and saw Bea, naked on the bed, legs pulled up to her chest, and Addie between her legs with her mouth plastered to her sister's cunt. I watched Bea cum twice as her sister dug her tongue deep into her pussy, then eased the door shut and went out to watch TV. As I flipped through the channels, DeeDee wandered in and sat next to me, snuggling up to my arm. I put my arm around her and grabbed the outside of her thigh, pulling her close to my chest. She dug her face into my side and put her outside leg over mine, resting her hand on my chest. My hand moved up her thigh until I was cupping her ass cheek. We'd laid like this a number of times, snuggling together. The only difference this time was that I didn't feel any panties under her nightshirt. It was one smooth area from leg to ass. I cupped her ass, gently squeezing it, then moved my hand down to her crack, rubbing my fingers up and down between her cheeks. If she had any issues with my actions, she didn't show it, as she pulled herself closer to me and moved her leg further over mine, spreading her legs for me even more. I moved my hand down her thigh, then back up to her ass, this time under her nightshirt, my fingers lightly sliding along her bare skin. When I reached her ass, I gave it a gentle squeeze before moving my fingers down between her cheeks. I rubbed across her tiny ass bud, then slid my fingers along her slit. She was soaking wet! I slowly moved my fingers up and down her slit, feeling her body shiver and shake. Her hand slid down to my hard cock, pushing against the front of my pants. She moved her palm up and down the length, rubbing me off as I played with her pussy. She soon had me close to cumming, so I used my other hand to move hers down to my balls. I was really enjoying this and I didn't want to cum too soon. I slid my middle finger into her pussy. Her cunt was tight as a drum. She jerked as I got past the first knuckle and moaned loudly as I moved my finger in and out of her tight, hot cunt. I could hear the slurping sound of my finger fucking her tiny pussy as she ground herself against my leg. I fingered my youngest daughter for 20 minutes, feeling her shake under me as she came to one orgasm after another. Her hand moved back to my cock, rubbing it up and down, driving me insane. I felt the hot flush in my head, signaling my own orgasm, then my cock jerked against her hand and spurted into my underwear, soaking through my pants and wetting her fingers. She pulled her hand away and brought her fingers to her lips, gently tasting my cum. In response, I pulled my finger free and brought my hand to my own mouth, sucking her juices from my fingers, smelling and tasting her virgin cunt. She leaned against me again, trapping me in my chair, my cum turning cold against my skin as we watched the movie. Soon she was asleep. I carried her gently to her bed and tucked her in, then decided to turn in myself, after a very long day. I managed to get Marlie under the covers and crawled in next to her, holding her close, before drifting off to sleep. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The next morning, when I got out of the shower, Marlie was already up. That was very surprising, after the night she'd had. I dressed and walked into the kitchen to find everyone there. Marlie was naked, except for the collar, and Bea had her pressed against the refrigerator, three fingers stuffed up her mother's cunt while her other hand moved back and forth between her tits, twisting the bars piercing Marlie's nipples. Marlie was moaning and panting, on her tiptoes with her legs spread wide, her mouth hanging open and saliva dripping from ther lower lip. It seemed like they'd been at it for awhile, as the entire kitchen smelled like pussy. The three other girls stood behind Bea, watching her finger-fucking their mother. "Good God, Bea," I said. "When are you going to leave your poor mother alone? You're gonna tear her cunt to pieces!" "She loves it, don't you slut? Tell me you love it. Say it!" Bea increased her speed, slamming her palm against her mother's clit and twisted her nipple bar hard, pulling it six inches out from her body. "Ohhhhhh..... Ohhhhhh... Godddd.... Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhgodddddd!!!!" Marlie bucked against Bea's hand as she came again and again. Bea's words only served to excite her even more and her pussy gushed like a fountain as Bea hand-fucked her hard and fast. The girls stood there, staring at the spectacle, and I saw DeeDee's hand rubbing her crotch as she watched her mother take the sexual abuse from her big sister. Bea yanked her fingers from Marlie's cunt and slapped her hard across the face, giving her nipple one more hard yank before letting her go and stepping back to admire her work. Marlie's body continued to shake and jerk as she slid down to the floor, sitting in the puddle of her own juices, then collapsing onto her side, her face laying on the floor, saliva dripping from the side of her open mouth. "And that, girls, is how it's done," yelled Bea as she reached over and rubbed her hand across Addie's face, smearing Marlie's cunt juices across her lips and coating her nose and cheeks. "Let's go, girls. We've got places to be." She turned to me and smiled. "I'll leave this piece of cunt meat for you to clean up. What a fucking slut. She can't say no to anything or anyone." Bea grabbed Addie by the hair, pulling her face close and kissing her hard on the lips. "And now I've got this one to play with, too! She's a good little cunt sucker. Hahaha!" Bea pushed the girls toward the door, slapping them each on the ass as they left, leaving me with a panting, shivering slut to clean up. I stood over my naked wife, laying in her own cunt juices, saliva dripping from her mouth, her hair a mess, her tits red and swollen from the abuse dished out by her own teenage daughter. Thinking back to the day we left, when the entire family thought of Marlie as a prim & proper husband and mother of four girls, I still couldn't understand how we got to this point less than two weeks later. I picked Marlie up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed and covering her up to keep her warm. Then I went back into the kitchen and cleaned up the floor and the fridge, which was spattered with pussy slobber, and headed off to work. Regardless of what was happening at home, I still needed to bring home a paycheck to keep the family going. I wasn't doing much good at home anyway. Catching up with my work kept me until after 7 o'clock that evening. By the time I got home, it was almost 8. The driveway and the street on both sides in front of the house were packed with cars. I parked down the block and walked to the front door, finding Candy and DeeDee sitting outside on the curb. "Hi girls. What's going on?" "An orgy," said Candy, watching her sneaker brush dirt back and forth on the pavement. "Go see for yourself." As I approached the door, I heard a raucous noise coming from the house. Once I got inside, the sounds became more clear. Male voices were shouting their encouragement to each other on fucking the three "sluts" in the room. I walked into the living room and found a now familiar sight. Marlie lay on her back across an ottoman, her legs spread wide while a young boy fucked her. He looked no more than 15 or 16 years old. Her head hung down on the other side, where another young boy fucked his long thin cock deep into her throat. This boy I recognized as the son of some friends of ours. I knew he was only 14, as he was in Candy's class in school. On each side, two other boys were kneeling, their hard cocks sticking straight out in front of them as she palmed their cocks and balls, keeping them hard and ready. Bea was straddling a large, muscular black boy, facing him as he sat on the couch, bouncing feverishly up and down, riding his cock hard. His hands pinched her nipples as she slammed her body down on his big dick, uttering a loud "Augh!" each time she hit bottom. Addie was kneeling, her face in the lap of a young man sitting on the other end of the couch, sucking his cock, while another young boy was behind her, taking her doggie style. Other young men and boys sat or stood around, completely naked, stroking their cocks. I recognized some of those as well, including the sons of several of our closest friends. The smell of sex filled the room, along with the grunts, cries, and moans of everyone currently involved in the fuck-fest. The boys waiting were spouting abusive phrases, calling my wife and girls "whores", "bitches", "sluts", "cunts", and any other word imaginable, urging their friends to fuck them hard and cum in their pussies and down their throats. The whole thing was surreal and, in many ways, totally illegal. If word of this got out, I'm not sure how we would survive it. Across the room, with huge smiles on their faces, stood Tony and Dave. Both were naked, their huge, soft cocks swung down between their legs, visibly sticky from their prior activities with the available cunts in the room. Next to them stood Brad, the guy next door, still dressed in his business suit, his fat belly sticking out from his suit jacket, his tie only making it half-way down his huge gut. Next to him was his wife, Martha. Her eyes were glued to the sex show in the middle of the room, transfixed by the fucking and sucking of my slutty family. "Howdy neighbor," yelled Brad with a big grin! "Looks like you'll be hosting the Friday night get togethers from now on! I think Martha wants to get in on some of the action, don't you dear?!" She glanced at him, then turned her attention back to Bea, bouncing on that big nigger cock. Sweat covered Bea's body and her hair was stringy and matted. Her eyes were half closed and she moaned loud as the black boy held her hips and pounded back at her bouncing body. He leaned forward and bit her hard on the neck. Her mouth opened and she cried out as she came, grinding her cunt down on his cock all the way to the his balls. I saw Martha give a little shiver and clutch her husbands arm. It was obvious she wanted in, but was afraid of how deep the pool actually went. A few minutes later, the front door opened and in walked Tony, holding my two youngest daughters by the back of their necks, pushing them along in front of him. I hadn't even realized he'd left the room. Behind him walked Tom, Joe, and several other of my closest friends. He held the girls tight as he looked over his shoulder at the others. "Welcome to the party, boys! Might as well get in line. There's quite a crowd ahead of you!" His smile went from ear to ear as he pushed the girls over to where they could see everything that was going on. "Take a good look girls. Watch and learn. You'll be joining them soon enough." I turned toward Tony. "Leave them alone, Tony. They're just kids. Let them go back outside." Tony looked at me and laughed. "You think you're gonna keep them out of this? You must be dumber than I thought. Look at your wife. A slut if ever there was one. And Bea is known all over town as a girl that will fuck anybody, any time, anywhere. She's got the roundest heels in high school. Now look at Addie. You thought she was the calm one? Look at her taking that cock. She's about to suck that poor boy inside out." I looked at Addie. A new boy was sitting in front of her, his head back and hips thrust forward, holding her head and grunting as he shot his load. I watched her swallow again and again, taking his load down her throat. Then the boy behind her cried out and slammed into her hard, pumping his load deep in her pussy. When he pulled out, a long glob of cum slipped from her pussy and dripped to the floor, into the puddle of cum that had formed between her knees. The black boy that had been fucking Bea walked past us, his long semi-hard cock swaying in front of him, dripping cum as he walked. He gave us a big smile as he headed toward the bathroom. Bea was on her back now, a young man between her legs stuffing her pussy, while she sucked another boys cock, her head turned, giving us a perfect view of his cock pumping in and out of her mouth. The boy fucking Marlie's face was really into it now. His hands grabbed her tits and he pressed down on them, holding himself up while he pounded his cock into her throat. She chocked and gagged as his cock slammed into her, his balls rubbing against her nose as he fucked her hard. The boy between her legs kept pace, pounding her with his hard cock. Then they both came together moaning loudly and slamming their cocks home while they pumped their sticky loads into my wife. As soon as they pulled out, the two at her sides moved into place and pushed their cocks into her as two more moved into their place to get a hand job from my eager wife. She sucked one boy into her slut mouth and ground her pussy on the boy fucking her. Her hands rubbed the other boys cocks from tip to balls, making their cocks jerk. I turned back to Tony and saw that he had Candy in front of him. His hands roamed over her body, rubbing across her tits, pinching her tiny nipples and squeezing her ass through her tight jeans. His hand moved down to her crotch and he rubbed her pussy through her clothes. She seemed to be trying to pull away, but at the same time, was obviously enjoying the sensations as her eyes were closed and she was panting hard. DeeDee was in front of Dave, her top pulled down exposing her braless nipples. She had barely any tits, just a swelling of the nipples, and his fingers rubbed over them, making them hard. His hand pushed her skirt down, letting it drop to her ankles and his hands pushed into her panties, his finger rubbing up and down her tiny slit. I heard her moan as he expertly fingered her pussy. Tony continued his lecture while he and Dave felt up my two young daughters. "You think these girls don't want it? Being a slut is a state of their mind, not just their bodies. I'm betting they've been dreaming of getting some hard cock since they were little girls. They can't help themselves. Its in their genes. No sense fighting it. Denying them is not going to do them any favors. You gotta let kids grow up to be who they're supposed to be. And these two are gonna to be sluts, just like Mommy." Tony went back to prying his hands into Candy's pants, while she fought him trying to keep them up. Her shirt and bra were pulled up above her tits, and his other hand went back and forth between her breasts, rubbing and tweaking her nipples. Tom walked up in front of her and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it off over her head, taking the bra with it. Then he reached down and pulled down her pants and panties, pulling off her sneakers and socks in the process. She was now totally naked, and Tony forced his hand between her thighs, his finger rubbing her slit, while Tom knelt in front of her, sucking first one breast, then the other, pulling her nipples out with his lips, then licking in little circles around her areola. She still struggled, but she was running out of steam as Tony reached down and grabbed her thighs, pulling them wide apart, giving Tom the opening he needed to duck his head down and fasten his mouth onto her virgin pussy. She instantly stopped fighting and moaned loudly, thrusting her hips forward as his tongue darted along her slit and up into her tight cunt. Tony kissed and sucked on her neck as Tom ate her pussy. In seconds, she was a quivering mass of flesh, ready to let them do whatever they wanted to her. Dave had DeeDee's clothes completely off and had lifted her up, facing him. Her legs straddled his hips and her hands were around his neck as he held her by the ass, biting her neck and kissing her on the lips. As his fingers found her sex, she returned his kisses, opening her mouth to his invading tongue and humping against his stomach as he ran his fingertips up and down her wet cunt lips from underneath. The men carried my daughters into my bedroom, with the others close behind. I hurried to catch up, leaving my family to their gangbang. I wanted to make sure that the girls weren't being hurt, and deep down, I needed to see what the men did to them. Tony placed Candy on her back, her ass on the edge of the bed and Tom went back to work on her pussy, running his tongue in circles and thrusting it in her wet cunt. She arched her back and her little legs shook as she came on his face, shaking her head from side to side and crying out in ecstacy. Dave laid DeeDee on the opposite side and quickly dropped his pants, his stiff cock springing up at full attention. He leaned forward and rubbed his cock along her slit using the entire length to rub against her little nub. Soon she was thrusting back against him, her legs spread wide, eyes closed, and mouth open. Little squeeks came from DeeDee as her body quivered with desire. Meanwhile, the rest of the men had gotten out of their clothes and were all standing around the room fisting their cocks. There were seven men in all, so the room was filled with naked, hairy men waiting their turn to use my girls. Tony pushed Tom out of the way and stepped up to Candy, laying his huge, thick cock on her belly. With his balls pressed against her clit, his cockhead was directly between her tits. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up, forcing her to look at his pulsing lady-killer. "You see this dick, little girl? One day soon you'll be taking this dick all the way to the balls in your sloppy cunt. We're gonna have to work up to that. Right now you're gonna learn how to suck it." He pulled her up until she was sitting hunched over on the edge of the bed . "Wrap your hands around it, one on top of the other. You're gonna jerk me off while you suck on the head. Now, wrap your lips around the tip and use your tongue to lick underneath. Yeah, that's it. You're a born cocksucker. Move your hands up and down. Slower. Yeah, you got it. Just keep that up, you're doing fine." Her eyes still glazed, she had her hands wrapped around the bottom of his cock. They didn't reach all the way around, so she gripped it as best she could as she moved her hands up and down his cock. Her tiny mouth could only get half the head inside, and her tongue flicked out, rubbing the tender underside just below his crown. In minutes he was close to cumming. "Ahhhh, yeah baby girl. You're doing that right. That feels soooo good. Ok now, I'm gonna cum. You have to swallow as much as you can. Open wide baby. Here it comes. Ahhhh... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhh yeah! Oh shit! Oh fuck yeah!" She opened her mouth wide and his cock erupted in her mouth. As she closed her mouth to swallow the first shot, his second shot hit her in on the lips, splashing her face and running down onto her lap. She opened her mouth again and took the third shot, swallowing that as well. The rest hit her face and chest. Some of his cum ran down his cock covering her hands. She gasped for breath as his last few drops fell from his cock and he backed away leaving her coated in his sticky load. Across the bed, Dave moaned as he came, the first spurt hitting DeeDee in the face and the rest coating her chest and stomach with cum. He moved off as well, to be replaced by Joe, one of my coworkers. Joe was a young guy in his mid-twenties with a thin but muscular build and jet black hair. He positioned himself between DeeDee's thighs and lined his cock up with her slit. Slowly he pushed into her, his cock stretching her cunt tight. When he was an inch inside, he stopped, letting her get used to his size, then pushed once, hard, driving his cock another two inches inside her. She cried out in pain and pushed on his stomach with her feet, but he grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs up and pushed again, sinking another inch into my little 11 year old daughter. Her cry woke me from my trance and I moved to grab him, but Tony intervened, putting his big body between me and the young man taking my daughter's virginity. "Take it easy. She'll be alright. Every slut has to start somewhere." "But she's eleven," I yelled! "Yeah, and by the time she's twelve she'll be fucking anyone that wants her. It's just new to her right now. She's gonna pull through this, you watch." In the background I could hear DeeDee cry again as Joe stroked his cock in and out of her cunt, going deeper each time. Her struggles soon ended as her hymen was completely torn away. Soon he was pumping 5 full inches in and out of her pussy as she lay there taking it without complaint. His hand moved to her clit and he slowly rubbed her little nub in circles as he fucked her. She began to moan and move her hips in time with his thrusts. Her eyes stared at the connection between Joe's cock and her oozing cunt. His thrusts came faster and faster until he moaned loud and shot his load deep in her pussy. Her eyes flew wide at the feeling of his hot cum coating the inside of her young cunt. When he pulled out, I could see the cum covering his cock, tinged pink from her virginal blood. I turned back to Candy to see her on her feet, face in the lap of Monroe, the young, arrogant black kid from my office who delivered the mail. She was sucking his cock, taking as much into her small mouth as possible while he held her head, making her bob her lips up and down his shaft. "Yeah, suck dat dick little white bitch," he said. "You like dat black dick, don'cha?" Behind her, Dan, our 65 year old accountant positioned himself behind her and lined his long thin cock up with her pussy. In one thrust, he popped her cherry and drove deep into her cunt. "Ummmmmmm," she cried out around Monroe's cock, but he held her firm, not letting her lift off his hard pole. "Ummm... Ummm... Ummm..." she cried again and again as Dan fucked her, driving all the way to the hilt with each thrust. His grey hair swayed and his big belly flopped against her ass as he held her hips tight, fucking her with his little cock. It wasn't long before Dan cried out and came deep inside her, then slowly pulled out, leaving his cum dripping from her freshly fucked hole. Monroe kept up his rhythm of pushing her head down on his cock, enjoying the sensation as she sucked his cock. Occasionally, she would gag and he would reply, "Come on, bitch, you can take it. Keep suckin'." The last man in the room was Jack, a short, solid, middle-eastern guy with dark curly hair covering his entire body. He was a colleague from Jordan, here for a number of meetings. He walked up behind Candy and slid his cock into her sloppy pussy, and immediately began fucking her hard, driving her further onto Monroe's cock. It wasn't long before he came, and pulled out, his cum dripping down her thighs. 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