Convent School Hell

by Jessica Rael & Sarah Johnson


Story Codes: FFFggggggg/F, Fdom, gdom, ped, nc, bd, sad, tort, ws, scat


Warning: The narrative deals with underage persons.

If you find this offensive, then please don’t read it.



The following story is a purely fictional account. Any relationship to any real person living or dead is absolutely coincidental.  The narrative deals with underage persons and the authors in no way condone or promote such acts.



Shelly ran through the check-in gate at Newark, New Jersey and hit the ground in London without breaking stride; almost literally, as her constant fidgeting had drawn more than a few glares from the guy seated to her left and the woman in front. But if you’re going to run away then you run… right? No point in walking. Well, that’s how Shelly saw it anyway. Damien had been such a shit, and turned out to be more like the kid in the old movie than was comfortable. Shelly had known he’d been stealing from her about two weeks into the relationship, but guys have a lot of pride she thought, he needs it or he wouldn’t take… he’s just too embarrassed to ask etc. etc. etc. ‘Way to go Shelly,’ she’d muttered to herself on the plane, ‘thirty-six, shit broke, no friends, no job’. Well, she could blame Damien for the money… and the friends? She’d stuck up for the shit when they tried to tell her, and so they drifted away. The job was her fault, if she hadn’t been so obsessed with her relationship; been a little more grounded perhaps… anyway, they were right to fire her. It taken then a little while to get round to it, mainly because Dave, her boss, had a thing for her. She might be thirty-six but she had one of those long, lithe figures that always looked fifteen years younger, and she was quite a looker… plus having thick, wavy blonde hair never hurt when it came to eliciting sympathy from men, nor the disproportionately large breasts (the only useful thing her mother ever gave her). But it couldn’t last, being cute just held them off a while, then the axe fell. So that left Shelly with nothing basically… an alcoholic mother somewhere in Nowhere Ville, Illinois who didn’t even remember she had a daughter, but fuck all else basically – except her car. A neat little convertible that she couldn’t afford to run anymore, but she sold it for twenty thousand dollars, bought a plane ticket and headed east.

            The first big shock was how little her dollars were worth on the other side of the Atlantic, and just how unbelievably expensive London was. A possible solution was suggested to her by a barmaid in a London pub, the girl had started talking to her as Shelly sat at the bar trying to stem her rising panic and misgivings with liberal amounts of vodka and coke.

            “You should go to Ireland,” the girl had suggested.

            “Really?” said Shelly, “isn’t it like… all farms and fields? I sort of imagined it being like the Midwest where I grew up… to be honest Darlene…”

            “Arlene,” the girl corrected.

            “Sorry… Arlene, but I see myself as a city girl now”.

            “Dublin’s a wonderful place, not quite London but maybe that’ll be good for you right now if you know what I mean,” the girl winked at Shelly but she was too drunk to know what she might be hinting at. “Anyway, I have a friend there, she’ll put you up till you find your feet ‘and’ it’s a heck of lot cheaper. That bit of cash you were telling me about will go a whole lot further in Ireland than it will here”.

            The next morning Shelly woke up with a headache, and a piece of paper with an address in Dublin and the name ‘Brenna’ scrawled on it. Shelly swallowed a couple of headache pills and dialed the airline.


Brenna opened her mouth slowly, allowing the man to jab at her teeth with his dick in frustration, it was all a heady mix to the cute little redhead – teasing… yeah that was fun. Getting fucked in the ass and the pussy while she sucked this guy off? That was wild. Getting paid for it? That was unbelievable. The guy she was straddling rammed his short but pleasantly thick shaft into her pussy, he was being gentle, which made Brenna giggle. She told them she was a virgin, that she was only doing this because she was desperate and needed the money. The stupid fuckers had believed her. Men? They’ll take advantage of a nineteen year-old girl down on her luck, then go sentimental because they were the first ones to be let in the front door. Brenna wondered what he would do if he knew he was about the tenth that week. The teenager opened her mouth and allowed the cock inside, the American businessman tried to choke her with it, but it wasn’t long enough and Brenna was no novice this end either – the guy pumping her ass was doing a good job though. Nice rhythmic strokes, pulling almost all the way out real slow before slamming it back in again so his thighs slapped against the teen’s buttocks. Brenna assumed he did his wife this way, his secretary too probably… and any whore he happened to meet on a business trip. Brenna liked American men, they never argued about price, she’d shyly said two hundred dollars each and they never said a word. Well… a real, redheaded, sexy Irish teenage virgin… like a fucking web fantasy come true; they couldn’t wait to cram the money into her purse.

            The guy in Brenna’s pussy started sucking hard on her small tits, which was just too much for his she guessed as he came almost immediately, jerking and shaking as he filled with his cum. She’d let them do it without protection, just looking ignorant when one of them had asked her. ‘What’s a rubber?’ she’d said coyly. They hadn’t asked again, not believing their luck. Luck! Brenna knew what she was doing - rich guys like this didn’t take risks often, she was probably the first, other than their wives, that they’d actually squirted their cum into since they were her age. And only because Brenna did the best fucking virgin act in the civilized world – and outside of that you never took chances anyway. Mr first-past-the-post flopped on the bed, his passion dripping out of Brenna’s pussy back onto his rapidly softening cock. Mr ass-fucker was in it for the long haul, and that was fine by Brenna, she loved sex almost as much as she loved money. Mr not-so-deep-throat was annoying her though, he was thrusting like a first timer and banging her nose with his belly – the nineteen year-old ended his turn by swallowing him to the hilt then licking his balls while the tip of his dick was rubbing her tonsils. He came in seconds, pumping hot, salty sperm down her throat. ‘That’s my protein intake for the day,’ Brenna thought as she slid back, letting his cock slide out of her mouth (though she sucked it all the way) and jammed herself against Mr ass-fucker and let him bring her to a quiet orgasm – well, virgins don’t scream; not like that anyway.

            Afterwards Brenna talked coyly about how she never knew sex could be such fun, and how ‘big’ they all were, and how she’d been scared at first but they were just so ‘experienced’. Then she got them all drunk and made her quirky little request. Of course they were suspicious of the video camera, blackmail was an occupational hazard when you fucked around, but they were drunk, and Brenna was convincing, and she let them hide their faces (it wasn’t important to her plan) – so they did it. Brenna had to smile when she heard them confessing to all the filthy things they had been doing with ‘Shelly’, she’d been using the name since she got the telephone call from her friend last night. Brenna pocketed the tiny camcorder and said she had to go down to the lobby to see if anyone had handed in her jacket because she couldn’t find it. There was a slurred chorus of ‘hurry back honey’ and she swept out of the room, down the stairs, out the front door and into the first taxi in the rank.


            Dina opened the pizza box greedily.

            “Thanks Bren,” the eight year-old said.

            “No probs sis, gotta make sure you eat haven’t I” Brenna sat down at the table with her little sister and opened her own square, cardboard box.

            “Was you doing fuckin last night Bren?”

            “Yeah, three of em”

            “So can I have them Sketchers now then?”

            “Wait a bit girly, I need that cash for the rent an stuff, but I got a new scam going, then you can have two pairs of fucking Sketchers if you want”

            “You gonna do that Yankee bitch, Bren? Are ya?”

            “Yeah, but it has to be clever an careful like I always taught ya, so don’t you go ruining it by giggling or anything”

            “I wont,” said Dina as she crammed a huge slice of pizza in her mouth. “Can I play with her after though”.

            “Yeah sure, but we’ll be leaving for the convent in a couple of days okay”

            “Yeah I know, I gotta tell them how sick my poor ma was”

            “That’s right girly, and don’t forget it”

            “Where is ma anyhow?”

            “How the fuck should I know, last time I saw the bitch she was asleep on the floor of a public toilet. Why? Do you miss her or something?”


            “I should hope not, you’ve only seen the bitch twice and she didn’t know who you were either time”

            “I don’t care about her, I got you”

            “That’s right girly, you have… an I’ll take care of both of us okay?”


            “Just remember, never ever tell the truth unless there’s no other way out, got it?”

            “Got it”


It was raining when Shelly’s plane landed, and a light drizzle fell from an overcast sky as she climbed into the back of the cab and asked for Clonliffe Road. To her relief the driver nodded and seemed to know exactly where to go. The cab pulled up outside of a surprising modern apartment block, she paid him and he drove away into the night. Shelly pressed the intercom and a friendly, soft, Irish voice said ‘hi’, then the font door clicked.

            Brenna was everything Shelly could have hoped for and more. The attractive redhead was bubbly, generous to a fault and full of ideas on how Shelly could get back on her feet again. As the thirty-six year-old American leaned back into a comfortable sofa and cradled a cup of hot chocolate in her hands, she decided her long run of bad luck had ended – then she leaned forward to touch the wooden coffee table… ‘Don’t temp fate’ her mother always used to say.


            Brenna had learned patience the hard way, so everything was softly, softly, slowly, slowly. Not that it seemed like it would be much trouble, the American bitch was as dumb as they come – still, everything had to be in the right order for the plan to work.

            “What’s this?” Shelly asked.

            “A key for your safety deposit box,” Brenna said smiling warmly as she pressed it into the woman’s hand.

            “I don’t understand Brenna… I don’t have any valuables”

            “I know, but I’m worried about your money”

            “But it’s in the bank”

            “Yes, that’s what worries me… look I shouldn’t be telling you this because I could get my friend in a lot of trouble, but he works for the Bank Of Ireland see and he told me they’ve just had the word that interest rates are going up. Shelly, that means your money’s just going to keep disappearing… so I thought maybe you should take it out in cash and put it in here till you can get an Irish account opened, that way you’ll keep the value it has now. Don’t dare say a word though, or my friend will lose his job for sure, or worse”.

            “Are you sure?” said Shelly, biting her nails, “what if they don’t go up?”

            “Well, then you haven’t lost anything have you? You’re going to open an Irish account anyway right, so why take the chance. Look… only thing I can say for sure Shelly is the dollars not going up in value, not the way things are”.

            “I guess you’re right Brenna,” she looked at the key, “how safe are these things?”

            “Totally safe, it’s all insured… now will you quit worrying”


            Brenna could probably have taken the American woman on her own, she looked weak enough, but the teenager never took unnecessary chances – chances, yes… but never unnecessary ones. The two guys from the club did the job for the price a night’s beer, they jumped Shelly as she came in the front door, duct-taped her mouth, then bound her hand and foot and left her on the couch. Whole thing took less than five minutes – Brenna paid them and they left. The silly bitch was thrashing around like a wild thing and staring at Brenna with a ‘why aren’t you helping me?’ look – which made the teenager laugh.

            “Hey, Dina!” Brenna called to her sister’s bedroom. “Come here, I got a job for you”.

            “Wow!” said the eight year-old, “you actually did it… nice one sis”

            “Yeah, well, much as I’d like to take tons of credit the bitch was an easy take. Now I gotta get down to the bank and empty the safe deposit, which means you got to baby-sit the bitch okay”

            “Okay,” said Dina, “but you promised I could play with her an ya did too so don’t try an say ya didn’t”

            “Calm down girly,” Brenna laughed, “I don’t care what you do with her, long as she stays put”

            “Help me tie her proper before you go”

            “Okay… but what the hell’s proper anyway? She looks pretty secure to me girly”

            “No silly… proper for games,” Dina stood with her hands on her hips, “naked Bren, can’t play with her like that can I”


            Shelly’s world hadn’t crumbled, it had exploded. She thought the men were going to kill her and as she struggled on the couch she couldn’t understand why Brenna was just looking at her. Then it clicked – all her money was in that box and the teenager was stood there holding the key. But after being attacked just knowing this was a mugging was a relief… for short time anyway. She expected they would take the money and run, then leave a message with the police so they could find her. Then the little girl came in, and the two of them started having that weird conversation, and Shelly became afraid and confused at the same time – what did the child mean?


            “How do you want her?” smiled Brenna.

            “Tied like a pig,” said Dina.

            “You mean hogtied?”

            “Yeah, that’s it”

            “You been spending too much time on the Internet girly,” Brenna laughed, she let the length of rope dangle in front of the terrified woman’s face, “wonder what else the little brat learned on there eh?” the teenager winked at Shelly.


The girl began to strip Shelly, her mind was just unable to take it all in. The redhead had a pair of scissors and was cutting away at the straps on Shelly’s dress while her weird little sister was yanking on the American’s panties, pulling them down her thighs till they were around her ankles. When she was totally naked the teenager hogtied Shelly, pulling her arms and legs painfully behind her back, then, when the new rope was secure, she cut away the crude job done by the two men. Shelly lay on the couch sobbing.

            “Okay,” said Brenna, “think you can take it from here?”

            “Yeah Bren,” the little girl said beaming as she hugged her sister, “thanks loads”.


            When the teenager left the child sat down on the couch next to Shelly.

            “Your going to be like my pet now,” the child said, “well, until Brenna gives you away anyhow… but you’re my pet for now alright. So we’re going to watch a movie, it’s like Buffy only it’s not the real one an the women have sex in it. I got it out of Brenna’s room, but she don’t care”. Dina pulled a condom out of her pocket and waved it at Shelly. “This is for you, “ she said, giggling.

            Then the eight year-old went to the kitchen and came back with a jug. The child pulled down her jeans and panties, then squatted over the container and pissed into it, then she carefully poured the contents into the condom, and tied off the end to make a little piss filled balloon. Dina giggled as she pulled the tape from the naked woman’s mouth. Shelly went to cry out but the child grabbed her nose and twisted it roughly… then while Shelly’s mouth was open she shoved the piss balloon in. Shelly froze, afraid she might burst it if she struggled.

            “I like doing horrible things to people,” the child explained in a matter of fact way, “I did this once to a girl in our street an she hated it. I’m gonna make you taste my pee right through the movie, an the whole time you’ll be tasting it an thinking about where it came from”. With that Dina produced a small needle; she pricked the condom once, then quickly replaced the duct-tape.


            Shelly felt the child’s piss leaking out of the balloon, her mouth filled with an acrid, salty taste – she would have vomited if she hadn’t thought it would choke her. Dina dragged a box up to the couch, then put the movie in. While it played Shelly tasted a continuous trickle of the child’s foul piss while the eight year-old amused herself by pulling an assortment of toys from the box, and shoving them roughly into her captive’s vagina and ass.

            Dina shoved a doll’s head up the woman’s ass, but when she pulled it out there was a popping sound and the body came loose.

“Oops!” laughed Dina, as she showed a sobbing Shelly the headless plastic body, “don’t think we’re gonna get that back”. Then she shoved the handle of a hockey stick into the writhing, naked woman’s vagina. “Awe feck!” the girl said, “you’re bleeding on the couch you bitch, lucky it’s leather or Bren would go fucking mad. I’m gonna make you lick it clean after I finished playing with you”. Dina resumed her attempts to get the hockey stick further into the moaning woman.







Ó Sarah J. & Jessica Rael 2004


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