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See Part 1 his%20sissy%20daddy%20part1.txt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 2 I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of pretty silky white and blue panties with lacy designs on them. I walked over to David and asked him if he would help me into them. He looked nervous, but he took them and knelt in front of me and held the leg holes open for me. As I stepped into them, my hard wiener was bobbing only six inches or so from his face. After I put my legs through the holes, rather than pull them up myself, I just stood there waiting to see what David would do. When I made no effort to take the panties from him, he pulled them up to my waist and then looked up at me in my eyes. I smiled as big as I could and said thank you David for putting my panties on. I am so happy that you are my boyfriend. David vividly blushed and his wiener was still sticking straight out and bobbing up and down. Standing in only my panties and girly white knee socks I reached for the sundress and handed it to David and said will you help me put this on please. I put my arms in the air and waited for him to get up. He seemed to know how to scrunch up the dress from the bottom and hold it open for me to put my hands through the short sleeves, and then pulled the dress down and straightened it out for me. Now David stood naked before me, except for his white knee socks and just stared at me in my dress. Gosh Ryan, you really do look like a girl, a really pretty girl. Thanks David. And you look like a naked boy with a hard wiener. David blushed again and said, "so what do you think I should wear? I told you to pick out one of my dresses. Ryan, I can't. I just don't think I can do that. I am a boy. I'm not a queer sissy boy like you and your dad. Oh come on David, you know you would like to try it just for fun. Your wiener is still hard as can be. No! Really Ryan, I just would be too afraid of someone seeing me like that!. So, it's not that you don't want to try wearing a dress; it's just that you don't want to get caught? David just gave me a silly look. Ok, David. But how about just wearing a pair of my pretty silky panties? No one will know but us and it will feel so naughty and sexy. I will even get you a pair of blue ones so you can still feel all macho. You will love how they feel against your peepee. Ryan did not give David a chance to argue and just went to his dresser and pulled out the panties and a pair of short navy cuffed shorts and a white polo shirt. Ryan knelt down and held the panties for David and he dutifully stepped into them and Ryan pulled them up over his hard wiener. David let out an audible sigh. Feels really good, huh David? David nodded yes and then took his white kneesocked feet and stepped into his shorts and then he helped pull them up and button them. He then grabbed the polo shirt and slipped it on himself. He looked so cute. We stood in the mirror and admired ourselves. Me in a pretty short dress and girly sissy white knee socks and David in short navy shorts, white polo shirt and white ribbed knee socks as well. I grabbed David's hand and said lets go and find some shoes to wear. I found a pair of Navy T-bar sandals and David found a pair of navy Crocs. After he slid on his Crocs, I slid his socks down and scrunched them half way down his calves. He was more than cute. I now more than ever knew that I was a queer sissy boy. I just wanted to be with David. I wanted to suck his wiener and lick his butthole more than anything else. I imagined hugging him and kissing him and the thoughts made me really happy. I was thinking to myself that I was in love with him. I was so happy to think that I really was a queer boy, in love with another boy and my mother completely approved. We went downstairs and my mother said she was almost ready to go and said let me take a look at you two. Oh my Ryan, you two look just adorable. David you are so cute dressed like that. Ryan you just have the cutest boyfriend. And you Ryan look so sweet in that dress, don't you agree David? Yes mam. I told Ryan that he looked really pretty after he got dressed in his dress. Does it make your wiener tingle and get all hard David, my mother asked? David blushed and being only ten felt he had to answer honestly and shyly said "yes mam. My wiener was sticking straight out when Ryan pulled my panties up". Mother looked at me and I nodded. Don't panties feel better than those plain old undies you usually wear? Yes mam, they feel nice and smooth. I can see why Ryan and his daddy like them. Well I think that you two make just the perfect pair. I am so happy that you and Ryan have decided to be boyfriends and that you are working with Ryan so he can be a good cocksucking sissy faggot. I will let your mother know that she should start letting you wear silky panties whenever you like too. It will help you to be sexually excited a lot and make you ready to get your peepee sucked on more often. David did not know how to respond to that so I spoke up and said come on mommy let's get going. Ryan, I have to make a call to David's mother to let her know how everything has been going. Why don't you take David into the den and practice sucking his peepee until I am ready to leave. Ok mom. Come on David lets go to the den. As soon as I got to the den, I lifted my dress over my head and neatly set it on the back of a chair and then peeled off my pretty panties. My wiener was standing out at 45 degrees and bobbing in the air. I then told David to come in front of me and I knelt down and unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them along with his silk blue lacy panties down to his ankles and then sat him down on the edge of the sofa. I engulfed his wiener and started sucking. David let out a groan as I again felt an electric jolt come from his penis. I was so happy to be sucking on his long peepee, that I thought my wiener was going to break it was so hard. I heard my mother talking to David's mother and as she reached the den I heard her say sure you can talk to David. The boys are in the den and Ryan is sucking on David's peepee again. ~ Oh my yes Tina, he seems to be enjoying it very much. David is sitting on the edge of the sofa with his shorts and panties around his white knee socked ankles with Ryan kneeling in front of him naked wearing only his sissy-girl white kneesocks just sucking away like a cocksucking sissy should. ~ You know Tina I agree with you. I think that our little boys were meant to be together. ~ I think the same thing. I know that Ryan is quite taken with David and that puppy love is rampant with these two. I would expect our boy's love affair to go on for some time. ~ I know, wouldn't that be great. We could wind up being in-laws one day, you never know now days. But it sure would be great if it turned out that way. Here David, your mother wants to say hello to you. David, turning 5 shades of red took the phone. Hi mom, David said. ~ Oh I am having a really nice time. Ryan's mom is really nice to me and so is his daddy. ~ Yes he is, how did you know that Ryan's dad was a sissy too? ~ Yes, he wears sissy clothes just like Ryan does. ~ So it's ok if he is almost naked most of the time when I am here? ~ Ok, I will be good and do what they say. ~ Yes, Ryan is still sucking on my wiener. ~ No mom, I like it a lot, and it feels really good. ~ No, I have not sucked on Ryan's peepee yet. ~ No, when I said yet I did not mean that I was going to, I was just answering your question. ~ What do you mean it's not really fair? ~ Mom, Ryan does not care if I don't suck on his peepee. He is a queer sissy and so is his daddy. He really likes sucking on my wiener. ~ I don't know why, I guess because it feels good to him. ~ Why should I have to do it back? ~ Mom! I don't want to be called a sissy too. ~ What? You and daddy wouldn't care if I was a sissy? ~ Why? ~ Does Daddy really know about this? ~ He does? ~ Mom, can we talk about this later? ~ Ok, I love you too mom. ~ I know. And mommy, will you tell daddy that I love him too? ~ Ok, I will see you tomorrow. I Love you, bye. My mom took the phone from David as I continued sucking his hard wiener and I heard her say "you know Tina, I think that we should let the boys know about our families relationship. I think that Ryan should know just exactly what a cocksucking faggot his daddy really is. I also think that Ryan and David should know that Frank and I and Dave and you are swingers. David should know that his daddy swings both ways as well, although Dave has become mostly a queer cocksucking sissy faggot like Frank now. Tina, don't you think that David might feel more comfortable about his potential sissy side if he knew that his dad went both ways too and had a cock in his mouth and one up his backside more often than you do now. Ok Tina, I will arrange it for next weekend. In the mean time, I will show Ryan some of the video's that we have made of you, Dave and Me and Frank. I think that Ryan will be amazed at the fact that his boyfriends daddy is as big a faggot as his own daddy and that you both want David to be like him. I am sure that he will be ecstatic. I think that we should have done this well over a year ago. So now Tina, lets make sure we are both on the same page. You are going to open up to David now and let him know that you condone and encourage his relationship with Ryan and that you and Dave think that he should express his sissy desires by wearing sissy underwear and clothes too right? David will be coming over every morning before school and walking Ryan home every day after school and having Ryan suck him off as often as possible right? Great, so be sure and tell David that you expect him to hug and kiss Ryan every time he comes over and every time before he leaves and anytime the urge and desire comes over him. He should understand that if he is Ryan's boyfriend that it is expected of him. Ok Tina, we will see you tomorrow when you pick up David. I'll let you know how it goes tonight. ----------------------------------- Part 3 coming soon, I promise! 2/17/11 Thanks to all that wrote to me about this story. I really appreciate all the responses. A special thanks to Peter L. for all his input. I would love to hear from you if you have a white sock fetish like I do. I can never find stories or websites with guys like me that love seeing boys and men in white kneesocks. 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