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All names and situations are fictitious. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I have received quite a few emails from my readers asking me to write a story about one of their fantasies. I really appreciate the emails and in between working in real life and working on my current stories I will try to imagine what they are looking for and put it in a story for them and you, my readers. This story, that I will call "Mr. Trent" is the outlined fantasy of wannabe Sissy and Cuckold Larry K___. Larry said that he imagined what it would be like to come home from work and ... well, you will just have to read the story. Enjoy, RJ 777 aka WhiteSock SissyBoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- My wife called me and told me that she had an exciting surprise for me when I got home. When I arrived home, I came into the family room and my cute little petite wife and our 2 youngest boys Billy and Brandon were sitting together on the couch. My wife was wearing just a lacy white garter and girly white thigh high socks with her pert breasts pointing up and her smooth shaven pussy exposed. Even after having three kids, her pussy did not look any different than most 12 year olds. The boys were wearing just their white cartoon underpants and white crew socks. Both boys had their hands inside the front of their underwear playing with their obviously hard little boners. Gail smiled at me and said look honey, Mr. Trent is here, Brian's guidance counselor from school. Sitting on the recliner chair was Mr. Trent and our little skinny oldest son Brian. Brian was sitting in Mr. Trent's lap naked other than wearing white kneesocks. He had his legs spread wide and draped over Mr. Trent's legs with his back against his counselor's chest. Mr. Trent was rubbing Brian's hairless hard wiener with one hand and pinching his nipple with the other and nibbling on his ear. Brian was giggling and seemed very happy with the attention he was receiving as he looked at me, smiled with a smile that could melt your heart and said "hello daddy." I was shocked at what I was seeing and said,"What is going on here Gail?" Oh Jeff, don't get your panties all bunched up, Mr. Trent is just here to work with Brian on his sexual orientation. I wondered if Gail told Mr. Trent that I wear panties but this was just plain wrong. "What the hell does that mean and why, are you and the kids naked?" Now Jeff, you know as well as I do that Brian has always been a petite little sissy and Mr. Trent noticed that and has decided that he would tutor Brian about his queer sissy tendencies. Mr. Trent felt that it would probably help make Brian feel more comfortable if we, Brians family were all naked too so we would all be more relaxed around each other and I agree totally with Mr. Trent. Tutor him, he is molesting Brian while you, my wife, are naked in front a complete stranger. Oh come on now Jeff, you know that Brian is a sissy just like you are now, and were when you were his age. He is 10 years old now, and you know we recently discussed how effeminate Brian is and that he surely takes after you. We both agreed that since Brian is so cute and sissyish and has such a desire to wear girly things all the time that it was time he learned about sissy sex. Mr. Trent has graciously offered to teach him in the privacy of our home. And Jeff, Mr. Trent is not a stranger, we met Mr. Trent at Brian's parent teachers conference last month. Mr. Trent also thinks that I look very pretty like this, especially when I keep my knees as far apart as possible and the boys do as well. Besides Jeff you know how much of an exhibitionist I am. Gail, how did this come about so suddenly? I didn't want to keep this from you Jeff, but the boys and I have been meeting with Mr. Trent once or twice a week since the conference last month at his home. He has been so kind as to put our families needs ahead of his own. Mr. Trent has been nice enough to let us come over every week and allow us to be dressed pretty much like we are now while in front of he, and his sons. Now come on over here Jeff and sit down next to me and the boys. I felt my dick start to swell but somehow it just didn't seem right, even though my wife was totally okay with this. I sat down along with my 6 and 8 year old boys and watched as Mr. Trent continued to play with Brians hard wiener . Mr. Trent noticed my hard-on tenting out my dress slacks since my silk lacy panties don't do much to conceal my wiener and commented to my boys, look kids, your daddy has a stiffy like your Sissy brother Brian here has as he waived Brian's 4" smooth pink boner at them. My little boys looked at Brian's hard hairless peepee and then my tented crotch and my wife said, "well Jeff, it looks like you agree with me about Brian. I looked down in embarrassment and could feel my face flush, but I could not deny that it turned me on to no end seeing my pretty 10 year old son, nude except for his white kneesocks, enjoying being openly fondled by a strange man in my own home with my naked wife and family watching, the absurdity of it was thrilling. Mr. Trent then spoke up and said Jeff, why don't you take out your hard wiener and play with it. I turned red and before I could answer him, my wife spoke up and said, do it Jeff. Take your slacks and your girly panties down and masturbate, you know you want to. Mr. Trent again spoke up and said go ahead Jeff, do as your wife says. Gail told me Brian gets all his sissy tendencies from you so you don't need to be shy. It is time, you need to be open with your boys and no longer hide your queer cocksucking sissy submissive nature that Gail has told me all about. I nearly fainted when he said that. Gail told him! Now my kids know about my deepest and darkest secret as well. Strip off now Jeff! I am going to have this sissyboy, faggot son of yours Brian, masturbate me and suck on my cock in a minute too Jeff. So, you might as well get off as well and show all of your little boys, that you are no longer going to hide from them that their daddy is a submissive queer cock loving sissy faggot. I don't really know why I did not put up an argument, except for the fact that, I really am a submissive cocksucking sissy faggot. I think I was just so shocked that Gail would share my secret with a total stranger, my kids counselor no less that I was a closet sissy fag and loved to suck cock. I submissively stood up and pulled my pants down and then lifted my shirt up and turned so everyone, especially my kids, could see my lacy white panties with my boner pushing out the front. I have no idea why I did that, but it embarrassed, humiliated and excited me to be seen by my kids and a strange man in girly panties. When I peeled my panties down my hard-on flipped up and slapped my belly. Jeff, I think that you should strip out of all your clothes, like the rest of your family so that these boys can get to know their daddy the sissy faggot better, said Mr. Trent. Before I could say anything, Gail said I agree Jeff, I think that it is very appropriate if we are going to show our boys what is expected of being queer sissy faggots, that their daddy be a good role model so that they know what submissive sissy faggots do. I was embarrassed, but my dick was so hard that I just continued to remove all my clothes. I have always been submissive and my wife liked being the dominant. She has always been supportive of my nature as long as she was in control and the decision maker of our family. I was truly a cuckold to my wife, whatever she said went. I got my shirt off and stood naked except for my sissy white kneesocks with my throbbing hairless boner and smooth dimpled butt-cheeks on display. I love wearing white girly kneesocks. I wear them under my slacks and put my black dress socks over them so nobody at work can tell. As I went to pull off my girly kneesocks Mr. Trent stopped me and said leave the sissy socks on Jeff but get the black socks off. So, except for my sissy white kneesocks, I was naked on display for all to see. I felt like a sissy faggot should. I was also showing my three boys what a queer sissy faggot their daddy was as well. My dick was hard as a rock standing straight out as I sat down next to my little boys and started to stroke my hard dick before them. This was the first time that I exposed myself sexually to my children and it was both demeaning and thrilling. My wife and sons noticed my hard dripping cock and Gail smiled approvingly. My 2 little boys asked my wife if they could be like Brian and daddy and take off their underpants too. My wife said of course you boys can. Anytime you boys want to be naked from now on, you just strip off all your clothes except for your white socks. I want you boys to start wearing white knee socks like your brother Brian wears from now on, ok? White kneesocks are very girly and sexy. We are going to have a very open policy regarding nudity around here from this day on. My little boys got all excited as they jumped up and laughed to each other. I sat and stroked my hard dick in earnest as I watched my little guys strip off their underoo's and sit back down wearing only their short white socks. Both boys had stiff little wieners that they squeezed with their fingers and it made my dick throb even more. Gail then told Billy and Brandon, "I want you two to get up, lean over and kiss your daddy on the lips and then kiss the tip of his peepee. Then go to my room and change into the socks that I have left for you on my bed. My boys did as Gail said and when they kissed my wiener they both had a string of precum stretch from my cock to their lips which everyone found funny. When they came back from our room, both boys had on thick over the knee stark white socks that had butterfly designs on them. Looking then up their skinny thighs you saw both of them with hairless little ballsacks and hard wieners with purple and blue shiny dickheads. They looked adorable!!! Mr. Trent then said to Brian, I need to have my hard man dick stroked and sucked on sissy boy. Off my lap little faggot and kneel down and take it out for me. Brian obediently climbed off of his lap, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and then knelt down at his feet. Mr. Trent stood up and Brian pulled his counselors pants down and then pulled his undies off as well. Mr. Trent had a good 7 inches of hard man meat sticking out at my little boys face. Brian, I want you to begin by giving the tip of my cock a nice kiss and then start licking it and then move down my shaft licking and kissing as you do so. Then, put the knob of my cock into your mouth while you stroke the shaft with your hands. Brian smiled at the man and said "okay" and proceeded to do as he was instructed. I watched intently and kept stroking my dick almost envious, as my whole family watched Brian, on his knees naked, wearing only his thick white sissy knee socks giving his first blow job. Brian looked so cute kneeling there like that with his hairless wiener sticking out at a 45 degree angle, hard as could be. His skin was so milky white smooth and his little dimpled butt just made you want to kiss it. Mr. Trent complimented Brian on how well he was doing for his first time sucking a man's cock. Brian smiled proudly and looked back at Gail and me for approval. Gail spoke out and said we are very proud of how well you are doing for your first cocksucking lesson Brian. Many men are going to love having such a pretty little girly-boy sissy faggot like you sucking on their cocks. She then looked at our two younger boys and said for them to be sure and pay attention to the way Brian was manipulating the ball sack and hard shaft, and sucking on the big knob of Mr. Trent's dick so that they would know how to be good cocksuckers and please men and boys too. Mr. Trent then said to me, Jeff, come on over here and let your boys see how a real cocksucker can satisfy a man's dick. Gail looked at me and her look said, do it. I started to get up and Mr. Trent said, come on now Jeff, get down and crawl over here and kneel between my legs like a sissy faggot does. You don't want to teach your boys bad habits do you faggot? I looked at my boys and then answered like a fifth grader, no Mr. Trent I don't want to teach my boys any bad habits. I am sure I was quite a site for them. Here was their daddy, naked, white sissy knee socks like they too were all wearing with my hard dick wagging in front of me crawling over to a strange man to suck on his hard dripping cock. This was so demeaning and humiliating for me that my dick jerked and dripped too and lust took over. I wanted my kids to see what a faggot fairy they had for a daddy. I was in a state of submissive servitude and would do anything I was told by this strange man. I wondered what my boys were thinking of me, but the more perverse and queer I could act the more I wanted them to see it. I got between his legs with his cock in my face. Without him asking, I leaned in and kissed his knob and pre-cum stuck to my lips and left a strand between them and his dick head just liked my little boys had done to me. I looked up at him and said may I please suck on your beautiful cock Mr. Trent? Are you a good cocksucker Jeff? Yes sir, I am. Look at your three boys and tell them what is expected of a cocksucking sissy faggot like yourself. Naked on my knees, except for my white knee socks with my cock harder than I can remember pointing directly out in front of me, with Mr. Trent's stiff dripping cock inches from my lips, I looked at my three naked boys. Boys, as you can see, as I spoke I kissed and licked Mr. Trent's cock head. I like sucking on a man's cock, because I am a queer cocksucking sissy faggot. Kids, that means that when a real man like Mr. Trent here tells a sissy faggot like me and Brian and soon you boys as well, to suck on his cock, that we must get naked on our knees at his feet and lick and suck on his man dick. If we do a really good job of pleasing him, he will reward us with a mouth full of his man cream which is called cum. Cum is a thick sticky white juice that squirts out of our wieners and is what babies are made from. But queer sissies, especially cocksucking faggots like me, love to drink it as much and often as possible and milk the man's balls where the delicious cum is made for as much as he can give. Sometimes a man will squirt cum on his cocksucker's face as well as in his mouth. I like to leave a man's cum on my face after I have sucked him off to show him as well as others that I am really a queer sissy faggot and that I like being used by him anyway that he wants. As I finished saying this to my boys I sucked Mr. Trent's mushroom shaped head into my mouth and then lovingly looked at his cock and sucked the entire shaft into my mouth. That's very good Jeff. You see boys, how your daddy shows how much he likes sucking my dick. Your dad is a true cocksucking sissy faggot and you should be proud of him. Not proud like my kids are of what a man I am, but proud of what a submissive and sissified queer cocksucker your daddy is. Some boys grow up to be real men and some boys like your daddy and now all of you boys, grow up to be sissified girly faggots to please real men like me and real boys like my sons. Gail spoke up at this point and said, "boys, look at your queer cocksucking sissy faggot father on his knees with your counselor's hard dripping dick in his mouth. Look at how comfortable your father is being in that position, sucking and kissing a man's hard cock. Notice how hard your daddy's wiener is and all the clear pre-cum dripping off of it showing how much he loves to suck on Mr. Trent's cock. See what a sissy your daddy looks like wearing just those white girly designed knee socks. I am so proud of your daddy for being such a good sissy faggot and you boys should be too. Now that you boys know that your daddy is a cocksucking queer, he can start teaching you boys how to be sissy girly-boys too. I glanced at my boys and they all had smiles on their faces and all of them were pinching their hard hairless wieners. I looked at my sons and said, boys when I was your age I would suck on any boy or mans wiener that would let me. I loved to dress like a sissy girl and loved to have men shoot their man cream in my mouth. I knew that I was a sissy faggot by the time I was ten and as long as I had a cock in my mouth I was happy. Gail then said, "Mr. Trent, thank you so much for bringing my husband out of the closet for our boys. I get so turned on when Jeff is acting on his natural desires and not hiding his true feelings. It is such a turn on for me to see him submissive to a real man especially when he shows his feminine side by wearing girly sissy undergarments and has a cock in his mouth." Gail, your husband Jeff is a bigger faggot than you described he would be. He is very submissive and really good at cocksucking. If they are anything like their queer cocksucking sissy father, your boys should not have any problems learning to be sissy girly-boys and queer cocksuckers either. Brian already has shown what a queer faggot he is with his natural ability to submit to a man and your two younger boys seem to like what they have seen as well. Brian of course has already shown his desire to please a man and I am sure he will be desired by many men and boys. Brian was beaming from ear to ear as he looked at his little brothers and then said to them "you guys will be good sissy faggots too. This made Billy and Brandon smile really big too. I have to get going now, so let me leave Jeff here with a mouth full of my manly cream and after I leave, I want Jeff to fuck you Gail in front of your three "girly-boys", in your butthole. From now on, I want you and Jeff to only have sex in front of the kids and you should always take it only in the rear like faggots do. Your boys need to see that a butthole is really another pussy, since that is what theirs will be used for in the near future. When I come back next week, I will expect to see you have started making the boys sissified and I will bring my boys with me. I want to introduce my kids to your family and get them comfortable with using your sissy's to get off with. I do not want to have to worry about them getting girls pregnant as they grow up. Mr. Trent's balls pulled up and I felt his shaft get super hard and then blasted rope after rope of his man seed. I took Mr. Trent's load of cum in my mouth and gulped it down noisily so that my kids could hear me drinking his cum. I slurped on his cock and let the last shots squirt and accumulate in my mouth for my boys to see. It was so demeaning to be used by a man like this in front of my kids but so exciting at the same time. Mr. Trent then looked down at me and said "Jeff, I will start fucking Gail at each get together so that she is not left out. He then looked at Gail as he said to me, "since a sissy can never really satisfy a woman the way a real man can we need to be fair to Gail, wouldn't you agree Jeff?" I just nodded in agreement and smiled at him as I gave his cock a last kiss. Mr. Trent got dressed and left our home. The thought of his cock, that had just come in my mouth squirting up Gail's pussy while I and the kids watched somehow excited me. ----------------------------------------------------------------- See Mr. Trent part 2 xt I have had a lot of positive feedback on this story. I wrote the story because of a readers request and had no idea where I was going with it. I decided to continue adding chapters. Part 2 had to set the stage for further chapters. I hope that you enjoy the addition and come back again when I post part 3. I would love to hear from you if you have a white sock fetish like I do. I can never find stories or websites that love seeing boys and men in white kneesocks. If you have fantasies or experiences that you would want to share or for me to incorporate into one of my future stories, e-mail me. I have several stories that are in the works, so check back often. All comments are welcome! Raymond James aka Whitesock Sissyboy