Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright (C) 2002, White Orchid ALL Rights Reserved None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and people is completely coincidental. Green River Submission M/F D/s The narrator of this story lifts the plastic dust cover up and over his ancient record player, presses a button, and carefully lowers the needle to the record. After some crackling and popping, the musical genius of John Fogerty's voice fills the night air.... "Well, take me back down where cool water flow Let me remember things I love Stoppin' at the log where catfish bite Walkin' along the river road at night Barefoot girls dancin' in the moonlight..." Daylena dances in the moonlight by the river, unaware that Tom watches intently in the dark shadows of the forest. From somewhere far off there is the sound of music, soft, elegant music that she moves to. He watches her dance around the fire, and notices the moonlight seems to dance with her in its reflection up on the river. She is agile, her movements like those of the water flowing just beyond. He gazes at her intently, watching her every movement. Dressed in a sheer silken tunic that does nothing to hide her body from his gaze, she dances. Her tunic has a soft silken cape that flows around her body as she moves, and her shadow in the firelight looks like a small dragon unfolding it's newly formed wings. He is an experienced man, and he understands her movements, more so than she understands them herself. He smiles to himself as he thinks of the many women he knows, has known in his life. There are those that are 'equal' in desires and needs, and ability to express them. There are those who need to 'command' to be the aggressor in desire. There are those that are frigid and no amount of desire ever reaches their hearts. And then.....he smiles again as he thinks of the last type of woman....there are those whose needs are so great that they can not control them, and do not know how to express them. These women give that control to another, they are 'submissive'. The lovely bitch that danced by the firelight had all the movements, all the grace of a true submissive. After a while he slipped out of the darkness and watched her boldly. At first she did not see him and continued her dance. Then she does see him, and in one ungainly moment she nearly trips in surprise. He caught her before she could injure herself and set her right. She smiled timidly and whispered, "Thank you kind, Sir". He smiled at her and told her, "Dance for me." She looked at him unsure and he repeats sternly, "Dance for me!" She timidly begins to move and sees his smile. Her previous grace returns and she is once again lost in her dance. As she dances he sees the tell tale signs of excitement. Her nipples harden and press against the sheer silk fabric of the short tunic she wears. Her hands caress her body as she moves, her palms running over her nipples, over her hips and down her thighs. She dances until the far off music ends. "Sir", she begins..... "Silence!" he says as he walks up to her. He stood before her, gazing at her lovely form. "What is your name?" he asks her. She replies, "I am called Daylena". He shook his head as he knelt before her and said, "No, from this time on your name shall be 'Dragyonfyrebytch' and you are MINE!" His hand grabbed her hair tightly and pulled her lips to his. He could easily have crushed her small head in his hand, instead his lips demanded response from her. He slid his hands up under her tunic and lifted it over her head and dropped it to the ground. His fingers caught her nipples and he tweaked them. He heard her gasp, felt her nipples grow still harder. He kissed her again, then put his hands on her shoulders. He pushed her down in the tall grass before him, then unstrapped his breeches and let them drop. He stepped out of them. In the fire light she saw his cock hard, the veins pulsing. He put a hand on her head and pulled her mouth to him. Willingly, she took him deep inside her mouth, and he moaned at the warm wetness within. She seemed eager, and it was obvious she was into sucking, and definitely enjoying this! He was in heaven watching his cock slip in and out of her soft lips. He held her hair gently in his hands as her head bobbed up and down on his nearly exploding member. Yet he had to prove to himself that she was truly submissive. He withdrew his cock from her mouth. She knelt before him, gazing up at him. "Ask me, ask to suck my cock," he said to her. She knelt there, confused and he reached down and tugged her hair. "Ask to pleasure me, ask me to let you suck my cock", he repeated. "Pllleas--sse Sir. Let me pleasure you!" He released her hair and smiled at her. He said, "NO". Her eyes opened wide in surprise as he turned and walked nearer the fire. "Sir?" she questioned. His cock still raged hard as he turned to face her. "I don't believe you mean it. Prove to me you wish to pleasure me. Crawl to me on your hands and knees. Crawl to your new master and service him." Draygonfyre hesitated only a moment then began to crawl to him. The grass was soft and dew had begun to form. The dew clung to her body as she moved through the tall grass. Kneeling before him she reached to take his cock into her hand and he stopped her. He grabbed her hand and said, "You did not ask permission to touch me!" Tears welled in her eyes as she begged, "Please Sir! Oh please, let me touch you! Let me pleasure you!" Tom smiled. His instincts never failed him, she was a true submissive. "You may pleasure me," he told her. Draygonfyre captured his cock in her hands and began licking up and down the long hard shaft, down around his heavy balls, and back to the tip. He moaned as she slipped her warm wet mouth back down over his cock and sucked. His hands rested on her head as he began to move, to thrust his cock into her sucking mouth, loving the feel of her tongue as she tasted his glans. The firelight danced around them, throwing their shadows on the long grass at the edge of the forest. Tom moaned as his new slave earnestly pleasured him with her soft lips and warm mouth. He held her head tighter in his hands and began to move, to thrust into her mouth. "Yes! Yes, my lovely bitch! Swallow my desire for you! Drink of my heat!" he moaned as he began to spew his hot man cream. She sucked him harder, as if eager to receive every drop of his cream, as if she could suck him dry. He groaned and gave her all that she desired, all that she had pleaded for. He withdrew his softening cock from between her lips and pulled her to her feet. He thrust his hand between her thighs. She gasped as he captured her pussy in his hand, a finger driving into her deeply. She was hot, and oh so very wet! He removed his hand and placed his fingers to her lips. "Taste of your own desire my lovely bitch!" he told her. He watched as her tongue slipped from between her lips and licked his finger. He pushed it into her mouth and she sucked on it, just as she had his hard cock. He pulled his finger free of her lips and led her to a fallen log and sat her down upon it. Her soft eyes gazed up at him as he leaned down and fondled her round full breasts, playing with her still hard nipples. Then he stood and told her, "Pleasure yourself for me. I wish to watch you do this." Draygonfyre hesitated, "Sir, I-I-I...please Sir! No!" His hand wrapped in her hair and he pulled her to her feet. He stared into her eyes and told her, "I have claimed you as my own! You are MINE! As such you will do EXACTLY what I tell you to do!" He pushed her back down upon the log and said again, "Now bitch, pleasure yourself for me or feel pain when I punish you!" Draygonfyre, eyes shining, began to run her small hands over her body. She closed her eyes and imagined the music was playing again and she moved to her own touch. Tom sat near the fire, watching as the lovely Draygonfyre began her solo dance of pleasure beneath the moonlight. He absently stroked his cock as he watched her fingers slid in and out of her slit. He could see by the flickering firelight that she was wet, her pussy glistening in the light of the flames. He could hear her sigh, see her nipples harden, and stand taller upon her firm tight tits. Her hips began to move, to thrust onto her own searching fingers. Tom rose and went to her. He roughly pulled her up into his arms, kissed her hard, demandingly, then pushed her down. He turned her to face the log and forced her to bend over it. He appreciated the sight of her tight round ass, and his fingers gripped each cheek pulling them wide apart. He thrust his cock up to her anal opening. "Noooo! OH PLEASE NO!" Draygonfyre begged as she felt his intention. Her juices had run down to her asshole and made it hot, slick, wet. He pushed against that lovely brown asshole. "Noooo!" Draygonfyre cried out again as he pushed still harder and his cock entered her asshole. "ARRRRRGGG! It hurts! Please stop! It hurts!" she cried out. "You are MINE bitch, and I will have you any way I please! Stop that whining and fuck me! Come on, move your ass and fuck me!" he told her. He raised his hand and brought it down to sting her ass cheek. She moaned, but she began to move, to ride his hard pulsing cock in her ass. He groaned in pleasure, her asshole was so tight! He pounded into her ass, his fingers digging into the fleshy mounds of her ass cheeks. He groaned and told her, "Play with your pussy! Make yourself cum!" Dragyonfyre reached down and fingered her own clit as he continued slamming into her tight ass. She moaned, the pleasure mounting in her pussy, and in her ass! Suddenly her body trembled and she moaned low in her belly. Tom grinned and fucked her ass harder still, telling her, "Cum for me my lovely bitch!" She was bouncing her ass up and back on his cock, fucking him hard. Tom could not resist cumming any longer. He grabbed her hips and held her still as he jammed his cock into her ass deep. His cock throbbed and burst, washing her insides with his hot sticky sperm. Draygonfyrebitch groaned, shuddered, and a sigh of pure pleasure left her lips as her pussy spasmed and she too came. He withdrew from her ass and smiled as she turned over to peer up at him. He stepped aside and picked up her tunic. He tossed it to her and said, "Get dressed, you are coming with me." "Sirr-rr-r-r?" She questioned. As he tucked his manhood back into his pants he told her, "I've said you are mine, and so you are. Get dressed and follow me. Do not lag behind me, I would have to punish you!" Draygonfyre nodded, and drew her tunic over her head. Tom was already far along the path, his long lean legs carrying him quickly. She had to hurry to catch up to him. He glanced over his shoulder to see her following as commanded. He smiled, thoughts of many pleasure filled nights ahead teasing his mind. part 2 Tom sped up his pace, now and then looking over his shoulder to see if Draygonfyre still followed him. She did, but at a distance that made him frown. She was not trying hard enough to keep up with him. He resolved he'd have to punish her, just to teach her a lesson. He smiled as the thought crossed his mind. Having a submissive was not new to him, but he would enjoy teaching this lovely young woman what the meaning of being 'submissive' really is. He arrived at his cabin, went inside and lit the candles, tossed the blankets aside on the cot. The cabin was only one room, with a well a few paces to the side. His furnishings were few, a table and chairs, a cot, a book shelf. He liked this way of life, it suited him. There were a host of cats that ran in and out of the cabin at their will. He had a fondness for the furry creatures. he frowned as he waited for her, for perhaps another 3 or 4 minutes. Too long to his mind. He waited, arms folded across his chest. Finally she came through the door. "Draygonfyre, you dawdled behind me. You should have kept up with me. You disobeyed me! Strip off that tunic NOW! Prepare for your punishment!" Draygonfyre's eyes shone with the start of tears. She had not meant to displease him. She'd been lost in thought, as she considered this strange man who claimed her as his own. She drew the tunic up over her head and held it in her small hand. He reached out and took it from her and tossed it aside. "Get up on my cot, lay down and spread you legs." he told her. She hesitated and he grabbed her arm and pushed her to the cot. "Lay down and open your legs as wide as you can!" He commanded her. She trembled but did as he commanded. Now her pussy was open and exposed to his every whim. He picked up a large wooden spoon used for stirring his deer stews and raised it over her mound. "This is for not obeying me!" he told her as he slapped her pussy with the spoon. "OH NO! PLEASE, SIR, NO!" she cried out as the spoon stung her outer lips. He grinned and slapped her pussy again, and she tried to close her legs. He slapped each thigh with the spoon, causing red welts as he demanded, "Open your legs and take the punishment, or I shall punish you harder, and longer!" Draygonfyre cried, but opened her legs wide. Tom slapped her most tender place just once more before setting the spoon aside. "Do not move." He commanded her. Draygonfyre lay completely still on the cot as she watched him move about the room. Tom gathered his shaving mug, his straight razor and the strop. He stood beside her and her eyes opened in fear as he sharpened the razor, up and down the strop. He smiled at her and said, "There is no need for all that hair on your mound. It impeded my punishment of you." He sat down beside her, took his lather and brush and caused a thick foam to rise in her pussy hair. "SSs-sir?" she questioned. He smiled and said, "Do not move. I would hate to nick a most important part of your anatomy." Draygonfyre almost shivered, but he had lain the razor on her mound and was beginning to draw it down. She did not shiver, she did not move. She felt his fingers spread her wide, felt the cold steel of the razor as he carefull shaved her completely. When he was satisfied he told her, "Go to the well and draw some water. Wash yourself of the lather, make yourself clean for me!" She did as he told her too, and now she shivered. Her fingers touched her now hairless mound and she could only wonder at this strange man who claimed her as his own. She washed slowly, beneath the light of the moon, under which just a short time ago she'd been dancing. As her hands caressed her body she moved, as if once again hearing the far off music. Tom came to the door of the cabin and quietly watched the lovely young woman. She was almost dancing once again, her hands running over her body, caressing each tender, yet hard nipple. He saw her shiver in pleasure then called out to her from the cabin door, "I did not tell you to stand there and daydream! Get to it woman, then get in here!" She opened her eyes and realized where she was, saw that he was watching her intently. She blushed and quickly finished her washing and ran back inside the cabin. "I'm sorry sir!" she pleaded. He said nothing only pushed her down on the cot, pushed her legs open wide and lifted them over his shoulders. His hot mouth covered her now hairless mound, his wet slippery tongue flicked over her slit. She tensed, and he drove his tongue between those soft velvet pussy lips to lick her clit. Draygonfyre moaned in sweet pleasure as he lapped at her pussy. Her toes curled as he fucked his tongue into her deeply, tasting the sweet flow of her woman juices. His thumbs held her pussy lips open, allowing him to drink deeply from her. She sighed and began to move, to respond to his lapping tongue. He stopped and looked up at her and said, "Do not cum until I give you permission." She moaned louder, her body tensed as his tongue once more found her secret center. She tried, tried so hard to control herself, to not give in to the pleasure he was giving her. Ever so slightly she began to move, to thrust herself upon his tongue. His lips still against her hot wet flesh he told her, "DO NOT cum." Then he closed his lips over her clit and sucked. Hard as she tried she couldn't NOT cum. She clenched her hands into fists, she bit her lip, her entire body tensed and he sucked harder, then pushed a finger up to her entrance and teased her with it. Barely pushing into her hot wet pussy, just teasing. Draygonfyre lost control of herself and moaned out loud and thrust her ass down hard, impaling her pussy on his teasing finger, and at that very moment she screamed, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH I CAAAAANNN'T MASTER! I CAN'T NOT CUM!" He ignored her cries, sucked her clit and let her fuck herself on his finger. Her nipples were rock hard, goosebumps caressed her soft skin, and she reached down and grabbed his hair, pulled his face tighter to her pussy and came... "OOOOOOOHHHHHH MASTERRRRR!!!" she screamed. He allowed her to cum completely and when she lay exhausted upon his cot, only then did he raise his eyes to her and tell her, "You disobeyed me. Now you will be punished!" Draygonfyres eyes shone brightly as she begged, "Please sir! I couldn't help it! You made me feel so very good sir!" He shook his head as he reached out and caught her hair in his hand. "You still don't understand do you my lovely? You belong to me now. I say IF, WHEN, WHERE you may have your pleasure. I will punish you each and every time you disobey me until there comes the day when you will know what I wish before I even command it!" Draygonfyre's bottom lip trembled as she nodded, then asked, "Sir? What is my punishment to be?" Tom grinned at her and told her, "you will have to wait until tomorrow to find that out. For tonight I am tired and we must rest." He pulled her into the cot with him and within seconds was sound asleep. Draygonfyre lay awake a long time, wondering what her punishment might be.