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None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and people is completely coincidental.



This is about a girl.  A girl with a haughty attitude.
She was goergeous, and she knew it.  She teased
all the men that lay eyes on her.  Flaunted her
lovely young body, exposing her creamy white thighs,
her small, firm breasts.  Giving them inviting looks, then
laughing at them when they tried to approach her.  Until
the day she met him.  Joe was not your average man.
And man he was, not the boys Paula usually chose to
expose herself to.   Paula was 18, and not wise to the
ways of men.  Oh she was not virgin, not by any means,
but still, she had only ever had boys.

She saw Joe in the coffee shop at about the same time
that he noticed her.  She smiled coyly, shifted in her
chair so as to expose her thigh high stockings to his
gaze.  He raised a brow at her and she giggled.  She
began to fool with the buttons of her shirt, opening it
deeper, allowing his eyes to fall on the creamy white
skin of her small breasts.  To her amazement, he shook
his head, paid his check, and left without glancing at her
again.  She was pissed !!!  No man ignored her teasing.
She made up her mind to tease him every time she saw
him, on the street, or in the resturant, anywhere at all.

She set out to cross paths with him as much as was
possible, and she succeeded.  It never failed that she
exposed some part of her young lithe body to his gaze.
She literally began to stalk him.  He was older then any
guy she had ever teased, and she wanted to find out
why he resisted her teasing.  Joe was 38, and had no
need for a teeny bopper that liked to tease.

There came a day when she followed him out of town.
He took some long narrow logging trails that led deep
into a forest.  He drove for miles, knowing she was
right behind him.  About 300 miles away from any
where, he pulled up to a rough log cabin.  Only one
room, it served him well when he needed it.  The roof
did not leak, the floor was solid and the fireplace large
and warming.  He got out of his truck and went inside.
Paula drove up behind his truck and parked.  She went
to the door and knocked.  He answered it, a smile on
his face, "come in Paula" he said.  She waltzed right
into the room, as if she owned it.  She wasted no time
in asking the question that had burned her, "why don't
you pay attention to me when I tease you?"  She
demanded to know.   It never occured to her that he
had called her by name........

He shrugged his large broad shoulders and said, "I do
not play childish games, and you Paula, are a child."
She was outraged!  CHILD?? CHILD???  She would
show him!!  She looked at him and cooly began to strip
off her clothes.  His eyes never left her as she dropped
first her blouse, then her skirt.  She turned before him
and asked, "do you still think I am a child?"  He shook
his head yes, and she removed her bra and panties.
"Now do you?"  she asked, glee in her eyes as she
noticed his erection.

Totally unexpectedly, he grabbed her.  She was so
surprized, she did not resist until his lips crashed down
on hers.  Then she fought, she fought hard, wanting
more then ever to be out of this cabin away from him.
She never intended to let him fuck her, she only wanted
to tease him.  He roughly threw her onto the bed in the
corner of the cabin.  As he towered over her and began
to undress he told her, "you play at a womans game as
a child does.  It is time you became a woman."

She screamed as he got on the bed with her and forced
her legs apart.  He thrust his hard cock between her
legs, and found her center.  He moaned as he pushed
into her.  She struggled and he held her down, his hips
thrusting now.  She cried, "please, oh please stop!!"
He chuckled in her ear and said, "no one teases me
no one."  He lay his full weight upon her and fucked
her slowly, deeply, enjoying her struggle for freedom.

He was hot, very hot, and his cock swelled and pulsed
within her.  He let out a low moan, almost a growl as
he exploded deep within her pussy. Just as he came
Paula herself had and immense orgasm, the best ever
in her life.  She writhed and moaned beneath him
shouting,  "yes, yes, oh god yes" as she came on
his hard cock.

When he was quite finished with her, he arose from
the bed and tossed her clothes to her.  "Get
dressed and get out"  he told her.  She looked at him
fully amazed.  "Aren't you worried I will tell someone
you raped me?" she asked.  He laughed then, and
she was confused.  He pointed to a camera in a
corner of the cabin.  "I have it on tape that you not
only stripped for me, but you really loved
every minuted of my cock in your cunt.  I have your
orgasm on tape little lady. You tell any one that I
raped you, and that video will prove you a liar."
She was dumbstruck....stuttered "tape?"  He could
not help it, he laughed at her again.  "yes, tape.
And I would not be afraid to show it to the cops, and
your parents."  Tears welled up in her eyes as she
quietly dressed.  When she reached the door, about
to leave he said to her, "by the way, I want you to
come to my apartment in town every other day from
now on."  Paula looked at him confused.  "I intend
to fuck you three times a week, at least
until I get tired of you."  She cried out "NO!!'

Joe looked at her and in a very calm voice told her
"either you come to me, willingly, and fuck me, or
I send a copy of that tape to your parents, and to
the boys in your school.  The choice is yours.
Paula began to cry and whispred, "I will be there."
She turned and walked out the door.  She heard
Joe call out after her, "be careful whom you cock
tease little girl, he may make you fuck him!"  She
heard his laughter as she drove away.  Paula had
learned a lesson, but learned it the hard way and
a bit to late.  She would never cock tease again.