Copyright  1998,   White Orchid ALL Rights Reserved

None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and people is completely coincidental.

This story is about a man making a young woman his
sex slave.  It is graphic, and deals with bondage and
discipline.  If this isn't your bag, go to another story.


John gazed down at his newest slave.  He had just taken her
that morning and she had not yet overcome the effects of the
ether.  As she slept, he had cut away her clothes, and cuffed
her wrists and ankles. then tied them to the posts of the bed.
She was about 17, her hair long and natural red.  He knew it
was natural, he could see that on her mound.  A few freckles
carressed her nose.  Her tits were round and firm, but not to
large, her nipples soft pink in color. He knew her eyes were
light gray in color, and beautiful to look into.

He sat beside her and softly ran his fingers down her skin.  So
soft, and supple, touchable, kissable.  His fingers danced upon
her nipples, and even in sleep, they responded to his touch. 
She began to stir then, and he watched as she opened her 
eyes.  She tried to say something, and realized her mouth
was gagged.  She tried to move then, and found herself tied.
She turned those gray eyes to his and pleaded with him for
understanding, as she struggled against the ropes that bound

John took her chin in his hands and looked into those lovely
gray eyes and told her, "don't struggle so, you will only hurt
yourself, or make your muscles sore.  You can not get free
so you may as well accept it.  Now, as to why.  Well I
believe it is simplest to say, I saw you, I desired you, I took
you."  She violently shook her head free of his hand and 
struggled harder in the ropes.  He watched her and she
heard him chuckle.  "Lisa, you will be my slave, my sex 
slave.  You will learn your lessons easily, or you will learn
them the hard way, but learn them you will.  Now I want you
to shake your head yes or no to this question.  Are you a 
virgin?"  Her eyes grew wide and she made no movement to
answer him. He grinned wickedly and reached down between
her legs. He did not hesitate, he drove a finger hard into her
pussy. It was very tight, but she was not a virgin.

She tried to move away from his invading finger, but could not.
He grinned at her, and began to fuck it in and out of her.  She
struggled, pulling on the ropes, to no avail.  His thumb found
her clit, and he stroked it.  He watched her face and saw her
fear, her anger, and a touch, just a touch, of excitement.  He
withdrew his finger.  He arose and moved to the far wall of the
barn, where he selected a long, narrow, leather strap.  He 
stood at the foot of the bed.  Then without a word, he raised the
strap, and brought it down upon her right nipple.  Her eyes flew
open in pain and surprise, and as a scream formed in her throat,
the strap kissed her left nipple.

She writhed in the ropes, trying to turn her breasts away from his
strap, to no avail.  He watched her nipples swell and harden under
the carress of the strap.  Then, he slapped her tummy, just hard
enough to raise a red spot, and then lower to just above her mound.
He smiled at her, as she kept trying to get loose, low screams
rumbling in her throat.  "Go ahead dear Lisa, call me every name
you can think of.  It will change nothing.  You belong to me, and I
will have you obey me."  The strap found the softness of her inner
thigh, perilously close to her pussy.  Then she realized through her
tears that he intended to slap her there too !!!!   She doubled her
efforts to get free.  He raised the strap and said, "You are MINE !"
as he brought the strap down to land squarely upon her beautiful
young pussy.  Then he put the strap over the end of the bed, and
told her, "that was simply because I desired to see you squirm for
me.  It is nothing compared to what you will endure in the coming
days and weeks.  You see Lisa, I meant it when I said you will be
mine.  Soon, you will beg me to take you, to fuck you, use you, 
yes, even whip you."  He put on his jacket and left the barn.

When he returned, she was quiet.  Her tears had stopped and she
was resting.  He chained her hands and feet together, then helped
her hobble to the bathroom.  Once she had relieved herself, he 
pushed her back to the bed and retied her as before.  This time he
removed her gag.  "Why are you doing this to me?  Who  the hell
are you that you think you can get away with this???? "  She 
immediately screamed at him.  He grinned at her.  "I am who I am.
As to why, I told you.  I saw you, I desired you, I took you.  As far
as getting away with it?  Of course I will.  No one saw me take you,
no one knows who I am.  I did not stalk you, so no one can place
me near you.  I saw you the first time, just hours before I took you.
So you see, no evidence, no witnesses, no clues.  Nothing.  You
just disappeared."  Her eyes opened wide in renewed fright.  
"You are going to kill me aren't you?"  She nearly whispered.

He started to laugh, and almost could not stop.  "Kill you????
Kill you???  he finally managed to repeat.  "What the hell would
I want to kill you for?  I am not in the habit of offing a good fuck!!!
I don't waste my time training slaves just to kill them.  What a 
fucking waste that would be!!! "  For some odd reason, she really
believed him.  "Don't think I will be easy on you, I won't be.  I said
you would be whipped and forced to submit, and you will, but I would
never take your life."  He started to walk away, then turned back to
her and said, "You should try to sleep tonight.  Tomorrow, we begin
your lessons."

Lisa slept fitfully, and when she awoke, she could see through the
upper barn doors, that it was full daylight.  She looked around and
saw him.  She smelled bacon, and realized she was hungry.  She
hoped he would allow her to eat, she was starving!  John heard her
moving and smiled at her.  "Good morning sleepy head."  he told
her as he came to her.  He chained her hands and feet together and
told her, "you may go to the bathroom, shower as best you can, for
I will not unchain you.  when you are finished, breakfast will be
ready."  She said nothing and moved toward the bath.  A shower
would feel good regardless of the chains.  When she was finished,
he set breakfast on the table, but both plates were on his side.
She looked at him, and he told her, "ask me Lisa, ask me for your

She told him, "no thanks, I'm not hungry", but her stomach growled
as if to signal the lie.  He shrugged and said, "suit yourself", and 
began eating his breakfast.  She got up and made to go back to
the bed, and he said quietly, "no, sit here with me."   She stood 
and looked at him, and then she said, "I go where I please, I am a
free woman, NOT YOUR FUCKING SLAVE!"   she raised her voice
on the last 4 words.  Instantly his hand was in her hair, dragging her
to  the middle of the room.  She struggled, but she was no match
for John.  She kicked and screamed and fought to no avail.  He 
tied her to the rope in the ceiling, and the rings in the floor.  She 
could not move, could not fight now.  

Without a word, John picked his favorite whip from the wall, the
short one with the braided tails, and the big thick rough handle.
Before Lisa could utter a protest, the whip found the tender flesh of
her ass.  She screamed as the whip bit into her flesh, again, and
again, leaving stinging red welts, that almost, but not quite broke
the skin.  Her ass stung, and she desperately tried to pull free of
the ropes.  Then she was more startled and afraid as John stood
before her.  He took her hair in his hand, pulled her face close to 
his and told her in a loud, clear angy voice, "IN THE FIRST PLACE
ELSE IN YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON ME!! "  Lisa, was stunned.
She just hung there in her ropes listening.  His voice lowered and
he growled at her and said, "you do not go where you please, you
go where I please, do what I please, say what I please.  If I ever 
hear foul language from your mouth again, I just might decide to 
cut out your tongue.  I am going to punish you for that outburst, and
for not obeying my command.  Your punishment is, 3 strokes with
the whip on each tit, 2 strokes of the whip on your pussy.  But 
before I whip your cunt, I am going to shave it.  I like hearing the 
sound of the whip on naked cunt flesh.  Be sure that you are lucky
I do not clamp it open and whip your clit."

So saying he grabbed his shaving equipment and shaved her pussy.
She cried silent tears as he finished, and picked up his whip. 
She screamed as the whip landed on her left nipple 3 times, very
quickly.  She had barely finsihed her scream from that and he was
lashing her right nipple.  He stopped for a moment to let her catch
her breath.  Tears streamed down her face, and she begged, 
"Please, please don't hit me there!  Please!"   John grinned and 
asked, "where, where don't you want me to hit you?"  She groaned
and said, "don't whip me between the legs, please!"   He laughed 
at her and said, "sorry my dear, it is you just punishment."  With
that he swung the short whip back, and then up between her tied
open legs.  "AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE"   Lisa screamed as the whip
landed on her tender pussy flesh.  He waited a few seconds and 
then again he lay the whip to her cunt. "AAAAAAIIIEEEEEE "
Lisa cried again, writhing in the ropes, nearly fainting from the pain.

John pulled her face close to his, and kissed her softly, gently.
"Remember, you are my slave, Lisa, remember" he whispered to
her.  He left her and put away the whip.  He put on his jacket and
said, "I am going out for awhile.  You will stay tied until I return."
He walked out and shut the door.  Lisa was exhausted from the
whipping, and cried herself to sleep tied as she was in the ropes.

John returned several hours later, and Lisa was sleeping fitfully.  
When he put his jacket away, she heard him and opened her eyes.
"Please, I need to go to the bathroom" she said to him.  He looked
at her, and there was no mercy in his eyes.  He got a small plastic
bucket from the bathroom and put it on the floor between her legs.
"If you have to piss, you will piss here, and now.  I will not release
you from your ropes.  So, Lisa, piss for your master, I wish to see
it."   She shook her head and said, " NO!!! I can't do that !!  Please
let me go pee !!"   John chuckled and said, I am not stopping you 
from pissing, only choosing where, and in what, you will do it."
Lisa was angry, scared, and now he wanted to humiliate her!  She
thought to herself, I will die before I piss in front of this bastard !
She was wrong, and she wasn't going to die, either.

John sat down at the table and watched her.  She found his stare
to be un-nerving, and tried her best not to look at him.  Her arms 
were tired from being tied over her head so long, and her crotch
ached from her legs being stretched so wide apart.  All she wanted
to do was go home.  She closed her eyes to pretend he wasn't 
looking at her.  She heard a noise and refused to look to see what
he was up to.  Then her eyes shot open, and a scream followed
closely.  He had picked up the whip again, and lay it across her
thighs.  She writhed and cried " NO, NO, NO !!! " as the whip
again caressed her tender flesh.  

"I told you to piss for me.  You did not obey me.  I told you my 
punishments would be swift and harsh.  I have given you enough
time to accomplish the task I set to you, and you do not obey."
He slapped her thighs with the whip again and asked, "Why is
that Lisa, why haven't you obeyed me and pissed?"  She was
crying hard now and muttered, "I did not think you were serious!
How could you want to see me piss?"  He shook his head, and 
caressed her body with the whip handle, making her shudder.
"Lisa, when I tell you to do something, no matter what you think,
you must do it.  Now piss for me little slave, piss for your master,
and maybe I will reward you."   Angry again, she shouted at him,
"Just what would you give me? MY FREEDOM?"  For that outburst
she received another swat on her thighs. 

John lost patience with her.  He ran the whip handle along her 
lithe young body.  He leaned over and bit her tender whipped 
nipples.  She cried out in pain.  He trailed the 
handle down her tummy to her newly shaven mound.  Lisa's
breath caught in her throat, as she felt it part her pussy lips.
John ran the handle down her slit, then up to the entrance of her
tight cunt.  He grabbed her hair in one hand and his lips crashed
down on hers as he thrust the handle hard into her pussy.  She
tried to scream against his lips, as he pushed nearly the entire
handle deep within her.  He still kissed her as he began to fuck
it in and out of her, hard, fast, cruelly.  She struggled to move her
body from him, but could not.  John tasted her tears as they ran 
down her cheeks to their lips.

Finally he released her lips, and she could yell, and yell she did.
Everytime he pushed the handle deep into her pussy and moved
it around to stretch her.  By now she had to piss so bad that the
pressure on her bladder from the whip handle stretching and 
fucking her was making it to uncomfortable to bear.  John took the
handle from her pussy, and showed it to her.  "Look Lisa, look at 
it.  This handle is long and hard and unrelenting.  It has been in
your pussy, fucked you, hurt you.  And it brings out evidence that
you liked it, that you wanted it.  Look Lisa, it is covered with your
hot young woman juice."  He put it to his lips and tasted her hot
juice.  Lisa jumped and yelled again, as he drove it deeply into her
pussy once more.  This time he pushed it forward, to caress and
put pressure on her bladder.  "Piss for me Lisa, come on, piss for
me!!"  He demanded.  

Lisa could not hold out any longer.  She cried in shame as she
let her piss flow.  John left the whip handle in her pussy as he 
stood back to watch the golden stream.  "Oh yes, Lisa, you are
such a good little slave."  He grinned.  She cried helplessly. 
When she was finished, he emptied the bucket and returned to 
her.  He caressed her hair, and removed the whip handle from her
abused pussy.  Then he untied her feet, then her
hands.  He helped her to the bed and this time, he only chained
her foot to the ring in the floor.  "This is your reward.  You may
use the bathroom, and shower whenever you wish, freely."  Lisa
turned away from him.  In minutes she was asleep.

The next morning bright and early, John fixed breakfast for them
both.  Lisa woke to the smell of sausage, and her stomach let 
out a loud growl.  She had not eaten in two days now, and it
was beginning to hurt.  She looked up to see him smiling at her
from the table.  "Breakfast is ready Lisa, you have but to join me."
She arose and went to the table.  Again her plate was on his side.
Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath.  "May I have some
breakfast please?"  she asked in a quavering voice.  John smiled
and pushed the plate to her.  "Was that so hard now?"  She did
not answer as she was hungrilly eating.  He chuckled.  After they
finished eating he did the dishes as she took a shower.  When she
came out of the bathroom, he was naked,waiting for her.  He 
grabbed her roughly and pushed her face down across the table.
She cried out NO!! as he drove his hard cock into her from behind.
He fucked her hard and fast, wanting her to feel every inch of his 
cock as it pounded her.  One hand he had at the back of her neck
holding her down, the other he raised and brought down on her
tender ass.  He groaned as she screamed and he saw his hand
print rise red and hot on her flesh.  His cock throbbed and ached
with his need to cum, to mark her his.  For her to have his scent
within her.  

She struggled, but could do nothing against this big man whose
cock was invading her body.  The more she wiggled her ass, the
harder he fucked her.  Then somewhere deep inside of her, there
was a spark.  A flicker of heat.  She moaned as that flame began
to spread throughout her body.  Then she wasn't screaming for
him to stop anymore, just moaning as pleasure coursed through
her.  John knew it, felt it in the way her pussy squeezed his cock.
He reached beneath her and tweaked her tender nipples.  She 
yelled and thrust her hips back to meet his pounding cock.  They
came together, this master, and unwilling slave.  

It had been several hours since John had raped Lisa on the table.
When he released her, she had run to the bed and thrown herself
on it, in a fit of embarrassed tears.  John showered and changed,
and when he was finished she was still crying.  "Why do you cry
so Lisa?"  he asked her.  "Because you raped me and I hate you!"
she screamed at him.  He shook his head, "no little slave, that is
not why you are crying, you are crying because you enjoyed it,
even came for me."  He moved toward her on the bed, and she
raised her feet as if to kick at him.  He stopped and instead of
being angy he told her, "now see what you have done?  You have
threatened harm to me.  I can not allow that to go unpunished.
You think about that while I decide what your punishment shall be."

He left then, locking the door behind him.  Lisa lay in the bed for
sometime, her mind going over the fact that he was going to whip
her again.  What did it matter?  She would get over it, and would
have the satisfaction of knowing she had stopped him.  She could
take a few whacks with the whip if it meant keeping him away from
her.  She fell asleep then, a smile on her lips.  John on the other
hand was thinking to himself as he drove away, "I will have to 
teach her this lesson very well, NEVER to threaten her master with
physical abuse."  He made his plans, and Lisa was going to learn 
this lesson well.

The next morning after her shower, John set out breakfast.  The 
usual fare, and good coffee.  Lisa drank her coffee with double 
cream and double sugar, and John served it that way.  About 
half way through breakfast Lisa grew very tired.  She excused 
herself saying "I don't know what is wrong, but I feel so tired!"
John told her, "then why don't you sleep a little more?  It is ok
with me."  She said nothing to him, but crawled back into the big
bed.  John was glad his sleeping potion had worked so well, he did 
not want to have her struggle as he prepared her for her 
 punsihment.   It was easier for him this way.

He uncovered the gift he had made for Glenda, the huge dildo
mounted on the base in the floor.  He checked the ropes above it
and the rings in the floor for sturdiness.  It had been along time 
since he had used this.  He flipped a switch and a small motor
hummed to life, and the dildo rose off the base into the air.  Had
a slave been tied above it, the dildo would have penetrated her
pussy.  John watched as it moved up and down in a fucking 
motion.  He was going to enjoy this.  He reset the dildo so that
it was once again on it's base.  Then he went to Lisa.  As she
slept, he carried her to the 'gift'.  He carefully lay her down until
he had her feet secured to the rings in the floor, her legs spread
wide.  Then he tied the rope from the ceiling to her hands, and 
began to hoist her sleeping form up.  When he had her positioned
where he wanted her, he tied the rope off.  He admired her lovely
form, all bound, and only his.  The swell of her breasts, her flat 
tummy, and now hairless mound were a joy to look at.  His cock
got hard as he thought of her punishment, and the pleading in her
voice when she finally submitted to him as master.  He sat at the
table and waited for her to awaken.

Lisa woke about an hour later, she yawned and her eyes shot 
open as she realized she was not in the bed.  She looked up to
see her hands tied, and down to see her legs spread wide.  But 
what the hell was she tied over?  Then she realized she was 
looking at a monsterous dildo, mounted to some kind of base. 
She looked at John to see him smiling at her.  He stood and 
walked to her.  He caressed her hair and told her, "this is my 
surprise punishment for you.  Did you think I would allow you to
get away with threatening to kick me?  Oh no, little slave.  I am
sure you also thought the bite of the whip was worth it, if it kept 
me away.  But you see love, it did not keep me away, and there
are more ways to punish then just the whip alone."  She nearly
spit at him as she yelled, "if you think I am going to fuck this
monster for you, you better think again!"  He laughed then, and
she felt chilled.  "You my dear, are not going to fuck it, it is going
to fuck you.  Then again, somewhere along the way, you may
feel differently."  He leaned down and turned on the switch.

Lisa's eyes widened, and she screamed as the dildo planted itself
firmly into her pussy and began moving in and out.  It had stretched
and hurt her as it drove into her, making her scream and writhe
trying to get off of it.  She could not.  Tears streamed down her
face as the monsterous dildo fucked her.  John got his favorite whip
and stood behind her.  "Tell me you like it slave, tell me you like
that big hard cock in your pussy!  TELL ME !!"  he demanded.
Lisa said nothing, her mind still on the invasion of her pussy.  She
screamed as John swatted her ass with the whip.  She jerked and
raised off the dildo only slightly, but it adjusted itself, so that it
again fucked her as deeply as possible.  Johns cock was raging
hard, throbbing, dribbling pre-cum as he watched this beautiful
girl writhe for him.  Again the whip found her tender ass flesh, and
she cried out in pain.  There was more behind that cry, and she
had not yet realized it.  John did, he heard the tint of passion in
her scream.  He looked down at the dildo fucking her, and saw 
that it indeed was coated with her pussy juice which was flowing
freely now.  He stood directly behind her, and drew the whip 
across her tits. He grabbed both ends of the whip and pulled it
tight.  His cock was hard, and ready as he slipped it between
her ass cheeks, probing for that pink puckered opening.

Lisa did not care anymore.  She was hot, and getting hotter.  Her
pussy felt so good, even the fire in her ass was there to warm 
her, bring her closer to the edge.  Then she felt Johns warm body
against hers, felt his cock probe for her asshole.  She cried out
"NO, PLEASE, NOT THERE! "  He ignored her pleas and having
found that soft sweet virgin hole, thrust forward.  It was tight, and
she fought him by clenching her ass cheeks together.  He pulled 
tighter on the whip around her tits, and pushed, HARD.  
She screamed as his cock pushed past her spinchter and entered
her sweet tunnel.  He groaned as her ass squeezed his cock.  It 
was so hot, so tight, so sweet!!!  He began to thrust into her in
time with the dildo in her cunt.  Lisa cried, she writhed, but nothing
would ease the pressure in her ass and cunt.  John fucked her 
hard and deep, and soon, she forgot the pain, and only the hot
pleasure remained.

Now she squirmed and writhed, but for a different reason.  She 
wanted to cum,. needed to cum.  Having her ass and cunt filled 
at the same time was giving her something she never felt before.
Intense almost unbearable pleasure.  As the dildo and Johns cock
sank into her and fucked her together, her cries changed.  
"OH god, yes !!!  fuck me !!  please fuck me!!! "  She cried out.
John felt her insides as they began to tense, felt it as they 
squeezed his cock, milked it.  He fucked into her ass deeper, and
she cried out "YESSSSSSSSSS" as she began to cum.  He
groaned and came with her as she writhed and cried for more.

When it was over, John was weak in the knees.  He withdrew from
her and sat down at the table, leaving her still tied, the dildo
still fucking her.  He watched as she came again, and again on
that mechanical monster.  It pleased him to see her this way, to
give her cum so readily.  Finally, she was exhausted, and he had
mercy and untied her.  He carried her to the bed, and lay her down.
Chaining her foot once more to the ring in the floor.  He took a 
long hot shower and when he was done, she was waiting for him
to come out.  "Why, why are you doing this to me?"  she pouted.
"I told you, because I desire you, and it is my way.  Now go take
a shower little one, and relax."  She did as he told her too, and 
he smiled.  Yes, she was learning.  That night, they shared a nice
dinner and there was no fighting or arguing between them.  She did
ask John, "why don't you sleep here?"   He smiled and said, I do,
just not in here with you, yet.  I am never far away."  It was getting
late and he rose to leave.  "Get some sleep Lisa, you will need 
your rest."  He left her sitting there wondering about this man.  She
went to bed.

John was not a cruel master, realizing she was well used and sore
he let her rest for several days.  She was regaining some of her
rebellious attitude, and he patiently ignored it, knowing her time to
pay for it would come soon enough.  Then a night came where 
when she went to bed, John went to join her.  She looked at him
in surprise, then said, "you don't sleep here, and I don't want you 
here !!!"  He gently pushed her back on the bed, and she resisted.
"Lisa, I desire to fuck you, right here, right now in this bed.  Do
not resist me."  She laughed at him and told him, "there is no way
in hell I am going to EVER fuck you willingly !! "  He rose and
stood beside the bed looking down on her.  He smiled.  Lisa saw
that smile and she shivered.  She knew she had done it again, 
made it so that he was going to punish her.  She struggled when
he reached down and grabbed her by the hair.  He pulled her down
onto the bed, and forcefully tied her hands and feet, the same way
she had been tied when she first awoke in the barn.  She cried
out, "oh sure, you can take me now that I am tied!"  He slowly 
shook his head as he turned away.  She still did not understand.

She wondered what he was up to in the little kitchenette.  She 
could hear him opening cupboards.  He returned with one of those
large 4" diameter candles, which he sat on the table and lit.  He 
went for his favorite whip (the one with the braided ends, and large
handle).  He stood over her again and said, "you must learn Lisa,
you must learn."  He let the whip loose and it slapped down on her
right nipple, then her left and the right again.  Lisa had begun 
yelling and writhing with the first slap, and had not stopped with
the rest.  She then felt the whip as it kissed her tender tummy, 
and then her creamy white thighs.  She moaned in purest pain,
as he slapped her a total of 10 times upon her body.  Then he
told her again, "You must learn Lisa", as he slapped the whip
between her legs landing on her pussy.  He watched as her tears
flowed freely down her cheeks.  One more kiss of the whip to her
pussy and he was ready to give her the rest of her punishment.

He picked up the candle, which now had burned until a bowl of
hot melted wax lay at the base of the wick.  "Lisa, when I wish
to fuck you, you must say yes master, and allow me to fuck you.
If I tell you to cum for me you will cum for me, if I tell you to piss,
you will piss.  You must learn to do everthing I tell you to do."
Lisa relented her earlier position and cried out, "then fuck me !!
I will let you fuck me!!  Just don't whip me anymore!"  She saw
him sadly shake his head, "you do not mean that Lisa, you do 
not truely wish me to fuck you.  You would 'let' me just so you 
won't feel the bite of the whip.  It is not good enough.  I desire 
you to beg me to fuck you, and I desire that you mean it with
all your heart and soul."  

Her eyes grew wide as she saw him hold the candle just above her
chest.  "Want me Lisa, want me to give you pleasure with your
pain" he said, as he tipped the candle slightly.  She watched as
the melted wax left the candle as if in slow motion and landed upon
her right nipple.  The hot wax on the sensitive flesh of her just 
whipped nipple made her writhe and scream.  He poured the hot
melted wax onto her left nipple, and she cried out more.  As the
wax cooled, he reached down and pulled it off, pinching her 
nipples as he did.  He waited for several minutes, then repeated 
the process.  Lisa was beside her self with mixed feelings.  She
had known she was beginning to enjoy his ways, but now, now
she could feel her pussy as her juice began to flow.  He put the 
candle within reach, and once again took the whip in his hand.
"NO !!! "  Lisa screamed out as she saw this.  He smiled, and
turned the handle to her pussy.  He slowly pushed it into her
and then pulled it out and looked at it.  He let her see it as he
smiled.  Her pussy was so hot, so wet, that the handle literally
dripped with her juice.  She moaned in embarrassed shame to 
know that he knew she was so very turned on.  He gently fucked
the handle in and out of her as she moaned and tried to thrust her
hips to fuck it.  He began to stroke her clit, and she nearly went
through the roof of the barn the pleasure was so intense.  She
was going to cum and cum hard.  He felt her response, and she
did not see him pick the candle up again.

As her body began to convulse with waves of orgasmic pleasure,
John held the candle close above her pussy, and tipped it.  He
watched as the hot wax flowed onto her clit, and covered it as she
MORE!!!! "  she screamed.  John quickly plucked the wax from her 
clit and tipped the candle again.  He was rewarded with one to the
longest sexiest screams of pleasure he had ever heard a woman
make.  Lisa writhed and, came so hard her pussy clamped 
on the whip handle and John could not move it in her.  He watched
her body as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.  
Finally, she went limp upon the bed.  He removed the whip handle
and blew out the candle.  His cock was hard, needy.  He stood 
beside her and she said not a word as he began to stroke it.  
It did not take long and he was shooting his hot cum, onto her
stomach.  She did not care.  She was to tired, to sated to care.
John dressed and left her to herself.  As he went to his own bed
he was grinning broadly.  He had her now.  She was his.  He
laughed as he wondered if she knew it yet.

For the next several days, John said little and more often then not
was gone.  Lisa found that she missed him.  She reasoned that he
was better to talk to then nobody, and a better conversationalist
then she was talking to herself.  He always came and prepared
her meals, and cleaned away the dishes, but rarely did he speak
to her.  About the 4th day she couldn't stand it, she asked him, 
"why won't you talk to me?"  He looked at her, but said nothing.
She had free run of the barn, at least as far as her chained foot
let her go.  She excerised to kill time, took long showers, and
slept a great deal.  At some point her mind would always wander
to his fucking her, to the way she had cum.  Her body defied her
and wanted it again.  She denied it to herself, and tried not to think
about it.  Then one evening she was bored, lonely, and horny.  She
lay back on the bed and began to stroke her pussy.  She tweaked
her nipples, and caressed her clit.  She did not know that from
his room, John watched her on a closed circuit TV.  The instant he
saw her begin to masturbate, he went down to the barn.  She 
jumped when she saw him enter, and she knew she had a guilty
look on her face.  He said nothing as he quickly tied her hands 
and feet, allowing her no way to continue her self pleasure.  Then
he turned and left.  She cried herself to sleep.  How had he known?
That thought was still on her mind when she drifted off.

John kept her chained after that.  He fed her meals, escorted her
to the bathroom, watched as she showered.  He would not allow 
her to touch herself.  Just his watching her was enough to make
her think of his hard cock pounding into her.  She moaned as she
thought about how good that would be.  About 2 weeks went past
and he had not touched her, or allowed her to touch herself when
he stood beside her one evening and took off his clothes.  She 
was stunned to know that she had no desire to fight him, but 
wanted him.  He began to stroke his cock, and she watched in
expectation that he would fuck her.  Instead, he jacked his cock
off and came all over her tits.  He then calmly dressed and left
without a word.  Lisa cried.  She could smell his hot cum, but she
could not wipe it off.  It stayed with her all night.  He allowed her
to shower in the morning, fed her, then tied her back to the bed 
again.  He once again took his clothes off.  Lisa did not know what
to expect.  John smiled at her as he climbed into the bed, between
her open legs.  He reached down and spread her pussy lips wide.
"OHHHHH"  Lisa moaned at his touch.  He watched her face as he
began to stroke his cock.  She watched as it swelled and pulsed,
praying he would drive it into her and fuck her.  His cock was huge,
10 inches when fully erect, and she wanted it.  Instead, he held
her pussy open and when he came, his hot slippery cum landed
on her now swollen, sensitive, needing clit.  The feeling was not
enough to make her cum, but enough to make her nearly die with
desire.  As he stood again, Lisa broke.  "Please, please fuck me"
she asked.  

John turned to smile at her.  "Please what?"  he asked.  "Please
fuck me, make me cum !"  He laughed and said, " have you 
forgotton anything my little slave?"   She closed her eyes and said
"Please, M-M-MASTER, fuck me, I need it so bad!!"  He sat on 
the bed beside her and said, "you will have to wait a little longer,
slave, after all, I have just cum."  Lisa cried in great need.  He 
untied her hands and feet, and held her close.  He caressed and
petted her and told her, "now, go take a shower, and clean 
yourself for me.  And do not touch yourself, if you do, I will know."
Some how, she knew he would know too.  She went and took 
a long hot shower, excited that he would have her and make her

They sat together and ate dinner, and he looked at her and asked,
"Lisa, have you ever sucked a cock?"  She almost choked on her
mouth full of food and shook her head no.  He smiled and said,
"well, then tonight will be your first time."  She did not eat the 
rest of her dinner, and John smiled, knowing she was thinking of
his cock, and how she was going to try not to suck it.  Lisa sat
there in deep thought.  Begging to have her pussy fucked was 
one thing, but sucking his big cock?  That was another thing all
together.  She knew he would force her to do it somehow, so she
made up her mind to do it and get it over with.  She did not know
that John planned not to be so easy on her.

That evening, John lit the candle beside the bed, and lay the whip
on the bed next to him. Lisa told him, "you will not need the whip,
master."  He smiled as she knelt between his spread legs and said
"that remains to be seen little slave."  He put his hand in her hair
and pulled her lips to his already hard cock.  "Listen to me Lisa,
I want you to lick it slowly, up and down on all sides.  I want you
to gently suck on the head of it, then run your tongue down 
around and under my balls."  She immediately began to do as he
said.  He moaned as her warm soft wet tongue began to caress
his throbbing cock.  She did exactly what he told her to do.  He
felt her tongue under his balls, and he whispered, "suck on them,
suck gently on my balls."  She opened her mouth and took one of
them in and gently caressed it with her lips and tongue.  She felt
his body shudder beneath her touch.  Her lips closed around the
head of his cock and she sucked.  He put his hands in her hair 
began to thrust into her mouth.  Surprised, she pulled back, away
from him.  "Open you mouth now slave, I'm want to fuck it."
Lisa leaned in towards him again, and opened her mouth.  As his
cock entered and he pushed it in deeper, she gagged and jumped
back.  "Slave, get back here and get your mouth on my cock!"  he
yelled at her.  She shook her head and said, "I'm sorry !!!  I can't 
do it!!"  

John picked up the whip and brought it down hard on her tit.  She 
tried to writhe away from him, but his hand caught her hair and he
held her on her knees.  He pushed her down so that her ass was 
in the air, and she screamed as she felt the bite of the whip on it.
"I said, open your mouth so I can fuck it slave!!   And if you even
think about bitting me, I will whip you until you are scarred and 
maimed for life, then dump you in an alley for the bums to use!!"
he screamed at her.  Lisa was terrified.  She had no doubt that he
could and would do as he said.  As he pulled her lips back down to
his cock, she opened her mouth.  She did her level best to allow 
him to fuck it as he wished.  John moaned as her warm wet mouth
slid up and down his hard cock.  "Suck it slave, suck on it while it
fucks your hot little mouth !"  She did as he commanded, and he
groaned in pleasure.  He released her hair, and she continued to
suck him on her own.  She felt his cock swell, could feel his pulse
upon her tongue.  He began to push his cock deeper into her
mouth as he told her, "yes, little slave, your mouth is so good!
Suck it, suck it harder!!"  She did not see him lift the candle from 
the table.  As his cock began to spasm he held the candle out 
over her ass and tipped it.  The hot wax hit and ran down the  crack
of her ass, into her pussy.  Lisa screamed as the hot wax stung 
her opening, and flowed down upon her clit.  She screamed in 
agony, and pleasure, for that very thing had made her cum!!  John
drove his cock deeply into her mouth and the vibration of her scream
took him over the edge.  His cock pumped her hot little mouth full
of his cum as she writhed on her knees before him.  He pulled 
Lisas face up and looked at her.  He could see in her eyes that she
loved him, loved the way he made her cum, and now would love 
pleasing him.  He kissed her and tasted his cum on her sweet lips.

Some how, Lisa was special.  Maybe because she was only 17, 
maybe it was her gray eyes, but he thought of her as special.  She
now pleased him in every way without argument, and never resisted
the whip, she often asked for it now.  She called him master without
fail.  In other words she was well trained.  To a point.  John wanted 
to find out just how well trained she really was.  Would she obey
EVERY command he gave her?   He watched her as she lay 
sleeping.  So soft, so warm, and now so willing to please.  Would
she please him completely?  A plan began to form in his mind.  The
thought of which, made him smile.

When Lisa woke up that evening, she found John sitting at the table
with another woman.  Just as he suspected, he saw anger and
jealousy flash in her gray eyes.  He said to her, "Lisa, this is my
friend Margie.  She is my companion for the evening.  She knows
you are my slave, and thinks it is grand.  I would like you to watch
as she and I fuck."  Lisas' eyes grew wide, and she shook her head
no.  "You have me !! Why do you need her?"  John shook his head 
and said, "Now Lisa, are you forgetting who is master here?"  He
said it with such a tone in his voice, that she sat meekly and said,
"forgive me master, I will watch if it is your command."  He smiled 
at her then and said, "it is my command."

John stood and took Margies hand, and led her to the bed.  He lay
her down right beside Lisa.  She watched as his hands caressed
Margies tits, her stomach and thighs.  She watched as her master
parted the other womans pussy lips, and began to lick her.  Lisa
had tears in her eyes, seeing him lavish attention on this other 
woman was tearing her apart.  When he thrust his tongue deeply 
into Margie, both women groaned.  One from pleasure, the other
from pain.  John licked and sucked on Margies clit, until she pulled
him up ontop of her.  His cock was hard and ready, and her pussy
hot and wet.  He knelt between her legs and ordered Lisa, "Guide 
my cock into her pussy, do it Lisa, guide my cock into Margies hot
cunt!"  Big tears fell down Lisa's cheeks as she obeyed.  She 
grasped his hard throbbing cock and put it to Margies equally hot 
pussy.  John groaned and drove his cock deep into Margie and 
began to fuck her, slowly, drawing nearly all the way out of her hot
cunt before driving his cock back into her.  Margie groaned and 
bucked her hips, fucking him hard and fast.  Her nipples were hard
and wanted attention, she panted, "please John, have your slave 
suck my tits !!!"   Immediately John ordered Lisa, "you heard her,
and I command it, suck her tits, and suck them good!"  

Lisa hesitated, and John reached out and grabbed her head, and
pulled her mouth to Margies tits.  Lisa cried as she took the womans
nipple into her mouth and began to suck it.  Margie went wild, and
drove her hips madly up to meet Johns cock.  "Yes, suck my tits
slave, suck them!!!"  Lisa sucked harder and Margie cried out as
she and John began to cum.  When it was over, Lisa sat back, her
eyes red with tears.  But she had done it, she had obeyed her
master, and she was proud of herself for that, if nothing else.  She
did not know that her duty was only one third of the way complete.

He drew his cock from Margie, and sat on the edge of the bed.
He stroked her thigh gently, as he watched his cum begin to seep
out of her pussy. John told her, "make yourself comfortable in the 
chair, LIsa is going to please you."  He turned to his little slave 
and said, "Lisa, I want you to lick and suck Margie, until you have 
licked all of my cum from her pussy, and made her cum in your mouth."
Lisa jerked in surprise, and looked at him, slowly shaking her head
no.  "You will not obey me Lisa?"  He asked her.  She said nothing
just continued to shake her head no.  John sighed, and Margie 
smiled.  Margie was excited, wanted Lisa to suck her off, but she
also wanted to see Lisa punished, and now that she was dis-obeying
this was going to happen.  

John took Margies hand, and helped her off the bed and told her, 
"make yourself comfortable in the chair, she is going to please you."  
Then he grabbed Lisa and pulled her to her feet.  "I gave you an order
Lisa, and you will obey!"   Lisa said, "I am sorry master, I can not do
that!!!  Please don't ask me to do that!!!"  He took her hair in his 
hands and pulled her face close to his, "I am not asking you to do
it, I am COMMANDING you to do it, and you will obey!!"  He pushed
her to her knees in front of Margie who was grinning broadly.  Lisa
pulled back away from the woman and John slapped her.  She cried
as she watched him move around the barn.  He picked up her cuffs
some cord, and a mean looking paddle.  He came back to her and
cuffed her hands, pulled her close into the chair and tied her hands
to it.  Her ass was in the air, fully exposed to his touch.  He pushed
her face down into Margies hot wet juicey pussy and commanded 
Lisa struggled, but John held her head firmly against Margies cunt.
Though she could smell her masters cum, she could not taste it
for her lips were closed tight.

John knew that, and he raised the paddle.  He brought it down
squarely on her tight ass, hard.  Lisa opened her mouth to scream
and the scream was cut off as Margie thrust her pussy into her 
open mouth.  Try as she might, Lisa could not turn her head, for
her master held her tightly.  Margie began to rub her pussy all over
Lisa's unwilling mouth.  John raised the paddle and hit his little slave
again, making her cry and writhe in pain and humiliation.  "Lick it
Lisa, lick her pussy, drink my cum from it, make her cum !!"  John
repeated to her as he paddled her ass again, and again.  Finally
Lisa gave in.  Margie groaned as she felt the young girls tonuge 
flick out tenatively and taste her pussy.  Lisa licked the womans
hot slit, driving her tongue in and out, again and again, licking up all
of her masters cum.  Margie moaned and sighed as the hot little 
tongue began to caress her clit.  John watched as his little slave 
obeyed his command.  It had taken a spanking, but still, she obeyed
and he was proud of her.  His cock was hard again now, and he 
dropped the paddle.  He took Lisas hips in his hands and drove his
cock into her pussy from behind.  He began to fuck her, in time with
her tongue movement on Margies pussy.  "oooooo"  Lisa moaned
as he reached under her, and stroked her clit as he fucked her.
She latched onto Margies clit and sucked.  The three of them came
together only moments later.  Only then did John untie Lisa.

The three of them rested, then Margie said she had to go.  Lisa was
very glad the woman was leaving.  As Margie reached for her clothes,
John told Lisa, "Kiss her pussy good bye, and thank her for cumming
in your mouth."  With only the barest of hesitation, Lisa was on her
knees.  She opened her mouth and enclosed Margies hot cunt, and
french kissed it.  Then she looked up and said, "thank you Margie,
for cumming in my mouth."  Margie smiled, and said "you are 
welcome Lisa."  kissed her on the lips, dressed and left.  John was
glad she had obeyed his command.  He picked Lisa up and sat her
in his lap.  He kissed her, sucked her nipples, and fingered her pussy
making her squirm and drench his thighs as she came for him, again
and again, and again.

John began a new training with Lisa.  He would get her all excited,
begging him to fuck her, then he would tie her, and pick up his whip.
He then slapped her nipples, her ass, and finally her pussy, and 
order her to cum for him.  "I can't master!!!"  she cried, as the whip 
caressed her hot slit.  "You can, and you will cum to the kiss of 
the whip !!  You will cum whenever I command you to !!"  Slap, the 
whip hit her pussy again and she moaned in desperate pain, and 
pleasure.  To prove his point, John excited her over and over, each
time not allowing her to cum, but then letting the whip caress her
body. Over and over, day after day.  

Then one day, he clamped a ring on each of her pussy lips and tied
them open, leaving her clit fully exposed.  It was swollen and hard
she was in so much need.  He knelt before her and gently flicked
his tongue across it.  She screamed in need, and he stopped.  He
stood and swung the whip back, then up.  As it landed on her hot
swollen clit, he commanded her, "CUM TO THE KISS OF THE
WHIP SLAVE!!! "  Lisa screamed, her body convulsed, she writhed
and cried in exquisite pain and pleasure as she indeed began to 
cum.  "OHHHHH master!!!!"  she cried out.  "PLEASE WHIP MY
slaps with the whip on her clit, and John saw her pussy gush her
hot woman cum down her thighs.  He had never seen so much
juice in his life.  Lisa continued to scream and cum for several
more seconds, then she collapsed and hung in the ropes.  John
dropped the whip and gently released her.  He carried her to the
bed.  Even as he lay her down, she was asleep.

John enjoyed Lisa's obedience.  Whatever he commanded, she
obeyed without question.  Now he never had to use the paddle
to prompt her.  She was slave.  Still, John wondered if she were
truely his.  Somehow, he thought she would dis obey him some
time, for some reason.  With Lisa, this thought bothered him.  
He wanted her to be his totally, without hesitation, to obey his
every wish.  Over the next few weeks, this bothered him more
and more.  Yet when he ordered her to piss where she was 
standing, she did immediately.  When he told her to do any
thing, no matter what, she did it.  She came to the kiss of the
whip on her pussy, she sucked cock and ate pussy like she 
could not get enough.  So why did he wonder?  He didn't know.
He didn't even know why it was so important to him that she
obey his every command.  It just was.  He was watching her
sleep at the moment.  She was so lovely, so much a virtual
slave.  As he watched her sleep, an idea occured to him.  His
brow furrowed as he wondered at his own mind.  The thought
refused to leave him, and after several minutes he knew what
he was going to do.  He lay beside her then and slept.

The next day was a long one for John.  Lisa as usual was 
perfect.  She even cleaned the barn now, so that he did not
have to.  He watched her as she moved around the room.  
She was never allowed clothes and was now comfortable in
her nudity, and even proud of her body.  Over the last few
weeks John had had her nipples pierced, and now she wore
a gold ring in each one, a delicate chain running between
them.  He went out in the early afternoon to implement his
plan.  Lisa smiled as he left.  She knew he would be back,
after all she was sure he loved her.  She sat with a book
awaiting his return.  

John returned just after dark.  He entered the barn to find
her waiting for him.  He was in a mood she could tell.  
She wanted to ask, but knew better.  He relaxed with a 
cup of coffee and started to talk to her.  "Lisa, are you
my slave?"  Immediately she was on her knees before
him, "Yes master, I am your slave" she responded.
"You will obey my every command, fulfill my every wish?"
he asked.  She shook her head yes as she replied, "I
would do ANYTHING for you master!"  He stroked her
hair and said, "will you?"  Again she shook her head
and affirmed "YES master, anything !!! "  He finished 
his coffee, smiling.

"Lisa, lay over there on the floor, so that your pussy
is towards the door, and fully exposed."  She did as
he commanded immediately.  She lay on the floor
and drew her knees up, her legs spread wide.  John
smiled.  "Stay that way, no matter what happens 
Lisa, I do not want you to move.  If you do, you will
be whipped, understand?"  She replied, "I understand
master."  Though she wondered what he was going 
to do to her.  He stood and went outside, returning
in a few minutes.  With him was a large german
shepherd dog.  Lisa's eyes grew wide, he couldn't,
he wouldn't !!!  but she knew he would.

John led the dog to her and it stood between her
open legs and began to sniff her pussy.  She jumped
as its cold nose entered her slit.  John left the dog to
his own desires, and went to watch from his chair.  
Lisa exclaimed, "why master, why?"  John smiled
and answered "because it is my wish".  Lisa wanted
to get up and run, wanted to be free of the cold nose
in her pussy, but she couldn't.  She had said she 
would obey, and she would.  Just then she felt the
dogs rough tongue as it began to lick her slit.  She
began to cry as the dog licked her faster, then dug
his tongue into her.  

John watched the dog as it enjoyed the pussy in
front of him.  His cock got hard as he realized 
Lisa really was going to obey and stay there on the
floor no matter what happened.  He listened as his
slave began to moan, to watch her move her hips,
beginning to enjoy the dogs licking.  "Piss for him
Lisa, give him your piss to drink!"  John commanded.
Without hesitation, she did just that.  John watched
the golden stream begin, and end on the dogs hot
lapping tongue.  The dog loved it, and licked harder
and faster trying to lap all the piss up.  Lisa began
to moan loudly, and thrash her ass around.  She
fucked the dogs tongue, and came as it licked up
her piss.  When it tasted her hot woman juice, it
drove its tongue deep into her cunt and lapped it

John realized the dogs cock was hard, and ready.
He commanded Lisa, "get on your knees slave,
let the dog fuck your hot pussy!"  Lisa's eyes shot
open, and she groaned.  "Master?"  she asked.
YOU, NOW SLAVE!!!" he screamed at her.  She
moved far enough away from the dog so that she
could get to her knees.  As her ass was presented
to the dog, he immediately mounted her.  She 
cried as the dog began the search for her cunt.  He
found it, and growled as his hard cock entered her.

John was stroking his cock, watching his little slave.
He was so hot knowing she was doing this because
he wished it, and no other reason.  He moaned and
watched.  The dog was driving his cock hard and 
fast into Lisas pussy.  She remained on her knees,
still in tears.  John wanted her to cum to enjoy it, so
he gave her an order, "enjoy it slave !!  Fuck that
dog, and cum on his hard cock!  I command you to
cum on his cock!!"  At this Lisa groaned and began
to thrust her hips back.  She could feel the dogs
paws on her back, hear its panting as it fucked her.
Its cock was hard and relentlessly driving into her,
she moaned as the heat of it began to flow over her
body.  She liked it, wanted it, and she was going to

John knew all the signs of Lisa's excitement.  The
dog was pounding into her faster, nearing his own 
cum.  John stroked his cock faster as he watched
the scene before him.  Lisa started to cum first, she
moved her ass and wiggled all over the hard dog 
cock in her cunt.  The dog growled loudly as it 
buried its cock deeper into her and began to fill her
with its hot cum.  John got off even as the scene 
before him ended.  He sat there in the chair for 
several minutes.  When he gathered his wits, he
stood and put his cock away.  Then he took the 
dogs leash and led it outside.  When he returned
Lisa was in the shower.  She had proven she was
his, completely without hesitation.  This saddened
John some, for now he knew he no longer wanted
her.  She would have to go.  For John received his
pleasure from training a girl to obey him, once her
training was completed, she was no longer an
interesting diversion to him.  He went to the 
phone.  By the time Lisa finished her shower, he
had made the arrangements for her to be picked

John thought about how strange it was.  Now that
he knew she was his, he didn't want her.  She more or less
expected him to want to fuck her after that little show she put
on, but he made no move towards her.  She watched him as he
moved about the barn, and finally she had to ask, "What is wrong
master?  Did I displease you?"  He turned to her and smiled 
sadly.  "No, you did not displease me, you were perfect Lisa".
"Then what is wrong master?"  He got a beer from the frig and
looked at the time.  Another few minutes and they would be here.
He told her, "I wish for you to be quiet now Lisa, I do not want to
hear another question from you.  Whatever happens I want you
to obey, and remain silent! "  She was a bit taken aback, but
nodded her head in understanding.  John waited.

About 15 minutes later he heard the van pull into the drive.  He
rose and opened the door.  He greeted his guests and led them
to Lisa.  Her eyes were wide, and she believed her master wanted
her to fuck these men.  She waited for the command.  It did not
come.  The men inspected her.  Their eyes alight with excitement.
One of them told John, "She is a prime piece.  Lovely, very, very
lovely.  You say she is completely trained?"  As John and the
men began to talk, Lisa finally understood.  These men were here
to see if they wanted her.  Her eyes settled on John, and she
watched.  She saw him take a bundle of money from one ot the 
men.  Her master turned to her and said, "Lisa, as your master,
you are mine to give away or sell as I choose.  I have sold you.
These are your new masters. My last command to you is that
you accept them as such, and obey every command that you are
given.  You belong to them now."  He watched tears flow down her
cheeks as she meekly replied, "yes master, I understand, and
will obey."  She knelt before the strangers now, and said "how
may I please you, masters?"  The men grinned and ordered her to
the van, happy with there purchase.  When they had gone, John
felt just a little sad, but only until he thought of what color hair
his next little slave should have.