Copyright (c) 1998,    White Orchid ALL Rights Reserved

None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and people is completely coincidental.

This story is about a man making a young woman his
sex slave.  It is graphic, and deals with bondage and
discipline.  If this isn't your bag, go to another story.

Jessica MF b&d

Jessica awoke.  She tired to stretch, and found that she was
already stretched wide.  She was confused, her head groggy.
Then she began to remember.  She had been walking along
the bike path when someone jumped her!  Now as her head
began to clear, she realized that her hands were tied above
her head, and her feet were spread wide and tied to the floor
of an old barn. She was totally, completely naked.
 "What the hell?"  was her first thought.  She 
tired to move, to pull on the ropes in hopes of getting them
loose, but no luck.  Then he entered.

"Welcome back to the land of the awake, Jessica"  he told
her.  She looked at him and knew that he was the one that
had grabbed her.  "What the hell are you doing to me?" she
demanded.  He came close to her, reached out and ran his
hand over her breasts and tummy.  "It is simple, I have 
chosen you to be my slave, my sex slave that is."  She 
laughed and told him, "you are out of your fucking mind!!
Release me now!!!"  He laughed at her and said, "Oh no,
you are mine, and you will learn that in time.  I must ask
that you not use such language unless it is in the heat 
of passion, or I command you to use it."

"Fuck You !! "  she screamed at him again.  He quickly
slapped her hard across the mouth.  "I am not asking you
this time, I am ordering you.  Watch what you say.  My
punishment is swift and harsh for disobedience! "  She 
was shocked.  She had not expected him to hit her.  Tears
welled in her eyes.  Then she had the thought that maybe
tears would soften his heart.  She let the tears fall freely.
He saw them, leaned down and kissed them away.  
"AH HA !! she thought.  I have him now.  He stood back
from her and said, "you will shed many tears for me slave.
I love to see tears of pain, and pleasure on the face of my
slave."  Jessica groaned.

He went to sit at a nearby table, and gazed at his newest
slave.  She had long brown hair and big green eyes.
Her tits were large and firm, the nipples brown and very
large.  Her tummy was flat, and her mound plump and
very inviting.  He knew she had not yet noticed that while
she was out, he had completely removed all the hair from
her pussy.  He loved being able to lay a strap on a pussy
unprotected by hair.  Besides, he hated getting it in his
teeth... he chuckled at the thought.

Jessica looked at her surroundings.  She appeared to be 
in an old barn that had been renovated.  There was a 
bathroom off to one side, a kitchenette near the doors, 
and the rest of the place looked like one huge bedroom.  
He watched her as she looked around and noticed all of 
his 'toys' hanging on the walls.  Her eyes betrayed her fear.

John went to a wall and picked up a leather harness. He 
went to Jessica and began to fasten it on her.  He grabbed
her tits by her nipples and pulled them through the front of
the harness.  She wiggled and cried, asked him. "what are
you doing?"  He crisscrossed some ties over her protruding
tits, pulled them tight.  Her tits were now forced to be full, 
tender as the leather dug into her flesh.  He tied it in place
securely.  Jessica looked down to see her tits trussed up, 
and again asked, "why?"  He said, "because it is my wish."

He flicked each of her nipples with his finger before going to
a drawer in the table.  He took out three screw down clamps
and returned to her.  She was shocked as he took one clamp
and began to screw it down on her left nipple.  "NO NO
PLEASE DON'T!!" she cried out.  He ignored her and turned
the screw until it was firmly attatched.  She groaned from the
pain in her nipple. He did her other nipple, then he knelt 
before her.  She felt his hands at her pussy, spreading her 
lips wide.  Try as she did she could not close her legs.  He
took the other clamp and began to screw it down on her 
right pussy lip.  She writhed and cried as the clamp got 
tighter and tighter.  When he was sure it would stay on he 
arose and told her, "these clamps will remain upon you and 
be tightened every day until they pierce you.  Then I will 
insert my own style of ring, which will mark you mine."

John ignored her.  As he looked at this lovely young girl, he
couldn't help but remember Glenda.  He thought Glenda had
been perfect, but he had been wrong.  Now his heart beat
strongly for this lovely 18 year old girl, and he hoped he had
chosen better this time.  

His cock was hard and pulsing, near bursting as he reached
up and played with Jessicas clamped nipples. He stripped off
his clothes, and moved behind her.  He thrust his hard cock
between her legs, and found her pussy.  He held her hips and
fucked her, driving his cock as deep as he could from this
position.  She writhed and cried, tried to get off his cock.  It
sent thrills through him as she struggled.  He groaned and 
shot his cum into her belly.  He sighed with relief, and let his
cock slide out of her.  

He went and lay on the bed, watching her.  He saw his cum
as it began to drip out of her pussy.  He smiled.  Jessica
screamed at him, "LET ME GO, PLEASE LET ME GO !!!"
He was tired of her mouth, and decided he had to do some
thing to shut her up.  He got up, picked up the ring gag and
went to her.  He quickly had it in her mouth and tied in place
before she even knew what he was doing.  Oh she could make
sounds, but she could not talk to him, or swear.  He slapped
her on the ass and went back to the bed where he fell asleep.

When he awoke, she was asleep.  He locked her wrist cuffs
together, then locked a length of chain between her ankle 
cuffs.  She could take small steps, but never run this way.
He then untied her from the ceiling and floor.  By now she 
was awake.  He led her into the bathroom and pushed her
into the shower.  He turned on the water, and watched as
she gratefully washed her body.  He took the shower head
from the wall and told her to spread her legs.  He let the
water flow over her pussy, then held the shower head so 
the water would rinse it out.  He turned off the water and 
gave her a towel.

He led her into the other room and forced her to sit on
her knees in front of him. His cock hard and throbbing, he
aimed it at her ringed mouth and told her, "I used this gag
to shut you up, but it has other usefull purposes.  Lower
your mouth to my cock, and let me fuck it."  She violently
shook her head no !!  tried to say something which came 
out, "ooo on o itch" because of the ring in her mouth.  He
shook his head, reached down and grabbed the clamps
on her nipples.  He gently twisted them, knowing even that
small movement would cause her pain.

"Do it, let me fuck your mouth, or I will pull on these clamps!"
Jessica did not move and he pulled and twisted the clamps
on her nipples.  She screamed and writhed and finally she
gave in.  He watched as she lowered her ringed open mouth
onto his cock.  John released her nipple clamps, and put
his hands in her hair.  He held her there as he slowly, gently
fucked her unwilling mouth.  "Lick my cock with your tongue
slave, make me cum."  He told her.  She did not want to do
it, and he pulled her hair telling her, "your nipples must be
sore, aren't they Jess?  Would you rather lick my cock, or
have me pull the clamps?"  Immediately her hot tongue
began to lick the length of his cock.  "MMMMMMM"
that's a good slave"  he said as his cock swelled and shot
his hot gooey cum onto her tongue.  He let his cock grow 
soft and slid it out of her mouth.  She had no choice but to
swallow his cum, and he watched as she did so, tears in her

That evening, he made dinner for her.  He told her to sit at
the table, and he removed the gag from her mouth.  Her
jaws were sore and aching, but she managed to eat.  She
raised her eyes to his and softly asked. "why, why this, and
why me?"  He smiled at her and replied, "because I desire 
you, and it is my way."  He watched as tears welled in her
eyes and dropped down her cheeks. 

He let her sleep that night, undisturbed.  He gazed at her
naked body and his eyes drank in every soft curve, the
white flawless skin.... He fell asleep a smile on his lips.
Tomorrow, he would begin her training in earnest.

He awoke the next morning to find her still asleep.  He put
on coffee and took a shower.  When he came out of the
bathroom, she was waiting for him.  She hit him with the
only thing she could reach in the room, a broom.   She hit
him with the handle, and though it smarted, he grabbed it
and yanked it from her hands.  He then grabbed her hair
and pulled it hard enough to take her to her knees, making
her cry out in pain.

"Just what the hell did you think you would accomplish by
hitting me?!?!? "  he demanded to know.  She refused to 
answer him.  He glared at her, his hand still in her hair.
"Stupid slave, if you had knocked me out, you would still
be chained here, with no escape.  If you had managed to
kill me, you would have died of starvation still chained.
Foolish girl !  I have already been to easy on you.  I will 
not be so easy from now on."

He booted her in the ass and made her move towards the
center of the barn.  She fought him and he enjoyed 
slapping her as he tied her hands to the rope in the ceiling.
She kicked at him as he moved to tie her feet.  He caught
each foot and tied them securely to the rings in the floor.
She screamed at him, "Let me go damn you!! "  He pinched 
her nipples, then flicked the clamps.  She cried out, 
"no please, it hurts!"  He did it again as he told her,
"you did not care if you hurt me, now you must pay the

He walked over to the whips on the wall, and chose a nasty
looking one.  It was about 2 feet long from the handle, with
braided strands.  The handle itself was about 10 inches long
and about 4 inches around, with small raised spots to 
afford a better grip.  He moved behind her and she screamed
as the lash landed on her bare ass.  She struggled in her 
ropes, tried to avoid the lash on her ass again.  She was soon
to realize that he did not care where the whip landed.  If she
moved her ass and it hit her hip, that was her choice.  Tears
flowed freely down her cheeks, she screamed each time the
whip raised a welt on her tender ass.  When he had given
her ten strokes, he moved before her.  He loved seeing the
tears on her cheeks.  He pinched her nipples again, then
told her, "watch slave, watch as the master lays the whip to
your sensitive sore tits!"  She screamed and pleaded, "no
no NO!! please NO!"  He ignored her and enjoyed seeing her
beg.  He brought the whip down on her clamped left nipple,
and watched as she writhed in torment.

Then John leaned down and licked the tender nub.  Gently
kissing and sucking it.  Her nipple felt like it was on fire, and
his licking soothed it, and sent waves of pleasure through her.
Through her tears, he heard her sigh.  He smiled.  Just when
she began to think he was finished, she screamed again.  He
had positioned the whip handle at her pussy, and drove all 10 
inches of it into her cunt at once.  He got down on his knees
and as she cried and begged to be released, he fucked the
handle in and out of her.  Watching it disappear deep within
her folds.  He moved it around and in and out, and even pulled
it out to carress her clit with it, the raised spots sending shivers
of pleasure through out her body.  He worked her clit, and 
after only a few moments of gentle carressing, she 
was not crying in pain and humiliation anymore, but in need.
He shoved the handle deeply into her pussy again and as 
he held it in her  he hoarsely whispered to her, "come
on little slave, fuck it.  I know you want to.  Move your ass and
fuck it."  She almost responded, and he knew it.  Then she
cried out "NO !!  I won't fuck it, I won't !!"  

John smiled and reached with his free hand to take her pussy
clamp in his fingers.  He began to pull on it as he said again,
"fuck it".  She groaned in pain, and he pulled it still harder,
adding a small twist.  "Fuck it"  he again told her.  She cried
out no again, but her ass had begun to move.  He held the 
handle deep within her and watched as she ground her pussy
down onto it.  "Yes, that's it slave, fuck it, cum on it"  he 
moaned.  His cock was hard and throbbing as he watched his
little slaves pussy begin to drench the whip handle with her 
juice.  He put his free hand on her ass and squeezed it.  He
felt her body as the first shudders of orgasm appeared.  Being
totally in control, he let her passion rise and fucked the whip
into her with abandon until she was screaming "YES YES 

John cruelly pulled the handle from her pussy and watched
as she continued trying to fuck something that was no longer
there.  "PLEASE, PLEASE!  Fuck me!! PLEASE!!"
she cried out.  John smiled.  As she writhed in great need, he
said simply, "no".  He dropped the whip and went to sit at the
table, where he could see her, and she him.  He stroked his
hard cock in front of her.  He watched her expression as he 
manipulated his cock.  "Please, please, fuck me with your
cock" she whispered.  He groaned and told her, "watch me
cum slave, I would rather jack off then fuck a treacherous,
violent slave."  He shot his cum all over his stomach, and he
noticed she licked her lips.  As the pleasure subsided, he 
rose and went into the shower leaving her tied and in need.

He came back to see her still panting and sweating in heat.
He traced his fingers over her body, down to her slit.  He felt
her clit hard against the end of his finger, and she moaned,
thrusting her hips forward as best she could in her ropes,
trying to fuck his finger.  He grinned as he pulled his finger
from her slit.  He told her, "I have not yet finished your punish
ment for hitting me slave."  As he spoke he took a belt from 
the wall.  He moved to stand before her, and swung the belt
back, then up.  It landed squarely on her exposed hard clit.

Jessica had never felt anything like it.  A mix of terrible pain,
and exquisite pleasure began in her clit, and shook her body.
Again John slapped the belt upon her clit, and watched her
writhe and scream in pleasure /  pain. He knelt before her
and saw her clit, swollen and hard, needy.  He leaned in and
flicked his tongue across it.  "Oooooh yessss...."  Jessica
moaned.  He closed his lips upon it and gently sucked.  Her
response was immediate.  He felt her pussy as it began to
spasm.  He sucked a little harder, and traced a finger around
her opening.  "Ahhhhgggggheeeeeeee...." Jessica moaned
and did her best to grind her pussy into his sucking lips.
Her body went rigid and she started to cum.  John quickly
removed his lips from her clit, and as she screamed and
kept right on cumming, he slapped her exquisitly excited 
clit with the strap.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
she screamed and screamed as wave after wave of intense
painful orgasm racked her lovely young body.

John watched her until her spasms subsided.  Then he went
to her, and cupped her sore pussy in his hand and squeezed,
clamp and all.
" Your pleasure, and your pain, are mine to give or take away,
do you understand that Jessica?"  She moaned and meekly
replied, "yes, I do."  He squeezed her pussy harder and said,
"I am your master, you will address me as such at all times,
starting now."  "YES MASTER !!! "  she screamed.  He let her
pussy go and walked away leaving her in the ropes. He then
dressed and left, locking the door behind him.

When John returned he let her down from the ropes, and led
her to the bed.  Her legs were still shaking and weak.  He 
chuckled as she stretched out on the bed, and did not bother
to try and cover herself.  She fell almost instantly asleep.
He let her sleep, even though he was hot, and his cock throbbed
almost painfully.  But there was time, time to satisfy his needs
as he continued her training.  

The next day, she awoke to find him staring at her.  Aware that
she was naked, she moved to pull the blanket over herself.  He
said simply, "no".  He smiled as she stopped and left her body 
exposed to his gaze.  "Jessica, are you my slave?"  She looked
down at the floor as she whispered, "yes, master".  He moved to 
her and gently tied each of her hands and feet cuffs to the posts 
of the bed.  She lay open, exposed, totally his.  He leaned over 
and kissed her.  As his lips locked on hers, he tightened the
screw clamp on her left nipple.  She moaned, and he began
to tighten the right one.  This done, he left her lips and moved to
her pussy.  He gently stroked her slit, dipping in to lightly brush
over her clit now and then.  She moaned again, and began to move
her hips.  John tightened the clamp on her pussy lip, one turn, then
two, three, four, until she writhed and begged him, "please, master
it hurts!!  Please stop!!! "  He did.  It was tight enough for today.
One more day and she would be pierced, ready for his brand of 
rings.  He almost could not wait to use the rings to tie her tits and

He released her feet, and turned her over on her tummy.  He pulled
her hips up and spread her ass wide.  "I am going to fuck your ass
Jessica, fuck it deep and hard."  "NO !! " she cried without thinking.
He slapped her ass hard, again and again, as he held her hips 
steady.  "I am your master !  I will fuck any hole you have and you
will beg me to fuck you!  Now, beg me slave.  Beg me to shove my
hard cock in your asshole!"  She was crying and did not respond.
He reached between her legs and grasp the clamp on her pussy.
He pulled, hard, cruelly.  "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" she cried out in
pain.  "Then beg me slave, beg me to penetrate your ass, to fuck it
until my hot cum boils in your belly!!!"  

"Yes, please fuck my ass!!! please fuck it !! "  He slapped her ass 
and pulled the clamp at the same time.  She writhed in pain.  "You
can beg better then that, and have you forgotten my name?"  
"Please m- m -master, fuck my ass, fuck it good.  Fill me with
your hot cum.  please master !!!"  she begged.  He released the 
clamp and spread her hot stinging ass cheeks apart.  His cock
was hard and aching, pre-cum running freely.  He put his hard 
cock to her asshole and pulled her hips back to meet his thrust.
she cried as his cock broke through her spinchter.  He pulled out
a bit, and then pulled her back as he thrust again.  He watched
his 8 inch cock disappear into her tight asshole.
She writhed and moaned as his cock stretched her virgin ass, and
he began to fuck her.  Slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out
then sliding gently back in.  He could not hold out long.  Her sweet
ass was hot and tight, squeezing his cock.  He started driving it
into her, not caring that she again cried as it stretched and made 
her ass sore.  He slapped her ass and demanded, "move your
ass slave !!!  Fuck me.  Shove your asshole down onto my cock!!"

He held still and she rammed her ass back onto his cock.  She
moved forward and back, fucking herself with his hard cock.
Finally, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on it hard and
as she screamed from the pain of it, he groaned deeply and his
cock swelled and burst  within her belly.  

He allowed her to rest for several days during which he tightened
the clamps on her tits and pussy lip.  Finall the day came when
he removed the clamps and inserted golden rings that bore 
his initial 'J' . 

 She was  proud of them, and looked at them often 
in the mirror.  It had taken some time, but she had learned her 
lessons well. She knew she was truely his slave.  She would obey, 
or be very severely punished.  She would obey, and perhaps 
receive pleasure.  She played with the rings in her nipples and 
smiled.  He had gone out early, and she was awaiting his return.
As she waited for him she thought over the last few months.  They
had been hard on her, but now, she was happy he had trained her.  
She remembered when he punished her for hitting him, how he had
cruelly fucked her with the whip handle, tortured her by not letting 
her cum until she begged and called him master.  Then he had hit
her clit with the strap, just as she began to explode.   She 
could not deny to herself that she found it revolting, and 
extremely exciting at the same time.  She had never in her
short span of 18 years EVER cum like that!!!  And God help
her, she wanted to cum like that again.  She would beg, plead
suck his cock, do anything to cum like that again. This 
thought surprised her, but she realized it was all to true.

She heard his van pull up and she ran to greet him.  He no longer
kept her chained, she would not run away.  She was taken aback
to see that he was not alone.  She ran to cover herself with the 
blanket (she owned no clothes) .  Her master laughed at her and 
told her, "come here, I want you to meet him."  She gingerly got
off the bed and walked to him.  "Carl, this is Jessica, my slave."
"How do you do Jessica?"  Carl asked her.  She replied, ""I am fine

"Jessica, Carl is here to watch you obey me.  You will do everything
I command as you always do, and when I tell you to beg, you will
beg.  Is that understood?  Carl will watch you perform, so do your
best and make me proud."   "Yes master"  she answered.

John began giving her orders.  "Show him the ring in your pussy lip."
She quickly spread her legs and squatted, exposing the ring to full
view.  Carl reached down and touched it, feeling the warmth of her
cunt in it.  Then John told her, "come over here and suck on my 
hard cock."  Again, she quickly obeyed.  She unzipped his pants,
took his cock out and swallowed it.  He moaned as her throat
muscles milked him.  Before he could not stop, he pushed her
away and told her,  "beg slave, beg me to tie your tits and pussy
by their rings !!!"  Carl watched as she ran to get some cord and
gave it to her master.  She got on her knees before him and 
begged, "Please master, please tie my tits and pussy together!!
tie them good, let me feel them tied."  John smiled at her as he
ran the cord between her tits and pussy rings.  He pulled it 
snuggly so that it pulled her nipples in towards one another, and
tugged on her pussy ring.  She could stand, but barely.  Any
stretching and she would painfully pull the rings.

Carl had taken his cock out and was massaging it as he watched
the girl obey.  He had already made up his mind to buy her if it
was possible.  He knew that John lived  on a small trust, and did
not have to face the mundane work a day world, but a little extra
money might be appealing.  He continued to watch.

John ordered her, "take a whip from the wall, any whip which you
think will please me to use on you, and give it to Carl."  She ran
to get a whip.  She chose the one with the 10 inch handle with the
raised spots, ( her favorite).  But she hesitated in giving it to Carl.
In a low menacing voice John told her, "do it."  She gave the whip
to Carl.  "Now Jessica, beg Carl to whip your lovely tits and any
thing else he wishes to whip."  He ordered her.  She stuttered,
"p-p please, whip my tits, whip me where ever you wish, I beg you
to whip me!"

Carl could not resist.  He raised the whip and brought it down upon
her left nipple.  She moaned in pain, but stood before him.  He 
lashed the right nipple and then the left again.  He watched as she
began to move in her pain.  He struck her tight ass with the whip, 
and at the same time reached out to feel her pussy.  My god !!
he thought, she is so fucking wet !!  She really does love this!!
He struck her firm white ass again and she wiggled more.

John chuckled and told Carl, "when you wish her to cum for you,
slap her pussy with the whip."  Carl's breath was hard and fast.
He wanted this girl, had to have her.  He did not quite believe she
would cum if he lay the whip to her clit, but he was willing to try it.
A few more strokes of the whip on her ass and tits and she was
begging him, "PLEASE OH PLEASE MR !!!!  MAKE ME CUM.
She spread her legs wide and squatted.
Carl swung the whip back, and then up between her legs.  He 
heard a wet 'SMMMMMMMACK" as it landed squarely in her 
slit.  She screamed and fell to the floor, writhing and moaning
and screaming, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING!!!"  Carl shot his 
load all over the floor without once touching his cock.  He sank
into a near by chair and watched as the lovely girl continued to 
moan and shudder in one ot the longest orgasms he had ever 
seen any woman have.

John went to the frig and got a couple of beers.  He gave one to
Carl and then asked, "well, what do you think of my slave?"
He had to wait for Carl's response.  His eyes were glued to the
girl who was now sitting up and saying "thank you, thank you for
making me cum soooooooo good."  John chuckled as Carl took 
a long swig of beer, and regained his voice.  "John?" he said. 
"How much would it take for you to sell her to me?"  John moved
to Jessica, and carressed the girls cheek.  "She is not for sale,
Carl", he said.   Jessica looked at him with a big happy smile.

Not to be put off Carl said, "I will pay you $10,000 in cash.
"$10,000 ???"  John asked.  Carl nodded his head yes.  Now
John liked his little slave, hell he had just got her trained right.
But money was money, and though his trust was enough to 
keep him from working, a little extra was always nice.  He looked
at Jessica, then at Carl.  "Sold" is all he said.  Carl stood up and
told John he would go get the money.  John told him, "I trust you.
Take her and mail me the money."  To his surprise, Jessica rose
and wrapped herself in a blanket, then kissed him.  "Good-bye
master"  she said as she followed Carl out of the barn.

John thought about why he had sold her.  He finally realized it was
not having a slave which pleased him, but the training of the slave.
Once they were trained, he really lost interest in them.  Having
just sold Jessica, he wondered, could he train and sell slaves, 
and add to his income?  It was a thought, a thought that made 
him smile.