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Innocence Lost  (M/f PEDO, nc, cons)

Jerry looked at the girl laying on the bed.  She was small for her
age.  He knew she was ten, but she looked younger.  He watched her
deep even breathing, pleased that she slept so peacefully.  She
might be a handful when she woke up.  He had snatched her off the
street just a few hours before.  Quickly and quietly, like a hunter he
had captured, tied, and sedated her.  He leaned over her now and
began to undress her.  She stirred but did not waken.  Jerry had her
undressed down to her white cotton panties when he stopped.  His
breath caught in his throat.  She was lovely!  So small and slim, so
soft!  Her name was Nancy, and he whispered it now as he reached
out to caress her.  He moaned, deep in his throat as his hands
traveled her body, over her pink little nipples, down her soft tummy
to the top of her panties.  

He ran his hand over them, feeling her
mound beneath them.  He came to the elastic band at her leg and
slid his finger beneath it.  Oh the warmth that came from her
hairless little pussy!  He slid his finger in further, touched her sweet
little lips, ran his finger over them.  To his surprise, he found her clit
jutting above her pussy lips.  She stirred again and he whispered her
name, 'Nancy'.  He wanted her, wanted her badly.  He was trying to
take his time, to be gentle with her.  He had loved her since she
was a baby, and he wanted to show his love, not his lust..

He knew she  probably didn't remember him from back then. He
hoped she did though. She had been only 2 when he had started
dipping his fingers in her panties, making her giggle on his lap.  He
had loved the soft feel of her baby pussy on his fingers.  She would
wiggle in his lap, unknowingly riding his hard cock.  He always
came in his pants when she did that.  One day he was alone with
her and knew he would be for at least a couple of hours.  He could
not stop himself.  He tickled her and managed to get her panties off.
He lifted her then, her legs over his shoulders, her soft hairless baby
pussy at his lips.  He held her and licked her, running his tongue
into her little slit, dipping it into her tiny fuckhole.  He groaned
against the soft flesh of her mound.

She wiggled, and laughed and he licked her harder, deeply thrusting
his tongue into her slit, against her little love button.  He shot his
load in his pants again, not able to resist the need he felt, the fire he
felt for this tender girl pussy.  He was going to lift her down when
she pushed her pussy back at his mouth.  She liked it !!  He was
overjoyed and licked her, taking the time to kiss and suck on her
pussy this time.  She rocked in his hands causing shivers to travel
down his body as he came again in his jeans.  Now he put her down
and after washing her little slit put her panties back on.  Jerry was in
heaven!  32 years old and he had found his ultimate desire in this
little girl.  Then to his horror, her family up and moved away, leaving
him missing Nancy terribly.  It had taken eight years to find her, but
now he had her with him again.

She stirred now, and he waited for her to open her eyes.  He
wondered again if she would remember him.  When she saw him
she cried out in fear and scooted back across the bed.  He let her
go,  made no move to stop her.  When she was in the corner of the
bed she drew her knees up and asked, "Who are you?  Where am
I?  I want to go home !"  It pained him to see her so frightened.  

He spoke softly, tried to reassure her.  "I am your Uncle Jerry. you
knew me a long time ago.  I am not going to hurt you.  This is my
cabin in the woods.  I think you might like it here, if you just calm
down, maybe you will remember me."  She looked at him oddly,
then stared at him.  He knew by the look on her face the instant she
remembered him, his heart missed a beat.  

"Uncle Jerry !!"  she
cried out and flung herself across the bed at him.  He caught her
and hugged her tight, savoring the warmth of her little body against
his.  He was reluctant to let her go, but pushed her down onto the
bed.  She seemed calmer now.  Jerry needed to know what she
remembered about him so he just came out and asked her, "Nancy,
what do you remember about me?  Do you remember the games we
played?"  She blushed, actually blushed when she shook her head
yes.  "I remember.  You always made me feel so good !!  Nobody
ever made me feel good but you."

Jerry was over joyed to hear that no one else had been at her
pussy.  It was still his, and it would be all his soon.  All of a sudden,
she realized she had only her panties on.  At first she threw her
hands across her chest modesty prevailing upon her to cover her
tiny pink nipples.  Then she dropped them again.  This after all was
Uncle Jerry, he had seen her nipples before.  She giggled and he

Jerry asked her, "do you want me to make you feel good again?"
Nancy thought about this for only a second then shook her head
yes.  Jerry groaned and pulled her panties off.  Her pussy was as he
remembered it. Small, hairless, pink lips with her clit standing tall
above them.  He lay down on the bed pulling her down on top of him.
He ran his hands up and down her body feeling her soft skin.  His
cock was hard in his pants, nearly bursting as he pulled her up so
that she was straddling his face.  He thrust his tongue out and
licked her little hairless slit.  

Nancy grabbed the head board of the
bed and sighed, "it feels so good !!", and began to rub her pussy on
his probing tongue.  Jerry licked and kissed, sucked her little pussy
for all he was worth.  She was juicing heavily, and the taste and
scent drove him mad with desire.  He fucked his tongue in and out
of her little fuck hole, driving her mad with the need to have more, to
have her pussy filled.  Finally he closed his lips upon her clit and
sucked.  "OHHHHhhhhhhh"  she cried out as she ground her pussy
down onto his face.  Jerry groaned into her pussy as he shot his
load in his jeans one more time.  He vowed this was the last time.
From now on, Nancy would receive his sperm. He lay beside her
and watched her fall asleep, holding her close he drifted off too.

Nancy awoke to Uncle Jerry running his hand over her pussy.  She
smiled at him and moved her hips to meet his hand.  "Uncle Jerry, I
like this, I missed it so bad!  I remember when I was little you used
to kiss my pussy and make me feel good.  Nobody makes me feel
good like you do !  The man next door made it hurt real bad once ,
when he put his big thing inside me.  It hurt alot and I cried !  I
wouldn't let him do it again."

Jerry's hand froze in mid stroke.  He looked at her and nearly
choked as he said, "when you first woke up, you said 'nobody ever
made you feel good but me!  I thought you meant no one ever
touched your pussy but me !!"  Jerry rose from the bed and looked
at his little lover.  He was angry, he was jealous.  He looked at her
soft innocent face and knew he had to ask her who had touched her
and why.

"Nancy, tell me the truth, did anyone but your neighbor ever touch
your pussy?  Tell me !" he nearly shouted at her when she did not
answer right away.  

She looked up at him and said "yes, some of
the neighbor kids did too.  There was Billy, and James, and Linda.
They all liked looking at and playing with my pussy."

Jerry was pacing now, his stomach tied in a knot.  He stood before
her once again and asked his next question, "Did they make you do
it, or did you WANT to do it, all this touching on your pussy?  Tell
me the truth Nancy, they made you do it didn't they?"  He was
desperately trying to give her the answer he needed her to say.

Being truthful, not understanding the benefit of lying, Nancy replied,
"oh no !  I liked it and I wanted them to do it!  I asked  the other kids
to do my pussy.  It feels so good when they touch it.  But it doesn't
feel like you make it feel Uncle Jerry.  I didn't ask the neighbor man,
he just grabbed me one day and pushed his thing in me and made it
hurt, that didn't feel good at all.  You make it feel best Uncle Jerry."

Jerry moved to sit in a chair and just looked at her.  His impulse
was to turn her over his knee and spank her ass until it was bright
red, then take her home and leave her there.  He had expected her
to be innocent, with maybe a memory of his mouth and fingers on
her pussy.  He never expected she would search for that feeling
without him.  Jerry put his head in his hands, he was torn between
wanting the little love of his life and the impulse to have none of her.
Oh how he had wanted her to be innocent still.  He leaned back in
the chair and closed his eyes.  

Nancy went to him and said, "Uncle
Jerry?  Are you mad at me cause other people played with my
pussy?  I only wanted it to feel good like you made me feel.  You
weren't there and I was lonely and wanted to feel good.  Please don't
be mad at me !"  She threw herself into his lap and Jerry looked
down at her.  Her blonde hair flowing down her naked back, her tight
little ass, the warmth of her against his thighs.  He sighed then and
knew he was going to keep her, he loved her.  She would have to be
taught a lesson about searching for the good feeling with anyone but
him, taught never to cheat on him again, but he thought he could
teach her that lesson.  He hoped so.  

The first thing he had to do
now was get in the shower with her, scrub her clean.  He took her
hand in his and stood.  Smiling at her he said, "let's take a shower
together."  She smiled happily and he led the way.  Once in the
shower he lathered her with lots of soap and took a loofa sponge to
her.  He scrubbed her until her skin was bright pink and she was
begging him to stop.  Then he washed her hair.  The last thing to
wash was her pussy.

He soaped the cloth and ran it between her legs, washing all around
and between them, up the crack of her ass, dipping into her
asshole, and her little slit now and then to soap them and clean
them well.  She squirmed a bit, for this was not all that comfortable
for her.  Jerry reached up and took a douche bag from the wall and
filled it with the warm water from the shower.  He attatched the hose
and nozzle and  told her, "spread your legs Nancy, Uncle is going to
put this in you and rinse out your pussy."  Not exactly sure what he
was going to do she did as he told her.  He gently began to insert
the nozzle into her pussy.  He expected some real resistance, but
there was very little.  He groaned and shook his head as he
squeezed the bag and rinsed her little pussy out.  Nancy found she
actually liked the feeling of the water oozing out of her slit, it tickled
and felt good.  She giggled.

Jerry was angry again now.  She should have been tight for him, if
not virgin !  She should have been a bit apprehensive, yet she liked it
all !  He filled the bag up again, and reached down to take the
screen out of the drain.  

He set it on the edge of the tub and told
Nancy, "I want you to bend over and pull your butt open wide, and
hold it there.  I don't want you to move either.  Stand real still.  I am
going to rinse out your butt, and when I put the water in, you will
want to shit, but don't.  Hold it in, or I will be mad and have to spank
you.  Do you understand?"  Nancy became a little frightened, but
shook her head yes.  

Jerry used some soap to grease the nozzle,
then put it to her little pink puckered asshole and began to push it
in.  Here, he met the resistance he had looked for in her pussy.  He
smiled to himself as she squirmed and said, "OUCH" as he pushed
the nozzle in.  Deeper, deeper, until the entire nozzle was in her
ass, then he began to squeeze the bag, filling her belly with warm
water.  She moaned and wiggled, trying for comfort as the water
filled her.  She wanted to stand up and when she tried, Jerry gently
pushed her back down, telling her to hang onto the edge of the tub.

He removed the nozzle, and once again filled the bag.  This time,
there was not as much resistance when he pushed it back into her
ass.  He let the water run out slowly now, every so slowly.  He
watched as her discomfort grew, watched as her stomach became
distended.  Nancy began to cry.  Jerry did not really want to hurt her
so he stopped the flow of water and removed the nozzle.  "Hold it in
until I am done with my shower, then you can let it go." he told her.
He showered quickly and stepped out of the tub.  He slid the shower
door shut and said, "You may let go now Nancy."  

There was an
explosive sound and a cry of deep relief from the small girl.
Standing outside the door, Jerry could see her bowles empty until
there was nothing but water being released.  "You stay in there until
it is all out, and make sure you wash real good" he told her.  He
heard her sigh of relief and he smiled.  Maybe she wasn't as
innocent as he wanted her to be, but she certainly was clean for him
now.  He was absolutely sure no trace of another was on or in her
small body.  When she was through with her shower she came to
him wrapped in a towel and asked, "why did you do that to me
Uncle Jerry?  It hurted me."  

He pulled her into his lap, wrapped her
tightly in the towel and told her, "because it means that you are
clean for me, and only me."  He lowered his lips to hers and kissed
her passionately, yet softly.  Nancy responded with eargerness.
After several seconds Jerry put her down on the floor and led her to
a bedroom at the back of the cabin.  He told her to go to bed for the
night, he would see her in the morning.  Nancy closed the door and
Jerry walked down the hall.  He had a lot of thinking to do.

He sat in a chair by the fire place, thinking.  Thinking about what
she had done, what had been done to her.  How much of it had she
started and wanted?  He really was torn.  He had so wanted to
teach her the ways of sex and love.  He thought long into the night
and decided to take it one thing at a time.  Tomorrow he would ask
her what those people had done to her little pussy.  How old had
she been?  What exactly did they do?  Every detail, he had to know
every detail.  He would ask her to tell him first thing in the morning.
With that thought he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny.  Jerry was up and fixing
breakfast when Nancy finally got up.  He called her sleepy head and
gave her a plate of pancakes and bacon.  She dug in with gusto,
dripping syrup down her chin.  Jerry drank his coffee as he watched
her eat.  Now was as good a time as any to begin asking her the

"Nancy, I want you to answer some questions for me ok?    "What
happened with the other kids?  Did you start it or did they?  Tell me
everything Nancy, I really need to know".  

She took a drink of milk
and had the cutest milk moustache as she answered, " one day the
kids were playing doctor.  I was 6 and I wanted to play too.  They
said I couldn't cause I wouldn't take my panties off.  I said I would
and I did.  Bill and James looked real surprised and Linda laughed.
She was older then us, I think she was 9 or 10 then.  Billy, and
James were 8 so I was the youngest.  The boys wanted to look at it
and touch it so I let them.  I liked their fingers in it, but they didn't
know what to do to make me feel good.  Linda did though.  She got
between my legs and pushed her finger into my pussy and started
rubbing it in and out.  I liked that alot !!  I wanted her to do more, so
she put in another finger.  That's when it hurt and I yelled.  She told
me not to be a baby, it was just my cherry and she was going to
pick it for me.  I didn't know what a cherry was, but when she said it
would feel better without it, I wanted her to take it.  She did.  She
pushed her fingers in real hard and I yelled real loud 'cause it really
hurt.  The boys ran when I yelled, but Linda didn't.  We were in her
basement and she went to get a wash cloth and came back to wash
me between the legs.  She told me next time it wouldn't hurt so
much, and she would have something bigger to stuff my pussy full.
She did too !!  She used to get these big hard things that look like a
man's cock, from her mama's dresser.  She said they were dildoes,
and she just loved trying to put them in me.  She never got them in
though, 'cause it hurt to much.  

The neighbor man came in one day
and saw us.  He didn't say anything, just left.  Linda was scared he
was going to tell her mom, but he never did.  He just caught me the
next day and asked me to come in his house for some lemonade.  I
went in and the next thing I knew, he had pulled my clothes off and
was saying 'if you want to fuck, let a man teach you how to fuck!
Nothing like good hard man cock in a tiny, tight, hairless little cunt!'
He pushed my legs open wide and then he was pushing his thing in
me.  I cried that it hurt, but he didn't stop and finally it went in.  He
screamed about how tight it was, how good it was.  He didn't even
hear me crying at all.  Then he made a real funny noise and said
'oh god !  I'm cumming in her baby pussy!!" and I felt wet stuff inside
me.  Before he let me go he told me if I told anyone then he would
tell them about Linda and me.  I didn't want Linda to get in trouble,
so I didn't say anything, but I stayed away from him after that."

Jerry was riveted to his spot.  The only innocence she had lost was
that which he had taken early on, and that which the neighbor had
so wrongly stolen from her.  His heart was elated, his mind seethed
with rage that this man had violated his love.  He could forgive her
the kids, after all kids are kids.  There was no need to forgive her for
the man, she was blameless, she was innocent.  She was worthy of
his love.  He would prove it to her.  He moved to her and slowly
undid her nightie.  He let it drop to the floor then lifted her up,
putting her feet over his shoulders.  

Her beautiful little pussy was at his lips,
were they belonged.  He kissed them, savoring the warmth and
aroma of her little girl pussy.  He gently, softly, licked them, up and
down, rimming her fuckhole, now and then fucking his tongue into
it,as deep as he could.  She moaned and sighed in his hands, her
hands in his hair.  She began to thrust her hips upward, taking more
of his tongue into her slit.  

"Oh UNCLE JERRY!! "  she cried out.
He nuzzled her pussy, reveling in her sweet juices which were
flowing freely and drenching his face.  His lips latched onto her love
button and he sucked it, softly, as if it were a fragile thing.  Nancy
began to thrash then, grinding her pussy harder into his face,
screaming "YES UNCLE !  YES!!  MAKE IT FEEL SO GOOD!!"

Jerry held her tighter to his lips, sucked her harder as he felt her
orgasm shudder through her little body.  He continued to lick and
suck her until she begged him to stop.  When he let her down, his
face was wet with her juice and she climbed into his lap and began
to lick it up.  He laughed and hugged her.  

"Uncle Jerry, you make
me feel so good!  I know your thing is hard cause you want to feel
good to.  Do you want to put it in me?  I will let you put it in me,
even if it hurts.  I love you Uncle Jerry"  Nancy told him.  Jerry felt he
was a man blessed by the gods.

He sat her down gently on the bed and stood before her.  He undid
his shirt and let it fall to the floor.  He unzipped his pants and let
them fall too.  Now standing before her in his underwear, she got a
good look at his cock.  

"Uncle Jerry !  Your thing is so big!  Lot's
bigger then the neighbor man's!"  Jerry dropped his shorts and his
cock stood straight out at attention.  To Nancy it was huge.  

put his hands in her hair and told her, "my thing is called a cock.  I
like to have my cock kissed.  Will you kiss it Nancy?  Kiss the end
of it were the little hole is?"  She needed no urging.  She leaned over
and placed her warm soft lips on the tip of his cock.  Jerry groaned
out loud.  "Lick it baby, lick the end of it, then lick it up and down.
Make it feel real good for me" he whispered.  Nancy so wanted to
please him, she did exactly what he told her to do.  His cock was
dripping precum and Nancy got her very first taste of it.  She didn't
mind, and licked it all up.  Jerry was so hot he could not hold out,
he held her head in his hands and told her, "put it in your mouth
Nancy, open your mouth and take it inside, I'm going to cum and I
want you to taste it, to drink it !"  

She obiediently opened her mouth
and his cock slid in.  He almost fell to his knees when his cock
exploded, sending hot sticky gobs of cum into her little mouth.  Just
knowing her mouth was virgin to fucking made him blow his wad that
much harder.  As his cock softened Nancy continued to suck on it.
He gently played with her hair as he wondered what it was going to
be like to fill her little girl belly with his sperm, from within her
pussy, and her virgin ass !!

They showered and went shopping for the day, being careful not to
be seen to much by too many people, though he had seen no reports
in the news about her missing.  She was able to buy most anything
she wanted that day.  They ate dinner out and she felt like a big girl
out on a date.  She made Jerry laugh all day.  It was no wonder her
loved her.  

That night they snuggled and watched tv for awhile.
Amazingly enough, it was not Jerry that started in with the petting, it
was Nancy.  An unpleasant thought passed through his mind, but
he lost it when she grabbed his cock through his jeans and smiled
at him.  

"Wanna fuck me Uncle Jerry?  Please fuck me!  I want you
to fuck me!"  She was nearly yelling and pleading at the same time.
Jerry's cock was harder then a rock.  She unzipped his pants and
freed his cock.  She leaned down and licked it up and down, swirling
her tongue around the head of his cock.  He groaned.  Then she
was up in his lap, straddling him.  Holding his cock at her fuckhole
she began to lower herself.  

Jerry was stunned,  he could not have
moved if he wanted to.  Nancy let out a small yelp as his cock burst
through the outer portion of her pussy, yelped again when it
stretched her wider and began to sink in.  Jerry knew it hurt her, but
she was taking more and more of his cock within her sweet little
slit.  Suddenly, she began  an up and down movement.  Pulling off
of, then ramming her pussy back down onto his cock.  Twice she
did this and his cock was buried it's full length in her cunt !!  Her
little fingers dug into his shoulders as she yelped, screamed and
moaned all in one sound.  She ground her pussy down  rubbing her
clit at the base of his cock.  Jerry let her ride him, he made no move
to stop her or change anything.  She writhed on his cock like there
was no tomorrow, her tight little pussy clamping down on it, milking
it, begging him to spill his seed in her belly.

Suddenly, she really dug her fingers into his shoulders and
screamed, "FUCK ME !!  FUCK ME DAMN YOU !! FUCK ME

Jerry was so surprised that he grabbed her hips and held her on his
cock as he squirted his goo against her little girl womb.  

cried out "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS  DAMN YOU !!" and he
thought her pussy was going to squeeze his dick right off.  When
her cum subsided, he lifted her off him.  

He looked down at her on
the couch and told her, "you lied to me."  That was the thought that
had gotten away from him a few minutes before.  Nancy was not
acting like an innocent.  She didn't even mouth a cock like an
innocent.  She was well versed, and he, was heart broken.  He left
her there on the couch and got a cold drink.  He looked at her and
her eyes were all glassy from her cum.  She was not a sweet
innocent little girl, she was a hardened whore.  

Before he took her
back to her parents he wanted to know how and why.  Who had
done this to his little love.  Sure he knew he had started it when she
was only 2, but who had finished it?  He was pretty sure he knew,
but he would ask her, and he would get the truth from her.  He
smiled at her as he thought of her naked across his lap, his hand
prints rising on the soft white flesh.  This might not be so bad until
he took her home.  After all she was acting like a wanton slut, he
could have some fun and treat her like one.  That though made him
grin.  If Nancy had been older, she would have been just a wee bit
upset about that grin.

Jerry found that he no longer desired her the way he had for so long.
It was as if what he felt for her had been turned off by a light switch.
After a week went by, a week of her begging to fuck him, he decided
it was time to find the answers to his questions, who? and why?

Jerry sat in a comfortable chair and called her, "Nancy, come over
here and stand before me.  Let me see you strip for me little one."
Nancy was eager, it had been days since he had pleased her !  She
stood before him and dropped her dress, then her slip.  Clad only in
her panties now, she ran her fingers around the inside edge of them,
as if to take them off, but she hesitates.  

"Take them off Nancy, let
me see your hairless little slit, let me see your pink little pussy

Nancy grinned at him and sighed "ok Uncle Jerry."  She
turned her back to him and began to lower her panties, wiggling her
butt as she did.  If only she had been innocent !!  Jerry would have
been loving her right now, driving his tongue in and out of her ass
and cunt !  That however, was not to be.  

He pulled her down onto
his lap, lay her over his knees.  "Nancy, I want you to tell me who
taught you about sex.  Who taught you how to lick and suck cock?
Who stretched your pussy and stuffed it full of cock, taught you to
fuck?  Tell me Nancy."  he demanded.  He held her now as she tried
to get off his lap.  

"Nobody taught me! "  she yelled.

Jerry raised his hand and slapped her ass hard.  "Liar !!!  Tell me
who taught you to fuck?  Whose cock was shoved in your cunt?  Who taught
you to talk and act like a whore???"

She screamed as his hand found the soft white flesh of her ass
cheeks again.  Nancy screamed then, loud and long.  Jerry raised
his hand again, another slap.  He could see his hand prints rising in
bright red welts.  "Tell me whose cock was shoved in your cunt, tell
me now, or I will whip your ass until you can't sit !"  

Nancy shook her head no, tears streaming from her eyes.  

Jerry grabbed her by
the shoulders, held her firmly and told her, "You will tell me whose
cock you fucked and sucked.  Who taught you to talk and act that way?  You will tell me everything !!  Whose cock did you sit on !  Whose cock Nancy? "  

Nancy became afraid for the first time.  She cried harder and said, 
"daddy taught me.  My daddy taught me!!"  

Jerry let her go then and she slumped to the floor.  He
sat there and looked at her, then said to her, "Tell me, tell me the
first time he shoved his cock in your cunt."  

Through her tears
Nancy told him, "I was about 6 when he put his cock in my pussy
and fucked me.  It hurt at first, but I got used to it, and even got to
like it.  He knew you used to lick me, even watched you a few
times.  He started doing it too, when ever he could.  Then one day
he wanted me to sit on hiis lap.  He was naked, his cock was hard,
and the next thing I knew his cock was buried in me.  Yea, I liked it,
liked it alot.  He is my daddy !!  He can fuck me if he wants to!  He likes 
it when I talk that way!   He says it gets him hotter!"

Jerry pulled her into a sitting position in his lap.  He freed his cock
and drove it into her pussy hard, without a care for her.  She yelled
as his throbbing member stretched her once again.  "Fuck me you
litle bitch slut, fuck me or I'll whip your ass again!" he told her.

Nancy gladly rode his cock, writhing and grinding her pussy down
onto it.  Jerry grabbed her hips and emptied his load in her hairless
little cunt, and before his cock was even soft pushed her off his lap
and onto the floor.  

Nancy was shocked and surprised, she had not
cum and he pushed her away!  Jerry threw some clothes at her and
told her, "get dressed slut, I am taking you back to your daddy, I
want to get you there while my cum is still dripping from your nasty
little fuck hole.  It is my gift to him".

 Jerry put her in the car and took her back home.  He dropped her
off down the street from her house.  He didn't go back to the cabin,
he couldn't.  What if her dad sent the cops?  Worse yet, it's the
place where he first saw her in her panties again after all those
years and assumed her his innocent lover, and the place where he
found a wanton whore.  Better it should be left empty then delivering
painful memories.