Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright (C) 1998, White Orchid ALL Rights Reserved None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and / or people is completely coincidental. All my stories are fantasy, fiction. Any resemblance to persons, places, or events in real life is purely coincidental. Please do not try these things at home, seek professional help if you consider doing this stuff in real life. Dana's Daughters MFf cons incest Dana needed money. She was flat broke. Gary had run out on her and the kids leaving them nothing. She worked as a waitress but that was not enough money to take care of all the bills and the kids. Dana has 3 daughters, Mary age 12, Cindy age 9 and Lena age 5. The girls are a handful, but she loves them. She worried that she can not feed and clothe them and pay all the bills too. Mary came into the resturant and Dana gave her a soda. Mary sat quietly sipping it when Mr Alex came over to her. He was Dana's boss and Mary knew it. He smiled at the girl and said, "Come to walk your mother home have you?" Mary smiled back and said, "uh huh." Mary fidgeted in the chair. The way Mr Alex looked at her made her uncomfortable, though she didn't know why. Dana was to busy to notice the look her boss was giving her young daughter. Mr Alex noted Mary's shoes, how worn they were, as well as the rest of her clothes. Dana had done a hell of a job keeping the girls fed and clothed, but he knew it was not easy, and getting harder as the girls grew older. Older. It was a shame that he was watching them grow up before his eyes. Youth was such a beautiful, intriguing thing...and he had decided it would not go wasted on Dana's young daughters... "Dana" he called out to her, "Come to my office please I need to speak to you." He watched as she nodded and then went to his office. Dana came to Mary and said, "I'll be just a minute honey" and followed Alex to his office. "Dana, you are a good waitress, very good, but I am afraid I have to cut your hours down to 30. I just can't afford to keep you working for 60 hours a week anymore. Business is not going that well." Dana was dumb struck. "Cutting my hours?!?! Alex, you know I barely make it with the girls now! If you cut my hours I can't possible make it! I'll have to go get a second job!" she yelled, then burst into tears. She was so tired all the time and now the thought of having TWO jobs brought her to tears. Alex stood up and went to her. "Yes, I know of your problems, how hard it is for you. I just can't afford to keep you working those long hours (though he really could), and besides, it's not good for you or the girls for you to be gone so many hours a week." "Damn it Alex, don't you understand? If I don't work 60 hours a week here, I have to find another job! I just can't make it otherwise!" She collapsed into a chair her face in her hands. Her shoulders were shaking and Alex smiled to himself. Now, now was the time. "There is a way, Dana, for you and the girls to have all the money you need, and maybe a bit extra. Hell, you wouldn't even have to work, unless you wanted to." Dana looked up and him and asked, "What do you mean?" Alex went back behind his desk and sat down. "Dana, you probably aren't going to like what I suggest, but I want you to stay calm and think about it. I feel this would be best for you and your girls, but feel free to say no, of course." "What the hell are you talkig about Alex? What's on your mind?" she asked. He smiled and said, "In return for supporting you and the girls with all the money you need, and a bit extra, I want the right to fuck your daughter Mary." "You what?!?!?" Dana almost yelled. "I want the right to fuck Mary. It is a small thing really. I happen to desire young girls, and I want Mary. It seems reasonable that I make you this offer. After all, the only thing she will lose is her innocence, and you will gain a comfortable way of life." Dana just about freaked out. "How dare you? How dare you make such an offer? That's asking me to sell my daughter, my own flesh and blood! You're sick, a really sick bastard Alex! Did you think I'd let you fuck my little girl? For money? You arrogant bastard. Not only is the answer no, but I quit this stinking job. I'm going to go to the cops too and tell them your offer!" Dana started for the door and Alex calmly said, "I wouldn't do that Dana, it is my word against yours, and I will simply tell them that you are accusing me because I fired you. No one heard anything, my reputation is without blemish, no one would believe you." Dana knew he was right. Her shoulders sagged as she reached the door and then Alex continued, "by the way, this is a small town, and there is not a great call for waitresses. Once I put out the word that I fired you for stealing from the cash drawer, no one will hire you. How long will you and your precious daughters survive Dana? Think of this too, I'll give you $5,000 for her virginity, and $200 every time I fuck her after that. You can believe I will fuck her at least once a week and probably a hell of a lot more often than that!" Dana jerked the door open, his words ringing in her ears, and went to Mary. She didn't say anything as she caught her daughters arm and pulled her from the stool. Once outside Dana began to cry again and told Mary she no longer had a job. Mary was only 12, but she knew what that meant. If times had been hard before, they were going to be remembered as the good times very soon. Dana could not get a job. No one, not one merchant, manager, or anyone else would give her a job. She had no savings and at the end of the first week she was desperate for help. She went to the county for aid, but it would take 6 to 8 weeks for her claim to be processed. Her girls would starve long before then. Dana had no friends in town. Gary had moved them here to the middle of nowhere just before he booked out. Since then Dana had worked to hard and to long to make any friends, she had no time. The groceries ran out the middle of the second week. The little ones were hungry and crying and Dana could not stand it. She went to Mary and told her daughter the truth about how she lost her job, and why. Then she told her 12 yr old daughter, "Honey, I have to let Alex have you. It's the only way we can survive. I'm sorry baby, but I have to let him use you." Mary cried and Dana held her. She felt awful and guilty about what she was going to do, but there was no help for it. Either she allowed Alex to have Mary, or they'd all starve. Dana picked up the phone and called Alex. An hour later there was a knock at the door and Alex stood there dressed in a fine suit. He grinned at Dana when she opened the door and told her, "I am so glad you saw reason Dana. I have something for you." He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and showed it to her. Opening it he flipped through a stack of bills and told her, "There's $5,000 here and it is yours" Dana reached for the envelope but Alex pulled it back. "Yours AFTER I have had Mary" he said and tucked the envelope back in his pocket. Dana nodded and swept her arm back for him to come in. Mary was frightened, crying as Alex went to her. He reached out and stroked hair and told her, "Aw little Mary, it's not so bad! You'd find out about life sooner or later, so why not now with me? I'm sure your mother told you what I want and it's not so bad, really. Come on now, stop the tears." Mary sniffed and tried to stop crying. Alex turned to Dana and asked, "Well, which room is it to be?" Dana pointed and said, "the first bedroom, on the right. That's my room." Alex took Mary by the hand and led her into the bedroom. He wasted no time. He was eager, very eager to have her young virgin body. He sat on the bed and pulled her in front of him and began to undress her. Mary shivered at his touch, cried silently. As he slipped her dress over her head he leaned over and licked her little nipples. They immediately hardened beneath his tongue. He liked that! She was responsive, even if she didn't want to be. His hands slid down her body and he felt her flinch, tighten at his touch. He smiled and whispered to her, "My little Mary. I've wanted you for such a long time, and now you are mine." He slid his fingers beneath the waste band of her panties and pushed them down. Mary instinctively grabbed at them to hold them on. Alex lightly slapped her hands and told her, "You are mine Mary. You will do as I want you to do. Now let me take your panties off." Mary held on and shook her head no. Alex looked into her eyes and said, "Then I guess we will just have to tell your mother you refuse, then you can tell your little sisters why there is no money to feed them." He let go of her panties. Mary stood there, thoughts running through her mind, she couldn't, just couldn't let her mom and sisters down! After all didn't her mother tell her to do this? To let Mr Alex have her? Mary slipped her panties down and let them fall to the floor. Alex smiled. The guilt trip had worked as well on the girl as it had her mother! He gazed at the lovely hairless mound of the little 12 yr old girl, and licked his lips. He slid his hand between her legs and moved it back and forth over her slit. "Such a beautiful little pussy! So wonderful!" He pushed a finger between the lips and found her little clit and began to rub it. Mary stood still, afraid to move for fear she would just run away from him and she must not do that. Alex began pushing his finger deeper into her folds, finding her little virgin fuckhole and teasing it's outer edges. With his free hand he pushed the girls legs open wider for better access to her pussy. Mary gasped when the tip of his finger penetrated the rim of her tight little hole. "Relax Mary, just relax and let yourself enjoy this" Alex whispered to her. Dana was pacing the floor. She was horrified at what she'd just done, selling her daughter! Not able to stand it she rushed to the bedroom and flung the door open. She saw Mary standing there naked, Alex's hand between her legs. "Alex! Stop! I've changed my mind. I can't let you do this!" He looked up at her and shrugged. He wasn't going to argue, he didn't need that shit. He pulled his hand from Mary's pussy and said, "Ok, I guess you don't need any money from me." He stood up and that's when Mary said, "NO! Mom, don't. It's ok. We need the money don't we? Alex said he won't hurt me. It's ok mom." Dana loved her daughter so much she didn't want her hurt. They needed money. Alex wasn't one to hurt her, at least Dana didn't think so. She was torn. Why not get the money for Mary's virginity? She'd just give it to some boy sooner probably then later... "Ok, ok. But only if I stay in the room. Alex, I want to make sure you don't hurt her!" Dana said. Alex grinned and replied, "That's fine with me, I didn't know you had it in you to er - watch." Dana grimaced at his words. Truth was she wanted to see Mary get her first fuck, the thoughts had aroused her, something she hoped no one would ever know. Alex undressed. Both Mary and Dana gasped when they saw his manhood. It was only about 6" long, but it was very big around, and VERY hard. He lay down on the bed and pulled the little naked 12 yr old Mary down with him. He began to caress her, running his hands softly over her entire body, his finger tips as light and teasing as a feather. His lips placed warm wet kisses on her face, her throat, her nipples... Dana watched as Alex made love to her daughter, her own pussy growing warm and wet. Alex's tongue flicked out and he began to leave wet trails all over Mary's tummy, now and then blowing air softly over the wetness causing her to feel sharp sensations of pleasure. Finally he licked and kissed his way to her plump hairless little mound. Dana stood quietly to the side and watched. When Alex's tongue parted Mary's pussy lips and dipped in to lick her little clit, the young girl gasped in total pleasure. She didn't hear the gasp her mother let out, but Alex did, and he smiled... Alex licked Mary's clitty slowly, long soft, gentle strokes, rolling that little nub between his tongue and lips. His tongue dipped into her fuckhole and fucked her. Mary began to move, to push her pussy up onto his tongue, wanting more of it. Alex obliged and spread her legs wide, then using his fingers spread her pussy open wide and drove his tongue into her deeply. Mary nearly came off the bed, the pleasure was so great. Dana damn near came in her own panties as she watched. Alex now caught that little clit between his lips and sucked. Mary was lost. Alex could have done anything to her pussy right then! Mary felt her whole body straining towards something, but she had no idea what that something was. He sucked her for only a minute then rose and knelt between her legs. "Now little Mary, it is time to fuck you." he said as he lowered his cock to her little hairless pussy. She was so wet from his mouth that his cock slid right up to her tight little hole. He thrust his hips and began to push his cock into her. "OH!" Mary let out as she felt his cock push past the outer edge of her fuckhole. Alex groaned and pushed again. The head of his cock was now in her, being squeezed deliciously by her hot tight pussy. Mary responded with a louder, "OOOHHH!" for his cock was fat and stretching her tight, very tight. Dana jumped and ran over to the bed. She knelt beside it and stroked her daughters hair. "Shhh baby, it only hurts a little bit, for a minute or two! You can do it baby! Let Alex fuck you!" she told her daughter. Alex moaned. When Dana came to the bed to comfort Mary, he grew even more excited. It was wonderful being able to fuck this little 12 yr old pussy with her mother watching and encouraging her! He lifted Mary's legs high, and open, then thrust his hips again. His cock met her cherry. Again he pushed. Mary screamed in pain as his fat cock stretched her as wide as he could and rammed past her cherry, tearing it to shreds. "Hush Mary! Hush now! Alex has his cock in you and is going to fuck you! It won't keep hurting if you just relax and let him fuck you!" Dana cooed to her daughter, all the while her eyes riveted to her daughter's cock filled cunt. She was loving this! If she'd known it would turn her on so, she would have sold Mary much sooner, to anyone for any price, just to see this! It turned her on more then anything ever had in her whole life! Alex began pumping his cock in and out of Mary's tight little hole. Though she cried a little, she wasn't yelling in pain any more. Alex loved the feel of her tight pussy, loved the sight of his cock stretching it, fucking it. He grinned once or twice at Dana and was glad to see her smiling back. His cock was hard, throbbing, needing and he began pumping faster, driving his cock ALL THE WAY into that tight little virgin pussy. He couldn't hold out and when he knew he was going to cum he said to Dana, "Dana, play with her clit! Make your daughter feel good with her first fuck! Play with her clit and make her cum on my cock!" He didn't know if Dana would go that far, but was delighted when she reached over and began rubbing Mary's little clitty. He groaned and drove his cock as deep as he could into Mary and held her on it as he started to cum. Mary was wiggling and squirming, fucking him and the finger on her clit straining for that something just at the edge... He knew she wasn't cumming but she uttered, "OOOOh mama!!! It feels so good!" Her young pussy milked his cock dry. Alex held his cock in Mary's little 12 yr old pussy until it was completely soft. Then he withdrew and grinned saying, "That was a great fuck! I'm so glad it was you Mary, your pussy is wonderful!" He picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom. When he returned several minutes later he found Mary still on the bed and Dana sitting beside her. He pulled the envelope from his pocket and handed it to Dana. "Rememer Dana, I'll pay $200 every time I fuck Mary. Whether I fuck her again or not, is up to you." He turned and left. Dana ran after him. "Alex, why did you give me $5,000 this time, to take her?" she asked. He smiled and told her, "Any pussy that young and that innocent is WORTH that much money for the first time, but ONLY the first time. I'll tell you Dana, your other daughters are worth even more. If you were to let me fuck them I'd pay you $7,000 for 9 yr old Cindy, and $10,000 if I were to fuck 5 yr old Lena." Dana gasped "You can't be serious! You'd never get your cock into such little girls!" Alex laughed and said, "You'd really be amazed at how much a pussy can stretch, even one so young. But hell I'd pay that much money just to try to shove my cock in pussies that young!" He went out the door leaving Dana stunned, and hot. Never before had Dana experienced the feelings she'd had as she watched Alex fuck her 12 yr old daughter! If asked only hours ago she would have been appalled that anyone could be turned on by that, but now. Now Dana would have to answer yes, it turned her on. She went back to Mary and held her daughter for a few minutes and dried the girl's tears. Then she walked her to the bathroom and ran a bath for her. During the bath Mary asked, "Why mama? Why did Alex want to do that to me?" Dana tried to explain why a man would want a little girl and asked, "Was it so very bad Mary? Alex didn't really hurt you, I mean, could you let him do it again? You did feel good too, didn't you?" She then explained that Alex would pay to fuck her and that way they would always have money and lots of food and good clothes to wear. Dana did not realize she was guilt tripping her daughter into saying yes, she'd let Alex fuck her again (or did she). Mary nodded and said, "If it gives us money mama, ok, I'll let him do it again, I did feel good for a little bit." After the bath she tucked Mary into bed and sat with her until she was asleep. She didn't tell her daughter that she had loved watching Alex fuck her.... At least twice a week, sometimes more, Alex could be found at Dana's house. More accurately he could be found in her bedroom fucking her young daughter. Dana was happy with it. She had money, the girls had food and clothes, something they'd never really had a lot of before. Mary had grown used to Alex fucking her, it no longer hurt and she no longer cried. Alex was thrilled with the young girl. No matter how often he fucked her, that tight little pussy of hers always squeezed his cock, milked his cum right out. He loved watching as it spread her wide and entered her, loved watching her wiggle on it. Dana often joined them, usually just to watch but every now and then she'd reach over and stroke Mary's clitty. It was one of these times that Dana leaned down and kissed her daughter deeply, thrusting her tongue into the girls mouth while stroking her little clit. When Dana released her lips Mary yelled out, "OH it feels so good! Oh yes Alex, mama!" finding that something her little body ahd been straining for. Alex and Dana felt Mary tremble as she got her first cum on a man's cock and her mama's finger. She was more eager to fuck Alex after that! Dana had taken to fingering her own pussy after Alex left and Mary was in bed on those nights. She'd close her eyes and imagine the whole scene again frantically finger fucking her own pussy to a wonderful cum. Alex had been fucking Mary for nearly 11 months when he said to Dana, "You know, your girls are getting older. Do you remember what I said I'd pay you if you let me fuck your younger daughters? Well the older they get, the lower the amount I'll pay to fuck them. Think about it Dana. Cindy's birthday is in 3 months and she'll be 10 then. I'll still pay $7,000 to fuck her, up until her birthday, after that I'll only pay you the same as I paid for Mary." Dana replied, "Alex, isn't Mary enough for you? I mean how young do you want the girl to be?" Alex smiled and said, "No, Mary is not enough for me. The younger the girl the more exciting, the more pleasurable it is for me. Imagine if you will, seeing Cindy spread out on the bed, her legs held high and open. My cock is resting against her little slit, sliding up and down in it, wetting it with pre-cum and then, then I thrust and it begins to enter her....Well, you can imagine the rest if you wish!" (He knew Dana loved watching Mary get fucked and he was pretty sure the image he'd just planted would stay in her mind and hopefully turn her on even more!) The image did stay with Dana, and that night as she fingered her own hot wet slit, she pictured 9 yr old Cindy naked on the bed and Alex shoving his hard fat cock into her...She came even better then she had when she remembered Mary getting fucked by that fat cock. She made up her mind. She would let Alex fuck Cindy. Only for the money, of course. The next day Dana called Alex. "I thought about what you said, you know, about Cindy? I've decided to go ahead with your idea. Will you bring the cash with you?" Alex said, "If you are serious, why wait until tonight? I can be there in a couple of hours." Dana said that would be fine and hung up. She went to Mary and said, "come with me honey, I want you to help me talk to Cindy. Alex wants her today and he'll pay a lot of money to have her. I want you to tell Cindy what Alex is going to do to her." Mary was surprised and asked, "Why mom? Why do you want to let him have Cindy? He has me, he doesn't need Cindy!" Dana looked at her 12 yr old daughter and smiled. She understood immediately, "Now Mary, there's no need to be jealous of your little sister! Alex likes fucking young girls and the younger the better. I doubt if he'll stop fucking you, he just wants Cindy too." Dana heard her own words and could not believe she said them. Here she was talking so calmly about selling her daughters for sex! Worse, she was ENJOYING it. She enjoyed watching Mary take a fat cock up her tight little hairless pussy, not to mention the money she got for letting him fuck her! Dana had come quickly to understand that she herself was a *pervert* long dormant and finally free....She led Mary to Cindy then sat down and listened as Mary tried to explain fucking to her little sister... pt 2 Alex arrived a little later but he was not alone. When Dana saw the strange man she opened her mouth to ask who he was, and Alex cut her short. "Dana, this is Tom. I thought since I was going to be fucking Cindy he might enjoy Mary's little love box. He's willing to pay you $500 bucks a pop at the kid. What do you say? I won't be fucking Mary any longer, not when I'll have Cindy riding my cock and you need the money." Something came over Dana. Greed, or lust, maybe a combination of both. She felt her pussy grow hot and wet as she thought about having TWO of her young daughters being fucked while she watched, and maybe even helped. The money was just as important. $500 bucks each time he fucked Mary? Dana smiled and welcomed both men inside. She called, "Mary, come here please, Alex wants you to meet someone." Mary came around the corner and saw the strange man. Alex told her, "Mary, this is my friend Tom and he wants to fuck you. I told him you'd fuck him. You will won't you?" Mary shook her head NO. Alex frowned at her. "Mary, I thought you liked me? Liked fucking. You won't fuck him even if I ask you to?" "N--no" Mary stuttered. Tom was facinated by the girl. She had long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She was petite and looked every bit of her young age. Everyone could see his cock was hard in his pants. Dana looked at her daughter and said, "Yes, you will fuck him. Now take him to the bedroom and let him do you." Mary still shook her head no and Dana threatened, "Do you want me to spank you here and now? Do as you are told and take Tom to the bedroom, now young lady!" Mary did not move. She stared at Alex. She had thought he loved her and now couldn't believe he wanted her to fuck some other guy! She started to cry. Dana reached for her saying, "That's it then, you're going to get the spanking you deserve for disobeying me!" From behind her Dana heard, "No, please. Don't spank her." Dana stopped and Mary looked up at Tom. It was he who had spoken. She had hope in her eyes that he wouldn't make her fuck him. That hope was quickly dashed when he continued, "Allow me to spank her." Dana hesitated only a second then stepped aside and Tom grabbed Mary. He quickly tore her clothes from her and she found herself over his knees. She screamed when his hand found her tight round little ass and slapped it hard. It had all happened very quickly and Dana was surprised, but did nothing to stop it. Tom raised his hand again and brought it down hard on Mary's ass. She squealed again as a red hand print bloomed on her ass. "Do you want to fuck me NOW Mary?" She shook her head no and cried out as once again his hand raised a bright red welt on her ass. She felt his hand as he caressed her ass cheeks. "You want to fuck me, don't you Mary?" he slipped a hand between her legs and felt her hairless little slit in his hand. He cupped it, squeezed it and said to her, "Mary, will you tell me you want me to fuck you?" He found her clit and stroked it. She squirmed. Alex and Dana watched and Alex whispered to her, "Dana, why don't you go get Cindy? She should see this." Dana nodded and went to get her young daughter. Dana could almost not walk her pussy was so wet and twitching so much! Watching Mary get spanked was a turn on! So was knowing she was going to fuck a stranger. And she would fuck him, even if Dana had to tell the guy to rape her. $500 bucks was to much money to turn down, especially for someone who'd always been poor! Dana came back with Cindy in tow. The 9 yr old looked wide eyed at the stranger spanking her big sister. She saw his hand between Mary's legs and was as curious as she was frightened. Her mama and Mary had explained what Alex wanted to do to her. Being only 9 yrs old Cindy didn't really understand, but if Mary could do it, she could too! Cindy watched in fear and facination as the strange man held his hand between her big sister's legs and smacked her bottom with the other hand. One more swat from Tom's hand and Mary was crying, "Ok! Ok! I'lls fuck you!" tears streaming down her face. Tom looked up, a big grin on his face. He stood Mary up and took her hand. Dana pointed and told Mary, "Take him to the bedroom." Mary nodded meekly and led the way. As she moved down the hall Dana called out, "And you'd better show him a good fuck young lady!" Dana took Cindy's hand and started for the bedroom. Alex followed. The three of them entered the room and saw Mary laying on the bed, her legs open, knees up in the air. Tom was dropping his clothes to the floor. When he dropped his pants Mary and Dana both gasped. His cock was long and fat. Much larger then Alex's. "Mama, mama is that the man's cock?" Little 9 yr old Cindy asked. Dana smiled at her and said "Yes, that's the man's cock, what I told you about." Cindy watched as Tom knelt between Mary's spread thighs and pushed his cock up to and then into her hot little slit. Cindy looked up at Tom, then back to her sister on the bed. She watched as the man began to move, and Mary moved too. "Mama, is that what you told me about? He put his thing in Mary. Is that fucking?" Dana grinned and said, "Yes, Cindy, that is called fucking. See Mary likes it." Her big sister did appear to like it. Alex groaned at the sight, his cock hard in his pants. "It's time Dana. I want her, now." he said. Dana nodded and they left the room, almost dragging Cindy with them. (She wanted to watch her big sister) Once in the room Alex told Dana, "Why don't you undress her, while I undress?" Dana gulped and nodded. She sat on the edge of the bed and began to unbutton Cindy's blouse. Cindy shivered when the blouse fell off her shoulders and the cool air hit her warm skin. Her nipples harden at the sudden coolness. Dana began unzipping her daughter's jeans and when she started to push them down she leaned over and caught one of Cindy's tiny pink nipples between her lips. She sucked. "Mama!" Cindy squealed. Dana pushed her daughter's jeans all the way down, and slid her fingers in the girl's panties. She slid them down only a little way and stopped to cup her young daughter's ass in her hands. She sucked the little nipple harder as she kneaded the firm young ass cheeks. Alex was thrilled. Dana was becoming more and more active in the use of her daughters. He'd shed his clothes and moved close to Cindy. Dana took Cindy's hand and put it on his hard cock. Cindy gasped as her fingers closed around it. He felt warm and soft, yet rigidly hard all at the same time. Dana held her hand and slid it up and down the length of the shaft. "It's time Dana" he said. Dana released her hold on Cindy's hands and stood up. She pushed Cindy down to the bed and pulled her jeans and panties the rest of the way off. Alex said to Dana, "Why don't you help little girl get ready for me Dana? Why not lick and kiss her pussy a little bit, get it all hot and wet for my cock?" Dana shot him a look, and at first he thought she would refuse. Then to his surprise she leaned over and planted her mouth on her 9 yr old daughter's pussy. Alex groaned. Dana took to licking pussy like a natural. She pulled Cindy's pussy lips open and exposed her clit. Her tongue lashed out and licked it, up, down, around. She drove her tongue deeply into Cindy's tight little virgin slit and fucked it in and out. Cindy wiggled, giggled, at the feeling between her legs. "Mama!" she cried out. It was as if Dana didn't hear her, she just kept licking and tongue fucking that little slit. Alex's cock was rock hard and he couldn't wait. He touched Dana on the shoulder and she drew away from her daughter's slit. Looking up at him, Alex saw her face and knew she was in dire need to see her daughter taken. Alex climbed on the bed between 9 yr old Cindy's spread thighs. "Here comes my cock little girl. I'm going to love fucking your hot tight little cunt!" He thrust his cock at her fuckhole and pushed. Cindy cried out as his cock tried to enter her. Alex kept pushing and pushing, trying to get his fat cock in her tight little pussy. Dana reached over and helped spread Cindy's pussy lips open wider, pulled them open. When she did this Alex's hard cock made an audible noise as it broke through the resistance of Cindy's cunt and began to enter her. Cindy cried out loud and long, "NOOOOOOO oh NOOOOOOOOO! It hurts mama!" Dana hushed her, told her "It won't hurt long. Stop tensing up and let Alex shove his cock in you!" Dana was damn near panting as she watched Alex's cock fuck into her young daughter. Her pussy was dripping, making her panties sopping wet. She moaned even as Cindy continued to cry. Alex pushed again and half of his cock entered the small girl. He wasn't happy with that. He believed at 9 she could take all of his hard cock, much like her sister Mary had. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her upward as he thrust again. Cindy screamed as his cock sank all the way into her. Dana hardly noticed her cries. "OH FUCK!!! I'm in her! In her tight little pussy! Oh man! Dana! Your daughter's pussy is so fucking tight! Don't you just love seeing my cock fuck it!?!? Tell me Dana, tell me and your daughter you LOVE seeing my cock fuck into her tight little pussy! Tell her Dana!" Alex groaned hoarsely. Dana caught her daughters face in her hands and told her, "I do LOVE seeing him fuck you! I want you to move your ass up and down, fuck him back! Take that big cock and make him cum in you, MAKE HIM give you his hot cum!" Cindy was scared, her pussy felt like it was on fire, but she did as her mother told her to. She moved her ass as best she could and began to ride the cock impalining her tight little pussy. Alex groaned loudly as he felt her pussy grip him, felt her movements as she began to ride him. He could not hold out. He nearly screamed as her pussy squeezed him squeezed until he had to cum. "OHHHH damn! That little pussy is just milking my cock! ARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!" Dana kissed her daughter deeply, passionately while the little girl fucked the grown man whose cock filled her tight little cunt. In the next room Tom had just finished filling Mary's hot little pussy too. They had heard almost all of what went on in the next room and it added to the excitement of their own fucking. Tom had made Mary cum real nice, and she was happy to just lay with him, his cock still in her pussy. Later when both men had paid and left, Mary and Cindy took a bath together. Cindy was calmer, not crying any longer. She told Mary, "It hurt!" Mary grinned at her and told her, "Yea, it did the first and second time I did it too, but then it really doesn't hurt after that, and it even feels real good! Here, I'll wash your pussy and you wash mine. That will make them feel better." Cindy stood up in the tub and Mary soaped the wash cloth. She lovingly washed her younger sisters slit. She didn't want to push the cloth into Cindy's sore pussy, so she just used her fingers instead to help wash away the virgin blood and man cum. Cindy liked the way Mary's fingers made her feel. Then it was Cindy's turn and she did the same for Mary. The two girls had made each other feel better, but other then some mild sexual feelings, they had not yet discovered exactly what they could do for each other. As they dried off Cindy asked, "Do you think we should tell Lena about this? 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