Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Copyright 2005 by White Orchid All rights reserved. None of the events described herein ever happened in the real world and any possible similarity between the events and heroes of this story and real events and / or people is completely coincidental. Curtis, My Black Lover [M/F intr cons] by White Orchid I met Cutis while working with a charity in Detroit. He was 5'10" tall, beautiful dark brown eyes, smooth, milk chocolate complexion, well spoken with a ready smile. He was a social worker, one of my contact with the charity. Our contact was strictly business. He was co-manager of a group home for mentally, or physically disabled, adults. I was the 'boss' where I worked and had heard about their program of training or re-training disabled adults for entry back into the 'real world'. I liked the idea, and I contacted him about setting up a program for training the disabled to do office cleaning. I would be their teacher. Very quickly Curtis and I became friends. He seemed to be open and honest, and extra-ordinairly caring man. We began to meet after work for dinner and long talks into the night. We'd been dating for about two weeks when he introduced me to his son. A beautiful little three year old boy, who looked just like his daddy. His son was every bit as polite, and eager to smile as he was. The higher ups at the place I worked took notice of my interest in Curtis and they frowned upon that interest. They frowned on it because I was white, and Cutis was black. It never occured to me that my place of employment was run by bigots and racist. I held a good job, a damn good job, and didn't want to lose it, so I curtailed seeing Curtis. I know he was hurt, but I didn't know how to tell him that if I continued to see him, I would lose my job. I could not afford to lose my job. Our get togethers were limited to meetings involving our charity program. I'd sit across from him at that damn table and be lost in the way he looked, sounded. I doubt I was ever any real contributor to those meetings, my mind was always on him. Our program was a complete success. In just three short months one of the clients was able to find, and so far, hold a job in the real world. This was cause for a celebration, and Curtis and his co-manager Bob, threw a small party at the home. Of course, I was invited, and I attended. I had a wonderful time, laughing and joking with Curtis and the others. I was relaxed and happy with the success we shared. Around eight it was time to start clearing up and letting the residents get ready for the night. Curtis offered to drive me home and I accepted. He drove slowly, and didn't say much at first, just small talk about the program and the party. Then he glanced over at me and asked, "Fiona, tell me the truth, why don't you want to see me? What did I do wrong?" I stared straight ahead for a minute or two. He was waiting for an answer. I'm not prone to lying, and I was trying to find a way to say what I had to say that would not hurt his feelings. There was no way. "Curtis, I had to stop dating you, or lose my job," I told him the truth. He slowed down and pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned to me. "Are you telling me that your bosses said they'd fire you for dating me?" I looked at him then and quietly said, "I was told that it was 'unseemly' for someone in my position to be seen with 'men'. When I asked, 'what men? I'm only dating one man' they got quiet. So I confronted them, 'You mean it's unseemly for me to be seen dating a black man, don't you?' They ignored my statement and said that my position was one of importance, that they needed me but.... "Curtis, I can't afford to lose my job, not right now! I have no idea what I would do if I was fired!" I broke into tears. He reached for me, drew me close to his chest and held me as I cried. He hushed me, and when I looked up into his eyes, I knew he understood. Our lips came together for our very first kiss. His tongue slid into my mouth and sought mine. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths, our lips pressed tightly together. I sucked on his tongue as his hands began to caress me, and I in turn slid my hand over his chest. Our kiss was passionate, long and sweet. When he finally released me he smiled and started the car again and drove me home. As I moved to get out of the car he grabbed my hand and pressed it to his lips, and whispered, "Good night, Fiona." That night, I knew that no matter what anyone said, I WOULD see Curtis. I had to. He held my heart in his hand. We scheduled more meetings at the home so we could spend more time together. We would leave the meeting and spend a little time together holding and kissing, caressing each other. As yet, we'd not made love. I knew it was because I was frightened, not of him, but of becoming so involved with him that I would throw caution to the wind, and in the end be hurt by that carelessness. He was a true gentleman, and never pressed, and I also knew that because we were not involved he did see other women. I was fine with that, I am not a jealous person. Not to mention I DO understand a man has needs. It did make me angry at myself for being such a coward to love him completely. Chapter 2 It was a fine fall day, and as head of maintenance where I worked, I found myself up on the roof repairing and installing storm windows around the building. (The building was built in 'tiers', the first level was wider than the second, so walking on the roof of the first level allowed you access to the windows on the second level. The first level had a depth of forty feet from roof to ground, so I was high in the air on that roof!). I was at the back half of the building, the alley side, busy with re-glazing a window and did't hear anyone come up onto the roof. I heard my name and started, dropping my putty knife as I jerked around. There stood Curtis. He'd come to see me and was told I was up on the roof, and he came up. I was glad to see him, I hadn't seen him in a few weeks. He looked beautiful to me, standing there with the sun light glistening on his milk chocolate skin. I realized I'd missed him very much. He walked to me, looked into my eyes and said, "Fiona, we need to talk." For whatever reason, right then, and right there, up on that roof I lost all fear of losing my job. I slipped my arms around his neck and held him as I pressed my lips to his. I pulled him closer, held him tighter as my tongue eagerly tasted the sweetness of his mouth. He slid his hands around me, held me, and we were lost in that kiss. For the first time in my life a black man had total control over my entire being. While part of me was embarrassed at the exposure of kissing on the roof, the rest of me did not care. Like it was the most natural thing in the world, we began undressing each other. His shirt, my blouse, his pants, my pants, ended up in a pile on the roof. Curtis looked at my naked body, and smiled. He pulled me close and whispered to me, "Fiona, you are so beautiful!" I think I actually blushed as his hands caressed my breasts, his fingers tweaking my stiff nipples. He cupped my right breast in his hand and lowered his lips to suck on my nipple, as his other hand cupped my ass cheek. I'd never seen anything so erotic as his black skin against mine, my nipple between his black lips! I moaned, unable to contain the desire I felt from his attentions. We broke apart for a few seconds and I looked at his naked form. His body was beautiful to look at, well muscled and lean. I ran my hands up and down his body, settling them on his manhood which was thick, long, and hard. I loved the way his black cock looked in my small white hands! I began to stroke it as we kissed again, and I could feel his cock pulse, feel his excitement at my caress. We slid down to lay on our clothes, using them as a bed. I wanted him, and I told him so. Please Fuck me. I have dreamed about you taking me every moment since met! God, I need your hard black cock!" We were hot, we were hungry for each other. Months of being close, yet so far apart, had only inflamed the passion we felt. Curtis moaned as I opened my thighs and he slid between them, his cock hard and eager. I thrust my hips up to meet him and his big black cock slid deep inside my already wet pussy. The pleasure was intense and I was engulfed in it, he was giving me what I so desperately craved. Unable to control myeslf I moaned in pure pleasure, "Oh God! It's sooooo good. Curtis!! Fuck me!" I raised my head up to look down at my pussy. The site of his huge cock pumping in and out of my pink flesh thrilled me! I couldn't seem to get enough of watching his cock slide in and out of me! Tingles of pleasure ran over every inch of my body at the sight! He thrust hard and buried his huge black cock into me as deeply as he could. The black hair around his cock mixed and mingled with the blonde hair of my pussy. I heard his moan of pleasure as the entire length of his huge black cock slid into my pussy. Our hips met in passion, my pussy clenched around his cock as if afraid to let him withdraw. We kissed, our tongues thrashing against each other's, nibbled on each other lips and tongues, our hands ever busy as we caressed each other in rising tidal wave of passion. Suddenly, that tidal wave crashed over my body and I moaned, "Curtis! Oh my god Curtis! I'm cumming!" and threw my legs around him, locking them behind his ass, pulling his cock into me as deep as I could. He groaned and I felt his cock began to throb, felt his hot sperm splash against my pussy walls. Our bodies tensed together as we rode the wave of pleasure through to the end. I was shakey, weak, as we came apart and he lay beside me there on the roof. We gently caressed each other still, enjoying the feel of each other. I could see the stark contrast of my oh so ivory skin against the darkness of his black skin and it was beautiful to me. Then suddenly, both of us remembered where we were. Up on the roof where I worked. I know I blushed hotly as I realized we had just made love in the open air. Though I knew no one could see from the ground, anyone could have come up the ladder. "I think it's time we got dressed," he said as I giggled thinking about what a fervor it would cause if we were caught in the buff on the roof. Right about then we heard the sound of a hellicopter approaching. We laughed as we made a mad scramble to sort out the pile of our clothing and quickly get dressed... Sadly it was very soon after this that I decided I no longer wished to work for that company and I quit my job. This required me to make some life style changes and I moved to Virginia, far and away from Curtis, and ended our affair... Fiona