By Waddie Greywolf

"One more quicky, please, Master Boots."

"Hell, slave,  don't know who's worse, you or Sonny. You got four of
my loads up there now but I guess one more would sort of round it off,
wouldn't it."

He started in again but this time he made it quick. I was so excited
having my Master watch while Boots fucked me a few times while he
was sitting on the other bed talking to us.  I knew I was gonna' request
an audience to watch sometime soon when my Master got way up 
inside me and was riding my ass like the meanest bronc buster to
come down the road. 

I wanted others to see what I was getting.  I wanted someone else
to see what I knew all along, Red turning into a monster,---forgetting
he was a man,---forgetting I was a man,---becoming two rutting beasts
who's only purpose at that moment of union was to satisfy each
other's recreational lust.

 We got up and once again I led Boots to the shower.

"You do this for your Master, Cowboy?"

"Twice a day, or whenever he wants to take a shower.  I try to talk
him out of twice a day, not because I don't want to take care of him. I
love his smell after a day or so on his bike. I'll lay next to him in bed
and his smell keeps my dick hard all night."

"Sonny's the same damn way.  He begs me not to shower for three
or four days at a time.  The more ripe I am the better he likes it. I get
to where I can't stand myself so I have to shower. Sonny's idea of a
light snack is to lay next to me on a hot afternoon and lick my armpits
clean."  I stopped dead and looked at Boots.

"It's one of my favorite things to do with my big, ugly, magnificent
beast.  I knew Sonny's and my heart beat to the same drummer."  He

 We got out and I dried him. I helped him dress. Then I got dressed. 
He grabbed me to him and kissed me.

"Thanks, Cowboy.  They couldn't have given you a better name. 
You are a cowboy!"

"Did you mean what you told Red."

"I wasn't kidding, Son.  I fell in love with you. You're like another
son to me, Cowboy.  It's almost like God's given my kid a playmate, a
brother.  Someone who can understand him and tell him he's all right. 
What he needs and feels isn't wrong or perverted.  I can't help feel a
little jealous of your dad,  having a kid like you."

"Once you meet my old man, I promise, you won't feel jealous;
won't be no need to.  Damn, Boots, I can tell you exactly what'll
happen the minute he lays eyes on you and Sonny."

"What's that, Cowboy?"

"You'll become his son and Sonny will become his grandson.  The
grandson he never thought he'd get from me.  With your permission I'm
gonna' give him that grandson. Then I'm gonna' tell him, 'See, old man,
God answered your prayer same time he answered mine.'"  I winked at
Boots and he got my meaning.  We both laughed, "Oh, and by the way,
my handsome brother, I fell in love with you, too."  Boots held me
tight and didn't let me go for several minutes.  I reached into my shirt
pocket. I had five-hundred bucks in fifties and I put in his pocket."

"What, the---?"  He took the money out and was trying to give it
back. "There must be five-hundred bucks here, Cowboy.  Ain't never
had nobody give me five-hundred bucks before. I can't accept this."

"You gave me your word, Master, if I gave to you and Sonny, you'd
allow me to. Besides, do you want to have me punished by my Master? 
He ordered me to give this to you and Sonny so's you wouldn't feel
uncomfortable while you're with us. He would be upset if I didn't follow
his order, and you don't want to see my Master upset, Master Boots. 
It's not pretty."  I laughed, "We don't want our two family members to
feel like they have to come to Red or me for money if they need it. 
This isn't a loan, Master, it's a gift.  God has blessed us with a lot.  My
Master suggested we share it with those we love?"  Boots started
crying and I took him in my arms.

"You guys are too good.  What have we done to deserve you in our

"Maybe we should be asking that question instead of you?  What
have we done to deserve your love?"

"Maybe there's a God after all."  Boots resigned himself.

"Trust me, Master Boots,---there is.  I found out the hard way. 
Later,  I'll tell you some stories that will curl you hair about me and the
battle I've had with the Old Man.  Trust me, you don't want to go up
against him.  He's not to be fucked with.  Live your life,  do what good
you can for your fellow man, learn to give and receive graciously, but
above all,  have faith in him and love him.   Do that, you can ask him
for anything and it's yours.  How do you think you came into my life? 
How did we come into yours?  Think it's chance?  Doesn't happen.  The
odds against it are phenomenal.  If you get a strong feeling you must
do something for someone, chances are he's telling you to do it.  He
gives you choices on how you go about it, but it's gonna' be his way. 
He is the Master of us all."

"I'd never guess you were religious."

"I ain't!  You don't have to be a bible thumper to believe in God and
have him believe in you. That's all you'll ever hear from me about the
subject unless you ask. As for our gift, Boots, if Red and I couldn't
afford it we wouldn't be giving it to you and Sonny."

"You and Red are like two angels who have come to us.  We've
been low before but we borrowed some money from Bob and Larry just
to go have a couple of beers yesterday afternoon. Damn glad we did. 
We weren't expecting this from you but I'll do as you wish.  I don't
know how to thank you."

"Take my Master's hand firmly, shake it, look him in his eyes and
say, 'Thank you, Red.'  That's all you have to do.  He'll know exactly
what you mean and nothing more need be said about it." 

"I will, Cowboy,----I will, and thank you."   Boots hugged me, held
me for a long while then gently kissed me.  Yep, we be family.  Where's
Sister Sledge when you need them.

"On the lighter side,  I'd say everyone of them damn fucks you
threw in me was worth at least a hun'ert bucks.  Five of 'em?  Yeah! 
That's about right.  Just consider yourself a high priced scoot bum
stud for hire."  We laughed together. "Anytime my Master even
suggests swapping slaves,  I hope you go for it, Master Stud.  I could
use some more of your brand of fuckin,' Sir. I hope you can use some
more cowboy butt, too."

"All I can get, little Brother,---all I can get."said Boots.

"By the way, Master Boots, ---my Master don't rave about any slave
other than me. What he said about Sonny a few minutes ago,---he
meant, and I've never heard him give anybody praise like that.  He was
impressed by Sonny.  I think my Master fell in love with your son last

"I'm looking forward to knowing the two of you better."  Boots said
to me.

"We are, too." I replied.
Boots did thank my Master the way I suggested and it almost
brought tears to old iron sides.  Of course Red knew what he meant
immediately and nothing more was said.  Sonny was on cloud nine.  We
laughed and giggled all through breakfast like two street walkers that
couldn't wait to be alone to compare notes.  Finally, we were alone 
and I quietly ask if he had as good a time as I did. 

"Did my dad let you eat his ass out for two hours?" Sonny asked 
indicating he sucked my old man's ass for two full hours.   I couldn't
answer I was laughing so hard at Sonny.

"That good, huh, Kid?"  I finally asked him. Sonny rolled his eyes
and set me off again. He was in love.

"Now I know why you're such a good man, Cowboy.  I'll bet that
man had something to do with making you the man you are.  I'd be
honored to serve a Master like him.  It was an honor last night."

"You're right, Little Brother.  I have to credit Master Red with
teaching me to grow up and be a man.  My dad told me I needed a man
like him, strict and demanding.  Dad was right.  Told me Master Red
was a good man and I couldn't do better for a Master.  My old man said
he'd give Master Red anything he wanted, including me."  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ride to Los Angeles was wonderful.  We had a good time
getting to know each other.  When men are on bikes and are comrades
or buddies they're transformed.  Nothing worries them.  They're open,
light hearted and funny. I could tell Red enjoyed his night with Sonny, 
he was more relaxed and free than I'd seen him in a while.  I was
grateful to Sonny for that.

We had such a big breakfast we decided not to stop for lunch and
rode on to Los Angeles.  We arrived at Mount Washington and half the
damn family was all ready there to greet us. Through the crowd came
a big boisterous, blusterous, good looking cowpoke, good naturedly
pushing folks aside and apologizing as he went.

"Lemme' through where the hell's my boy 'scuse me there, Sir,----
pardon ma'am."

It was my old man with Uncle Joe and Lester right behind.  I sprang
into his arms as he spun me around, hugged and kissed me.  He looked
over my shoulder and barked at Red.

"Red, you ugly, old bastard, it's high time you made an honest slave
out a' my kid and stopped living in sin."

Our family went nuts laughing.  I hugged and kissed Uncle Joe and
Lester. I took dad by the hand and told him there was someone I
wanted him to meet.  My dad did the strangest thing,  he caught Boots'
eye and stopped dead for a minute, dropped my hand, walked out and
around all the folks to stand in front of Boots.  

He firmly planted his boots in front of Boots, then threw his big,
cowboy arms around him, pulled him close and held him tight against
his body. I watched, looked at Red, shook my head,  and couldn't
believe what I saw.   My old man had tears running down his face.  
Boots did too.  Sonny was holding both of them.  Dad, took Sonny in his
arms and did the same damn thing.  I was stunned. What did my old
man know?   How did he know?

"Dad do you know these men?"  I asked.

"I don't know their first names, Son, but they're Gunns.  All Gunn
men look alike, 'cep'n you and you're prettier'n a' Gunn.   Gentlemen, I
don't know were these two horse thieves found you but you're
welcome here.  Now,---- my name's Billy Gunn Jr."  Dad stuck out his
big hand to Boots who took it in both his hands and started to reply. 
Red  walked up and the crowd gathered around.

"Boots, Sonny, better do the license bit or he's gonna' think we're
trying to pull a fast one on him." Red said to the two men.  Boots
handed my dad his license that read William Arthur Gunn, Jr. Then Dad
read Sonny's that read William Arthur Gunn, III.  He shook his big
handsome head and stood there in the street crying his heart out. 

Boots took him in his arms again and cried with him he was so
touched. Then he cried in Sonny's arms.  Boots and Sonny were
overwhelmed and humbled at the outpouring of love from our family
welcoming them.  I was, too.  I could always count on my family to
surprise me in the best of ways.  

Red went on to explain to Dad what Boots and he discussed and
how they were related.  Dad knew only part of the story and was
thrilled to meet Boots and Sonny.

"Our grandfathers were brothers, folks, they're both named Billy
Gunn." he said to the crowd gathered pointing to Boots, "This is the
first time we've ever met.  It won't be the last. Can you believe it, four
Billy Gunns?"

  By the way, guys, just call me Gunn."

"I almost called you dad when I saw you coming through the crowd. 
I was about to turn to Sonny and ask him what his granddad was doing
here?  Gee, Gunn, you could be the twin of my dad."

"Hell, you can call me 'Dad' if you want to, Son, you too Sonny."

"Think I'll call you granddad, Sir."  Sonny smiled at dad.

"Hell, I wouldn't mind calling you, Dad, Sir."  stated  Boots.

 Out came Big Jim and Master Jeb followed by Big Beryl. They'd
heard the brouhaha and came to investigate.  I ran to the arms of my
love, my clan Master.  He spun me around , hugged and kissed me.  He
couldn't set me down quick enough.  Big Jim and Master Jeb had me
then. Charlie took me away from them and Bull put short time to
Charlie's kiss,  pulled me in his big arms and planted one on me that
had everyone going, "Aawwww " 

Master Earl was next and Wes ----my beloved Wes.  I could never
simply hug and kiss Master Earl.  He was a man that I respected
greatly and to show him that respect,  I would always perform the
greeting ritual with him.  Besides, he wore such hot fuckin' boots. 

When Wes and I put our arms around each other there was more
than love or sex that passed between us.  It was as if our souls
conjoined and felt such a relief and joy to confirm the knowledge that
they were still there in the world for each other. 

Didn't matter how long we were apart. People could actually see
the peace that passed between us.  It was not missed by Master Earl. 
He was proud of our closeness and encouraged it.  He was a wise 
Master to realize his slave's spirit needed nourishment from other

"Wes, your cowboy couldn't love you more.  You were indeed the
only one who got through to my beast on several occasions.  You may
be a slave, Darlin,' but that ugly, old man highly respects you and your
counsel.  I can't tell you how much you mean to us.  He'll tell you the
same damn thing.  We love and respect you.

There's a consensus of opinion there ought to be a law against your
Master wearing boots."  Wes would roar with laughter at me,  we'd be
off--- catching up with each other and walk away from everyone.  It
came to be expected, when Cowboy and Wes got together, count on
them entering their own space,---walking away from everyone and
commune with each other.  Master Earl had minor concerns the first
couple of times it happened but our family got him aside and
explained.  Walker especially knew. 

"Never seen anything like it, Earl, and I advise you to let them go
and spend what time they must,  alone, to fine tune each other's
spirits.  For lack of a better comparison, it's like they're recharging
each other's batteries.  The first time it happened, everyone was
concerned but I had a feeling that it was a good thing.

I know my son well enough to know what he needs and I came to
know cowboy as well over that summer he stayed at the ranch.  I
sensed the cowboy knew what he was doing,  Wes needed Cowboy
and Cowboy needed Wes.  They still do, Earl.  Wait and see when Wes
returns to you, he'll have a deep peace for several weeks.  So will the
cowboy."  Master Earl observed a wonderful change in Wes's spirit and
felt  closer to Wes than he ever had.

In the years to come, he would schedule visits for the sole purpose
of getting Wes and I together.  He came to believe we were an integral
part of each other's personalities.  Master Earl loved us both and
would smile like a proud parent to see his two kids walk away to play,
lost in conversation and laughter, dreams and sand castles, knights
and dragons, ----a secret place known only to children,---that child
within us all. He would comment when we returned, "Two children left
and only one returned."  We once again conjoined.

That day was a bit different.  I had a strong urge to go with Wes
and was about to when Master Earl gently grabbed me by the shoulder
and reminded me these folks gathered for me and my Master.  Wes and
I could be together later.  Wes agreed with his Master, kissed me and
sent me on my way to go through the greeting ritual with Master Zack.  

The man was like a good red wine,---he only got better looking the
older he got.  He still had it.  My pants got wet in his arms and his did
too.  He got a new tattoo since we last saw each other and had to rip 
his shirt off to show me.  I was a beaut.  A giant Chinese dragon over
the upper part of his back.  I told him I'd love to clean his dragon for
him with my tongue.  He hugged me again and we laughed together. 

Out of the house runs Tim with Master Ben close behind.  It was a
wonderful time.  Boots and Sonny knew several of our family, Beryl,
Big Jim, Bull and Charlie and Master Zack. They didn't feel so strange
in a new group.  They fit in like a hand in a glove.  My dad never left
their side, introducing them as his lost family and cousins.  I never saw
my dad happier than he was that day.  Everyone couldn't believe how
much the three of them looked alike.  They made a handsome trio.

"Well, Boots,--take a good look at this face.  You're gonna' look this
bad when you get my age."

"Hell, Dad, if I look half as good I'll be happy."

"What about your handsome boy here, made him your slave yet?" 
Boots couldn't believe my dad's candor but he fell in love with him

"Red and Cowboy seem to think I should, Sir."

"Hhuumm," mused my dad, as he placed his left hand on Sonny's
left shoulder, his right hand on Sonny's stomach area,  moved his left 
hand up and down Sonny's back and legs stopping to squeeze each
butt cheek as if examining a prize piece of livestock.  He put his left
arm around Sonny's waist, pulled him close,  looked down at him and
smiled,  "wouldn't wait too long, I'd say he's just ripe for pickin,' Son."
The crowd roared with laughter. Then Dad kissed Sonny a long, gentle
kiss that got the crowd going, "Aaawww" and applauding. When my
dad had an audience he could say some of the most outrageous things
and have everyone laughing their ass's off.

"Don't let what happened to me happen to you, Son."  Dad
continued, "Some big, ugly, bald headed, battle scarred, outlaw
scooter bum will come along and claim him,---have no conscience
about taking him away from his dear old dad---like that no good,
ornery, son of a bitch that stole my sweet, innocent child's heart." Dad
laughed and Red howled at my dad. Then they hugged each other.

"I'll buy the 'sweet' part, Gunn, but innocent?---That kid's taught
this old warrior a few dance steps." Shot back my Master.  Big Beryl
was standing next to Boots.

"Where'd you two hook up with Boots and Sonny?" he asked Red.

"In a bar in Bakersfield."

"Damn, I never knew you guys were Gunns. Most times you don't
ask bikers their real names unless you have a reason or they want you
to know.  I always knew you as 'Boots' and 'Sonny.' We inducted
Cowboy  here," he motioned to me, "about two years ago into our
family and I've seen you guys since then.  Didn't know you were
related.  Well, if'n you're Cowboy and Big Gunn's relative's you're ours,
too.  Ain't no two finer men, no where.  You ride with them boys,  you
ride with the best.   Welcome Sonny and Boots."  He hugged and
kissed them both. I noticed he patted Sonny's firm little bum too.  I
mouthed the words to Beryl over Sonny's shoulder. "Dirty old man!"  He
roared with laughter. 
Boots and Sonny got introduced to everyone including Tim Russell
and Master Ben.  Boots knew who Master Ben was from our
conversation that morning.  He thought Ben was one of the finest
looking men he'd ever met.  I introduce Ben as my brother, Ben.  He
beamed with pride. 

Sonny flipped over Bull.  I told him he would.  He forgot all about my
Master.  He couldn't take his eyes off Bull.  Old Bull didn't care.  He
came over and put his big arms around Sonny -----Sonny almost pissed
in his pants. I told Bull later there ought to be a law against you good
looking straight men giving us other men the vapors.  He just howled. 
Whispered to me if'n I remembered our two cold nights on the Russian
River when we kept each other warm?

"They're permanently etched on my ass hole, Master,  how could I
forget?" I whispered back and he fell out laughing again.

Later Boots got me alone and told me how wonderful he thought 
my old man was.  He's the dad I wish't I'd a' had, Cowboy, and never
did.  I'm proud to call that man, 'Dad.'  When he threw his big arms
around me and pulled me to him I almost dropped my load right there. 
He was so full of love I couldn't help breaking down.  For one brief
moment, I was a kid again in my dad's arms the way I'd always
dreamed it could've been between us.  He recognized us as Gunns. 
You guys hadn't talked to him, had you?"

"No, Boots.  I was as surprised as you to see him walk up.  I never
thought my family would come; even old Lester, the love of my life.  My
dad never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I think I really know him, I
find out something new. Tell ya' one damn thing if I didn't have
Booger for my Master and dad didn't have Uncle Joe for his partner I
would have taken my old man for a Master.  I'd worship at that man's
boots any day. Now, Master Boots, can you understand why I might
find you attractive?"

"You're dad and I do look a lot alike.  He pulled Sonny and I in one
of the bedrooms where there was a full length mirror.  We three stood
in front and I couldn't believe the resemblance.  Even between him and
Sonny,-----it's remarkable. Your old man is a hunk, Cowboy, no doubt,
but your Uncle Joe's a handsome man, too."

"I've always admired my Uncle Joe.  He was always my champion
between me and my dad when I was a kid.  He and I have grown much
closer since I came back from Nam."

Boots and Sonny became the center of attention.  It was fine with
Red and I 'cause we'd come to love them like they were family.  The
next day was Saturday and more and more of the family began to

Master Ben, my beloved brother, was so glad to see Red and I
together and happy.  Big, tall, stoic Harry, broke down and cried.  So
did big Cal who whispered in my ear he had always loved me and didn't
understand Red and my attraction to each other but now he did and
was so happy for both of us. He came to know Red and love him as
much as the rest of us.  He could see the love that passed between us-
---he understood.

Steve was a mess. He was like a mother at a wedding, his baby
brother was being given into slavery to that big, ugly, brute of a man
who would take me off and do, God only knows what to his poor baby.  

"If he's lucky."  Cal allowed.

Steve was charming and deadly funny.  When he wasn't crying he
had everyone in stitches laughing.  Red loved and appreciated both Cal
and Steve and had an arm around one or the other or both all day.  Cal
and Steve had become Master Ben's full time body guards along with
two Arabian men that spoke fluent English.  They wore western
clothes and blended in with the family.  Everyone in the family knew
them on a first name basis and they had as much fun as the family.  

Master Ben never felt uneasy nor threatened at Mt. Washington. 
Harry, Cal and Steve, and his two Arabian men all relaxed and had a
good time.  Since Harry was his social director now a job Harry loved
and credited Steve and I for his position----he was assigned the task of
seeing to it that food and drinks were catered the whole weekend. 
Ben cut him loose and told him "My little brother is officially giving
himself to Master Red as his slave.  We both know the end of this
story----do what you have to do Harry but I want it to be a memorable
experience for everyone."

Harry told me later he laughed to himself and thought, "The man
has just given me the keys to the treasury."  Harry laughed.  While
Harry didn't go overboard, the food and service was unbelievable.  Our
family was wowed.  Boots and Sonny couldn't believe the food.  The
were eating every time I found them.  Good for them.

Saturday afternoon, early evening more family were arriving. My
dad came and got me and Red to come see who had arrived.  Towering
above the heads of all the family that had rushed out to great them
was my savior Walker with Xander by his side.  I broke into tears as I
ran to them because beside them stood my beloved cowboy,  Leon.  He 
came to wish me well and I couldn't have loved him more at that

I stopped and winked at Leon and fell to my knees in front of the
handsome giant, Master Walker, kissed each of his boots, found his
hand waiting, kissed it with love and heard his deep bass voice,

"Rise good slave and show this Master your love." I was ready for
some giant loving.  Walker did the same damn thing as he'd done the
first time I met him five years ago.  Rested me on his big chest and
gave me a kiss that had the crowd stamping their feet and applauding. 
It was so good to see them.  I didn't expect they would come.  I
hugged and kissed Xander next and saved the best for last.  I just
stood in front of Leon, took his hand, looked him in the eyes, kissed his
hand and moved it to my cheek. The big cowboy had tears in his eyes
as he pulled me to him to hug me.  

"God, I love you, you little shit."

"No more'n I love you cowboy." I spoke softly to him above the
clamor of our family.  Red walked up behind me and took Leon's hand
to shake it.  Leon pulled Red to him and gave him a hug.

"You're the luckiest son of a bitch on this planet, Red and I couldn't
be happier for the both of you."  Leon said to Red.  My Master was
impressed and touched by Leon's giving candor.  He knew what Leon
and I meant to each other and to have the big man suppress his
feelings to wish us well said a lot about the love Leon was capable of.
Red thanked Leon and welcomed him as well as Walker and Xander.

The ceremony was to be the next afternoon at two o'clock. Family
was still arriving from all over.  There must have been over three
hundred bikes parked in the vacant lot next to the Jeb and Jim's big
house. The night before the ceremony Red and I  finished a marathon
rodeo and lay together enjoying the feeling and the smells of our
dramatically successful release. 

 The wonderful male smells of our bodies, the ejaculate, leather,
and love.  Yes, love.  I swear love has a distinct odor with each person
you're with.  With my Master it was one of the most powerful odors I've
ever encountered.  I've always caught slight hints of it from him from
the first night he took me in his arms at the Johnson ranch.  It reached
down inside me and didn't let go.

Booger turned to me and smiled his smug, self congratulatory,
proud Master's smile.  Once again he had reduce his slave to a
quivering mass of jello.  I was so spent I could only lay there hooked to
one of his big tits gently sucking.  Red loved  me to do that.  He'd
never admit it but I could feel an electric stimulation throughout his
body.  He'd allow me to lay there and gently suck on his tit for an hour
or more.

He'd sometimes take his big hand place it to the back of my head
and lock me on to him.  Sometimes he'd gently move me from one tit to
another.  I loved the wonderful man flavors I got from sucking his tits.
Even though I was gentle it would leave his tits sensitive.  I'd catch
him wincing the next day when his shirt rubbed across his tit the
wrong way.   I'd smile and laugh.  He'd cut a sharp, hard, reprimanding
Master look at me.  Then he break into a big grin and we'd both break

He'd look to see if I caught his discomfort.  When I did he'd just
smile. Red was one of only a handful of men who's tits I liked to suck.
After a while his nipples would actually engorge with blood and get
erect.  Then I found out I could make them get erect just by talking
dirty to him.  I'd tell him how good I was gonna' suck his big tits and
then chew on 'em to get his good flavors out of him. Worked every
time.  They'd stand at attention, get hard as rocks, and very sensitive.

Booger had something on his mind as I continued to suck gently.

"Have you fallen in love with Boots and Sonny as much as I have,

"Umm-huum." I got out without having to stop sucking.  I was
getting some good strong flavors and didn't want to quit.

"I accept that I'm going to be formally recognized tomorrow as your
Master but I need your input on something I'll make a final decision
about tomorrow."

"You want to invite Boots and Sonny to ride with us on our trip,----
for company,----you've fallen in love with Sonny and ----it's a dream of

"Damn, Cowboy,----I always underestimate you,----but that way
you're a constant surprise to me.  You're exactly right.  Now for your
input please----"  

"Actually to be more accurate,  I've watched you fall in love with
Boots as well.  If Boots showed you the slightest need to sub for you,
you'd have him at your boots in a second."  I laughed, "Sonny and I
could take a number and wait our turn."   Red laughed with me,  
"You're a little confused though, Master,  how you can have such
strong feelings for Boots and not be sexually compatible."

"What'chu been doing, Kid, reading my mail?"  He laughed again,
"You're right about that, too.  I don't know why but I've never felt this
way towards another Master.  I don't fantasize about sex with him.  I
sometimes imagine holding him in my arms like a son but it isn't

I guess it comes from me.  I have a deep need to care about him as
a friend and as a son to me.  Either way, it's a good feeling and he
sends me back good feelings.  He makes me feel good about myself,
like he needs and appreciates my association and comradery.  Great
insights, slave; however, you still haven't answered my question.

"I've fallen in love with them, too, but have you considered it may
take some time away from our being together.  I have no problem
sharing you with Sonny if that's my Master's wish.  Sleeping in Boots'
arms is a lot better than a consolation prize.

It's your right Master if you chose to invite them. I'll stand behind
your decision and be there when you need me.  Besides, I don't see
you spending that much time with Sonny it's gonna' cause a problem
with any of us.  Once in a while might make us appreciate each other

"Somehow I thought you'd like the idea but I get the feeling you're
a bit reserved about it."

"No Sir.  I'll admit I want to have as much of you to myself as
possible; however, knowing you,  you won't let it get out of hand and
reserve time with Sonny as a treat for him and you.  What I'm trying to
say Master is,----your slave trusts you.  I meant what I said that night
on the Yuba river.  If you gave me another chance I'd never question a
decision of yours again."   Red pulled me to his big body and held me

"As your Master, I promise you it won't get out of hand.  I'll see to
that.  Besides that's the reason we're going is to spend as much time
with each other as we can. I just thought they might be good riding
companions and four is better than two in a tight situation.  I
appreciate your input,  I'll make a decision tomorrow.  I want to sleep
on it.  Anything further you want to say on the subject."

"Two things; I think it would be a great idea; secondly, I think
Boots is too proud a man to accept our paying the way.  Sonny too. 
His dad taught him that.  I gave Boots the money we discussed and he
almost didn't take it.  I had to do some fast talking."

"What if we offer them a job?"

"Doing what?"

"Hire them as bodyguards for us.  Hell, Ben has four around him all
the time."

"Master, you're brilliant.  No, I really mean it, Red.   That's a great
idea.  How much we gonna' pay 'em?"

"I don't know.  What about two thou a month?"

"What about fifteen hundred a month,---each."

"That sounds even better.  We can certainly afford that.  I like that
amount.  How could they say no?"

Sunday morning came and I knew Red made up his mind to invite
them to ride along with us but my Master was devious.  Conversation
came around to our trip and where we were going.

"We've been invited for an evening in the desert at Master Zack's
and then to Las Vegas for several days with Ben, Harry, Tim, Cal and
Steve.  Then we've been invited to Reno for a couple of days as Ben's
guest.  From there we're headed for the Calgary Stampede to visit an
old friend of Cowboy's and mine, Ben Stafford.  Several knew Ben from
their days riding the circuit.  We're going to be in some pretty desolate
county and my slave's a bit concerned for only the two of us riding
alone."  I picked up Red's cue.

"We'll not really concerned nor afraid.  Hell, I think Red and I can
pretty well account for ourselves."  Everyone laughed at my
understatement, "It's just,----well, I don't know----" I threw the ball back
to Red.  He turned to me concerned.

"What do you think about hiring a couple of body guards to ride
along with us, Son?"  I watched Boots and Sonny out of the corner of
my eye.  Boots didn't respond but Sonny was twitching in his seat.

"Master Ben, is there an agency you know where we could hire a
couple of body guards who know how to ride bikes?"   We had all ready
set Ben up for this and he was waiting for his cue.

"There's several we've used over the years I could have Harry put
in a call for you guys;  however, traveling on bikes might be expensive
but they cater to unusual requests.   Why don't you consider doing like
I did.  Find a couple of close friends you know you can trust and hire
them.  Look at Steve and Cal.  I feel safer with them and so does my
dad than with all the others we've hired."

"Well, we'd appreciate it if you'd give us a hand with that Ben,---
either here or in Vegas."  Red winked at Ben.  Nothing more was said
but we could see Sonny whispering to Boots and Boots being very dad-
like to calm his kid.   Red was just going to let the idea lay on the table
as bait.  Poor Sonny and Boots,  everyone at the table knew what we
were up to except them.  Finally, my dad spoke up.  We'd primed him,

"Hey, Red, Cowboy,  you got the perfect  body guards sitting right
here at the table.  Why don't you hire them?"

"Really, Gunn, who?"   Red played ignorant.

"Why, my son and my grandson here, Boots and Sonny."  Dad
motioned to them.  Boots mouth dropped open and Sonny nodded yes
to my dad.  I don't think Boots had even thought about it.

"Gosh Dad, we didn't think about them.  Didn't think they'd want to
come along but you're right,  they'd  make perfect bodyguards."  I
agreed with my dad.

"Absolutely, Gunn,---great idea.  How 'bout it guys?  You want a job
for six to eight months being our body guards?"  Sonny was about to
piss in his pants trying to get his dad to say yes but Boots smelled a
rat.  He was a sharp man.

"You guys don't need body guards,  who're you kidding?"

"No, Boots, we're serious.   If you guys don't want the job we'll get
someone else but we'd love to have you two along.  Be you and
Sonny's chance to see some pretty country."  Boots played with his
food and told Sonny to calm down again.  The temptation was too
much for him.

"Of course we'll take the job, Red, Cowboy.   We'd be proud to ride
with you."   There was a cheer went up from our table that started
everyone looking at us.  I was surprised neither Boots nor Sonny asked
how much the job paid.  I whispered to Red to tell them.

"We'll you may not want the job after you hear what we're offering." 
Still Boots didn't say anything.

"We don't care what you're offering Red.  We'll take the job, we'll
go." Boots responded.

"Well, Cowboy and I decided we could afford fifteen hundred a
month," Sonny went nuts and Boots smiled real big; they were happy
with that, "---each."  Red added.  I thought Boots was gonna' choke on
his food and Sonny almost fainted.

After most of the men left the table we were still there with Ben,
my dad , Boots, and Sonny.  Red explained that there was only one
stop he and I had to make by ourselves and that was in Houston
towards the end of our trip.  Red had to visit his brother.  Boots and
Sonny understood immediately.  Boots more so than Sonny because he
knew Red had to tell his brother about his condition. That sort of thing
is best done with the minimal amount of folks around.

"Hell, that ain't no problem!" said my dad, "Mason's only about a
half day's trip from Houston.  I'll give you our address, a map, and our
phone number.  You and Sonny come stay with Joe and me, we'd be
glad to have you.  Red and Cowboy can join you later."

"That'ud be great, Dad.  I'd like to see Mason" said Boots.

"We'd enjoy you coming and staying a while.  Hell, you guys are
about the only family the cowboy and I have left other than Joe and
Lester.  I think it's a great idea for you two to go along on their trip.  I
was a little uneasy about the two of them going alone;  not that they
can't take care of themselves but there's strength in numbers.  I envy
the four of you. I'm sure you'll have a great time."

"It's been a dream of Sonny's and mine for a long time.  I can't
believe we're really gonna' do it.  We'll look forward to coming to
Mason, Dad."   my dad couldn't have been happier.  He felt like he'd
known Boots and Sonny all their lives.


Master Jeb, Master Jim and Master Beryl got together and helped
my Master with his contract I would be asked to sign.   After they
finished and it was typed up they had me read it.  I had to have a
Master of my choice go over it with me paragraph by paragraph and
discuss any questions I might have.  I chose Master Walker Johnson.  I
ask him if Xander could be present as well.

Walker was flattered and pleased I chose him.  Xander was thrilled. 
 I read the contract and I had no problem with anything.  I was ready to
sign it as it was.  I asked Sonny to sit in with me and he read it, too. 
He was so taken with the contract he told me that's what he wanted
to become to his dad, someday soon.

That morning after breakfast Master Walker, Xander, Sonny and I
went into Master Jeb's study, sat down and Walker re-read the
contract to me.  At the end of each section he asked if I had any
questions.  I had none. Sonny had a couple of things he wasn't clear
about and questioned 'cause he was curious.  I was glad he was there.
My dad came in toward the end of us discussing the contract and
listened 'til we finished.  He said he had a couple of things he wanted
to say to me.

"Son, I want you to hear me out and then respond.  Up 'til now
when things have gone bad for you I've always been there for you if
you needed to run to me.  Don't mind that, that's my job as your dad
and I love you for feeling free to run to me for support. 

In some ways being your old man I had some influence over your
life and those who you chose to have in your life. I want you to
understand, that may change if you sign Red's contract.  I'm not
suggesting you don't sign his contract but these are things I think you
should hear from me. I'm your dad. I take my job seriously.  I have
taken it seriously all these years and I ain't about to stop now.

"If you sign Red's contract you will no longer belong to me.  You
won't be my boy no more.  You'll always be my son, but you will
become the property of another man. Up to this point you've been
Bud's slave and Red's slave in name and spirit only.

There was nothing but your word to bind you to either.  If you sign
Red's unconditional contract you not only become Red's slave, but he
will legally own you.  You will become his personal property.

Furthermore, once you are recognized by our family as any man's
slave you become a slave to our family as well.  If something happens
to Red, unless he has left you to another family member to become his
slave, you will become property of our family and will be sold to
another Master.  Now, my point is, I won't have any control over that. 
We are both members of our family and upon becoming a member we
both swore an oath to uphold the laws and principals of our family.

Outside our family Red's contract isn't worth the paper it's written
on; however, to our family it's legal and binding and will be enforced.  
And Son,  I'll be the first to come to you and tell you, you will honor any
contract our family deems legal. If you've considered all these things
and still want to go through with it, then your old man will stand before
our family and give you to Red as his slave."

Dad almost bought tears to my eyes he was so serious and
concerned.  I put my arms around him and looked into his eyes.

"I need to do this, Dad.  I have to do this.  I understand the
ramifications and they possibility that the future might not turn out the
way I wanted it to.  I promised two people, if we can think of God as a
person for a moment,  I would become Red's slave.  I promised the Old
Man and Red himself.  I promised them I would trust both of them. 
Signing this contract is my oath that I trust them.

I appreciate your concern and I'm touched that you wanted to make
sure I fully understand everything.  I do understand, Dad.  I have for
sometime now.  Now, I ask you to trust me.  Give me to my Master
with your love and that will be my final assurance that I've done the
right thing."   Dad looked at me and kissed me gently.

"You have grown up, Son.  You have weathered your rights of
passage.  You have become a man. Today, I will be proud to give my
son to another fine man for his slave.  I love you, Billy."

"I love you too, Dad."  It was an emotional moment.  There would
be many that day.

There was a fairly large old barn on the property Master Jeb owned. 
He and Big Jim fixed it up and built a small stage at the far end for
family functions.  It could accommodate around three hundred peopled
uncomfortably.  I was instructed by Master Jeb and Master Jim how
the ceremony was to be conducted and my role.

I was to choose two salves to assist me and escort me into the
auditorium when the signal was given.  All three slaves were to wear
long white robes with hoods.  I was to be nude underneath my robe
and the two slaves were to help me remove it on the stage.

I picked Wes and Xander to assist me.  All the family were in the
auditorium and the three of us gathered by the side to enter from the
back and walk down the isle to the stage.  We were getting ready to go
when in a flourish there were Arabian men coming out of the back of
Master Jeb's house followed by Ben's father, the Sheik.  He had come
for our ceremony.  I put my hood back and went and knelt in front of
him, he gave me his hand and I kissed the back and placed it against
my forehead. 

"Come my Son,----to my arms."    I certainly did as the old man
ordered and received many kisses and a big hug.

"We're so proud and honored you came your Highness.  Please
allow me to escort you into the auditorium."  I offered my arm to his
Highness, he smiled and hooked his arm in mine and we proceeded to
the auditorium.  I escorted him to the front row where three of our
family got up to give him their seat.  He graciously thanked them, sat
down and thanked me.  Master Ben was on the stage and smiled at his

I returned to the back and no sooner got Xander and Wes together
when Master Jeb motioned for us to come forward.   The three of us
walked to the stage and on to it.  Wes and Xander helped me off with
my robe and I stood nude, in all my glory, in front of our family.  To my
surprise there were gasps and "Ooooohhs."  Then his highness began
to applaud and the rest of the family picked it up.  I stood there
blushing then slowly walked to my Master.  

Red asked my dad and Master Walker to stand with him.  I knelt in
front of my Master and kissed each of his boots, I found his hand and
lovingly kissed th back and placed it to my forehead.

"Rise my beloved slave and show your Master your love."  Red
enfolded me in his arms and we kissed a kiss that had the crowd
stomping and whistling.  Red ordered me to kneel next to him. I knelt
and Red placed his hand on my shoulder and stood slightly behind me. 

"Your Highness, friends, family, guests, Masters, and slaves," the
Dungeon Master began,"we have come together this afternoon to
witness the bonding of these two good men as Master and slave.
Master Red and his slave Cowboy.  One might equate this Master/slave
conjoining as a happy ending to the old fairy tale of 'Beauty and the
Beast.'   Cowboy, of course, playing the role of the beast." Everyone
laughed at the Dungeon Master's joke.

"Joking aside, I can't remember a bonding in our family in some
time that has captured the hearts and imaginations of everyone.  I
have been given the pleasure of taking care of the legal part of this
bonding and our clan Master, Master Beryl will give the final blessing. 
Now, we'll begin.  Is there someone here that will give this man into

"Aye, good Dungeon Master, I will give him to this Master for his

"Will you state for us who you are and your relationship to this
young man."

"I am William Arthur Gunn Jr. this young man's father."  I was so
moved.  My dad had never used the word father before and I was proud
that he did.  He was, indeed, my father.

"Thank you, Mr. Gunn."

"Master Red, is it your wish to take this man's son, William Arthur
Gunn the third, better known as the cowboy to be your slave for life?"

"It is my wish, Dungeon Master."

"If he chooses to become your property will you care for him,
provide for him and keep him from harms way?

"I will, Dungeon Master."

"Will you care for him, through sickness and health?"

"I will, Dungeon Master."

"Will you see to his training to become a contributing member of
this family and a slave proud to walk by your side?"

"I will, Dungeon Master."

The Dungeon Master turned to me. "Cowboy,  is it your wish to
become Master Red's slave for life?"

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master, it is my wish."

"Have you been threatened, coerced, black mailed or mistreated in
any way to force you to make this decision?"

"No, Sir, Dungeon Master, I have not."

"I will ask you twice more, Cowboy. Do you wish to give yourself
into slavery to become Master Red's save for life?"

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master,  I do so wish it."

"Do you realize that by signing Master Red's contract you will not
only become his slave you will become a slave for the rest of your life? 
Should anything happen to Master Red you will become the property of
the family and may be sold to another Master."

"Yes, Dungeon Master, Sir, I do so realize."

"Do you further realize that there are no clauses in his contract to
protect you from anything Master Red may wish to do to alter your
body? Do you understand and agree to that?"

"Yes, Dungeon Master, I do understand and agree to sign his
contract as is, without clause."

"I'll ask you one final time. Having agreed to these things before
your family and friends is it still your wish to become Master Red's
slave for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master, it is with all my heart that I wish to
become his total slave for life."

"Have you read Master Red's contract,  Cowboy?"

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master, I have."

"Has it been read to you, gone over with you by a third party, it's
ramifications discussed with you and all your concerns satisfied?"

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master, it has been read to me and discussed
with me at length."

"Who did this for you, Cowboy?"

"Master Walker Johnson,  Dungeon Master."

"Master Johnson, is this true?"

"It's true,  Dungeon Master." Walker answered. 

"There's still time to reconsider,  Cowboy.  Once you sign your
name to Master Red's contract before God and these witness's,  we
will continue the ceremony and you will become Master Red's slave for
life.  Do you still wish to go through with this and become Master Red's

"Yes, Sir, Dungeon Master, it is with all my heart, soul and being I
so wish."

"Then come forward Cowboy and affix your name to Master Red's
contract." I arose with Red's help and walked to the table. I took the
pen and signed my name on the appropriate line on the last page of the
document.  Red then took the pen and signed his name under mine as
Master/owner.  Red asked Master Ben, Master Walker and my dad  to
witness our signatures and sign as witness's.

"Will the three witness's please step forward?"  Requested the
Dungeon Master. They each came forward and signed their names as
witnesses.  They all signed their names.

"Master Red?"  The Dungeon Master nodded to Red to speak. 
Walker handed him a collar.  I wasn't told about this but, by God, if he
didn't get me that dog collar he threatened me with that night in Reno. 
I couldn't have been more pleased because he and I were the only two
there who knew the meaning behind it.  As he put in on and locked it in
place he snapped a chain leash to it.  He spoke softly to me.

"I made sure they spelled 'Cowboy' right, Son."

My Master knelt next to me, put his right arm around me and took
my right hand with his left.  Master Beryl came to us and stood before
us to speak to the crowd.

"Both these fine men have been members of our family for
sometime now; however,  Cowboy still hasn't passed his initiation." 
the crowd laughed, they all knew the joke, "I'm sure he will one day
but that hasn't stopped him from becoming recognized as full member
of our family.  It is always a joyful time when two of our family join and
bond and Master and slave.   I will say it gives me great pleasure to be
a part of this ceremony."  He placed a hand on each of our heads and

"May God be gracious unto you and keep you in his heart, now and
forever more.  May his light shine upon you and bring you peace."  Still
on his knees my Master took me in his arms and kissed me.  Then he
stood before me, snapped his fingers and pointed to his boots.   We
ended the ceremony by performing the ritual one more time.  Again our
family was applauding and whistling.  It was a wonderful ceremony. 
Master Jeb held up his hand for silence.

"Our family now officially recognizes Cowboy as Master Red's
slave.  Thus ends our ceremony."  Much applause from our family.  The
Sheik was first on the stage to hug, kiss Red and I to wish us well.  He
had tears in his eyes.  Red and I were thrilled he came.  Ben said
nothing about him coming. 

Everyone partied into the night.  My Master had me remain nude the
rest of the day and led me around by his leash.  I loved it and had a
fantasy of being led around naked on a leash by a strong man  I
trusted.  They were all my family and I loved everyone of them.  I didn't
feel the least self-conscious.

I was Master Red's slave.  I was proud of my Master.  I was proud
to be his slave and if it pleased him for me to be nude before our family
then it was an honor for me to please him. Sonny was green with envy
seeing me walk at the end of my Master's leash naked as a jay bird.  

He wasn't really envious.   He was happy for us but he so
desperately wanted the same with his dad.  He confided in me he
thought his dad was too straight to ever let himself take his son as his

I told him not to be too sure of that.  Boots didn't tell Sonny a lot
'cause he didn't want to build up his hopes, but he talked to Red and I
a lot about him becoming his son's Master.  I didn't betray his dad's

I will always remember that day as the pinnacle of my Master and
my relationship.  I couldn't remember a time I'd ever seen Red happier
and more relaxed.  The contract, the ceremony, our family gathered for
him and I.  Two new family members he felt were as much his as mine. 
They felt the same and so did I.  

That night, my Master took me as his slave.  Contracts and
promises be damned.  I had been Red's slave from that first kiss in
Glen Rose.  He'd made the choice for us.  It was his right then, and it
was still his right.

Something was different that night and we both knew it.  It was
more electric between us than ever before.  The ideas I tried to tell
him suddenly made sense to him and infused him with a sense of raw
animal power he no longer felt guilty unleashing on me.  I had become
him and he felt it, he knew it, he reveled in it.  After all the years of
riding solo,  my Master was no longer alone.  I had become an
extension of him.  It was the greatest feeling of freedom I'd ever

How could you feel free becoming a slave to another man?  That's a
rhetorical question; however,  I  let go of the self-important, self-
centered, arrogant, prideful adolescent and walked through the door of
maturity.  My dad was right.  I weathered my rights of passage and I
was ready to become a man.  By becoming my Master's slave, I
became that man.  That night my Master made the soul of a two dollar
banjo sing like a Stradivarius.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Most of the family left that evening.  Many had responsibilities the
next day.  Ben's father left in the early afternoon after giving my
Master and I his blessing.  He told us again how proud and happy he
was his son had us for friends and family.  I was still nude when he
hugged me goodbye.  He winked at Red when he gently patted me on
my butt.  He told my Master he accepted a treasure for a slave.  Red
beamed with pride. 

We planned to stay another night to help with clean up so Master
Jeb and Big Jim didn't get saddled with it.  There were a handful who
remained.  My dad, Uncle Joe and Lester stayed.  They were going to
the airport with Master Ben the next day to fly to San Antonio.  We said
our goodbyes and I promised Dad we'd stay in touch.  He was glad
Boots and Sonny were going with us.  I saw him several times get
them aside to counsel them.  He came to love and trust them in a short
period of time; but that was my dad.

The following day Red, Boots and Sonny and I set out on our
journey across the U. S.  We didn't get far the first day because we
were invited to stay the evening with Master Zack and Big Beryl.  Beryl
was living in one of the small apartments on the second story of
Master Zack's garage.  

Boots and Sonny rode with Master Zack and Big Beryl but never
been to Master Zack's home.  Red never had either.  They were all as
wowed as I was the first time I saw the place.  We had a wonderful
dinner and evening with them.  Sonny fell in love again with another
man I loved, Master Zack.  

Big Beryl and Zack approached Boots to ask if they could play with
Sonny in Master Zack's dungeon.  He had no problem with it and Sonny
went off for a night of bliss between two men he loved.  My Master
took pity on Boots and asked him to join us.

Damn, what a night that was.  I got to sleep between two of the
finest men I could imagine and have both holes plugged at the same
time.  Boots was losing his shyness and I think if he wasn't straight or
a potential Master he would've been worshiping at my Master's feet
like Sonny and I.  I learned later his love and admiration for Red went
deeper than Sonny or I ever imagined.  

We left for Las Vegas the next day.  Big Beryl was going to ride
with us to Vegas as Ben invited him, too.  He invited Master Zack as
well but he had a job he contracted and needed to start. 

We rode to Las Vegas and Ben had rooms waiting for us at the
Riviera.   Once again Boots and Sonny were wowed they were the
guest of Master Ben.  Their room was huge and comfortable. They had
never stayed in such a big hotel before and were awed.

That night we had dinner with Master Ben, Tim, Harry, Cal, Steve. 
Dinners with Master Ben became informal family affairs where
everyone laughed, joked and generally had a good time.  Even Master
Ben's chef would get into the spirit and have a good time.  After dinner
it became a custom for us to go gambling.

Since we were at the Riviera I cashed in one of the emergency
checks I had for Red and I.  Red suggested I get cash to pay our body
guards.  I gave the money to my Master and he paid Boots and Sonny
their first months salary.

They didn't believe us when we said we were going to pay them to
be our body guards.  Red said they didn't want to accept the money
but he played Master knows best.  They were grateful.  Red also told
them not to be surprised when we go gambling with Master Ben
because he usually stakes everyone in the our party a thousand dollars
to gamble.  They couldn't believe that either.  By now Red and I were
use to Ben's generosity; however, we didn't take it for granted.  We
made ourselves available if Ben needed us for anything.

We went gambling that evening and sure enough Ben staked us all
a thousand dollars.  Sonny never gambled before.  Boots had a few
times but never at a private table.  I showed Sonny the basics and told
him not to cover someone else's bet unless he ask permission first. 
Sonny didn't have to worry.  He couldn't make a wrong bet.  He started
winning and of course Master Ben asked his permission to cover his

Sonny was amused and flattered Master Ben showed him that
courtesy.  Master Ben started winning heavily on Sonny's bets.  Boots
started covering his bets and started winning heavily as well.  By the
time we left the table Master Ben had four of five times the chips he
had originally.  He was happy and hugged Sonny.

Between Sonny  and Boots they won almost eight thousand dollars
on their bets. They were thrilled.  It was more money than they'd had
at one time in their lives.  They kept us up late talking.  Then they
went to their room and Red and I had to laugh.   We knew Sonny was
gonna' get the snot fucked out of him by his old man that night.  He
had a silly grin all morning long and giggled a lot.

Master Beryl headed back to Joshua Tree to help Zack with his
project.  After two nights we were ready to hit the road again.  We
were to meet Ben, Harry, Cal and Steve in Reno and again be Master
Ben's guest for a couple of days. 

Once again we went gambling and damned if Sonny didn't start
getting lucky again.  He was hitting straight up numbers to win. 
Everyone who covered his bets won big including Master Ben. He won
more than big, he won very big from covering Sonny's bets.

We watched Sonny do something I'd never seen done before nor
since.  He called five straight up numbers in a row to win.  I called four
numbers once while gambling with Master Ben.  To hit five in a row is
beyond calculation the probabilities against.  Ben had a feeling about
Sonny and I did, too.  He looked at me and I nodded to let it ride.  Ben
smiled at me. Ben let his money plus winnings ride all five times and
won a fortune.

He couldn't have been happier and gave Boots and Sonny each, five
of his white chips. I wasn't too amazed at his generosity. He won a
fortune off Sonny's bets and the ten chips he gave them was minor. 
Red agreed.  We didn't them the amount of money Ben gambled. 

It was kept private and when he was cashed in they simply gave
him a receipt.  Red  and I couldn't wait to see what would happen
when Boots and Sonny went to the cashier.  When the man told them
the amount each chip was worth they thought we'd set them up.

Red had to do some fast talking and the man at the window
assured them each was worth ten thousand dollars.  Aside from the
considerable money they won off Sonny's bet they each had fifty
thousand dollars. 

Sonny was bouncing off the ceiling like the Co-co puff bird.  Boots
was usually calm and unflappable but that evening I could swear he
shit his pants.  They opened an account there at the hotel to be
transferred later.  They were stunned and again wanted to stay up half
the night talking. 

They graciously thanked Master Ben the next morning before we
set off.  He told them he always tipped the persons who allowed him to
cover their bets a percentage of his winnings.  We assured them he
was telling the truth.
We left Reno on a beautiful summer's day.  We wanted to head
north because Red and I wanted to attend the Stampede at Calgary. 
We had a week and a half to get there but we were gonna' take our
time and stop here and there to see things.

It was wonderful.  We weren't on a schedule, Boots and Sonny now
had a nest egg in the bank and they felt good, we were still going to
pay them as bodyguards and did.  They didn't want to take it but we
insisted.  We'd hired them for a job and we were going to honor our

* * * * * * * * * * * *                            

It was early summer. The days were warm and beautiful. The nights
still had a chill in the air but the days were perfect.  We were in no
hurry.  We made a list of things Red hadn't seen.  We rode to Devils
Tower Wyoming and then to Mount Rushmore. We were impressed by
Mt. Rushmore.  The scale of the sculpture was more impressive than it
appears in pictures. 

We didn't push on time or tried to be anyplace on a schedule. We
were slowly heading north to Calgary.  It was about time for the
stampede.  It was one of Red's favorite rodeos.  Of course, it was one
of my favorite rodeos, too. 

Boots and Sonny hadn't been to a lot of rodeos.  They didn't know
what to expect and Red and I filled them in on what to look for.  Sonny
didn't need to be shown what to look for.  The first sight of prime
cowboy butt framed in a hot pair of rodeo chaps was all he needed to
My Master agreed with me to stop by Ben Stafford's place.  I knew
he'd ask us to stay and Ben Jr. would be thrilled to have me rope with
him again. I'd told my Master, Boots and Sonny about the conundrum
between big Ben Stafford and his son, Ben Jr.  My Uncle Bud and I felt 
Ben Jr. was in love with his dad and I was curious to see what they
thought about the situation.

Red knew Ben Stafford rode on the circuit for a number of years
with Uncle Bud as his partner.  We turned into the road that ran up to
their place and I saw big Ben and Ben Jr. coming out of the barn.  I
waved to them and they recognized me. I saw a huge smile spread
across  big Ben's face as he started to walk towards us.

"I was just thinking about you a minute ago and told Ben Jr. I
wondered how you and Bud were.  Didn't I, Son?"

"Yeah, he did, Cowboy,  said he wish't he could see you again."

"That's spooky, Mr. Stafford.  Mr. Stafford, Ben,  I want you to meet
my traveling buddies.  This handsome man with the red beard is my
partner, Booger Red.  These two fine looking gentlemen are my
cousins.  They really are my cousins,  Billy Gunn Jr. and Billy Gunn the
third. We call 'em Boots and Sonny 'cause there's too damn many Billy
Gunns running around.

 "Gentlemen, this is Mr. Ben Stafford and his son Ben Jr."

The men shook hands all around.  I hugged both big Ben and Ben Jr.

"Well, come on in, Gentlemen.  How's your uncle, Cowboy?  Wish't
he could've come with you.  You men here for the rodeo?   You're
welcome to bunk here.  Got plenty of hay in the barn."   He led us into
the house and I introduced Booger, Boots and Sonny to Mrs. Stafford.  

She gave me a big hug and a kiss like I was long lost relations.  She
got us some ice tea and cookies.  We sat down at a table in the big
county kitchen.  Mrs. Stafford's kitchen always smelled wonderful.  It
smelled of fresh bread, cinnamon, cloves, pickling spices and vinegar.

"Well, tell us Cowboy,  we haven't seen you since you came back
from Vietnam.  The last I heard from Bud was about three months
before you were suppose to come home and we could tell by his letter 
he couldn't wait for you to return.  How is Bud, Son?" 

I told them everything.  When I told  Mr. Stafford Uncle Bud had
passed away, that big, old man sobbed like his heart was broken. I
knew how he felt and I shed a few tears with him.  Red knew Mr.
Stafford was Uncle Bud's partner on the circuit for a number of years.  

Red started crying for Mr. Stafford being in such pain.  I went to
him and put my arms around him and tried to comfort him best I could
until he got it out.  Ben Jr. was weeping, too.  He didn't know Booger
except for meeting him less than a half hour ago but when Red opened
his arms to him he slowly allowed Red to hold him.  Mrs. Stafford was
silently weeping.  Sonny had his arm around her.

When things returned to normal.  I continued to tell the Staffords
my story about Nam, my buddies saving my life and coming back a
vegetable.  I told them the story of Uncle Bud coming to get my
buddies and going to Jim Redfeather in a dream.

I told them about Jim calling out my name over and over and them
finally finding me.  Again, big Ben was in tears.  He stood and opened
his arms to me.  I got up and the old man hugged me and we cried
together again.  Red helped fill in some of the information about Uncle
Bud's passing 'cause he had stayed with my Dad and Uncle Joe when
he went to Mason for Uncle Bud's funeral. They were amazed at my
story but I know they believed me. Mrs. Stafford especially.

"I have no doubt you're telling the truth, Billy.  I saw how your uncle
loved you and doted on you when you came to visit that time you and
he were on the circuit.  If that man could've found some way to save
you he would have.  How else would that young man know to call out
your name.  Your uncle was a good man, Billy.  We loved him a lot." 
She was sincere and I gave her another hug and kiss in thanks.

They insisted we stay at their place for the rodeo.  They were
gonna' try to put us up in rooms but we insisted in staying in the barn. 
It was summer.  Warm nights and lots of hay.  What more could you
want?  Mr. Stafford laughed at me.

"Hell, we end up spending most nights out there anyway listening
to stories."  Allowed Mr. Stafford.

Ben Jr. was usually stand-offish and quiet until he got to know
someone.  After Red held him while he cried he began to open to him a
little.  He was fascinated by Red's leather pants and cod piece.  Rather
than be rude and simply stare, Ben Jr. commented to Red he admired
them and had never seen anything like them.  Red didn't comment
much but thanked him for admiring them.  Told him they were popular
with the bike crowd.

Sonny was agog over Mr. Stafford.  The kid and I had the same
taste in men.  He thought Mr. Stafford was about the hottest cowboy
he'd ever seen and Ben Jr. came in a close second.  Boots, Red and I
would laugh and wink at Sonny when we caught him lusting for the old
man.  He was a good sport about it but both he and Boots knew how to
conduct themselves.

  Booger, Boots, Sonny and I stayed with the Staffords almost a
week. We had planned to stay only a couple of nights.  They begged us
to stay.  Ben Jr. wanted me to teach him some roping techniques.  He
was getting pretty damn good with a rope. He and his dad were
partnering together and were winning all the local rodeos.

They entered the Stampede and wanted us there for good luck. He
and Mr. Stafford won the third day of the rodeo.  Big Ben was happy
and so proud of his son.  It was one of the few times I ever saw the old
man give his boy a hug.  We were happy for their win.

We attended the rodeo every day and had a wonderful time.  Boots
and Sonny were wowed.  Booger and I were recognized everywhere we
went by the rodeo folk who had been so kind to me and Uncle Bud.  
Red was recognized by a lot of the older rodeo crowd and renewed
some old friendships.

When we got back from the rodeo Mrs. Stafford and several
neighbor ladies had dinner spread out on four or five picnic tables.  
Boots and Sonny couldn't believe the amount of food these folks sat
out for lunch or dinner.  They were also wowed by the generosity and
hospitality of rodeo folks.

After dinner all the men wanted to rodeo and since the Stafford
ranch was one of the biggest around Calgary they all congregated
there including most of the pro rodeo cowboys that were on the

With all the pro rodeo cowboys there, I thought Sonny was gonna'
come unglued.  Boots wasn't far behind.  He told me he rarely found a
man, other than me, to lust after; however, Calgary was a whole
'nother country.  Red and I smiled and nodded knowingly.  It was all we
could do to keep from biting an ass or two.

The younger men would rodeo in the evenings after the stampede. 
I roped with Ben Jr. and the tricks I taught him  improved his timing
and catch. Then Ben Jr. and I roped together against some of the pro
rodeo people and we were surprised. We were winning against the
best of the pro teams. 

He improved a lot since the time of my last visit. When Uncle Bud
taught me roping, he taught me to ride both 'header' and 'heeler'
position when roping.  I could ride either.  Ben Jr. concentrated on
roping the hinders as 'heeler' so I roped as 'header.'

 I hadn't roped in a while but laying off roping for a period seemed
to mature my technique.  I was hot that day at the Staffords.  I couldn't
miss.  I know sooner landed my rope over the horns and around the
neck of the steer, dallied my rope to the saddle horn,  pulled the critter
into position for my partner when Ben Jr. made his catch, dallied his
rope and backed his pony up.  We were done.  We had the best clocked
time all day.

Mr. Stafford and Booger would sit on the fence and watch the rest
of us rodeo; they'd laugh and talk.  Ben Jr. and I got Boots and Sonny
on a couple of horses and they were having a ball.

Mr. Stafford and Red were around the same age and had a lot in
common.  They liked each other from the start and developed an
unspoken admiration.  They had a lot of rodeo friends in common and
swapped rodeo stories with each other.

 Boots and Sonny were amazed at the number of folks that came to
the Stafford ranch to rodeo while we were there and how many I knew. 
If anyone wanted to know anything about roping I'd try to help them so
I was pretty busy most of the day.

Neighbors were there most of the time to have fun and help with
the rodeoing. The men brought their bedrolls and headed to the barn
where we were staying.  They wanted to hear and tell rodeo stories. 
They kept us up 'til the wee hours of the morning. I would finally
excuse ourselves 'cause I had to get some sleep and I know Red
needed his.

I told a couple of stories Uncle Bud use to tell.  I'd heard him tell
the same story over and over.  I knew most of his stories by heart.  He
rarely varied from his telling of a story.  He's use the same words,
sentences almost like he was reading it from memory.

I began to tell one of his and my favorites and found my voice
sounding like Uncle Bud as he told his stories.  I could even hear
myself talking the same way he did; the way he phrased words and the
deep Texas drawl that he used when he told his stories.

I saw Red looking at me a couple of times like he was hearing
Bud's voice.  He'd smile and look at me with pride and slowly shake his
head.  I saw Mr. Stafford wipe a tear or two away. Even Ben Jr. told me
he closed his eyes a couple of times while I was telling a story and
could have sworn it was Uncle Bud.

Red loved it and so did Boots and Sonny.  Boots and Sonny had
never been exposed to such giving and gracious folks.  It was a world
far removed from the rough world of the biker set to folks who would
bend over backward to give you a hand and ask nothing in return.

The love they got from our family and to experience the goodness
of these country folks was a  revelation to them.  They'd lived for years
riding with scoot trash who would sell their mothers for their next

The most important thing about Boots and Sonny to Red and I was
there willingness to share.  While they didn't have a lot,  they were
willing to share anything they had and best of all, they were sincere
men.  They didn't offer to share expecting more in return.

Ben Jr. and I got pretty close.  Hell, we were always close.  We
shared a lot of things.  He asked about Nam and I told him a few things
but told him he didn't miss nothing.  Thank God he didn't have to go
and suffer through that hell.  Ben Jr. was the same age as me but he
seemed  younger,---not physically, but mentally.    His physical
development was bigger than me.

He was his father's son no doubt.  He looked like a younger version
of the handsome older man.   Ben Jr. hadn't been out in the world.  He
was the oldest of the four Stafford children.  Two girls and another boy
six years younger than Ben Jr.  He was the only kid still at home, my
age, and unmarried.

Ben Jr. worked hard around the ranch and had an upper body
development that would rival many body builders.  He was proud of it
too and took his shirt off every chance he got.  He was much like his
old man in personality and you'd think they'd be close; like two peas in
a pod.

Not so!  They rarely had much communication with each other.  Big
Ben would bark an order to his son and the kid would immediately drop
what he was doing to take care of what his dad wanted.  He never
talked back nor questioned why something had to be done right away. 
If his dad wanted something done,  he did it.  He never grumbled nor
got a disgusted look on his face.

Sonny and I would tag along and give Ben Jr. a hand when big Ben
had to have something done right away, couldn't wait. Jobs went
faster and were always more fun when you had more hands helping. 
Ben Jr. was grateful to have our help.  It meant he could rodeo more.

Ben Jr. would apologize for his dad's abruptness.  He allowed his
dad was a good man, he wasn't always like this.  Ben Jr. defended his
dad saying he felt his dad had a right to run his ranch as he saw fit. He
saw himself past the age of independence when he should be out on
his own and thought of himself as a hired ranch hand, a buckaroo, for
his dad.

Like his old man, Ben Jr. was a cowboy.  Born and raised in the
saddle Ben Jr. was a pretty handy buckaroo. Other than Buck, my
Uncle Bud, and Dan Yates  he's the only other man I knew that just
looked like a cowboy.  He was quiet and stoic.   He reminded me a lot
of Leon in his silence,  but he would respond politely if asked a

He talked  more to me than a lot of people. He'd heard the stories
of what I'd been through and wanted to know more about the outside
world. Since Sonny was around most of the time he included him as
well.  Sonny had a way about him.  He could get a rock to talk to him. 
There was something so totally honest and disarming about Sonny's
personality I even found myself telling him the secrets of my soul.

Ben Jr. knew Sonny and his dad were hard core bikers and was
fascinated with them.  Sonny had lived so much more than Ben Jr. and
he wanted to hear about Sonny's exploits and travels. To do that he
had to open to Sonny somewhat to hear Sonny's stories.  Sonny
inherited the Gunn's gift of talking to people and have them in love
with you in minutes.  My dad was the same damn way.  Sonny made
Ben Jr. feel comfortable enough to ask him anything.

He'd lived all his life on that ranch and never been further than
downtown Calgary.  He had little practical living experience as an
adult in the outside world. I joked around with him several times trying
to get him to open up about himself and his dad's relationship.  He
didn't say much except he worked hard for his dad because he loved
him and wanted to please him. He did confide that it didn't seem to
matter how much he did for his dad, the old man never seemed to
show him much love.  Big Ben showed the other kids more attention
and affection than he did Ben Jr.

Ben Jr. sure asked Sonny a lot of questions  about his relationship
with his Dad. He was fascinated that Sonny and his dad were riding
bikes together.  Ben Jr. would get this far away look in his eyes and
tell Sonny and me he couldn't imagine the joy it must be for them to
share that together.  Sonny ain't a dumb kid.  In some ways, he's a hell
of a lot smarter, street wise, than I am.  He began to see many little
things that told him beyond a doubt Ben Jr. had a major hard-on for his
dad, big Ben.

Ben Jr. felt he was cursed by being the oldest and was relegated to
be protective big bother to his brother and sisters and work horse for
his dad. He was the first one his dad called to do any chore around the

Big Ben showed the three younger kids a lot more love and spoiled
them.  Ben Jr. grew up watching the three younger kids play and do
nothing around the ranch while he worked his ass off.  They could've
shared in the chores but big Ben wanted Ben Jr. to do them. 

Ben Jr. never questioned his dad and just learned to accept that
even though he carried his dad's name, his dad never cared much
about him except to use him as an unpaid ranch hand. It was hard on
the kid.  Sonny and I talked about it and how fortunate we'd been to
have dads that knew how to show affection.

All three of the younger kids got sent to college but even though
Ben Jr. had the best grades and was the smartest of the lot his dad
wouldn't send him to college.  Ben Jr. was still at home because his
dad was getting older and he wanted to take some of the responsibility
for running the ranch off his shoulders.

Ben Stafford wasn't that old.  He was a man in his mid fifties and
looked great for his age.  He made Sonny and my dick's drip the whole
time we were there.  I thought the first time Sonny saw Big Ben on a
horse he was gonna' crap his pants. Sonny turned his back to Mr.
Stafford, shook his head, spit, then looked at me with a shit eat'n grin.

"Goddamn, Cowboy!  Nobody ever told me life was fair, Bro., but to
have to stand here and watch that hunk of man on that horse, well . . .
nobody ever told me just how unfair life might be at times.  I'm head'n
to the loft to get rid of this boner."

Sonny could come up with the damdest lines sometime.  They were
simple and basic but they sure got the message across.  I laughed with
him and told him I had the same reaction the fist time I saw big Ben sit
a horse.

Ben Jr. and  his dad were doing a lot of roping together at local
rodeos.  They were doing well and Ben Jr. was coming along as a top
notch competitor.  His old man was pretty damn good himself.  Ben Jr.
liked the times he and his old man could get off alone together and
travel to some small out of town rodeo.

Ben Jr. watched Boots and Sonny like a hawk.  One afternoon we
were leaving the rodeo and Boots and Sonny were walking ahead of
Ben Jr. and I.   We were walking back to the Stafford's pickemup truck
to jump in the back and go back to the ranch. 

Boots had his arm around Sonny as they walked and talked.  You
could see Boots pull Sonny in closer every now and then, they'd talk
intimately,  and then roar with laughter from their conversation.  I saw
Ben Jr. looking at them and watched a tear run down his face that he
quickly wiped away so I wouldn't see it.

"Too late Ben, I saw it."  I said quietly but concerned.  

"I'm sorry, Cowboy,... it's.... well, it's... just.... "

"You're talking to a cowboy who understands, Ben.  I've been there
and back.  You ain't seeing Boots and Sonny walking up ahead of us
are you?"  Ben Jr. shook his head 'no.'

"Ben, ... I'm gonna' tell you something.  What you do with it is up to
you.   It's not wrong to love your old man, and that's unqualified, Ben. 
It's not wrong to have the feelings you have for him.  It's certainly not
wrong to want a closeness with your dad like Boots and Sonny have. 
Now, I ain't gonna' say another word about it.  I've probably
overstepped my boundaries all ready."

"No! No, it's all right, Cowboy.  You're right,... but you know my old
man.... "

"Yeah, I do Ben, but I think you're doing like I did and so many sons
do to their old man."

"What's that, Cowboy?'

"Short changing him.  He's a lot bigger man than you give him
credit for, Ben.  I think you should trust your dad.  I love your old man,
Ben, with all my heart.  He's a good man.  Mr. Stafford's one of only a
handful of men I look up to as a role model.  Know what?  So did my
Uncle Bud."   Ben Jr. didn't have much to say the rest of that
afternoon. I thought maybe I'd really overstepped my bounds as a

End Chapter 17~ Booger Red & Cowboy
Copyright 2003 Waddie Greywolf