Uncle Bud and I left Calgary and headed back down into the good old U.S. of
A.  The stampede was a great experience.   Staying with the Stafford's was
wonderful,  but it was good to be back on the road again.  I wasn't going to think
about anything for the next month but work as hard as I could to please the man
I'd fallen in love with. 

I'd do anything for my uncle. I'd started this trip a little over a year ago, slowly
worked and pleasured my way into my uncle's heart.  There was no other on this
Earth like him, and I wanted this trip, this moment in time to last forever. I was like
the surfer that found the perfect wave; the musician that found the lost chord; a
treasure, once found, so difficult to let go of. 
I took off my big felt cowboy hat and threw it in the boot of the camper. I laid
my head in his lap and pressed my face against his levis to get the full smell of my
cowboy Master through his jeans.  I'd laid my head in his lap hundreds of times on
this trip to sleep in peaceful, secure sleep as he drove us to our next destination. 

Many times I'd wake up and find myself being fed a super mouthful of his
beautiful, uncircumcised dick. I'd slowly run my tongue around under the head,
cleaning all the good, man flavors from beneath his hood, gently suck on it like it
was something holy and needed my prayers.

"You feel like holding some piss for your Master so's we don't have to stop,
Cowboy?"  I knew that was my cue to get as much of him down my throat as I
could;  to allow him to use me as his truck toilet so we didn't have to stop. He
slowly and patiently trained me to take his piss. At first I wasn't too keen on the
idea but after telling me what might be expected of a well trained slave, I thought
about it and ask him to train me. Master Bud didn't want to when I asked. 

"Master, will you teach me to take your piss."  I asked him quietly.

"No!  No!  Absolutely not!  You're my nephew, for cries sakes!"

"No disrespect, Sir, but I've talked to you before about becoming a slave to a
good Master.  I'm asking you because I love you, Uncle Bud.  I know you'd go
slow and explain things to me. No man's had a better teacher than you, Uncle
Bud, when you taught me about man sex and pleasuring a man.  Are you pleased
with your student, Sir?

"You know better'n to ask, Son.  You know damn well I am.  You've
surpassed your teacher.  What we have is sometimes unbelievable. Of course I'm

"I'd rather be taught by you than someone who might hurt me, Uncle Bud. 
You love me and will take the time and patience to train me slowly."

"I'm sorry, Cowboy.  I'll do anything for you but don't ask me to do that,
please, Son."  Uncle Bud was looking at me, and we were quiet for a while.

"Does every Master require that of their slave?"

"Some do, some don't; however, most do."

"Did you do that for Ben, Uncle Bud?"  Uncle Bud shot a look at me that
answered my question.

"Ahhh,  hell, Cowboy!  You know damn well I did.  Shit!  I should have known
better.  I'm not dealing with your average, run of the mill, initiate slave.  My
nephew's bright.  Of course, I'm prejudice 'cause I love you so much.  I can see I
have no argument that's gonna' work, and you're thinking since I did it, why can't
you?  All right!  As your Master, I'm supposed to be teaching you; however, I've
purposely left certain things out I didn't think I wanted to teach you.

I've overstepped the barriers of convention to teach you about man-sex, but
you did ask me to teach you,----I don't want to fit the profile of the depraved, sex
starved uncle that takes advantage of his young nephew, and that part's pushing
the boundaries of the limits I set for myself. I don't know if I can, Son.----I know!  I
know! If I learned to take Ben's piss why can't you take mine?  I don't have a
sound argument other than I'm your uncle,----." Uncle Bud was quiet for a long
while and so was I.  I thought I'd try the plaintive plea all kids default to.

"P-u---l-eeee--ase, Uncle Bud."  I guess it failed 'caused he didn't respond and
was quiet for a long time.  I could see he was debating it in his mind. After thirty
minutes of silence I thought the subject was dead and gone.

"'Sides, Uncle Bud, I have a memory better'n an elephant's.  That first night
we were laying together in the camper you told me you'd teach me anything I
wanted to know about man-sex."

"Damn!  You're right, I did!  Was hoping that slipped your rememberer.   Oh
fuck!  All right, we'll try...."

Uncle Bud was as good at that subject as he was the others.  He was patient
and understanding.  Didn't take me long to learn.  I've even learn to enjoy it.  Hell, 
his piss tasted better than beer.  He worked with me and taught me how to
suppress my gag response so's he could work enough of his dick down my throat, 
I didn't have to swallow when he used me.  I would just relax my throat and hook
on to him like I was a baby calf.  I'd just lay there and wait.

I'd feel him scoot his ass forward a little to relax and knew the flow of his
good, hot, man piss would start to fill me up at any minute. He would start his flow
and not stop until I heard him tell me he'd finished.  I'd  sometimes doze off from
the warmth in my belly and the secure feeling of being hooked up to his big,
masculine body. Often, I would stay hooked to him for an hour or more, lightly
dozing, feeling him emptying more into me from time to time; there for his use. It
was a wonderful feeling. Then he would lightly shake me to let me know he was
ready for me to pleasure him.

I'd withdraw, and he'd take his hand to pull back his foreskin from the large
head of his shaft. He wanted to get the full feeling of my cowboy throat as I slowly
began to ride his shaft.  Uncle Bud's cock head was super sensitive once the
foreskin was pulled back, and it rarely took me over four or five good slides on his
dick as far as I could take it to feel his flow start to come up his shaft.

"Damn, Cowboy!  You're gettin' me again. Pull off a little ways so's you can
catch me in your mouth, Son.  I know how much you love your Master's spunk."

I'd pull back just in time to catch his good, hot load in my mouth.  I'd
sometimes  lay there for a few minutes with the full taste of his body and come
mingled with the smell of him.  The smells of good healthy, clean, man;  sweat,
leather, horses, levis, sex, a faint hint of Lilac Vegetal and then the taste of his
come.  My God,  his come became a drug to me.

I'd beg him to fuck me with rubbers sometimes,  to cheat my ass out of a load,
so's I could squeeze it out onto his big brown cowboy boots and eat it off a plate
made for a slave-boy. He'd laugh understandingly at my need to please him.  He
knew where my head was.  He'd been there with Ben Stafford. He told me I
weren't doing nothing new, he made Big Ben do the same damn thing when they
were together.

"Even eat'n his come off his boot, Uncle Bud?"

"You saw that big cowboy in them boots of his,---what da' you think?"  He'd
smile a half smile at me.

"Sure hope ya' did, Uncle Bud.  Them boots of Mr. Stafford's were too damn
hot just to get horse shit on 'em."  Uncle Bud roared with laughter.

"Think so, huh,---?" He was still laughing.

"I sure as hell would've!  I'd get a look at them big boots of his and my ole
dick'ud start to drool in my pants."

"Okay, now, let's stop talking 'bout Ben's boots.  I've all ready got me a big ole
hard-on and before you know it,  we'll be pulling off at the next rest stop, climbing
it the camper, so's I can tear me off a piece of buckaroo butt if'n you don't stop. 
We got lots of country to cover. You could make my hard-on go away if'n you got
down there and took me again, Honcho."

"Yes Sir, Master Bud, my pleasure, Sir.  One last question, Uncle Bud?"

"What's that, Cowboy?"

"Did your ole mouth start to water when you got a glimpse of them big boots
of Mr. Stafford's?"  I thought Uncle Bud was going to wreck the damn truck he
was laughing so hard.

"Ohhhh, yes, Cowboy!  Yes it did, big time! I had to swallow two ta' three
times to keep from drool'n down the corners of my mouth and look'n like a fuck'n
idiot."  He laughed some more, put his big arm around me, pulled me close and
bussed a quick kiss behind my ear.

"Me, too!" I said softly, under my breath.  He heard me and laughed even
harder.  He shared more intimate details of their relationship, and Uncle Bud had
the same feelings for  Ben I had for him.  Finally, Uncle Bud made a comment that
set us both off.

"Fuck!  They ought a' pass a law against big men like Ben Stafford wear'n
boots.  It's just too damn hard on men like us.  Look'n at them boots of his almost
stopped my old heart a couple of times and I had to keep shaking you to make
sure you were still breathing." We both roared with laughter.

I told him he was right, I think I stopped breathing several times. That only
made him laugh more; he made me laugh, in turn, and we were racked up with
laughter. We'd look at each other after that and break into gales of laughter.  We
knew what the other was thinking.  Uncle Bud and I had some great times
together.  Aside from the love we shared, most important to us, we became good

Uncle Bud shared with me his conversation with Mr. Stafford about young Ben

"Did Ben Jr. open up to you, Cowboy?  I know he's awfully quiet, but you
seem to have a gift for making people feel so comfortable around you they trust
you almost immediately. Wish't I had that talent."

"No Sir.  We didn't talk much about his dad.  He did tell me he was at home
because his dad needed him to help run the ranch,---but he did say, he loved his
old man so much he didn't think he could leave. I didn't think about it at the time. 
Do you think he meant---?"

"That he's in love with his dad?"

"Yes Sir.  I got the feeling if we had more time to spend together, sooner or
later,  Ben Jr. and I would've ended up in the hay.  I caught him checking me out a
couple of times.  I caught him looking at you when he didn't think anyone was
looking. I could tell he thought you were one of the best looking men he'd ever
seen. It's kind of sad in a way, Ben Jr.'s too damn good looking to go to waste on
that ranch.  Did you see the build on him when he took off his shirt?"

"Yeah!  He looked like a damn body builder.  I have to agree with you,
Cowboy, he's a good looking young man.  He looks like his dad did when I met

"I sure can understand why you rode with Mr. Stafford on the circuit, Uncle
Bud.  Hell, he ain't too shabby today.  Shit, I'd ride with him."

"You noticed, huh, Cowboy?  Gotta' agree with you again, Son.  He still does
it to me. He looks better the older he gets.  Ain't too many men you can say that
about.  I hope it turns out all right for Ben and Ben Jr." 

'I have a feeling it will, Master Bud."

We headed down into Wyoming into some of the most beautiful country I'd
ever seen.  Throughout the west you can travel the back roads, and there will be a
sign at an entryway to some small farm or large ranch. The sign will read "Rodeo
friendly!" You can pull in, and the whole family will come out to welcome you, feed
and board your horses, release them to their pastures, feed you like visiting
royalty, and keep you up for hours talking rodeo. They're all wonderful, loving

We'd rather stay with a "Rodeo friendly" family than some sterile motel.  Most
times we couldn't take the horses out for a walk.  The poor things would have to
stay in the trailer.  Then, too, you've made friends that send you Christmas and
Birthday cards for years.  Pictures of the family, pets, and horses. They share with
you their losses and happiness over the years.

For years afterward, all you need do is phone, drop a line you'll be in their
area, and you'll be swamped with genuine, heartfelt, offers to come visit and stay
a while. You became part of their family. All Uncle Bud and I had to do was
mention our names, and we were asked how long we could stay.

Most had arena's for roping and bull doggin;' great for Uncle Bud and I to
practice.  They always had plenty of stock to practice on.  Of course all the
neighbors would be alerted for miles around. Come the next morning there'd be
fifty pickemup trucks with cattle racks and horse trailers, come to watch the
number two team ropers in the nation and to participate in an impromptu rodeo.

A lot of the beautiful young women would barrel race, and some of them were
really good.  They should have been on the circuit. There was always a hand full
of local talent that could have been professional competitors. It was always good
fun, and nobody ever got out of hand.  We would rodeo all damn day and into the
evenings if they had lights.

The kids would rope, ride calves bareback and generally have a ball. The
older men would ride unbroken stock bareback, and the bigger young men would
bulldog fairly large steers. Wrestle 'em to the ground. 

The women would  load up the back of their family's trucks with all kinds of
food they would spread out on four to six picnic tables with beautiful checkered
table clothes. 

Unimaginably good food for all. The desserts! Oh my God! Pies and cakes
and more pies and cakes. Mrs. Jones insists you have a piece of her award
winning German chocolate cake and Mrs. Grimes insists you try her grasshopper

Then the iced tea. Where do those folks learn to make iced tea? Best damn
drink on the planet. No contest!  Always served with plenty of ice in quart mason
jars.  No drinking glasses. No mugs.  Y'ain't country less'n you drink your iced tea
out of a big puttin' up jar. Bigger the jar, the more room for tea. Damn, it was
good. Sometimes they'd put a sprig of mint in the jar. All the ladies had mint
growing around a leaky faucet somewhere around the ranch.

We were staying at the Bartlett's ranch outside of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  Little
bitty town, big ranch, with some powerful big ole cowboys.  They grow them
economy size in Wyoming; big sky country;  big man country.

Uncle Bud and I watched this big ole cowboy wrestle a bigger steer.  He
jammed the heels of his boots into the loose ground of the arena and stopped that
damn steer dead in it's tracks, lost it's balance, flipped all the way over and the
cowboy held it down for eight seconds.

While he was holding the critter he looked up at me sitting on the fence and
winked.  Every cowboy in the place turned and looked at me. I turned a deep
shade of crimson. Uncle Bud looked at me with his mouth open and I looked at
him with a dumb look on my face and a lopsided grin.

"What da' ya' make of that, Cowboy?"

"Not sure, Uncle Bud, but he could put his boots under my bed for a night;
maybe two, if he says the secret word!"

"I think he's gonna' ask'um to put your ass in that chute next."  Uncle Bud was
having fun with me.

"He could bulldog my ass anytime he wants.  I'd stay down longer than any
fuck'n eight seconds, I'll guaran-damn-tee ya.'  He could nail my ass to the arena
floor!"  I thought Uncle Bud was gonna' come unhinged he was laughing so hard. 
He damn near fell off the fence.

"You've come a long way, Cowboy."  he laughed at me,  "Would you want to
bunk it in with him if'n he asked?"

"Leave my Master alone?  Wouldn't consider it." I replied.

"I wouldn't mind sharing you with a grade-a, piece of prime cowboy beef like
him.  I think he could do you some good.  Hell, he might even teach me to bull dog
you like that when I'm real horny.  Wouldn't 'at be fun?"  Uncle Bud slapped me on
the back, laughing.  He was having a bit too much merriment at my expense.

"What I said earlier, I was just joking with you;  like we always do, Uncle Bud. 
You're the only cowpoke for me.  'Sides we don't have that much time left
together and I want as much of you as I can get.   Is that being selfish of me?"

"No, it ain't, Billy.  Not at all.  Aside from being a sweet man, Cowboy, you're
also  thoughtful, caring and considerate.  Love you, Son."

"Love you, too, Uncle Bud."  I replied softly.

"How old  ju' guess the bull dogger to be, Cowboy?"

"Late twenties.  Maybe early thirties."

"My guess would be twenty-six to twenty eight.  Damn!  He be a fine looking
piece of work, ain't he?  Prime beef on da' hoof!"

"Yeah! Gotta' agree with ya' on that one, Uncle Bud.  You know quality stock
when you see it."

"If something pops up, throw your hat over it, Cowboy."  Uncle Bud told me
grinning like a cat eating a tasty mouse, "Might make it easier on ya' when we
have to go on with our lives to have a couple more experiences under your belt." 
He urged with concern.

"Awwh, Uncle Bud,..."  I was going to protest again.

"Remember last summer at the Anderson's place.  You and Jim Red feather
never left each others side.  How would this be any different?"  asked my uncle.

"Awwh, Uncle Bud.  Jim was like my brother.   I know you were kind and
generous enough to let me spend a lot of time with Jim.  That's only one of the
reasons I love you."

"You and Jim took one look at each other and bonded right there.  There was
no way in hell any man or angel was gonna' stand in the way of that love.  I'm
older and wiser.  I knew better'n to try.  Besides, I fell in love with Jim, too.  He
was one of the nicest young men I've ever met and someone I wanted you to get
to know and love.  I can't tell you why but something told me it was important; to
let the two of you run with it.  

There was something you needed from Jim and he needed from you and it'll
be there for you the rest of your lives. Someday you may need your brother and
he'll be there when you call his name.  Besides,  I love Jim too and saw the way
he looked at you.  He worshiped you.  You're also my nephew as well as my
slave.  What I may want for you as your uncle may differ from what I want and
expect of you as a Master.

I'm just think'n 'bout you, Honcho.  It ain't gonna' be easy for us to say
goodbye after this year we've had together.  You realize,  as your Master,  I have
the right to give you to another man if it pleases me and you must obey?"

"Of course!  You know I would, Uncle Bud.  But,----"

"Ain't no 'buts' about it, Son.  You made that choice.  I'm letting you live it to
see if you really want to live the life of a slave.  You pressed me to teach you
more than I wanted to so if I do decide something like that it isn't because I want
to give you up for an evening, it's because you need the experience.  You need to
know you can share love with others."

"Yes, Sir, Uncle Bud,----I'll always obey you, Sir.  I know you wouldn't do
nothing to hurt me."

At dinner Uncle Bud and I were sitting at a picnic table by ourselves.  We
were two of the first to go through the line.  The big man who flipped the steer saw
Uncle Bud and I sitting alone at a picnic table.  He swaggered over with two plates
of food piled as high as he could get them and sat down right next to me.  He was
about  as close as he could get.  He stuck out his huge hand to Uncle Bud and
introduced himself.

"Name's Dave Jarvis, Mr. Cummings."

"Glad to meet you, Son.  This, here, fine look'n cowpoke is..." Uncle Bud
started to introduce me. Dave raised his other hand.

"I all ready know, Sir.  He's your boy,---the one everybody calls, 'Cowboy.' 
The man everybody's been talk'n 'bout.   They say he's slicker'n owl shit with a
rope and twice as fast. 'Yeah,  you'll know 'em when you see 'em.' folks tell me,  
'They'll be the two best looking Cowboys there!'  

Yes, Sir! Folks done told me'n my dad that a'for we even gotch' here. 
Damned, if'n they weren't right,  Sir."  Dave spoke sincerely.

"Well, thank ya', Young Man.  We appreciate that."

"Ain't never seen me no men what looked more like cowboys in my life than
you two, Mr. Cummings. Ya'll look like you were born with your boots on."  Uncle
Bud smiled, shook Dave's hand and then Dave offered his hand to me.

"Name's Dave, Cowboy!  You' n your dad also happen to be two of the most
handsome cowboys I ever did see."

"Howdy, Dave, good to meet'cha!" I shook his big ham of a hand,   "You ain't
too damn hard to look at , neither,  Cowboy.  Thought I'd pissed my pants when
you winked at me after bull doggin' that steer."  I grinned my award winning
buckaroo grin at him and we laughed together.

"Why, thank ya', Cowboy." he said giggling and smirking, "I hope I didn't
embarrass you none,---well, none too much, anyways." he ginned from ear to ear,
winked, leaned in closer to me and said quietly, "I  threw that bull just for you,

"I'd say you were pretty damn good at throw'n the bull in or out of the arena,
Cowboy."    He looked at me and grinned and we all laughed.

Dave proceed to put the two heaping plates of food away.   He reminded me
of a bulldozer refueling. We ate and talked.  We told him he impressed the shit out
of us this afternoon bull doggin' that steer.

"Awh hell, that's a small one.  They's got a couple 'round here I ain't never
been able to throw but I'm a' working up to 'em.   Their time's coming."  Dave kept
his big leg as close to mine as he could but didn't move it or nothing. I got the
feeling he was satisfied just being near and touching me.

Dave finished the two huge piles of food; ate what was left on my plate, and
Uncle Bud's.  Then he went back for seconds; a piece of pie and cake after that.
The man was big.  He needed the fuel. You can't throw a lot of bull on an empty

We finished eating and Uncle Bud went to get us  more ice tea.  I saw Dave
innocently put his right hand under the table on his leg with his palm up.  I waited
a minute and like it was the most natural thing in the world to do I slipped my left
hand under the table and gently laid it in his big rough hand. 

He looked at me, blushed and smiled as he slowly and gently closed his big
hand around mine.  Uncle Bud was sharp.  It was the first thing he noticed on
returning to the table.  He looked at big Dave's reddened face and smiled, leaned
over so only we could hear what he said.

"Hope you're intentions toward's my son are honorable, Dave; don't want no
shotgun weddings!"  The big man threw back his head and roared with laughter.

"Oh, hell, no, Mr. Cummings.  I got protection."  Dave slapped his hip to
indicate a condom in his billfold.  Uncle Bud thought that was the funniest come
back he'd heard in a long time but Dave didn't stop there.

"Sure wouldn't mind  this here handsome buckaroo having my baby, though. 
Hell, it'ud hav'ta be per'tee.  No disrespect to you, Sir, or Cowboy."  Dave said
meekly.  Uncle Bud almost fell off the bench laughing.  I could tell he thought
Dave was all right.  I didn't think he was too damn shabby, either.

"None taken, Son.  Nice to find a man that knows and speaks his mind.  It's
rare these days."

"I ain't never had no urge to be with a man 'til I been watching you two today. 
I still can't figure who's the better looking,...  you or your son.   Don't make me no
never mind 'cause Cowboy offered his hand.  That's gotta' mean something?"  he
stated sincerely.  "If a man's per'tee butt makes my dick hard and it starts to
dripping does that mean I'm a homo, Mr. Cummings?"  he asked Uncle Bud

"Only if you want to think of yourself that way, Son.  You could be bi-sexual. 
I'm married, have a wife I've loved all these years but when my boy offers up a
piece of that tight little cowboy butt of his'n, I damn sure climb on for the ride.

Hell, he's better'n an eight second winnin' ride on a bareback bronc!   Ain't no
better feelin' in the world, Son, than slippin' your old dick into a nice, tight, clean,
piece of buckaroo butt,  getting him all broke in,  nice'n comfortable like,----then
the two of you riding off into the sunset together whistling 'Happy Trails.'" Uncle
Bud winked at me and roared with laughter to watch me blush again.  Dave
thought it was 'per'tee' fucking hilarious, too.

"Woo-we,  dogies! Holy shit, Mr. Cummings that sounds hot.  You and
Cowboy,--- together?  Can't 'magine me no per'teer pitcher than that, Sir.  Ever
now and then  I  dream of holding my old man,... both of us naked, .... for just one
night; sleeping in his big arms.  Damnation!   And to think,----you lucky little shit,...
you get to have your old man anytime you give it up to him."  Dave just shook his
head like that was about the best thing he'd ever heard.

"That's him,... that's my old man,.... over there next to the tractor talk'n to Mr.
Bartlett.  The biggun' with the 'silver belly' hat." Uncle Bud and I looked at Dave's
dad and he was an older copy of Dave only bigger,  much bigger.  Dave was big
but his dad was huge.

"I'm from the country, Mr. Cummings.  Don't know much about manners and
such.  'Specially about this sort of thing.  Am I suppose to ask your permission  to
ask your handsome boy if he'd consider bunk'n it in with me this evening. I know I
ain't much to look at but I'd sure as hell try'n make him happy for an evening. 

You might wanna' be keep'n 'em for yourself and all.  Wouldn't blame you
none, a bit, if'n you did.  Maybe I've stepped over the line, Sir;  if so, I apologize.  I
don't mean no harm, it's just 'cause I don't know no better."  Dave said again
sincerely. He won Uncle Bud's heart.  I could see it in his face when he smiled at
me.  At that moment, I knew I'd be bunk'n it in with the bull dogger.

Uncle Bud liked Dave's honesty.  You can't fault a man for being honest. 
Uncle Bud would've known in a minute if Dave was trying to bull shit him.  Dave
was honest, open, and painfully funny.  Uncle Bud about fell off the picnic bench
laughing.  I gently squeezed big Dave's hand like it was okay with me, thinking,
'Cowboy, lead me to that damn chute and don't spare the spurs!'

"Well, I guess there ain't no real protocol, Dave, but I'd say  you done just
fine.  That was manners enough for me,----you Cowboy?  Uncle Buck asked if I
agreed with him.  I blushed and nodded, 'yes.'  

Dave took my hand and put it on his rock hard dick. I felt it,  felt it,---and felt
it again.  'Damn will it never end.' I thought to myself.  Finally, I knew I was at the
end cause I could feel the wet spot; about five inches above his knee.

"What da' ya' say cowboy?  Think that'ud hurt cha'?" Dave asked with real
concern.  I smiled sweetly.

"If there's a God, it might!"  I tossed off dryly.  Dave couldn't stop laughing,
"However, Bull Dogger," I continued, "compared to the size of my old man, there,
I'd say you'd be moderately comfortable."

"Holy Moses, Mr. Cummings, you must have one hell of a dick.  What a' my
saying? My old man's bigger'n me by a long shot?"  Dave said sort of down.   

'His dad's,  bigger?' I thought to myself.  I couldn't believe anybody could be
bigger than Bull Dogger Dave.

"You promise to bull dog me and hold me down for a full eight seconds,
Cowboy."   I asked him teasing.

"Woooah dogies! You know it, Cowboy. I'd hold you down 'til the buffalo on
the nickle shits."  Uncle Bud was having a delightful time listening to me and Dave
carry on.  For such a huge man,  Dave's innocence was refreshing.

"Well, you can have him with my blessing, Cowboy,  if'n he wants to bunk it in
with you.  You two may get a late start.  You know how these men like to stay up
and hear rodeo stories all night.  Guess you guys could use our camper.  Just
make sure the side braces are on the ground snug so's the damn truck don't go a'

Everybody knows when two cowboys go into a camper together and it gets to
rock'n like it's about to turn a corner on two wheels,  they ain't in there playing
'Scrabble.'"  It was Dave's turn to laugh and he had a full deep baritone laugh that
made everyone stop and look including his old man.

"Come on out to the barn later or stay the night with each other in the camper. 
I'll get you up in the morning."  volunteered Uncle Bud.

Dave thanked Uncle Bud but his personal cabin was about a mile away on
horseback.  His Dad's property butted up against the Bartlett's property and big
Dave was top waddie for his dad's ranch.  He'd borrow one of Mr. Bartlett's
pony's, Cowboy could ride Madison and they'd be there in fifteen minutes.  

"It's two bedrooms and a buckaroo room with bunk beds in it if you want to
ride out.   Got me indoor plumbing with a nice shower out there.  Gotta warn ya.' 
My old man'll probably ride out there too and he snores like a hibernat'n Grizzly
bear."  Dave chuckled.  He waved to his dad and his old man started slowly
moseying over to the table.  Dave introduced his dad, 'Barn' to Uncle Bud and I. 
Seems 'Barn' was short for Bernard. He was big as the side of one.

We spent the afternoon together. Uncle Bud and I gave a couple
demonstrations of team roping and scored one of our best times ever.  After I
dallied my rope and backed Madison, I looked up and caught Dave's eye.  He was
sitting next to his Dad on the corral fence and I winked at him.  All the cowboys
hooted and hollered 'cause they'd seen him do the same thing to me earlier in the

Poor Dave knew he'd been one-upped.  He grinned real big, lowered his
head, pulled the brim of his big hat down over his eyes and blushed bright red. 
His old man leaned over, said something to him,  roared with laughter and
whomped him on the back.  Whatever he said caused Dave's ears and nose to
turn bright red as the wet spot in his Wranglers got bigger. By that evening there
couldn't have been a doubt in Barn's mind what was going on between me and
his son.

The ranch folks served a light supper for all gathered and Dave and his dad
sat with us.  Dave sat as close to me as his could again but this time didn't stop
pushing and playing with my leg with his the whole time.  I loved it.  He was
hotter'n a two dollar pistol and so was I.  My ass began to imagine the feel of that
big Bull Dogger Dick firmly planted up my wazoo and started to drip involuntarily. 
Great! Now I had a wet spot in the back of my jeans to match the one in front that
kept growing.  So much for upholding the image of the American Cowboy.  Just
weren't my day for poster duty.  Maybe for 'Depends.'

Uncle Bud and I got to know Dave's dad, Barn, pretty well that afternoon.  He
seemed giddy and happy for his boy that he had someone,---anyone, that he was
interested in.  He didn't give a shit whether it was male or female.  He just wanted
his boy to be happy.  It was obvious they shared a close relationship.

Barn was jovial, intelligent, personable, quick and strong as an ox.  He could
tell some of the most outrageously funny stories.  He kept us laughing all through
supper.   He had a serious side, too, and that revolved around his only child,
Dave.  Dave was the brightest light in the center of Barn's universe. As far as
Barn was concerned any other bodies were simply in orbit around his son.

Barn was quick witted and between him and my uncle, Dave and I got razzed
unmercifully.  They kept us red faced all through supper.  Dave never challenged
his dad on anything and went along with their razzing with good natured aplomb. 
Dave was crazy about his dad, too.

Barn raised Dave by himself after his wife died in a car accident with her sister
on the way to their mother's home.  They formed a co-dependency that was
caring, giving, and protective.  Dave was first to defend his old man and his
universe.  They ran a huge ranch together with the help of hired hands. They ran
mostly sheep but had some cattle.

Barn and my uncle discovered they'd been in the same area of Korea around
the same time and knew some of the same people.  Uncle Bud happened to
mention his cousin Billy Gunn Jr. who had been in Korea just ahead of him and
was shipped home before Uncle Bud.

"Billy Gunn from Mason, Texas?"  asked Barn.

"That's were Cowboy and I are from.  I'm sheriff of the county, there."

"Son of a bitch!  Old Billy and I were best buddies.  Damned if we didn't toss
back a few.  Old Gunn saved my life one night.  I owe that man my life.  Never
was a better man.  How is he today?"

"Oh he's fine.  Has a handsome young son, who's a champion rodeo cowboy. 
Good looking kid, too." Uncle Bud winked at me and I kept eating my pie.

"You don't say!  Well, I'll be damned.  He ever get up this way?"  asked Barn.

"Yeah.  He's here now."   

"Here?  At the ranch?"  Barn asked surprised.

"Yep.  So close you could almost reach out and touch 'em."  Uncle Bud was
having a good time.

"Well, where the hell is he?"  Barn demanded thinking he was being set up.

"Show him your driver's license, Cowboy."   Uncle Bud smiled at me.  I pulled
out my wallet and handed my drivers license to Mr. Jarvis.  He read it closely,
looked at me, looked back at the license and looked puzzled.

"Wait a minute, then you and Cowboy,---?"  Mr. Jarvis stopped.

"Billy's my nephew.  People tell us we look so much alike they just assume
we're father and son.  We don't bother to explain it 'cause it happens so much. 
We ain't sure they believe us when we do.  We don't lie.  We just don't told tell
'em no different."

"Son of a bitch.  He don't look nothing like old Gunn.  Gunn was a good
looking man but his boy here, well,....  all I can't say, Son, is , you got the best of
the family looks.  Damn!  Well, It's good to meet ya,' Billy!  Billy Gunn!  Now I
remember hearing that name from rodeo people and wondered at the time but
dismissed it.  Well, I'll be damned."  He went on and on.  Had me get up and give
him a big hug, kissed me and cried in my arms.  Told us about my dad saving his
life.  I never knew my dad was a hero.  I had new respect for my old man after
* * * * * * *  

Sometimes the farm or ranch houses were large enough to offer us a room.
Most times, if the families were staying over for another day, Uncle Bud and I took
our bed roles and joined the rest of the men in the hay in the barn. Even the
owner of the place and his son's weren't about to miss out on the rodeo stories,
and would bring their bedrolls to join us.  The house was left to the women folk. 
They'd stay up half the night  swapping stories, too. The men wouldn't let us
sleep.  They'd want to swap rodeo stories all damn night.

My Uncle Bud could tell a story.  I fell asleep many nights with my head in his
lap listening to a story I'd heard him tell fifty times or more. Listening to his deep,
masculine, baritone voice he'd enthrall the men for hours with his stories. The
comforting sound of his voice would put me out like a light.  I loved to hear his
stories even in my sleep. They didn't think anything of our closeness. Hell, we
looked just alike, and they  just assumed we were father and son. Most times we
didn't tell them no different.

We spent some time listening to the men tell their rodeo stories then Dave
and I slipped out of the barn.  He borrowed a pony from Mr. Bartlett and I had
Madison saddled up.  We started riding out to Dave's place.  It was one huge
stretch of land you could see to the horizon.

 It was a full moon and the prairie was in summer bloom.  It was a romantic
time to be alive.  We let the ponies walk along at their own pace as we were
talking softly.  Dave reached over and took my hand and we rode the rest of the
way holding hands.  We were like Roy and Dale.  No, no! Scratch that!  We were
more like Hoss Cartwright and Little Joe.  I wonder if Little Joe was ever smart
enough to---?  Awh, hell!  Ain't none of my business.  All I know is the Old Man
took Dan Blocker way too soon to suit me.

We came upon Dave's cabin too soon.  It was such a romantic ride I never
wanted it to end,---until I got to thinking about the dick on the man holding my
hand and calling me his 'Little Darlin.'  Ain't never been called no man's 'Little
Darlin' but old Bull Dogger Dave could a' called me any damn thing he wanted
and it would've sounded like music to my Cowboy ears.

We arrived and Dave showed me to his room.  It was clean but Spartan.  Not
a lot of creature comforts.  It was a buckaroo's room.  Tack hung on the walls;
extra spurs; a set of working chaps; an old scrub board; one large blue ware pot;
a couple Indian blankets and a platted rug on the floor.  A big rocking chair was in
the corner.  It was comfortable.  It said, 'home.'  

Dave got me a beer and I tried to choke it down.  Hate beer.  He showed me
to his shower and I told him I'd be a while.  I cleaned myself good and returned to
find Bull Dogger Dave laying across his bed buck ass naked with his boots on. 
He took one look at me and whistled low.

"Son of a bitch!  Christmas done come early this year!  Thank ya' Jesus and
thank ya' Santa Clause!"  he smiled and held his huge arms open for me. 
Somehow I knew I didn't need to feel shy around ole Dave.  From that moment
on, Bull Dogger Dave was in the saddle directing the show.  I let him run with it.

We kissed and made love on the bed until our old dicks couldn't get much
harder.  Dave's dick,  in all it's glory, was a sight to behold.  It had a look of
promise about it that I knew would be fulfilled.  It looked like it could be a round
trip ticket to paradise.  We were all over each other drinking in as much as we
could.  Suddenly Dave stopped breathless.

"Sorry, Cowboy.  Ain't never made love to nobody like this before and I don't
wanna' scare ya.'"

"What are you talking about, Buckaroo?  You ain't scaring me none.  I was
afraid I was scaring you. I was holding back."

"Maybe I should shower and clean up." said Dave.

"You know how you threw that bull this morning?"


"Head for that shower, I'll flip you like that steer and break both your legs."

"I won't!  I won't, I promise!  Can I ask, why?  I'm new to this, Cowboy.  Help
me out here."

"You smell wonderful the way you are.  I can smell a full days worth of you
and all that you are.  It's one of the most intoxicating smells I've every
experienced and I don't want you warsh'n it down the drain nor cover'n  it with
perfumed soap."

"Then why did you take a long shower?"

"Uhh,----I cleaned my body were the sun don't shine, Brother, so I'd be clean
for my Bull Doggin' Cowboy to ride."

"You did that for me?"

"Sure and for my safety.  'Sides it's just cleaner and healthier."  We kissed
gently again.

"You won't laugh at me, if'n I tell you something, Cowboy."

"Lemme' guess.  You ain't never been with nobody; ever."

"Yeah.  'At's right."

"Not to worry, Cowboy.  You're gonna' do just fine.  Ain't nothing to it.  Hell, a
year ago I didn't know nothing about sex.  Never been with anyone before,
neither.  I begged my uncle to teach me about sex.  Told him I didn't think I was
gonna' be interested in women so would he teach me to be a good partner for a

"You mean you and that handsome man,...together,... alone this last year, ...."

"You got the picture, Dave.  I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.  I know
what I'm doing.  Don't know it all but I sure as hell know enough to make damn
sure we have a good time.  Now, let's get on with this thing, Pardner.  You take
this, here, tube and put some of this on my back door and oil the hinges."  I
laughed. Dave smiled.

"Oil your hinges?" he asked

"You'll get the idea in a minute." I smiled.  Dave did get the idea and got so
hot stretching my ass I thought he was gonna' come.  When I figured he'd opened
me enough I started making love to his big dick and he went crazy.  When I
cleaned under his foreskin I though he was going to fall off the bed.  Finally I
decided he was ripe for picking.

I got myself in mounting position and told him what to do.  I reached down and
grabbed a big old handful of each one of his ass cheeks and pulled him into me.

"Sink it, Dave.  All the way.  Y'ain't gonna' hurt me."  Dave did as instructed
and I was filled with his big, beautiful, bull dogger dick.    I told him to just let it
soak for a few minutes.  He felt mighty sweet inside of me.  My ass had very little
argument with his dick.   'Yes, Sir'  I thought to myself, 'Bull Dogger Dave and I
are gonna' have us a good time tonight.' 

I somehow felt like a momma duck that just led her babies to water.   They've
never been there before; they ain't too sure, but hell,---momma's in there
swimming.  Let's go guys!  Wheeeee!   Dave was my duckling.  He just got his
feet wet.  The satisfied smile on his face said there was no holding him back. 
He'd sunk, now he was going to swim.  God done brung us a me-rick-cul!  He
suddenly realized what else his dick was for besides pissing and beating off! 
Glory!  If it's done right, sex can be a religious experience.  This cowboy's been
known to fall on his knees and praise God at the sight of a man's beautiful dick.   

"You're in the saddle, now, Cowboy.  Give us a good ride.  You need any
help, or directions along the trail; just ask.  Right now, Buckaroo, you couldn't feel
no better if you tried.  Woah!  Gimme' a couple of good deep strokes with that big
thing.  Nail my cowboy butt to your bunk, Ramrod!  Yeah!  'At's it!  'At's it!"  I urged
him on,  reached up and stole a kiss from him.  He kissed me gently and deeply
as he was really getting into fucking my butt but good.

"How would you like me to fuck you, Darlin'" he asked shyly.

"You don't worry about me, Bull Dogger.  Cowboy's here for your pleasure.  I
get mine by giving you your's.  Take what you need and then take some more. 
If'n you want me to let you know when you're really doing something great,  you
got it.  For right now, I'd say you're doing just fine for your first time out of the
We must have fucked for two hours or more.  Dave tried out every possible
manner of fucking he could think of and then some I thought off.  I told him what
felt best to his partner but he was the fucker.  Fuck your partner to get them really
worked up so they, in turn, will give their best to you.

Finally he decided we'd been fucking long enough and he wanted to come in
my ass.  I handed the reigns over to him and told him to ride me to the barn.  He
understood that metaphor like a true cowboy.  I put my ass up for him and met
every stroke.  He never had to hunt once for the best thrust he could get into my
open, relaxed, ready to receive, buckaroo butt.

I felt Dave near and he started yelling at the top of his voice.

"Oh, God! Cowboy!  Oh, God!   I'm about to come!  Can't hold it no longer! 
I'm a' gonna' shoot'n in your sweet little ass, Darlin.'   Aarrggghh... Your Bull
Doggin' Cowboy done went an' come. 

Oh, shit!  I can feel that, Baby!  Your ass is trying to bite my dick off.  Damn
that's the hottest thing I ever felt in my life.  Oh, fuck!  Sweet Jesus!  I'm gonna'
come again, Cowboy!  Take it, Darlin'!  Take my bull dogger come up your sweet
little butt.  Oh, Shit!  Oh,...Damn!"

We had reached the grand climax for the evening.  He was damn good for his
first time out the chute.  He won his spurs that night.  I took my Bull Dogger's
cherry and damned if it didn't feel good.

We got up and cleaned ourselves.  We came back to his bed and each took a
shot of rye whiskey.  I knocked it back like I knew what I was doing and thought
my head was going to explode and my guts were gonna' burn up.  He watched
me and giggled.  His bed was right in front of a huge window that looked out onto
the endless prairie.  The window was full open and the full moon lit the sea of
wildflowers.  The smell of the flowers along with his clean male body was

We lay together looking out the window making love and quietly talking.  I
could feel him getting hard again.  He didn't say anything but the whiskey made
me a bit randy.  We tossed back another shot.  He gave me a water back for a fire

"You wanna' shove that big gun back in it's holster, Cowboy?  Maybe lay on
top and we'll look out the window."

"You sure?  Y'ain't sore or nothing, Darlin'?"  he was so sweet and concerned.

"No, Babe.  I'm a man.  It snaps right back.  Put some of that lube on you and
crawl on.  We'll try riding off into the moonlight together but you start whistling
'Happy Trails' you're a dead man!"  Dave  roared with laughter.  He lube his
monster and gently crawled on top of my back.  I raised my ass so he could
mount me easier and shoved back when I felt his entry.  He made a noise.

"Ooofff!  Damn!  Oh fuck!  Shit! Hell!  Damn!"

"You came again, didn't you, Cowboy?"  I heard this little boy giggle behind
me and got a kiss stolen from me.  "Just leave it in there.  Feels good to have my
buddy inside me."  

We lay there for the longest time talking.  He got hard again almost
immediately.  I'd ask him to take a good, long stroke every now and then and he'd
almost come on every one.  He was one hot cowpoke.
As we lay there talking, I looked out over the prairie and saw two men on
horseback slowly coming over the horizon.

"Uuuh!  I think we're gonna' have company, Bull Dogger."  he looked out and
saw for himself.

"Aww, it's just my old man and your uncle.  That's okay!  Everything's cool. 
This afternoon was the first time in our lives my old man and I shared anything
about sex.  After he figured out I wanted you in the worst way he asked me if I'd
think bad of him 'cause he wanted your uncle."

"Really?  What ju' tell 'em?"

"Go for it, Dad. You have my blessing.  So I guess he either talked him into it
or they're just coming out here to bunk it in for the night."  There was this brief
silence between us.  Then at the same time we both exploded with laughter.

"Yeah! Right!"  I told him sarcastically.  He was laughing his ass off. 

"You comfortable with us this way or,----" I asked him.

"Oh hell, yes!  I'm a grown man!  I invite who I want to my bed.  I told my dad
that.  I think he was a little relieved and pleased that it was you I wanted.  I told
him I ain't never felt this way about no other person and I didn't care what nasty
names he wanted to call it, I was inviting you to my bed, if'n you'd have me."

"What'd he say?"

"Why would I say anything nasty about you loving someone.  Son, I don't care
if you love a man or a woman.  I want you to be happy and be my boy.  That's all I
ever wanted for you.  Besides, I use to mess around with Cowboy's dad in Korea. 
There were some long, long, cold winter nights over there.  You needed a warm
buddy to sleep with."

"Your dad and my dad?"

"S'what he said, and my dad wouldn't lie.   My old man's never once lied to
me in my life."

"Well, I'll be damned.  My dad, that randy old fart.  I'll bet him and Uncle Joe,--
--Nawww!  That'ud be too good!"

  We heard them arrive.  They took the horses to the barn and came back to
the cabin.  They tippy-toed to the other bedroom.  All was quiet for a while.  We
heard the shower running.  Then we heard soft talking and more quiet.  More soft
talking and more quite.  Then we figured Dave's old man must have sunk his big
buckaroo dick into my uncle. 

I've never heard such wonderful gurgling, ooohs, awws, and cooing in my life. 
I though I was bad.  Dave lay on top of me and we laughed so much we couldn't
stop.  We thought, for sure,  they were going to gather twigs and start nesting. 
The two of them were shameless. 

Dave and I had ourselves one last rodeo and called it a night.  We had to be
up early the next morning.  We were staying one more night then heading on to
the Anderson's ranch in Arizona.  I wanted to see my buddy Jim one more time.

The next morning there were fleeting glances, covert smiles, and secret pats
on the butt. A gentle touch, a soft endearment; however, nothing, absolutely
nothing was said until Barn asked us to stay over one more night with him and

"This time, fuck the story telling!  Let's go straight to the rodeo!" said old Barn. 
 We all fell out laughing.  It broke the ice and we had a delightful day and evening
together.  It was hard for me to leave Dave.  He wanted me to come back in the
worst way.   I knew I'd probably never see him again.  I hoped I would.  I gave him
a small present and told him to open it by himself when the got back to his cabin.  
We rode back to the Bartlett's and the women had breakfast on the tables at
sunrise with plenty of hot coffee.  We started the day rodeoing and went all damn
day until everyone was exhausted.  Uncle Bud and I gave several exhibition
roping demonstrations and got timed. They were wowed that we were as
consistently accurate as we were with our roping.  They  were all sure we'd come
out on top in Ft. Worth.

Many of the families traveled thousands of mile to watch us in Ft. Worth, and
we always got them together to party after each rodeo. They had become family.
We loved them, and they loved us.  In a way,  we represented them at that rodeo,
and they cheered their hearts out for us.

* * * * * * * * 

We left amid sad goodbyes.  I could tell Uncle Bud was really taken with old
Barn.  They shared a lot and became quite fond of each other.  They got along
just fine.  Dave went back to his cabin and unwrapped my package.  There was a
card inside that read:

For next time!  You earned these, Cowboy!
All my love, your buckaroo brother,


Dave pushed back the tissue paper and found two sterling silver spurs.  Each
one had my name engraved on it as champion roper for that year at the Calgary
Rodeo.  Uncle Bud gave his to Barn.

When we got out on the highway, Uncle Bud pulled a small envelope from his
pocket and handed it to me.

"Dave said to give this to you."  Uncle Bud smiled.

I opened and there was a note and something wrapped and taped in tissue
paper.  The note read:

I can't tell you what you all ready know.  You have my heart in your pocket
right now.  Take it with you. Care for it.  Be good to it.  Love it.  Think about me
and maybe  bring it back someday.  If not, it's your's to keep. I love you, Cowboy.

Bull Dogger Dave 

P.S.  This was my mother's.  I want you to have it.  May it protect you and
keep you safe.

Inside the tissue was a simple silver cross on a fine silver chain.  It was
beautiful in it's simplicity.  I sat there and bawled like a baby.  Uncle Bud put his
arm around me and comforted me.  I noticed he had a couple of tears running
down his handsome face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

 We made a stop at the Grand Canyon and headed into northern Arizona. We
had been at the Prescott fourth or July rodeo the previous year and stayed with a
family we fell in love with, the Andersons.

The Andersons had a huge spread just outside of Prescott and had a young
Indian man working for them that summer named Jim Redfeather.  I fell in love
with him.  He was the most handsome young Indian man I'd ever seen.  He was a
full blood Yavapie Indian.  The Yavapie, in my opinion, are one of the better
looking tribes of the American Indians. I was really looking forward to seeing my
Indian brother again. 

The first time we were there Jim and I were inseparable.   He knew the minute
Jim Redfeather and I laid eyes on each other we were soul mates.  Uncle Bud
couldn't find me he'd  come to the barn and yelled up into the loft where Jim and I 
built a private nest with bails of hay and horse blankets.  

"Hey Cowboy,----when you and Jim get through come to the house;  we need
to wash up and  get ready for dinner!"  Jim and I would giggle and clean each
other up after sucking each other off. Then we'd report to Uncle Bud who always
had a smirk on his knowing face. He knew what we'd been up to.  He didn't care,
he thought the world of Jim.

"You and Jim enjoying each other?"  Jim and I looked at each other and
smiled.  We knew he knew.

"Yes Sir, Uncle Bud, Jim and I are buddies, ain't we Jim?"

"The best, Mr. Cummings!"

"Well, that's fine.  You men get cleaned up for dinner, and don't be long, Mrs.
Anderson gets upset if we're not all there for saying grace."

"We'll be right there, Mr. Cummings."  Jim would tell him. We'd wash up, Jim
and I would hug each other and be off to dinner. I was crushed when I found out
Jim wasn't at the Anderson Ranch anymore.  He had joined the Navy,  gone to
corpsman school and had been sent to Vietnam.

After a couple of nights in Bull Dogger Dave's arms, I began to understand
what Uncle Bud was trying to do for me.  He wasn't pushing me away.  He was
introducing me to the world.  A world that wasn't limited to him.  This was what he
wanted for me.

We stayed several days with the Anderson's and rodeoed with everyone but
Uncle Bud knew I missed my buddy.  I not only missed him, I was worried about
him being over there where they were killing people.  We left the Anderson's, and
I had a heavy heart knowing I might be over there soon.

Uncle Bud and I did some sight seeing but towing the horses limited our
travel.  We had to think of their comfort.  We headed back down toward Texas
and Ft. Worth.  Uncle Bud wanted to see if an old army buddy of his still had his
ranch at Glen Rose, Texas.

Uncle Bud told me I'd love Glen Rose, because the river bed had big dinosaur
tracks embedded in the limestone bottom.  After asking directions to his friends
ranch, we arrived  late in the afternoon and had to ford a small low water dam to
climb the hill to his spread.  On the main road  turned off,  there was a big sign
pointing the way to the "Johnson Ranch~Rodeo Friendly."

We pulled up out front of a huge rambling ranch house with beautiful kept
grounds and barns, rodeo arena, pastures and even a pool for swimming the
horses. Uncle Bud had called ahead, and they saw us coming.

Two huge men came out of the front house with several servants after them
watching our arrival. The larger of the two men was a fucking giant. He must have
been just under seven feet tall and was strikingly good looking. The other man at
his side was equally good looking in a dark Italian way and wore a funny looking
studded leather collar around his neck.  It looked like a collar a dog would wear. 
In a bizarre way it was hot looking.       

"Bud Cummings you good looking son of a bitch, my cowboy!" He held out his
arms, and Uncle Bud didn't hesitate.  He went into the giant's arms, and they
kissed a passionate kiss right on the mouth.

"It's been too long, Walker, you old reprobate and the love of my life, Xander."
Uncle Bud grabbed the other man, and they kissed each other like they were old

"Billy, get your ass up here and meet two of the finest men it's been my
pleasure to know. Master Johnson I'd like you to meet my nephew, Billy Gunn." 
The big man picked me up like I was a toy,  hugged me, rested me on his massive
chest and kissed me hard on the mouth. I didn't hold back. He was three times my
size and could do any damn thing he wanted to me.

"This isn't Billy Gunn's kid?!" Master Johnson asked Uncle Bud. Uncle Bud
just nodded

"My nephew and second cousin."  The big man looked me in the eyes, smiled
the warmest smile, then hugged me to him again.

"Welcome, Son, to our ranch and home."

"Thank you, Sir.  It's a pleasure to be here. It's a beautiful place." I told him. 
He turned his attention back to Uncle Bud while still holding me.

"Damn Bud!  He the spittin' image of you when you was his age.  Hell, he
looks like you now!"

"We've gotten that a lot lately, Walker.  Wait'll I show you the picture of us on
the PRCA magazine."

"We take the magazine.  We saw it!  Matter of fact, Xander framed it and it's
sittin' on the kitchen counter. First time I looked at it I asked Xander which one
was you.  After he told me, I still wasn't sure!"  He laughed.

"Billy this is Master Johnson's slave and all round wonderful man,  Xander." 
Xander looked me in the eyes but then looked at his Master for a cue.  Master
Johnson nodded and Xander threw his arms around me and hugged me too.

"It's a pleasure to meet you gentlemen. My uncle has told me a little about
your ranch, and it looks beautiful." I said in awe.

"Why thanks, Young Man.  We'll take a tour later, if you like."

"I'd like that very much, Sir, and Mr. Zander I really like you collar!  It's,  well,
it's sexy!"

"Well, thanks, Son.  It's my slave collar and I'm proud to wear it. My Master
put it on me twelve years ago when I first became his slave, and It's rarely been
off since then."

"I'm trying to learn to become a slave to Uncle Bud, but I'm afraid I don't know
everything yet.  Maybe, you and I could talk later if you have time."

"I'll make sure he does, Son."  said Master Johnson.

"I'd enjoy that, young man." Xander said, "Your Uncle Bud's one hell of a man
to be a slave for! I envy you.  I know my Master won't mind me telling you that
'cause he loves him as much as I do."

"Y'all come on in, now, ya' hear.  Make yourselves to home."  Master Johnson
said and he snapped his fingers at a tall, mean looking, cowboy that just walked

"Leon, would you please take their horses to the barn, feed 'em, rub 'em down
and release 'em into the pasture. I'd appreciate it.  Thanks Leon." Master Johnson
spoke to the tall cowboy.  Uncle Bud gave the cowboy the keys to his truck, and
the cowboy drove to the barn to unload Dolly and Madison. I could feel the mean
looking cowboy was undressing me in his mind.  I smiled at him and he looked
away quickly.

I noticed there were eight or nine big motorcycles sitting around. Master
Johnson led us into a huge brick room with a fire place at the other end. There
was a fire in the fireplace.  Around the fireplace stood some of the best looking,
mean ass, ornery looking bikers I'd ever seen, except one.  He was cayote ugly;
one step beyond butt ugly.   Uncle Bud knew every damn one of them.  Including
this huge, burley, ugly, red bearded and 'stach, muscled out, tattooed biker about
my uncle's age.

"Damn, Booger Red!  Fuck!  It's so great to see your ugly face again you're
damn near pretty to me. It's been too damn long and I'm sorry for that!  You know
how I feel about you!"  Uncle Bud grabbed the big man and kissed him hard and
passionately. The big biker didn't hold back from Uncle Bud either. 

"Well, fuck me in the butt, if'n you don't get prettier every damn time I see you,
Bud. You look damn good, Kid, and to think,  you're a lawman now;  sheriff of
your county.  You've come a long way, Son,----I'm proud of you."  He hugged
Uncle Bud again, patted him on the back, and looked at me over Uncle Bud's
back, "This, here, handsome young cowboy's got to be your son.  Hell, he looks
like your double!  Damn good looking kid, Bud!  Almost stopped my old heart for a
minute." All the hyper-masculine men agreed.

"I wish ta' hell he was, Red!  But,----he ain't!  He's my nephew.  Remember
my cousin Billy Gunn Jr. that was in our division?"  They all nodded.

 "Well, this is Billy Gunn the third, my nephew and second cousin."

"Nooo!" They all said in unison. "But, he looks just like you, Bud. He don't look
nothing like Billy." said a big tall handsome biker.

"Sam Jenkins, I should have known."  Uncle Bud grabbed him, hugged and
kissed him as well and went down the line with the other six that were there.  He
knew them all.
"Well, don't be shy, Son. Get your handsome cowboy butt over here and give
old Booger Red a hug and a kiss. If somebody pretty as you kisses this ugly, old
man I just might stop catching flies with my tongue."  Everyone laughed, and  I
went to him. He was ugly, no doubt,----gave the term 'mud fence' new dimensions
and he didn't get a bit prettier close up.

But circle the wagons, Men!   There was something about the rest of him that
defied description.  Between the shoulders of this big, untamed, raw, male animal
was face that would stop a diesel train engine at fifty paces but the rest of him
screamed sexual beast.  Do not feed!  Do not come within five feet of the bars to
his cage!  He had the draw of a Minator.

Booger Red had a masculine personality to boot and a mystery about him I
was drawn to like a compass to true north.  He had a deep, guttural, bass voice
that growled out his words in a gruff manner,----even when he was trying to be
nice. I let him pull me into his big, tattooed arms and surround me with them. 

They were a perfect fit and if they had been specially made for my cowboy
body.  His arms made me feel more than comfortable, I felt at home.  He wouldn't
be rushed and he felt me give him full control as I shoved into his soul my full trust
like a vampire slayer with a wooden stake.

I looked him in the eye with honest appraisal that said, 'You're no monster. 
I'm not afraid of you, but you're afraid of me. Don't be old man, you're here to love
me.  I'm here to worship you!' 

Booger Red hugged me, and we kissed. I wasn't going to hold back from him,
either.  I kissed that ugly, old man right on the mouth and he returned it with a
message in his kiss that said, "You're mine. You have no choice.  You don't want
a choice.  You want me to make the choice for you; for us. 

I'm the only man here that can give you what you want;  what you need!  You
need a Master.  A Master that can and will control you.  You need to be made into
a good slave.  I wasn't in the market for a slave.  I didn't need a slave until you
walked into the room.  Now, I'm not only in the market; I'm buying.

I just made the choice for us, Son!  You will be my slave! I will be your Master! 
Until death!'  all of this was transferred in a brief period of a hug and a good hot
kiss without a word being spoken. I accepted his choice.  I would be his slave for

He smelled wonderful.  He smelled clean, masculine, of leather,   and a faint
hint of an after shave that made me not want to let him go. I didn't let him go.  I
just wanted to continue drinking in the moment and him into my soul. 

As he continued to kiss me I began to go limp in his big arms but he held me
tightly so the other men wouldn't see me submitting to his strength. I told him
through my kiss, 'You are my Master, I trust you to make that choice for me,...
with you, I have no choice!"  He knew what he was doing! Everyone else in the
crowd was waiting for a hug and a kiss and started kidding us and hollering to

"Get a bucket of cold water, Walker, for cries sake."  one yelled at Master

"Hey Red!  Don't Bogart the Kid, pass 'em around.  You're our brother, ain't
cha'?"  another good looking biker added.  

Red gently tapered off his strong kiss.  He knew I'd accepted his decision.  He 
let me know it was all right, he was in control, not to fear him and he would take
care of me. I moved back a few inches to look into his eyes.  They were the
deepest green eyes I'd ever seen on a man and there was nothing ugly about his
eyes. I looked at his face, and there was nothing ugly about his face he was a
man, a rugged, hard living, battle scared, man!  We stood looking into each others
eyes and as quietly as possible I spoke.

"Damned if it didn't work!"

"What's that, Son."  Red asked bemused.

"My kiss turned you into a beautiful prince.  Worthy to be called my Master."  
there was a hush fell over the room that had the pall of death.  I leaned him close,
kissed him behind the ear and whispered so the others couldn't hear,

"It's your right to claim me, my Master, I'm yours.  Thank you, Sir."  Red pulled
away and held me at arms length with water in his eyes.  He again hugged me to
him and spoke softly,

"Your welcome, my slave. It's the right choice for us, Son." 

He kissed me on the cheek and let me go. I made the rounds of the other
men and did my polite hugs and kisses under the approving eye of Uncle Bud; all
the time thinking of that big, ugly man that called me his slave.

He knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed to hear from him.  Uncle
Bud was surprised I didn't return to his side.  I went back and stood by Booger
Red. Uncle Bud came to join us with a raised eyebrow.

"Is Billy your slave, Bud?"  one of the men asked candidly.

"We've talked about it. I allow him to call me 'Master' but I can't bring myself
to calling Billy, my slave.  I love him like he was my own son. He's more than that,
he's my rodeo partner and a damn good one, too.  He's my 'fucking' buddy so I
told him he'll just have to settle for me calling him, my 'cowboy.'"

"To the Cowboy!" one of the bikers said as he held up his drink.

"To Bud's cowboy!"  they all toasted me and Uncle Bud.

"Walker tells us you're rated number two team ropers in the nation, is that
right?" the man named Sam asked.

"As of our last rodeo in Calgary about a week ago." replied Uncle Bud as he
put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed, and all the bikers
made an "Aaawww" sound and laughed with Uncle Bud at my shyness.

"Don't feel shy around these ass holes, Son."  Master Johnson said, "They've
all either had your Uncle's big dick shoved in a hole or wished they had."  Every
man's hand went up and several winked at me. It was Uncle Bud's turn to blush. 
They made me feel comfortable even as mean and ornery as they looked.  They
included me in every thing.

We had dinner with the bikers, Master Johnson and Xander. Booger Red sat
directly across from me. It was difficult for me not to look at him.  It was bad
enough my dick stayed hard the entire time I was trying to eat, but every time he
join the conversation, his deep, gravelly voice would make it drool more pre-come
in my jeans.

I needed to go to the head.  I was embarrassed because I knew they'd see
my wet spot at my crotch.  I tried to hold my napkin in front of me to cover.  I saw
Booger smile knowingly but didn't look directly at me to save me further
embarrassment.  For that, I was grateful.  I was reading the man's mind and he
was reading mine.  How was that possible.  We hardly knew each other.  Yet,...

I took a hair dryer I found in the head and dried the spot. Then I made a pad
out of toilet paper I wrapped around my hand and placed it in my Wranglers to
absorb my drool.  I returned to the table.  Red looked  at my crotch and then
looked me in the eyes and winked.  Several of the men saw our exchange and I
blushed like a school boy.  Several went 'aaaaawww' and Booger leaned across
the table and spoke softly,

"Ignore them, Son!"  I smiled at him and knew he was being comforting and
serious. His eyes told me he was the only one at the table I should be concerned
with, and so he was.  He was the only man that mattered. A couple of the men
were drop dead, good looking, masculine men.  They were more than a little
attractive and were definitely interested in me. 

One of them in particular named Harley Boone.  He'd been a cowboy on the
circuit.  He did some roping and bulldogged steers.  He wasn't as old as my uncle
and Booger Red.  I''d guess him to be in his middle to late thirties.  Damn good
looking man.  Bet he made a hell of a hot buckaroo.  When he kissed me I felt his
dick grow in his Wranglers and it was impressive.

He was a bigger man than my uncle but not near as big as Red and had the
chiseled features of a comic book hero. I heard later that he was mostly a straight
man but would jump at the chance to have his dick sucked or a good piece of boy

I didn't care,  there was only one man there as far as I was concerned.  None
of them had the animal magnetism the big, heavily tattooed biker had. None had
the intoxicating smell of male pheromones Booger had.

It was an enjoyable evening. After dinner Uncle Bud and I wanted to check on
Dolly and Madison so they all accompanied us to the barn.

On the way, two horses started running up to us out of the dark pasture. It
was Dolly and Madison. They put their heads over the fence for us to pet them
and talk to them.  They knew we'd come to check on them.  They were having a
ball. It was a warm summer night, and Uncle Bud decided to leave them out. 
They'd go to the stalls if they got chilled or tired of grazing.

While we were walking to the barn, I didn't stare, but I noticed several of the
bikers had on leather pants with the strangest pouch protruding from the crotch.
The big ugly man named Booger had one of the largest pouches.  I didn't ask
about them but they fascinated me, and I thought they were the biggest turn on
since I jacket off over Guy Madison at the movies.

We returned to the big house, and all the men headed for the big spa that
Master Johnson had attached to his pool.  They weren't bashful men and clothes
were flying everywhere.  There was a lot of good natured talk and razzing.

 The water smelled of rotten eggs.   We were told it was from the natural
sulfur water in the ground.  You soon got use to it.  It was suppose to therapeutic
and have healing properties.  It made you want to gag at first but you quickly got
use to it.

 The bikers and Master Johnson were shucking off their clothes.  Uncle Bud
started taking his off and motioned for me to do the same. I was a little shy but
thought, 'What the hell, I'm with my Master, the love of my life, I'll do as he tells
me.'  We walked to the spa side by side. The other men were all ready in.

"Stop right there!"  Master Johnson ordered.  Uncle Bud and I stopped.

"Look at that, will you, Guys! They look enough a like to be twins down to their
dicks. I can't believe it. Now, get in you two. Billy you sit next to me so's I can
make sure none of these horn dogs gets 'grope-e-feelie' with you and scares you
to death.   Bud, you're on your on!" The big man laughed and put his arm around
me.  I felt a closeness to this big man.  He was not only wealthy,  Walker Johnson
was a good hearted, gregarious, and generous man.

Everyone was drinking beer.  I was trying to choke one down; hated the shit! 
Uncle Bud's piss tasted  better.  I handed him my empty can when he was going
to get more beer for several people. He came back, handed the other men their
beers, got into the pool and gave me mine.

It was warm.  Thank God!  He'd read my mind and went into the small pool
restroom and filled my can.  I didn't hesitate and took a big ole swig of it.  It was
good, warm and tasted like him. It was much better than that shit they were
drinking. The other men were none the wiser.  I leaned over to him and kissed him
behind the ear.

"You read my mind, Master! Thank you, I appreciate it!" I spoke so only he
could hear.  He put his arm around me a brushed his bushy mustache behind my
ear, kissed me on the ear and spoke softly,

"Thought you'd enjoy that more than the beer, Dear heart.  I felt sorry for you
watching you gag that first one down."  Uncle Bud chuckled.  He whispered the
strangest thing to me, 

"It's good practice for you!  If you're Booger's slave and you're out drinking
with him,... that's all you'll drink all evening!  He'll buy two beers, one for you, one
for him.  You won't be allowed to take a drink of yours.  When he gets through
with his, he'll go to the head and come back with a full bottle and switch with you. 
Then you can drink all you want."

I was beginning to feel good from the two beers I managed to choke down, so
Uncle Bud's recycled beer was a welcome treat. Uncle Bud managed to trip my
fantasy switch and I kept glancing at the ugly biker wondering what his piss would
taste like.  I'd bet it would be like him,----strong and flavorful.

I tried to look at the other men but my eyes kept returning to the big, ugly,
bald-headed, red bearded man they called Booger like a carriage return on an old
typewriter.  I was beginning to feel bad 'cause I couldn't keep my eyes off of him.

Damn, he was ugly, but,----well, he was ugly like a big beast might be
ferocious.   The more he talked the more I liked him and was drawn to him.  I
wanted to be held by him. I wanted him to steal kisses from me.  I wanted to hear
him tell me again I was his slave; he was my Master; I was his alone and no

I don't know why?  There was just some animal magnetism he had that
flipped my fucking switch. I thought his tattoos were wonderful and added to his
mystery.  I sat there thinking how great it would be to have a private viewing to lick
the beginning and end of each one.  To get to know them all, personally, on a first
name basis.

It wasn't only the tattoo's.  It wasn't one thing, it was his complete package. 
Booger Red wasn't hideously ugly.  He wasn't misshapen.  After you'd been
around him for a while, he didn't seem ugly at all. He got a hell of a lot better
looking as the evening wore on.

Red looked like a 'man' that had lived his life fast and hard and wore his
ugliness with pride.  He joked about his looks but I knew underneath the man had
no problem looking in the mirror every morning at himself.  He knew his worth.

  There was a certain strength in his personality that appealed to me.  If my
dick wasn't under water it would've been dripping.  Well, it was
underwater, Aawh, shit, you know what I mean.

Red was big and obviously kept his body in top physical condition; not a bit of
fat on him and had huge muscular development in his upper body and his legs.
He was massively built. He had a huge chest with pectoral muscles that were so
big they were almost grotesque.

I wondered what it would be like to suck on his big brown nipples and feel
those big muscles with my hands.  Did he remember our exchange earlier this
evening?  I was young, idealized and romantic.  I wanted to believe what passed
between us was real.   Sure glad there were lots of bubbles in the pool.

Red hadn't forgotten our exchange for a minute.  He was watching me
carefully but he was better at the game than I was. There was no doubt in his
mind I was going to be his slave for the evening.  There was none in Uncle Bud's
mind either.  He later told me it would've been like trying to stop a supernova. 

Uncle Bud leaned over to brush his big, bushy mustache behind my ear like
he'd done thousands of times in a gesture of affection. 

"Why don't you go over there and sit in his lap if you want to, Son. I'm sure
that ugly old man would love to hold you for a while. Want me to ask him for you?"

"You sure you wouldn't mind, Master?"

"I know who your heart belongs to, Cowboy?" I kissed him long and deep. 
The bikers again went "aaawwhh!"

"Okay with you, Master Booger, if'n my cowboy comes over there and sits in
your lap for a spell?"

"Are you kidding? That piece of heaven in this old man's lap? It would be a
pleasure. But don't come over here, Son, less'n I can pet you a little." he growled
at me, trying to sound non-threatening but stern.

I laughed and moved over to his big lap. He spread his legs so I could sit on
the bench between his legs.  I felt his big dick sticking up and to the side of my
back.  He put his massive arms around me and pulled me tight to his chest and
bussed a kiss behind my ear. I think it was the most comfortable I ever felt in a
man's arms.  I relaxed and melted into him.  I was home.   He knew, he
understood, and smiled at me knowingly.

"Damn, you feel good, Cowboy! If you ever need a good Master, you look old
Booger Red up and he'd be right proud to call you his cowboy.  I'd never call you
my slave, neither.

Your uncle's got it right, he's a lucky man, Son. So are you, Cowboy, to have
a fine man like your Uncle Bud  by your side. Any man in this spa would be
honored and proud to have that man walk by his side."

"Here! Hear!"  They all agreed.  Booger locked his massive legs in front of
mine and I was virtually locked in the grip of his arms and legs.  I couldn't get
away if I'd wanted to.

I didn't want to.  I felt as safe in his arms as I did my Uncle Bud's. I turned
around, found his mouth and kissed him gently. He returned my kiss with all the
gentleness of a saint. They all went "aaawwhh" again.

"Eat your hearts out you son's of bitches," he barked at the others in that
deep, bass, gravelly voice of his, " he wanted to sit in old ugly's lap, not your's." 
Booger Red was rubbing it in to the other fine looking men.

"Why's that, Cowboy?" Master Sam asked me laughing.

"I don't know, Master Sam, he just feels right." They all roared with laughter at
my answer.  I felt Booger 'stach and beard as he kissed me behind my ear in

"That's the best answer you could have given me, Youngster.  That's what
attraction between two men is like when it's sincere. It just fucking feels right!  You
don't need no other explanation, right guys?"

"He's right, Cowboy."  They all agreed with Master Sam.

"Bright young man!" Master Sam allowed.

Booger grabbed hold of my dick and balls and held them in his big hands.  He
didn't squeeze them nor massage them, he just held them like they were his and
he was protecting his property.

It made my dick start to grow, he felt it, smiled at me, and once again he
kissed me behind the ear.  He sat his beer on the side off the pool and grabbed
mine to shake it to see if I needed another.  He felt it was warm and knew why but
didn't even register a surprised look so's not to give my secret away to the other

"You're not ready for another one yet." he spoke softly to me, I'm not either, I'll
wait for you."   he said as if he hadn't noticed anything odd, to save me
embarrassment, but he knew what was in the can.  I leaned back to nuzzle his
beard and whispered to him,

"Thanks, Master Red, I owe you."

"You don't owe me nothing, Son!  That's the least I could do for my handsome
young slave.  Bud's?"  He asked pointing to the beer can in my hand.

"Yes Sir!"

"Share it with your Master, Son?"  Booger Red asked me quietly.

'Share it with a Master?,' I thought.  My Master told me never to question a

"Happy to, Sir." I immediately replied. Master Red took my can from me.
Uncle Bud was watching closely as Booger handed me his beer in exchange.

"Gentlemen, once again to Bud and his Cowboy!"  They all raised their cans in
toast.  Red looked directly in Uncle Bud's eyes and downed about half a can of
my uncle's piss.  He looked over at Uncle Bud, winked, wiped his mouth across
his big arm and let out a sigh of enjoyment.

"Damn, I love that stuff!  Some nights it just tastes better'n other nights!"  
Uncle Bud got a shit eat'n grin on his face and spoke quietly to Master Red.

"I'll always love you, old man!" he said quietly.

  The other guys had no idea what was going on and I finished Booger's beer. 
Booger got up to make a run and whispered, do you want a Lone Star,  Pearl, Jax
or a old brew called 'Booger Beer.'"

"I'll let my Master decide for me, Sir."

"You mean your uncle? he asked.  I just shook my head 'no' and smiled at
him. He understood immediately.  His face lit up like an ambulance on call.

 "Don't mind me, Son.  Forgive me, it takes old Booger a minute to get up to
speed.  Aside from being one of the most handsome cowboy's it's been my
pleasure to hold,----you also have discriminating taste, Youngster.  Be back in a
minute."  I watched Red disappear into the pool head with a can. He brought back
more beer for several of the guys.  Hw sat his and mine down on the cement. 

He got back into the pool and surrounded me again with his body and
presence.  He gently handed me my 'Booger Beer' and I couldn't wait to taste it.
We clicked cans and he whispered, "Hope you enjoy it, Son!  I made it just for
you." I turned my head, found his mouth and kissed him gently again, and

"Thank you,  Master! If it's from you,  I'll enjoy it."  I took a big swig of it.  It
was strong and flavorful but it tasted like I expected the big man to taste.  It was
heavier and more robust than Uncle Bud's piss. It was like the difference between
a Coors and a Budweiser.  I was pleased and satisfied. I even took two more big
gulps of it.

"How is it, Sweet slaveboy?"  Booger whispered nuzzling me behind my ear.
He was holding my cock and balls again.  I started getting a roaring hard-on from
his hands,  his piss and calling me his slave.

"Feel that thing in your hand, Master?"

"Yeah, Son, is that for the beer?"

"And calling me your slave, Sir."

"I'm proud to call you my slave, Son."  Master Red bussed another kiss
behind my ear.

Uncle Bud was watching us and trying to hear what we were talking about. I
smiled and saluted him with my beer.  He leaned over as if to say something and
put his beer on the deck beside us.  He whispered in my ear. 

"Trade ya' beers, Cowboy!"  I didn't question my Master but placed my beer
beside his on the cement then put both my hands up behind Booger's head and
pulled him down and forward for a good kiss.  All the guys were going ,
"aaaawww" but we were blocking their view of what my Uncle Bud was doing.

When we stopped the can that was left was cold.  Damn, that was almost a
full can of 'Booger Beer' too.  Red saw the whole thing, smiled and leaned over to

"You did the right thing, Son.  If your Master asked you to do it, don't ever
question him!  A good Master will never ask you to do something that will place
his treasure in harms way."  

"Would you mind making me some more 'Booger Beer' later on, Master."

"Be happy to, Son! All you can hold, Youngster!  I'll give you the keys to the
damn brewery.  You don't know how proud you make me feel enjoying my 'beer.'"

I watched Uncle Bud drink Booger's piss like it was the best thing he'd ever
tasted.  Walker was no dummy and caught on quick what was going on,  smiled at
Booger, winked at me and shook his head.  He made another toast.

"To unions and reunions, old loves and new."  Everyone seemed to know
what he was talking about but me. I didn't ask I was to busy with Red. I watched
Uncle Bud down his 'Booger Beer' and hold the can up to get the last drop on his

"You're right Booger! It's damn good stuff."  Uncle Bud got up to make
another run for beer.  I finished Uncle Bud's beer and I swear 'Booger Beer' was
better tasting.  I wasn't getting to drink the good stuff and all the beer I was
drinking was making me tipsy.

Uncle Bud returned to the pool, passed out the beers and popped his open.
He looked across at Red and I and smiled.

"Ain't never stopped loving you, Cowboy!" Red said quietly to Uncle Bud.  I
saw a tear run down Uncle Bud's cheek.  What was going on here?  I didn't care I
was in this animals arms and had just enough to drink.  I had a rosy glow about
me that nothing bad could touch me at that moment.  I managed to choked the
rest of Uncle Bud's real beer down and handed my can to Red.  

"Please, Master! No more cold beer. That other brand tasted mighty fine, Sir!" 
Booger Red had finished his and went for another run. Once again I saw him
disappear into the pool head with an empty can and come out with a full one. He
got back to the pool and handed me mine and sat his on the cement.

Once again, I thanked God and Booger the can was warm. I took two big ole
swigs of it right away. It was Booger's.  Uncle Bud smiled knowingly at me and I
threw my head back and drank about half the can.

My old dick was rock hard in Booger's hand.  His was too, underneath me. 
When Red got back into the pool, I stood so he could take his place behind me.
When I sat down, Red was holding his dick straight out and flat on the bench.  I
sat on it and wedged it between my ass cheeks.

He was so big his dick stuck out several inches past my balls. I could reach
down and play with the enormous head and foreskin of his dick.  He tried not to
show it but it was driving him crazy.

The pool was dark and deep enough you couldn't see much below the water
line.  Red's dick was so hard and inviting I couldn't resist.  I'd cleaned myself
earlier in the evening for an emergency.

I managed to scoot a little forward and leaned over to whisper something to
Uncle Bud. It was like Master Red could read my mind and positioned his rock
hard dick squarely at my back door.  

In one fluid movement I sat back and pushed myself to the base of Master
Red's sizable cock.  Once again he locked me in his arms and locked his big legs
around my front. He bussed another kiss behind my ear.

"Damned if you ain't a cowboy, Son.  Your uncle named you well.  Only a real
cowboy could mount a man like that. Ain't been mounted like that in many a year. 
You don't know how good you feel.  You comfortable to let it soak in there for a

"Oh hell yes, Master.  I'd be proud to have it soak in there all evening.  You
feel so damn good.   Filled me up, like a Master should."

"How'd you like to drink some 'Booger Beer' straight from the tap, Youngster."
he whispered to me. I knew what he meant and smiled at him.

"I'd be proud and honored, Master."  

"Would you like old Booger Red to take you to his bed this evening, Cowboy?  
Us men could bunk it in together; with your Master's permission, of course. 
Maybe we could do a little more than soak my old cayuse." The big man
whispered in my ear.

"I've only been with one other man, Sir, 'cep'n my Uncle Bud.  I don't know if
it'd be proper leaving my Uncle alone tonight.  I'd be honored and  proud to share
your bed, Master Red, if'n my uncle say's it's all right. I'd do my damnedest to
please you, Sir.  Why don't you ask him if you wish; can't do no harm to ask?" I
asked him quietly, "I know I'd enjoy some more of this good quality beer." He
kissed me behind my ear again and laughed gently.

"I have no doubt you'd please me, Cowboy. I'd do my damnedest to please
you too."

Master Red reached over under the water to the good looking biker sitting
next to us named Harley, took his hand and moved it between Red's crotch and
my butt.  The big man just kept drinking his beer like nothing was happening.

I could feel his fingers exploring my butt and he felt me sitting on Master
Red's dick all the way to the base.   I pushed back as hard as I could and took the
last inch and a half.  It trapped Harley's hand between my ass and Master Red's
lower abdomen. Harley turned to me and winked then leaned over to Red's ear.

"Now that's fucking hot........!  Red, I've always said you were the luckiest
bastard to walk this Earth.  Wish't ta' hell that was my dick that good looking
cowboy was perched on.  How's 'at feel, old man? "  He spoke softly to Red.

"Like I'd parted the gates to the kingdom of heaven."  Red replied smiling

"How's 'at big ugly man's dick feel in there, Cowboy?"  Harley spoke softly in
my ear.

"Well, Master Harley, it don't feel ugly at all. In fact, it feels so good I wouldn't
give a damn what it was attached to. I can tell you this without looking,... I'm sure
it's attached to a handsome prince."  I winked at Harley.   He and Red broke up

"You know what, Son?  I'm not sure about the handsome part, but I assure
you, the man attached to that big thing up your ass is truly a prince among men. 
He's bailed me out of any number of tight spots and never asked a damn thing of
me but my respect and friendship.

There's no other biker I'd rather have covering my back in a fight than that
man.  I'm proud to call him my friend.  If any man deserves your love and attention
it would be Booger Red.   Give him your best, treat him with respect and you'll
have the best Master you could ever hope for, Cowboy!"  Harley told me. Uncle
Bud heard the last of what Master Harley said and nodded his head in agreement.

Harley reached over, grabbed my hand and placed it on his rock hard dick. 
He smiled at me and Red.

"See what you done to me, Cowboy?  Ain't you ashamed of yourself?"  he
looked at me and Red and winked.  We fell out laughing and the others were
wondering what we found so funny.

Time passed and some of the men paired off. I got the feeling that Uncle Bud
wanted to go with Master Johnson and Xander but didn't say anything. Finally the
five of us were alone in the spa.  I could tell Booger was getting close to his

"Could you give up your handsome cowboy for one evening, Bud?"

"I could if he wanted to spend the night in your arms, Red. How 'bout it
Cowboy? Think you could please that big, ugly man?"

"I'd sure as hell try, Master Bud, but I won't if you're gonna' be alone."

"He won't be alone, Son, I guarantee you that." Master Johnson said. "My
slave's ass is just a' twitching to have that hot cowboy cock of your uncle's up his
butt, and I never get tired of watching your Master fuck my slave. So you don't
worry about that if you'd like to pleasure big Red.  He may be as homely as
homemade soap but he sure as hell knows how to take care of a young cowboy
right nice and give him what he needs. Go with our blessing, Son"

I turned and gently kissed Red again.  He held me in his big arms,  returned
my kiss and let me know he was my Master for the evening and I was his slave.  I
clamped my ass down on his big dick as we kissed to let him know how good he
felt.  He managed to shove a little more into me in response.

"Come then, Cowboy.   Come with old Booger, and he'll be proud to give you
what you need this evening."  Master Red growled at me in his deep, guttural
voice. I moved forward and let him slip out of me. He stood up and grabbed my
hand to help me from the pool.

I got a good look at his dick.  Damn, he was bigger and fatter than my uncle
and it had a big head on it.  Master Red's dick was damn comfortable inside me, it
felt like it belonged in my ass. I felt empty without it.  Red was like me and Uncle
Bud, he wasn't circumcised either.

"Mind Master Red, Cowboy. Remember, you're his slave for tonight. Be as
good to him as you've been to me all year and you'll do fine, Son.  Make me
proud of you.  Oh, and by the way, Cowboy, of all the men  here tonight,  you
couldn't have picked a better one.  You chose well, Son, you chose the best!"
Uncle Bud allowed. 

"I'll obey Master Red, Uncle Bud, and  I promise I'll make you proud of me." 
He kissed me good night so did Master Johnson and Xander. 

I had a big ole hard-on getting out of the spa thinking about going with the big
strange man.  Booger wasn't strange. He was like going with a wild animal; a
beast.  He really turned me on. I grabbed a towel and toweled him dry. He
seemed surprised at my attentiveness.

He certainly wasn't shy with me and had no problem with me exploring his
body as I toweled him. In fact his old dick started getting hard from my attention.
He laughed as our eyes met and I smiled at him getting hard.

"I'm not use to having a handsome young cowboy cater to me, Son, and I'm
afraid my old dick has a brain of it's own. It's trying to tell you what my heart might
be shy about.  It thinks you're the prettiest damn thing it's seen in a long time.  It
hasn't felt that warm and comfortable in a slave's ass in a long time.

My old dick felt at home up your little cowboy butt." He pulled me to his big
nude body and kissed me gently. I was his! I would have done anything for that
old man and would have let him do anything to me.

Circus act!  High wire?  No?  High trapeze then? Make it so, bring it on!   The
highest rigging you got!  The great Buckaroo Billy  will work without a net tonight. 
A truly great flyer don't need no lousy fuck'n net!  One, two, three, ...hup!

Meanwhile, me here,  on the ground, you in mid-air,  I helped Red on with his
leather pants and big, heavy biker boots. Damn, they were handsome and made
him look all the more tasty. 

Booger put his big arm around me and walked me to our truck, so I could get
my small bag to take to his room.  I had all the things in it I needed to clean

We walked to the kitchen, he grabbed a six pack of beer and a bucket of ice.  
Master Johnson's slave left several out for anyone who wanted ice in his room.  I
didn't want any more beer, but he looked like a man that enjoyed his. I sure
wanted some more, 'Booger Beer.'
We went to his room, and I excused myself to use his shower.  I cleaned
myself good and came back into the room with just a towel around me.

"Drop that towel, Cowboy! Lemme' me look at chu'."  I smiled and did as
ordered.  He still had his big boots on and leather pants with the pouch in the
front.  They were made especially to hold his dick and balls.  I'd never seen a pair
of pants like that before but they fascinated me away they were so sexy.  

"Master can I have another 'Booger Beer,' please, Sir."

"You want a can or straight from the tap, Son?"

"I'll let my Master decide for me, Sir.  He'll make the best choice for his slave."

"He will indeed, Son. I've decided you should have another can, we'll talk for a
while, get to know each other, then when I build up a big head,  I'll give you the
honor of taking your beer straight from the tap."  he declared in his gravelly voice.

  He drank the rest of his beer, stood up, undid his cod piece and let his big
dick fall out into his hand, he held the can directly under his piss slit and started
filling the can.  He looked at me and saw me watching intently.  He also noticed
that my ole dick was getting hard as a rock watching him fill the can.  He didn't
stop until he filled it almost to overflowing.

He returned his cock and balls to his cod piece and held my beer in his left
hand.  He motioned for me to come to him.  I dropped the towel and walked slowly
to him to be engulfed in his huge arms with his body press as tightly to mine as he
could.  I could feel his leather and his massive upper body pressing against me. 
He looked down, I raise my mouth to his and he kissed me passionately yet gently
without hurting me.  He handed me my beer.

"Thank you for the beer, Master. You chose well for your slave."

"Damn Son, did Bud teach you slave manners."

"Some, Master Red but my manners since I've met you have come from
somewhere deep inside me. Something in you told me what you demand from a
slave. You're only happy with a slave that's mannerly and tries hard to please

"How can you read me like that, slave?  Of course, you're correct.  That's
exactly what I require and demand of a slave; however, I've not owned a slave for
many years;---more years than you've been on this Earth, Son. As young as you
are, I wouldn't expect you to read me that well.  Then again, it's what most
Master's demand from a slave.  Nevertheless, it still kind a' blows me away!"

I got him another and opened it for him.  He watched me closely as I drank
my beer.  I drank quite a lot the first couple of times.  He watched me like a proud
parent.  He had a pleased smile on his face that I was enjoying his piss.

"May I ask about you drinking Master Bud's beer and him drinking yours."

"Oh, it's an old tradition of ours that dates back many years, Son. I remember
your uncle from years ago when we were in Korea together. Damn,  he was a fine
looking man and I swear to you,  God as my witness, you could be a double for
the kid I loved-on all those years ago."

Master Red snapped his fingers and pointed to his big, black, biker boots. I
fell to my knees as I had before my uncle's cowboy boots and started to clean
them. I watched him in them all evening before the spa and they made my mouth
water imagining what they might taste like.

I wasn't disappointed.  They tasted every bit as good as they looked.   Booger
Red gently encouraged me with his deep, growling, bass voice. His voice alone
was enough to keep my dick hard. His boots tasted better than I imagined.

Satisfied with my cleaning job he put his big hand down for me.  Uncle Bud
had taught me the Master/slave greeting ritual and  made me practice several
times with him.  I took Master Red's hand, kissed the back and put it to my
forehead to await his order.
"Get up here, Cowboy, and show your Master your love."  he growled at me
trying to sound as sweet as possible.  Shit!  I was primed for that big ugly man's
arms.  I kissed him 'til I thought both our ears would pop.

He  pulled me up to him and laid us across the leather protection sheet that
was covering the big bed. It was a cool but sensual feeling and smelled wonderful.
His leathers against my naked body were keeping my dick hard.  I could get use
to leather, I told myself.

"Master Red, I see some snaps that looks like a patch covering your ass. 
May I ask why it's that way, Sir?"

"You sure you want to know, Cowboy?"

"I'd like to learn as much as I can about man-sex, Master Red, and I've never
seen anything like that before. Nor have I ever seen a pair of leather pants with a
pouch in the front.  Sometimes, Sir, I need to ask questions when I don't know
about something.  If you think it's something I don't need to know right now, I'll
understand." I said honestly.

"Well, Son, I can't fault your honesty.  The pouch you refer to is called a 'cod
piece.' It keeps my dick and balls at the ready for a good slave like yourself.  I
don't have to remove my leather pants for a slave to clean my balls or suck my
dick. Do you like the looks of it?  Does it turn you on, Son?"

"Biggest turn on for me since my uncle fucked me the first time, Master Red.  I
tried not to be rude and  stare but I'd get a glimpse of it from time to time. It'd
make my old dick hard every time I looked at it." Red  roared with laughter.

He was enjoying himself.  He felt comfortable with me and I felt safe with him.

"Are you always so blatantly honest with folks, Cowboy?"

"I try to be, Master Red."

"That's good, Son.  I'll never refuse to answer and honest question.  Neither
will I ever lie to you.  I don't know how much your uncle has taught you about
Masters and slaves but some Masters train their slaves to make love to, and clean
out their ass holes with their tongue. Sounds disgusting, doesn't it?"  Red asked
me.  I didn't comment.  I shrugged my shoulders non-committing.   

That piece, covering my ass, snaps off to expose my hole for cleaning or
feeding a slave without having to remove my leather pants.  It's similar to the cod
piece in function.  It makes those two parts of my body readily available. I don't
have to undress." Red carefully explained to me.

"Thanks for explaining, Master Red."

"Are you interested in that, Son?"

"I've never been exposed to that sort of thing before.  I've never thought about
it.  My uncle mentioned it but didn't go into details; however, my Master told me to
make him proud of me.   If that's what you require, I'll try my best to please you,
Sir."  Big Red laughed at my naivete and willingness to please him.

"Not this time, youngster! It's something you should think about before you do
it, and you should only do it when your heart tells you it's something you have to
have for yourself as well as pleasing your Master.

You should also know the reasons why you're performing the act and why you
want to do it.  No good Master will  require that of you unless you've been slowly
and purposefully trained.   Then something, one day,  may click inside.  You'll find
yourself wanting it and derive as much sexual pleasure from it as your Master.

I've seen you looking at my cod piece, Son.  Take your hand,  reach down
there and feel  your Master through the leather. Don't take it off; just feel me
inside there." I did as ordered and felt his massive dick inside the big pouch that
stuck out from his leather pants.  His big boots came up to his knees and his
pants were shoved down inside.   

"You feel really good inside there, Master Red, may I unsnap your cod piece,

"Well,---- you have to do a little work for it first, Cowboy. With most Masters
there's a price a slave has to pay for almost anything they want or need. So it is
with life. There are no free lunches! Put another way, at best life is a trade off. 
Either way, you end up paying for anything worthwhile you get.  If you get it for
free, you don't appreciate it as much.  If it's something you really want you're
willing to pay a price and you appreciate it more. Do you understand that concept,

"Yes Sir, I think I do."
"Here again, I don't know how much your uncle's taught you so I'll go slow
and tell you what I require.  You don't just get to chow down on a Master's dick,
Son, less'n you show him how much you really want it.

You have to make a little love to his cod piece, lick it, clean it, kiss it,  beg him
a little to let him know how much you want the honor of removing it.   Tell your
Master and convince him how much you want your treasure underneath that
leather pouch.  

When your Master's satisfied you've done a good job, you've convinced him
you sincerely want what that piece of leather is covering,---even hurtin' for it, he
might let you remove it. 

You have to make him believe you've really got the hungry's for his good, hot,
Master cock. That nothing would please you more than a taste of his dick.  After
you make a little more love to it, and he's satisfied you really do want and need
his dick, he'll probably let you have it.

Get your mouth down there and make some love to it, Cowboy. Kiss it, show
me how much you want what's underneath, lick it real good to get it clean and
when your Master's satisfied that you've done a good job,  he'll let you unsnap it.
But!!  You must never use your hands, only your mouth. You find a corner snap
with your tongue and then take it in your teeth and pull it off, understand?"

"Yes Sir, may I, Sir?"

"Get on it, Cowboy!  Show me how much you want what's underneath that
piece of leather."  Master Red smelled so good in his leathers, the fresh clean
man smells I smelled earlier in the evening that so attracted me to him but they
were nothing compared to the sensual, animal smells that came from his cod

He wore the smell of an animal ready for the rut. There was something about
those combined odors that tripped a switch inside me that even my Uncle Bud
had never done. The new experience of getting my face, nose and mouth close to
this big, ugly man's leathered crotch was too much to hesitate thinking about.

I was on his crotch in an instant cleaning his big cod piece and feeling his
manhood underneath beginning to grow from the sensual pleasure of my
exploring tongue. I licked his cod piece clean, kissed it and felt his big snake
squirm underneath like a worm in hot ashes.  It kept growing until the big head
was almost completely out of the top.  

I included it in my cleaning and love making.  Sticking my tongue in his piss
slit to lick out his tasty pre-come and kissing the big head only made him hotter. I
began to tell him how hot it was to clean his cod piece and feel his cock getting
hard underneath. That it would be a great honor and pleasure if he found my
attentions to his cod piece worthy enough to allow me to remove it so I can see
his handsome Master's cock.

"Okay, Cowboy, you're doing a fine job. You have my permission to remove it. 
Let's see if you can make  love to my old dick as sweet as you did it's covering."
Booger Red growled at me with his sexy voice.  His voice alone was enough to
make me come.

I found the snap with my tongue, grabbed it with my teeth and pulled it from
his leather pants.  His huge shaft flopped out onto his leather pants. I started to
lick his huge dick. It had an enormous knob on the end; bigger than I'd  ever seen
on any man.  

I remembered how good it felt sitting on it in the pool.  I wondered how it
would feel fucking me. I kissed the huge knob at the top of his shaft and teased
the piss slit to get more of his pre-come from his pisser.

I licked and cleaned every inch of his handsome penis and started in on his
low hanging balls.  He had a beautiful set of balls.  They had the taste of clean
man sweat, leather, motorcycles and male sexual pheromones.

While I was licking, cleaning and making love to his big balls, I was fascinated
buy how close I was to the other leather patch covering his ass. I licked the patch
covering his hole cleaning it real good.  He would moan in ecstacy.  Every now
and then I could get a faint smell of what lay underneath that forbidden patch.  It
was intoxicating.  I knew someday I would find out what it tasted like.

"Master Red, Sir! I really would like to taste your dick!  I can't think of anything
better than to feel your big cock as far down my cowboy throat as I can get it.  It
smells so good, Master Red.  I know it's gonna' taste good.  Your cowboy needs
you, Sir.  I need to taste you bad, Master Red!

When I first saw you in the house I thought, "That may be the ugliest man I've
ever seen in my life, but I'll bet his dick tastes as sweet as he tasted when he
kissed me, and as wonderful as he smelled as he took me in his arms. I didn't
want you to let me go after you kissed me, Sir, and you know what, Master Red?

"What's that, Son?"

"It damn sure looks like it would be the best tasting thing I ever put in my
mouth, Sir.  God put your beauty between your legs, Master Red. May I please
taste your beautiful dick, Sir?"  Master Red was roaring with laughter.

"Son of bitch, Cowboy, you're a natural. Ain't never had no slave ask to taste
my old dick as sweet as you just done. Go ahead!  You can take me now,
Cowboy, you've earned it.  You've damn sure convinced this old man you want it
and need it!"  Booger Red ordered me still laughing.  I took as much as I could in
my mouth, which wasn't a lot, he was so large.  I did my best and he seemed
pleased that I was at least gagging down as much as I could. I worked and
worked on him.  I'd gag but I didn't care.  He didn't either.  Master Red gently
encouraged me with his gravelly bass voice.  

"Take as much as you can, Son.  Your throat'll open up in a little bit.  It'll
stretch.  It's all right to gag.   Let's me know your trying to take more of me;
working to please me.  Ahhhh!  See your taking me deeper down that pretty
cowboy throat.  That's feel'n might fine, Son.  Got a good stroke goin' there.   Little
deeper.  See, you're getting the hang of it."

I was gonna' try to eat as much big, ugly man dick as I could get down my
cowboy throat. He damn near went nuts when I started cleaning under his
foreskin with my tongue to taste the best flavors of his dick.  They were strong and
musky but tasted damn good.  He put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me
for a minute.

"I have a problem a lot of men have, Cowboy, I come real quick the first time. 
If you wanna' taste old Booger Red's spunk all you have to do is skin the head of
my dick all the way back, take a couple good hits on it with that hot, little mouth of
yours and you'll have a mouthful.  When I fuck you I can ride you all night until I
reach down there and pull the skin back,  take a few hard strokes in your tight little
ass and fill your tank up."

"May I, Sir?"  I asked, anxious to take him.

"I was hoping you'd ask, Cowboy.  Go ahead , Son, get yourself a big ole, hot
load of Booger Red's come. Be careful, I ain't come in a while and there may be a
lot. Might blow your head off." he growled and laughed. I did as instructed. 

With the head of his huge dick in my mouth, I gently pulled back the skin from
the head of his dick, pumped it a couple of times with my throat and he erupted in
my mouth.  He was right.  There was a lot of hot man juice that emptied into my
waiting mouth.

I rolled it around with my tongue to get the flavor as I swallowed. I no sooner
got that down than he gave me a second and third volley. Man it was good stuff. 
It tasted like he looked, a  big, hot, man taste. It was as hearty and stout as he
was mean and ugly looking.

He pulled me up to his huge, hairy chest and gently kissed me. 

"Like the taste of old Booger, Son?"

"Yes Sir, you taste different from my uncle but just as good.  You're come has
a heavier flavor. A good stout flavor."

"It's probably all the beer I drink, Son. Perhaps, because I haven't had
someone pretty as you to please me in a long time, you're getting the best out of
me.  Wait'll I get my big dick in the pretty little ass of yours.  I'll make us both feel
like a million bucks. I'll fuck you slow, sweet and deep, Son. Just the way a young
cowboy needs to be ridden."

"I have a feeling I'm gonna' enjoy it, Sir." I had my hand around the big knob
of his cock head.  I went down on him to run my tongue around the inside of his
foreskin to get out any man come that had been left up there. He was still
sensitive as he squirmed and moaned under me.

"Sheeeit, Cowboy!  You know how to make this ugly old man feel like a king."

"Master Red, would you consider granting me a request?"

"Name it, Cowboy!"

"Please, Sir, don't call yourself ugly. I don't see you as ugly. After you took me
in your arms and kissed me the first time, when you let me go, I looked at you
again and you weren't ugly anymore.  Any man that gave me a kiss like you did is
a beautiful man. After that, you look like a strong, masculine, man to me.  

Your features ain't pretty, they're a bit irregular, you damn sure look mean but
you certainly ain't ugly. There's beauty to be found in the most ferocious of beasts, 
Master Red.. There was nothing ugly about the way your come tasted. It tasted
like a strong, vital man and I loved the way it tasted.  

Red held me close and didn't speak for several minutes. Then, he kissed me
so gently and with such love it almost brought tears to my eyes. He was thanking
me for seeing beyond his physical appearance and seeing the  beauty that was
the man.

"Your request is granted, Son. Then I'll be your beast and fuck you with the
soul of one."

"I could do worse, Sir, than to be fucked by such a magnificent beast."  The
big man had tears in his eyes.

"You mean that, Cowboy?"

"A cowboy never lies, Master Red. I meant every word." He smiled the
sweetest smile and gently kissed me again.

"Reach down there, Cowboy, and feel if your magnificent beast is hard
enough for your satisfaction."  I did as told and was amazed at how much bigger
and harder he'd gotten.  I knew I didn't want to wait a moment longer to feel that
big thing inside me.

"Please, take me, Sir. That beast between your legs feels like it's ready to
crawl inside my cowboy ass."

"It's ready, Cowboy, and I don't think it would serve any purpose for either of
us to delay hooking our bodies together.  You need me and I sure as hell need
you, Cowboy.  Gonna' fuck you 'til your teeth rattle, Son.

"Ain't  c'ha' gonna' fuck me longer than that, Master Red?"  I asked him
looking disappointed.  Red stopped for a minute figured out what I'd said and

"Fuck!  Good one, Cowboy!    "Son," he said more seriously, "after the sweet
things you've said to me this evening, I'm gonna' let my old dick tell you how my
heart feels to have you here sharing my bed.  I love to fuck boy butt and my dick
talks to a young cowboy's ass like its an old pard.  I'll fuck you so gentle, strong,
and deep with a steady rhythm, over, and over, and over again until you start to
writhe and squirm.  You'll try to get away from me cause it'll feel so good you don't
think you can take no more but I'll hold you so's you can't get away.  The only way
I'll stop is if you shoot your load or if you holler 'calf rope!' Spread something on
my dick, Cowboy so's I don't hurt you, Son." he growled at me. Damn, his voice
turned me on.

"Yes Sir." I took a tube of KY jelly from  my small bag and lubed him up good. 

Red took the tube from me to lube up my ass.   He was gentle but firm and
worked on my ass with his big hand for sometime to loosen me up.  He must have
worked on lubing my ass for ten minutes.  By the time he was finished my ass
was fully dilated ready to receive his big dick.

Red was considerably bigger than my uncle but he wanted it to be a
comfortable, enjoyable fuck for both of us. He positioned himself in front of me
and I brought my legs to mounting position. Big Red positioned the bulbous head
of his big dick at my rosebud.  He pushed gently and worked the big head into my
ass.  It felt big but not altogether uncomfortable. He told me to take a deep breath.
I did as he told me then he gently but firmly sunk his entire shaft into my butt. 

He wasn't taking me to hurt me but took me quickly and forcefully as any
good Master should take his slave.  He was supremely gentle and my ass was so
ready for him, my ass had no complaints.  He was not even uncomfortable.  He
had stretched my ass muscle so well with his hand for those ten minutes my
cowboy butt didn't have a single argument for his dick.  In fact it started to chow
down on it!  The big  man knew what he was doing.

He took me like a man that knew how to take a slave and have him relaxed
enough he could start fucking him right away. He wanted to fuck my ass as soon
as possible.  I didn't want him wasting time either.

"Oh God, Master Red!  You filled me up so good, Sir. Thank you, Master. 
You feel so damn good in there!  Feels like my ass was made for your dick, Sir!"

"Damn Cowboy!  That's the sweetest thing any slave's ever said to me!"  He
leaned over and gave me another kiss.

Master Red's dick was harder than it had been when I grabbed hold of him.  I
knew I was going to get fucked by a beast. He growled instructions to me to keep
my ass up there for him at all times and he would give me the best possible
fucking for him as well as for me.

I worked hard to please him as he immediately began his ride. After he
loosened me up a bit, he leaned into me and kissed me gently while still exploring
my ass with his huge rod.

I could only groan in ecstasy as he worked that big cock inside of me. He
growled at me to ask if he was hurting me.  I assured him he wasn't.   I was
moaning because of how good he was fucking me.  He positioned his big bushy
face next to my ear to assure me he was going to make me feel a lot better.  I
didn't know how, but by this time I trusted the beast on top of me.  He had tried his
damnedest to see to my pleasure as well as his,  and he had succeeded.

The more comfortable he got inside me the more I began to open to him, 
meeting his every stroke with my ass.  He took note of each and every movement
and used my ass to his fullest advantage.  He fucked me good, strong, deep and
steady for about and hour or more.  Damn, he felt good and I was getting so
relaxed I wanted more.

"If I'm tiring you out, Cowboy, we can stop for a while."

"No, please, Sir, I'm not tired.  You're fucking me good.  Please take all you
want, Master.  I need this good fucking as well as my beast.  Part of my
enjoyment is feeling your pleasure with each stroke, Sir.  I can feel how much
you're enjoying fucking me.  Take more, Sir, please." 

"You're a fine slave, Cowboy. I would love to own  you. Maybe someday you'll
need a beast to give you what you need. One like me you could lose yourself in
pleasing.  Until then I'll settle for some more good fucking in that little cowboy
butt."  With that he began to fuck me with a great deal of care and love.

"Master Red? Am I pleasing you enough to ask a favor?"

"Oh hell yes, Son!"  He continued his good fucking.

"My uncle's afraid to fuck me too hard.  I beg him to fuck me harder and he
does a little bit but I can't get him to fuck me really hard.  I need a big man to ride
me down rough and hard.  Would you do that for me, Sir?"

"I can understand why your uncle doesn't want to take you too hard, Son.
He's afraid of hurting you and he loves you like a father;  however,  I realize a
young cowboy can be ridden down deep and hard without hurting him; especially
if you loosen him up like I've been doing with you for the last hour.

 I'd be pleased to grant your request, but when I start fucking you rough and
hard, I won't stop until I feel you come, Cowboy.  Then I'll reach down to your ass,
pull the foreskin back from the head of my dick and I'll fuck you hard again to get
me off in your butt.

While I'm fucking you if you need it harder just yell out to me, Cowboy. Speak
to your beast! Tell him you need it harder!  Let him know what you need and how
bad you need it.  It'll let me know how you're doing and how much more you need.

Just remember, every time you ask for it harder, you're damn well gonna' get
ridden down and fucked harder than you've ever been in your young life,

"Yes Sir, I understand and thank you, Sir.

"Thank me afterward, Cowboy." He continued his deep gentle fucking. "I think
you're ready for some good hard ridding right now, ain't ya', Son?"

"Please, Sir."

Master Red kinda chuckled knowingly to himself as if he could feel my body
respond to his words. Red started in to fuck me hard.  He was good.  He didn't
exaggerate about his hard, rough fucking.  He fucked me at one level as I felt
myself open more to him,  my legs relaxed and locked around his massive
backside.  I had my magnificent beast locked into my saddle and wasn't going to
let him get away.

"Harder, Master Red! Harder!"  Damn, I though he was gonna' rip my ass
apart as he shifted gears and really started to pound my ass with his fucking.  He
was really getting into hard fucking and knew he wasn't far from bringing me

"Oh! Oh! OH!! OOHH!!  Master Red!!  Harder!! Oh God, that's good, Master
Red!!  Damn! Shit!  Hell!  Fuck!!  You're fucking this cowboy so good and hard,
Sir!! I can't hold it any more, Sir!

He stopped!  Completely!! I felt him reach his hand down to my ass, pull the
skin back from the huge bulbous head of his shaft and started in again. It didn't
take him long to get me built up to shooting again knowing the beast that was
fucking me was going to off load a big, well earned, load of come in my butt.   

"Oh damn!! Fuck your slave, Master!! Harder!! Oh God, that's good, Sir!! 
You've got me there again, Sir!  I can't hold back, Master Red! Damn, ain't never
been fucked that good, Master Red!  Take it, Master Red!  Take it away from me!

Use that cowboy ass to catch your hot biker come. I felt his flow began in my
ass as I shot over my head and hit the back of the bed. He continued filling my
ass, still fucking me with abandon as I hit my second and third volley.

Shit!  I was drained. He collapsed on top of me still way up inside of me.  The
sheer weight of his big, hot, hairy body, and the way he grunted and growled after
he came was enough to convince me.  I had indeed been fucked by a wild animal;
a magnificent beast! 
Big Red made gentle love to me telling me what a good fuck I was. I thanked
him and thanked him for taking me hard like that.  It really meant a lot to me.  He
finally withdrew and I cleaned us both.  We were physically and mentally
exhausted.  Master Red started for the head.

"Master Red, are you going to waste my beer, Sir?"

"Out of habit, slave, not because I'd keep it from you. After that fuck, Young
Man, I'd give you anything in this world you wanted."  I quickly got on my knees
and his semi-flaccid dick hung limp like a dead warrior hanging from the opening
in his leather pants.  Damn, I loved those pants.  He was going to wipe his cock

"Please Sir.  May I have it like it is?"

"Of course, Son.  I've forgotten how much these little things mean to a good
slave."  I kissed the head of his dick to make love to it.

"That's enough love, slave. I need to piss really bad."  I didn't hesitate. I
opened my mouth and took the big head all the way to my throat.  I put my hand
around the base of his cock to force it.  I relaxed and miraculously my throat
dilated as I slowly forced the big head down my throat.  I signaled for him to wait
one more minute.   I grabbed his dick again relaxed my throat and gave one more
firm shove and it lodged were I was sure it was beyond the swallow point.

I looked and I had half of his enormous cock down my throat.  I was proud of
myself and signaled for him to start his flow.  He started immediately and didn't
stop until my belly began to extend with his hot piss. Still he was pissing. He had
drunk a lot of beer and it had run through him.

I took him until my belly looked like a balloon and I was getting worried he
wouldn't stop.  He soon stopped, but didn't pull out.  I waited and felt him piss
again.  He stopped again.

I knew it was the last. I pulled him out and begged him to let me have the rest
to drink.  My Master honored me with about four or five big mouthfuls that I got to
taste and slowly swallow.  He look pleased.

"You're a hell of a slave for such a young man, Cowboy.  Did Bud teach you

"Yes Sir. It took him several months of slow, patient training but now I can
hook on to him in the truck and we don't have to stop for him to take a piss.  I just
lay there in his lap hooked on to him sometimes for and hour or two and feel him
empty into me every now and then.  I even fall asleep from the warmth in my belly
and wake up still hooked to him."

"Well, I gotta' give it to old Bud.  He trained you well. Few slaves can do what
you just did and really enjoy a Master's recycled beer."

I helped Master Red off with his big boots and leather pants.  He just had
heavy leather vest over his back and chest. I helped him off with that too and took
him to the shower where I gently bathed him and the toweled him dry.  He said he
never had anyone do that for him.  He was impressed and invited me to his bed.

We crawled into bed.  I quickly fell asleep in his big arms with him petting me. 
He was rubbing me all over and his big, rough, gnarled hands felt good on my
skin. He'd run his big hand over my extended belly like it was his baby and he was
trying to feel it kick.

He'd brush his big red beard and 'stach up close to my face every now and
then to gently kiss me.  I imagined a wild beast sniffing me to see if I smelled good
enough to eat.  I fell into a deep sleep in the big mans arms and woke there as
well with him looking at me with love in his eyes.

He was stiff as rod between his legs and I went down on him immediately. I
cleaned under his foreskin real good and then skinned it back.  I took about four
strokes on him down my throat and got my morning allotment of beast come.

Damn, he tasted just as good in the morning as his did the night before.  We
got up and showered.  I bathed him and toweled him dry again.  He had become a
lot better looking to me than before.  He was truly a magnificent beast.  He had
become my beast. I could have led him around like a bull with a ring through his
nose.  He and I had bonded but that was okay with me.

Everyone at breakfast were shooting all kinds of fun at us.  Even Uncle Bud
took a couple of shots at us. When one of the good looking men referred to him as
'ugly', I jumped their butts.

"Master Red ain't ugly! He looks like a man should. He just ain't pretty. Then
again, I don't cotton to pretty men much, 'cep'n my Uncle Bud.  He's one of the
finest looking men I've ever known."

"Here! Here, Young' un.  Your uncle is a fine looking man and so are you. 
But, old Booger Red there,...well, now,.... he ain't exactly what you'd call pretty. 
Listen Son, we've see hop toads try to court him!" one of them said.

"Meaning no disrespect, Sir, but  you know what?   The further up my butt
Master Red got that big dick of his the prettier he got until I could swear and be
damned, he turned into a beautiful prince."  They all roared with good natured
laughter. Big Red laughed the hardest and pulled me close to him.

"Son, they're just jealous 'cause you picked me to bunk it in with last night.
Every damn one of 'em would have been honored and proud for you to share their
bunks." They all held up their hands and I smiled.

"As it turns out, gentlemen, the cowboy here,  named me his 'magnificent
beast' last night.  That's a title I can live with and have engraved on my
headstone: 'Here lies a magnificent beast.  Cowboy told him so!'"  Everyone fell
out laughing at Big Red. I knew he meant it with love in his heart. He was thrilled
that I had given him that name. He knew it came from my heart. Uncle Bud was
proud of me for standing up for big Red. He winked at me and held me close.

Uncle Bud and I did quite a bit of roping for the men that day and a couple of
Master Walker's horsemen were pretty good. The big, tall, mean looking cowboy
named Leon was a good horseman and kept looking at me like he'd like to put his
boots under my bunk. The other man, Harley Boone, was no slouch as a roper, in
fact, he was pretty damn good.  He was from a  small town in Texas called

They'd all sit on the arena fence and I'd ride by and rope old Booger when he
wasn't looking to the amusement of all the men. They'd just razz Booger more.

"Hey Booger!  That's one buckaroo you won't ride away from. He'll lasso your
heart as quick as he will you, Old Man."

"Yeah Booger! I'll bet that cowboy could bulldog and hog tie you quicker'n you
could get your old dick out a' that cod piece." Red loved the attention. He laughed
hardier than anyone. He never got angry, he gave as good as he got.

"It just eats you ass holes up!  He took a shine to old Booger and not you
pretty boys. I told him last night he has discriminating taste!  Everyone of you's
sittin' 'nair praying that kid will drop his lasso around your shoulders. As good
looking as that young cowpoke is he's welcome to lasso more than my heart
anytime he wants. I'll be his long little dogie as long as he needs me.  Hell, I'd ride
by that kid's side anywhere he wants to go!"

They'd all roared with laughter at Red. They were actually big hearted men
and they were happy for him.  They were glad to see their ugly brother be the first
one to get a piece of cake at the party,  but they had randy spirits and were going
to pick at him mercilessly.

Didn't bother Red.  He could take care of himself. The gentle way Red treated
me and the love he showed me won my heart.  Hell, I was only nineteen years
old. and impressionable.  I'd been truthful with Master Sam in the spa when I told
him that Booger Red felt right.

He felt comfortable to me even though he was a man damn near thirty years
my senior. I still was very much in love with my Uncle Bud but I knew without
asking there was room in his big cowboy heart to share. Besides, I knew when we
got to Ft. Worth that our year as lovers, Master/Cowboy, was over. He had to go
back to his life and I had to go on with mine.

I was sad but maybe it was meant for me to meet old Booger at that time to
ease my heart. Uncle Bud told me he hoped I would pick one of the men that night
to soften the pain of having to say goodbye.  He was a wise and thoughtful man
who loved me very much.

I never doubted Uncle Bud's love for me. He wasn't stunned nor disappointed
I picked Red. On the contrary, he approved wholeheartedly. He said he thought
the world of Booger Red.  I couldn't have picked a better man to possibly be my
second Master. 

I knew the end was coming for me and Uncle Bud.  I would face it bravely for
Uncle Bud's sake.  I knew he was hurting too. I could tell it wasn't going to be
easy for him either.  You can't have as close a relationship as we had for a year
and not feel some pangs at parting. We were a team. We always would be. I held
a year's worth of wonderful memories in my heart.  No one could ever take that
treasure away from me.

Booger knew something was bothering me.  I told him the whole story. He
understood. Red was kind and empathetic, but he also helped me see the brighter
side of the past year. How many young men get to start their lives with one full
year with the person they love most in their lives.

Besides it wasn't like it was over and done with.  Uncle Bud and I had years of
going rodeoing and fishing with each other.  Any excuse to get away and love
each other. Hell, my Dad and Uncle Joe had used it as an excuse to get drunk
together for years. 

We could even sneak away to a motel in the next large town and rent a room
for an afternoon.  Still, I wouldn't be taking care of him like I loved doing for the
last year. He had been my man, my lover, my Master. God, I loved him.

Uncle Bud and I stayed at the Johnson Ranch for about a week before we
had to be in Fort Worth and once again be immersed in our families.  Uncle Bud
encouraged me to see as much of Red as I wanted that week.

He told me he wouldn't be sleeping alone.  He'd invite one of the good looking
bikers to his bed each night.  Not one refused to share Uncle Bud's bed.  They
would have the silliest smile on their faces the next morning.  I knew how they felt.

Of course, that randy group of men would razz the man that went with my
uncle.  It was all in fun.  They all would have gone with Uncle Bud.  He was that
good looking and known to be one hell of a Master!

I didn't see it as a dichotomy that Uncle Bud had been a slave to Ben
Stafford.  I didn't see myself remaining a slave for the rest of my life unless I met
someone that wanted a full life with me that way.
I stayed almost every night with big Red, and he treated me with the same
kindness,  gentleness, respect and love that he had the first night; however, first
and foremost, Red was a strong, controlling, disciplined Master demanding the
best from his slave.  

That old man turned me every way but loose.  I knew in my heart not one of
those good looking men could have given me anything close to what I shared with
Booger Red that week. 

I got more and more interested in his patch over his ass and would drive him
up the wall licking and cleaning it.  He told me to let him know when I thought I
was ready to try cleaning him.  I knew in my heart it wouldn't be long.

I wanted to explore every inch of the big man's body and tried in that week. I
got to lick every tattoo.  He had tattoos all over his body and I loved everyone of
them.  They only added to his mystery and personal beauty.  He made himself a
work of art and he wore it on a proud body.

I spent the last night with my beloved uncle making love almost all night.  We
knew our year had come to an end and neither of us wanted to let go. That night I
knew I was going to do something special for my beloved uncle.

His clean male scent around his balls really excited me but I discovered that
part of that scent was coming from his ass.  It seemed to get more and more
inviting to me.  With my experience with Red's patch and the mystery that lay
underneath, Uncle Bud's ass became too tempting.

As I was cleaning my Uncle Bud's balls I could once again smell the clean,
male fragrance of his ass and didn't stop with his balls. I got my face in close and
found myself licking and cleaning the outside of his hole. I think Uncle Bud was
going  to stop me.

"What are you do...?  Oh, my God!  Oh! Oh!  Sweet baby!  Oh, damn that's
good Son. If you gotta' do it, make sure you do a good job. 'At's it!  Ahhhh, yes!"  I
knew instinctively that cleaning the outside was fine but most Master's wanted
more. I don't know what came over me but I was never one to do things half-
assed.  I wasn't going to start cleaning my uncle and only do half his ass.

Suddenly I found my tongue going as far up in him as I could get it and the
more I cleaned him the more it turned me on.  I was enjoying the flavors and the
strong masculine scent of his wonderful body.

I wondered why I ever hesitated with Master Red. I knew I wouldn't the next
time.  I couldn't get enough of my uncle's ass.  He loved it and jacked off with me
eating him out.  Of course, he let me catch for him.  He held me close that night
and told me I had graduated as a slave, I would be fine.

I had a long conversation with Booger the last night I spent with him at the
Johnson Ranch.  We stayed up half the night talking, with me crying on his big
shoulder about having to give up my uncle.

He never chastised me but listened with understanding.  We made love.  I
wasn't afraid of the patch anymore and surprised him by begging him to let me
remove it.  He told me honestly if I removed it I 'd have the responsibility to clean
him and I'd have to clean him until he was satisfied.  I agreed and he let me
remove it.  I'll never forget as long as I live my first look at Booger's hole.

I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and what an honor to
get to clean it for him.  I dived in to it like a salmon swimming upstream.  I cleaned
and sucked on his hole and loved it. The flavors of a big man's body and other
smells that were unique to Booger Red.

He reached back with both hands and spread his ass open for me to get way
up in there and I didn't hesitate.  It was wonderful and I was hooked.  I knew I
would have to have more Booger ass.  

He told me I did well for my first time and he was proud of me.  He felt with
minimal training I could be taught to service his hole to his satisfaction.  After
strong sex we lay together talking about my separating from my uncle.

"Cowboy?  Could you love a beast?  I know I ain't much to look at, I'm quite a
bit older than you, but I'd be right proud to have you by my side. I think you feel
something for me.  You never once made eyes at all them other fine looking men

That mean looking, tall, lean, cowboy out there at the barn would hand you
one of his nuts on a silver platter to part your little ass cheeks. Yet you came to
your old beast's arms night after night. Made me feel like a damn king, Son.

Haven't been shown that kind of unconditional love in a long time. Maybe you
didn't mean for it to happen 'cause you're young and don't know no better,  but 
I'm afraid old Booger Red has fallen in love with you, Son." 

"You don't even have to ask, Master Red. Don't you know how I feel about
you?  Can't you tell? Especially when you make love to me you turn me inside
out. You're right.  I do feel something for you.

I love you, my magnificent beast, but I don't know right now were life is gonna'
take me. So far I've managed to escape the draft, but I imagine when I get home
I'll probably have my draft notice waiting. I can't make any plans. If I get drafted,
I'll have to go."

"No you don't, Son.   Come ride with old Booger until it's over. They'll never
find us. I'll protect you and you won't have to go.  We'll never stay in the same
place twice.  I'm afraid for you to go over there, Son. They're killing young men
your age right and left. 

Come with me, be my cowboy, let me love you and keep you safe from all
that. I won't ask you to be my slave but if'n you want to be my slave then that's all
right too. Like your uncle, if you want,  you can just be my cowboy. Either way, I'd 
make a good Master for you, Son.

If you go over there and get killed, I don't know if my old heart could stand to
hear the news.  A major part of my soul you're carrying in your back pocket right
now would perish with you." The big man shed tears while holding me in his arms.
I petted him and tried to soothe him.

The big monster of a man made the sweetest love to his cowboy that evening
as he knew it might be our last. He knew I would go if I was drafted.  I was raised
that way. I was an American and we didn't shirk our duties to our flag and country.
I would go to Southeast Asia to stop the communist hoards. Like so many young
Americans from small towns across our nation, I believed the shit that our
government was telling us.

The next evening before we left I lay in Uncle Bud's arms talking softly to him.
I tried to be up in spirits because I knew he was hurting too.  It wasn't going to be
easy for him to let go either but he would go back to his life in our small town.

He was the sheriff and the folks needed him.  They were good enough to give
him a year off to go rodeoing with his nephew.  It was all the more sweet for him
that we were going into the finals as number two team ropers in the nation. We
stood a damn good chance of being number one.

"Old Booger has fallen in love with you, Cowboy." he spoke softly with no

"He told you, Uncle Bud?"

"He didn't have to, Son. We can tell. We've all  known him for years. He hasn't
fallen in love with anyone in a long time.  He's pretty much a loner.  I talked to him
some. We have no secrets from each other. I fell in love with your beast a long
time ago, and I still love him.

By the way, Son, your name for Red , 'magnificent beast,' is dead on.  Those
other men are so jealous they'd cut Booger's throat and tell God he died if they
thought they could woo you away from him.  Actually they're all very happy for old
Booger.  They may give him a lot of shit but they love him same's I do. They don't
make 'em no better'n Booger.    He's family, Son."

"I love him, too, Uncle Bud, but not like I love you."

"You never have to defend your love for me, Cowboy.  You've proved it over
and over to me. We'll always love each other. We'll carry our love in our hearts
the rest of our lives. Big Red told me he asked you to be his cowboy and ride with

"Yes Sir, he did." I was surprised he would share that with my uncle. He knew
we loved each other.  Well, maybe I loved Uncle Bud more because I was young
but that's to be expected.

"After Ft. Worth, go with him, Son. You have more than enough rodeo
winnings to buy yourself a nice, brand new bike. No, hell, I'll buy you one and you 
live on your winnings. Booger will teach you to ride and he's right, they'd never
catch up with you. You wouldn't have to go to Vietnam. Stay on the road until it's
all over."  What was my uncle telling me?  Shirk my duty to my country?  Be a
peacenik?  I was stunned at my uncle, who above all people, was a patriot.  A
man who believed in his country.

"Uncle Bud, I couldn't do that. If my country needs me, I have to go.  Just
'cause I'm pretty good at rodeoing don't mean I'm any better than any of the rest
of those guys over there. What if I found out Jim Redfeather was killed and I
chickened out from going to save my skin.  I couldn't live with myself.  I wouldn't
want to go on living."

"Do you love me, Cowboy?"

"How can you ask, Master?"

"I love you so much, Billy, I can't imagine losing you. I'd rather know you were
safe on the road with Red than over there getting shot at.  I don't give a shit about
all that patriotic crap.  I love you too much to send you over there.  We shouldn't
be over there in the first place. We didn't do diddly shit to stop communism in
Korea. We sure as hell, ain't  a' gonna' stop communism in Southeast Asia
neither. I lost too many friends over there for nothing. I sure as hell don't want to
lose a kid I love as much as you!" 

"I can't do it Uncle Bud. As much as I love you and Booger, I just can't do it.
Don't hate me, Master.  I couldn't stand that. I couldn't go knowing the two of you
were angry at me."

"Oh, fuck, Son! That's why we love you in the first place. You're a damn good
kid and we both knew you probably wouldn't go along with it but we had to try. 
Hell, it wasn't Red's idea.  He thought it was a great idea and would love nothing
better than to own you as his slave or cowboy, but I put him up to it. I wouldn't
think any less of you if you went with Booger.

The joy and love we shared this year, what I've had with you, Son,... don't you
know?  Don't you know what you mean to me?  Billy, I'll always love you no
matter what you choose to do.   The terrible thought of losing you  eats me up.  I
love you so fucking much, Billy,  I'd go in your place if'n they'd let me."  I can't 
remember ever seeing  my Uncle Bud shed a tear.  He did that night.  I held him
and I comforted him best I could.

We loaded the horses in Uncle Bud's truck and said our goodbyes to
everyone at the Johnson's Ranch. Big Red promised he'd be in Ft. Worth to cheer
us on.  I had a feeling the rest of the Johnson Ranch crew would be there too. 
They were all good, loving men.

We got to Ft. Worth, checked in and Uncle Bud paid our entry fees.  We got
Dolly and Madison settled in and returned to the camper to get ourselves ready
for the next day.  It was Uncle Bud and my last night together.

He called home earlier and our families were leaving early the next morning to
get to Ft. Worth by early afternoon.  From our small town it was about three
hundred  miles. Three quarters of the town were coming. We wouldn't be alone
after tonight. Uncle Bud would then stay with Aunt Laura.

I was looking forward to seeing my folks, especially Aunt Ethel and my dad.
Dad and I were never all that close but I loved him. He was always fair with me
and provided for me without question.

Hell, if I ever wanted something, all I had to do was ask my Dad and he'd get
if for me for Christmas or my birthday.  I never asked for much.  I didn't want a lot
of stuff.  Being a cowboy was my life from early on.  I was looking forward to
seeing Uncle Joe, too.  Uncle Joe, in a way, was my champion when it came to
my dad.

I spent, what I thought would be, the last night in my cowboy uncle's two big,
loving arms. I was wrong.  As it turned out, he felt it would be better for us to stay
together until the rodeo was over. We were a team all year and this was not the
time, he explained to me, to break up the team spirit.  We needed to practice and
that meant being around the arena. That was fine with me. It was like a reprieve
from the governor. Everyone could visit us behind the arena around the camper.

Did we have family arrive?  From all over the fucking country.  Rodeo friends
we made during the last year when we stopped at folk's homes along the way.
They loaded up their RV's, campers, trucks and trailers with food and goodies. 

Some of the families brought us scrap books of our winnings all year, carefully
pasted together with loving care. When the folks from our town got there they
were amazed at the number of folks who  came to wish us well and cheer us on. 

Uncle Bud's camper was parked right next to Dan Yates and his son Buck's
motor home.  We got to be pretty good friends. Buck and I had a lot  in common. 
We were both cowboys and loved the life.  We grew to feel comfortable around
each other.

We didn't talk a lot but sometimes when we were together there was an
unspoken understanding between us that's hard to define.  We just felt right with
each other, and I was attracted to him; like a nail to a magnet.

To me, Buck, was the ultimate cowboy.  I wasn't jealous of him, I just wanted
to be with him as much as I could.  I think he knew and felt the same.  Nothing
was said but I just knew. Rodeo folks don't have real hard ass competitive
attitudes towards each other.  They even help each other when they can but when
it comes your turn to compete, you do it with winning in mind.

I didn't know about his Dad but I knew Buck was a fierce competitor.   Buck
was out to win.  Come to find out his Dad was almost as fierce. I shook Buck's
hand and wished him and his dad well.  He thanked me and wished us the same.

My dad and Uncle Joe got there our first evening and it was great to see them
again. Dad and Uncle Joe were all over Uncle Bud and I. They were
congratulating, hugging and encouraging us.  I never saw my dad more interested
in me. He was wowed by what we accomplished  in the last year. He raised an
eyebrow when Uncle Bud handed me a beer but didn't say a word.

The first day of the rodeo we won.  The second day the Yates team won.
Uncle Bud and I worked well under pressure and waxed their ass's the third day. 
We won the championship.  We were number one team ropers in the nation. 
Uncle Bud and I had more pictures taken of us that next twenty four hours than
we ever had in our lives. Buck and his dad, too.  Just to be in the top three places
brought a lot of prize money and endorsement offers.

We posed for a formal PRCA picture with our huge new belt buckles and our
winning checks. We won a hell of a lot of money. I left all that in Uncle Bud's
capable hands. I trusted him with my life.  Then, boy, did we party?  All of the
Johnson Ranch crew showed up.

They all knew my dad and Uncle Joe which surprised me. Even Buck and his
dad were good sports and partied with us.  Hell, we were cowboys.  Makes no
never mind who won the rodeo, let's party.  Buck seemed happier for Uncle Bud
and I winning than his dad.

Old Booger grabbed me and kissed me right on the mouth in front of
everybody.  I saw Buck raise an eyebrow and smile knowingly.  I didn't care, I
loved the old man; my magnificent beast. I kissed him back to everyone's,
"aaaawwhh" Then they all laughed.  As things quieted down my dad and Uncle
Joe sat with me, Booger, Uncle Bud and my Aunts.

"Son, I hate to bring up something bad while we're celebrating but I brought a
letter for you from the government."  I knew what it was before he handed it to me. 
"I went ahead and opened it 'cause I didn't want to tell you about it before the
rodeo.  It says you're to report day after tomorrow in Dallas."

"Day after tomorrow." I thought,  "My God, I didn't have time to even say
goodbye to everyone."  I almost broke down and my dad did something
uncharacteristic for him.  He grabbed me and started crying. He pulled me off to
the side away from the others and held me in his big arms and cried again.

"Son, go with Booger.  Be his cowboy. He's a fine man.  I've known him for
years and would trust him with my most precious possession.  That'ud be you,
Son.   I know I ain't never told you many times how much I  loved you, Son, but I
do and I always have. Don't go for induction.  Don't let them send you over there.
Your family has discussed it and we all agree, Son.  We'd rather you go on the
road with Red until this is over.  Go to Canada.  Just stay on the road." I broke
down and cried in my dad's arms.  Something I'd never done in all these years.

"I can't, Dad, I have to go.  We're here in Ft. Worth and I'll stay another day
with Booger.  Uncle Bud and Aunt Laura need to get back.  Uncle Bud needs to
get  Dolly and Madison home.  I know you and Uncle Joe have to get back to
open the garage.  Don't worry about me, I'll be all right." Big Red saw us together
and walked up.  He sensed what we were talking about.

"Red, could I stay with you 'til day after  tomorrow and take me to the
induction center?"

"Love to have you stay with me, Cowboy.  I don't want to take you to the
induction center, but you know I  will, Son.  These assholes will go with us,  right
guys?" Red gestured toward the Johnson crew.  Everybody agreed including
Master Johnson and Xander.

"I'll be all right, Dad.  Y'all don't worry about me, I'll be back before you know
it." I said goodbye to my family the next morning and all the wonderful folks that
came from all over.  I had a pocket full of addresses and phone numbers to write
while I was in the service.

Uncle Bud and I found some  privacy to say goodbye.  We cried in each
others arms.  It was hard to let him go; I almost couldn't do it. I didn't think he was
going to able to either. I had the horrible thought it might be the last time I would
see this beautiful man I loved so much.

My family left to return to Mason and I returned with the Johnson crew to the
Johnson's Ranch. I had one full day at the Johnson ranch before I had to report
for induction the following morning.  Every man there vowed they were going to
ride in with Red and I.

I spent that night in Big Red's arms,  feeling more alone than I ever felt in my
life. It was like there was a big hole through my gut.  It even hurt a little.  Poor
Red,  I cared for him but my heart was back in my home town with my uncle.  He
understood and held me close.

Red made his animal love to me that night, and he got me to stop thinking
about my emptiness at least long enough to be ravaged by his beast. The next
morning he allowed me to take his morning load. I thought it would be a slap in
the face of convention to go to my army induction with old Booger's come on my

Of course,  I was the only one to arrive with a group of outlaw bikers. If they
only knew.  It made quite an impression anyway.  I was processed and found my
ass headed for basic training at Fort Ord.  It was real hard to go from a rodeo
campion to a dog faced grunt almost over night. I didn't get to celebrate winning
except for one night.

I felt like I'd climbed to the top of the mountain only to find a note:
'Congratulations on making it to the top;  by the way, your life is over.'  I began to
wonder whether I'd made the right decision when I could  be free,  riding the back
roads of the country with Booger Red and his clan; however, the old saying
proved to be true: When God closes one door he usually opens another.

End Chapter 2~Booger Red & Cowboy
Copyright 2003 Waddie Greywolf