The Golden Touch


Ariadne nervously straightened her best dress and tried to look composed. After all, it wasn't everyday that a common prostitute was summoned to the palace. Not that Ariadne considered herself common, she was very good at her profession. In fact, she had been having a most profitable week as her clientele had doubled. She had been literally worked off her feet. Slightly worrying had been the rumours flying around the city that something strange was happening at the palace but she had taken no notice until her turn to be summoned had arrived. She hadn't been in a position to argue though, perched naked on top of a customer when the four armed guards had burst in.

Now she was on her knees in front of Demitres, the King's chief advisor, being told exactly what the situation was. She was finding it hard to concentrate on his ponderous tones, as the room was crammed with glittering gold artefacts. Her eyes kept straying to admire the glittering objects. There was a golden model of just about anything she could think of. A bowl of golden fruit attracted her attention and she wondered if she could manage to slip some of the grapes or a pomegranate into her pocket.

"The King has been given a wonderful gift by the gods," Dimitres announced. "But like all gifts from the gods there are some disadvantages. The King has been unable to reach any sexual satisfaction for several days now. If you can ease his frustration, you will be rewarded with ten times your weight in gold."

At the mention of a reward Ariadne's attention swiftly returned to Demitres. This seemed far too easy. Easing men's sexual frustrations was how she made her living.

"Could you tell me what exactly is the problem?" Ariadne inquired. Demitres cleared his throat.

"Everything King Midas touches turns to gold. Not just his hands, but also any part of him," he explained. "His gift is unpredictable so he has to be careful. Over there is what happened when he sneezed yesterday. You can see that only small parts of the material have turned to gold but the unfortunate slave who was holding the cloak has been completely transformed."

Ariadne took a closer look at the gold statues around the room.

"That's Penelope!" she cried in horror, looking at a statue of a naked girl kneeling, her outstretched hands clutching at nothing. She crossed to take a closer look but it was definitely her neighbour, now solid metal. Ariadne shuddered in horror at such a hideous fate but still had enough presence of mind to slip Penelope's rings off and into her pocket. They had originally been cheap trinkets but now they too were gold and would be worth a fortune.

"Yes, she attempted to use material to shield herself but as you can see it didn't work," Demitres said with a long-suffering sigh.

"Has he tried satisfying himself," Ariadne inquired delicately, demonstrating with her hand to illustrate what she meant.

Demitres' lip curled. "King Midas does not want to take the chance of anything untoward happening," he informed her. "Part's of the king's beard and hair have been turned to gold when he touched them. Better to lose a few prostitutes then risk part of the king. So now it's your turn. In you go."

As she was ushered through the imposing double doors into the king's presence Ariadne's mind was working frantically. She had to bring the king to orgasm without physically touching him! No wonder they had called in professionals. But if her predecessors had all failed, she would obviously have to do something special if she was going to do any better. Penelope had been one of the best whores in the city. Fortunately, Ariadne knew she was the best and this was her chance to prove it. All she needed was a bit of imagination.

She swiftly took the pins out of her hair and let it fall down her back. She ran her fingers through the glossy black strands that were long enough to tickle the backs of her thighs. Then she slipped off her cloak, tightened the straps of her dress so that it clung to her figure, thrust her chest forward and swayed into the room. The king was half sprawled on a bed at one end of a candlelit room while musicians played behind a concealing screen. The bed and floor and walls were all solid gold and the king was completely naked, parts of his hair and beard glittering yellow, just as Demitres had said.

Ariadne moved into the centre of the room and waited for the king to notice her. He waved his hand in her general direction and Ariadne took that as enough invitation. She began a seductive dance, the swing of her hair accenting her movements. Slowly she began to remove her clothes item by item, tossing them at the foot of King Midas' bed. She now had his attention. She smiled to herself; the only good thing about following the other girls was that the king must be pretty aroused already, which would save her some work. Once she was naked beneath her cloak of hair, she continued to dance. While she swayed alluringly to the music, she caught a lock of hair and twisted it up on top of her hair, securing it with one of the pins she had held on to. She repeated the manoeuvre until gradually her naked body was revealed as her hair was piled on top of her head. She danced nearer and nearer to the king until she reached his side as the last strand of hair was pinned to her crown.

Stopping just out of reach, she raised her arms above her head and twirled slowly so King Midas could admire her sleek body. She began running her hands over her body in the way she knew the king must be longing to do. She cupped her breasts, flicking her nipples to make them harden and stand out. She turned around, spread her legs wide and bent from her waist. She cupped her buttocks and pulled them apart, giving the king a good view. She trailed her fingers along her crack, stroking and prodding each sensitive part she came across. She began to gasp and moan as if she was becoming excited. She could see that she definitely had the king's full attention. He was propped up on an elbow following her every movement. Ariadne increased her movements and her sighs, titling her head and licking her breasts as they dangled in her face. She built her act towards its climax, thrusting two fingers inside herself and panting noisily, until she gave a series of small shrieks and then collapsed gracefully onto the floor.

After a moment to regain her breath after her performance, she crawled closer to the king's bed. She was pleased to see that he was already erect and throbbing, just as she has hoped. She began to blow gently on him, playing her breath over his skin, as she would have normally used her tongue. She was careful to hook her hands under the edge of the bed to ensure she wouldn't forget and touch King Midas. The only thing she could safely touch the king with was her breath but she would need to be inventive. She took a mouthful of mulled wine to change her breath and let the warm moist air flow over him. He twitched and moaned a little in response. Next she crunched up some ice and let the bits rain down on him, watching him gasp and shudder as the cold fragments instantly turned to scraps of gold. Pleased with her success so far, she began to alternate the hot and cold, ignoring the ache in her teeth but careful to keep her distance. She was as vigilant as she could be but once a small lock of her hair brushed the king's ribs and stiffened to yellow metal.

Soon King Midas began to moan and writhe and Ariadne knew he was approaching his first orgasm in days. She warily pulled back and let her mind drift to thoughts of the villas she was going to buy and the slaves she would acquire with her reward. Lost in blissful daydreams of the luxury she would shortly enjoy, she failed to notice an exceptionally vigorous spurt of sperm that splashed on her chin and turned her instantly to gold.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, 2000


I was trying to write a Flash story for the second ASSM anniversary. I just couldn't get this down to 500 words but it seemed a shame to waste a story. Especially as I hadn't written much this year.

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Vickie Morgan