The Kiddy Porn Ring.

This is the multi-part story of The Kiddy Porn Ring.

TKPR is a group of men and women who make their living from producing extreme BDSM movies with preteen victims.

This is also a Readers Request project, read the Intro part to learn how it works, and my e-mail is included in the stories.

TKPR Intro

Story Codes: plot, no-sex

TKPR Part 1 - Jenny’s Premiere

Story Codes: g/F, nc, toys, oral, humil, fist, fdom, d/s, anal, rape, tort, enem, ws, sad

TKPR Part 2 - Dave’s Private Invitation

Story Codes: MF/g, anal, rape, nc, ped, toys, humil

TKPR Part 3 - Puppy Boy

Story Codes: M/b, ped, oral, anal, d/s, humil, nc/reluc, beast

TKPR Part 4 - Mai-Li's Initiation

Story Codes: M/g, ped, b/d, spank, anal, oral, nc/reluc

TKPR Part 5 - Dave and Julia

Story Codes: MMg/F, MF/g, nc, inc, ped, oral, rape, bd, toys, humil, Fdom

TKPR Part 6 - Martin and Mary’s Adventure

Story Codes: bg/F, reluct, bd, spank, anal, oral, ped, ds

TKPR Part 7 - Sold At The Auction

Story Codes: M/b, ped, nc, rape, anal, oral, bd, cbt

TKPR Part 8 - Anna's Cum Bath

Story Codes: M+/g, pedo, todd, bond, oral, nc/reluct

TKPR Part 9 - Jenny's Slave

Story Codes: g/Mg, MM/M, bd, tort, anal, cbt, d/s, enem, Fdom, fist, humil, cons/nc, rape, sad, sm, ws, toys

TKPR Part 10 - Dave’s Surprise

Story Codes: MF/Fg, bond, s/m, hum, anal, oral, enem, ped

TKPR Part 11 - Punishing Cindy

Story Codes: M+/gb, nc/reluc, bd, humil, scat, ws, anal, oral

TKPR Part 12 - Jenny’s Birthday Present

Story Codes: MFg/gg g/g, g/bbg, bd, s/m, tort, rape, anal, oral, ws, fdom, cons/reluc/nc

TKPR Part 13 - Boy’s Play

Story Codes: b/b, M+/bb, spank, oral, anal, bond, toys, reluct

TKPR Part 14 - The Burglar

Story Codes: M/g, bound, rape, anal, oral, nc

TKPR Part 15 - Baby Boys

Story Codes: MMMm/bb infant, inc, oral anal, bond, ws, nc

TKPR Part 16 - Melissa Plays

Story Codes: sbg, Mb/g, bond, anal, oral, spank, cons/reluc

TKPR Part 17 - Girly Boy

Story Codes: FM/b, bond, anal, oral, spank, humil, cbt, nc/reluc

TKPR Part 18 - The Weekend Party

Story Codes: M+F+/b+g+, bond, rape, anal, oral, spank, tort, humil, cbt, beast, nc/reluc

TKPR Part 19 - Forced Slaves

Story Codes: MF/b, g+, bond, rape, anal, oral, spank, tort, humil, cbt, nc/reluc