Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Kiddy Porn Ring - Part 11- Punishing Cindy. By Verryevil (M+/gb, nc/reluc, bd, humil, scat, ws, anal, oral) Author's notes: All my stories are purely fiction. Feedback and comments can be sent to: This series is intended as a readers request project. If you have a request for a" TKPR production" send it to the above e-mail. I don't guarantee that all requests are made into "productions" but all requests are read and considered. It was Tuesday morning and Dave was back at his desk in the studios office. He was reading thru the order sheet for The Rings last production, "Jenny's Slave'. A huge smile spread across he face as he read. He had suspected that it would be popular, but the orders went well beyond his wildest imaginations. This production would break the previous selling record by several light years. The Ring's finances were already solid, but the extra income from a `blockbuster' was always welcome. Then he began reading thru the latest requests to see what the customers wanted to see next. After a little while he found one that seemed interesting. The request was rather bizarre and extreme, even by his standards, but the requested `actress' was the perfect one for something like that. Picking up his pen he began making notes. After about two hours Dave put the pen down, and the smile on his face had grown even larger. He leaned back in the chair and read thru his notes. `This is just what that little bitch needs' he thought. Putting the note on his desk he reached for the phone, for this he would need to call in some extra actors who's interests suited the requested action, and he knew exactly who. The phone rang almost 12 signals before someone answered on the other end. "Took you damn long time to answer." Dave said as soon as the phone was answered. "Sorry Dave, I was in the shower." The man on the other end answered. "Are you and your brothers interested in a rather nasty production?" "Depends on what you mean by nasty, you know very well what my brothers and I like." "I do, and that's exactly why I'm asking you." Dave replied. "He he, then we might very well be interested. Who's the receiver?" "There are actually two `receivers' as you call it, Cindy and Josť. The action is not exactly what you would have preferred, but close enough I think." "Spit it out and I will tell you if we are interested." Dave spent the next 10 minutes describing the request and what he had planed. "So what do you say are you guys interested?" Dave asked. "You bet your ass were interested. This I don't want to miss for my life." The man replied. "Great, see you here tomorrow afternoon then." Dave said and hung up the phone. He leaned back in his large chair and let a huge, mean grin spread across his face. Although this would be one of the most bizarre productions The Ring had ever made, it was perfect for that little bitch Cindy. She had been more then a little trouble the last weeks, and her little quest appearance in the last production had not softened her up as he had hoped. This time he had no such ideas, this would be pure punishment. Dave left his office and went looking for Erik. He found him in the stable kitchen, preparing the kids lunch meals. He gave Erik a quick briefing on the next production and some instructions regarding Cindy's and Josť's food intake. After the instructions Erik had a slight puzzled look. "Any special reason for selecting Josť as the second kid?" Erik asked. "Actually yes." Dave replied. "First he is about the same height as Cindy and that's rather important in this case, second he is our most obedient boy and will most likely not cause any problem." "I see your point." Erik said. Dave felt a little sorry for Erik when he returned to his office. He knew Erik had a desire for the little eight year old Latino boy, but his interests were not of the kind needed for this production. Dave made a mental note to make sure Erik would get to participate in a production with Josť. The rest of the day passed uneventful, and Dave went to Julia's house that evening. After a quick dinner Dave began describing the next production to Julia. When he had finished she sat quiet for a while, clearly thinking about camera angles as she was one of The Rings camera handlers. "I suspect you want clear shots of their faces to catch their expressions, especially Cindy's." She said after a few minutes. "That's the point. First to catch her expression when she realises what's about to happen, and then when it really happens." "I'm sure she will struggle like hell to try and get away." "It won't help her a bit; the bondage will be too tight for her to have any chance of escaping." Dave said with a smile. "But it will make it harder to get clear shots with the camera." Julia replied. "That's true, but I'm sure you, Ron and Sara are capable of handling that." The sat silently in the couch for a few minutes before Julia got up and headed towards the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower and then go to bed." She said. "No training of your slave whore tonight?" Dave asked. "She was a bit disobedient earlier today so I put her in the isolation box for the night." Julia said and disappeared into the bathroom. Dave got a huge, mean smile on his face when he thought about the isolation box. The box was made to perfectly fit Julia's tiny little seven year old sex slave. It forced the child to sand straight with her hands by her side. The box was so tight the little slut could not move even half an inch in any direction. The walls, floor and roof in the box were all covered in thick black latex that had been made to give of an extra strong rubber smell. Further there were two long, thick steel dildos on poles from the floor that impaled the child whores tiny holes. To leave the child in the box for the whole night was a really cruel punishment. He waited until Julia was done with her shower, then he used the bathroom and joined his girlfriend and soon to be mother of his first child in the bedroom. That Julia was pregnant with his child was like a dream come true. He had a girlfriend that was as much a paedophile as him, and now they were going to have a baby that they could use, abuse, molest and train any way they wanted. Dave wasn't too much into boys so he hoped that it would be a girl. And to top it all of, his cousin Slave Slut was also pregnant, the father being the ten year old black boy that had fucked her during one of The Rings productions. That baby would definitely by trained into a sex slave slut whore, no matter if it was a boy or a girl. They were both rather tired so they just cuddled together and were soon asleep. The next day Dave spent finalizing the script for the next production. He also informed the rest of The Ring members about the action and the last hours they spend figuring out lighting and camera positions. When they were done, Erik wanted to talk to Dave in private. "What's on your mind Erik?" Dave asked when they had entered his office. "Who are the adult actors for this production?" Erik asked. "The Donnell brothers." Dave answered. "I should have known; this fits perfectly into their interests." "And that's why I asked them." "But I do feel a little sorry for Josť; he hasn't done anything to deserve this kind of punishment." Erik said. "Compassion from you?" Dave asked. "You weren't very nice to little Andrew when you raped him." "I know, but this is more then a little different." Erik replied. "This kind of action is something I have no interest in at all. I like rough, brutal, rape and fucking but not this kind of punishments." "As soon as I get a request that fits Josť I'll make sure that you and Johnny get to participate." Dave said. "Ok." Erik said and left the office. Saturday lunch. The Thursday and Friday had passed uneventfully. The first part of the Saturday had been spent rigging the set and now it was time to start. The Donnell brothers had arrived an hour earlier and were also ready to go. All four of the big white men were dressed in black leather pants, black leather boots, bare chests and black leather face masks. They were all well trained with swelling muscles and made a rather intimidating impression. The oldest of the brothers, Jack, walked up to Dave. "We are really looking forward to this." Jack said. "I hope you are because I'm counting on you do give a great performance." Dave replied. "You can rest assured that we will do our part:" Jack said with a huge grin on his face and returned to his brothers. Dave checked that everything was set and ready and sat down in his director's chair. When he got the signal from Erik that the kids were ready he straightened his back and made a last look around of the set. "All right people, let's make a movie. Roll camera and... ACTION!" The set was a small room with black walls and floor. The only item in the room was an inflatable child's swimming pool with yellow walls and red bottom. The Donnell brothers entered the room, two of them carrying a big sports bag each. The bags were placed beside the plastic swimming pool and opened. In one of the bags was Josť and in the other was Cindy. Both the children were bound in the same way, arms tightly tied behind their backs with their elbows touching and their ankles tied to their respective thighs. Furthermore they were both blindfolded and gagged with a special kind of ring gag harness. The most unusual item was the specially designed butt plugs the kids had inserted into their tight preteen asses. The plugs were secured in place with tightly strapped leather harnesses the still left the plugs exposed. The brothers quickly lifted the two preteen sex slaves from the bags and placed them inside the inflatable plastic swimming pool. Using thick leather straps they secured the tightly bound preteen children in a 69 position lying on their sides, with their heads placed so their gags were facing the exposed butt plugs. When the kids were tightly secured to each other the four men stepped back and admired the view. They stood in a circle around the plastic swimming pool, rubbing their cocks thru the leather pants while looking down on the two tightly bound and helpless preteen sex toys. Cindy and Josť were both eight years old and of the same height, so they fit perfectly into the 69 position they had been secured in. They were both still blindfolded and had no idea what was about to happen to them. Cindy squirmed and struggled, trying to get free but to no avail. Her black skin made a great contrast against the red bottom and yellow walls of the inflatable swimming pool. She could feel that she had been tied to another child, but she had no idea who. Josť, broken and submissive as he was, just lay still awaiting what ever was to come. He had his suspicions as to who the child he had been tied to was. Joe, the youngest of the Donnell brothers, picked up something from the bag he had carried Cindy in and bent down at the little preteen girls head. The item was a clear plastic tube with a slight curve in it. The tube fir perfectly into the ring gag in the eight year old girls mouth; and also into the exposed butt plug in little Josť's ass. The butt plugs were designed so that when the tube was inserted the inner part flared open, leaving an open passage from the little boys ass thru the tube and into the preteen girls mouth. When the tube was locked in place Joe stood up and backed away. Now Jimmy, the second youngest brother, picked up an identical tube from the bag he had carried Josť in, and locked it to the boys ring gag and Cindy's but plug. With the tube in place Jimmy backed away and the men admired the view of the two tightly bound preteens. John, the second oldest of the brothers, now leaned down and removed the blindfold from Cindy's eyes. It took the eight year old girl a little while to adjust to the bright lights, but then she noticed the device connecting her mouth to the little boy's asshole. The expression on her face when she realised the purpose of the arrangement was priceless. Immediately she began squirming and twisting, trying her best to get free or at least dislodging the tube. Her efforts were in vain, the tube was locked in place with no chance of coming out and the ropes and straps binding her small preteen body were way to tight for her to break. Finally Jack bent down and removed the blindfold from Josť eyes. The little eight year old boy also needed some time to adjust to the light, but then he also noticed the tube from his mouth leading into Cindy's ass. He quickly realised what was going to happen, but he didn't struggle like Cindy. Instead he just sighed and accepted the situation, a small trickle of tears beginning to run down his cheeks. The four men stood silently around the plastic pool rubbing their cocks thru the pants, watching as the black little eight year old girl struggled frantically to get free. They let her struggle fro several minutes before Jack and John bend down beside the two child sex slaves. Jack took a firm hard grip on Cindy's hair with his right hand and she immediately stopped her struggles. With his other hand Jack began rubbing and caressing the little preteen girl's stomach. At the same time John was doing the same to the little preteen latino boy. The tummy rubbing soon had the desired effect. Since Tuesday both he children had only been fed oatmeal, and today their breakfast had been spiced with a mild laxative and their lunch with a very strong laxative. The rubbing soon had the preteen's stomachs rumbling. Both of the little eight year olds know very well what was going to happen in just a minute or so, but their reactions were completely different. Josť had already resigned to the fact, and he just kept silently crying. Cindy on the other hand again tried to squirm and twist while trying to scream, but the large ring gag in her mouth and Jack's firm, hard grip on her hair prevented all of it. When the rumbling in the bound children's tummies became really loud, Jack and John put wide leather belts around their stomachs and pulled them extremely tight. Then they both stood up and backed away, awaiting the show to begin. Josť was the first to lose control of his bowels. With a loud grunt he stopped trying to resist the unavoidable and pushed instead. A large flow of brown excrement spurted thru the clear tube and straight into the black eight year old girl's mouth. As the boy's shit filled her tiny little mouth, Cindy wretched and choked. She quickly realised that if she didn't swallow she would probably choke to death. When she began swallowing the foul tasting shit filling her mouth she lost control of her own bowels. The result was a huge flow of shit that flew thru the tube connecting her ass to Josť mouth and straight down the eight year old latino boy's throat. The look on the preteen girl's face when the shit entered her mouth and she was forced to swallow it was astonishing. Large tears streamed down the child sluts face as large amounts of faeces continued to pour thru the tube connecting her small mouth to the preteen boy's asshole. The tears streaming down little Josť's face were equally large as he was also continuously fed the shit flowing out of Cindy's ass. The men had now unzipped their pants and were viciously rubbing their big hard cocks. On a silent signal from Jack they all pointed their cocks towards the bound, crying preteen sex slaves and unleashed a torrent of piss onto their small bodies. They had all deliberately drunk lots of water earlier and the piss flow lasted for almost three whole minutes. When the men were finally done, the two eight year olds were covered in piss and also practically swimming in it. The inflatable pool made sure all the piss stayed were it was supposed to. Jack and his brothers waited until the shit flows from the kids had subsided, then it was time for the next phase. He leaned down by Cindy's head, grabbed hold of her hair and looked into her eyes. "It seems you like to eat shit you filthy little fuck slut, so we better give you some more then." Jack said with a sarcastic tone. He flipped the children over so that Cindy was lying on her back in the piss filled pool with Josť on top of her. Then he removed the tube from Cindy's ass, causing the plug in the eight year old girl's ass to close, but left it attached to the little boy's ring gag. John, Jimmy and Joe then all started to rub and caress the preteen latino boy's tummy to make him expel more of the shit inside him into Cindy's mouth. While his brothers were working on the boys stomach, he had turned the tube attached to the child's gag so it now pointed slightly upwards. He then put his rock hard cock against the opening in the tube and let go a stream of warm piss straight into the preteen's mouth. "Rinse down the shit boy." He said to the tightly bound child. "Make your little mouth clean and nice for me." Josť gladly did as told. The piss actually tasted a lot better then the excrements and he was glad to be able to clean his mouth a little. When Jack was done he removed the tube from the gag and then showed his swollen manhood into the eight year old boy's mouth. The ring gag was a little tight but Jack managed to push his cock thru it. Grabbing the preteen's head he began fucking its mouth with long, slow strokes. Little Josť was well accustomed to cock sucking and quickly began using hi knowledge to please the man raping his small mouth. He ran his little tongue along the shaft as it pushed inwards, and when it was withdrawn he circled the tip of the cock. The rubbing of his tummy was again having the desired effect; he felt that he was just about to dump another load. But he also had a suspicion as to what the men really wanted, so he held back for as long as he could. When he could not hold back any longer, he instead pushed as hard as he could to force as much out as fast as possible. Cindy saw the new flood of shit coming thru the tube and straight into her small eight year old mouth. The taste almost made her puke, and if the tube had not helped block most of the smell she most certainly would have, but she swallowed as fast as she could to prevent herself from choking to death. She had been raped and abused on several occasions since she had been kidnapped, but this was by far the worst she had ever experienced in her short life. Not even being placed in the toilet box during Jenny's session with the adult male slave had been this bad. Huge streams of tears flowed down her cheeks as she was forced to continue swallowing the faeces flowing from the young boy's asshole. The tightness from the ring gag combined with Josť's use of his tiny tongue soon made Jack reach his limit. With a loud moan he emptied his balls into the preteen latino boy's throat. He kept his cock in the child's mouth until it was completely empty. "Damn, this little boy whore really knows how to give a blowjob." He said as he withdrew his now limp cock. "I swear he sucked my balls dry." "And it seems his guts are empty to." Jimmy replied. "Great." Jack said. "Then let's get him and the bitch ready for some more serious action." Joe removed the tube from the little boy's butt plug but left it attached to the little black preteen girls ring gag. Then he turned the tube so it faced away from the boy and towards his hard, throbbing cock. After putting his cock against the opening in the tube he released his bladder, sending a stream of piss straight down into the bound eight year old girl's mouth. When he was done, Joe stepped aside and let Jimmy take his place. Without hesitation, Jimmy put his cock against the tube opening and let go of his piss. After Jimmy came John and then Jack, until all four of them had released their bladders into the now heavily crying little eight year old preteen sex slaves mouth. While his older brothers pissed into the girl's mouth, Joe removed the gag from little Josť's mouth. He was bigger then Jack and his cock could not fit thru the ring. With the gag gone he had free access to the eight year old boy's mouth. He put the tip of his cock against the small lips and the boy immediately opened wide to let him enter. Instead of face fucking the kid, Joe stayed still to see if the boy would do anything by himself. Josť quickly understood what the man wanted and began sucking the big adult cock filling his mouth to the limit. Again he used his small tongue the best he could, hoping that if he pleased the men enough they wouldn't make him swallow any more of Cindy's shit. Cindy was truly in hell. Not only was her stomach full from the shit and piss she had been forced to swallow, her bowels were beginning to cramp from not being able to expel the shit pressing against the now sealed but plug. She was so full that if the men put even a single drop more into her mouth, it would all come back up. With Joe still getting his cock sucked by Josť, Jimmy removed the but plug and harness from the preteen boy's ass, and he also removed the tube from the little black girl's ring gag. Then he quickly lubricated his cock and placed the tip against the boy's little butt hole. He grabbed the child's small hips and began to push his rock hard manhood inside the little eight year olds boy pussy. When he began pushing Jimmy noticed that the boy was trying to relax his splinter to ease the penetration. When the tip of his big hard cock was fully inside the little boy's ass, Jimmy took a firmer grip around the kid's hips and rammed his cock as deep as he could in a single stroke. Had his mouth not been filled to the limit by Joe's big adult cock, Josť would have screamed from the pain when Jimmy's even bigger cock brutally impaled his tight little boy hole. Jimmy began fucking the eight year old latino boy's ass with long hard strokes, pulling almost completely out before again pushing in, going a little deeper by each thrust. Before long he had managed to burry the entire length of his manhood inside the little preteen ass. A mix of lubricant, shit and a little blood began dripping from Josť's ass while Jimmy brutally raped him. The mix dripped downwards, straight into Cindy's face and mouth. Joe and Jimmy came at the same time. Joe showed his cock as deep as he could into the little eight year old boy's mouth and shoot his load straight down the throat. Jimmy withdrew his cock from the latino boys ravaged ass and aimed it at the bound, black preteen girl underneath him. With a loud groan he ejaculated straight into the little girls open mouth. Both of them spent for the moment, they stepped aside to let Jack and John take their places. The men continued to move around until all of them had raped little Josť in both his mouth and his ass. And every time they did the boy's ass, they had shoot their cum into the little eight year old girl's mouth that was forced open by the large ring gag. Now it was time for the grand finale. They released the straps binding the two children to each other so they were now lying separate. Since Josť had pleased them with his cock sucking skills, and that the main idea was to punish Cindy, they put a normal but plug in his ravaged little ass and put a big ball gag in his mouth. Cindy on the other hand was in for a really nasty finish. The brothers picked up a new, much longer tube from one of the bags. Then they turned Cindy over so she was on her knees, with her forehead resting against the piss covered floor of the inflatable pool. Then they attached the longer tube to her ring gag and positioned the other end by her but plug, but they didn't attach it to the plug yet. Jack tightened the wide leather belt around the eight year old black girl's stomach while his brothers rubbed and caressed the child's tummy. It took less then a minute before the bound little preteen's stomach began rumbling again. Once the men were satisfied the connected the tube to the but plug and stepped back. Little Cindy was now tied in such a position that when she released her bowels, the shit would flow thru the tube and straight into her own mouth. The little girl fully realised her situation and tried her best to hold back to almost unbearable urge to shit. Streams of tears flowed down her cheeks as she struggled to hold back. Little Josť was lying beside her, feeling glad that he had not been put into a similar device. His ass hurt from the brutal raping he had received from the four men, but at least he wouldn't have swallow any more shit. With a loud scream of agony and humiliation Cindy lost the struggle. Brown slimy shit began flowing thru the tube from her ass towards her open mouth. Since her ass was higher then her head, gravity helped the flow and within seconds the excrements reached the tightly bound child's mouth. Instinctually she began swallowing so she wouldn't choke. The Donnell brothers were standing around the pool stroking the cocks. When the first load of shit reached the little black preteen girl's mouth the pointed their cocks at the bound children and began pissing. They made sure every inch of both the little eight year olds body's got covered in the golden shower. By the time they were finished, the piss on the bottom of the inflatable plastic pool was almost an inch deep. "AND CUT!" Dave shouted. The Donnell brothers shook hands, removed their leather mask and let the set, letting the medics take care of the bound, piss drenched kids. Jack walked over to Dave who was still sitting in his chair. "Damn man, that was great." Jack said with a huge smile. "That little boy slut really knows how to suck a cock." "He sure does." Dave replied. "There's no need for you to send us any free copies of this move, we will gladly pay for them." "You know our rules Jack, all adult actors always gets a free copy." "Where the hell did you get hold of those ring gags and plugs?" Jack asked. "I have a few connections." Dave replied with a smile. "You interested in buying a set?" "You bet your ass I am." Jack replied with an even bigger smile. "You can have the ones we used today. I don't think we will need them again, and if we would I can always call you." "How much you want for them?" "You can have them for the same prize I paid." "Deal." They shook hands on the deal and Dave then walked over to the medics to get a damage report. "The boy's ass is rather sore, but nothing serious." The chief medic said. "He should be ready for action within a couple of weeks." "What about the girl?" Dave asked. "Physically she is completely unhurt. But mentally she has taken a severe beating." "That was the purpose. You think she might have been broken?" "I'm not sure, but there is a chance her resistance might have faded." Dave nodded and walked over to where Cindy was laying on the floor. The black little preteen had been freed from the bondage and was completely naked. She looked up when Dave stopped beside her, her eyes no longer filled with the contempt they used to have. All Dave saw in her eyes was fear. "If you give me or anyone else here any more trouble, this will be the only kind of productions you will ever appear in." He said in a stern voice to the naked little eight year old. "Please sir, no more." The girl cried. "I will do anything you want and not make any more trouble, I promise. Just don't do this to me again." "I don't give promises to child slaves." Dave said. "But I can tell you this, as long as you behave your safe. But if you misbehave even a little, I will call these men and ask them to come over again." "I will behave sir, I promise I will behave." Cindy cried. Dave actually believed her; the look in her eyes assured him that the little brat was telling the truth. He left the child lying on the floor and left the set. Later that evening Dave was sitting in his office finishing some paper work when there was a knock on the door. It was Erik. "Come in and have a seat." Dave said. "Thanks." Erik replied and sat down in the couch. "Anything on your mind?" Dave asked. "I have just finished feeding the kids in the stable, and I have never seen Cindy so submissive." "It seems she finally got the point after today's action." "I actually told Josť that today's production was mainly to punish Cindy and not him, and he gave a rather interesting reply." "What did he say?" Dave asked. "He said that if he had known that from the start, he would have tried to be nasty against her." "It seems little Josť aren't to found of Cindy." Dave said with a smile. "Especially not after today." Erik replied, also with a smile. "Lets keep that in mind, we might be able to use that in someway later." Erik smiled and left the office and Dave returned to his paperwork. This production was so extreme that he was certain there would not be many orders for it. Most of The Rings regular customers preferred more straight forward bondage, rape and torture. But even if it didn't sell well it wouldn't hurt The Ring. Their finances were solid enough to cover three or four non-sellers in a row if things got bad. With a smile he turned of his computer and headed for his car. Tonight he would put Slave Slut thru a really brutal torture session just for the fun of it. The end. All rights Reserved!