Author: DarkVampWriter (CrissyS)
Title: Dark Charm
Universe: Original
Summary: Cindy is a young curious girl who wants to get to know
her next door neighbor
Keywords: mf, oral, snuff, vamps
Language: English

Cindy had the whole house to herself for a week. To a teenager
this is a dream come true. Parents are away, no school for a
week, and just relaxing time all by herself. This time she could
spy on her next door neighbor without her annoying mother walking
in being suspicious. It had been a month since he moved in. All
she wanted was to get to know him, she began to spy on him
lately. But she was intrigued by his dark looks and the way he
walked. She was a totally sucker for his looks, and hardly knew
him. Suddenly Cindy walked upstairs to her room, and ran over to
the window where her spy scope was. She sat down behind the
curtains with the window open, and looking thru her scope.
Tonight she was lucky that the blinds were open, and there he
stood in the middle of his room just combing is long dark brown
hair. She loved the way it fell past his ears, when it was soaked
with gel or wet from water. Carefully she focused to get a
glimpse of his forest green eyes. Tonight she noticed that he
didn't have female company in and out the house. Cindy thought it
was weird how each day there was a woman over there. Every one of
them with different faces.

It was only few days ago when they really had the chance
introduce themselves. Still his name hadnft clicked right in her
mind. The day they introduced is when she fell for him. Cindy was
literally drooling at the corners of her mouth. He sat the comb
down on his dresser and turned off the lights and exited his
room. She sighed in frustration, not being able to watch him a
little longer. Cindy stood up and walked over to her tall mirror
looking at herself. She wondered by any chance, could he like
her. She shook the thought. eWhat if he is not that type of guy
just for looksf she thought. Cindy had another brilliant plan.
She grabbed her scrunchy and tied her black silky hair into a
ponytail. The next thing she planned to do was get the guts to go
next door and talk to him.

She stepped outside into the night air, and over to his house.
She arrived at the front door. Her hands were shaking her breaths
were short. Cindy began to get a little nervous. Her finger
reached for the doorbell, and stopped. Surprisingly she noticed
the door was cracked open revealing a dim light. The sound of his
deep voice was heard echoing through is living room, as he
conversed on the phone. The door made a slight squeaking as she
opened it. Suddenly she stopped and closed the door behind her.
There sitting on the black leather couch in the center of the
living room was him. In one hand he held a wine glass, full of
dark red liquid. In the other hand he held his cell phone next to
his ear listening and talking. The call had ended, and he
continued drinking from the red liquid in the glass.

gHow nice of you to stop by Cindy.h He turned to see the
shocked look on her face.

gI snuck in quietly so how did you know?h She stayed near the
door watching him from the distance.

gI know everything there is to know about you. Your parents are
away and you decided to come over and talk to me. What exactly, I
donft know. But what really bothers me is you watching me.h He
flashed her a quick smile revealing his sharp fangs.
Her heart felt as if it sunk deep within the depths of her

gWell uh wow good guess um, I just came over to see what you
were doing.h She walked slowly towards the sofa where he was

gHave the courtesy to knock before you enter ones home. So
whatfs up? You want some wine while we talk.h He reached over
to the tall bottle of what looked like wine. He poured her a
glass and handed it to her. Cindy took a sip and spat the nasty
metallic liquid.

gThis doesnft taste like red wine.h The taste lingered in her
mouth and she continued to spit.

gItfs not wine silly girl.h He laughed, his deep voice echoed
the living room.

Cindy laughed nervously and sat the wine glass on the coffee
table in front of her.

She didnft want to sit next to him, but she had a feeling she
should leave. She wondered if he was drunk.

gYou humans cease to amaze me. Donft you know not to talk to
strangers?h His glass was half empty, he reached for the bottle
and poured more of what seemed like wine.

gBut youfre my next door neighbor. I have been curious about
you. I know it's kinda late.h Cindy sat down but kept her

gCome a little closer love, I donft bite. Come and get to know
me.h Again he flashed her a toothy smile showing his sharp
fangs. Cindy began to scoot in closer next to him. His scent was
magnificent, it was the smell of cologne. He placed his arm
behind her and his hand rested on her shoulder. Cindy scooted in

gSo talk to me?h He moved his face in closer to her hair
inhaling her scent.

gHmmmmc.. Vanilla? Am I right.h Slowly he traced his fingers
down the side of her cheeks, Cindy started to shiver. His touch
was so cold like ice.

gYeah I washed my hair earlier this morning. By the way what was
your name again?h Her cheeks turned rosy red, as she blushed.
His dark forest green eyes were fixed on hers and he was so close
to her.

gDarius.h His soft lips were locked with hers, and she felt his
cold tongue slither in tasting the walls of her mouth. He wrapped
both arms around her and passionately kissed her. For some odd
reason Cindy felt very strange. Never in her life has she been
kissed like this. She wrapped her arms around him, the both of
them were locked into a passionate kiss. Something felt sharp on
her tongue, it was one of his fangs. Cindy broke off from the
kiss. His eyes were full of passionate lust, and desire.

"I think I need to go." As soon as Cindy stood up he grabbed her
by the arm and sat her back down.

"Sorry, I just can't keep my lips off of pretty girls like you.
Please don't be frightened of me. I do mean well. " He looked
deep into her eyes and caressed her cheek. Cindy didn't know if
she wanted to stay or not. She hardly knew him and he made the
first move.

His fingers played with the buttons on her shirt as he started to
undress her. He placed light kisses on her neck making Cindy moan
in extasy. His fingers made their way down her shirt unbottoning
it. He took off her shirt and threw it aside.

gNice.h Darius whispered in a seductive tone, as her soft
breast were exposed. Already her pink buds were stiff. He ran his
tongue over them and sucked He moved his hands lower down to her
skirt, and his cold fingers touched her thighs. Cindy shivered
and squirmed as his hands went further. He played with the lace
on her panties, and slid his finger into her soft warm folds of
skin. The coldness of his fingers made her jump slightly.

"Hehe your such a silly girl. Just relax."

He raised her skirt up and spread her legs. He removed her
panties and tossed them aside along with her skirt. Cindy was
completely nude.

Darius put her legs over his shoulders and moved his head forward
to taste her cunt. His head was deep in between her legs as he
licked at her clit. Juices, dripped from her wet entrance, and
Darius savored the sweet taste. His long tongue penetrated her
hole, and slid inside of her tasting her. The feeling of his wet
cold tongue against the inside of her made her walls tighten.
Cindy ran her fingers thru his hair as he pleasured her with his
tongue. He raised his head up looking into her eyes.

gI know you were enjoying that but I am not finished.h He stood
up taking off his clothes and tossing them aside. His erection
stood at attention. It was achingly hard and ready to pleasure
her. It was rather large, and thick. Her eyes widen and she stood
up. Cindy was going to get dressed, she didnft feel this was
right. She felt like she wasnft ready for this. Darius reached
for her arm and pulled her close to him.

gDonft go love you will miss out on the greatest experience.
Please stay for me.h Darius' seductive tone was irresistible and
Cindy was leaning against the arm of the sofa. Darius stood in
front of her and started to caress her cheeks. He stepped back
and held her hips and turned her around slowly, without a word of
command. Her back was facing him. He parted her cheeks and rested
his member in between them.

gDo I make you wet?h he leaned over and whispered in her ear.
He chuckled slightly, and caressed her back putting her at ease.

He guided himself easy inside of her cunt, taking her from
behind. His thrust were slow and pleasurable. Darius closed his
eyes enjoying the feeling of her tightness and warmth. He started
to speed up hearing her soft whimpers and moans. Cindy dug her
nails into the sofa, feeling the verge of her own climax. Darius
picked up speed and started to pound into her. Without hesitation
he leaned forward quickly and sunk his fangs deep into her neck.
At the same time he felt his climax while he drank from her.
Cindy screamed both in pleasure and pain. Darius wanted to drain
her dry, he continued drinking her blood. Her body started to
feel weak, and she felt dizzy. Pulling himself away from her limp
body she fell over trembling and dying. Darius wiped the blood
from his pale lips, and watched her die slowly. He dressed
himself and looked down at her lifeless body, feeling somewhat

g It never fails when they fall for me. Too bad she was
beautiful too. Oh well I am full.h He walked over to Cindy
picking up her lifeless body. He headed towards the attic
disposing yet another victim that fell under his dark charm.