Granddad gets some help

By Uncle Ray


Two men and a shed (and a girl)

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Simon is in his allotment weeding, and checking his vegetables when his phone rings. “Dad can you look after Nicky for me while I go into town, I need to go to the bank.” It is his daughter Julie.


“Sure, I’m at the allotment, bring her round and drop her off.”


“Can you give her some tea later, in case I’m held up, I’ll pick her up from your flat?”


“Okay sweetie, no problem.”


About 30 minutes later Julie pulls up in her car and drops Nicky off, giving her dad a quick kiss. “Thanks Dad, I’ll be as quick as I can.”


Six year old Nicky hugs her granddad, and looks around at the allotment. “Can I help Granddad?”


“Yes sweetie, what would you like to do, I have weeds to pull up and lots of other things to do?”


Nicky works very hard pulling up weeds, and using a fork to dig up some carrots.


An hour later, Simon is sitting in front of his shed with Nicky. Both of them are very dirty. “Well we had better get you washed and fed before your mother sees you.”


Nicky looks down at her muddy dress, lifts it up and sees even her knickers are covered in mud. Simon gets some water from the water butt, and does his best to try and clean Nicky’s hands and face.


John, from the allotment next door wanders over. “You both look a bit mucky, do you want to come into my shed, and I have water, soap and towels?”


“Thanks John”


John puts a kettle on a gas stove to boil some water. Once it has got hot he pours some into a bowl, together with some cold water to make it suitable for washing in. With the rest of the hot water he makes some coffee.


“Come on sweetie, let’s try and get you clean.” Nicky immediately lifts her dress over her shoulders so she is standing there in just her knickers. Simon gets a cloth and starts to wash the worst of the mud off Nicky. “Don’t get my panties wet granddad” Nicky says, and she takes them off.


Simon looks over to John and sees him stroking his cock through his trousers, his cock is very hard as he looks at Nicky. Simon’s own cock has swollen as soon as he saw Nicky’s little cunt.


“Wash everywhere Granddad” Nicky pleads as she stands there with muddy water dripping down her.


“Um, okay sweetie, do you want to wash yourself um, down there?”


“You do it Granddad, please”


Simon uses the wet towel to try and clean Nicky’s cunt, his fingers pressing against her through the towel.


“That feels funny Granddad, do it again.”


Simon glances over at John who has now got his cock out and is furiously wanking it in plain sight of Nicky. Simon’s own cock is straining against his trousers.


Simon brushes his fingers against Nicky’s cunt letting the towel drop so it is just his fingers. As he does so, he rubs his cock through his trousers.


“What’s your friend doing Granddad?” Nicky asks looking straight at John.


“He’s um, cleaning himself sweetie, Granddad needs to make sure he is clean as well. Would you like to help Granddad?”


“Yes please Granddad, can you make sure I am really clean as well, I liked it when you did?”


Simon releases his hard 8 inch cock and Nicky wraps both of her small hands around it. “That’s it sweetie, rub it up and down like John is doing to make sure it is clean.”


Nicky slowly moves her hand up and down Simon’s cock which is now harder than it has ever been, or at least for a very long time.


Simon carries on rubbing Nicky’s cunt while she wanks him.


It’s too much for John who shoots cum across his shed.


Nicky shudders “Oh that feels really nice” she says as she shudders again, pushing her little cunt more into Simon’s hand.


Simon feels his balls tighten, “mind out sweetie, it’s all going to shoot out.”


Simon shoots cum across the room as he cums for the first time in months. Some of it splatters onto Nicky who looks at it in surprise. Simon quickly cleans it off with his towel.


“Thank you sweetie for helping me” Simon says as he stuffs his still dripping cock back into his trousers.


“Thank you Granddad for making me feel nice. Can I get dressed again now?”


“Yes sweetie, no need to tell your Mum I got you mucky, okay?”


“Okay Granddad, love you.”


“Come back anytime Nicky” John shouts out as Simon and Nicky leave.


They go back to Simon’s flat and have tea.






Simon calls into John’s shed for a cup of tea.


“Here Simon, have a look at this.” John says as he passes a very old magazine to Simon.


“Nudist mags? I remember these from when I was barely 18.” Simon flicks through the magazine, looking at the stunning photography and in particular the young and old women inside. “Where did you get it from?”


“Old Sid was doing a house clearance, and there were loads of these tucked away in the attic. He said he didn’t want them so he sold them to me for a fiver. Absolute bargain I reckon.”


Simon is flicking the pages, and comes across some family groups. “Nice photos of the families.”


“Here look at this one.” John hands over another magazine. “There are some more families in there.”


Simon opens the magazine straight onto a junior beauty parade for under ten year olds. A turn of the page shows some under five year olds. Simon absently rubs his cock through his jeans, and suddenly realises that is almost totally hard.


John is also rubbing his cock and looking at another magazine. “If you want to wank, go ahead, I don’t mind, shit, I’m going to anyway.” John opens his flies and gets his hard 6 inch cock out and starts wanking. Simon looks at him, then at the pictures in the magazine, and undoes his jeans letting them and his underpants drop to the floor, releasing his 8 inch cock, which springs straight out.


They flick through the magazines together. “You ever had someone suck your cock Simon?” John suddenly says.


“Um, no.”


“Can I suck your cock Simon?”


Um, okay, I guess.”


John is down on his knees in a flash and sucks Simon’s cock into his mouth. Simon leans back against the table, his legs going wobbly from the pleasure. “I’m cumming!” Simon almost shouts. John sucks hard, and tries to swallow more of Simon’s cock into his throat, just as cum explodes into his mouth.


John’s cock explodes onto the floor just seconds afterwards.


“Fuck; that was good.” Simon leans back against the table, still a bit wobbly. “Where did you learn that?”


“I was 10 years merchant seaman. It’s been a long time though.” John laughs.


They get dressed, and look at each other smiling. “Teach me how to do that John.” Simon finally says. “That was fun.”


“Not as much as when your Nicky was here mind.” Simon has a huge grin on his face. “We must do that again, as well.”


“Too bloody right we must.” Simon grins.





John and Simon are in John’s hut looking at some more magazines that John claims to have recently got hold off through a friend.


Simon’s cock is rock hard and sticking out of his open trousers as he turns the page to yet another picture of a sweet little girl sucking a man’s cock. About half of the cock is in her mouth as she looks up at the man with her eyes wide open.


John’s is also wanking his cock as he stands next to Simon and looks at the magazine. Simon is close to coming when they hear a noise outside and hurriedly stuff their cocks back into their trousers. Precum immediately stains the front of Simon’s trousers making a noticeable wet patch.


“Granddad!” Nicky shouts as she rushes in and hugs Simon. Nicky’s head pushes against Simon’s cock as she hugs him.


“Oh there you are Dad.” Simon’s daughter Julie says as she enters the hut. “Can you look after Nicky for a little while? I need to pop into town.”


Nicky lets go of Simon’s legs and pokes the hard wet lump in the front of his trousers. Julie doesn’t notice as she starts to rush out of the shed. “Thanks Dad!” she shouts as she has already turned round and is heading back to her car.


“What’s that Granddad?” Nicky puts her hand right onto Simon’s cock, causing it to jump. Ooo! It moves and it’s wet.” Nicky pushes her hand against Simon’s cock again.


Nicky looks around and sees John’s also has a hard lumps and wet patch on the front of his trousers. She reaches over and touches John’s hard lump as well. When it also jumps Nicky giggles and touches both lumps together.


“Do you want to see sweetie?” John asks as he looks through the door quickly and at Simon.


“Can I see both lumps, please Granddad?”


John lets go of his trousers which he has barely had time to do up properly and his hard cock springs out of his underpants. Nicky gingerly touches the tip, which is wet and sticky with precum. She looks at her fingers and sniffs them.


Meanwhile Simon has dropped his trousers and his 8 inch cock is standing stiff and proud. Nicky does the same thing and touches the precum on the end.


“Taste it sweetie, it’s nice.” Simon says as Nicky gathers up some of the precum onto her fingertips.


Nicky lifts her fingers to her mouth and licks them. “It’s sticky and sweet.” She announces. “Can I have some more?”


Nicky goes to put her fingers onto her Granddad’s cock, but Simon stops her. “How does John’s taste sweetie?”


Nicky runs her fingers across John’s cock and gathering some precum licks her fingers. “Yours is nicer Granddad.”


“Taste it with your tongue sweetie.” Simon says as he holds his cock out for her. Nicky carefully sticks her tongue out and licks the end of Simon’s cock.


“Suck it sweetie, please.”


Eww! Granddad”


Simon picks up the magazine he dropped in a hurry, and opens the page to a little girl, probably younger than Nicky sucking a man’s cock. “Like this sweetie, please sweetie?”


Nicky looks at the magazine picture and then up at her Granddad. “Okay Granddad.” She leans forward and carefully sucks just the tip of Simon’s cock. Simon groans in pleasure.


“That’s right sweetie, suck it like a lollipop.”


Nicky is sucking hard as John’s cock explodes cum across the room as he watches Nicky and her Granddad.


“Suck harder sweetie, a special treat is coming, swallow as much as you can okay?”


Nicky looks up at Simon who looks down and sees Nicky’s little mouth wrapped around his cock and immediately cums in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum shoots into her mouth with some coming out her nose and the side of her mouth.


Nicky swallows hard as she tries to cope with the amount of cum.


Simon withdraws his cock from Nicky’s mouth and pulls up his trousers quickly. Nicky is smiling, even though she has cum on her face. “Did I do it right Granddad?”


“You did it perfectly Nicky, you made Granddad very happy.” Simon is wiping Nicky’s face with is handkerchief. “This has to be our secret though, okay?”


“Okay Granddad, can I go and pull up some weeds like last time. And then maybe you can get me clean like we did last time as well, I liked that.”


“We can and we will, come on, let’s go and get mucky weeding.” Simon took Nicky’s hand and winked at John as he left the shed. “See you later John.”











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