Beach photographer

By Uncle Ray

Jeff is a beach photographer in a 1960’s resort.


Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is illegal for you to be here. If it is illegal for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now. This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental.


1. Lost


Jeff patrolled along the seafront looking for his customers / victims. Jeff made his living, according to his accountant and the taxman, by photographing families and groups of youngsters on holiday. It provided a modest income which allowed Jeff to live a comfortable life in a modest flat above his shop studio just off the seafront.


Jeff’s customers were pretty much what you would expect. Lots of happy families, Grandparents and groups of young teens trying to impress their mates.


What only a few people knew was that Jeff was amassing a sizeable off-shore bank balance by doing private work on the side. This private work consisted of ‘blue movies and photo-shoots for the discerning male’ which Jeff sold to the soft core magazines. When Jeff got lucky, he could prise a promising young lady away from her group and take her back to the studio. It paid well, but the real money was in the even younger end of the market. Very risky, but it was also highly profitable, and also very enjoyable for Jeff.


Today was one of those days, Jeff was keeping an eye on a girl who wasn’t sure where her parents were. She was looking around, and starting to panic. It was time to move in. Jeff looked very carefully around, no police, nobody seeming to notice the little girl.


“What’s up love, have you lost your mum?” Jeff asked as he held her hand tightly. Jeff knelt down and smiled at the little girl. “What’s your name love?”


“Emily. I can’t find my mummy.” Emily started to cry.


Jeff picked her up easily and held her high up. “Can you see here now?”


“No” Emily sobbed.


“Come on, let’s see if we can find her” Jeff held Emily’s hand tightly and, using his body to hide Emily from any passers-by, he started to make his way back to his studio.


Jeff looked all around, and quickly took Emily into the back door of his studio and up to his flat.


“Let’s have some ice cream and then we can go and look again” Jeff said as he sat Emily down at his table. “Be a big girl and don’t cry, you must be nearly ten or eleven years old now, and ten year old girls don’t cry.”


“I’m only eight!” Emily sniffed and wiped away her tears. Jeff knew she wasn’t ten, but all little girls like to be told they look older.


“Would you like a drink Emily?”


“Yes please”


Jeff pulled the bottle of pop from the fridge, the one he kept laced with vodka just for occasions such as this, and pulled a glass full.


Emily drank it thirstily, and screwed up her face at the taste. Deciding that she liked it, she took another big gulp.


“Would you like some more?”


“Yes please”


Jeff poured another full glass, as he went to pull away he pretended to slip and spilt some drink on Emily’s dress. “Oh I’m sorry Emily, you had better take it off and I will wash it.


Emily looked at him with glassy eyes as Jeff undid her dress and lifted it over her head. “Oh your knickers are wet as well”. Without waiting Jeff took off her sandals and took her knickers off.


Jeff picked her up and carried Emily into the studio and lay her down on the sofa. Emily just relaxed into the sofa and rested her head on the pillows.


Jeff wasted no time in switching on the video camera and also started taking pictures with his still camera. Jeff kept on arranging Emily to make sure that he got plenty of close-up cunt shots.


Jeff’s six inch cock was rock hard and tenting his shorts. He dropped his shorts, he never wore underwear, and moved in to lick Emily’s little cunt, getting it nice and wet. The taste was divine, and the more he licked, the more pre-cum dripped from his cock.


Jeff lifted Emily up and slid in underneath her. Very slowly he lowered her onto his cock. Emily stirred a bit and opened her eyes wide when Jeff pushed her cunt down hard onto his cock. He put his hand over her mouth to stop her from crying out.


All the time the still camera was taking photos every five seconds on automatic, and the video camera was capturing every moment as Jeff kept lifting and dropping Emily onto his cock.


Emily was drifting in and out of consciousness as Jeff continued fucking her tight little cunt. Her eyes shop open as Jeff pushed hard into her and shot load after load of cum into her.


Jeff eased out from under her, and took some more photos of his cum and blood dripping out of her cunt.


He dressed again, and cleaned Emily up and roughly dressed her again in the still dirty dress and knickers. He carried the drowsy Emily down to his van, and drove to the opposite end of the beach to where he found her. As soon as it was quiet, he opened the door, led Emily to a bench and sat her down.


Making sure nobody noticed he got back into the van and drove off. He parked the van a few street away, and walked back part of the way so he could see Emily, and the nice old lady who was looking after her.


“That will add a nice tidy sum to the offshore bank account” he thought as he went back to his studio, packed a bag, and made himself scarce for a few days.





2. The Model


Jeff is walking backwards taking pictures of a group of teenage girls. “Wow darlings, I didn’t expect to see supermodels here today. Smile girls, wow! You, the redhead on the left, you have such a lovely smile. Blondie, come on flash those teeth, beautiful.”


“You girls should consider a modelling career, all of you look better than some of them you see on telly.”


The girls giggle.


“C’mon now, you’re all eighteen, I can get you modelling work. I can take some proper pictures back at the studio if you’re interested. How about you Blondie, you fancy being a model and making a lot of money?”


“Go-on Jean” the skinny one says to Blondie. “You’ve got the best legs” another girl says.


Jean blushes “I’m not old enough, I’m only 13.”


“That’s alright; I won’t tell if you don’t. Lots of the models you see in the magazines are only 13 or so, honest.”


“I dunno, what will mum say?”


“Your mum doesn’t lift her head up from bingo long enough to even notice” The brunette laughs.


“Okay then, just a few pictures then.” Jean blushes “I’ll meet you all at the chippy later. Okay.”


“Jean’s gonna be a model. Lucky cow” the girls laugh as they walk down onto the beach leaving Jean to go with Jeff.



Jeff is talking to Jean all the way back to the studio, telling her how nice her bone structure in her face is, asking about her boyfriends, where she lives, and so on.


At the studio Jeff offers her a drink, “You’re old enough for vodka right?”


Jean giggles, but takes the drink anyway.


Jeff gives Jean a form to fill in, giving her name, address, age; “put down 18” Jeff tells her, her measurements (34-26-32). Jeff gets her to sign the form.


“Okay then, let’s take some modelling photos then”.


Jeff takes a few photos, and then stops. “Hmm, let’s try some different clothes.” He opens a small wardrobe and pulls out a modest looking dress. “Get changed darling, and I’ll get some more drinks.”


Jean goes behind a screen and gets changed into the dress. Jeff returns and gives her more vodka.


After a few more photos Jean is feeling a bit woozy from the very large amount of vodka she has consumed.


Jeff pulls a schoolgirl outfit from the wardrobe and tells Jean to get changed. Jeans starts to go behind the screen, but Jeff orders her not to waste time and just get changed like a model would without being shy.


Jean stumbles a bit, and drunkenly pulls the dress off, just standing there in her underwear.


“Oh no, they won’t do” Jeff says as he looks at her cotton underwear. “No not at all” Jeff throws some red satin underwear at Jean. “Put those on.”


Jean blushes and tries to make it over to the screen again.


“C’mon darling, we ain’t got all day.”


Jeff is taking photos as Jean gets undressed and puts on the red satin underwear. Jeff looks at her sparse hair covering her cunt and her almost perfect little tits. His cock is growing hard in his shorts and obscenely tenting out.


Jeff takes lots of photos of Jean in the schoolgirl outfit. “Okay love, take the blouse off. C’mon do you want to be a model or not?”


Jean takes the blouse off and turns to the camera. “Okay love, now the skirt.”


More photos follow.


Jeff removes his shorts and pushes Jean down onto the sofa.


“Suck my cock darling!”




“Look love, I have pictures of you naked, and your home address. What’s your mum going to say when I post the pictures to her?”


Jean gingerly holds Jeff’s cock, the pre-cum dripping onto her wrist. She opens her mouth and starts to lick the purple head, screwing her face up in disgust.


Jeff pushes his cock into Jean’s mouth and grabs her head as he starts to face fuck her.


Jean is starting to gag as Jeff pushes as much as he can of his cock into her mouth.


Jeff pulls his cock out and pushes her back onto the sofa. He kisses her lips and reaches round to unclasp her bra. His mouth traces over each soft pink nipple, making them stand out. He teases each nipple again and again. Jean can’t help it as she lets out a moan.


Jeff reaches down and rubs her cunt through the red satin knickers. Jean is already very wet and she gasps as she involuntarily pushes her cunt up to meet his fingers.


Jeff pulls the knickers to one side and pushes a finger forcibly into Jean’s cunt. She can’t help herself, she moans loudly. Jeff can’t feel a hymen.


Jean is gasping for air and new feelings run through her body, she wants Jeff badly now. Even though she is a virgin, she broke her hymen long ago with a hair brush.


“Make love to me, please” Jean gasps as shivers run through her body.


Jeff lines up and rams his cock into her cunt. There is no tenderness or softness, he just needs to fuck her hard.


Jeff rams into her as hard as he can, Jean is screaming and digging her nails into his back as she cums with a cock in her for the first time.


She cums loudly again, as Jeff pumps spurt after spurt of his cum into her.


“I love you Jeff” she gasps as Jeff rolls off her and starts to get dressed.


“Thanks darling, now get dressed and go and see your mates.”


As Jean gets dressed, Jeff has gone into the darkroom and changed out the film in his cameras.


“Still here?” Jeff asks as he returns.


“When can I see you again?” Jean asks.


“I’m here all summer love” Jeff says as he holds the door open for Jean to leave. “Remember, you wanted it, and I have photos of you, so no saying anything bad happened!”




3. The Police


Jeff is upstairs in his studio fucking his long-time girlfriend Sheila. Jeff grinds his cock into her hot wet cunt as he squeezes 36DD tits and bites her hard nipples, grunting with the effort and making loud slapping noises as her cunt is so wet. Sheila really knows how to make a fuck last longer and they have been going at it for more than 30 minutes.


The phone rings from the shop downstairs.


“Fuck it” Jeff shouts at the phone, trying to ignore it. He carries on fucking Sheila but the phone keeps ringing.


Jeff pulls out of Sheila and walks over to pick up the phone. “What do you want Clive” he shouts into the phone. “Oh Fuck! I’ll be down in a minute.”


Jeff slaps Sheila’s arse, “There’s a policeman downstairs who wants a word. We’ll continue this later, after a fancy dinner in town, if I’m not locked up anyway.” Jeff kisses Sheila and throws on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “OK love, I’ll have a coffee and then I’m going back to my flat, I’ll see you later.” Sheila says as she pulls on her sheer nylon knickers.


Jeff looks at her sliding a stocking up her shapely leg, his cock starting to get hard again. Sheila still does modelling for Jeff, photos he sells to the soft core magazines that are just starting to appear in newsagents. But despite all the girls and women he has fucked, Sheila is still the best, and the only one he has had a long term relationship with.


“Right, better go and see what the police want.” Jeff says as he goes down stairs.


“Probably just a complaint from a grockel love” Sheila shouts after him.


Jeff opens the back door to the shop to see what is obviously a high ranking police officer, judging by the number of shiny buttons on his shoulders, looking at the cameras on display.


“Good morning, I’m Chief Superintendent Roberts, do you mind if we have a quiet word? In private if you please.”


“Certainly, would you like to come up to my flat?”


Superintendent Roberts follows Jeff through the shop up to his flat. Sheila has just finished getting dressed and is making a coffee.


“Mm coffee, yes please um?” The Chief Superintendent says as he smells the coffee. “Sheila” She replies.


“Hello Sheila, Bob” he replies introducing himself. “I just want a quick private word with Jeff if that is alright. Sorry to intrude.”


“Sheila and I have no secrets, Bob?”


Bob settles down into a chair. “Well um, my Inspector tells me that you supplied the films for the stag night for one of the lads.”


“Yes, that’s right” Jeff replies as he sits down and Sheila sits down beside him.


“Well, um, I gather the lads enjoyed them a lot. I had a quick look before I left the lads to it, so to speak, and they looked very good quality.”


“They were imported from Denmark and Sweden. Best quality there is.” Jeff replied, as he relaxed a bit, knowing he wasn’t in any trouble.


“Yes quite, well um, I was wondering if you catered for more, um, select tastes. Well, um, like younger girls, um a lot younger girls?”


Bob looked at the floor.


“Well, that’s very risky Bob, you know, I could get in a lot of trouble just for the stuff I sent over for the lads. The younger stuff, well that’s a lot different.”


“I know a small number of people who would very much like to see some photos or even films of that kind of thing. They will make it really worth your while of course.”


Jeff went to a filing cabinet, unlocks it, and pulls out a bundle of photographs. He shows one to Bob. “Is this the type of thing Bob?” The photo shows a girl of 16, in just a bikini bottom, smiling at the camera as she shows off her pert little tits. “Or this perhaps?” the second photo shows another girl of 14, naked, sitting with her legs open. Her little cunt barely covered with sparse hair.


Bob’s cock is forming a noticeable bulge in his uniform and beads of sweat are starting to form on his forehead.


Jeff rifles through the pictures, until he finds the a picture of a girl of about 11, with a flat chest and no pubic hair at all. She is smiling at the camera while she pulls her cunt lips apart. Jeff hands the photo to Bob who smiles at Jeff. “We understand each other perfectly Jeff.” Bob smiles as he rearranges his very hard cock. “How much do I need to pay for a set of pictures of this girl?”


It’s £50 for a set of 20 photos” Jeff replies. Bob opens his wallet and pulls out five £10 notes and gives them to Jeff, who goes back to the filing cabinet get another couple of pictures of other girls of a similar age. I’ll have them ready for you tomorrow if you would like to pop in.


“Oh yes, I would like that a lot, I will see you tomorrow.”


Bob gets up to leave. His very large cock is pushing out the front of his trousers obscenely.


“There’s a loo through there if you want to take care of anything before you leave?” Sheila smiles at Bob.


“Um, thank you, I think I had better.”


Jeff and Sheila can hear Bob grunting as he cums into the toilet.


After just a couple of minutes, Bob sheepishly comes back into the room. “I will see you tomorrow.” He says as Jeff shows him out.


“That was interesting! I don’t think you will have to worry about the local police hassling you when you are working the seafront anymore.” Sheila laughs. “Italian restaurant tonight?”


“Good idea, I’ll get Clive to run off a set of photos for the Chief Superintendent tonight while we are out. I just realised, his name is Chief Superintendent Robert Roberts!” Jeff giggles as he peels of a tenner for Sheila and pushes it into her very ample cleavage. “Thank you for being you.” He says as he kisses her and slaps her arse.


Bob returns the next day and collects his set of photos, he also hands Jeff another £50 for a set of photos of one of the other girls Jeff showed him a picture of, a girl of no more than ten with a flat chest and the cutest little cunt.


Jeff gives Bob a couple of business cards that he has written a code number and an indistinct symbol on. “For your friends if they wish to pop in and show me the card.”



4. The Barn


Daniel wanted to scream out as Bob pushed his 9 inch cock into the 10 year old boy’s bum. He couldn’t scream because Lawrence was shoving his 6 inch cock down the boy’s throat making him gag as he tried to breathe.


Anyway, no one would hear him scream, as everyone was in Chief Superintendent Roberts’ barn on his country estate. Jeff was there with his still cameras and a hand held 8mm camera, recording the event for Bob and his friends.


Bob’s wife was watching from her seat in the corner of the barn breathing heavily as Clive, Jeff’s assistant was on his knees slurping away at her very wet cunt.


Jeff’s fee of £1,000 for the evening was more than ample for his time, especially as he didn’t have to supply the boy. Lawrence, sorry, Doctor Lawrence had supplied him from the children’s home he ran in a nearby town.


Lawrence pulled out of the boy’s mouth and spurt after spurt splattered Daniel’s face. Jeff took plenty of close-up pictures of Lawrence spurting, as cum hit Daniel’s eyes and dripped off him.


Lawrence’s cock was immediately replaced by the cock of the Judge Francis Beam, who had a very appropriate name as not only was he broad of beam around the waist, but he also had the fattest cock  Jeff had ever seen, not just in real life, but even in the nastiest films. Judge Francis pushed his cock into Daniel’s mouth and gripping his head he proceeded to face fuck him roughly, pulling at Daniel’s hair as he did.


Meanwhile Clive was fucking Bob’s wife, Sylvia, with his 8 inch cock. Sylvia was screaming as she came again and again.


Jeff took more 8mm film as Bob pushed all of his cock into Daniel. Bob’s face went a deep red as he shot cum into Daniel. Francis finished almost at the same time shooting cum into Daniel’s mouth.


Everyone sat down and Bob poured some very fine whisky, as Daniel sat naked on a bale of hay covered in cum.


“I’ll get all these developed and copies for you all within a week” Jeff says as Bob refilled his glass.


“Excellent! We have recently received a very attractive little girl, Annie, she’s just 8 year old, but she came to us from an abusive father, so she already knows the score. Shall we meet again in a couple of week’s time?” Lawrence asked.


“I’m away then, can we make it in 4 weeks?” Jeff asks as his glass was refilled again.


Bob proposed a toast “To the new friends we have made.” And everyone drank a lot more whisky.


“Well I had better get the little brat cleaned up and back to the home.” Lawrence threw a towel at Daniel so he could wipe away the cum from his face and body, and get dressed.


Jeff packed the cameras back into the car and with Clive starts off home. As they came out of the next village a police car signalled for them to stop. Jeff shows the officer his driving licence, which he examines. Next to the licence were the business cards of Chief Superintendent Roberts and Judge Francis Beam. The officer looked at the cards and snapped to attention. “Drive carefully sir, a lot of fools on the road at this time of night.”



“Make sure you keep a copy of everything in our safe house.” Jeff says to Clive. “If this all goes tits up I’m taking them all down with me.”


Clive laughs. “Way ahead of you Jeff, copies of everything are in the safe house and are also lodged in a separate Swiss bank deposit box from where the money is.”


“Anyway this is safer than picking up kids on the seafront.” Jeff laughed back


“But where’s the adventure?” Clive smiles, as he rubs his crotch. “Christ that woman has worn me out.”



5. The Vicar


The winter months are quieter as you would expect. There are very few tourists around, a few more at the weekends, but generally Jeff and Clive use the time making copies of photosets and copying films from 16mm down to 8mm and shipping them out to their customers in the far east and northern Europe. New boxes of films arrived every week from a supplier in Germany which also needed to be transferred to a domestic 8mm format and sent out to a discrete customer base in the UK. Life was looking good, and the bank balances overseas were looking very healthy.


As part of the deal with Bob, the films and photos from the barn shoots are kept private, just for the small group of people selected by Bob. It was a shame really, as there would have been a ready market for them overseas, but these people were far too powerful to cross.


The door to the shop opened and a lady in her 30’s enters. With her winter coat and headscarf on, it was difficult to tell how attractive she is. She looks around nervously, before approaching Clive.


“I understand that you do family photos, I was wondering when would be a good time to bring my husband and children in.” She looks around, as someone passes by the door, but they didn’t come in.


“Yes, certainly, we are not that busy at this time of year, when would be convenient for you madam?” Clive asks.


“Would this afternoon be acceptable? Can we say 3:00?”


“Yes certainly, I’ll book you in, the photographer Jeff will be here to take the photos in the studio upstairs.”


“Excellent, there will be me, sorry, I’m Nicola Parkinson, my husband Timothy, and my two children, Samantha who is 6 and my son Rupert who is 8.”


“That’s fine, we will see you then.”


Nicola looks around nervously again and fishes around in her bag. “My husband asked me to make sure I show you this card.” Nicola hands over a business card to Clive. Clive looks and sees it is one of the special business cards that they gave to Bob and his friends. “It was given to him by Francis Beam, who attends our church. I understand you know Francis quite well and the card lets you know what type of family photos we are looking for.”


Jeff appears through the door at the back, Clive having buzzed upstairs to let him know. Clive hands Jeff the card, which he quickly looks at and hands back to Nicola “Good morning, I’m Jeff.”


“Good morning Jeff, I’m Nicola Parkinson; I was just explaining to your colleague that I am after some special family photographs.”


“Welcome Nicola, we can certainly do exactly what you are looking for.”


“Nicola, her husband Timothy and their children are coming in at 2:00 this afternoon.” Clive explains to Jeff.


Jeff can see that Nicola is nervous. “Please be assured that we can be entirely discrete in meeting your exact needs, and we look forward to seeing your family this afternoon.” Jeff smiles at Nicola and shakes her hand. Her hand is soft and lady like, warm to the touch. Nicola smiles, “Thank you Jeff.”



At 5 minutes to 3, Nicola opens the door and ushers her children in. “Timothy is just parking the car.” She explains to Clive. Jeff hears the buzzer upstairs and comes down to greet the family. “Timothy is just parking the car, he will be here soon I’m sure.” Nicola explains again. “I hope we’re not late, it’s such a fuss getting the children ready, and then Rupert wanted to go to the toilet, and then Samantha wanted to go, and then of course we had to go back to get change for the car park, and Timothy wasn’t sure where we were going, and...”


“Please relax Nicola, it’s no problem, we have all afternoon to do whatever you want. It’s not a problem, my time is your time, so don’t worry. Okay?” Jeff reassured her.


The door opened, and a vicar walked in. He is tall, thin, dressed in tweedy clothes complete with a dog collar. “Oh there you are Timothy. Timothy, this is Jeff who is doing the photos, and this is, oh I’m sorry, I never asked you your name.”


“I’m Clive, Jeff’s assistant; I’m pleased to meet you.”


“And I’m Jeff, also pleased to meet you Timothy. Clive, will you escort Timothy and Nicola and their lovely family upstairs and sort out some drinks for them all. I’ll lock up down here.”



The family settled down on the sofa, and tried nervously to relax. Jeff set up the cameras, and began snapping some generic type family photos. Nicola looked at Timothy to try and encourage him to take control, and finally decided to take control herself. “Okay Rupert, I’m going to do some things to daddy, I want you to copy everything I do and do the same to Samantha, okay. And Samantha, I want you to do everything Mummy does, okay.”


“Yes Mummy” both children echoed.


Nicola stands up and undoes her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. Samantha first looks at Daddy for reassurance, and then at Clive and Jeff. “Go on dear” Daddy smiles at Samantha. Under her plain skirt, Nicola is wearing stocking, garter belt and red satin knickers. The sight causes Timothy to gasp. Samantha pulls her skirt down, revealing cartoon character knickers.


Nicola moves over to Timothy and undoes his trousers, pulling them off complete with his underwear. She looks at Samantha who immediately does the same to a giggling Rupert.


Nicola pulls off her jumper, revealing large tits in a matching red bra, which she releases, letting her tits swing free. Rupert giggles some more, as Samantha removes her t-shirt revealing a perfect flat chest.


Timothy has a small cock, which is very hard even if it only is about 5 inches long. Rupert’s cock is also erect, sticking out about 2 inches. He immediately starts to hold it, but Nicola stops him.


“Watch carefully Samantha” Nicola says as she bends over and takes Timothy’s licks all round Timothy’s cock before taking all of his cock into her mouth.


She looks over to Samantha who is standing mouth wide open looking at Mummy. “Do it Samantha” Timothy gasps.


Samantha very carefully licks around the tip of Rupert’s cock before Nicola reaches over and pushes her head down.


Nicola swirls her tongue all around Timothy’s cock, before she lets go, removes her knickers and lines up her cunt with Timothy’s cock.


She looks across to make sure that Samantha is doing the same. “Could you help her” she asks Clive, who removes Samantha’s knickers and helps her climb onto Rupert’s lap. Clive holds Rupert’s little cock, and slowly pushes Samantha onto it.


Timothy holds Nicola’s hips and begins fucking her, moving her up and down on his cock. Rupert needs little encouragement to do the same, although a bit too enthusiastically, and he has to keep putting his tiny cock back in.


After just a few minutes, Nicola eases herself off Timothy. “Let’s change partners” she says as she lifts Samantha off Rupert and holds her over Timothy’s cock. She slowly starts to push her down onto Timothy. “It’s too big Mummy.”


“It will be okay honey.” Timothy says as he very gently pushes into her. Timothy can feel her hymen intact, and he pushes hard making Samantha cry out. He holds her very still. “Stay still, it will feel better in a minute, okay?”


“Okay Daddy” Samantha says though she has a few tears in her eyes. “Look at Mummy” Samantha laughs as Mummy is twisting and turning to get every bit of Rupert’s little cock into her cunt, grinding her body against him to make sure her clit is being massaged.


While Samantha is occupied with looking at mummy, Timothy has begun moving in and out of her tight little cunt, each stroke pushing a little deeper into her. Finally he is all the way in, all 5 inches of his cock buried deep inside her. “See honey, it’s all the way in.” Samantha looks down and gasps. She looks across at the movements mummy is doing and tries to do the same thing to her daddy.


Nicola grunts as she cums hard from rubbing her clit on Rupert’s body. Timothy hears it and cums into Samantha almost straight away. As he withdraws his cock, cum starts to drip out. Nicola immediately leans across and starts licking cum out of her daughter’s cunt. She lifts her head up, and orders Rupert to clean his dads cock, pushing his head down hard as Timothy pushes his cock into Rupert’s mouth.


Timothy is immediately hard again. He picks up Rupert and turns him round, and lines his cock up with Rupert’s bum. Rupert is already soaked from Nicola’s fluid and the tip of Timothy’s cock eases in quite easily. Timothy forces Rupert down and after an initial difficult bit his cock slides into Rupert and he begins fucking him.


“I need a proper cock. This is the only cock I have ever known, and now I want a proper one.” She looks at Clive who is tenting his trousers, and at Jeff, who is also rock hard.


“Off you go Clive; you know Sheila would kill me if I did.” Jeff laughs as Clive is already getting undressed.


“Samantha, go and get Clive’s cock nice and wet for me with your mouth, and then go and rub your cunt on Daddy’s mouth while Clive fucks me. Samantha licks all round Clive’s cock and holding it gently guides Clive over to mummy.


Clive wastes no time in shoving his 8 inch cock into Nicola causing her to gasp and immediate start shaking as she cums.


Timothy is on his back guiding Rupert up and down on his cock, with Samantha rubbing her cunt on his mouth as his tongue laps furiously tasting every inch of the inside of her cunt.


Nicola cums twice more, shouting and screaming loudly, before Clive fills her cunt with spurt after spurt of his cum.


Timothy also cums harder than ever before in Rupert’s bum. Samantha shakes as she cums on daddy’s mouth.


They all collapse in a heap.



“Would you like some coffee and soft drinks, or something stronger?” a voice behind Jeff suddenly says.


Sheila walks up to Jeff, kisses him and says thank you. “What for?” Jeff replies.


“You know what for, you didn’t join in”


“It was hard to resist Samantha’s little cunt, but ever the professional.” Jeff laughs and introduces his girlfriend to Nicola and Timothy.


“How long have you been there?” Jeff asks Sheila. “About 20 minutes” She laughs. “I didn’t want to interrupt. You know you can have all the littlest, smallest cunts you want, but mine is the only adult cunt you will ever need.” Sheila squeezes Jeff’s still hard cock. “I’ll deal with this shortly” she laughs again.


Everyone is dressed again and they all sit down to soft drinks for the kids, and very strong ones for the adults.


“Thank you Jeff and especially you Clive. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.” Nicola smiles “You must come and visit the day care centre at the church sometime, I’m sure we could arrange a photo session with some of the 2 and 3 year olds, if that’s of interest?”


“Oh yes please, Jeff, Clive and Sheila all say together.


“Well pay the man” Nicola says to Timothy, “the steeple fund might be a bit light this month.” Nicola laughs. “And from the looks of it, Sheila and Jeff need a little time together.” Nicola laughs loudly.


Timothy and Nicola leave, Clive goes back down to the shop, and Sheila and Jeff fuck like rabbits for the next hour.





To be continued...





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