These stories are intended for adults only

These stories are the product of my imagination.

Index of Stories


The complete Andy stories The story of a curious boy growing into a young man set in the 60’s


The New Vicar.htm A vicar creates a series of events in a small village


No Consequences.htm A strange book and journeys into the past


A Boy's Life in the 60's A series of events in the life of an 8 year old


Mummy's Undies kids love their mummy’s undies. INCOMPLETE


Uncle Frank.htm A longer and gentler story


Beach Photography A seedy 60’s seaside photographer


Billie's Hunger Billie is a neglected and hungry boy INCOMPLETE


Daddy's Princess  A mum sets up her girl to get daddy’s attention

Doctor Jones A naughty doctor and nurse

Granddad at the seaside A story of a retired gentleman’s new life


Grandad gets some help two old men, a shed, and a young girl


Jack, Megan and Sally A young family explore NEW CHAPTER ADDED


Nice old Sam Sam is a nice (and naughty) old man


Schoolboy Adventures A schoolboy gradually realises what sex is about


Camera Club part 1 – A young joins a camera club


Camera Club part 2 A conclusion and a new beginning


The Photographer A school photographer and studio


Hairdresser  A short but true story


New Neighbours  A young family move in next door